Current flavors of stupidity in the UK

Posted On: Monday - August 8th 2022 4:31PM MST
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They say the colonies and the UK* are two countries separated by a common language. Well, they said that before both were turned into Towers of Babel, anyway, but there's still some of that left. While doing the real touristy thing** this time, on the double decker bus (and the Thames River cruise), I felt that if I heard the word lit-tra-lee one more time, I'd lit-tra-lee lose my tea and crumpets off the side onto the bonnet of that lorry down there.

We took our pictures of the Potomac Regime's Pride Flag flying various places, along with the Ukraine flag, but my worst bout with the stupidity of the place was actually nothing new at all. It was right on the way out too - the security business at Heathrow Airport. Yeah, this is 20-year old stuff here, and Peak Stupidity had our say on 9/11 five years back with 16 Years of Spreading Democracy - They still hate us for our freedoms(?). I should be over all this, like other good Americans. I'm not though.

(There was one Brit sitting there - just for eye candy?)

Maybe it was that about everyone working this assembly-line madness called airport security didn't look a bit British. It was also that I was not used to as much of this being treated like a transferring prison inmate as I experienced this time. I took stuff out of this pocket, put it here and there, wondering if I'm gonna know where it all is later, and I'd just had it. "Hey, this money better come out the other side!" I told the one lady, as I stuck about $300 in American cash somewhere to be examined. I called the whole thing a "big security theater (oops, theatre) shitshow" in front of everyone there. Come to think of it, it was probably best that there weren't so many actually British people around, as they may not have put up with it.

I took the snapshot above, but it didn't really capture the mood, my mood or that of the whole #SAD operation. (There was a big crowd that one can't see.) I did tell the one lady, regarding the money, that "it's not personal. I don't like the whole damn thing" before I walked through the scanners.

I'm amazed I wasn't detained and blogging right now from the hoosegow in the Tower of London like a poorly-dressed and less-literate Thomas Moore. BTW, it's NOT a tower. I kept wondering "where's the tower?" It's a big castle basically. Who knew? I had in my head since the Al Stewart song a picture of a tower with a few cells in it.

Look, you've got mostly Pakistanis, as nice, hardworking, and trustworthy as they (most of them) might be, running airport security at Heathrow, and you still act like this stuff is serious? I can't get myself to "suspend my disbelief", as they say in the movie reviews.

Well that's all old news that had me seriously distracted, but I'll note that throughout all that the Kung Flu stupidity was completely absent. Of course we would not have, or COULD not have, made the trip 1/2 a year back when the vax restrictions were in place. (My wife didn't feel as comfortable as I would have about making up a Vaccine Passport using MS-Paint. She wanted to us to use Photoshop ... I kid ...) We knew they'd backed down on that bit. More than that, I didn't see even old stupid 6' "distancing" signs, stickers on the floor, and only some of the security-theatre employees had face masks on. I saw no signs about vaccinations. (In London itself, it was maybe 5% masked up - we didn't take a proper survey.) Customs back home was about the usual bananas and oranges again.

I'm going backwards with this trip anecdote post, so now I'll go west about 400 clicks (that's "kee-lo-me-tras" for you Yanks) to this nice town in Wales called Holyhead. There's a ferry terminal there in which one can arrive from or depart to a number of places in Ireland. A series of nice trains can take one to London.

We walked all over the small town - very tempting of a bug-out place it is, but well, this was summer-time. The grass is always greener - well it freakin' is, bloke!

I don't know how it was 2 years ago, but at least by this point, the folks in Holyhead, Wales aren't taking the Kung Flu stupidity very seriously. This sign was outside a pub:

The other flavors of stupidity to be reported on from this trip to Ireland and the UK are the Wokeness and the Orwellian stupidity. Oh, and the subway , errr Underground or Tube costs out the ying-yang!

We'll get to that, along with plenty of other subjects, this week, but we've got to include the Neil Diamond song at this point. For those who listened to the music in Saturday's post, Neil Diamond also wrote a number of their hit songs. This one, Sweet Caroline is not my absolute favorite song by him - I would have sworn I put my favorite up on here early in the blog, when I'd just put music with no specific topic. It's not on here, so it'll be coming soon.

* Yeah, I know, the UK isn't a country. I am fortunate that John Derbyshire cleared this bit up not long before my family's trip over to the UK... errr, Great Britain,... WHATEVER! No, seriously, it's like this: With what's left of it, the UK includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, while Great Britain just includes the 1st 3 of those.

We visited Ireland and 1/2 of the UK or 2/3 of Great Britain - we did not get to Scotland.

** Interestingly, there were hardly ANY Chinese tourists in London - I think there were more, proportionally, in Dublin, Ireland. I was surprised at this, having seen so many in all the other European and the one S. American city we visited - see The Ugly Chinaman for our experience in Rome 3 years back.

Have the tourists been having trouble getting out of China on trips? Freedom is on the back-slide over there, and one can't always go out of the country whenever he wants now. This may be actually, or just ostensibly, related to the Kung Flu madness in a number of ways. Then there is the increased animosity in the relationships around the world due to the stupidity of both the Xi and the Potomac Regimes.

For the US/China travel at least, the 10 year tourist visas have been cancelled. You may have gone through the trouble and have 5 years left on one, but so sorry, no refund will be forthcoming.

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MonkeyPox as AIDS 2.0 + Monkee and non-Monkey Music

Posted On: Saturday - August 6th 2022 7:23PM MST
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I was talking to a friend just now about this new MonkeyPox "scare". Really, I haven't had to deal with it one bit, having not kept up with big-media stories*, and I gotta say the whole KungFlu PanicFest seems to have dropped off the radar, as far as the travel industry goes. (I promise to have real reports next week.)

Yeah, this is AIDS 2.0, though, for those stricken, it doesn't sound as life-threatening. (But no, I absolutely DON'T want to see any more pictures! I don't get paid Doctor wages - I shouldn't have to look at rashes on strangers, sorry.) What I mentioned to said friend is that the government and media seem to be running the exact same scam (for money, panic, or sympathy - or a combination thereof) as they did for AIDS 1.0 about 40 years ago. Is this because we have a new crowd in these Institutions that doesn't remember the original scam, or is it that they do remember, but they think the public doesn't remember it?

What is this scam? Oh yeah, the deal is that, even though this too is a disease spread almost solely by gay sex, they will scare people into thinking that anyone can get it just as easily. It'd be great to be up there on a morning talk show on TV, in a debate with one of the usual moronic press types telling me "Hey this is serious! ANYONE can get the MonkeyPox." "OK, I'm so sorry. You are right. ANYONE CAN get the MonkeyPox ... if he fucks a stranger in the ass, that is!"

"Oh, and I got moving pictures. This is what happens. You see what happens?":

And now, on a quite different note, we hear from Mr. Anon in The Unz Review comments that The Seekers singer Judy Durham has died. They were before my time, but Peak Stupidity did feature their song Georgy Girl almost 5 years back. That video is of a show in Melbourne, Australia** 55 years back. The audience was quite non-diversified, and you can see the same with a quite different Aussie band doing a bagpipe rock number in that same city here in that same city.

I just picked a song I liked - never heard it before - to mark this sad occasion - called Morningtown Ride. Judith Durham is singing about a train ride.

Speaking of train rides, since we used every mode of transportation on our recent trip other than bicycle - OK, and lawn chairs lifted by balloons - I had a Gerry Rafferty song in my head during part of the train ride into London. This song was likely featured on the site before, since I'm a big Gerry Rafferty fan***, but here's City to City anyway. It's from his best album, titled the same.

Oh yeah, this post had something to do with Monkeys, so why not another train song, by The Monkees. It was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and sung by the drummer Micky Dolenz.

OK, that was almost all fluff this week, here on Peak Stupidity. We'll be writing about immigration, the UK, and more Kung Flu stupidity next week, hopefully in more posts.

* I've just been reading Steve Sailer's take. He does seem completely hip to the Panic-fraud with this one, quite to my relief.

** The band was Australian.

*** I talked to a Scottish lady for a bit in Ireland, and at least she'd heard of the guy.

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Battle of the International Weather Girls

Posted On: Friday - August 5th 2022 7:12PM MST
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"In this corner, straight from the TV in the Hampton Inn lobby ..."

"It's some doughy English matron ... atron ... tron..."

Before we get into the more serious posts from the UK, Peak Stupidity will present this example of the current state of affairs on English TV. As is the case in general, we watched almost no TV on this trip (we didn't touch the TVs in any hotel rooms), but my son was looking for baseball on the TV in the lobby. I hated to tell him, but there wouldn't be baseball - maybe cricket. We didn't see any of that even.

The next morning, as we went by the big TV to get breakfast, I snapped a shot of this English weather lady. Yes, I had this post in mind already. It's the same feminist or now woke policies that are meant to take the fun out of life and have us understand that we are all the same. We should be happy to find out the high temperatures and cloud cover from this fairly dumpy broad on the TV.

Well, yeah, I don't know who she is*. She may have a PhD in meteorology for all I know and be a very nice person off the TV. Still, one can get forecasts on the phone or internet elsewhere, nobody really can predict much farther out than 4 days in most locales, so could they not give us a little eye candy? No, they most certainly will not! This is woke Oceania we're talking about, formerly Great Britain. You will watch this lady and like it! (Oh, and you'll pay a tax tax to even HAVE your TV!

It's been over 23 years since I was hooked up to TV. Going back to the mid-1990s, I remember a time when I'd watch the local news followed by Andy Griffith each weekday evening. One local channel had a local guy doing the weather who was kind of a celebrity for the kids, but the others had fairly pretty women on doing it. They smiled and had nice pretty dresses. They didn't wear bikinis though.

Now, there's youtube! No, I don't honestly care if it floods in La Serena and gets up to 45 Celsius in Valparaiso. That doesn't change the shape of this weather girl's shapely T's and A one bit.

"And in this corner, with 54,000 youtube hits and multiple live hits ..."

"It's Chile's Flavia, avia, shake that ass..."

I know that the Globohomo wokeness is infiltrating a lot of countries, but I can't see the Latin Americans really embracing it. Long live Flavia and her younger replacements! As for the old 1990s pretty weather girls. That was a happy medium ... OK, there was no youtube.

OK, you're gonna want at least one video, and if you search for "Flavia" on youtube you'll find other weather reports from Chile in 2013. Sure, you're just doing research for your Climate Crisis™ presentation for work, if your wife asks, yeah, that's the ticket ...

In this last round of Battle of the International Weather Girls, it's Flavia by a nipple!

(I think she'd be even hotter directing traffic in downtown PyongYang under a big blue umbrella. Don't you?)

* I don't know if this was ITV or BBC or what, for that matter.

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Pyongyang Traffic Girls From The Sky

Posted On: Thursday - August 4th 2022 5:48PM MST
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Commenter Adam Smith pasted the link to the video below under Monday's post Bizarro-world stupidity out of the Orient. That post was about North Korea. Peak Stupidity has found itself on some sort of North Korea kick this whole week so far. That will end with this one, as there are loads of posts that have accumulated in the queue* from the time on our trip.

I don't know why this video is so funny, at least the 1st time around, but, believe me, it is. I think it's that I can imagine leaders of N. Korea that may come up with crazy stunts being like Lawn Chair Larry Walters but with unlimited funds and budgets and much less of a history of common sense, DIY, practical know-how.


If anyone reading knows Korean, can you tell me if the audio matches the captions. If yes, is this Koreans having some fun or is it people in on the fun but still the butt of the joke at the same time? Who is the cutie in the uniform?

UPDATE: Commenter Hail, who knows a lot about Korea says the caption says in general:
Here are these new big sun-umbrellas installed to help the traffic guards from the glare of the sun. They can also be used for rain, and help work proceed at maximum efficiency. And while they are transportable, mostly they are praising how comfortable it is to use them for shade or protection from precipitation. It's a great innovation. "I am so happy about this great innovation."
Peak Stupidity will have posts coming on the shitshow called airport security (well, what would a reader expect?), the political correctness, now in it's more deadly form, wokeness, in the UK, and some residual Kung Flu stupidity, with a number of pictures. Every picture tells a story, don't it?. That is, as soon as the lead blogger recovers...

* In fact the very word "queue" is in here due to our trip to the UK. (I do know the word has been used for a long time in the computer world and the math that inhabits that world.)

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I stand with North Korea

Posted On: Wednesday - August 3rd 2022 3:01PM MST
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... as opposed to with Ron Unz:

Mind you, my post title and its continuation here apply specifically to a stand on the Kung Flu vaccine, but not anything else. In fact, as I've disclaimed a number of times, Ron Unz, creator/owner/operator of The Unz Review had done America a great service with this nearly-ultimate free speech platform ( ... if only more Americans would read parts of the site).

What irks me about his stance on the Kung Flu stupidity over the last 2 1/2 years is that he is no stupid man by any mean, so why can't he see the forest instead of just his one "America did it!" tree? Secondly, it's just a real shame we don't have a guy like him on the side of concerned patriotic Americans on the 2 (now) important issues of the Kung Flu Totalitarianism and the worries about the new gene therapy vaccination that has been pushed on us heavy-handedly. We last commented on the former of these concerns (just briefly) in the post Some people ya' just cain't reach....

Regarding the latter, the jab, well, Mr. Unz kindly provided a forum for the very people he thinks are the silly anti-vaxxers under a post of his that called them silly anti-vaxxers in so many words. Hey, he's a bit of a weirdo but a real stalwart for free speech. I guess then chiming in on that thread to argue with the people he gave a forum to is his prerogative. I do understand the temptation to do this very much. The post with a nearly 900 comment thread is Vaxxing Conspiracies and 700,000 Rumble views. (Hey, the man's proud of his Rumble views. What can I say?)

Let it be said first that Ron Unz does not agree that the taking of this vaccine should be mandatory. He's said before that if we die off quickly due to Covid then we get what we deserve. I have no problem with that attitude - pure Libertarianism.

The gist of the problem that I and plenty of commenters (I'm sure readers and nonreaders too, for that matter) do have with Mr. Unz's attitude, is that, well, just look at his title. Mr. Unz is a big believer in conspiracy theories. I'm down with that too. There have probably been lots of them, and he has probably barked up the right tree at many of them. His fixation with that one "tree" called "Rogue Americans spread the Covid purposely via some soldiers visiting Wuhan" or some such unsubstantiated nonsense" is another one of his. That's just fine too, but he then thinks that this new gene therapy being (attempted to be, in the case of the lucky ones) forced on the population could not be a conspiracy or event a bad thing at all.

Mr. Unz is shocked, shocked, that Americans have somehow been made to gather together as a group of weirdos against this vaccine. He doesn't understand the phenomena. What??! What's so damnably weird about people being scared of an untested vaccine and actually doing something to fight back against the tyranny?

As a quick aside, there have been people arguing against vaccinations of other kinds for years. I know enough to support or refute their arguments regarding an increase in autism or what-have-you. I would definitely agree that the use of vaccines in general has been too high. Anyway, these original actual anti-vaxxers* will of course be a part of this movement (a fairly small part, because they aren't nearly as large a group as we are).

I will now include this one of Ron Unz's comments in that thread here.** This is in response to a commenter with the handle Wild Man, who seems, like most of us, pretty reasonable about the whole thing:
Well, this thread has gotten enormously long, well over 100,000 words, and just as I expected about 95% of the comments are by agitated anti-vaxxers. I obviously haven’t bothered reading the whole thing, but you yourself seem especially prolific, with more than 20 comments, totaling nearly 7,000 words, with many of them trying to figure out the puzzling reasons for my extreme anti-vaxxing skepticism.

But perhaps you should turn the question around the other way. Nearly every prominent “mainstream” figure in Russia, America, China, Iran, Israel, and every other major country generally agrees with me about both the danger of the Covid virus and vaxxing. So either some mysterious conspiratorial force has seized control of the establishments of every mutually-hostile country in the world, or perhaps all of us are probably right, and a few random eccentrics on the Internet are wrong.

From my perspective, you and most of the other anti-vaxxers on this thread have just been taken in by a ridiculous hoax, and you’re simply unwilling to admit your serious error.
It's unbelievable that a guy with Ron Unz's cynicism about the mainstream of, well, ANYTHING, can't see how in the world a PanicFest built upon the excuse of just another virus and a big rush to "vaccinate" the world with something experimental, with lots of evidence of harm and death already... where was I? Oh, yeah, how could all that possibly be something evil or conspiratorial? Nah, we are just too damned agitated, that's all...

Wait, about those mainstream figures in those countries Ron Unz mentioned, what about North Korea - oh, not a major country. Sweden? Florida?

* Because, after all, I am not, and have never been, really against these Covid vaccines. I've always been against their being mandatory. Just as Ron Unz says, let them die off.

** There was no point in asking him whether I could, as I'm almost positive he's got me on [Ignore] on his site. I think that's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Bizarro-world stupidity out of the Orient

Posted On: Monday - August 1st 2022 3:33PM MST
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(This picture comes from this page on a site called Radio Free Asia. It seems to be on the panicky side.)

North Korea. What could one say about that place, for the last 70 years? It has been known as a place that had gone beyond Full Retard or Full Commie. In the whole world, perhaps Albania was the only other country that had turned up the stupidity dial up to 11. America has kept up with North Korea more, of course, due to the war there and then the nearly 70 years now of having 20-30 thousand soldiers, sailors, and airmen defending one group of Koreans from another group of Koreans*.

What we've got going on today, however, is a reversal of of the stupidity curve. Perhaps our great Economists
with their brilliant technical methods, could have predicted this. What's happened with North Korea is that the Kung Flu stupidity in most of the rest of the world has not only surpassed that in N. Korea, but this vector of stupidity is so large in magnitude that N. Korea may have an actual lower en-Total stupidity level! (Our technicians are still crunching the data.)

Here's the general story on this stupidity upheaval from my astute source out of the Middle Kingdom:

Beside having likely accidentally let this latest nasty flu-like bug out of lab a couple of years ago, China has been a big part of the Kung Flu story for other reasons. The Chinese authorites were supposed to have had the best Totalitarian "response" to the virus of anywhere around the world, or maybe 2nd to New Zealand. Then there has been a story that Peak Stupidity has covered the first part of this year, their new efforts at Covid-Zero - better tasting LOCKDOWNs, but less filling.

As for the vaccine, where this post actually starts, the Chinese have been making and taking some more vaccine-like vaccine rather than the gene-therapy "vaccine" that much of the rest of the world has been. I doubt it has been acting any more of a vaccine than what we've been seeing, but it's probably not hurting as many people. However, for whatever reason (my source says that China, as in Pooh-Bear Xi, is beholden to the Deep State, but I don't see how**), they have been slated to receive billions of doses of Pfizer vaccine - not sure if that''ll happen.

Throughout these 7 decades of Totalitarianism dialed up to 11, the Kims of N. Korea who have run the Hermit Kingdom could do pretty much whatever the hell they wanted to, to the poor bastards that had the misfortune to inhabit that land. The people have been either forced to worship these men or actually brainwashed to believe these guys were gods.*** Lots of the Kim's efforts have been to keep their (literally) people from knowing there was another, better way of life. One could understand how the Chinese would sympathize with these efforts during their own hard-core Commie period and support the nation****.

However, North Korea's antagonism toward anything Western back when it was mostly good may have have carried over to this time in which the Western World is as full of stupidity as the next. It's that or the latest Mr. Kim is simply using his common sense, but the North Koreans did not implement a Kung Flu PanicFest as most of the Western World did. Well, they already had Totalitarianism, so perhaps they weren't so awfully motivated on that. They could LOCKDOWN any place at any time they wanted - hell, the whole country was on LOCKDOWN since the 1950s. Additionally North Korea has already had serious border control, so it would "keep out the covid".

The Covid-Zero stupidity was mentioned earlier in regard to China. Who knows how much extra sickness or death, if any, their was there during the last 2 1/2 years, but at this point the newest strains of the Kung Flu are even less of a big deal. N. Korea has stupidly done some LOCKDOWNs this year, cause "CASES!", but one thing the latest Kim isn't doing is vaccinating his population.

Finally we get to the funny part here. That lack of mandatory vaccination program, that could be done with a snap of a Kim's finger, or maybe the implementation of a mandatory Nonvaccination program even, has the Chinese big-wigs really pissed off. You can't go around acting like the Kung Flu is no big deal, right on the doorstep, well, in the crawl space, of Xi's Middle Kingdom, in which it is most certainly A BIG DEAL. That could prove to be an embarrassment to ... somebody ... Nobody over there likes losing face.

North Korea has had a famine lately, something not altogether unexpected from a centrally-planned economy. Because the Chinese big shots are pissed off at the North Korean big shots for not doing the vaccine, the Chinese have decided to withhold food aid to that nation.

The Orient has proven at times to be just as much of a shit-show as the West had been lately. This is one of those times.

As for the Hermit Kingdom sorry-assed nation of North Korea, I gotta say that it's a pretty sad day when an American is out here saying:

Go North Korea!!

* That old post of ours is about immigration stupidity - these guys there for the last almost 3/4 century (NO, not the same guys!) could completely cover the US southern border from invasion with 1/2 the men to spare!

** In fact, I think it may be or will be the opposite before long...

*** I remember watching a video about an expert American eye doctor who spent 10 days doing 1,000 eyesight restoration surgeries in N. Korea, using his special visa to even enter the place. After all his generous efforts, the formerly blind people thanks Dear Leader Kim rather than this wonderful doctor.

**** The Chinese are said to have lost something like 1 million men during the Korean War.

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Re-doing that Mickey's Monkey, children

Posted On: Friday - July 29th 2022 3:45PM MST
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Two of my favorite pundits, Tucker Carlson, and then Steve Sailer, have joined Americans and even top government officials in coming up with new names for the Monkeypox. In NYC Health Czar Takes Decisive Action Against Monkeypox: He Demands WHO Change the Name "Monkeypox" to Some Incomprehensible String of Characters, Mr. Sailer excerpts that NY City Czar:
“Monkeypox” is a misnomer, as the virus does not originate in monkeys and was only classified as such due to an infection seen in research primates. And we know alternative terminology is possible and entities are starting to use terms such as “hMPXV” and “MPV.”
Hey is that "Most Prolific Visrus (of the season or of, at least, the league - yeah, THAT league, the one that swings both ways...) Mr. Sailer says:
We must raise awareness of the monkeypox menace by never again referring to it as monkeypox and instead only refer to it as hMPXV! says that a name such as H1N1
That is, of course, to avoid stigmatizing gay people, monkeys, and, even worse, gay monkeys, which is apparently much more important than the spread of the disease itself. Now, my memory fails me some times, but I SWEAR this sounds familiar. Oh, yeah, that's right - March of '20 - WHO Cares. Don't stigmatize me, Bro!* was about that old Kung Flu thing and its naming.

Many of the commenters in that thread came up with some good substitute names. The reader can scan through that thread at his leisure, but I'l just list my favorite: PridePox, from occasional commenter Fluesterwitz.

Tucker Carlson got in on the fun earlier with his Schlong Flu, but I see today that he conducted a survey of his favorites:
[ ] Schlong Covid
[ ] Hunter Hives
[ ] Midterm Variant
[ ] Adam Shiffilis

That last one would be my pick, were I a tweet-survey-filler-outer, due to its cleverness. My own contributions would go along the lines of AIDS 2.0, [got tired, will insert some manana...]

All this monkey business about this newest virus is being used to up the hysteria in this country to 11 again, but hopefully it's just a lame-ass attempt at it this time. Have people learned anything from the last PanicFest? ** I think a lot of "us" have.

In that Sailer thread, I especially enjoyed the new lyrics for the old song Mickey's Monkey that the very funny limericist/commenter The one they call Desanex included:
Lumdy lumdy lie aye.
Lumdy lumdy lie aye.

A cat named Mickey came from out of town, yeah.
Spreadin’ a new disease around.
Just in a matter of a few days, yeah.
His pox caught on with all the gays.

Come on and get Mickey’s Monkey, children.
Come on and get Mickey’s Monkey, children.

Monkey see, monkey do.
Come on, you can catch the Monkey, too.

Look at these, now look at those.
My lymph nodes pooch out mo’ than yose.
(I inserted this verbatim EXCEPT for punctuation and the "aye"'s in the intro.)

Peak Stupidity has been familiar with the great (and one of very, very few) black rock band from Charleston, S. Carolina named Mother's Finest and their version of the originally Smokey Robinson and the Miracles version. I'll link to a live version of that - here, but I gotta say, it's way, way too mellow if you've heard Mother's Finest do the song.

Peak Stupidity featured the very best song from the same album, Another Mother Further long ago. That was Piece of the Rock. Because the band wasn't listed in the old post, here's Mothers's Finest an instance of beneficial integration (White drummer and White guitarist - the other member of the band were black).

Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy – vocals and percussion.
Glenn "Doc" Murdock – vocals and percussion.
Jerry "Wyzard" Seay – bass.
Gary "Moses Mo" Moore – guitar.
Mike Keck – keyboards.
Sanford "Pepe" Daniels – Drums.

Ha! I guess Mike Keck was the only one not up for a nickname.

* That was a follow-up to the Peak Stupidity post WHO cares.

** That wasn't to say it is completely over. There are many lingering affects, and then the side-effect called the MJ syndrome - not Mary Richards, but Mandatory Jab (of an experimental gene therapy) syndrome.

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Ron Paul on Ugly Covid Lies out of Deborah Birx

Posted On: Wednesday - July 27th 2022 4:45PM MST
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I thought Ron Paul's 1/2-year-ago column Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’ Is a Joke was the best so far out of this Libertarian/Constitutionalist and real Conservative too. However, the former Congressman, and now literary/video pundit has outdone himself with his latest column, Ugly Covid Lies. I can chalk it up to laziness and the lack of time, as I noted in the previous post, or I can just note that Dr. Paul says it all here anyway.

Peak Stupidity has not been forthcoming on the Kung Flu Stupidity lately. The stupidity does go on though. Now it's with the vaccine madness, including, if not admissions, but at least realizations, by those EXPERTS pushing this experimental gene therapy that it's not a vaccine and it's hurt and killed many Americans.

Because I don't pay attention to the bullshit on the idiot plate, I had never heard of this Deborah Birx (former advisor to President Trump on the Kung Flu) ever before this last week. Ron Paul eviscerates this lady as either a big liar, an evil soul, or both.
She sold the White House on the out-of-thin-air “fifteen days to slow the spread” all the while knowing there was no evidence it would do any such thing. As she wrote in her new book, Silent Invasion, “I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them.”

She was playing for time with no evidence. As it turns out, she was also destroying the lives of millions of Americans. The hysteria she created led to countless businesses destroyed, countless suicides, major depressions, drug and alcohol addictions. It led to countless deaths due to delays in treatment for other diseases. It may turn out to be the most deadly mistake in medical history.

As she revealed in her book, she actually wanted to isolate every single person in the United States! Writing about how many people would be allowed to gather, she said: “If I pushed for zero (which was actually what I wanted and what was required), this would have been interpreted as a ‘lockdown’—the perception we were all working so hard to avoid.”

She wanted to prevent even two people from meeting. How is it possible that someone like this came to gain so much power over our lives? One virus and we suddenly become Communist China?
If that's not enough wrong, she now is revealing her treachery on the Kung Flu "vaccine".
Last week in a Fox News interview she again revealed the extent of her treachery. After months of relentlessly demanding that all Americans get the Covid shots, she revealed that the “vaccines” were not vaccines at all!

“I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection,” she told Fox. “And I think we overplayed the vaccines. And it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization.”

So when did she know this? Did she know it when she told ABC in late 2020 that “this is one of the most highly-effective vaccines we have in our infectious disease arsenal. And so that’s why I’m very enthusiastic about the vaccine”?

If she knew all along that the “vaccines” were not vaccines, why didn’t she tell us? Because, as she admits in her book, she believes it’s just fine to lie to people in order to get them to do what she wants.

She admits that she employed “subterfuge” against her boss – President Donald Trump – to implement Covid policies he opposed. So it should be no surprise that she lied to the American people about the efficacy of the Covid shots.
Long live Ron Paul!

PS: That was about 90% of his column. He wouldn't sue Peak Stupidity, though. We're all on the same team here.

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The never-ending quest for cheap labor

Posted On: Tuesday - July 26th 2022 7:35PM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity  Big-Biz Stupidity

This will be another low-energy blogging week, as we have some travels planned. There are plenty of posts ready to write, but I'll probably only get to the "check out this one" sort of posts, unless I get some down time at our destination.

Here, however, I describe another finding from personal experience. It's Peak Stupidity's numero uno topic, the Immigration Invasion, though the Kung Flu is giving this one a run for its money.

Dangerous but lucrative work? Nah, only the former.

Before I get to this story, let me say that I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a post about a related story from 5 years back that I may have not even written. I should have, if I didn't. I was with a friend with his kids and mine at an amusement park. Rather than amused, my friend was bemused to see me get pissed off about the personnel running the rides and concessions.

It wasn't that they were surly (and you know who I mean) or doing a bad job in any way. It was just that these young White people were imported to to this job from Europe! (I forget now which country - maybe eastern Europe even.) This was not in some resort-type area, just normal America. I assume the Big Biz outfit that owns the place just wanted more cheap labor. There was no reason in the world some young Americans could not have been hired, other than they'd need some kind of decent wage to live and save up some money. These Euro kids wouldn't have the same attitude, as they were getting a paid visit to another country.

Just recently I learned of yet another instance of the never-ending quest for cheap, or cheaper labor by the American Big Biz honchos. A guy who does some driving for a living (says he has 7 jobs!) told me that he sometimes gets a gig driving Filipino guys* down to the Mississippi Delta (Houma, Louisiana, to be exact) to the site from which they are taken by helicopter to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

These are non-American oil rig workers. I can assume with confidence that they've been imported to the US solely for this work. I didn't want to get into a political discussion with this driver, as I'm sure he'd have told me he just did the driving, and the rest was not his business. I can relate. If he quit on principle, well probably they'd try to hire a Filipino for HIS job!

It's not just the lettuce-picking, then meat packing, then roofing ... Not many good jobs are safe now from the efforts of the Globalist class, who care nothing about replacing decent Americans in jobs that allow affordable family formation** That part about not caring is only an assumption. For some of them, what I mention here is not a bug but a feature, of the quest for cheap labor.

Screw these people!

* I know, "Filipino" is guys, by definition.

** one of the best terms coined by Steve Sailer.

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I want my CRTeeee...

Posted On: Monday - July 25th 2022 8:59AM MST
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  Political Correctness  Artificial Stupidity  Race/Genetics  Big-Biz Stupidity

Back before the CRT was ON the screen, the CRT WAS the screen:

I want to follow up on the post from Saturday called I want YOU for the PS Army. That post included an anecdote by an Unz Review commenter about avoiding the modern PC/Woke Struggle Sessions, and in this post I'll put in some personal anecdotes. I don't claim to be the George Patton of the anti-Woke army by any means, as I also try to keep the career going to get along in this world.*

I remember an instance long ago of fighting the corporate BS, well before corporate training sessions were on-screen (for me, at least). This was way before wokeness and CRT and wasn't even about the milder Political Correctness in any form - there really wasn't any of that at all in my work area, which ought to give you a clue how long ago that was. Anyway, it was corporate bureaucratic BS, and I thought of this class (during the paid work day) as a waste of time. (There was also way too much bureaucracy, so this was kind of a last straw.) I remember throwing the nice booklet they gave us off a stairwell is all, and others in another session happened to see it later, and this attention got me a friendly warning from an otherwise sympathetic boss.

Then, about 1/2 as long ago as that, we had our yearly security training on the screen of a computer. I will say that it's not so much the waste of time that bothers me - only 1/2 hour or so a year - but the Feral Gov't imposed stupidity that it is, which I don't like. This particular question asked, to loosely paraphrase, whether I would rat out a known colleague who is in the wrong area or not wearing his ID tag. My answer was "No. I know this guy. He's no threat to us. WTF should I give him a hard time?" Apparently, the "correct" answer was "Yes, you must rat out your friend immediately!"

Keep in mind that these two possible answers are also both very loosely paraphrased here, because this was actually a YES/NO question. It was something like "You see your colleague blah, blah,... Should you call your superior immediately?" I clicked [NO] hoping at least this would register with the system. Nope, this deal was "corrected to 100%". That means EVERYONE GETS A 100. YEA! To do that, the system DIDN'T LET ME click [NO]. I could not move along until I clicked [YES]. I clicked [NO] anyway about 20 times, just in case it would get into the database and trigger someone to figure "hey, people don't like this sort of thing" or "man, this guy is STUPID!"

Back a ways, at the live sessions I did make the standard snide comments - it was at least fun back then** - and wrote a harsh evaluation of some of the most egregious stupidity. Nowadays, I've found a way to almost completely ignore the yearly on-line wokeness as described in the post Corporate liars, learning units, and violence in the workplace in excruciating detail.

OK, I know what I described has all been EXTREMELY MINOR stuff that is not exactly fighting the man. The attitude can be contagious though. Like that Flight Attendant who is said to have first spread AIDS around America, I've been patient zero of such contagion before, well, NO, not at all like that flight attendant though!

I have been blessed to have not been in the cubical-corporate setting for a long time. However, as per Mr. Alarmist's comment (also under the previous post) about giving them shit during "environmental sustainability" sessions, I think I would really enjoy that sort of thing. One can push it to whatever limits he figures apply to to himself. Yes, if you go past them, it's good to have a back-up plan or "Fuck You money". For more on this see FF.U. Money, F.U. Skills, and F.U. Attitude from, coincidentally, 2 years ago today.

My education was in a world before any of this. I would like to say I would have raised holy hell in any classroom in which CRT or anything like it was brought up. However, in my field, I doubt it would be even today.

Here's your CRT, bitches!

Finally, what am I doing about it now, besides writing on this blog? Lately, there has been a last straw of sorts for me with some wording that the Big Biz woke-playing big shots feel they must send out memos about. It was not just the HR lady, this time. Unfortunately, giving the complete story, including said banned wording, would reduce my anonymity quite a bit.

I realize that there have been 4 of them, the latest being that last straw. I won't comply:

1) A term in use for over half a century has "man" in it, so it was been changed. In this case, we were not told specifically not to say it, but it's been changed in all the writing. It's only one more syllable, but no, as with "Oriental"***, I'll continue using the old term, thank you very much.

2) This other term in use in the industry for perhaps longer than (1) is something I really thought they'd all miss. Nope, it's another "sexist" term, and they finally caught up with it. Because it is almost always said by us as an acronym (2 syllables vs. 6, but now 7), this doesn't change too much.

3) This one term can be construed as being a crude sexist term, but it's actually a real word that has nothing to do with sex. Were anyone to call me out on using it (about 1/2 the people still do), I would ask him why his mind is in the gutter. Hopefully, that would shut him up. If not, we could get a dictionary. Oops, "dick"tionary does sound sexist too, but then I'll pull MY mind out of the gutter now.

4) This was the last straw. I really, really wish i could give you readers the word! Not agonna do it... A perfectly decent geographical term, used for a good reason, has been nixed from our vocabulary, well, I mean, if you comply. I won't. Now, I go and make an effort to say it.

Hey, I didn't start this Culture War, and I am not the one sending memos around with political themes and "finally, don't talk politics at work" written at the bottom. I think I might relish a CRT session at this point, just to raise a lot of long-overdue hell. I don't think they'll try it. We'll see.

"Don't burn your bridges", they tell you, especially of you are a young man in your career. Yeah, well maybe, but you may want out of some career occasionally. That's not the case right now, but I look back and see at least one time that I should have burned my bridges. Then, I'm a bit of a fire bug to begin with...

Do what you can. It's gonna get a lot harder, as they make it a lot worse.

* I do understand commenter PeterIke's point under that previous post, but my point, not solely, but especially, was about those who don't have career jobs - those who may be thinking of joining the US armed forces. Many have plenty of courage, so why not some courage in this realm?

** The sexual harassment bit would come after the corporate ethics stuff, and the crowd 15 years back would have loads of jokes about both. I remember "No, you guys got the story wrong! That guy was NOT fired for pinching her on the ass. He just never said 'I love you'" or something like that. It was funnier in person, I can tell you. Because the instructor was one of us, he had no problem with this, and fun was had by all. I miss those days!

*** "Oriental" has been well covered here on Peak Stupidity. Your best bet is our post Oriental is the term and we're done talkin' about it.. Caution, nice bikini picture. [THANK YOU!!! - PS Marketing Dept.]

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I want YOU for the PS Army!

Posted On: Saturday - July 23rd 2022 10:09PM MST
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  Political Correctness  Big-Biz Stupidity

In a post titled Military Enlistment Way Down of a few days back, Steve Sailer wrote about the new woke military that serves the Potomac Regime, there was good discussion on why any patriotic White man would want to serve. "Serve whom?" is the question.*

Still, plenty of White men sign up. Some of these guys are not just in it due to a lack of other employment and the benefits. There are many who take pride in their putting their lives on the line for (purportedly) their country. Since they have the courage to join up on their own when there might come a time they are under fire, and courage when under fire even, I wonder why they don't show a different kind of courage in other areas back home. I'm writing of fighting the wokeness of the American Establishment instead.

There's a Culture War being waged. On our side, instead of risking being fired at, in the Big-Biz world one only risks being fired. That shouldn't take as much courage, should it?

Maybe young White men aren't taking the Culture War as seriously as they take fighting some poor Moslem bastards over in the Middle East "for Democracy". Are they too polite? In which war do you personally have more to lose, and in which war does America have more to lose? It seems a no-brainer deciding to fight the woke Institutions here rather than risking getting a leg blown off fighting for the Potomac Regime.

Yeah, you might get canned. You might not. As Peak Stupidity has often noted, "there is great power in numbers". Even if you don't have the numbers, why not fight? These are the battles we need you for.

If you're a big shot in the corporate world, sure, you may put up with SOME of the diversity training BS, a stupid memo from HR every other day, etc. (I put up with a very small amount, but luckily, I'm not really in the corporate world. I've also taken a stand on some of it.) However, if you're a young White man working at McDonalds, and they've got an anti-White diversity training session spot set up for you, how about you just say no? The way the service industry needs people now, I don't know what they'll do. Even if they fire you, you've shown courage and done more to help America than anything your could possibly do as a soldier in today's American military.

Even though it was not quite the same scenario he described, I liked this anecdotal comment by Unz Review commenter JR Ewing (handle taken from the old Dallas TV show) enough to post it in its entirety here:
I quit my last corporate job about 15 years ago. Have since been 100x more successful working for myself than I ever would have been working for someone else.

Nonetheless, before I quit, I dodged mandatory “diversity training” for an entire year. At least 6-8 times by my count. Kept signing up and then coming up with excuses not to go at the last minute. (And truthfully, the excuses were legit – my time was much more valuable and important than sitting in a classroom doing bullshit indoctrination stuff)

By the time I finally resigned to pursue other opportunities, the training situation had progressed to “possible discipline up to and including termination”. Despite all the money I made them and everything else I accomplished at that company, I still consider avoiding that “training” to be my greatest accomplishment during my time there.
This was a small thing, but it's great that Mr. Ewing recognized it as an accomplishment.

We've been losing about every battle in the Culture War. America needs some real warriors to fight for it, rather than for the Potomac Regime. Join up, and recruit more!

It's been a slow blog week here, with other stuff going on in life. Thank you for reading our meager postings this week and our apologies are due for the extreme brain fart in the Angelou quarter post. See you here on Monday.

* See Death from Above, Assasinations, and Declaration of War, Arrogance from the American Military, and Outside it's America, for starters.

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Hail-to-You on Germany's Wrongest Man

Posted On: Saturday - July 23rd 2022 10:45AM MST
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  Pundits  World Political Stupidity  Kung Flu Stupidity

One Herr Karl Lauterbach has this dubious honor

(The other guy is plain-old-vanilla American Ashish Jha, who, per Mr. Hail, is a Indian who was invited into Canada by traitorous Canucks and then immigrated to the US - I'm sure we'd have just let him in straightaway otherwise.)

Illustrious commenter E.H. Hail has a number of comments under our Young Commies in LUV post with info and links to his newest blog post Germany’s Wrongest Man (Lauterbach) visits Washington, warns of imminent Covid catastrophe

Peak Stupidity has been short on time recently, so I won't have any commentary here - I will make sure to visit the HailToYou comment section under this post, along with Mr. Dieter Kief and others. (Well, of course Mr. Kief, with his perspective on Germany, but he comments there on most other matters also.)

We have also been short on Kung Flu Stupidity posts for a long while. That's generally a good thing, but the gene therapy injection errr, vaccine story is still around. There will be a few posts on a specific part of that story here next week, but in the meantime, LOOK, SQUIRREL! WE SUPPORT THE U-CRANE!*

PS: My apologies to Mr. Hail for not responding in 2 places. I should have more time this evening. Also, thanks for the general link up top right of your site, Mr. Hail!

* Isn't that the German term for those underwater cranes they use to pull up disabled U-boats?

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The benefit of being farsighted

Posted On: Friday - July 22nd 2022 4:01PM MST
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  Political Correctness  US Feral Government  Race/Genetics

Of course Peak Stupidity is farsighted, what with our NACA curves and all pinpointing with amazing accuracy the coming peak of stupidity (after our recent revision, that is). Here, for this post, I mean literally farsighted, as in not being able to read the fine print without a lot of light or some spectacles or both. In fact, I'm doing some of that gay-looking swiping right now, in order to be able to read WTH I'm writing here.

I haven't read the dates on coins or even looked at them closely for years. My excuse is that they are more and more getting to be useless pieces of dead weight*. It's really also that I can't read these dates well. Now, it turns out that my boy is interested in collecting coins. We got fairly lucky, IMO, and found 48 of the 50 State quarters from a stash of coins I had. There are 6 territories too. Who knew? We found one only, but then who cares about Puerto Rico? Best let the place go, I told him.

At this point, he's gotten serious and is looking at different sets, knows the series of pennies, 1909-'58 for wheat stalk backs, etc. He may buy a few to fill in what's missing from an old set I gave him, but for the States of Montana and Texas, I told him, no, you don't go paying $3.25 for them. Much of the fun in this hobby is looking for them.

As we, well, he - as all I did was slide them over to get him to look closely - checked out some quarters recently, we found out that there is a Maya Angelou one. I had no freaking idea they were up to this woke stuff on the coins yet! No, actually I did, as commenters E.H. Hail and Adam Smith had pointed these out only a month back, but I must have repressed that painful thought. I did already know Tubmania** is coming, but now I had to explain how this Angelou broad is a just some nobody poet that has now gotten elevated by our woke Potomac Regime to the level of the American Founding Fathers. She didn't even run a freaking railroad!

The confusion came in when my son thought this Maya Angelou was on the face too. Well, my eyes aren't THAT bad, and I insisted that, no, that was just a different profile view of George Washington. You never know, as the black chicks do some odd things with their hair. I wouldn't think they would attempt to look like one of our Founding Fathers though. It turns out that I was right, and that's George Washington still on the face of these new quarters. I mean, it could have been Wilma Mankiller. This 🦅-Indian, born in 1945 and a member of the government-grant-writing tribe, is on some quarters too.

I'm not paying one zinc cent for any of these woke quarters. Who knows what all the mints are up to in addition to making these farcical coins. Being farsighted, I could have told you that none of this would stop with no Pocahontas. [Sacajawea, that'd be - Ed.] Whatever!

Being farsighted also means that I usually have no idea of who is on the tails side of any of the US coins. That's a big benefit, as I don't want to know these days!

* The pennies are, especially. I recently had a 2nd instance of the deal at the bank I wrote about in My 3 Cents during the height of the Kung Flu PanicFest. I would be glad if they'd keep all the change from any checks I cash, but return some kind of non-laughable rate of interest on our accounts.

** See also the prior posts Tubmania and a cashless economy and More on the Tubwoman Twenty.

[UPDATED 7/22 evening:]
Added that I HAD heard about the Angelou quarters, from 2 commenters on this very site a month ago. Sorry guys, my memory is good but just somewhat short..

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Young Commies in LUV

Posted On: Tuesday - July 19th 2022 7:48PM MST
In Topics: 
  Commies  History  Books

I came across the image above on page 113 of the book I've been intermittently reading called Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies, in a chapter titled Reds, Lies, and Audiotape*. This post will not be a review. I have not nearly finished this history book by M. Stanton Evans.. As a slight spoiler of the review, I will say that I've already given the book 2 thumbs ups. Because I've been spending so much time on-line, I only pick this book up on occasion.

The book's first section was an overview of the late 1950s Wisconsin GOP Senator Joe McCarthy's life and his work done in trying to root out Communists from high positions in the US Gov't. Soon after that, I got to this section on a number of traitorous American diplomat/State Dept./high level advisor types that were dealing with China during the midst of World War II. Besides fighting the Japanese, the civil war between Mr. Chiang's Nationalists and Mao' Communists down in Yenan was still simmering.

I had no idea until reading this book how much influence the civilian Commies working for the US Gov't had in swaying opinion of the President and top American military officials toward Mao Tse Tung's side during a couple of critical years. A few of them are shown in the picture above, along with a man who would subsequently run the Communist shitshow of Red China for 27 years with absolute power.

It's just weird to look at the guy in that picture. Without the palace and sycophants he looks like some poor skinny Chinese peon, like a half a billion others who inhabited the place at the time. The traitorous Americans in the picture (believe, me, Mr. Evans goes into detail on what they were up to) put their eggs in his basket for the future of that most important country in the course of world history.

If I'da been there and known what was going to happen, I'd have kicked his scrawny ass right then and there, and then reported back on those American Commies to General Stillwell , nah, FDR , well, anyone who'd have listened.

That picture goes to show that you never know when history is being made.

* This chapter follows one called Chungking, 1944. I like that name because I see it, and I just know the author, Stanton Evans, really knows what the heck was going on in detail, and also that he uses the old Chinese naming, made up by the English-speaking world to enable US to speak about China.

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Forever and ever stamps - Part 2

Posted On: Monday - July 18th 2022 8:20AM MST
In Topics: 
  Economics  US Feral Government  Inflation

(Continued from Part 1.)

Could Liberty Bell postage stamps be used as money? (Well, the US Postal Service prints other kinds too... but the key word here is "print".) Peak Stupidity brought these stamps up in the previous post to help in thinking of the concepts of money and inflation.

The reason the "Forever Stamps" were issued for in the first place was due to inflation of the US Dollar causing the Post Office to continually have to charge more for postage. When it came to first class letters, people accumulate stamps, more so in the past (which we'll get to in a bit here), and it was a hassle to lick* and paste on a number of them to add up to the new required 1st-Class postage level. I imagine this got to be as much of a hassle for the USPS as it was for senders of letters. Sales of all different "denominations" (I remember 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, etc, as if they were monetary denominations), eventually out of machines, and bad arithmetic caused headaches. These Forever Stamps were a great idea, IMO, and an easily understood small hedge for inflation, so long as you were an organized person and remembered where you put them, that is.

I went and looked up the properties of money, something I had read on 20 years ago. What makes something useful as money comes down to a few properties, though I see that these vary slightly according to the armchair economist writing about them. Here's a nice infographic that I think covers these properties reasonably well:
* Fungibility - One unit is viewed as interchangeable with another.
* Durability - An item must be able to withstand being used repeatably.
* Divisibility - It can be divided into smaller units.
* Portability - Individuals can carry it with them and transfer it to others.
* Acceptability - Everybody must be able to use it for transactions.
* Uniformity - All versions of the same denominations must have the same purchasing power.
* Limitation of Supply - The supply of it in circulation must be limited to ensure values remain relatively constant
The top of that infographic I linked to above also shows the 3 (are there any more?) functions that something must fulfill to be useful as money. Those are:

* A Unit of Account.
* A Medium of Exchange.
* A Store of Value

Of the properties listed above, different ones in combination determine the usefulness of the alleged money for the 3 functions. The collecting of, and use of, sheets of stamps rather than pieces of green paper seems to fulfill most of requirements for their being considered money. (Durability is somewhat questionable.) In other words, they COULD BE used as money, currency at least, but it comes down to that Acceptability.

Is the Acceptability property for stamps only based on the stamps being useful for one purpose, mailing letters? Over the last 25 years, since the internet, that use has gone down drastically. Many people hardly ever use stamps anymore, and rightly so.** Does that take the value completely away from these stamps? I don't know. So long as some people use them, those people would be glad to "buy" them from me for a slight discount, so at least keeping them was that inflation hedge. I put "buy" in quotes there, as it'd be just exchanging one form of currency for what could be another. Both of them don't have the very important property of "Limitation of Supply".

There are two parts to that, by my way of thinking:

1) A maybe not unlimited, but at least not limited, supply due to counterfeiting. We all know about that regarding US paper currency. As for the stamps, I ask the read to note that line through the word "Forever" on the image of the Liberty Bell stamp above. I had to read on that, but, yes, it's about counterfeiting. I will state right now, that I could undo that line in 10 minutes using MS-Paint, and much quicker after some practice with Adobe (or whoever owns it) Photoshop.

That gets to the point of "is is worth it?" The way inflation is, it may not be worth it to counterfeit US twenties anymore. (Going forward, I also foresee a problem with being a White man trying to reproduce a fat-ass black Tubwoman.) As for the stamps, in sheets of 20 worth only $12, it'd be way easier, with such simpler designs, printed on glossy label paper. However, I'm thinking of the old Liberty Bell ones, but there are much more colorful shark ones, astronomy ones, etc, now. Maybe they've been making them harder to copy, but then it may be just because nobody cares to make the effort.

2) A truly unlimited supply due to the actions of the US Government. Peak Stupidity has been all over this topic. With the help of their little buddies over at the Federal Reserve, they have expanded the supply of Dollars enough over the years to cause the inflation we see and have seen.

With these Forever Stamps, the idea is that you can ALWAYS mail a letter with one... forever. They are closer to gold in this sense (only), in that they have this inherent value of being able to get always one ounce*** of stuff sent to anywhere in the country within, well, there's rain, sleet, hail, supply-chain issues...

Wait, forever is a long time. Instead of "For Ever and Ever, Amen", it's really going to be much more like until the USPS says something to the effect of "Screw this! We can't honor millions of those Forever Stamps, when it now costs 18 dollars to move an ounce of mail, since, you know, the hyperinflation and all. OK then, you can get NEW Forever Stamps at $18, and you can even trade in 30 of the old ones for each." Does this remind you of anything? Franklin... anyone ... Delano ... anyone ... ?

This has been nothing but a thought experiment. If you'd had been a subscriber to the the Peak Stupidity newsletter since '07, you'd have bought sheets and sheets of these to put into ammo cans... to then cash out (but how? You'd know if you had subscribed) and gone long in the floor sticker sector in January of '20. But, NO!! You didn't want to pony up the 2 bucks per email, for just the price of half a cup of coffee or the postage for a letter sent back to a poor helpless email scammer in Nigeria...

* Yeah, that's been a while too, the licking of stamps! I didn't see a problem I thought the glue tasted pretty good, really ...

** I think I should explain why I even brought up stamps here, as maybe you are with the folks that hardly ever use one. It is a privacy issue for two things: 1) Very rarely, sending a letter is a good option, assuming the USPS scans and records nothing but the outside, may be a better idea than "shooting" an email. 2) Much more commonly for me, the sending of checks for bills is worth the advantage of not having credit cards or bank account #s on file with every Big Biz outfit I deal with.

Regarding the latter, I did get smart and realize that sending a check with a stamp costs me a buck each time (not to mention my time), so I would pay some bills ahead by 4 or even 6 months a while back. However, with the shenanigans of one internet company and the lack of leverage it gives one when Big Biz decides to screw me I have gone back to month-to-month payments - no, not entirely optimum.

*** An Avoirdupois ounce vs. a Troy ounce, such as Gold and Silver are measured in. An Avoirdupois oz is 28.35 gm, and a Troy oz is 31.10 gm. Therefore you need two Forever Stamps**** to mail a Silver dollar, but I don't recommend the practice!

**** or 24¢ in additional stamps stuck on there, unless you meter the letter, introducing possibly another step in the chain of postmen, one of whom might be crooked and nap your coin.

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