Tucker Carlson goes a step further with the Truth

Posted On: Friday - September 24th 2021 4:50AM MST
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I saw the Tucker Carlson clip below yesterday on Steve Sailer's blog where there are and will be more great comments - Tucker Denounces Great Replacement. The straightforward post title of Mr. Sailers denotes an important change in Mr.
Carlson's explanation for the immigration stupidity in general.

Maybe it's that this time it's tens of thousands of Haitians right there on the TV that got Tucker thinking along these lines. Maybe he already knew what most of us, iSteve readers, and VDare readers/writers have understood for a decade or two but got so upset with this latest that he decided to "damn the torpedos network bosses, full speed ahead!" Either way, Tucker did not talk about filling the country with Democrat voters this time. He didn't talk about Big Biz's on-going quest for cheaper and cheaper labor. He sat there and told American the overarching reason for the immigration madness, a replacement of the White population.

No, he didn't say "white", just "Americans", but per VDare's Mr. Brimelow's terminology, the historic American nation WAS White America , ~90%. Tucker did use the term "legacy Americans" in his explanation for the "Great Replacement".

Please watch the clip, but if nothing else, go to about 2 minutes in and watch for 45 seconds. Speaking of Biden, Mr. Carlson said "This is the language of eugenics. It's horrifying." Perhaps he meant something closer to "genocide", a much more accurate term for it. (Maybe next show!) Earlier on, he used the term "suicidal" for Biden's actions, so one can put that together with the rest and get to "genocidal" easily enough.

(You can watch the whole 10 minutes, of course, but I stopped it at 3 1/2 minutes, as the rest may be the subject of another post here.)

This is an important step for Tucker, whatever the reason he took it. I am amazed this was even let to air, vs. the network pulling the plug, preferring dead air instead, much less that youtube still has it on. I wish that somehow, just half the number of Americans that follow the sportsball would follow the words of Tucker Carlson.

PS: It's not that I don't agree that the other two major causes of support for the massive immigration invasion, cheap labor and votes, are true. The replacement of the historic American nation is the overarching reason that enables those that support it for the other reasons to more easily have their way. This will be the subject of a subsequent post.

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Reprieve on the Illuminati ID

Posted On: Thursday - September 23rd 2021 7:48PM MST
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A good friend of mine used the term when his driver's license was about to expire and he had to go get a new one back in '19. These are what the Feral Government calls "Real ID"s. What they really mean is fully Police State compliant Identification cards that are tied in with all the other Feral Gov. information on you.

See, not ALL of the various States are completely down with the idea of absolute Federal power. The point of these cards that you'll have to renew into a Real ID one day was originally as a piece of proof that you had learned how drive a motor vehicle on the public roads. (It's necessary but not nearly sufficient proof by any means! See our Peak Stupidity Roadshow topic key.) That's was supposed to be all it was. Just as FDR's promise that our Social Security #s, appropriately SS #s, weren't going to be used as any kind of national ID number was bullshit, driver's licenses a long time ago became a de-facto State ID. Just to keep the originally idea alive, when someone asks me to see an ID, I usually ask him "driver's license OK for that?"

I guess the problem, "problem" if you're an authority of the US Police State, that is, is that States may use various different pieces of other information to issue driver's licenses. If you're an illegal alien, it may be just someone's utility bills stolen out his mailbox. If you're an upstanding American citizen, it may require that SS#, but then those cards used to be just a piece of paper, along with a number of other types of information that satisfies that State's bureaucracy. So, the Feds are just not that confident that they can safely track you down or that you can't photoshop up a decent driver's license.** For this Real ID, they will need more information that will connect you up to Federal information. I remember my friend had to go through a decent amount of legwork to get this thing. He didn't have the choice to get a normal driver's license when it was time to renew.

There was a deadline of October of 2020 that I used to see on some billboards and TV monitors at airports. One silver lining of the Kung Flu PanicFest is that the deadline to get the Illuminati ID has been extended to sometime in '23.

I can remember both Vin Suprynowicz and Ron Paul, two ardent Constitutionalists, explaining why this Real ID is WRONG many times***. It's another increase in Federal power of that of the States, it just helps the US Police State in its encroachments on our privacy. Oh, the series of Vin Suprynowicz posts, of which I linked to the first, is called "Papiere bitte!" - "Your papers, please!"

Conservatives will tell you to concentrate on the big problems and not get fixated with this silly "muh Constitution" stuff. Yeah, well, we are not going to make any headway fighting the big problems that our Feral Gov't has been creating when we have no privacy left and are therefore prevented from properly organizing. Constitutionalists have seen this coming from a long ways away. Nobody has been listening to us.

Hold onto your driver's license till the last day, so you can put off getting that Illuminati card.

* I needed to get to duckduckgo to figure out the spelling of Illuminati. Spell-check doesn't know this one, and the duck wouldn't even try to complete it. Here's a wiki page about the Illuminati.

** Faking an ID, aka driver's license, was greatly encouraged by the Feral Gov't's having taken control of drinking age laws back in the mid-1980s, via blackmail.

*** One thing along these same lines I disagree with Dr. Paul on is the E-verify program for finding illegal aliens applying for work. Ron Paul is the principled guy on this, but I think the immigration problem is worth bending the principle in this instance. Here's the way I'd put it: Yeah, if it's about privacy vs. government spying regarding businesses, I'm for scrapping E-verify when they get to scrapping the personal income tax. (No, the Feral Gov't shouldn't need to know where Americans work.)

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6 foot social distancing with 5 foot wide pianos

Posted On: Wednesday - September 22nd 2021 10:54AM MST
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From yesterday's foreboding post about it, we move on to the lighter side of the Kung Flu PanicFest. Don't get me wrong, this is still stupid, but it's on the lighter side.

They've got a room at the music school near us for kids to have group piano lessons. We wanted our boy to try that after a couple of years of private instruction. I can remember from his having a private lesson in one of those rooms that the pianos were packed in there, one next to each other, and another row back to back with these. I couldn't remember if it were 5 pianos wide or 6 (hence, 10 or 12 pianos).

Parents don't stay during the lessons, but I saw only a few other students come in and then, an hour later, come out.

"There weren't very many kids there today. How many usually come?".


"Yeah, but I thought for sure there were more pianos than that, 10 or 12 of them, right?"

"Yeah, but there are not kids at every other one due to the social distancing [crap]*."

"Yeah, OK, 6 ft, right, aren't these pianos wide enough?"

"I guess not."

We were about the measure our piano, but pulling out the tablet was quicker than grabbing the tape measure. Also, I wanted to find out if they varied a good bit.** I gathered from a quick search that that they are all around 58 to 60 inches, so around 5 ft.

"Wait, one kid could sit on one end of his, and the next kid ..." Besides the major technique problem I could foresee, I explained quickly why this wouldn't work. "What about the next kid? Think center to center." He understood his mistake right then, but the stupidity remains with the piano school.

This means they need twice the room time and twice the teacher time, all for a measly 1 ft! Not only that, but there is plexiglass between the pianos! Who do you gotta know at the CDC to get a waiver?

* He probably didn't say "crap", but he has gotten the negative attitude about the PanicFest pretty well internalized.

** Not the keyboard portion, of course, but whatever material on the ends.

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The new normal of fewer personal interactions

Posted On: Tuesday - September 21st 2021 7:01PM MST
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This story is from a couple of visits to veterinary office, but it could apply to lots of our new experiences.

Early last Spring, the Kung Flu PanicFest had died down a decent amount in my neck of the woods. (I think it started tailing off in mid-Fall.). I've brought cats to the vet before, and you may know, they don't like the experience at all, Kung Flu or no Kung Flu. These creatures don't like to be away from the solid earth or the furnishings, trees, or fences they are used to. I've seen one cat riding in a car looking out the window in Reno, Nevada one time, but that was highly unusual. Dogs, OTOH, don't mind the motion at all, and love to travel in all manner of conveyances.

Well, my method is to get this guy in the car, go on a short ride, keeping him out from under the pedals*, grabbing him and holding him tightly on the way into the vet's office. I got there at the appointment time, but I could not bring him in. It was locked, and the sign said "stay in your car and call this number.". Ahh, crap. I had thought this bit was over already.

I heeded the instructions, we went back into the car, and a lady assistant came over. She was a real dike type, which seems to be a vet office thing now. Yes, I should have had a carrier for this new way, but the PanicFest had changed the procedure. As I got out to hand the cat over, the lady was worried about the lack of a carrier. Fair enough, as the busy road was right near us. I was about to go home, Then, she was ready to take the cat, but as I got closer she became freaked out by my lack of social distancing and a face mask. It got worse because, once I put the cat back in, she started to pull the door open to talk to me. The busy road was 10 ft away, likely a cause for this cat's demise, and I had to yank the door back closed, and then things proceeded to get nasty.

For the next vet a few days later., seeing as how I was done with the first one (been a customer a few years), we had to go farther away, but I brought a box for the cat. Same deal. "Wait in your car - we'll call you." This was going a little better, of course, due to my bringing the box. However, I couldn't see what they were doing with the guy, they charged me for a bunch of stuff that I didn't expect, and I had not been there to see this or approve or not. This was not a very good experience either, for the both of us.

I admit, having no carrier was my stupidity, but I was not up with the new normal of interaction. My way used to work fine for many years with another cat. However, my point of telling this story is that this new impersonal interaction method is not just specific to veterinary offices.

I've seen that the Target store still has a number of parking spaces for those wishing to be brought out their goods, after paying on the website or Target app, I suppose.** It's great that I and most customers can choose to shop inside, but is this I don't like the trend. My insurance company wouldn't let me in the office until last Spring. (Then you didn't work out of your car either - basically, nothing got handled in person.) The bank we use only opened the lobby area recently.*** I may have written before that my family never adopted the drive-though lifestyle as I grew up, so going through that at the banks was very new to me. (Granted, the pneumatic tubes are cool and retro.)

I'm not happy with this trend, along with a lot of others. The Kung Flu PanicFest has been used as an excuse to curtail service everywhere. Even before, and I think after, Season 3, this will continue. This is part of the new normal. Stay in your car and don't interact with us till we call you on your phone and come to your car window.

Was this trend developed intentionally to cut down on the normal interactions of America? I don't go so much for the ideas of evil well planned destruction of society that could otherwise be chalked up to stupidity. On this one, I could definitely believe it. The've used both the obviously-disproven-since extreme contact contagion stupidity and the social distancing stupidity to greatly curtail human interactions. That was the excuse anyway. The elites of our society would have good reasons for changing society in this manner. Normally-interacting Americans spread ideas. Our elites have put the kibosh on many of these ideas that they don't like on social media, but our elites can't have them spreading around the old fashioned way either.

I wouldn't like this particular parking-lot service thing for myself even if there were nothing political about it. Everything seem political now, so this is another ominous trend for the future.

* I don't bother with a cat carrier, but that's some part of this story.

** I'm sure they don't do cash transactions with employees out of their car windows, but I'm not completely sure the employees don't carry credit card swipers of some sort for this. I've never noticed the latter either though.

*** Now they are requiring masking up again!

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"Claiming to fight for freedom" in Australia

Posted On: Monday - September 20th 2021 12:52PM MST
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This will probably be better TV than you've watched in a while, the 2 youtube videos below. A recent Peak Stupidity post compared the tyranny going on downunder to the much more reasonable situation in Denmark. I wrote something in that post to the effect that the northern Europeans (and Scandinavians, I'd say, more so) are more respecting of authority than the genetically English-speaking, maybe too respecting.

The current Danish response to the Kung Flu seems to be one of the best in the world, however. What I worry about is that the authorities there have relaxed their hold on the people via this PanicFest simply due to the numbers. Don't get me wrong - the numbers in most of the world SHOULD tell us, and SHOULD HAVE told us, that we have been undergoing nothing more than a worse-than-normal virus season and there's no reason to change society around for the worse ... I mean, unless you're a tyrant.

What if the Danish have another wave of cases, deaths with the COVID, or whatever they can come up with. If their authorities say they must go back to wearing masks, this or that city must undergo LOCKDOWN, or "Social Distancing!", the people may shrug and go "oh well, that's too bad. Gotta do what you gotta do.". A precedent has been set. Things must be discussed calmly, the officials will hear you out, take a little advice and then make a decision you should be happy with.

This is why I like better what is happening in Australia. The authorities want to close down this road to keep people from exiting the city? Rather than argue the merits and constitutionality of this, Australians are finding great power in numbers and crashing the police lines. Once they'd had quite enough, they get to fighting back. There's great power in numbers, and the governments WILL lose this thing if they keep pushing like this. This latest has been very enjoyable to see. In Australia too, a precedent has been set. "Back way the hell off, or we will raise holy Hell and bring your governments down."

Let me comment more after the two videos. There are plenty more, some a lot longer on youtube (but I hope you will try bitchute too).

The title up top relates to a video I couldn't easily find* today after watching it yesterday. It's from one of the reporters in the studio at the beginning. He or she said "These people are claiming to fight for freedom." How biased or stupid are these people?! Or, do they not even know the definition of freedom? It ought to be obvious to any adult anywhere that being told you can't go down this street is an encroachment on freedom. I mean, even if it is somehow legal per whatever government decided that, it obviously takes away freedom. So no matter if you buy into this whole PanicFest, hook, line, and sinker, even if you think the LOCKDOWNs there are a great idea, there's no "claiming" about it, these people are fighting for freedom. You've got to be a stooge or an idiot not to understand that!

Another one, I think in one of these two videos, called the protests "So-called freedom rallies." "So-called"? Let me tell you why I used the word "stupid" above versus just "biased" or "stooge". Commenters may disagree (Mr. Anon), but I really don't think people like these news anchors are giving talking points or following a directive. They have been brainwashed their whole lives. They are part of the Establishment. I truly believe many of them have no idea what freedom means. This is their mindset, and it is pretty scary Americans can be like this.

* That's not necessarily because this one has been cancelled, but more that I lost the tab and didn't remember the exact title and the initial picture to find the clip.

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Stupidity acceleration and some jerk

Posted On: Saturday - September 18th 2021 2:36PM MST
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I'm sure you've all heard the story of the mass Camp of the Saints-style invasion down there in Del Rio, Texas. VDare does the best job I know of in documenting the stupidity of America's legal and illegal immigration, and John Derbyshire always writes in a very organized and interesting fashion.

His latest column is The Del Rio TX Disaster—"Like Watching A Nation Busily Engaged In Heaping Up Its Own Funeral Pyre”. (It's on The Unz Review with over 100 comments already here.)

The ruination of this country is not something about which one can just take in one story a week or so, nothing existential, write an occasional letter to one's congressman, and note that it's something that we ought to do something "in the future" anymore. The hits are coming steadily with almost no serious pushback and no trends in any positive direction*. I had thought 5 years ago, that Donald Trump could at least get the country to stop digging in all the holes we have gotten into. As disappointed as I was after a few years, ruination was held to a steady pace we could keep up with.

Now, I would say that our ruination is accelerating. There is jerk involved too. I didn't make a typo there. "Jerk" is a physics/engineering term for a change in acceleration. It is the 3rd derivative of a position vector. The first derivative is velocity and the 2nd is acceleration, so jerk is the change acceleration. In America today, we have had a positive jerk, coinciding pretty much with the (s)election result of 2020 and the jerk that got (s)elected.

They are making it harder and harder for us to get out of this peacefully or with an intact country.

PS: I have a number of other ideas for posts in mind rather than write about something for which I point out an article with more details and better writing to begin with (compared to John Derbyshire, at the very least). I feel obligated to cover at least some timely news, even though relaying the news is not our purpose at Peak Stupidity. For example, I do want to write about that story about 4-Woke-Star General MIlley traitorously dealing directly with Chinese, as a commenter going by "What Interesting Times" suggested.. In this case, Immigration Stupidity is our biggest (general) topic key anyway, so this was warranted.

* Getting out of Afghanistan, no matter how stupidly it was accomplished, is one.

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CDC Cautions Against Taking The Red Pill

Posted On: Friday - September 17th 2021 6:36PM MST
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Yeah, it's from the Babylon Bee. I need to start visiting them daily.
ATLANTA, GA—The CDC has cautioned Americans against taking the red pill, as it can lead to severe side effects such as "realizing the truth about the way our society is manipulated by the elites" and "spending all your time on YouTube watching Jordan Peterson videos."
That's about 1/4 of it. The page has a great unrelated video underneath. Peak Stupidity has covered the pronoun stupidity before in Fun with Pronouns, with a Chinese angle - "Hey Yu! Hu, Mei?"

Now, Abbot and Costello, they had it tough, see. They had to use only the pronouns of the olde English language. What the hey! Here's that famous one:

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Season 3 Kung Flu Stupidity bracket: Australia v Denmark

Posted On: Friday - September 17th 2021 11:18AM MST
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Commenter PeterIke brought up the fact that Denmark has almost completely backed off of, or opted out of, the Kung Flu PanicFest stupidity as of late. It's a small country, but that'd be a good start on the road back to sanity for the Western world, if other governments would follow this example. It looks now like this PanicFest is not really about fear of the virus, but power, so maybe not, on that one.

I'd forgotten about the comment till seeing an article about the latest from Denmark. Additionally, I'd wanted to write more about the sick heavy-handed Totalitarianism being practiced in Australia, using the excuse of the Kung Flu. One would think that there would be no contest here, as Denmark would trounce the living daylights out Australia in a Kung Flu Stupidity cage match. I'll argue that point a bit at the end of this post.

"And in this corner, Denmark ... mark... ark...:"

The picture above is of a recent concert in Denmark, showing a huge un-socially-distanced crowd apparently enjoying the show*. (OK, at least they're socially distanced compared to a mosh pit.) On the Foundation for Economic Education website, there is a pretty good article by its managing editor Jon Miltimore about the situation in Denmark - Denmark Says Move Over Sweden as Government Lifts All COVID Restrictions—Because of High Vaccination Rate? Yes, this author fixates on the vax as the solution to the PanicFest, but it's otherwise a pretty unbiased article that debunks even some of the vax rate numbers for the country.

He comes across pretty freedom "based" right here, after his first 2 arguments against vaccination number targets that are more of the iSteve-type arguments (as in small details that are still based on assumptions by the EXPERTS):
A third problem with vaccine targets is that they play into the notion that freedoms must be “won back” by collectively complying with the wishes of public health officials. This idea isn’t just wrong, but deeply dangerous.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, public health officials have violated civil liberties while promising these “temporary sacrifices” would be over once a particular goal was achieved. But the goal posts were always moving. We saw it with “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” President Biden’s call for “100 days of masks,” and Dr. Fauci’s previously mentioned floating vaccine target, which he openly admitted he’d adjust based on public polling.

“When newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take [the vaccine], I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85,” Fauci told the Times in December.
Wow, that Fauci quote at the end is really something - "I" can nudge this ..." and "I" went to 80, 85"! Man, the guy does act like he's the savior of the people, doesn't he?

I'm not going to get into any details of the case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths FROM the Kung Flu in Denmark, with nice graphs with explanations. That's an exercise better left to a guy like E. H. Hail, illustrious Peak Stupidity commenter and well-known Kung Flu Panic-Analyst. This is just a comparison of the political situations between two countries. From the beginning of the FEE article:
The photo went viral a day after the New York Times reported Denmark had lifted its remaining coronavirus restrictions, “effectively declaring that the virus was no longer a ‘critical threat to society’ and allowing the country to get back to a semblance of prepandemic normal”—though face coverings are still required in airports.

People naturally responded differently to the photo. Some reacted positively.

“I think that's called freedom...not like Australia,” one reader responded.

Some said the Danes would pay for their recklessness.

“They’ll find out the hard way, like Singapore,” one person tweeted.
;["tweeted" or "sneered"? - Ed.]
Well, airport terminals are pretty much medium-security prisons anyway, so you've got people with nothing better to do then enforce that - the TSA. Keep 'em employed. Infrastructure jobs!

I do tend to digress, haha. Good on the Dutch errr, Danes! I don't know the situation in Sweden now and other examples that Mr. Hail has gone into great detail describing (Belarus too), but Denmark seems to be kicking ass Liberty wise (for now), as compared to Australia.

"And in this corner, Australia ... eye-ahh... mate ... barbie ..."

Go back a few years, or back to this time . If you had thought Australia, a country formed by ex British convicts and assorted riff-raff, would be the place that reacted to the Kung Flu at the extreme end of Totalitarianism, they'd tell you "ya' had one too many Fosters, mate". We've all been watching with shock, except for our own Totalitarians. with glee, at the the LOCKDOWNs and mandates of all sorts set up over there. Season 3 of the PanicFest seems to have brought out the worst of this.

As I read and hear (from a friend with a relative there) about this, I can't help but remember "oh, yeah, the government there took the guns in the late 1990s." Well, I'm not saying exactly what would go on in America had we this same level of government coercion going on, but there would have to be some people with nothing much to lose who would start firing. It's one thing if the Totalitarians boil the frog slowly, as they have for other aspects of American life, traffic check points, the TSA, our version of the LOCKDOWNs (varying widely from State to State, as policy should, if it were Constitutional, that is!)** I don't know if the hard-core control in the two biggest provinces in Australia would fly here, without government losing its ass. I hope, anyway.

It's not that nobody is fighting back down under though. The video above shows just some of it, where the biggest protests are, in the two biggest cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The truckies (truckers) planned a strike for the end of this past August. From what I could dig up, there was action, but governments have been using their new powers of censorship to prevent the information from getting out, even blocking the cell phone service of truckies to prevent communication and coordination. I cannot tell from duckduckgo whether it's the media blockout (yeah, including duckduckgo) or a lack of anything major happening that has me not finding the information I wanted.

So, though beaten down hard in the first round, I would not say that our friends down under are licked. Here's a difference that I perceive between Denmark and Australian, though I haven't been to either in a long time: Coming from the English, genetically and culturally, the white Australians have a long history of standing up to the outrages of authority though still respecting the rule of law. They have been a very unified people till only recently, as the Chinese immigration is a fairly new thing.***

Denmark is one of the Socialist States of Europe, among a lot of them. I'm guessing the Danes are a unified people too, since their country has been one of the best in Western Europe in resisting the immigration invasion. (They are even returning some of them. Nice!)

There's something about the Socialist mindset, though, that says additional edicts and rules that are "good for everybody" must be followed and one can't argue about what's good for you. OK, you can argue, but the majority, or the edict rules, freedom be damned.

The Aussies have been under much greater tyranny, and it's getting worse, from this PanicFest, while the Danish have eased up completely. The Aussies are fighting back now though. Well, sure the Danish don't have to fight back, but, as the FEE article author explained well, the Danish government is easing up just due to the numbers. That means if the numbers (vaccinations, "cases", deaths, whatever) change for the worse, in the opinion of, well, the Danish government officials, then the situation could get more Totalitarian again. Which government is more afraid of the people?

The Peak Stupidity judges have ruled that there is no clear winner yet in the Australia v Denmark match-up. The Danes have it good now, but they have set no precedent as to how much tyranny they will take. The Australians are fighting back, but we have no idea have far that will go. I hope "VERY".

* which is fine and all, but Peak Stupidity still maintains that 99 % of good rock and pop was created in the English-speaking world.. OK, 99 Luft Balloons, I! GET! THAT! Oh, and Radar Love - BTW they were Dutch not Danish, but that mistake is easy to make.

** They were doing well with this frog-boiling process regarding guns to, for a while. Americans got wise on that one, at least.

*** The Chinese people want to get to a place with lots of White people, seeing as these societies were formed by people who stood up to authority and believe in the rule of law.

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Whose lives matter?

Posted On: Thursday - September 16th 2021 8:01AM MST
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Her name was Caroline Schollaert.*

On VDare, a guy named Kenn Gividen** writes monthly posts with anecdotes of black on white murder. He'll have 20 or so each month. Those 2 to 3 hundred a year are perhaps 1/2 of the total, from what I could gather just now (help, Steve Sailer!), so this happens at least once daily. Mr. Kenn's point with these is to give more information than one can get from just statistics. (Here"s something similar from American Renaissance.) One can see the senselessness of most of these murders, along with sometimes a few clues on how not to get into a situation that would result in one's appearance in this column.

From the latest edition, August 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America, I saw one story (near the middle) that struck me, just because the 26 year old Caroline Schollaert really had her act together more than most. She was in a Coast Guard unit out of Cecil Field, Jacksonville, that operated Agusta Dolphin helicopters doing drug interdiction.

Now, I'm not that gung-ho on the drug interdiction business, (the unit is the HITRON - Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron - yeah, they had to fudge with the acronym a bit), though, they could, of course, interdict illegal aliens as well as drugs. (I don't know if they do.) However, when it comes to military branches of the US, I think the Coast Guard has operated more in keeping with the US Constitution than the rest of the branches.*** The rescue work has got to be satisfying, and I don't know who would object to that mission. I haven't found out if Miss Shollaert flew helicopters or had another role on them, but it was a useful life.

Here is the Popular Military article, linked-to by Mr. Gividen, which gives more of the story. What I was also struck by is what went on in this particular incident, making it different from most that are described in those posts. The 22 y/o black thug was breaking into her car, and this young lady did more than just call the cops. She went down there and held the guy at gunpoint. Unfortunately, she must not have stayed completely aware of this thug's movements, as he shot and killed her with one round.

What a waste! Which life up top is worth more? OK, which WAS worth more?

* The way I put this is per the style of the Paul Kersey's blog. He has written about race (especially one in particular) since his good friend, a young lady, was murdered in Atlanta, Georgia a decade or so ago.

** His own website is The Daily Kenn.

*** That'd be at least as far as egregious violations. Maybe it should be a State function, but that would complicate things.

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Some great humor off youtube

Posted On: Wednesday - September 15th 2021 7:12PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor

I don't remember what I was watching before this, but youtube tends to force the autoplay on, so I got to this Rodney Dangerfield skit from 1982 with a young, longer-haired Bill Murray as the straight man - yeah, pretty much, as best as he could do as the straight man.

The TV special was called It's Not Easy Bein' Me, and the title is perfect for Rodney Dangerfield's usual style. This video is unrelated to anything stupid going on today, but anyway, if you like the guy, enjoy this 5 minutes of hilarity.

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More Marxism from Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Wednesday - September 15th 2021 9:49AM MST
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In our over four y/o post written just after the Charlottesville, Virginia attacks, Who are these Antifa guys?, Peak Stupidity first pondered the question of who the ctrl-left in this country really are. We discussed the term "cultural marxist". We noted that that these antifa useful idiots would mostly know noting of Marx, at least the guy on the left here.

Pick your Marxism:

As of late we've had lots of posts (with the Commies topic key) in which we've argued that the ctrl-left are not much different from the Commies of old. Back to that 4 y/o post, from the ending, regarding the street battles between Nazis and Commies a century ago:
This is turning into a different post entirely, but just to wrap that thought up, we in America will not experience exactly the scenario of Nazi Germany of the 1930's for one reason only - the people have held onto their arms. History may rhyme, but it won't repeat, due to repeating arms.
We followed up the recent post None dare call them Commies with OK, Some (V)Dare Call it Communism

VDare is on the blogroll and a very favorite site, due to it's 20 year history of documenting Immigration Stupidity. There have been a number of their writers*, including the Founder and Chief Peter Brimelow, who have used the C-word lately for the domestic enemies of the American people. We agree, and here's another one.

One Carl Horowitz, with only an even dozen posts on the site since 20 years back, had this article published there yesterday: Marx Got It Right: Mass Immigration Wrecks Wages. Why Won’t America’s Resurgent Communists Admit It?

I'm glad to see the terminology. Mr. Horowitz didn't make a whole new point with this writing, as VDare has written many posts about the deleterious effect of large-scale immigration on the workingman's wages, sometimes with hard numbers from Mr. Brimelow. Mr. Horowitz did give a bit of history of the situation with Irish immigration to England in the mid-1800s. He brings up the point that Karl Marx, yeah, THE Karl Marx, wrote about the very subject that VDare and others have been bring up 150 years ago:
Consider a letter of 1870 to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt, German friends in the United States. Citing the effects of large-scale Irish immigration upon England, Marx explained the destabilizing effect of cheap immigrant labor: “Owing to the constantly increasing concentration of leaseholds, Ireland constantly sends her own surplus to the English labor market, and thus forces down wages and lowers the material and moral position of the English working class,” the primordial Prussian Communist [LUV that terminology!] wrote [Marx to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt, Marxists.org, April 9, 1870].

That isn’t all he wrote on the subject, but that little gem suggests that Marx understood at least something about supply and demand, and wages, labor, and immigration. Mass immigration depressed 19th-century British wages just as it depresses American wages today.
Man, you'd think that if Karl Marx really understood supply & demand, he'd have never become a Communist. I blame his professors.

After the very interesting history lesson, Mr. Horowitz discusses parallels between the immigration problem/wage problem and that of the present time with the much bigger (even in relative terms**) numbers, of Hispanics, which is all he gets to. Here are his 4 parallel regarding the 2 situations:

* Open Borders;
* cheap foreign labor that lowers wages;
* Government support for employers of low-wage labor;
* and frustration among the host country’s low-paid workers.
Mr. Horowitz also comes up with 4 points to describe how it's different this time regarding the effect of immigration on wages. It's the 4th point that's interesting to me:
Unlike England 150 years ago, the United States has constructed a large welfare state that shifts the cost of labor from employers to taxpayers. The 19th-century Irish were not public charges, unlike a large portion of Hispanic immigrants here, as economists George Borjas of Harvard and Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies have shown. Ideally, employers would cover employee expenses through better wages and benefits. Yet with immigration at current levels, they have little incentive to do so.
That's all true, and a great point, but I don't think the writer goes far enough. He continues the article with wonderment on why the modern left just doesn't see this issue the way Karl Marx did, or VDare, or anyone who understands supply & demand.

The modern ctrl-left want to destroy traditional society, just as the Commies of old did, including Karl Marx himself. The difference is that the large Welfare State that Mr. Horowitz pointed out in his point 4 has been used to help (along with destructive immigration law) increase the number of non-white people - Socialism is dysgenic. The Welfare State helps mostly non-white people and the "non-traditional" of all sorts over the working class. At this point, the ctrl-left Communists want to destroy the working class too, because they hate them. That was not the case during Karl Marx's time.

Here's a case where Peak Stupidity agrees with Karl Marx - large-scale immigration depresses wages for the workingman. Hey a stopped clock can be right once a century, if it's got only 2 digits for the year. I refer to Karl Marx here, not Peak Stupidity.

Since we're on the same page here regarding the workingman, Karl, let me share with you some music from some of the hardest workingmen there ever were in the rock music business:

There are definitely lots of live versions that are much better, but I wanted the album cover to appear, Mr. G.

* Some may not be working for VDare but are published there.

** Per the article, 1.52 million Irish immigrated to England, Scotland, and Wales during the period 1850 - 1888. (I assume that was the high period.) From a quick look at this Wiki page, the population of England alone went from ~ 17 million to ~ 27 million. Lets just take the average, even though obviously more immigrants would have piled up by the end. That'd be a total of 7% foreigners, though, honestly, not nearly as foreign, as we have. America had DOUBLE that percentage of foreigners in 1910 and now again (this is 5 years back) in 2016. See our post Foreigners in America for a line graph and bar chart.

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To the 3rd World - Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

Posted On: Monday - September 13th 2021 7:11PM MST
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Will America become a 3rd World country? Peak Stupidity maintains that it will be the Global Financial Stupidity, with much of it happening here, that will cause a crash that induces such economic pain and deprivation that there will no longer be time for the rest of the stupidity we describe in these pages. A big change could happen quickly. Others say there will just be a slow slide into Brazil-like demographics and a 3rd World way of living for most of us.

From what I've seen lately, I'm starting to think that this slide may be quicker than most of us had ever thought. The service industry was purposefully damaged by the Kung Flu PanicFest. From a few months in some places to a year of more in others of downright shut-down via edict, to rules on "social distancing", to hysteria of former customers, the direct effects were devastating. However, a long-term effect seems to have been that experimental-UBI-like deal in which people were paid better to stay home than they were paid for working hard. I write of the US Feral Gov't supported special unemployment benefits here.

It's hard to come back from this when service businesses are ALLOWED to open back up. Employees are just not showing back up so much. This has had the effect of turning what used to be 1st World businesses into closer to 3rd World ones. We have taken for granted that "this place is open from 8 AM to 7 PM" and "you go in and get your fast food in 5 minutes. 10 minutes would be ridiculous" and "the employees may not like you, but other than certain rude types (see I'm not 'loving it') , they will treat you professionally". All this we have taken for granted in our 1st World society doesn't seen to be the case anymore.

Even at the big hub airport, food places are closed during the middle of the day because "we're closed". It's lack of employees or at least employees showing up on time, that's the reason. A couple of the places that used to be extremely efficient aren't anymore. Sometimes it's lack of one more employee to make it run like it should, but other times, the people are there, but they just do not have their act together. Obviously the managers don't either. I've seen lines so long that some passengers have to decide whether to take a chance on missing their flights or maybe get their money back - it's a gamble.

Recently I was staying in a nice place, but the area was very dark, to put it that way. I sent to the Wendy's nearby in the middle of the day. The doors were locked, with no signs explaining why. I guessed it was more Kung Flu related hysteria creeping back in, but I'm not so sure the people inside just didn't want to open up the dining area.

I therefore walked through the drive-through line. I was there for 15 minutes first, as each car took about 5 minutes, not your normal pace. Then, there was lots of confusion about where I should actually order from. I tried the menu/speaker/microphone station, but after 5 minutes (with cars behind me) I heard "go to the next window". I went there, looked in, and some huge black lady told me to go to the pick-up window. There was 2 1/2 ft. between the window and a van right there, so it was a bit tricky to order.

While I waited my 5 minutes or so for the food, there was an older black guy also walking through the line. Yeah, he needed to borrow 50 cents for his favorite baked potato with cheese, but we'd already been on a friendly basis, so why not? We both noted the stupidity of it all, but I'm not sure the guy really cared about the "why" of it.

The "why" of it had first been my thinking that there must have only been 2 people in this Wendy's for it to operated so badly. No, but when I looked inside it from the window, I saw there were 6 or 7 employees. I saw the "why" of it anyway. There was not a White person in sight... nor a Hispanic, and Oriental, well, I could go on.

The 1st World just can't be run by these people. Without a few other-than-solid-black supervisors or at least half of the staff, it just quickly goes to an unorganized mess. There are two reasons: Firstly, no one will have the brainpower to keep thing organized by thinking ahead a bit. That includes making sure enough people show up. Secondly, there is just a real lack of caring about the customers.* Simply, nobody gives a damn how long the customers have to wait, how surly the employees may want to be, and how well the business runs, AT ALL. It just doesn't matter - worse cases, the business closes or you get fired - you just go back on welfare.

Due to the Socialist programs implemented since the 1960s and the demographic changes implemented in that same time period, the slow slide into incompetence and 3rd Worldliness has been in progress a long time. However, intentionally or not (I doubt it, as they aren't that smart), our elites have accelerated us along this course. They have a solution of course: More immigration! From 3rd-World countries!

* Peak Stupidity covered that in Hotel Haiti - on Caring. (The other 3 parts of that series were Hotel Haiti - Introduction, Hotel Haiti - on Competence, and Hotel Haiti - Conclusion.)

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At Peak Stupidity club, YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! 9/11!

Posted On: Saturday - September 11th 2021 3:11PM MST
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Actually, that only goes for the bloggers (which is like, just me). I have not deleted any comments other than the large-scale spam of almost 4 years back, along with a couple of unfortunate accidental deletes while that was going on. You all can write about this as much as you like, of course.

Obviously the attack or demolition, depending on your view, of the World Trade Center towers (and don't forget building 7) 20 years ago was a major even in American history. As people who were cognizant during the assassination of President Kennedy recall what they were up to at the time, it is the same for me. (It involved aviation - that morning.) Our title here* was not meant to make light of anything - it's just that this post is an explanation of our policy of not discussing the speculation about the actual happenings. We have a big interest in the Totalitarian response to 9/11, as, for example, in our 16th year anniversary of 9/11 post 16 Years of Spreading Democracy - They still hate us for our freedoms(?) We don't discuss the reason for 9/11 because we are simply not sure enough to do so.

Let me explain: I have ready dozens of web pages and watched dozens of videos that try to show us the real conspiracy of the US Feral Gov't or Deep State in perpetrating the attack. I will state right now that, the more I have learned about the current state of the US Government and the psychopaths who inhabit it, the more I don't put ANYTHING evil past them. However, as I read and watch, I have not yet found the ultimate explanation to convince me of the details.

I have watched a video by Jim Corbett, a video-blogger who I respect and enjoy listening to, and another couple of them that start off with the aviation portion of the story. My problem is that when I get to a subject that I DO know lots about, and I realize the the writer/speaker does NOT know the subject, I don't feel that the rest of his story is something I should just believe. I understand that Jim Corbett (just as an example, mind you) can't be an expert in all the subjects involved in figuring out the true 9/11 story. However, if he has not gotten the right people to explain to him the part that I see flaws in, how do I know he's gotten a good explanation on the other parts, which I cannot myself claim to be an expert in.

Let's start near the beginning. Yes, those Moslem "guests", "students'", whatever, could indeed have learned to at least operate an airliner in a simulator, for their purposes.** I am told that it's not possible they could have operated those aircraft at those speeds and hit those buildings. Let me tell you, it's a lot easier if:

1) you don't care about the aircraft operating limitations. The aircraft can do a lot more outside of its normal envelope. Passenger comfort was obviously not a factor.

2) you don't care about Federal Aviation Regulations.

Here are my main point of contention with the 9/11 skeptics on their aviation related doubts. I have listened to and read from those who maintain that there was no way these planes could have been let to go on these wayward paths for that long, unless it were intentional - or, it was all made up. People didn't, and still don't, understand the airspace system. I had many paragraphs with some nice explanation, but I will try to keep this fairly short and still interesting. (I apologize for not giving more explanation, but I could do that later.)

I have the feeling that most people think that Air Traffic Control is about determining where each airplane will go and when. That is not the point at all. Air Traffic Control at the ground/tower level is about using the runways efficiently and safely for take-offs and landings. However, it's the en-route level where the misunderstandings are the greatest. The purpose of Air Traffic Control, and the 25 ARTCC's (Air Route Traffic Control Centers) is to separate IRF aircraft from each other. The "IFR" means Instrument Flight Rules, as opposed to VFR (Visual Flight Rules).

I would love to digress about the latter even more than I will for a minute. An aircraft flying VFR, if he doesn't fly above 10,000 ft above sea level, and go in certain areas near bigger airports***can go with no radio communication whatsoever, does not need to identify himself in any way, and can even go with no electrical system.**** That still leaves a lot of room to travel in freedom. Please don't tell too many people, as, the way Americans have been brainwashed now, I think that knowledge would cause them to demand "somebody do something!"

Airlines are flying under the IFR system of rules most of the time.***** However, that doesn't mean there are some guys in some big room in Washington, FS deciding "we'll send this one here" and "bring that guy out over here and send him to here". Flight plans are filed and the role of Air Traffic Control is to clear airspace for aircraft to fly on their routes at the altitudes they want to fly at. There are lots of changes and corrections, of course, due to either impending traffic conflicts seen well in advance, weather, and short cuts requested by the pilots.

The tools for traffic separation are 2-way radio communication, the oldest one, radar, and, as of late, the technology called ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast). As with most of the changes in aviation the newer technology has been implemented by rules "written in blood". Regarding that, I could go on with some history of a couple of crashes that led to important changes, but I gotta stop with this and get (closer) to the point.

The reader may be surprised to learn that even airliners aren't under "radar contact" all the time. Of course that's true on the ocean routes, but there are places within the US too. It's a matter of terrain (13,000 over Wyoming by the Wind River range - no radar contact). Modern radar coverage has been based on the aircraft transponders. (I wrote "has been" because ADS-B is different - but it was not around on 9/11/01.) It's not the primary radar return, as in, a reflection of the plane, that the controllers use. Those "Mode C" transponders "squawk" out a 4 digit in base-8****** code that can be used for tracking - VFR aircraft not in radio contact or under ATC can squawk the code 1200 to show they are VFR and to help in collision avoidance. Mode C stands for the transmission of aircraft altitude (msl) to the hundred foot. Yes, the ATC radar can sometimes see those primary returns, but not so easily. It's not at all what they rely on for the system to work - radio position reports may be better than primary radar if the normal radar is down.

On that day in 2001, the story was all in the busy northeast airspace. I gather from the videos that skeptics of the story think it's ludicrous that Air Traffic Control could have let these planes get "out of control" like this. It's not. A lot is happening, and most of it is routine: frequency changes, altitude changes for traffic, vectors for traffic and short-cuts, etc. Plenty of aircraft every day accidentally get off the right frequency for a while. Once those 9/11 airplanes had their transponders turned off - I'm sure one of the first things the hijackers would have done - it's wasn't easy for the controllers to see them. The aircraft aren't being watched as if by hawks, and one can get well off a route before anyone notices.

It's not that the US Air Force was primed for an event like this. The concern has been the external air threats. There was the old DEW line (Distant Early Warning) looking for Soviet nuclear bombers. Even after the Cold War, defense of the country involves searching the airspace off the coasts - well, and the southern border mainly for those tree-top flying drug runners too.

I could easily see 15 minutes and maybe even a half hour go by before anyone was not just miffed by these aircraft but seriously concerned. Then there were the phone calls and the confusion ... I'm not familiar with military flying, so I don't know how long it could take them to really get a mission going to intercept an aircraft and find the thing if the only guidance is possible primary radar returns to begin with, at least.

In an area that I do know about, it's the general gists of the skeptics' concerns that don't sit right with me. Therefore, I have a hard time following them from that part on. Besides that, with too many passengers/families involved, I have a hard time believing any "no airplanes"******* theory. That does not mean I don't think there could not have still been a planned demolition with the airplanes as a cover story, purposefully LET to happen.

However, that comes to areas I DON'T know so much about, which is the combination of the engineering - combustion, impact of a structure half full of liquids, the complicated fluid flow, structures (with a little knowledge of the latter). If it were Osama bin Laden who planned this deal, there's no way HE could have known whether those planes could take down the buildings or not. I've heard all sort of explanations of simple physics showing it to be impossible. I don't feel confident enough to write here whether I agree. I lose confidence in others telling me how sure they are about what really happened when they botch the story about something I do know about.

There are the other avenues of inquiry, circumstantial, personal reports of strange happenings, and political happenings that may well show the motivations of the people who may have perpetrated the attack differently than per the official narrative. I admit I have not spent the time to make myself sure on any of that, and I am in no position to know about the high level politics.

Therefore, because it's such a divisive topic, whether Americans were attacked by foreign or domestic enemies, we will leave the 9/11 speculation alone.

I'll just state here that Peak Stupidity does not have the sure answer on the real 9/11 attack of 20 years ago today. The politics of the response to it, however, are something we will gladly comment on, as we have been doing for the response of the Kung Flu. Both have been taken advantage of to "never let a crisis go to waste", whatever the real cause, and whoever the real perpetrators.

* OK, and yes, it's also to make fun of Fight Club, a movie that we happen to think sucks (opinions may vary). See Movie Review - "Fight Club" still sucks.

** I put the quotes there to point out the stupidity of it - now, 20 years later, American universities and even high schools invite students from all very foreign parts of the world to come and study(?) mostly for the money, but also for the DIE-versity credit.

*** A little more detail: There's an exception from that 10,000 ft. msl for flying over terrain which is itself over 7,500 ft msl, i.e. if one is within 2,500 ft. of the ground. The 37 "Class B" airports are ones in which said non-communication or non-IDing aircraft must stay 30 nautical miles from the center of, and there are a larger number of "Class C" airports in which the distance is lower - not worth a whole explanation here.

**** That last is not very common anymore, but there are a few old-timers and even low-timers with those Cubs, Champs, etc.

***** The exceptions are for coming and going into uncontrolled fields (many towers also close for the night at some point), in good weather. Communication for the IFR clearance may be difficult on the ground and a timely cancellation of a clearance coming in can save another aircraft from being held up.

****** Hence the old term "4096-transponder". BTW, these transponders evolved from the military IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) equipment.

******* At least as far as New York City goes.

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Masonic Conspiracy Stupidity

Posted On: Friday - September 10th 2021 9:40AM MST
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Peak Stupidity does not concern itself or post much on the big Conspiracy Theories of various sorts. These range from those about the many psychopathic elites in the US Government of today, to the American Deep State of the 20th century, and then way back to the bigger, long-term theories* about the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons.

It's not like we categorically deny any of these theories. There may be something real behind lots of them. However, we'd like to concentrate on the stupidity of the here and now. The stupidity of, or often, induced in, the masses of the modern population is the real problem. Evil men and (Hilda) Beasts** behind the scenes can only do so much, without a lot of stupidity in the general population.

The picture above shows a Freemason logo, if you will, on the chest of Sean Connery from the movie The Man Who Would Be King. This post is not a movie review. However, let me just say that this is a very good one that I don't know how I'd not seen before. I thank Steve Sailer and his commenters for having turned me on to it It's great to watch, not only for the good story, with a lesson to be learned***, and the lack of PC back in 1975, but also for the self-esteem of the West, not seen much in recent years.

If won't really spoil the movie here to bring up that the Freemason symbol that movie-Rudyard Kipling**** gave David Dravot (Sean Connery) saved his life and plans once. So, the reach of these Masons is shown to be powerful. Is it like a global Fraternity?

Of all the secret societies of the elites and Globalists (often one and the same) I've read about here and there, the Masons or Freemasons, is the one bandied about the most, it seems. I am not sure what the big deal is.

I respect skilled manual labor. Masonry is an occupation with an art to it. It's not one of the building skills I've every gotten into even in the least, but I see that there's quite a bit to it, doing it right, that is. I'm sure there are important methods and tricks of the trade that take years to perfect, but why not hand those down in The Bible of Brick-Laying or a (modern-day, as one can tell by the name) Masonry for Dummies? We have building codes too now.

An apprenticeship type arrangement for teaching young men to do this type of work right would be a good thing. I just don't see the need to meet in dark rooms in Masonic Temples, wearing robes, and hazing newcomers like it's Mu Alpha Upsilon (Masons Are Us?) How did they get from brick, block, and tile laying to that stuff?

Plumbing has not been a part of the world quite as long as masonry, but it's been a couple of millennium. Plumbers don't have secret societies, do they? (There was that group that worked for Richard Nixon 50 years ago or so ...) Other than showing those ass cracks while working under kitchen sinks, switching out the hot and cold into the mixer, and occasionally running tub overflow valves to nowhere, they don't seem like an evil bunch. Perhaps their big conspiracy is the Hex of Pex. (I'm sorry, I don't trust that stuff yet. I'll wait a few years and stick with PVC in the meantime.) Plumbers do build temples with thrones even, but we simply call them the master baths.

Electricians have only had their trade for a century or so. Since they've gone to Romex, case grounds, and breaker boxes, I see no evil or big conspiracies out of the Frelectrians.

There's only one piece of evidence that's I've had to deal with that may cause me to thing that the Masons in particular are up to evil. That'd be the residential siding known as Masonite.

This stuff is crap. It's some sort of pressed or glued together paper. After a few years of normal weather, at least in moist climates, this stuff warps up and then falls apart. Are the Masons responsible for Masonite? If so, yeah, they might be evil.

OK, that was just in fun, OK, and a little bitterness for having had to replace that crap with Hardieplank (great stuff, so far!). Tomorrow we will get serious about the biggest possible conspiracy of them all, at least from recent times.

* For our skepticism, see Stupid vs. Evil and long-term conspiracy theories, and then Self-Rebuttal to our post on centuries-long conspiracy theories?.

** We are SO GLAD that this topic key has become almost obsolete!

*** To me the lesson is very simple, and I, or perhaps Steve Miller, could have told Sean Connery pretty early on what it is: Take the money and run!. Whooo-hooo-hooo, oh yeah ...

**** who also wrote the book the movie story was taken from.

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How to succeed in Marketing without really trying...

Posted On: Wednesday - September 8th 2021 6:47PM MST
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... or even knowing your ass from a hole in the ground, Peak Stupidity roadshow version.

This is no meme. This stupidity is REAL:

You just can't fire the AA hire or whatever dumbass it was who came up with the wording on this Hampton Inn sign. It's Peak Stupidity's rule about Zero Tolerance: In Big Business you can't get in trouble for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Using common sense, however ... that is very risky.

I really wanted to just put this picture up with no words, as the stupidity pretty much speaks for itself. I'll just say it, though, in case someone from the Hampton Inn chain may be reading: Guys, the whole business model of hotels, including yours, is that people have got to leave the freaking house!

Keep it classy hysterical, fellows.

PS: Will the first non-hysterical corporate employee to drive by pull out the plug?

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