Chinese and the 4 tones

Posted On: Monday - October 24th 2022 8:10PM MST
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Peak Stupidity wrote something on this subject over 5 years ago - On the Chinese Language .. and some music from Asia Aja. Since it's been so long, most readers likely have not read the quick anecdote regarding the difficulty of the Chinese spoken language(s). Therefore, I'll just paste it in and then insert the additional humorous anecdote of the same phenomena:
A friend and I were in a taxi cab in downtown Shanghai, China, having been sent to a hotel by Shanghai Connie - no, no relation to Shanghai Lil (who never used the pill) of Rod Stewart's "Every Picture tells a Story (Don't it?)" This guy driving the taxi did not seem at all familiar with the directions our Chinese friend had told him. Oh, did I write already that the city of Shanghai is about as big as 3 New York Cities? Well, we tried to jog this guy's memory of the neighborhood and street with our best pronunciation of the address "Loo Wah Loo" (see, the 2nd "Loo" means street, so that should have been easy).

I did my best to get the address across to this taxi driver, but I am not good with languages other than FORTRAN and a little C. He was shaking his head and looking up at buildings out the window. Not good, not good at all. My friend can do a good Beavis AND Butthead and other imitations, so he was all "I've been learning some Chinese on youtube, I've got this!" He sounded a lot better: "Loo Wah! Loo?!" Oh, did I write already that there are 4 tones in Chinese pronunciation? Hey, it sounds easy, but if you are not used to using them, you will just figure you said things correctly when you have not. "Loo! Wa-ah Luooo?"

Now, the guy was shrugging, but then I finally realized that I had put a business card for the hotel in my pocket, so I handed it to him. That seemed to do it. "Ahh! Loo Wah Loo!". "That's what the fuck we've just been saying!" my friend and I said at the same time, happily. We got to the hotel, and of course, after that jinx of simultaneous expression, someone should have been buying a coke. However, both of us having heard the whole "Me Chinese, me play joke ..." cultural microaggression enough times in our youths, we both thought better of it.
A serious effort at being fluent in Chinese* requires the Western student to get into his thick head that one of the 4 tones is an integral part of each syllable. Those 4 are the downward pitch, upward pitch, down-then-up, and flat but higher sound. Believe it or not, the 3rd one is the one that I find easier to say correctly and pick out while listening. That last one is likely why the language sounds so sing-songy.**

It's really difficult to realize that if you say "cat" accented differently that a Chinese-speaker is not trying to be a jerk about it, but he really doesn't take in that sound as the same syllable each way. The other side of that is that, because we use accenting for different reasons, such as conveying emotion, we may interpret the Chinese tones as having a meaning that is not intended - they just go with the words. That's the 2nd anecdote:

The same friend from the taxicab told me how he had been talking to some lady in the north of China on the phone. That'd be in the big city of Tianjin, east of Peking. This lady was giving him directions in English to get there, in fact. As he mentioned the city in question, she corrected his speech. "No, TianJIN!"

Well, the way I wrote it is how it sounded to him. "Hey, take it easy, lady! I'm new at this, OK?" ... is what he wanted to say, but then, firstly, she had no reason to be mad, but then, also, she WASN'T mad about his mispronunciation at all. She was just trying to instruct him on the accenting of the 2nd syllable, which was the falling tone. We naturally interpret it as urgent or angry. It wasn't. It was just Chinese.

It's a great wall... I'm fine with that.

* Mandarin is just the standard Peking form, but all the dialects have this property.

** My Mom told me long ago about people speaking Chinese sounding like they were singing. This was in a time when China was still a deep dark mysterious place to almost all Americans, and I sure never thought I'd actually go there. (I'm pretty sure I'd never even met anyone FROM there at that time.)

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CDC recommends Kung Flu vaccine be added to kids' "schedule"

Posted On: Saturday - October 22nd 2022 4:28PM MST
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My wife sent me a link to a video of Tucker Carlson talking about this additional pushing of what I'd thought was a lost cause by now, the non-beneficial, unhealthful Kung Flu vaccine, onto school kids. Apparently, someone got the risk/benefit ratio backwards on the spreadsheet. Instead of significant risk / zero benefit, a divide by 0, meaning "does not compute", a "1/x" function was applied and the CDC thinks risk to benefit ratio is 0, so why the hell not?

Well, I couldn't watch the video my wife set me with my phone, it having been dropped on a hard surface one too many times. Youtube doesn't make it easy to find*, so instead I've got this just-over-a-minute-long video from Lyin' Press outfit ABC that tries to smear Mr. Carlson as being wrong.

Tucker Carson said "that a CDC decision was likely coming to force children to get the vaccine for school". OK, that's the ABC guy's wording, as Mr. Carlson wouldn't have said "was likely" - he'd have said "is likely". I don't know if that's exactly what Tucker said, as they hid the freaking video!

If that's what he said, In the literal sense, yes, the ABC guy is correct. The CDC can't mandate anything. However, as a youtube commenter who may as well be our own Adam Smith** wrote:
Lies by omission. Yes they can't mandate it directly but every school that follows this list WILL mandate it.
Right. This same clip says that "updated lists will be given [by the CDC] to doctors to be recommended to patients of all ages". Lots of people still trust their own doctors, and most doctors are not known to buck the system.

The main worry is that these vaccines will be put into the CDC's recommended vaccine "schedule" for school kids of all ages. Schools will blindly follow, as they are the very least likely to buck the system. They ARE the system. In the spirit of his warnings, then, Tucker Carson is quite right.

There are 2 things important I get out of this:

1) As I've written before, the CDC is an ADVISORY agency. No, their pronouncements are not mandatory. However, it takes a man with perspective, confidence, and common sense to not blindly take their advisories. Donald Trump was not that man. Per another video I just saw, Ron DeSantis IS.

Some State Governors in addition to Florida's DeSantis also had their skepticism. Unfortunately, many more were of the cover-your-ass, zero-tolerance (as in "can't go wrong making a mountain out of a molehill") variety, and then their were the die-hard Totalitarians like Michigan's (probably soon to be re-elected) Governor Gretchen Whitmer ***

2) It's a good thing that Americans have lost a whole lot of respect for the medical establishment over the last 2 1/2 years. I hope they will remain skeptical. Let the CDC mouth off all they want. Better yet, shut it down, as like the boy who cried wolf too many times, next time they're really onto something important, who's gonna listen to them?

* I did try bitchute, but I gotta admit I didn't try too many search strings.

** If not, it's somewhat of a coincidence. Then, the guy's channel does not have but one video, but Mr. Smith's channel has more.

*** See also a Governor Gretchen Whitmer - I wonder what her childhood was like. and Michigan v Sweden in Corona Challenge.

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Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 1

Posted On: Saturday - October 22nd 2022 10:25AM MST
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(Really, it's been over 55 years, going on 6 decades.)

The image above, of the recently collapsed walkway/bridge designed by AA engineers in south Florida, is a better fit for Part 2 of this series. I figured out early on that one post on this will be too long, just as a title with a description of this part will end up too long also.

So, this post is a background of how we all got into this Affirmative Action quagmire. The 2nd post will be the real point, with a discussion of one of the increasingly visible and widespread results of this policy, that is, other than it being mandated screwing over of White men for the last 55 years. The 3rd post will be an interlude, with an example of AA from pretty dang long ago that's humorous for all but the couple of people on the bad end of it. Finally, Part 4 will ask what, if anything, we can do to avoid these results. (What are these other "results" that I mentioned? Look at the bridge, for one thing. However, there's more to it.)

I will not cite legal precedents and stats from Wikipedia here. For one thing, that impedes my writing, and this is polemic writing, not some Idiot's Guide to the History of AA. IOW, I don't need an Art Deco-style commenter (from Unz Review, whom I like OK otherwise) giving me stats that have no background and mean nothing without a real understanding of the long-term big picture. This has been going on in America, in clear view, since the mid-1960s, and I was HERE for most of it.

I don't see it as one specific piece of Affirmative Action legislation, decreeing that "White Men are hereby going to get screwed to help promote black people and women in the American Institutions." Government bureaucrats, at the Federal level - at first - but then at other levels when they followed suit, or just complied "how high, Sir?!" had plenty of discretion in their "rule-making". (Those are laws that DON'T get voted on by elected individuals). Starting from the purposeful increase in hiring of blacks and women in government, it increasingly became a widespread policy of forcing business* to do the same thing.

All the time, people were being told there would "be no quotas", which is a complete lie by definition. If you force hiring based on anything but employer's wishes - merit being obviously the main thing - then, there must be quotas.

Now, this is speculation, as I don't know the thoughts of the American population of the time AA was started. However, there are plenty of well-intentioned people I have dealt with who have had the same attitude... probably till fairly recently. That would be mostly Americans living far away from the Deep South, along with some do-gooders even there. I can understand the attitude, that Jim Crow policy was evil, the black people have been held down, and it's the least we could all do to pay it back with a little help from our government.**

You'd have to have had a real understanding of race differences to not get suckered in by this, something probably only prevalent in The South at that time. As for women, big beneficiaries of AA, men surrendered yet again to the Feminists, and figured a little of this may shut them up, at least. Big Biz wanted the cheap labor, and this was part of the destruction of the nuclear family - so 2 birds ...) Also, for all of this policy, of course, one would have to have an attitude of "screw the Constitution, screw fairness, and screw a few (not me) White men, full speed ahead."

There was a lot more damage being done by the Feral Gov't in the middle/late 1960's in addition to AA . Worse than AA was the Welfare State and the dysgenics of demography that it produced. A half century ago, though, that was not foreseen by most people. White people still made up 85-90% of American's population back then. Making this sacrifice of, hopefully other, White Men's livelihoods may have reasonably seemed like a small price to pay for the long-term benefits of black society being lifted up to White society levels.

So, almost all traditional American working people have not ever been in an environment in which the White Man ISN'T being continuously screwed out of school admissions***, pay, jobs, and whole careers. That people are used to it doesn't mean that it's not flat-out wrong. Additionally all those do-gooders have got to know, a half-century later, that AA has been a complete failure in bringing up black society.

Since then, Affirmative Action has become worse for another reason. Who knew that Affirmative Action would metastasize to peoples who weren't even IN America in 1967? I'll get into this in the next part.

* That's not just Big Biz either, as my example in Part 3 will attest to.

** This reminds me of President Reagan's mindset during the 1986 illegal alien amnesty, as this was to be the last of it, and the basic problem - border control - would be taken care of. Ronald Reagan later regretted the deal he made, and what he'd signed, very much.

*** I can hear ahead some reader's possible objections that "some of these places are private. They don't have to ..." Yeah, they do. Government pressure is often encoded in law, and if not, these admissions people know what's good for them.

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Sudden spike in the Stupidity curve - mathematical models flailing...

Posted On: Wednesday - October 19th 2022 7:29PM MST
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We interrupt our regularly scheduled stupidity with this special broadcast of extreme idiocy... This is no Orson Wells novel, people - it's real, man!

I can't even come up with a topic key that fits this form of stupidity in the least. It's been impossible for the Peak Stupidity Forecasting Department (a guy named Josh in Bombay) to even get started in modeling this discontinuity in the stupidity curve, that the latest Michelle Malkin column has brought to light.

Read Fists of Furry. You'll laugh, you'll cry... OK, I've heard just a little about the adults that wear dog, cat, or bunny outfits not just on Halloween (lately, that holiday has been more of a holiday for sluts). Sure, maybe in California there are a few weird individuals ... OK, I mean localized in San Francisco... alright, certain neighborhoods in San Francisco... who do this, but it's not like you're actually going to see this other than at Halloween parties.

Speaking of Halloween, coming up in a couple of weeks, BTW, long ago I had spent some time in Seattle, Washington. This was in an age when there were a hell of a lot of people there with not just butterfly tattoos and nose rings, but all kinds of tattoos and pieces of metal and (what looked like) rubber wine corks and other shit attached to their faces and extremities. Later, I was placed at the company's location in a more sane and normal part of the country. Yet, there at the facility one day was a cute girl with hair died bright green.

Me: "Oh, you're out from Seattle?"
Her: "No, it's Halloween."
Me: "Oh yeah, right."

This new deal is not just on Halloween anymore. If one can identify as the opposite sex, I suppose, if you're on a roll, why not as another species? They are sticking to mammals for now, and the term is "Furries". Per the column in a school district in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Furries have been attending school as of late. (Michelle Malkin sure knows how to pick a school district!) Here is the gist of what's going on:
February, a parent had informed JeffCo’s ”chief student success officer” Matt Palaoro about rabid furries at Wayne Carle Middle School who wore ”cat/dog ears, tails, fur gloves, collars, and leashes” while threatening peers who objected. The parent’s son reported that the costumed students would ”hiss, bark, scratch, and meow” at students who objected to the behavior.

Another child reported that the herd of furries would ”walk on all 4s in the hallway” and ”also eat with their face in their food.”
To be honest, some of that went on in my son's preschool too. You know "Let them eat dirt", is what some actually recommend.

"Wait, not pre school?
Hmmm, Drake what?
Drake Middle School, you say ...
No, it's not normal... that's definitely ... not at all nor...
yeah, we have a group for this... Carol will set up the appointment."
[/ Dr. Robert Hartley]
April, another parent reported furry sightings at Dakota Ridge High School. In August, Drake Middle School updated its dress code specifically to ban animal ears and tails. (The public records show that litter boxes were never mentioned; it was Datko’s group that discovered they were being used during lockdowns.)
That's also understandable. Our cat, more of an indoor/outdoor than an outdoor/indoor, used the litter box when we put him on LOCKDOWN due to a road trip.

"... listen, Mr. Carlson, cat litter is still pretty inexpensive, so ...
Oh, they're not cats ...
well, dogs have also been known to ..
... people in fur suits have been using the litter box ..."

There's more hilarity in Mrs. Malkin's article. It's not as hilarious when you realize this stuff is going on among Middle School kids. Actually, it's still hilarious - I have no other reaction. This level of stupidity is something even I am not equipped to deal with.

PS: A major point of the article is something I did mean to write about already in another post and will shortly. That point is that the school boards and "powers that be" are flat out denying things the parents and children have experienced. Disinformation campaigns are real thing these days. We'll have more on that.

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Gentrification fail on the ghetto frontier

Posted On: Tuesday - October 18th 2022 7:21PM MST
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It's easier for me to write post from personal anecdotes, as all the details are in my head. I've been lazy about this lately. There's still a point here, though, and we'll have some posts of a different sort coming.

We switch back to racial matters here. The problems seem to be bigger and more intractable than ever, due to the ctrl-left Establishment having steadily pushed harder and harder against the White traditional majority for years. 2020 was a real high for them, but then again, now talk about reparations is being taken seriously. I think that'll be a bridge too far, but who knows?

The family in question is younger than ours (the parents anyway), and the Dad is a real gig-economy type, and pretty adept at it too. The Mom too, also switches from various gig to gig, even though she's in a field in which she doesn't have to. Part of their income comes from this guy's holding onto the family's previous residences - all detached houses - to use as rental/AirBnB. I've known other people to do this, and it's a good way to build assets long-term.

As their primary residence had some problems and needed retrofitting, the man bought a house for them (3 kids) to live in that was very close to the ghetto. The piece of land the house is on is was, in fact, THE ghetto - 50 or 100 units in about 6-8 single-story buildings in rows - but they had been finally torn down. (Alas, the chicken restaurant on the corner of that piece of land then died too.)

These new houses are nice inside and (immediately) outside, but there is just that one row of about 10 of them with the 10 or so acres of empty land, formerly those projects, leading to a busy road in pretty much ghetto, with black areas also down the street both ways and across the street. The building of these new houses was a gentrification deal, with mostly White people moving in, from what I saw. It's just the one block so far. Thing is, usually it's not families with children at home that do the gentrification thing. It's too dangerous to be on the frontier, like a White family in eastern Texas in 1860, just too close to Comanche territory. Gay people often have a deluded attitude about blacks, which helps immensely, they have less to lose, and don't care about good schools*. Then, when the "Indians" have rolled up their teepees, families can move in. (Peak Stupidity had a post about gentrification written during the Saint Floyd riots called The current situation in gentrification nation, for your edification.)

It was too soon for this family. No, luckily it didn't end badly, with not even a thorough "cleaned out" burglary, such as happened to another friend a few years back in a different city. There was more to it, also. See, the developer who sold them the house hsf promised that'd there'd be loads more houses built, the idea being that that large piece of vacant land, formerly ghetto, would be filled by more of these new places. That never happened.

This guy told me about that broken promise, but he never would come out with the honest wording on what the problem was. Yeah, I knew what the problem was. It wasn't just that the value of this new place wasn't going up as he'd speculated on, but quite the opposite. More importantly, this wasn't a safe place for his family. He never said it like that, heaven forbid.

In fact, these two parent are half-woke. It's weird, because they are Christians and not into some of the stupidity, but they are somehow down with the racial "blank-slate" stupidity. I suppose they can often go together. However, you don't push your luck. After a couple of years, the family bugged out and moved back to their most recent previous residence. This time, I doubt they came out ahead from the place on the ghetto frontier.

So many decisions in American life that could have been easier must be made with threat of black dysfunction and violence in mind. This is no way to do business.

* This family was able to get away with keeping one kid at a school that's for a neighborhood of mostly White families, homeschooling one, and having the other in private school.

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Big Biz now mandates the prescence of the unJabbed

Posted On: Monday - October 17th 2022 7:23PM MST
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Last year's stupidity:

The image above is from just over a year ago, Sept. 28th of '21, at the approximate time of max Kung Flu vaccine coercion on the American population. Big Biz, as an arm of government, was heavily involved. The image is at the top of a web page of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce website The Biden Vaccine Mandate: How to Prepare for the New Standards & Rules.*

No, I guess when you're in local government in America, as Peak Stupidity has noted before, you don't question. Instead you ask "how high, Sir?!" In this case, it'd be "how many jabs, Sir?!"

That web page is just where the image I wanted came from - it's nothing specific for this post. The following will be more personal.

During that same time period, one year ago, October 4th of '21 (just 6 days after that article linked to) Peak Stupidity related a story of a family member and his Big Biz** employer's insistence on mandatory vaccination of all employees. That included people, such as my family member, who had been working from home for a year and a half already!

In our post Just another Maskless Monday?, we related the story of this family member. An excerpt:
The FM's immediate boss was miffed by this development [his not giving in to the threat] and really, really didn't want this work to end up being done incompetently by some POS (People Of the Subcontinent?). The way out was a religious exemption, which was really no farce at all. The company came through at the last minute - OK about 4 hours from the retirement acceptance deadline.

Here's the latest thing he told me about it. The end of October is the Drop Dead date ... well, I mean it could be if you and the vaccine don't get along... shouldn't use that term, I suppose... Anyway, anyone who hasn't gotten a medical or religious exemption from the jab by then will be fired. They will also get ZERO severance pay.

OK, I'm no lawyer, so I don't know if there'll be some legal recourse on that one, but my FM's point in telling me this was to note that this CEO is being just plain mean and vindictive with that. If he's a real Believer, I can see him wanting for his employees to be "clean" in some way. No, the vaxxed still spread the same germs, maybe more of them even, and, well, my family member can't spread it though the internet - even Dr. Fauci hasn't mentioned that one yet - but, yeah, they can all feel better ... or GTFO. However, what would the severance pay have to do with it? Is it a further threat to get people to take the jab, or is it about just being a mean asshole? My FM says the latter, and that's a shame how the guy's flipped like this.
There's been a humorous aspect since that time, in which my family member was not even allowed to play ultimate frisbee or softball on the playing fields of this apparently now germ-free campus.

Well, as of about a month ago, the company has decided that it's all better now. Vaccinated or not, it's all good... The latest is that employees not only CAN come back to the office, but because one boss said they all NEED TO be there on Tuesdays and a different boss said they all need to be there on Wednesdays, they all need to be there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

What-the-fuck-ever! It's really Clown World out there, Big Business Clown World, in this case. Don't mind the people such as my family member's wife, who'd also been a long-term employee and up and quit rather than get jabbed, and has been working at a new job for half a year. She misses her old friends from that company is all... Heckuva job, Clownie!

PS: This was not the Kung Flu vaccine story that I meant to write about, awaiting to find out a few details. That'll come in due time. Also, if you haven't read it, for the record, here is the Peak Stupidity position paper on The Vax from just under a year back.

* If you look at the link URL, you'll notice it says "Mandatory Vaccination Programs: Can we do it and how?" I guess that was the original title of the page.

** Actually, some would call it medium sized, with well over 5,000 employees.

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Is it time for more Armageddon movies?

Posted On: Saturday - October 15th 2022 8:44PM MST
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(The image used of Bill Murray as the groundskeeper in Caddyshack is from back when the Cold War WAS still going on, 1980.)

You'd have to be over 40 to remember much at all about life in America during the Cold War era. One could put the official end of it at the year 1989, though the downfall of the Soviet regime happened slowly from the mid-1980's then quickly by the end of that decade. The selection of Mikhail Gorbachev* as General Secretary by the Politburo on 11 March 1985, followed by his Perestroika movement for more freedom, started the ball rolling, but I don't think anyone who mattered could see the end within 4 to 6 years, depending on what you go by as the end. (The American "intelligence" agencies were, of course, the last to have a clue.)

Before the end there, for 40 years running, the threat of nuclear war was serious, with some lulls and some crests. One can watch lots of the old movies from the 50's and early '60s, such as Strategic Air Command, Doctor Strangelove, Fail Safe, and probably a dozen others to see what the worries were about (or read some books, of course.) There were the nuclear strike drills for school kids through the '60s at least. Then at the end of the '70s and into the '80s, there was a rash of more movies that were at the other end of the anti-Communist agenda**, tilted more left during the period during which they advocated for the stupidity of unilateral disarmament and musician Sting's "I hope the Russians love their children too".

I can remember a few of these movies, such as The Late Great Planet Earth and The Day After. I thought I remembered an Armageddon from that era, but I only only found a '98 Bruce Willis movie by that name on IMDB*** (For a nice list of "" see this IMDB page.)

During the end of that era, '79/80, the Georgia Guidestones**** were manufactured and erected in Elberton, Georgia. One can tell from the inscriptions, with English and Russian on the front 2 stones, that nuclear war between the superpowers was still foremost on many people's list of worries.

Then, by 1991 at the latest, it was all over. Say what you want about President Reagan, but he, Maggie Thatcher, Germany's Kohl/Adenauer, Polish union leader (later President) Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II, and millions of American and Western European soldiers, sailors, airmen, and engineers and technicians won the Cold War. It was not just A big deal, it was THE big deal of the era.

For anyone younger than Generation X (the "13th Generation", born 1961-1981 per Strauss & Howe's classification scheme) this is history, not memory. The worries about Armageddon that the previous 2 generations lived with were no longer. That's been one good thing for them. We've all had to put up with the Kung Flu Stupidity starting in early '20, but, perhaps too conveniently, there's been the Ukraine/Russia war going on.

Peak Stupidity has not discussed the Ukraine/Russia war much, with our (partial) apology here explaining why not. I still think the news barrage has been done as a distraction to Americans. However, the constant encouragement and support of the Ukraine to continue this war has a risk of turning into a very important thing. Why continue this goading of the nuclear armed Russian Bear? With that big risk, what is the big benefit to Americans? There is NO benefit to Americans, in fact, but maybe to the Neocons and the Potomac Regime. Ron Paul's most recent column says It’s Time to Tell Biden We Say ‘NO!’ to Nuclear War!. What, again?!

By a decade after the end of the Cold War, it was already enough that the Neocons and the Deep State had blown what could have been two major benefits from the downfall of the USSR. The "peace dividend" money that the Feral Gov't could have saved by pulling troops and bases all over the world back home was one. That never happened. The benefit was the goodwill that America had built up all over the world, with its defense against that major Communist empire and the American culture that the world looked up to then. That goodwill was all blown due to warmongering by the 30-year duration, now fading, sole superpower hegemonic US and the forcing of its now demonic culture onto the world.

With all that, could we at least still live without that subconscious worry about nuclear Armageddon that the aforementioned good Americans freed us from over 3 decades ago? No, it looks like they are blowing this one too, if the American involvement in the Ukraine/Russia war keeps going like this.

Speaking of blowing it, the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes only brought up the nuclear war worries in the ending, but it was a doozy. We thought we got past all this, but maybe not.

* He died very recently. Is that why the flags are still at half-mast, last time I looked a couple of days ago? I have no idea.

** No doubt some of the older movies were lefty in agenda too, and a few were just anti-MADness.

*** The Internet Movie Data Base has been around on the net for a long time - I heard about it in '97. It's woke now on the front page and slower, but it's still a good site for reference.

**** That's just the first of a number of posts on the Guidestones, which were blown up and then destroyed by the county just this early July. You may find these posts with the Peak Stupidity Roadshow and Globalists topic keys, for lack of better ones, and there was a road trip. I'm not sure when I'll be back there to find out more about what happened.

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In this congressional district we believe ...

Posted On: Friday - October 14th 2022 5:52PM MST
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Unconfirmed recent photo of yard sign seen on the lawn of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's house:

This is the 2nd of 2 slightly amusing posts taken from VDare, obviously one of my go-to sites. The very prolific A. W. Morgan, who usually writes more serious and detailed post on the immigration invasion topic, tells us AOC Joins Martha’s Vineyard Migrants-Get-Out Movement To Keep Them Off Her Beach, But More Cagily. Yes, when you're a CongressBroad, you have to be diplomatic about it:

Some of the "migrants" - just migrants, you know, like migratory birds, but that never seem to return from Capistrano - have been placed by the Governor of Texas, I presume in NY City. Some of them ended up by some sort of mishap in AOC's congressional district. (No, that'd never happen to regular fly-over country Americans. They have to deal with these people in much greater numbers, and it's not out of mishap.) Not only are they in her district, but these people have migrated to the one public beach there in the Bronx called Orchard Beach*, called “The Riviera of New York” 80 years ago. (It was a different time, you understand... with different people, damn right you understand...)

First thing, you stop digging, as in you fix your sign with spray paint and stencils. Next, you be careful about it, but let them know in a friendly manner:
What a lot of Republican politicians fail to understand is that not everyone shares their zero-sum, scarcity mindset.

Many of us understand that immigrants and refugees are a blessing. They have so much to offer our country, & much of our growth as a nation is because of them.
Ocasio-Cortez said she also “very much” sides with “the sentiment” of Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, who raised a number of concerns about the Orchard Beach site earlier this week, including poor transit access and susceptibility to flooding.
Yes, flooding. Women and migrants soaked hardest. Nah, instead, per A.W. Morgan, AOC recommends the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan as a better spot for these perfectly legal humans. It's higher ground.

Miss Occasional Cortex appreciates the blessings of "[illegal] immigrants and refugees". There's nothing illegal about them, and they don't have to stay home... but they can't stay here.

Here's music to go with the post again:

I was about to write that I didn't know anything else by the band that played this. However, once I saw that this was the 1990s band Semisonic, I had to link the reader to another song of theirs I like even better, All about Chemistry. The latter has got a more clever video, IMO.

* I really don't see how a beach there on the western corner of the Long Island Sound can be that nice. It sure ain't St. Pete Beach.

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Can I have my money back, please, Sir?

Posted On: Thursday - October 13th 2022 8:01PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor  Race/Genetics

Look, I don't even try to keep up anymore. I do know who Ozzie Osborne is and we need to feature my favorite song of his, Crazy Train, in these pages soon. (Haha, that sounds hifalutin - we're talking Ozzie Osborne here). That was long ago, when I did keep up. I knew the dude had a "reality" TV show and may have seen 2 short clips of it.

Well, Ozzie's wife is woman named Sharon, who apparently also appeared on that show, I guess obviously. Since then she's been on other TV shows. She's outspoken like a lot of entertainers. I'm not sure how she has accumulated that much, but Mrs. Osborne is said to have assets of $220 million. Therefore, she can put her money where her mouth is. Sometime since the worthless black reprobate George Floyd ODed on Fentanyl, Mrs. Osborne donated $900,000 to BLM.

That's her business - none of it's my money, at least. However, that amount was not enough to give Sharon Osborne unqualified immunity to charge of racism. She just got fired from her co-hosting position on a TV show called The Talk for racism. She said something defending someone who had commented on Meghan Markle, another famous person whom I couldn't give rat's ass about.

The VDare website - consisting of THE experts on the immigration invasion - is so many levels above the stupidity of the entertainment world that they normally wouldn't write about Ozzie Osborne and his rich wife. However, because of the racial angle, a recent VDare post by James Fulford related this story.

After getting fired from The Talk for WrongGossip, Sharon Osborne tried to make it clear to everybody that, no, she's not a racist! What's she gotta go and do only weeks later? She agreed with Kayne West, yet one more famous person that I make any effort to know the point of, as much as he sounds OK, that White lives matter. That is apparently a big no-no.

The funny part here is that, after getting in even more trouble for being that dreaded R-word, Mrs. Osborne has decided she wants her money back from the BLM movement. Yeah, hahahaa, the check's in the mail. She really can't be a racist if she doesn't understand that black people are terrible with money. That's just people - an organization run by black people for the purpose of grifting off of White fear of getting called that horrible word, well, those billions of dollars have been handled far worse than the average black family's budget. They probably don't have those 900 big ones to give back, even if they wanted to... which they surely don't.

James Fulford ended his post with:
There’s a limit to how much CBS executives can cancel Sharon Osbourne, net worth estimated at $220 million, and if she wants her money back, it’s not because she needs it, but because she’s started to Notice that Black Lives Matter is in fact a scam. Let’s hope a few more people Notice this.
We've all noticed that. You just don't say it out loud though.

Good luck with all that, Sharon Osborne. Peak Stupidity could feature her husband's Crazy Train here, but we'll go with something very far apart from that one in sound, but it's another nice one from half-century ago Gerry Rafferty. This is the title song of an album with 12 other great songs on it.

Gerry Rafferty made this album between the time he left The Humblebums and then became a part of the duet Stealers Wheel with a guy named Joe Egan.

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Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Posted On: Wednesday - October 12th 2022 1:14PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Political Correctness  Holiday from Stupidity

Peak Stupidity noted the date each year. Here are posts from '17, '18, '19, '20,and '21. ('18 and '21 were belated, and it's a shame there's not much to remind me - that'd never happen for Rev MLK, Jr,, MD-PhD, DDS, if I cared...)

530 years ago, in 1492, Columbus and crew sailed the ocean blue .. in 3 small boats, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria... to a new world. I could tell you a little more I remember from quite a long time ago too, when they taught me all this, but now we've got the internet. What are they teaching the kids now?

The President-pre-select has proclaimed this Indigenous People's Day, and I, for one, am thankful for the shout-out. He is talking about White Europeans, isn't he? I mean, White American have just gotta be indigenous by now. How long did each Indian tribe that captured some land have to be there? As Peak Stupidity asked in a post on the subject - The Four Corners - Utah - "What does a people have to do to be indigenous around here anyway?"

I think a lot of us are covered by this newly proclaimed holiday. Wait... what? You mean it's about the Indians? Yeah, but most of them aren't living in the lands they used to, but on small casino-operating reservations (occasionally on big pieces of land in the desert or plains). They're no longer indigenous, but the basic definition. Yeah, it IS a sad story,, and yeah, they got screwed by a conquering tribe. Whaddya gonna do?

The Indians were outgunned almost from the get-go by the White man. Many of them fought, dirty and hard, but in the long run to no avail. In the meantime, the White man is now giving it all away. Part of it is the cultural heritage, Christopher Columbus' statues and celebration being part of what's being given away ... first. They won't stop there in taking it.

Well, just to make sure the reader doesn't think Peak Stupidity is really on the same page as Zhou Bai Dien and the Establishment,


There's been a 3 day lull here in posting, something that commenter E.H. Hail noticed is not normal. I'll get to some serious posts, but I'll probably limit it to 1 per day. I enjoy commenting on The Unz Review, as one may notice, but that doesn't take sitting down for a while and getting to a post. More importantly, the keeping up with the political stupidity has been stressing me out to some degree.

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Dixie Chicken - Little Feat live

Posted On: Saturday - October 8th 2022 9:18PM MST
In Topics: 

I was going to just embed a good song tonight with no commentary. As soon as I typed the title in, well, here we go... in addition to having done their best to eliminated Dixie as a place, now the ctrl-left Commies are trying to do away with the word itself. Not on Peak Stupidity, they won't!

This is the long live version of the classic song by Little Feat from their 3rd album, of this same name back in 1973. The song was written and sung by Lowell George.

(The video maker ended his clip a bit too soon. Sorry about that.)

Little Feat was:

Lowell George – vocals, guitar, cowbell, flute
Paul Barrere – vocals, guitar
Kenny Gradney – bass
Richie Hayward – drums, vocals
Bill Payne – keyboards, synthesizer, vocals

Interestingly, I just read that Craig Fuller, formerly of Pure Prairie League whom I met one time while traveling, was a member of this band from 1987 till 1993.

Peak Stupidity may have a lull through Tuesday, but we've got plenty to write about - some hilarious media talking head stupidity, a post on Affirmative Action, hopefully that post on at-home Kung Flu stupidity and the vaccines, and likely more. Thanks for reading and writing in. Happy Sunday, all!

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Posted On: Thursday - October 6th 2022 7:14PM MST
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  Preppers and Prepping  Inflation

If you get tired of these incessant Peak Stupidity posts about Inflation, please accept my apologies and wait for a post on another subject tomorrow. If it helps, though, this one is about Prepping too. [Eyes light up down in the bunker!]*

I don't know what it is ... it's just that I get sick of the value of my life's labor that I save up for later continuously being stolen by the US Feral Government via the FED. That's all. It's probably just me ...

Let's talk Clorox today - the ubiquitous bleach that the slightly cheaper Target Up & Up brand compares to. Because it's a consumer product, not a big durable item or building material, I don't have records of how much I paid for the stuff in the past. However, my memory serves me pretty well here. That's not because my memory is so great but because I bought a bunch of bleach about 10 years back, in the course of 3 or 4 times to the store.

Why'd I do that? I'm glad you asked. Because I knew it would only go up in price, and it stores. Bleach, in fact, is the stuff you use to make other stuff last, like quantities of water, so it must be long-lasting itself. Prepping for Inflation* is something Peak Stupidity has discussed before**. That's what I had in mind then, and if I'd had more storage space, I wouldn't be writing this post today.

I didn't even bother with the Target "Up & Up" brand and bought Clorox, because the price for a gallon of it was in the mid to high 2 dollar range, $2,69 or something. This wasn't in the 1990s, mind you, as are the years many of our inflation post products/services compare to. It was 10, maybe 12 years on the very outside, years back. A few years ago, I bought a few bottles to keep the stock up, and it cost in the mid 3 dollar range, but I don't now recall whether this was for the significantly smaller than a gallon size. I looked and saw $5.99 a few weeks back, but when I came back to Target last week, I noticed that that price was for the significantly smaller size. A gallon of Chorox, that is, unless it's 121 oz - gyping one of 5 1/2 % - is $7.68 or something like that!

Let me use the 12 year time period and the MoneyChimp site compounding page again. Inflation has driven the price of Clorox bleach up by 9% average over the last 12 years. If I had a sure time and price on the few-years-back purchase, I'd show how much inflation has been accelerating. The last year alone has been hell on consumer purchases.

What's the big concern about Clorox bleach again? It's only that I was literally OK, figuratively, kicking myself at the store for having to buy bleach at all ... at $7.68/gallon "I should have bought in at $2.69! If I'd only had a bigger basement. I should have gotten out of the NASDAQ and gone long bleach, dangit!"

However, investing in bleach beats the stock market in one important way. It always goes up. And, when the Shit Hits the Fan, at least I'll be able to spray it off. What will you do with your amzn shares on your unconnected and unpowered computer, huh?

Whatever ever it is, if you or other people will need it sometime, it lasts a long time, and you have room for it, buy it now.

* Though the idea of "prepping" is not primarily about inflation...

** Other posts on this: The different levels of Prepping and The current real estate boom as prepping for inflation .

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Trump v DeSantis: Addendum - David Cole article

Posted On: Thursday - October 6th 2022 6:18AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Immigration Stupidity  Trump  Pundits

From earlier, see Part 1 - Personalities - - Part 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic - - Immigration Invasion - - and Part 4 - Tag Team?.

I'd meant to include something about a pretty good TakiMag David Cole* article in one of those previous posts, as it also has a comparison between Trump and DeSantis.

The first half of ¡MAGArriba Arriba! is on almost completely different subject, I'll warn you. It's about Hispanics v black people, and it has a big criticism of Tucker Carlson on statements about Hispanics. I should go watch the video, but the direct statements Mr. Cole pointed out make me agree with Mr. Cole on this.

This all involves the immigration invasion problem, so I suppose that's the reason for the not-too-related portion of the article. When he gets to the point about Trump v DeSantis, we can see readily whose side Mr. Cole is on. I'll paste in pretty much the whole point:
Trump and his diehards are preparing for their most important fight, and it isn’t with Biden or Harris or Newsom or any Democrat. They don’t see a threat there. The threat on their radar is DeSantis. Remember, as I’ve pointed out in column after column, MAGAs like Bannon have redefined the fight; it’s no longer “for America” but “for Trump.” And they see DeSantis and his growing popularity as the biggest threat to Trump. From their perspective, DeSantis is the only threat to Trump nabbing a “third” win in November 2024. And unlike Trump, as DeSantis is an actual officeholder, he can actively accomplish things politically to boost his popularity between now and then. All the Trumpists can do is brood.

And scheme.

To them, when the clash comes, it’s going to be vital to hit DeSantis among Hispanics. As the popular governor of the state with the nation’s third-largest Hispanic population, the Trumpists need to not only steal Hispanics from DeSantis but attract (or claim to have attracted) non-Floridian Hispanics like Mexicans, so that when the battle comes, they can assert that Trump is the only GOP candidate who can win the brown.

“Poor dull DeSantis, poor little Ron. He thinks America’s great, great Hispanics are in his corner. But they’re not. Nobody has Hispanic support like I do. Hispanics back me in numbers like you’ve never seen. Amazing numbers, incredible numbers. Boring little Ronny can’t even come close. The Hispanics love me.”

Forget the wall, forget deportations; do what you need to do to “earn Hispanic votes by your actions.” The new agenda isn’t America First but Trump First. As Bannon said at CPAC, the goal is “the return of Donald J. Trump to the White House,” not the defeat of the Democrats or the defeat of the antiwhite pro-tranny pro-crime plague that has blue-collar whites literally begging for someone to vote for who can end the madness.

And day after day, DeSantis shows those voters that he’s the guy.
Along with a good handle on Trump's style in his imaginary quote, this guy sounds like he's got a lot of insider information about these people. Peak Stupidity doesn't. I think David Cole's take on Trump v DeSantis is pretty accurate, unfortunately.

* I haven't followed this pundit's writing too closely, but what I've read has been mostly good (as in, I've fully agreed).

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Trump v DeSantis: Round 4 - Tag Team?

Posted On: Wednesday - October 5th 2022 6:54PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Trump

From earlier, see Part 1 - Personalities - - Part 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic, - - and Immigration Invasion.)

As the one announcer used to say after the 2 WFW (World Fake Wrastling) guys would taunt each other before the match, "the outcome remains to be seen". This has been too big a subject, comparing these two Republican leaders, and I don't even know if they'll face each other in any election.

I'd first heard that DeSantis was going to defer running for President if Trump was running, but he sure looks and sounds like he is. I think it'd be a good thing to hear the immigration invasion issue brought out, as the Lyin' Press would have a hard time smothering, in a Primary election with these 2 in it.

What I'd REALLY like to see is each of these men doing what he should be doing for this country, as in, something he's best at.

Trump could yet do a better job in helping Americans as President. He probably has learned a lot. However, his big ego still has him putting Trump matters above what matters to Americans. What he's really good at is making long-winded roundabout speeches that do put we listeners in a good mood and ready to get out there and help. Yet, when President for 4 years, he never made use of these dozens of millions of Americans to help. He can't do it by himself, yet he makes it all personal.

DeSantis has a good record as Governor of Florida of resisting the Totalitarianism and, lately, fighting back on the immigration invasion, even if his last move was just a stunt. That one sure got a lot of publicity though, cluing in ever more patriotic Americans on how much they much disdain the elites have for us. That could be his way, spoofing and trolling, when he can't do more. It's better than just tweeting out a shitstorm. Additionally, DeSantis' understanding of Federalism, an idea that Trump not only doesn't care about, but likely can't really fathom, shows that he might keep that idea in mind as the President also. That'd be a good thing.

I'm sure a President Trump/DeSantis ticket would win over anyone the modern ctrl-left, which is pretty much what the Blue-squad is now, could come up with. That is, only if the massive cheating can be prevented this time. They will be very motivated to go full-out with it, as that ticket would allow for a good guy to remain in office - "whaddya gonna do, impeach Trump again and convict him? Then you'll really see some opposition with DeSantis!" (They'd have to pull an Agnew first, Nixon next thing, half a century later.)

A DeSantis/Trump ticket couldn't be set up, as Trump's ego would never let him play second fiddle (pretty understandable to me on this one). The best scenario, though, is this: DeSantis for President, and Trump as the leader of a new party that is in actual opposition to both squads of the UniParty. I'm sure we could come up with better names, but "MAGA" is already on millions of red hats, so Trump can go with own trademarked phrase. DeSantis can govern, and Trump can rally the people to get the party going for all levels of elections. Now that'd be a real tag team.

PS: I noticed only now that commenter Sam J. had some good stuff under Part 3 of this series. His 2nd one (on the top as of just now), on Trump's personal reason for running for President, is something that ought to be a post here (with Sam's comment, of course). Sam's earlier comment under that post was a nice discussion of the Constitutional aspects of voting rules. Thanks, Sam, and sorry for the lack of a reply.

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Michael Anton on the "right" to Revolution

Posted On: Tuesday - October 4th 2022 6:47PM MST
In Topics: 
  Pundits  Americans  Liberty/Libertarianism  US Feral Government

A right to revolution? That's one of those paradoxes. No regime actually has the right to revolution enshrined into law, as that would mean that regime could be ended by officially legal means any time. But it can't be legal, as every regime has laws that would be broken by a revolution.

If you don't have that right, you sure can't vote it in. You need a revolution to do that, but then... Whiskey Rebellion, anyone?

Then again, what does the modern American population really know about Revolution.? Sure, there's that history that still taught in between the woke bullshit to our schoolchildren. There are more serious students of history, and the re-enactors must be pretty into this specific part of America's history. How many of them, and of those in the rest of the population, see that, for the States in the 2020's, such has been the patient sufferance of these States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Feral Government? The history of the present Potomac Regime is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States. To prove this, I'd have to get a bigger server submit the facts to a candid world. [Slightly doctored, including removal of Random capital letters.]

While reading the Declaration of Independence, I've always noticed that King George III and the British government of 1776 were no-account hacks at tyranny as compared to the US Feral Gov't over, arguably, the last half-century.

An article by the writer and political figure Michael Anton was discussed by the always interesting and readable Mr. John Derbyshire here as a comparison to a weak-kneed New York Post editorial by Rich Lowry of the cucked-out National Review** Mr. Anton was known by his pseudonym Publius Decius Mus when he wrote the viral essay The Flight 93 Election in '16. He worked at a high position in the National Security Council under Trump, until Trump hired Neocon John Bolton as National Security advisor. He then took a principled stand and bolted (pun intended).

The article in question is What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today? In this excellent article, Mr. Anton eviscerated the "conservative" wing of the UniParty, which is most of the people called conservatives today, at least at the political and punditry level. That they conserve NOTHING, is the gist of much of the article.

After listing the grievances against the Potomac Regime that, again, make George III look like a piker, the writer tells us what these "conservatives" of '22 do when someone brings up some of these grievances:
For “conservatives,” the most heroic act of the 20th century was not D-Day or the moon landing but William F. Buckley, Jr. purging the Birchers. Hence, they’re always on the lookout for more purges. Whole careers and institutions are now made of this. Think of the Bulwark and the Dispatch—of Bill and Steve and Jonah and David and Kevin. All of these “conservatives” are now character assassins out to destroy the lives of anyone even a click to their right, many their former friends.

One thing I’ve noticed is that conservatives really get mad when you point out that people who treat you like enemies are, in fact, your enemies. Finally, the conservatives find a backbone, and righteous indignation! To refer to someone libeling you, trying to cancel you, calling for your “extirpation” and even assassination as an “enemy”? How dare you! Civility in politics above all else!

On the other hand, it's one thing to write the truth, a fairly courageous act career-wise, but another to get in the mindset and actually start planning for what might need to be done. Our Founders put it all on the line, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Well, in this age of the Kardashians most people don't care what happens to the latter. It's probably easier to get back on one's feet or at least avoid starvation and homelessness even in these worsening economic times. However, when you think seriously about possibly losing your life for resisting the Regime, well, you'll get an inkling of how those Founders felt. History wasn't written yet, then in '76, and they had a fairly big chance of getting hanged by the King's men.

Well, that was pretty heavy for this early in the week. Go read Mr. Anton's article in American Greatness if you have an extra 5 minutes.

* I ditched that publication over 25 years ago.

** The page says that this article was adapted from a speech by Mr. Anton at a recent meeting of the Philadelphia Society.

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