AOC on student loan forgiveness

Posted On: Saturday - April 16th 2022 6:02AM MST
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I do get your point, Mr. Ganderson in the comments under this post. If they're going to spend our and our offspring's money like it's going out of style, why don't we get some of it back for ourselves. Economically, it's all going down anyway. OTOH, if we stay in debt, OK, not me, but you borrowers, the way inflation is going, it'll be peanuts in a decade. Just pay the minimum or nothing.

The more people do default, the more likely this forgiveness plan will happen, and if it does, the more people will borrow like madmen. (That'll keep the U-bubble going a little longer I guess.)

Well, OAC comes off as a very nice lady, as people like getting gifts. The Blue Squad of The Party has been doing this since, arguably, FDR's time. "Those meanie Conservatives won't give you anything. It's government money - it's not like it's their own money or anything! We are nicer people... and yes, we have big eyes and breasts ..."

I'm mainly putting this video from Commenter Adam Smith's youtube channel(?)* as an experiment to see how many readers view it. Right now, your video is at 10 views and ONE LIKE(yea!).**

PS Legal Dept. Disclaimer: Peak Stupidity does not agree, has not agreed, nor will not, ever agree with A.O.C. on ANYTHING, other than in the area of make-up tips.

* Do you have a channel, Mr. Smith? You told me how easy it was to get an account, but a whole channel? Usually in the broadcasting world you have to sleep with someone to get your own channel, hell, a few people... Was it Maria Bartiromo or maybe Flavia from the Santiago weather channel? Do tell.

** BTW, just to see if the counter was working, I experimented a bit. It turns out one has to stay on the tab or window that has the video playing the whole time. Youtube/google must send a lot of info back home to the MotherServer. I want to see if the same thing happens when a video is embedded.

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Steve King: Walking through the Fire

Posted On: Friday - April 15th 2022 5:31PM MST
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Trudging through the Swamp would have probably have been a better title for this short book I just read by ex-US Congressman from Iowa Steve King:

I'm pretty sure it was VDare, but, if not, Michelle Malkin*, who had a couple of links for the purchasing of Steve King's recent short book Walking Through the Fire**. Rather than buy from amazon, I'd rather someone else get some profit, especially Mr. King himself, from whose site I bought it. (OK, I checked the library first, of course.)

Just to make it clear, we're talking about the Iowa Congressman Steve - no "n" King, not the famous horror/suspense novelist Steven King from Maine. Quite the opposite of an immigration patriot, the novelist is the typical rich leftist. (Really, what else would you expect?) Peak Stupidity mentioned him in our 3 year-ago post Nice Church ladies destroy Lewiston, Maine, and I will steer you to this tweet in which tweeter Brandon Morse wrote sarcastically "Here we see @StephenKing’s gated home in MAINE where he deals with all sorts illegal children in the back yard." We have that nice old house of his pictured in our post too, but with the caption "Uh, you refugees want to see my mansion Down East?" "... well ... ya caaan't get theah from heaah!"

Ex-Congressman Steve King IS an immigration patriot, and one of the best. VDare keeps up with all aspects of the immigration issue, and the writers there have mentioned and discussed him countless times, as far as I recall, always in a positive light. There was a connection between Steve King and VDare, as some "journalist''s pointing out that (then) Congressman King's cited VDare made got him labeled a "White Nationalist". That then became a big issue a couple of years back, got him censured by the Congress, something you may recall, and is, in fact, the impetus for this book.

All criticism in this fairly negative review of his book, should be understood with this in mind - he is still one of the good guys. Walking through the Fire is somewhat about Mr. King's work on immigration legislation and support for President Trump on that existential issue. However, that's only in the context of his main purpose of the book, telling us how badly he has been wronged by the NY Times and backstabbing fellow Federal and State officeholders.

I'll try to keep this review short then, to go along with a short book, not really worth the 28 bucks I paid, even with Mr. King's signature in blue magic marker. It's the first section that really turned me off. Mr. King started out trying to distinguish his GOP from the blue-squad of The Party with words about the BLM rioting, the statue destroying, and then a big heaping helping of DRR - Democrats are the Real Racists! His purposeful ignorance or lying about race caused this book to be off-putting from the get-go. He wants to be seen as Mr. Clean on any political correctness. As for those (apparently very scary) charges of anti-semitism, Mr. King has a high single digit number of "did I mention how much I love Israel?" moments in the book.

It was disgusting to read this stuff from a guy who uses the phrase "Walking through the Fire" to show how HE is the teller of truth. Some of this is in a chapter (2 out of 28) called "Sharing the Truth", for crying out loud!

The first section of the book is nothing but Mr. King taking a look back at one particular interview he gave to a guy named Trip Gabriel of the New York Times, in which the author was misquoted at 56 min. in and the fall-out that ensued. Those "odious" (his wording) "White Supremacist" and "White Nationalist" terms were supposed to be separated by a period (a pause, since this was an audio interview) from his defense of "Western Civilization" (which does NOT refer in any way to White people, he tells us, many, many times).

Steve King had been warned too late (in a voice message while he was in the shower) by his communication director, one John Kennedy (ha!) that this interview with Mr. Gabriel was going to be a trap. (The New York Times would do that? Really?!) That this one mis-step cost Steve King his Congressional career says a lot about the cowardice that prevails in the GOP. The minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, took the side of the Lyin' Press and backstabbed Congressman King even later on in the game, as King begged for his committee assignments back - they are apparently very important for getting re-elected. The glimpse into the world of US Congressmen the author gives tells me that not so much time is spent on discussing issues and making strategy as it is in positioning one's self. One bad move, and you're on the outs, especially when your own squad sells you down the river. (Oops, see, that's like one of those things you can't say ... gotta watch every word out of your mouth.)

Congressman King did a lot of Trump-like moves, providing visibility of the border issue. There's other pictures, including one with his small model and plans for a decent border wall/barrier. Good stuff.

OK, then the middle bulk of this book has some background on Mr. King (married young, small-time construction business, etc.) and lots of writing on the very good work he has done in defending Western Civilization. He also wrote a lot about his anti-abortion stance, which culminated in his getting his own "Heartbeat" bill derailed by the National Right to Life organization, one of 3 that the GOP wanted on-board before they'd pass the bill. (That's how Congress works, I guess...) He has been in support of Conservative issues in general.

Most importantly, that defense of Western Civilization includes his work on border issues. Without the flamboyancy and BS, Steve King comes off as a proto-Trump on the issue. (Though Mr. King supported Ted Cruz in the '16 primary election, he and President Trump had a good relationship, and Trump did not burn him when the others, the backstabbers in the US Congress and in Iowa, were doing so.)

Though always very careful to say things to the effect that it doesn't matter the race of the people, only the culture or religion, Mr. King does a pretty good job in laying out the case against massive immigration and multiculturalism. While on a MSNBC panel discussion at the '16 GOP convention, he wan't going to tolerate blatant anti-White talk, so there was this [pages 164-165]:
"This whole white people business does get a little tired, Charlie", I answered calmly. " I would ask you to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you're talking about. Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?
Right on! That's some Steve Sailer-level truth.
Moderator Chris Hayes tried to walk me into a trap. "Than white people?" he asked with a leer. I refused the bait. I never talk about racial superiority, but I do talk proudly about cultural superiority. The subgroup in question I specified not as white but "as Western Civilization itself." I explained that Western Civilization was "rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the United States of America, and every place where the footprint of Christianity settle the world."
So, White people then, right?***
As the Times conceded, "Frantic yelling ensued." ...
Yeah, and poor Steve King was misjudged that time too. This is the theme throughout the book. "I am not a racist. They misquote me to make it look like I am, while THEY are!" Look, I went to Africa even, with $300,000 of Franklin Graham's support, to bring 3 young survivors of a bus crash in Tanzania to America to heal them and bring them back (at least) (Chapter 25).****

Virtue Signaling - it's not optional.

Yeah, the Lyin' Press got Steve King, with support from his gutless, backstabbing party organization. That's the theme of the book. Mr. Trip Gabriel must have been mentioned 3 dozen times, spread out through the book. Mr. King seems positively haunted by the man, it seems. (I supposed that's something you'd expect in a Steven King book, haha!) I kept thinking "let it go!" Not only should he let it go now, but he should have let it go early on. It's as if Trip Gabriel is the angel Gabriel and the New York Times is God. Well, I just now got to it, and the Appendix starts with:
The New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and many of the characters in this book now own the position; that the New York Times is gospel.
Yeah, but you've been treating it as such, too Mr. King! Early on in the book, I was thinking "why not have ignored the NY Times and stated to the Congress and your constituents that you didn't CARE about the fake news they spout. This is very much what Donald Trump was very good at. Speaking of this McCarthy POS, why treat him like your superior? You got voted in by the people of Iowa - I don't think they'd have given a crap about the NY Times and Kevin McCarthy.

But that's just me, and I've not spent more than a few day's visiting the home of the Potomac Regime.

Ex-Congressman Steve King never learned that he would have been better off sticking to his guns and not trying to explain "I am not a racist!" every day. How many examples out there have we had? (VDare's Washington Watcher II just compared and contrasted 3 ways of dealing with the smear tactics, in Ohio GOP Hopefuls Vance, Mandel, Gibbons Show Different Ways To Handle The “Racist” Smear.)

I'm sorry to say it, Steve King, but I don't think what you went through is close to proverbial "walking through fire". There are bloggers and podcasters out there who talk about race who would state simply that this country and all of us are better off under the White Man's civilization than any other. "Western Civilization" may be a stand in, but not if you keep on denying, denying, denying. You probably still wouldn't be a Congressman anymore, but you could claim more courage if you had spoken the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

PS: I noticed today that VDare has a 13 minute podcast hosted by James Kirkpatrick on March 26th, about Steve King's Walking through the Fire. I will publish this first and check it out later.

* She wrote one of the 3 blurb/recommendations published on the back of the book cover, along Michelle Bachmann and Jim DeMint.

** Interestingly, Good Reads has 5 books, including this one, with that title. I didn't know walking through fire was a thing now ...

*** After all, isn't Latin American civilization rooted in Christianity?

**** Sure, it was private money, and you feel for the 3 young ones... but, is this the best use of the Congressman's time, when there are plenty of Americans in bad shape too?

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The latest on the Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow

Posted On: Wednesday - April 13th 2022 5:08PM MST
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This is kinda nice. The American Kung Flu PanicFest was the biggest flavors of stupidity featured here at Peak Stupidity for the last 2 years. Just when I thought it was over, and we'd have to concentrate more on other flavors outside our wheelhouse, China has re-instituted this PanicFest stupidity in a big way. Yes, in general, we should be concentrating on American stupidity, because we live here!, but let's let China be a warning to us all.

This guy is begging for food, from inside his LOCKDOWNed apartment complex.

(It's from a video I watched, but I just got the screenshot.)

For background, we have 4 posts already on this topic. See:
It's baaaacck! The Kung Flu in China.
Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline
Chinese Covid-testing Craziness - quarantining babies and the testing video
Covid Zero, Politics, and Totalitarianism in the Orwellian envy of the World

Here are a few more pieces of information from my Chinese source. Yes, there are a lot of politics involved in this latest Totalitarianism. It's concentration in the huge financial/port city of Shanghai is purposeful. Xi-the-Pooh over there in Peking wants to show his rival Jiang Zemin of Shanghai how he can play hardball. Those 2 guys? Nobody's locking them down - they have plenty to eat. Their very own extended kin, the Han people of Shanghai, well, I don't know if there's any expression for "tough shit"* in Chinese.

I mentioned the following in a couple of the posts linked-to above, but I thought that part was somewhat of a joke. Nope, it's no joke. The Chinese authoritah are covid testing trucks! Yes, back to the old "lives on doorknobs for 9 1/2 weeks!" stupidity, which is SO Spring 2020. I thought we were ALL over that. Even Dr. Fauci doesn't wash his hands anymore after taking a piss. Yes, this is an organized thing for delivery trucks entering the city of Shanghai. Drivers of small trucks pay 1,800 元 and those who drive big rigs pay 4,000 元 to get their rigs swiped. That is a significant amount, converting to $283 and $628 , respectively at today's exchange rate. Somebody's making like a Bandit on that deal, and he doesn't even have to lose all the Smokies while bringing Coors beer from the Rocky Mountains to Atlanta.

The next piece of information I gleaned was that the Chinese people don't trust the Chinese vaccines. As Totalitarian as they wanna' be over there, something like 10 to 15% of the Chinese people have not been vaccinated yet. A regular Peak Stupidity reader would likely remark "good on 'em". So now the Chinese government is importing 1.4 Billion doses of the Pfizer vaccine - I hope you didn't sell your stock yet. How convenient! That's enough for everybody. Yes, by all means, trust the American drug giant Pfizer with your health, Chinamen, that is, if you have a choice in the matter.

Lastly, I've got some video of people inside one of the quarantine camps. Yep, it's inside, and it doesn't look like your Stalag 13, but it's no picnic being locked up against your will ANYWHERE.

Site note: I will backfill the new Totalitarianism topic key when time permits, and when I think about it, concurrently, along with another new one, Muh Generation.

* There's another action item for me. Find out.

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A few words about your future, young man, OK, a meme then.

Posted On: Tuesday - April 12th 2022 7:29PM MST
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This one is pretty funny, funny cause it's true. Parents have been encouraging, or at least permitting, their college-age children to go to the University for a degree in anything, thinking this is 1985, and that always gets you a decent job, "even if not in your major of Philosophy" It's NOT 1985 though. It's almost 4 decades later. Even 10 years ago, parents should have known better.

Worse yet is that college costs have gone up just as much, if not more, than everything else over the last few decades. In our very early on post University Bubble 101 we didn't really get into the inflation of tuition - I'm sure the data is out there all over - rather than just a quick anecdote about the price of London Broil at the local restaurant that we have enjoyed being around since forever, since closed for good due to the Kung Flu PanicFest. (We tend to drop the ball sometimes.)

From my own local knowledge, I'm gonna give a number based on tuition and fees only (fees are a big deal now, and I don't think there even WAS such a thing then), without any time-line and absolute numbers, but just the the calculated compounded inflation rate. (This is dictated by anonymity.) This is for a State school in a reasonable area, mind you. I get just under 5%, over a very long stretch. I haven't done calculations on the increase in the price of dorm rooms, as, for one thing, hedonics* would be involved, what with the very fancy living quarters as opposed to those of years ago.

If it's not gonna be Computer Science, Engineering, a hard science, or you all have the cash, and he simply really, really wants to learn some particular Humanities subject or Math, then be very wary of sending your young man to college. For your daughter, maybe the MRS degree will be well worth it - I haven't done the math on that. That higher math is hell...

* That post has one of my favorite titles "Hooked on Hedonics". There is also Hedonics - Pleasure from Products and Services and Hedonics in the Current Era of Cheap China-made Crap from about 3 years back, when I was getting into this stuff.

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Romance novelist unclear on the concept

Posted On: Tuesday - April 12th 2022 6:52PM MST
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See, Nancy Brophy, you're a novel writer. That's fiction, as in, made up. Ted Kaczynski, mmmkay, now that guy wrote a manifesto. That is non-fiction, as in, NOT made up. If you are going to write a manifesto, you've got to be careful exactly what you write it about. Or, you wait until a few years after the fact, and write a novel based on the tragic murder of your husband... hell, maybe don't even do that. You've got that insurance money - you could rest on your laurels and write sit-coms.

These very specific hilarious pieces of stupidity that can be found on tabloid sites are not Peak Stupidity's kind of thing, but I like the sound of this one. If you want, you can read this nearly up-to-date account of the murder trial going on, the charges being against this Nancy Brophy of Portland, Oregon. I don't really care that much. I should be able to get the book from the library, it being out since well before the '18 murder. (OK, it's an essay, but maybe I can find it on-line.)

From the quick video I saw in a tweet, Dan and Nancy Brophy had at one point a "storybook marriage". Yeah, well, that's still true though, when you think about it.

I just don't see why the trial has been taking so long already. I would think that Multnomah County Prosecutor George Patton will get his guilty verdict once he issues his quick closing statement:

Brophy, you magnificent bitch, I read your book!!

Yes, I'm a big fan of Patton and we have featured this same clip already twice, here and here, and should have also here.

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Covid Zero, Politics, and Totalitarianism in the Orwellian envy of the World

Posted On: Monday - April 11th 2022 9:03PM MST
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Maybe that should be "... of the World's tyrants in training".

I've got some more news from my China source of the stupidity and evil going on in Shanghai, China right now. Some of this comes off of the We Chat contacts, some off of Telegram, and some from personal stories of contacts in that country.

Again, the political story here is that 95 y/o Jiang Zemin is at the top of the financial power of the country, and he aims to keep it that way. It's not for himself, mind you, but he has a son and son-in-law with whom he wants that power to stay. Xi-the-Pooh way over there in Peking is at the top of political power in China, being President for life per the '17-revised Constitution (how conveeeenient!) He's also Chairman* of the Chinese Communist Party. As I wrote in the previous post on this China Kung Flu revisited story - or we can call it "COVID ZERO", as they do - they are not getting along. Totalitarians with that much power don't like to share.

Therefore, Shanghai has taken the brunt of this new attempt to re-attain COVID ZERO, seeing as not every soul, or even chickens, fish, and politicians too, test negative for this virus that has mutated to the level of the common cold**. Here are a couple of stories.

The Chinese health "authorities" are swabbing people's noses over and over. They are using those pieces of personal iEspionage, that we all know as "Smart Phones" for their Orwellian contact tracing methods. You may have tested negative for 2 weeks, but if you hung out near someone who has been positive for some positive value of time, t, you get re-set to Day Zero of whatever quarantine or LOCKDOWN program you might have been on.

What are some of these programs? Well, in general, people are being sent to camps. I did not ask my source what these camps are like, but I will get back to you all on that. One thing about the camps though, is that lots of unrelated people stay in the same areas, so diseases get spread. Haha, that is ironic, in a non-Morissetteian sense, as in, unlike a fly in one's Chardonnay, it actual IS ironic. The holding of people together due to a fake, or at least now petered-out, epidemic is causing REAL epidemics, which reminds me of the Spanish Flu 105 years ago spreading in Army camps.

People are dying of heart attacks and the like due to the hospitals being ordered open only for Covid patients. That doesn't correspond so much to seriously sick people, but just some of the people who've tested positive and maybe have a symptom or two.

The people dying of heart attacks may have been slightly stressed out, what with all the new Totalitarian measures. At some point in middle or early March, Chinese people who got word of the LOCKDOWNs coming started stockpiling food. Well, you know how that goes, if EVERYBODY does this - up the the point they can't - there would be panic. Store shelves would be empty, and there'd be fights over food. So, the Shanghai government told the population on the 22nd that there would be no such LOCKDOWNS, so this stockpiling was unnecessary. That did the trick, as most Chinese people know, if you gotta trust somebody outside the family, you trust the government. 3 days later, the LOCKDOWNS were started.

Still, this is much better than the Great Leap Forward times, when 30-40 million Chinamen starved. At least now there's food on the shelves. It's just that not everyone can go get it.

And yet, China is the envy of the world. You can envy the modern Chinese people's can-do spirit, and the manufacturing might and the new infrastructure. No, but, people*** still praise China's job against the Kung Flu in '20. "If we could have just done it up right like China did, no roadblocks like we had here, just implement whatever we 'NEEDED' to do."

The people of the huge financial and port city of Shanghai, the shining jewel (when the smog settles) on the Huangpu River, are miserable right now. They are under Totalitarian, Orwellian control. It's a 1960s Science Fiction novel come to life, though not a best seller, as it's too bleak, stupid, and depressing to have made that great of a story.

If curing the common cold means living like the people of today's Shanghai, forget what I said about that "we can send a man to the moon, but ..." business. Strike it from the record, so as not to give any local Totalitarians any ideas. I'm fine with an extra blanket and a stuffed nose, thank you very much.

The monsters who are treating their fellow Han people this way are nothing new. Lots of those Red Guards of the 1960's-'70s went home after a while and have died since. Many of the Khmer Rouge must have been shot after their nation-destroying regime was ousted in Cambodia. They come back though, just the same. Maybe it's reincarnation, or maybe it's that those same genes that form this Totalitarian personality keep propagating. The evil keeps coming back.

I'm sorry - it sounds like Mick Jagger had some sympathy for these people, but I'm fresh out of sympathy myself. Yeah, I can guess their names.

We don't need the lyrics version, but I wanted to get this same version of the music that I'd originally heard off of Hot Rocks, a 2-record compilation album I first listened to in 1980.

* You can call him Chairman Xi. That wasn't Mao Zedong's first name either, as people might think. It's a big thing in China to call people by their occupation, as in Teacher Wu, Fisherman Yue, or Welfare Recipient Jones (some black guy who lives in Guangzhou).

** I think my kid and I got it a week and a half ago. I can't smell very much right now. We're not positive. That is, we're not positive we've got it, as no way are we going to go get tested. It's the cold, bro. I am under a 2nd blanket right now, not exactly the end of the world as I've known it ... That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, and airplanes. Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Well that tears it. If Lenny Bruce is not afraid ... I was able to get REM into your head for the next day and a half, so there's that ...

*** Ron Unz, a smart man in general, is a real tool on this one. He will not respond to comments I write to him addressing his being as wrong as one can be in wishing American could do, or could have done, what China did in '20 to attain COVID ZERO. Our measures were "haphazard". Yeah, man, a little liberty here and there, Federalism, and a central government that not many trust anymore - that sure makes it hard to take non-haphazard measures.

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Donald Trump's on our side, but I really miss President Reagan at times

Posted On: Friday - April 8th 2022 5:23PM MST
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That would be when he's delivering speeches, or even when I try to read a transcript of one of them.

Being a good public speaker is not a quality that determines which of the clowns in office is good for the country. You could get a Martin Luther King - great with words, they say, but he was a scumbag in his personal life and would have been terrible for the country had he made it to office. People liked Franklin Roosevelt's "Fireside Chats", but all he did with that was lead the nation into Socialism and war. There are qualities much more important, such as integrity and maybe even the very rare non-hatred of the American people.

However, it's obvious that the quality of pubic speaking has been deteriorating for a long time, and the decade-long Social Media era has just accelerated the process. Donald Trump took this to a new low. I liked (and would like even more if I could trust it was not BS) what he's had to say and what he says today. I'm sorry to say it, but he could just never get his thoughts in some sort of outline to lay out in order, though, like, you know, a speech.

Mr. James Fulford of VDare has been putting transcripts of Mr. Trump's speeches on that site, since the Lyin' Press had cancelled him so won't cover any of what he's had to say. I meant to point out the first post I saw, Raw Transcript Of Donald Trump’s Recent Rally In Georgia: The Border, Brian Kemp, And Buckhead Secession!*, but then just when I planned to write this quick post, yesterday, I saw a 2nd (at least) one Posting Full Transcript Of Trump Rally In Washington Township, Michigan...Because No One Else Is.

I like to finish what I've started on (such as Unz Reveiw comment threads), so I tried to read through that 1st transcript put up by Mr. Fulford. I'm sorry, Mr. Trump, but I could not get through half of it. Well, it might have been 1/5, as I kept scrolling and scrolling, and scrolling... I noticed errors in the transcription, but I'm not sure if those were really typos, the transcriber's best idea of what Mr. Trump possibly might have said, or the transcriber just throwing up his hands and letting the software do it (not easy to program for Donald Trump).

In fairness to the former President, these were both rallies, not speeches. You see this one local government supporter, or a guy you are here to help boost, then, yeah, you give a shout out, and then you remember this other guy associated with him, and what he's been doing, and say something about all that. It can get jumbled around. What you do too is to try to cover all the subjects and hit on all the local angles you can remember. That's being a politician. Donald Trump is a good politician in that sense. He's just never given anything resembling an organized coherent speech.

I do miss Ronald Reagan at times like this.

PS: Give it your best shot, reading one of those transcripts. It's somewhat different being AT the rallies though. I attended one in the summer '16. It was a blast.

OK, so many posts are on deck here, probably 2 or 3 weeks worth without something else coming up. (It's time to revisit the Global Financial Stupidity topic, what with the fallout from American Ukraine-involvement stupidity, as discussed by Mr. Smith, Alarmist, and others, in comments here.)

I've been binging on though, and now things will get busy for 3 days. Thanks for reading and commenting on this light week of blogging. Have a good weekend, Peakers!

* Which, unfortunately, the Georgia legislature, including Republicans, have put the kibosh on cause, being called names. They are giving Mayor Andre Dicken - yeah, I'm sure he'd gonna help them White people... (VDare really does cover a lot- see Jack Dalton's post from yesterday on Buckhead v Atlanta: Stupid Party (Except For Trump) Betrays Atlanta’s Buckhead Secessionists. But It Can’t Stop White Americans From Protecting Themselves Forever.)

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The Novo Амерісаnski Man

Posted On: Thursday - April 7th 2022 10:24AM MST
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From each, according to her genes...

To each, according the her flexibility.

Besides tearing economies to the ground, forming politburos, and scorching the Earth with stupidity, one of the big programs under Communism is the attempted formation of a new type of citizen. It's against the grain of human nature, but the idea is to turn the masses into a different form of humanity. ("Human nature can go straight to fucking hell!" - Chairman Mao Zedong , overheard on the Long March somewhere, but in a dialect nobody could completely understand.)

You've got your Soviet farm girls there, on the Collective. Would they have been happy being part of a nuclear family? Well, again, human nature didn't come into the calculations of the Soviet 5-year Central Planners. The poor peons stuck in this system had to live miserably and in ways that don't befit human beings. That whole experiment was a godawful mess for 7 decades. I'm sure a new Soviet citizen could have told this Peak Stupidity blogger that early on in the whole thing, but these new citizens had no say in trying to terminate it.

Additionally, whatever actions, domestic or foreign, their "people's" Soviet Government took, these poor "citizens" had no say in the matter. The Free World looked upon their nation with disdain, at both their Communist economy and their leaders who wanted to spread Communism around the world.

I was thinking of this, as the current American society is being pushed toward values and programs that are also against human nature. These are other forms of stupidity than what the old Soviets could not have even imagined*. As the Bolsheviks did 100 years ago in Russia, the new Bolsheviks are overturning traditional society in America now.

Instead of being subject to classes that would ingrain the Soviet concepts of Communism into those New Soviet men and women, we are being subjected to this shit:

I don't see how anyone outside the Western World could refrain from laughing at us for what you see there and all the rest of the black-worshipping, feminist, and genderbender wokeness.

Along with that, just as with the USSR back in the day, the US Feral Gov't and Deep State are making moves that sully the reputation of America around the world. (This has been going on for nearly the whole 3 decades since the end of the Cold War. All that goodwill built up? Shot to hell.)

I remember the Cold War times. I think most Americans could go through the logic that, hey, it wasn't the New Soviet Men who were responsible for it all. They had no power.

Does the other side understand this today? Does the average Russian or Chinese citizen figure that all Americans are silly-minded, power-hungry world bullies? I see this stuff in the Ukraine and at the universities and on the streets, and all I've got is this blog, right now, to tell them "Hey, it's not ME, man!"

We're the decent people caught up in the maelstrom now. No matter what the rest of the world thinks of us American patriots, unlike the Soviet New World Man, we DO have plenty of recourse. Let's not let it all go too far.

He's a writer and arranger,
and a young boy bearing arms.

He's got a problem with his power,
with weapons on patrol.
He's got to walk a fine line,
and keep his self-control.

He's noble enough to know what's right,
but weak enough not to choose it.
He's wise enough to win the world,
but fool enough to lose it.

He's a new world man.

Lyrics were by Neil Peart - R.I.P.

* By the Stalin era, society was Conservative in the social sense, but the economic programs were still anti-human-nature stupidity.

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Chinese Covid-testing Craziness - quarantining babies and the testing video

Posted On: Wednesday - April 6th 2022 7:11AM MST
In Topics: 
  China  Kung Flu Stupidity

Quarantining babies in Shanghai

Not all in China is as it appears to us outside the Middle Kingdom. We've been wondering why the Chinese are re-freaking out over their latest increase in cases of the Kung Flu. Firstly, it's not like they are large numbers, and more importantly, this is not the variant that people said was killing so many people 2 years ago. (Again, we still don't know about that either - we think it's tough getting accurate information here - that place is worse!) We'll speculate some more in another post. The first bit of speculation has more to do with Chinese national politics than any worry about a contagious disease.

There's a 95 y/o Chinaman named Jiang Zemin. One of the "3rd Generation" of modern Chinese leaders, Mr. Jiang was directed by Deng Xiaoping in the early 1990s to help open up the country economically (i.e., scrap the Communism) and was General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for 15 years and President of China for 10 (concurrently). The office of Secretary is not what you might imagine based on your time served in the Home Owners Association. You don't just take minutes and send emails. This guy was, and still is, a BIG SHOT in Chinese politics.

Current CC Party Chairman and Pres-for-Life Winnie the po [Stricken due to political concerns - PS PR department] Xi Jinping does not like Mr. Jiang. They never do. Nobody likes to share Absolute Authority. My China source says that this still-ongoing political struggle explains why the newest Covid PanicFest in China has Shanghai in the spotlight, getting the largest amount of LOCKDOWN LUV. It makes sense. It's not all about the safety of the Chinese people. Hey, it never was here either, that's for sure, but at least the politics at the lower (politician) level were out in the open.

Something tells me they won't be testing the cats in Peking. You could probably let your kitty roam all around with no worries, well, the good areas at least, where the people are used to pork and beef.

The testing of anything and everything is just stupid. Worse is the quarantining of babies that has been going on. The story going around is that, with dozens or hundreds of babies left together without their parents, one of the little ones was not treated for some illness, not treated properly, and died there. I don't know if that's true, but I can tell you that putting dozens or hundreds of babies together to "quarantine them" has got me thinking again, Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline.

Speaking of that previous post, I didn't know how to put that video from Telegram up here. Commenter Adam Smith helpfully told us he could put it on his youtube channel. That would have sufficed, but while messing with this mp4 video file, I learned I could host it too and embed it.

This is an experiment, as this 2 minute video is ~15 MBytes in size. I am not sure it'll be OK to use all that "bandwidth"*, and that depends on whether all the data is sent up just loading up of the PS page. (I think not. It ought to download what it needs in a streaming fashion.) If this way caused problems, I'll go for the youtube channel.

I also did not figure out how to start the player at a certain time into the clip - you may want to skip to 1 minute in. Also, I can't translate any of it.

NOTE: It's not my fault that people keep holding their phones vertically when they take video! These are high-IQ individuals over there, I'm told.

* GoDaddy uses the term "bandwidth" totally wrong. It does have a real meaning, but they use it to mean the accumulated total of bits transferred. No!

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Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline

Posted On: Tuesday - April 5th 2022 5:12PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  Humor  China  Dead/Ex- Presidents  Kung Flu Stupidity

Feline Covid-testing - Save Chairman Meow!

My China source showed me a video yesterday of some of the stupidity that is going on across the whole Pacific Ocean from California. That's a long way, even on the Great Circle route. As we explained in It's baaaacck! The Kung Flu in China., it's not over over there, by any means - the PanicFest that is. (Were we getting along as nations still, in China it would not be the virus itself that would worry me any, but the associated stupidity, increasing as I write, would.)

Unfortunately, I did not find a way to present the video on this site. The 4 images here are screenshots from that Chinese video, the narrative having been explained to me by my source. I'll explain later a theory of why Shanghai is being picked on specifically by Pres-for-Life Xi for the worst of this new Kung Flu stupidity. It's a city 3 times the size of New York City in population, and the authorities are re-tyrannizing the place in search of those annoying, meddling Covid-one-niner germs.

Chairman Meow above doesn't have a choice, but the Mao's, Dengs, Jiangs, and Xi's do not like to lose face. They WILL DEFEAT the Kung Flu for good, with this latest effort, or someone's gonna pay - that's the Chinese way. It's not just the Shanghai population paying under tyranny over the last few weeks. This video shows these Chinese authorities testing everything and anything. I couldn't get a good screenshot, alas, but in the beginning one of the hazmat-suited fellows got up to the roadway to swipe a truck.

Well the truck doesn't care, but how about fish? Like bats, I guess they could spread the Kung Flu around, but just stop undercooking them, people.

Chinese Chicken-chokin' Covid Checks:

He doesn't look happy. There's got to be a Chinese "why'd the chicken cross the road" joke in there somewhere.

And then there's Chairman Meow. This picture is from the actual sampling for possible Kung Flu germs. The one above shows what cute little Chairman thought of this PanicFest a few seconds later. If you really want to rub the whole city of Shanghai's nose in Totalitarianism, you fuck with the kitties.

I was told that a combination of PanicFest discussion and kitten photos would break the whole internet today. We'll see. If it doesn't work, we'll try to get some video of the CCP's likely next step in face-saving Kung Flu stupidity - swiping all the strippers. Yes, I will do my BEST to get video - TOP PRIORITY!

Americans should be forgiven for believing that the highest levels of stupidity exist within our own borders. We think we are an exceptional nation, even when it comes to stupidity. However, that is a pretty xenophobic point of view. The stupidity levels are highest in the West, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the Orient either.

Yes, China is a can-do country, we no longer are, and their economy is eating our assets alive. Still, look at the Kung Flu re-Panic going on, and tell me they can't be stupid too. With our being outdone in almost every way by China over the last few years, we have an advantage over the Chinese. See, the CCP and government over there have much more control over the people. Americans are still more in control of our fate. That may be fleeting...

Well, that title has put a song into my head just due to "California coastline". How about a tune from just as the serious stupidity was being implemented here, when California was still the freest place the civilized world had ever seen? The Beach Boys released this tune, off of Wake the World (uh, oh! Not what you think, though) in 1968. Not to be confused with a Steely Dan song with the same title, this is Do it Again, another of the bands songs praising the glory of the California Beach life of over 50 years ago. From a TV show in Germany:

The Beach Boys:
Brian Wilson – vocals, bass guitar, keyboards.
Carl Wilson – vocals, guitars, keyboards.
Dennis Wilson – vocals, drums, keyboards, percussion.
Mike Love – vocals, percussion, saxophone.
Al Jardine – vocals, guitar, bass guitar

Bruce Johnston and Glenn Campbell sang with the band on tour too, and Brian Wilson didn't tour for most of the band's lifetime. If it was1969, that has to be Brian Johnston.

China Cat Sunflower will have to go with another post.

PS: Our title on this one was taken from one of the stupidest quotes - and they are legion - from ex-President George W. Bush. During a press conference in January of '05, he told reporters:
I want to remind people that family values do not stop at the Rio Grande River. People are coming to our country to do jobs that Americans won't do, to be able to feed their families.
The "Big River river", huh? Is that the best Spanish out of that dolt? Well, Peak Stupidity has refuted much of this already, but I'd just figure family values would include keeping families together, wouldn't it? Our country has been letting, and even encouraging, just the opposite to happen for half a century.

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Big American Homeschooling increase. Thank you, Covid-19!

Posted On: Monday - April 4th 2022 7:51AM MST
In Topics: 
  Liberty/Libertarianism  Educational Stupidity  Kung Flu Stupidity

Yeah, this is probably the biggest silver lining in that gray stratus cloud of Totalitarianism we call the Kung Flu PanicFest. One can find others, but when it comes to opting out of the American branch of Globohomo, getting the children out of Big Ed is one of the most important things patriotic Americans can do right now.

Peak Stupidity has called this "Poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick.", as described in a 3-part series. See Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3. At the time of my writing those, 4 years back. I thought of “the Beast” as the US Feral and other governments. I think the Beast is more than just that, as described in certain books most homeschoolers have read.

A couple of days back, the Instapundit site had a link to one of the PJ Media* writers, one Paula Bolyard who wrote Public Schools Are Cesspools of Debauchery. Get Your Kids Out Now, Before It's Too Late. on April 1st. Unfortunately, this is no April Fools Day joke, this genderbender stupidity and all the rest of the debauchery.

Here's the simple solution:

(Bar graph is straight off of Mrs. Bolyard's article.)

Though extremely encouraging, the rise from '19 to '20 is open to question, as, how would one have answered a poll about it in Spring through Summer of '20? Then, the increase to '21 is the big one, but there were still kids home during that Spring in some places. They were doing Big-Ed's "remote learning" stuff, so that would not be considered homeschooling by me, but I don't know how people would answer the poll on this.

Even so, that 8.5% rise just in the 3 years '16 -'19 is great to see, and even if not a 61% increase in 5 years ('16-'21), the numbers for '21 and '22 should be WAY ON UP THERE.

The Kung Flu PanicFest started the big trend in awareness of the homeschooling idea since the kids were sent home. While figuring out what to do with their children, parents who didn't exactly keep up may have asked a lot of "is that what you spend 1/2 the day on over there?" type questions. It's not like we were totally ignorant of the time and money wasted at the Government Schools, but still, see our post Arts & Crafts from early on in the PanicFest for my reaction.

Then, there's the vaccine. When it comes to health tyranny and their own kids, parents get a little bit more motivated. I can't believe they are still pushing the vax, but yes, Gruesome Newsom of California announced last October that the State would require Covid-19 vaccines for ALL students, from Kindergarten on. Last I checked here (in late January) that still holds. That's their story tyranny, and they're stickin' to it! California is a big State with over 6 million school kids. I hope lots of the parents pull those kids out.

Now, there's the most recent and most extreme genderbender stupidity going on. This part is not Kung Flu related, but it's another impetus for parents to do something, now! John Derbyshire, always entertaining, and a great writer, says: "Is Disney’s Karey Burke A Space Alien? the Ruling Class Have Plans for Your Children (If You Have Any)". Keep in mind, Disney is not just about theme parks that you can avoid and Governor DeSantis can threaten. They are into so much media material, and lots of it gets into the schools.

Genius Times (with h/t to Mr. Adam Smith) shows us the new, woke, gender-aware mascot to represent the great family entertainment that is the Disney Corporation**:

Want to join my club?

It's not all bad news out there. This is very encouraging! Homeschooling is part of how we separate. It may be hard to have a geographical separation of normal Americans from the Globohomo. We can separate in other ways though... (material for another post... getting backed up in here!)

Thank you, Covid-19! May I have another? (OK, no, not another...)

Hey, what's that squeak? Oh, yes, Mickey, errr, I mean Pedobear, "yes, and YOU helped!".

* Instapundit promoted PJ Media (name comes from "Pajamas Media", as in, bloggers and reporters in pajamas beating all hell out of the Lyin' Press, truth-wise) long ago, and I think they are somewhat related. Some, if not all, of the other bloggers on Instapundit write columns under the "PJ Media" banner and URL. Paula Bolyard is, in fact, Managing Editor of PJ Media, I just found out.

** I know you would't have wanted your name associated, Walt, so I left it out.

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Alex Stein 99 - Prayers for the Ukraine + Tranny Sports

Posted On: Saturday - April 2nd 2022 8:52AM MST
In Topics: 
  Genderbenders  Internets  Humor  Media Stupidity

A guy with the handle Romanian embedded the video below in his comment in a Steve Sailer thread a couple of weeks ago. This guy named Alex Stein #99 appeared in front of a Plano, Texas (huge suburb of Dallas) city council meeting doing this hilarious rap about Russia, The Ukraine, and more.

I would have bet money that "Alex Stein #99" was a DJ on the FM dial, but I'd have lost, showing how far behind the times I am. He is a youtuber, part-time TV actor, and a Social Media presence. That's what you've got to be to be in the limelight these days. Well, also he's a car dealer - I could have guessed that one.

Maybe it's like watching one of those "reaction" videos, but I about fell in love with that girl with the red skirt in the background (2nd half of the clip) who has such a great smile as she tries not to crack up laughing. At one point, I thought the council members were passing around a tip cup, but then one councilwoman drank out of it - coffee I guess ...

I can't tell for sure what his point actually is on the Ukraine issue, but it takes people like Alex Stein #99 going viral to get people's attention these days. This point is more pertinent to another video* this guy just made, not nearly as funny, but more important.

Mr. Stein #99 came into a different Plano City Council meeting with a one-piece and swimming cap, trolling to illustrated the latest and most extreme gender-bender stupidity. (PS discussed it here.)

I suppose Mr. Stein's two appearances in front of the Plano, Texas City Council could be considered inappropriate and wastes of their time. Regarding the latter especially, though, it takes these kinds of trolling jobs getting viral attention, and a flamboyant guy like Alex Stein #99 to get people moving nowadays. People are usually too cowardly to take any stand against the stupidity nowadays.

Would the council have taken any action on this recent genderbender stupidity if Mr. Stein hadn't appeared on Tucker Carlson. Maybe they still won't, but, hey, at least the stupidity will go down for the record in the Plano, Texas City Council minutes. Archaeologists should be able to dig those up from under the ruins.

* I found it here on the Citizen Free Press site, and then I found a comment with the exact same thought Peak Stupidity presented, and I swear I just thought about it, and didn't get it from Mr. Kevin Thomas (though the time stamp is about 2 hours earlier than my blog post):
What’s next? Maybe male-owned businesses applying for special set aside loans for women’s businesses – yeah I know that should be illegal but it does exist (or at least it did at one time) and why not take advantage of it.

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April Fools - not a thing here at Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Friday - April 1st 2022 6:08PM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  Pundits  Holiday from Stupidity

That's for the same reason Professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, gives in one of his usual well-written quick blurbs on his long-running blog-site. I have recently dissed the guy a bit for falling back into that anti-Russian Neoconnery. I gotta say, he's pretty good most of the time:

Maybe you can't read that, so:
IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO TODAY, that InstaPundit appeared as AOL/, and The Register reported the takeover. Pretty much the only serious April Fool joke done on this blog. Nowadays the actual news is crazy enough to make the idea of an April Fool pointless.


Faster, please!

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It's the long run, but we ain't dead

Posted On: Friday - April 1st 2022 3:10PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  Economics  US Feral Government  The Future  Taxes

I should probably set an alarm and present these US Feral Gov't budget pie charts yearly on April 14th. That's when I usually do them* - I like to push them into the middle of the pile - there's great power in numbers, they say. I'll have the .pdf version of the 1040 Instruction book in a tab, for the tax tables if nothing else. That's when I'll see the 2 pie charts. They are pretty revealing.

Well, it seems like we were on a pattern of showing every other year's charts until now, with the '15 ones discussed in Quick glance at the budget from US-Gov crack Green-eyeshade boys , the '15 and '17 ones together in Comparison of '15/17 US Government Budgets, and '19 pie charts in EXTRA, EXTRA, IRS tells all! (in .pdf 1040 Instructions).

Some post I just read made me think to look at the numbers today, so here are the revenue/outlay pie charts off of the IRS 2021 1040 Instructions, page, 109. They are for the fiscal year 2020:

The first thing I looked for was the interest that had been paid on the debt. The % number there on the "outlays" pie on the right is as a percentage of total outlays. Wait, 5% only! Last year's showed 8%! Well, I'm not excited as in, "hey, we'll be fine. It's getting better! Everything is fine! Don't panic!" It's more like, "wait, how is this possible?" Oh, it's possible. Here's the usual blurb with all the key numbers besides the total debt accumulated:
In fiscal year 2020 (which began on October 1, 2019, and ended on September 30, 2020), federal income was $3.421 trillion and outlays were $6.550 trillion, leaving a deficit of $3.129 trillion.
Last year's (it's kinda' blurry on our page linked-to above) has outlays of $4,448 Trillion. The US Gov't spent a lot of extra money in '20, as we all know, to, you know, suppress (any further) rioting due to its strangling of the whole economy during the Kung Flu PanicFest. In '19, that 8% was of $4.448 Trillion = $356 Billion**, while 5% interest of $6.550 Trillion = $327 Billion** in '20. OK, that's good right? They paid less interest. Yeah, but, per The Balance, the '19 debt to pay interest on was $22.72 Trillion, while in '20 it was $27.75 Trillion.

OK, but still, less net interest was paid. Yeah, but they must have had an even lower "net" rate. "Net" must include lots of fancy financial dealings, such as paying off some older Treasury Bonds at different rates, etc., probably very complicated. This net rate in '19 was 0.356/22.72 ($Trillions) = 1.6%***, while for '20 it was 1.2%*** Great! OK, this post was not meant to be one big good news / bad news joke, but finally, yeah but keeping rates in the cellar will not fight inflation.

Peak Stupidity has stated this a number of times, but the FED is caught between a rock and a hard place. The rates can't stay low as inflation goes to the moon. Yet, let them rise to a natural rate, much less Paul Volcker-style inflation-fighting interest rates of 1980 in the high teens, say just 7%, and what do you get? You're gonna need 0.07 x $28 Trillion (and that's today's debt, going up like a rocket) = $2 Trillion. Let's go to that paragraph and left-hand pie chart. Note that 1/2 the freaking pie, 48%, is borrowing. If you didn't keep borrowing, you'd have that $3.421 Billion in taxes collected from guys like me, but $2 Trillion in interest to pay off. At just normal rates, paying off the interest will take 58% of the taxes collected. There are people with 400 credit scores who do better than that. I'm no Certified Public Accountant, but that can't be good!

Why the title here? Well, Maynard Keynes was right, in a way... in the long run we ARE all dead. But, he said that 100 years ago. Yeah, Keynes is dead and if he meant his colleagues at the economic forums in Great Britain would all be dead, yeah, he was right. But, a century later, it IS The Long Run, and we're NOT dead! That's the problem... with that theory.

PS: It was in late 1923 that Maynard Keynes wrote that "In truth, the gold standard is already a barbarous relic..." I guess we are in for barbaric times then, or at least I and Ron Paul hope so.

* Then again, the IRS can't even hold onto my stuff, at least for the last 2 years though they were able to hold onto the money, so why even bother? Maybe next time I'll just send in a check for some rando amount.

** I could get much more precise if they'd included one decimal place on those interest percentages. As it is, that could be 5.49% vs. 7.51% in '19.

*** I rounded these off at the end to try to match the lack of precision of those % of outlay numbers with only 1 significant digit.

[UPDATED 04/02:]
Changed the title completely.
Then, of course, I had to add the Eagles.

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Another power of the Ex-Men

Posted On: Friday - April 1st 2022 9:24AM MST
In Topics: 
  Genderbenders  Humor  Feminism  Economics  US Feral Government

Not Unz commenter Rosie. Not an Ex-Man either, AFAWK:

I'll keep giving hat tips to Steve Sailer for coining that term to describe the F-to-M transformers or whatever they are, until I get tired of it.

Anyway, in all his writing about the stupidity involved with these people, lots of it has been about their infiltrating women's sports and, expectedly, doing quite well at them. Peak Stupidity laid out our fairly hard-line stance of "let them* fight it out like the Iranians and Iraqis in the mid-1980s" in last week's post Steve Sailer on the X-men, with Peak Stupidity's take. (Yeah, Mr. Sailer has covered this flavor of stupidity quite well, as he likes his spectator sports.)

This stupidity in the world of women's sports may get a of publicity, but being an Ex-Men could have other benefits too. I had one thought about this, as I read more about some ridiculous, but seriously-taken, $671,000,000,000 reparations plan for black people in California. (Let me not get on that bandwagon, as we noted Ann Coulter's strike out yesterday, and we don't want to get on Mr. Sailer's striking out on that one. Yeah, but, he has... whiffed it.)

OK, enough intro. I may be behind on this, but, last I heard, there were stil many AA-style benefits for women too. It's not the same official government programs. Just like the Title IX Feral government interference with college sports, some of this is government-mandated, not just Political Correctness. Are there still special government loans for women-owned businesses, as there are for [INSERT any race/ethnicity but White here]s?

There are ways to work within these unConstitutional confines programs, and I encourage all who are able to to do so! Setting one's wife up as the company owner can work. You should be really sure she is a keeper, of course. (If you see anything coming, remember, sell all assets to your close friends for pennies on the dollar**, and expect nice Christmas gifts for the rest of your life - hard candy, fruit-cakes, small-businesses, etc... Oh, and don't forget the phrase "Bad night in Vegas". [ This SOUNDS like legal advice, but IT! IS! NOT! - PS Legal Dept.] )

Or, you can get a woman as a ringer, hopefully someone very trustworthy. Make it a black woman, and you've got even more money coming, but more risk too. Hey, that's all risk management - there are books on that sort of thing, at airports.

How about, instead of taking that risk you simply become a woman yourself? The costs are not as prohibitive as one might imagine. You could scrimp on the surgery, and just give yourself an official sick leave to Thailand to have a good time and then get your legs shaved. (They'll show you - I know a lady named Lola.) Get some official paperwork done when you get off sick leave at the country clerk's and the SS administration, and bada-bing, bada-boom, you've an Ex-Men and you, my friend, have got a woman-owned business!

What if they do away with the pro-female discrimination and fixate on the black people, legal immigrants, and illegal aliens, you ask? Give yourself some more well-earned sick leave and come in to the outpatient clinic for an addidictomey. I know a guy ... goes by Dr. Lola.

* "Them" being the pro-grlll-power style feminists and the Ex-Men.

** Shouldn't that be "Washingtons on the Benjamins" now, what with the inflation?

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