The Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang

Posted On: Saturday - February 17th 2024 3:15PM MST
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Peak Stupidity is on a Pretenders kick, but really we are just focused on Chrissie Hynde's band's album from 4 decades back, Learning to Crawl. Last Saturday we featured the 1st song on the album, Middle of the Road

The next track, Back on the Chain Gang, is not as good a song, IMO, as the first one, but it was a bigger hit. It reached #5 at its peak on the famous Billboard magazine top 100 chart, while Middle of the Road got up to #28. The flip side of this single record was My City was Gone, also a better song, IMO. Still, this was good music.

The lyrics have to do with Chrissie's relationship - what rock songs didn't? - in this case with The Kinks's Ray Davies, and to me part of the album concept of ending of relationships. (I'll get into this album's story later, because the internet let me down...)

The Pretenders (after 2 band members had just died from drugs):

Chrissie Hynde – lead and backing vocals, guitar
Martin Chambers – drums, backing vocals
Billy Bremner – lead guitar
Robbie McIntosh – rhythm guitar
Tony Butler – bass, backing vocals

I'm not sure I'll have the time to write two posts each weekday next blog-week, due to time limitations. However, the material is there. Stupidity waits for no man. Thank you all for reading and commenting. Speaking of the comments, that's also two more posts, one about Dieter's suggested video, and one about the Tucker Carson short clip from a Moscow subway station provided by J1234. Happy Sunday!

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Posted On: Friday - February 16th 2024 8:51PM MST
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This 3-initial thing is big now. Pretty soon anyone famous will need a 3-letter ID, "MTG" is Marjorie Taylor Greene, and "IOU" is Ilhan Omar, Undocumented. (That was the best we could come up with.)

Peak Stupidity has already featured one WOC (Woman Of Congress) - matchup, an MTG v AOC battle here (no not a mud-wresting match, unfortunately). MTG won that one handily. MTG (R- GA) has moved up to the next bracket, in which she battles here with Congresswoman (D- SM) IOU.

Yeah, we could discuss the differences, head-cover fashion, religion, rural vs urban district, accent, country of origin, country of representation, acts of treason, and all that. Instead we'll just show a video of each.

The video of IOU is a good follow-up to the story and Peak Stupidity post from 2 weeks back on this Congresswoman's strong loyalty to her State and people, apparently some newly acquired US territory in the horn of Africa.

The video of MTG is a good follow-up to yesterday's post on her. In it we described this Congresswoman's excellent trolling job in summarizing the actual threats to the American people rather than some new NeoCon bogeyman that requires money and weaponry to be sent overseas or more Patriot Act style Totalitarianism here. (Or both.)

First, we present the challenger for the title of Peak Stupidity favorite US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Un-documented ... ented ... ted, Allaluh Akbar!!:

Next, we present the champion for the title, Marjorie Taylor Greene, eeen!:

The winner: MTG by TKO. That's a Technical Knock-Out. Why "technical" only? That's due to MTG having only called for censure, rather than removal from Congress and prison time, followed by deportation, all appropriate punishment for treason ... or if she had actually just taken a swing and knocked her out.

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Small scale Accelerationism

Posted On: Friday - February 16th 2024 10:01AM MST
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The term "accelerationism", or "accelerationist" for a proponent of the former, describes an idea I read often of on the web, including right here in Peak Stupidity comments. The problems that Majorie Taylor Greene elucidated well and a lot more than that even, which Peak Stupidity tries in vain to cover, are so overwhelming that many of us Conservatives reckon there's no fixing this. We've got to let it all burn down and then re-build. The sooner, the better, accelerationists figure. I can see that, as if the frog is boiled slowly, we will be the new USSR, Orwell's Oceania, or any number of terrible Totalitarian hell holes. At that point, fixing it or burning it down will be... problematic, if I may.

There's another version of this that's not so all encompassing of doom. That is the idea that we work to force the enemy, the ctrl-left, Commies, Globalists, what-have-you, to suffer the ills they have been burdening us with. Maybe they can be persuaded, not so much that the regular Americans are suffering - that's a plus to them - but that they are going to really regret what they are doing, sooner rather than later... maybe like NOW. When it comes to the existential and recently amped-up problem of the immigration invasion, this is the point of Florida's (Ron DeSantis) and Texas' (Greg Abbott) shipping of illegal aliens to northern big cities*.

As the reader can see from the image at the top, this post is actually about the specific story of those Venezuelan illegal aliens beating up a couple of cops on the street in New York City. (The story's been around, and it's been a week or more, so I won't link to it.) Is it wrong for me to say that I was happy this incident happened? So be it, but let me explain.

One might call this attitude of mine schadenfreude. Usually, though, that term implies some envy or some happiness over payback - a little instant Karma coming down.** It's not that though, for this case. I don't know anything about those particular cops.

As a Constitutionalist site, Peak Stupidity has been known not to have the best attitude about "our Men in Blue". There are exceptional County Sheriffs and decent beat cops I've met who may care more than the average about such things as actual rights, even over their pension plans. Most don't, and it takes no imagination for me to envision which side the cops are on when it comes to protests and other political action by Conservative White men. Ask the guys who were simply marching to defend a statue of the honorable Robert E. Lee from desecration in Charlottesville, Virginia 6 1/2 years back.

When it comes down to it, on the whim of their political bosses, you will see that bulked-out fat ass cop yelling "Sir!" at you and giving you orders with no respect for your rights soon enough. Were it a protest about illegal aliens trashing the neighborhood, stealing, bankrupting the local hospital, whatever, the cops will be on the side of the Regime.

Wait, though, don't they have to put up with all these ills too? To some degree, yes. However, cops have a lot more pull with their buddies and they are usually less likely to be messed with. They've got health care plans. They do pretty well, so though they may be putting up with the trashing of their neighborhoods, they've got to just finish those 20 years, and then they'll get the hell out and down to a nice area in Florida to work part time and enjoy that pension from the old taxpayers.

This latest thing isn't normally part of the deal though. Getting your asses kicked on the street? Oh, and seeing the "perps" get let go a few hours later, flipping off reporters and the system, and leaving town? How exactly does that feel? Would these 2 cops still "just follow the Chief's orders" next time Americans get out in the streets to attempt to get grievances redressed? If so, I think we need more violent Venezuelans in New York City, and cops need to get their asses kicked gooder and harder. What's it gonna take?

* And there was the most excellent stunt by Gov. DeSantis one could call the (non)welcoming in Martha's Vineyard. That was all over in a day or so, and involved only ~50 "migrants", but, in shining the light on the non-welcoming rich hypocrites, it was no small gesture.

** Yeah, I know, that's 2 different songs. (John Lennon and Willie Nelson)

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Marjorie Taylor Greene summarizes the Feral Gov't national security threat

Posted On: Thursday - February 15th 2024 1:34PM MST
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I'm in LUV! With her mind, of course ...

Peak Stupidity has written much praise about this Congresswoman from northwest Georgia, all of it in the one post MTG v AOC.* (The regular reader will likely know where we stand regarding the latter contender.)

The recent Gateway Pundit** post titled Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz Offer Grim Assessment of National Security After Chairman Turner’s Suspicious Warning describes an excellent use by MTG of ctrl-left/NeoCon talk about "national security challenges" to summarize the ACTUAL "challenges"*** that face this country. One might call this a troll job, as MTG answers this new (Ukraine support-requiring) NeoCon concern with her agreement, but then describes the ACTUAL concerns. I'll excerpt it all. First, she's concerned along with everybody:
Are we facing a national security threat?

It’s my duty to be honest with you. Yes. It’s real.

I went to the briefing today in the SCIF
[Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility].
Let her summarize this national security threat, to avoid any misunderstanding:
Our President is a dementia patient in charge of our country and the nuclear football, who ripped our border wide open to over 10 million people and counting from over 160 countries around the world and 2 million of them we never caught, however an unknown number of those are in fact terrorists who want to kill you.

Not only that, the administration has empowered the criminal cartels and they not only control most of our southern border, but are also making tens of billions from human and drug trafficking and have expanded their international operations to have a strong foothold inside the United States.

Along with that, the government you trusted with your hard earned tax dollars has enslaved us all in over $34 TRILLION in debt. Communists China owns most of our debt and China makes most of our critical chain supplies, you know like medications that keep many of you alive.
Wheeewwww, sounds bad! Anything else?
Now the interest rate on that debt is climbing so fast that the annual interest alone is soon to be bigger than our entire defense budget.

Turns out the “smart people” running the federal government have made so many bad decisions with foreign policy, sanctions, and trade that our dollar is under dire threat and soon could no longer be the world’s currency.

This means that your 401K’s, retirement accounts, stock portfolios, and savings could soon be worthless and your government mandated social security account that most of you depend on in retirement could soon be wiped out.
These are just a few of the terrifying top national security threats we face.
Yep. The rest of the threats are regularly described here on the Peak Stupidity blog.

Miss (now?) Greene wraps up the troll job:
However, perhaps the greatest threat is the federal government has become so powerful over the people that it leaks “intelligence” to the press in order to pressure Congress to make certain votes, protect its own power to spy on its own citizens, maintain power and protect its own job security, and most terrifying of all has become weaponized to crush its political enemies.

All of this you I’m telling you didn’t come from the SCIF, you already know, and I’m depending on you to help me stop our greatest national security threat, the one from within.
Absolutely right!

Marjorie Taylor Greene, you magnificent broad, you read my blog!!

That's no slur there. As seen in Patton - we have a clip in this old post.

* Our follow-up to that post, MTG v AOC, Afterword: Women in politics discusses a subject that we'll broach again in a post to come soon.

** Yeah, I know. I've been getting 1/2 the posts off of there. A review is coming.

*** "Challenges" has been a Big Biz euphemism/buzz-word for "big freaking problems" for a few decades now.

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Chinese low-budget translation services

Posted On: Thursday - February 15th 2024 7:09AM MST
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I don't remember where the following sign was, exactly.

"Straddling"? Is that what they meant? Even that's neither the best translation of the Chinese text* nor a good match with the symbology. The Chinese says "No climbing". 10 letters, that'd be, same as "No striding". How hard would it be to get this right?

This was in the impressive cable car that brought us up to, and later down from, the Great Wall. (I think our general tickets covered it, and we did - some of our party - get our exercise on the wall.)

Well, yeah, that too. Don't get the small window ledge dirty and spread those Kung Flu germs by stepping on it. More importantly, no, indeed, don't go trampling people inside the cable car. How that would be accomplished, I have no idea.

Same place, but I think this was at the other end.

You shouldn't step here either, and heaven forbid you cause a stampede of tourists out the doors onto the hillside. Bad grammar aside, I wonder if this was actually about noise. The Chinese authorities want to make sure nobody cranks up The Doobie Brothers. That makes the best sense, when you ...

Alas, my source says the Chinese text translates to "no stepping here", as does the one above - look closely and you can see that those circles, squiggles, and arrows match - great problem for a kid's puzzle book.

We appreciate the humor, but I ask you, Mr. Xi, how much does it cost to hire a GOOD Chinese-to-English translator? What I'd recommend is the hiring of an expert who's been to America, maybe even one who's been a visiting scholar specializing in Engrish.

* Can you call the characters "text"?

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The strange death of CCP U-boat Commander Angela Chao

Posted On: Wednesday - February 14th 2024 5:34PM MST
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OK, I really would like to find out what type of Globalist, Deep State, Chinese Communist Party, whatever strange stuff was behind the "motor vehicular accident" that killed Senator Mitch McConnell's (Traitor-KY-jellied) sister-in-law. Let me rephrase that: "... that happened to Angela Chao on the day she was killed."

However, as I started reading about said accidental death in this Gateway Pundit article, I soon came across some strange detail: Kyle Bass, the CIO of Hayman Capital Management, reported, “Chao entered her Tesla and backed into a pond on the ranch and passed away. OK, I'm sorry, but that's funny cause it was really unexpected. That's not... really... a car accident, per se...

Without the ability to make comments myself, I just had to scroll down to see if any commenters had run with the ball here. Bingo:

The Crucible 100+ Upvotes 4 hours ago:
Asian drivers.....
Whatta ya gonna do.....

Now she'll be voting democrat for the next 100 years.
After you stop laughing, you really need to take this short on-line sensitivity course from the Michael Scott School of D.I.E. I mean, who here hasn't been "Koi Ponded"?:

Anyway, we don't know it was the CCP that done it, or the Deep State, the Jab, or just some some bad Asian Chao. It's possible that the poor lady was not up to anything untoward or threatened to the point of suicide. She is Chinese AND a woman, prone to following rules to the letter. When the GPS says turn right, dammit, you turn right, and when it says back up, you back up.

I wonder what happens when you short out a 100 kWhr battery pack. I think I'd rather be in an IC-powered car, maybe even one with manual windows.*

Oh, yeah, about the title - it's from Risky Business, one of my favorite movie lines ever, at the very end of this clip:

I don't know what's so enormously funny about seeing water pour out of cars that ended up in lakes, but there just is.

* Peak Stupidity speculated on this type of situation in Chappaquiddick, the movie, the man, and the manslaughter(?).

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Impeachment of foreign traitor Mayorkas and the use of appropriate terminology

Posted On: Wednesday - February 14th 2024 7:01AM MST
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  Commies  Immigration Stupidity  US Feral Government  ctrl-left

Traitorous scumbag Alejandro Mayorkas:

We'd have been better off getting another 100,000 criminals out of Cuba than this guy.

Well, he's been impeached on the 2nd vote, but, no, that doesn't mean much. Conviction in a trial by Senator-jurors requires 2/3 of them to vote yea, which will never happen, of course.

I suppose this is just a show, but VDare writers do like to see this, as it brings the immigration invasion issue that much further into the light. (I think it's in the light pretty well now, what with 10 million or so new aliens in the nation* since Bai Dien and Majorkas opened the floodgates.)

Let's get something straight though. Even from the best of sources, I keep reading terms like "foment", "derelict", and "botch". NO! As head of Motherland Security under which fall the agencies like ICE, BP, etc. Mayorkas did not foment trouble down there on the Rio Grande. Mayorkas was not derelict in his duty to control the border. Mayorkas did not botch the job.

This was all purposeful action to let in millions of unknown foreigners to destroy the American Nation. The more let in via various schemes the more encouragement there's been for others to make their way from all over the world. This has been a 3-year act of deliberate destruction.

I can think of other terms for punishment of traitors like Alejandro Majorkas other than "impeachment."

* Alien Nation is the name of the book VDare founder Peter Brimelow wrote 30 years ago. If this nation had heeded that book 3 decades ago, we'd be in lots better shape.

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The Forbidden City

Posted On: Tuesday - February 13th 2024 8:46PM MST
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  Humor  China

This wasn't THE Forbidden City, per se, as we didn't get the necessary tickets, and God forbid we should take a look at the Forbidden City without tickets. However, in this place in Old Peking lots of shit is forbidden, so it may as well be.

This reminds me of the part in Joseph Heller's Catch-22 in which the one Major is told that scheduling parades would not fly, but he would be welcome to at least cancel parades. All the no-no's here hint at what one could do here.

From top left, right-to-left then top-to-bottom:

- Is that a tree? I can't tell what it is. Maybe it means don't go making up your own Chinese characters here.
- No fires. What about firecrackers, though? You can't tell Chinese people no firecrackers. I don't care if it WERE the Forbidden City.
- No smoking. That may not fly either in China.
- You mean we could have gone fishing?
- I think that's littering. Good luck with that one.
- No crossing one's legs? What about girls in silk dresses running like watercolors in the rain?
- No picking random plant leaves, figuring anything green is a good enough vegetable.
- Shouldn't be a problem, if you obey the previous rule.
- Old-fashioned dual tandem rollerskating is prohibited. As specific as these rules are, I would take that as NOT forbidding quad inline skates, aka, rollerblades. Excellent! They are much faster and more fun.
- They've got a place to ice skate? What a shame then.
- Not being allowed to swim is not a big burden. Swimming is just not so popular in China.
- You can't go bringing ladders in here and start climbing them... O... K?
- Bugle calls are forbidden.
- No 1960s automobiles allowed - this ain't Cuba, you know, and most importantly...
- We are watching you to make sure no fun is had by all!

Note: We'll stop with the Dispatches from the Middle Kingdom title, though these handful of posts to come showing Chinese signage are from our Summer '23 trip. As opposed to this sign with the "icons", the rest will be the signs in poorly translated English that get pretty funny.

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Texas Megachurch shootout - Will a tranifesto be forthcoming?

Posted On: Tuesday - February 13th 2024 8:11AM MST
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  Genderbenders  Immigration Stupidity  Bible/Religion

Quick guess: I doubt this perp can write very well, in any language. The Gateway Pundit is where I came upon this story, Lakewood Church Shooter Identified as Transgender Immigrant from El Salvador. He, or she, has got it all, all the bonafides to be resentful of normal people's privilege.

I mean, we've got an alien AND a tranny here, maybe from Transexual Transylvania. Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab ... no, wait, it's just another violent import from the worst of Latin America, this time El Salvador.

You think this dude(?)'s confused? He's not the only one. I'm still really confused myself. What I read from Mr. Hoft* is that this Genesse Ivonne Moreno, named pretty sexily, if I may say so, USED TO be one Jeff Escalante. Here are all the facts, Jack, straight off of SCHMODS (State Country Municipal Offendor Database):

Wait, whaaaa?? The only thing SCHMODS got right for sure is hair and eye color.

Female? I'd need a different camera angle.
Non-Hispanic? Excuse me? Is the dbase familiar with El Salvador. Plus, look at him, errr, her?
White? Not really, but that may depend on one's Photoshop settings.
190 lb at 5'5"? Again, a different camera angle is necessary.

So, I guess this shooting was perpetrated by yet another angry White guy... as per SCHMODS. Let's leave the photos and dBase printout off the news narrative stories, shall we?

This is why I am confused as to the direction of this transition (from the same article - guess I should read elsewhere):

It sounds like it was girl-to-boy. She looked OK back in the day. I hope I can say that without having been gay, but that remains to be seen.

Oh, and, "The church was transitioning between services ..." I'll say! It was written like this multiple times. ".. and gearing up for a Spanish language service." Well Joel Osteen, Megachurch Pastor and big-time youtubevangelist, that was very welcoming of you. More butts in pews... and more brass in the aisles.

PS: You all may very well see this story on the iSteve (Sailer) blog. He's very interested in this sort of thing, and maybe he can clear up the direction in which this transexual transitioned.

PPS: The 2 LEOs (who are not the astrological sign I get along with so well, per the newspaper columns) that fired and killed this alien tranny both had under 5 years experience, per the article. Besides this effort, they also shot a churchgoer in the leg and also critically wounded (last I read) the 4-5 y/o kid brought along to the shooting by this nutcase. Man, most "civilian", that is non-cop American gun-owners would do better than this. Did they not think of what's in the background and just start firing away?

* This one was written by the site owner/operator Jim Hoft.

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Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer, Globalist Pro-Invasion Pastor

Posted On: Monday - February 12th 2024 2:50PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Globalists  Bible/Religion

The serious Peak Stupidity readers read the comments. There's good stuff in there, sometimes even from your Moderator. Back under our Christmas Day '23 post, I'd noted that I had listened to a certain Globalist Christian preacher, and there was a little bit of discussion on that.

Sure enough, now it's been a month and a half, so I don't have all the guy's exact words in my head. I need to stop doing this, but too much other stupidity keeps coming up!

Anyway, the man's name is Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer, currently living, teaching, preaching, and writing in Greater Chicago, or "Chicagoland", as they call it. I had the pleasure of walking out on his guy in a crowd of 1,200 people. That was the 2nd day of his talks - I am nothing if not patient.

Kevin Vanhoozer is a thinking man's pastor, I'd say. He's written a lot, included a book, Is There a Meaning in This Text?: The Bible, the Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge, the on-line version of which commenter Adam Smith kindly included in said comments a couple of days after Christmas.

I wrote that comment in disgust of this guy's politics, not his religious views. That was only after his 1st talk, the one I DIDN'T walk out from. That didn't mean I liked it though. Dr. Vanhoozer had 2 things to say that day that pissed me off.

Firstly, his attitude of the Nation of Christianity being more important than any ethnic/political nation is understandable, but the man came out against Nationalism period. (Again, I wish I remembered the wording.) I don't think that really jives so well with the Bible. I don't like the "give unto Caesar" bit in Romans any more than the next patriot, especially when Caesar is the US Feral Government. Still, what I got out of Kevin Vanhoozer in his 1 1/2 hour talk was that he is gung ho for filling seats in Church above anything else. That's an attitude that the folks at VDare have seen and detested for a long time. Yeah, we'll bring in Hispanics by the hundreds of millions to keep the pews and coffers full. They are all Christians right, even the violent Venezuelans and the MS-13 from Salvador.

Next, as to the point Mr. Hail replied to, Dr. Vanhoozer specifically said remarks as to Christianity not being a particularly European thing. That is balderdash. Would the Chinese people - many in attendance there - have even heard about Jesus Christ, had missionaries not poured into the place for a hundred years? After the fall of Rome, it was only the Western churches of the Holy Roman Empire and the Eastern version (OK, slightly into Asia, to be fair) who kept the religion going for a full millennium, between the fall of Rome and the Enlightenment*! Not only that, but were it not for the resistance of the Europeans, in some places for most of that time, Islam may have taken over half the World! Who is this guy?!

Yeah, well, as I was a glutton for punishment... and also, the wife convinced me, I went to the 2nd talk. This was too much, also with 2 main points that got to me.

This one started off interesting enough, as Dr. Vanhoozer discussed the decline of things like trust. Like a Steve Sailer or someone, the guy even had some stats from polls. Yeah, trust is down to x% among this Institution, y% among this other, and even this low z% among neighbors. Hmmmm, I wonder why that might be. Now, Steve Sailer, see, he'd notice why. This guy not only doesn't notice the real reason, such as, we don't have much in common because we are widely different ethnicities and races pushed together, but he is actively on the side of creating even lower levels of trust among neighbors.

Here's what he said soon afterward, to paraphrase a bit: "Instead of loving emotions, Americans show fear. Just recently when those 600 migrants came up here to the Chicago area**, instead of welcoming them, Americans have been fearful."

That's when I walked out. You can't fix this level of stupid. I guess because America hasn't been invaded since 1812***, people just don't understand what an invasion is about. Can you imagine a guy like Vanhoozer urging the French to try a different emotion when the Germans rolled in with their Blitzkrieg?

PS: At the same conference I listened to a particular Chinese pastor talking to an almost completely Chinese audience. (Therefore I had to use an earpiece to listen to a real-time translator.) This guy went on about the importance of Chinese Christians in America reaching out to people on the Chinese mainland, even with the severe restrictions, along with everywhere else Chinese people are.

From Fred the Gator in the comments here:
One of the younger people in this church talked about how she went to an Inter-Varsity missions conference. During this conference someone had the idea of getting Taiwanese and mainland Chinese in the same room to pray together. She, being Taiwanese, said this was one of the most difficult moments of her experience as a Christian! (She said this in some surprise and in a spirit of regret.)
So much for the end of Nationalism, and THEY ARE ALL CHINESE!

What I didn't like is that during this whole talk, this Chinese preacher never acknowledged that he and his Chinese audience were in America due to the tolerance of the actual American people. Even worse was that there was no mention, no thanks, for the American White people who developed a country in which Christians could thrive without repression from Government. There was ZERO gratitude exuded by this man.

PPS: I related the problem with taking a stand at events attended with associated women, like, say, wives, in the long-ago post "Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo...". In this current case, my wife didn't leave, but she completely understood why I did. I didn't make a scene though - just a little bit of mumbling about "this is bullshit" was all...

* Got a post coming about the need for a new Enlightenment someday, as we may be entering what some would call Dark Ages 1.0.

** Nice job, Govs. DeSantis and Abbott!

*** Some might count General Robert E. Lee's drive into Pennsylvania, but that was just an attempted maneuver to get around to the capital.

[UPDATED later 02/12:]
Added postscript about Chinese preacher and post-postscript about the wife's opinion.

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When the President sees dead people... isn't it time to XXV him?

Posted On: Monday - February 12th 2024 9:48AM MST
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  Movies  US Feral Government  Deep State  Dead/Ex- Presidents  Morning Constitutional  Zhou Bai Dien

Is it like this for Bai Dien, as the kid saw them in The Sixth Sense*?*

To be honest here, were President Bai Dien, or any President, for that matter, actually in charge with no Deep State running the show, I would not mind if the President saw dead people. Some underlings can administer the Executive Branch of the Federal Gov't, as per the job description in the US Constitution. Of course, I see Zhou Bie Dien as NOTHING like my favorite President "Silent" Cal(vin) Coolidge. We could use a guy, no, not at all like Herbert Hoover again... but a guy who could out-Coolidge Coolidge himself.

Also, it's not like that anymore in the Feral Gov't a century later. The Beast has tentacles throughout American society and power unforeseen by even the best of them, "them" being the Founders of this Republic. Nowadays, it's not just about that nuclear war "red button"**, but the President has so much power that the Deep State needs him to appear capable of that power at least.

Lately, we've all had our doubts about that. Even the ctrl-left does. In their case, I think they are not so much worried about Bai Dien's senility itself but his ability to appear a credulous candidate for '24. They may need to get him out of there by the summer.*** Amendment XXV of the US Constitution provides for this.

Note that this nice image of a scroll only includes the beginning of Section 4. Peak Stupidity, as one of our Morning Constitutional posts, gave some history and discussion of Amendment XXV in 2 parts: Part 1 - - Part 2. Within the 1965-ratified twenty-fifth Amendment Sections 1, 2, and 3 are very simple details in case of vacancy of the VP or Presidential office, such as if the President (Section 3) declares that he's unfit for office.

Well, it doesn't look as if Zhou Bai Dien would ever think of invoking Section 3, so there's Section 4. It continues from the scroll above like this:
and until he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President.
Normally, that'd be OK. However, as those on pretty much any portion of the political spectrum would tell you, Houston, we got a problem:

(OK, besides her own mother.) This just ... won't work ... for anybody. Even the ctrl-left is subject to embarrassment. Whaddya' do? It's getting late to pull a Spiro Agnew 1973 witch hunt to get a "better" VP in office, ready to move on up. That wouldn't look so good either, what with that (1/2) Black! Womyn!! glass floor breaker (happened one day in an incident with Willy Brown.) Back a half-century ago, they were able to get rid of Agnew, the typical White Man, and, BTW, one racially based son-of-a-gun.

As for the office of President, there are quite a few due-process details in that Section 4 (see my links). It basically goes like this: If the President, well, his lucid and Luciferian Deep State handlers, that'd be, don't agree with certain high "officers'" - incl. the VP's - opinions that he is incapacitated, you know, just because he meets dead high officials of foreign lands, the issue becomes one for the US Congress. Both Houses much vote by a 2/3 majority that, yes, seeing dead people IS an indication of incapacitation for this highest of offices. (IMHO, it is indeed very difficult to conduct foreign policy with dead leaders. It's a terrible deal.)

There are lots of more possibilities to discuss other than the 25thing of Bai Dien though. Newsome or Big Mike can be selected during a summer Blue-Squad convention. Still, Bai Dien would have to hold on, or be kept in a nice cool basement in Delaware not just through summer but through Jan of '25 even.

Now, Peak Stupidity could be considered mean for ragging on this poor old guy. Senility can happen to the best people, and it's not a nice thing to think about. You know what I'm thinking about when I write these things though?

Joe Biden has been a Public Servant, "serving" the American people for half a century + one year. We've been supporting this guy, as he has berated good Americans for doing what they could to save this nation. If he were just a doddering old Calvin or Ike or Jimmah or Ronnie, somehow still in there for too long, well, Amendment XXV might still be necessary (likely Section 3 though, not 4), but Peak Stupidity wouldn't be on his case as much. No, but here's what I see when I think of this guy:

The people are right: LET'S GO BRANDON!

* I thought that was a pretty good movie. It's been too long since I watched it to write a review, but I'll just say that ending surprised me and was a great marketing ploy, to be greatly cynical here, to get me to pay to see the movie again. "Wait, what?? I thought I knew what's been going on till now. Dang, now I've got to watch it again. These people are dead? Now you tell me!"

** No, not this one... hopefully:

*** If nothing else, you gotta get those extra mail-in ballots to the printers by the deadline.

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Music from the band Dishonorable Discharge

Posted On: Saturday - February 10th 2024 2:55PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  Humor

Dishonable Discharge, remember them? Hold that name in your head for a second. It sounds kind of punk. Wait, you'd never heard of them you say, the band later to be called The Pretenders?

Per Wiki, Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde's own "provocative band project, centered around her own songwriting, was initially called...."

Wait for it...

(Mike Hunt's) Dishonorable Discharge*

I know, it's pretty crude, lewd, and all the rest, but that name was BRILLIANT! (And that's not in the modern British sense in which it, like the American "awesome" for a while, just means "good".)

I have the Learning to Crawl album from this band on vinyl. (The video here is a vinyl "rip", so I hope we can hear some crackling and all for auld lang syne.) I will have to say that the internet has sorely disappointed me when it comes to a good review or discussion of this album. Years ago, I'd read reviews that made perfect sense about the concept, and I see this as a concept album. I'll write about that in another post, seeing as I want to feature at least 70% of the album on Peak Stupidity. It's THAT good.

It's also very negligent of us to not have featured Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders more than once before on the site. That was a post with Stop your Sobbing - a Kinks tune - as a long distance dedication to some Berzerkely Professor sobbing about not getting enough Reparations.

Middle of the Road is the first song on Learning to Crawl. We'll keep going with this one...

The Pretenders as the band stood for this album. (2 of the members had just died. Yes, drugs.):

Chrissie Hynde – lead vocals, rhythm guitars, harmonica, backing vocals.
Robbie McIntosh – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals.
Malcolm Foster – bass guitar, backing vocals.
Martin Chambers – drums, backing vocals, percussion.

On other songs there were a few different musicians. I'll note them.

Man, the blog posts are building up out the yin-yang. I believe this is because I am perusing different sites and trying to keep up with news in closer to real time. I don't know if this is the best way to go. More next week - stupidity in 32 flavors.

* If this takes a while to sink in, I don't blame you, but you do need to watch more old Simpson's episodes, and anyone who grew up with a land-line phone before caller-ID must have done a little of this at some point...

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Joe Bai Dien sees dead Presidents...

Posted On: Saturday - February 10th 2024 11:49AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Humor  Dead/Ex- Presidents  Zhou Bai Dien

... and plagiarizes their campaign quotes:

Legal Disclaimer: Joe Bai Dien did not utter this, nor would he remember if he had. Also, Peak Stupidity did not plagiarize this meme. Memes are easy!

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Peak Stupidity's review of Tucker's interview with Vlad

Posted On: Friday - February 9th 2024 6:57PM MST
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  The Russians  Pundits  The Neocons  World Political Stupidity

Yes, I watched the whole thing. Tucker Carlson "warned" us in this 4-min preview, in Mr. Tucker's inteview, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave some long answers to his questions, with the longest being a treatise on Russian history going back to the Rus in the 9th century. That link goes to*, but I am glad to have found the whole interview on Rumble, so I could embed it here.**

Much of Mr. Putin's soliloquy on the history of Russia and the Ukraine is over with by 48 minutes in, where I stopped last night. The timeline here, straight off of Mr. Carlson's site, kind of smears over a lot of the first 1 1/2 hour, and sorry that I don't have the times as links. My review follows the video below, since I watched the rest today.

00:00:00 - - Introduction
00:02:00 - - Putin gives a history of Russia & Ukraine
00:25:04 - - NATO Expansion
00:30:40 - - NATO & Bill Clinton
00:41:10 - - Ukraine
00:48:30 - - What triggered this conflict?
01:02:37 - - A peaceful solution?
01:11:33 - - Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?
01:24:13 - - Re-establishing communication with the US
01:36:33 - - How powerful is Zelensky?
01:48:36 - - Elon Musk & AI
01:51:07 - - Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich

Firstly, to me it's a shame that the bulk of the interview was a discussion of the Russia/Ukraine war. No doubt, I'd feel different were I Russian or Ukrainian. However, Peak Stupidity's position is that America has NO BUSINESS being involved (as President Putin would agree), so the whole thing should not be a concern, as in, what else do we want to learn about or from the President of Russia?

Mr. Carson was very respectful, so even if he hadn't wanted to keep talking about this, and the possible world-wide escalation of it, he wouldn't have wanted to interrupt, it seemed, to get to any other subjects. That brings up the fact that Tucker Carlson acted like an ACTUAL JOURNALIST here. At the many points I would have been so tempted to answer "Hey, not me, man! That's the Potomac Regime, not the average American you're talking about.", Mr. Carlson stayed mum. I doubt he talked even 1% of the time in this interview. He gave none of his own opinions, and just asked the short questions. You NEVER see that from the ctrl-left talking heads on TV, and even lots of those on the right. "Journalists" want to argue, not interview, these days.

Going along with these thoughts, I was also surprised that Mr. Carlson asked the type of questions that could easily have come from a Neocon "journalist", except, again, without the opinionating. Though asked very respectfully, when it came to the war, the questions were on the hostile side. I was surprised by that. I wonder whether Mr. Carlson is more worried about this war than I thought or that he wants to appear unbiased to show up those in America who have given him grief for, GASP!, interviewing a foreign leader whom the Regime doesn't get along with. (One of the big newspapermen interviewed Adolph Hitler in the mid-1930's. You do want information, don't you? Or is that not the idea?)

As for the war, I agree with President Putin that the expansion of NATO since the end of the Cold War has been a provocation. You don't box animals into corners, especially not bears! NATO should have been disbanded in 1990. It's been obsolete (President Trump agreed, meaning exactly squat), but mission creep started. The events of '14 are not what I've followed, but President Putin described it all, and the reader can argue - I can't.

With all that talk about the causes of the war by President Putin, I did detect a bit of trolling with his talk about the "Nazification". Yeah, there are Ukrainians that are Nazis of sorts. That is not at all the reason the Russians invaded the place. I think Putin said this in order to trap the NeoCons. They wouldn't like to be thought of as supporting Nazis. Was this a way of shutting them up a bit? I think so.

That trolling and a couple of other statements made me not trust Vladimir Putin so awfully much. Those 2:

1) President Putin's contention that the Soviet leaders supported the indigenity*** of the other ethnic groups in the USSR. When you go Communist, everyone's a Commie. That's all the ethnicity you need to think about. For more, not for sure supporting my doubt of President Putin, see this paper.

2) "Diversity is our strength!" - Putin didn't say this in these exact words, but that's what he meant in a couple of sentences about the various other religions in modern Russia. Hmmm, what about those Chechens?

I guess every one of these leaders, as with the Chinese gov't and their pretense at greenness, want to appear a little bit woke in the national spotlight. Yet, we actual Americans like to see the opposite, President Putin's derision of the Regime flag, the genderbending, and all of it. I was hoping for more that in this interview. I think Tucker would not have been able to help breaking into a smile, if Putin had gone there. Why didn't he ask questions about Putin's views on this side of America? I, for one, would have enjoyed a lot more of that.

President Putin talked world economics for a spell. His view that the Potomac Regime has screwed the US Dollar over (IMO, it was going to go down anyway, maybe more slowly) with the sanctions, hence the American economy, is one I also agree with. His talk about the BRICS and Russian great relations with China (yeah, no mention of the 1950 and '60s) also had a big dose of BS though. I got the feeling he's not a big Economics guy, one I would want to take advice from in this realm.

I am disappointed that, as important as it is to Vladimir Putin, the interview was heavily focused on the Ukraine war. There was a re-hash near the end, and I dozed off 3 or 4 times, just trying to get to that 2:07. The stupidity of the Climate Calamity™ and other Western or particularly American flavors of stupidity are subjects I wish Tucker had asked him about.

Finally, just a few small details, not in order. If you don't have the 2 hours, if nothing else, go to the 01:11:33 mark to see the humorous exchange between these two regarding the destruction of (most of) the Nord Stream pipelines.

Just before that, at about 01:10:50, President Putin had a very nice rant. "Don't you have anything better to do?" bringing up the US border invasion and other major problems. (Because of English's lack of a difference in plurality for that 2nd-person pronoun "you" - the translator didn't know "y'all", I would just have to tell him that it wasn't ME!) His point was we have better things to do than spend in the 100 Billions of dollars supporting the Ukraine.

Interestingly, Putin knew some detail about Tucker having applied, I gather, to work at the CIA at some point. (For a friend of mine, it was just so he could carry a gun more easily.) That's some KGB-like behavior, showing he had someone dig up something on Tucker. You can take the man out of the Intelligence Community, because it's gone when the country falls, but you can't take the ... whatever...

The last detail I'll bring up was just weird and unexpected for me. Note the last timestamp (not actually the last subject) about Evan Gershkovich. This guy is apparently a prisoner in Russia. Tucker started off by telling President Putin that we all know of this guy, or something to that effect. Whaaaa?? I've never heard of the guy. I hate to see an honest journalist, if Mr. Gershkovich is one, get imprisoned, but, what was bringing this up all about? I really think that Mr. Carlson was put on some sort of mission to help out the guy. He pushed the subject hard and basically pleaded for the Russian government to see this WSJ guy as innocent. I don't know. We have over a thousand Political Prisoners in the Washington, FS dungeons. That's what I care about much more. Tucker does too, so ... whatever - that part was just weird.

To summarize quickly, this was not a waste of 2 hours, but my excitement about watching this important interview had been unwarranted.

* I watched on his site, if nothing else, so support Mr. Carlson via a view. My wife went and donated $72 for a year of Tucker video access. I told her he doesn't need the money, but that I may do the same in order to show support as a "subscriber" or what-have-you. However, I also see that to watch a video by Mr. Carlson with some after-thoughts, one needs to pay up. That's more incentive... or my wife and I will watch it together, and I'll be the cheap-ass.

** You can watch it on Tucker's site here. Commenter Hail has left us the link to "Tucker Carlson: After the Vladimir Putin interview", here. I haven't watched it yet.

*** Spell-check doesn't like it, but that's the term the translator used, and I can't think of a better one.

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Senile Joe relives the 1970s

Posted On: Friday - February 9th 2024 9:32AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Economics  Inflation  Zhou Bai Dien

Zhou Bai Dien speaks in South Carolina...

... trashes opponent Strom Thurmond.... (I kid, but ...)

This guy's pretty far gone, but that's another post. I noted some of old Joe's stupidity, maybe lies, maybe both, as described by Gateway Pundit Cullen Linebarger: Shameless Joe Biden Blasts Grocery Stores for “Ripping People Off and Vows to Pressure Them on Pricing During Speech in South Carolina - ....

This is a Peak Stupidity "I told you so" moment. That is, we told you so, 2 months back, that the 1970s erroneous excuses/explanations for inflation would be brought back across the half century, in our post That old Wage-Price Spiral phenomenon. Yep, President Biden remembers the 1970s, better than he remembers last Tuesday. He was already in the US Senate right BEFORE inflation got big, starting January of 1973.

I think those memories of the BS spouted in the 1970s is coming back to the President, fresh in his mind, like it were yesterday.:
But for all we’ve done to bring prices down, there are still too many corporations in America ripping people off: price gouging, junk fees, greedflation, shrinkflation.

Well, it’s going to stop. Americans, we’re tired of being played for suckers. And that’s why we’re going to keep these guys — keep on them and get the prices down.
Yes, keep on those guys, Joe! Keep fighting for us - bring Big Mac meals back down to $3.89!

Now, Peak Stupidity does rag on shrinkflation - we call it "inflation by deflation"*. However, we just don't like the sleazy way the Big Biz marketing people avoid directly raising the package prices. The underlying problem is not mean greedy people in these companies, but it's the creation of currency out of thin air by the FED. No, Joe, it's not going to stop. Prices in general will not go down - they can only go up, which is in accordance basic laws of Economics.

Yes, though. We ARE being played for suckers. He got that right.

* You'll see a number of posts with our thoughts on this using the Inflation topic key.

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