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Posted On: Thursday - December 1st 2022 10:18AM MST
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It's time to mix things up a little bit here. I mean, why is it always China, China, China?! OK fine, this one comes from a few weeks back, when I was traveling.

I took an "illegal cab" to LaGuardia Airport based on the advice of somewhat I'd met. I put that in quotes because, Libertarianism. The guy was taking me from point A to point B for money, which is pretty much the definition of a taxi ride. Whether someone needed to pay a million dollars and/or a bribe to the City of New York for some cab medallion* doesn't have much bearing on the matter for an individual like me.

The guy was Brazilian per the Brazilian guy who recommended him, and his charge was less than half of the official fare. (It was also higher than what the 1st Brazilian had told me it would cost, but, yeah... that's probably a Brazilian thing ...)

After I determined the guy knew enough English to understand the deal, he told me "Yes, I take you. It will be about 15 minutes before I pick you up." He told me where to be and I had plenty of time no matter what.

About 15-20 minutes later, I called to check on this guy. Instead of answering the phone, seemingly easier if you ask me, he texted back "5 minutes." Sounds like a plan. The weather was beautiful - I stood outside waiting.

"??" came another text from this number. Thinking the guy had fat-fingered something, I stood outside in the beautiful weather waiting.

Now, he calls. "Hey, what's going on?" he asks. "Nothing. Are you here?" "I text you, but you didn't write back." "The question marks?" "Yeah." "OK, I'm not 14 years old, man. I'm an American. I told you I'd be outside, and I'm outside. What you do is show up when you said you would. That's how it works, or used to." "Well, I didn't know if ..." "I'm here. Where are you?"

He drove right up, still on the phone. Rant only partly over, I just said nicely that it used to be that one said something and the other guy trusted him, with no constant texting necessary. Though the guy in my file photo above is not of the same nationality, he's probably in the same age range. This guy was in his 40's. He ought to know the old ways, shouldn't he?

OTOH, This guy may deal with Millennials all the time who can't deal with not being in continual communication. He may in the future want to try to distinguish those people and those of us who grew up without the constant communication ability available. "Mom, I was supposed to meet Gary here at the front of the store at 6. He'll probably call you. Tell him I'll be right inside the store, but if he doesn't come by 7, I'm heading to his house."

Or, we could go all MENA (Middle East/North Africa) and just not worry about the exact timing of our lives. We wait for the whole afternoon shooting the shit and eating the khat. If he doesn't show, we don't care. Nothing gets done in places like this though. However, how do the Millennials get anything done when they spend half their time staring at 5" screens?

* For the amount I've read, something like a million bucks, those medallions had better be made out of platinum! At least a couple of pounds of .999 gold would be nice. I don't know if there are many of those sweatsuit gold-chain-wearing imported Middle Easterners(?) there that Steve Sailer sees in LA, but that'd suit them well. "I got my track suit and my 2 lb. gold medallion, and I'm wearing sunglasses. Hit it!" No, the gas pedal, not the hot dog stand!

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Goodbye to Christy McVie

Posted On: Wednesday - November 30th 2022 7:11PM MST
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Christine McVie, of one of the best rock bands in history, Fleetwood Mac, died today. Her maiden name was Perfect, until she married the band's bass player John McVie.

It's just opinion, but my blog, my opinion, Christy McVie was a better singer than the other, more well-known, woman* lead singer in the band, Stevie Nicks. They had much different voices, Stevie Nick's being sort of gravely, like that of a smoker, and Christie McVie's silky smooth.

It's not the case that Peak Stupidity features only hit music - we often lean the other way, toward the great songs that did not get played much on the radio, as they were not "released as singles". (That's in quotes, because anyone under 40 may have no idea what the heck those words - except "the" mean. I don't have time to explain it to ya', sorry.) However, it happens that Christy McVie's songs were some of the overplayed hits. Even so, they're STILL great to listen to. At least these 3 are:

Over My Head is from the album Fleetwood Mac the band's 10th album and 2nd self-titled one(!)

You Make Loving Fun is from the most famous and best-selling Rumours album.

This 3rd one is a song Peak Stupidity featured long ago already, in this post about Christy and the great bass guitar line** in the song by her husband, husband at the time still, I think. It's my favorite of hers. Even though it was played like hell on the radio, it's still great to hear. She may have had great singing on other songs, but none of those others had as great a melody as these 3 do. Thank you for the great music, all of you.

Say You Love Me was also on that self-titled album.

I went to a Fleetwood Mac show for Boomers about 12 years ago. Christine McVie was not playing there. I appreciated the free tickets I was given, but sorry, without her, that wasn't Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac was:

Lindsey Buckingham – electric,and acoustic guitars, banjo, vocals
Stevie Nicks – vocals
Christine McVie – keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
John McVie – bass guitar
Mick Fleetwood – drums, percussion

* Guitar player Lindsay Buckingham sang lots of the songs too. Check out Blue Letter and Second Hand News, both excellent but very obscure songs, as they were not singles. Hmmm... I wonder who made these choices.

** He had great bass lines in many of the songs though - can't hardly tell on an iPad though.

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Winter break will continue until morale improves

Posted On: Wednesday - November 30th 2022 3:15PM MST
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Please accept our apologies for being AWOL for the most of yesterday. Your Chief Blogger was visiting with a good friend. If they even care to, our readers can get more on the fairly big news, IMO, of the protests against Chinese Totalitarianism anywhere. I've meant to write more on this - this post will be on just one aspect.

I've heard this news from a different Chinese source, a local lady who is from Peking, the heart of the Middle Kingdom and the CCP, or at least the latter. This lady, per ANOTHER Chinese source, is CCP-adjacent, aka, she'd probably be a fully-brainwashed Party member were she not enjoying a better life in this country. From her, from the web, and per Commenter Ganderson here, the Universities in China are giving the students an extra long break to cool off , errr, begin their Chinese New Years festivities earlier. Mr. Ganderson relates:
My son works at a university in Canton- they are currently on remote, and are getting nearly a month off for New Years (Chinese New Year). No word from him on protests, but I’m guessing he won’t talk about political matters on WeChat, aka “Commie Facebook”.
Thank you for using the old, English, much more mellifluous term, Mr. Ganderson. When will they start the break at your son's college? I don't use the lunar calendar myself, but I know that even on the years of the earliest Spring Festival/Chinese New Year, if they left now, it'd be closer to a month and a half.

From this article in a publication called The Week - one I know nothing about - it doesn't seem biased toward China's Totalitarians, but it sure is biased toward Kung Flu Panic - yes, STILL, amazingly!:
Police showed up in force at places protesters gathered over the weekend, and they checked smartphones at transportation gateways in Shanghai for foreign apps like Twitter and Telegram and for virtual private networks (VPNs). Several protesters were arrested. Other people who participated in protests over the weekend are now being contacted by police, BBC News reports. "We are all desperately deleting our chat history," one Beijing protester told Reuters.

Chinese universities also started sending students home after the weekend's protests, including at several prestigious universities, The Associated Press reports. The universities said the students were being dispersed to protect them from COVID-19, and classes and final exams would be conducted online. "But dispersing them to far-flung hometowns also reduces the likelihood of more activism" like the protests that flared up over the weekend, AP notes. 

On Monday, students at Beijing's Peking University and alumni from Tsinghua University, Xi's alma mater, posted letters demanding an end to China's invasive health surveillance system, mandatory testing, and censorship. China's zero COVID policy's "negative impact" has "become more obvious," the Peking University letter said. "It has even gone beyond the damage the pandemic itself does to the society." 

At the same time, some local governments started loosening COVID restrictions Monday and the central government stepped up its vaccination of vulnerable seniors. Authorities tried loosening restrictions earlier in the month, but the resulting spike in infections led them to clamp down again, helping fuel the protests. 

Xi's push to maintain zero COVID cases has kept China's death toll lower than in other large countries, but international public health officials see diminishing returns as the virus mutates and becomes more contagious. And three years of the sudden lockdowns and other restrictions have clearly worn on the patience of China's citizenry. 

"Obviously, there are people in China that have concerns about" the zero COVID polices, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Monday when asked about the protests. "These protesters are speaking for themselves," he added. "What we are doing is making it clear that we support the right of peaceful protest."
(Ha, that last part is just included here to remind me to include this in a post to come about the hypocrisy of the West, as most support those people against Totalitarianism THERE, but not HERE.)

The local CCP-adjacent source was of the opinion that (to paraphrase) "yeah, this way the students can calm down. It's better they all mellow out and keep order." In our comments section, Mr. Hail has been trying to get across his view of the Oriental mindset. For me it's particularly the Chinese one. Do they lean toward wanting order over freedom? I am no scholar of Chinese history. Over the 35 centuries of that nation, there have been major upheavals (one example we discussed) that make America's 1960s seem like a cafeteria food fight in comparison. I do agree with Mr. Hail in general, though. They'll put up with the lack of serious rule-of-law as a trade off for more order. After 8 months of Covid~Zero Totalitarian stupidity, however, the Chinese people can see a problem being a part of that "order".

I wanted to quickly discuss the fact that the university students are a big part of, these protests against Covid~Zero. I see a big contrast there with respect to the American university students of the present. I assume that the Chinese university students are there because they ARE the brightest of their ages, and their parents scrimped and saved, tiger-mommed the living out of them, had them cramming for months for the entrance test, and yeah, maybe used up some guanxi or bribed someone instead (or additionally?). I don't know how high the pro-CCP indoctrination gets in the universities there vs grade/high school.

Here in America, the indoctrination level at the university level is as high as it gets anywhere. Wokeness trumps all. We have some experience from the '20-'21 PanicFest years, and it tells me that most of the students here are the last to be protesting against Totalitarian measures. (There are still vaccine-promoting banners all over the place at the U near us. The masking signs - "Choose to wear a face mask" have only been gone for 1/2 a year max.)

Going back 5-6 decades, I'd say the situation was the reverse, for the most part. Even though the hell-raising 1960's protesters leaned heavily "Liberal" in America, they made use of all the freedom that had been EARNED by the REAL Liberals since the founding. They extolled all this freedom, and railed against Totalitarianism, though now we can see that it was just a ploy to get power. The Conservative Establishment of the day didn't send these students home to calm them down, because the Establishment played fair... and then, some of the students took over buildings and made their own rules.

During that same time period in China - starting a little later and lasting a little longer - from 1966 to '76 - the university students, if you could even call them that after a while, were some of the biggest pro-Mao destructive Commie Red Guard types. (Granted, it's not like they had so much of a choice.) From what I've read and heard from Chinese people, learning pretty much came to a halt. The students didn't need to be sent home, as they were doing Chairman Mao's bidding.

It looks like American university students have gotten dumber since that half-century ago, while Chinese university students have gotten smarter. However, Xi and his gang have the power to keep them away from the campus and separated from their like-minded anti-CCP friends and brave fellow protestors.

PS: There was also the Tiananmen Square protesting a little over 1/2 way back in time from now to that Red Guard period. That was 33 years ago - Peak Stupidity discussed this event on its 30 year anniversary. See Freedom in China? On the Tiananmen Massacre 30 years ago., Freedom in China, Tiananmen Square, and Freedom in America,and Tiananmen Square and the American Press.

The personal knowledge I have is from a brother of my main China source's neighbor. This guy was a promising Electrical Engineering student. He did not go to Peking in that Spring/Summer of 1989, but he did participate in his own, far-off university's demonstrations. It's not like the CCP dragged him away and locked him in a hole. However, he was expelled from college and was not let to attend any other. He became a TV repair man.

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4 years later, Communist Kickball LIVES!

Posted On: Monday - November 28th 2022 8:51PM MST
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Peak Stupidity would like thank commenter and Hail to You blogger E.H. Hail for the suggestion of the Simpsons video shown here*. That was in the comments under his recent post [World Cup 2022] Wales National Team: 91% White, majority with firm Wales ties — thoughts on the World Cup and Welsh nationalism. Now, Mr. Hail, and probably many Peak Stupidity readers too, are infinitely more excited than this blogger about the game.

We explained the reasons for our dissatisfaction with the game they pronounce "futeboll" (in the on-and-off-again Commie Latin American countries) 4 years back - previous World Cup time - in On Communist Kickball. For what it's worth, Ann Coulter agrees, but I happen to agree with her on only 1 or 2 of her points against the game.

Basically, my biggest beef is that the Globalists seem to have wanted to push this game on Americans for homogeneity. (That's NOT some kind of gay slur there.) Actually, I think it's a better game than American football, but don't push this stuff on me, Globalists.

This Simpsons clip is pretty funny:

* Also, a day or so after I saw it on Mr. Hail's site, the BlogFather himself, Glenn Reynolds, aka, the Instapundit, showed this video on his site.

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The Chinese people fight Covid~Zero and the Totalitarianism of Xi

Posted On: Monday - November 28th 2022 11:00AM MST
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Peak Stupidity has meant to put up a post on the latest Covid~Zero stupidity in China, one more particular incident, back just after we heard about it, on Thursday or so.* However - this happening has turned into a lot more than an incident.

Chairman Xi JinPing visiting PanicFest Ground Zero (Hubei, Wuhan):

"Thank you for saving us from Covid Non~Zero! We love you, Pooh Bear!"

If I do state so here myself, Peak Stupidity has covered the '22 Chinese re-start of the Kung Flu PanicFest, which started in March or so under the catchy but still asinine moniker Covid~Zero, pretty well. Before the post on the "domino theory" of health score apps and continual covid testing, we've had posts on this ongoing stupidity in China. (There are too many to list here, so just look under the Kung Flu Stupidity topic key.)

It's one thing to be ruled by the CCP as led by Totalitarian Xi Jinping, 4 decades after the dropping of economic Communism. The Middle Kingdom is an order of magnitude more prosperous as it's ever been before, and more powerful in the World in all kinds of ways than every before. The Chinese people can put up with a little, no, actually, a LOT of Totalitarianism, when "their" government provides not only the Iron Rice Bowl that Chairman Mao reneged on, but a Golden Rice Bowl**.

Over the last decade, besides increasing Totalitarianism from Xi JinPing's CCP, the Chinese people have experienced the greatly increasing Orwellianism*** that could only have been done with modern electronics, something that the Chinese are very very good at. Well, how convenient!

Chairman JinPing could have had it very good. I'd thought of him as a smarter version of Chairman Mao. He's rich, of course - that should go without saying. He's got at least as much power, especially with the help of the electronic Surveillance State but without the sheer stupidity of a guy like Mao who thought the melting down of farm implements for steel production would be a Great Leap Forward... or so I'd thought. Alas, or better, NMPBGTS****, it turns out modern CCP Chairmen can be just as damnably stupid as ancient CCP Chairmen.

Our posts about the simply retarded Chinese Covid~Zero - same great case fatality rate, less filling - have been noting just that: Trying to eliminate the now-benign Kung Flu virus mutants doesn't make any sense. This is as if the world tried a Common-Cold-Zero program. I've read speculation right here in the comments on what the reasons for screwing with the Chinese economy and lives of the people might be. I'm sorry (Sam J.), but I don't believe the CCP heads are preparing the people for a worse, seriously (this time) deadly viral attack.

It's easy to imagine shrewd evil human beings doing terrible things to whole nations when oftentimes they are just stupid evil people doing it. I'm sure Xi JinPing thinks he's doing right by the Chinese people by getting COMPLETELY rid of the many forms of a now-benign airborne virus. That's just as Chairman Mao thought he was doing right by the Chinese people by implementing his new plans for farming and making steel. NO! Both of these men were/are just high-powered, high functioning retards, that's all.

The indignities and the interruptions to daily life that the Chinese people have been subject to, in a willy-nilly fashion, for the last 8 months are something that no population should stand for. They have, though. Apartment complexes get subject to LOCKDOWN ("oh, only a week or two this time"*****), people get en masse subject to continual daily testing, health scores can change based on one's standing next to someone or not, and one can get taken away to a quarantine camp based on said testing or scoring.

Some of this information has been obtained by Peak Stupidity directly from persons in China. One story that was not from this source, but was almost the spark that set things off, was the death of a couple of dozen people due the wreck of a bus on the way to a quarantine camp - see Thrown under the bus on the road to Covid~Zero.

Well, the latest horrible result, probably just the latest KNOWN horrible result, of the Covid-Zero program happened in the northwest of China, in Urumiqi. It's the capital of Xinjiang - Uigher territory - but I think it was Han Chinese people of whom 10 or so perished in a fire due to their inability to escape a burning apartment building due to its being locked shut ... for their own safety, of course. Well, guess what, Xi, this one WAS the spark. Since Saturday, Chinese people have been protesting and doing more than protesting, in cities across that country.

One lone Chinaman with a stick fights a horde of Big Whites:

These are brave people, even the ones who've come out peacefully with blank or other white signs. There are lots of young people, who, even being patient, non-violent, high-IQ Chinapeople, have had enough. For some, the time has come to BECOME violent. Peak Stupidity has documented some of the Totalitarian and ridiculously stupid at the same time Covid~Zero measures for 8 months now with incredulity. That's because this stuff HAS BEEN incredible. At some point, the people involved get tired of the incredibility. I think I would have snapped long ago. It takes longer to snap when you don't have guns though and are up against the mass of Big Whites and Yellow-Vested Goons.

Serious business: They can drag you off, and you'll never be seen again.

I am very happy to see this. I will have to write another post on this tomorrow, but let me just say that I am greatly encouraged by the brave Chinese people. I am hopeful for the Chinese people. With that, I'll write here that, unless these protests get big enough to rival some from Chinese history a lot bigger than Tiananmen 33 years back, the Chinese people don't stand a great chance.

They have let - perhaps I should write, not individual Chinamen, but the mass of the Chinese people, have let - the Orwellianism get so powerful over the last few years that the control that the CCP can exert is almost omnipotent.

Better wear your mask to one of these protests. It's pretty weird how this mask policy has worked out.

(Mr. Strittmatter's book*** notes Chinese officials claims that the facial recognition software can work with masked-up people too. I don't know if I believe that - I'd be on the safe side too and go ahead and wear one. Plus, you won't get sick, when they drag you away!)

By tomorrow morning in America we'll see how much further this Chinese unrest will get. Peak Stupidity will also have a post then or later comparing the Chinese protest against "their" government with whatever efforts haven't been going on against the Potomac Regime in "our" country.

* BTW, the very last part of Saturday's post was left off somehow - the "coming features" and a greeting for a happy Sunday, right after a dash - too late now, but that text was in my back-up file, so I re-inserted it for "closure".

** Gold and red would be the colors, as those seem to be THE colors of China.

*** See the 4-part Peak Stupidity review of German author Kai Strittmatter's recent book We Have Been Harmonized: Life in China's Surveillance State: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4. If you thought Revelation was bad enough, this will really scare the Bejesus out of you.

**** Not My Problem, But Get This Shit! - not as well known an exclamation, but this fits better.

***** Note that somewhere on this blog - I'll find it when I can - we've written that this is the future since these precedents have been set.

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Posted On: Saturday - November 26th 2022 7:52PM MST
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Here's another post that has cropped up from ideas in a previous Peak Stupidity post on the Kung Flu PanicFest. As we discussed articles on the regrets, recriminations, forgiveness, and forgetting of this huge 2-year-long ball of stupidity (see Kung Flu PanicFest - Forgive and Forget? and More Kung Flu PanicFest Recriminations), one thought that came to mind is this: Why is it that some small US Feral Gov't advisory agency somehow had the ear of, and could direct the actions of, the biggest Totalitarians this country has ever seen?

WHO the hell... ? (Wait, not that WHO, as it's the World Health Organization, so Americans can rightly tell them to go screw themselves. Who the hell is the Centers for Disease Control to be directing governments to lock people in their homes, shut down businesses, force people to wear "protective attire", and force them to take experimental gene therapy treatments?!

"In this corner, the CDC, eeee, eee..."

The CDC started as the Communicable Disease Center, founded in 1946, for Malaria control, Malaria still being a problem in the South at that time. The CDC (same initials, but different name at the time*) was part of the US Public Health Service, and had and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It had a $1 million budget back then. There were 369 employees, and their biggest job was to spray DDT around to kill mosquitoes. That worked!

The CDC was meant to be a science-based RESEARCH and ADVISORY organization. You run labs** to investigate disease spreading organisms and non-organisms (viruses are closer to the latter). You gather statistics. You make pretty, colorful bar charts and pie graphs to inform the public, so members of said public can make decisions for the safety of themselves and their families. You inform local agencies on where are the most important spots to spray for malaria-spreading mosquitoes. You inform the Feral Gov't as to which countries immigrants and tourists should be banned from due to disease risks.

Slight digression here: Until I gave up and went to the wiki, I found that it is damnably difficult to find the ACTUAL TOTAL budgets for these US Feral Gov't agencies. I mean, you'll get lots of numbers on how this portion of their budget is higher by x much than last year. There's lots of these difference values given (almost all with a big + in front). Lots of web pages tell me about the discretionary portion but not the entire buget. They really don't seem to like for someone to be able to find that one number that says how much the taxpayers are spending. I looked at a 500 page CDC budget report, as a last resort, and gave up on that thing. Sometimes I'm pretty thankful for Wikipedia. I don't think the ctrl-left liars have doctored up those numbers yet.

What I do see is only the '18 budget total for the CDC, while wiki has the '22 budget total for the NOAA. Wiki says $11.1 Billion for '18, but a pie chart (Figure 2) on this Congressional Research Service page adds up to $16.4 billion for '22. The CDC had 10,900 employees 7 years ago. That's a lot of pie charts!

"And, in this corner, the NOAA, aaay, aaay ..."

I'll state right off the bat here, that I like these guys. The NOAA and the NTSB are a couple of agencies, and I could probably come up with a dozen more, that I actually appreciate being part of the US Government. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization was established as part of the cabinet-level Department of Commerce in 1970, but its history goes way back to some of the oldest agencies in the Federal Gov't. Per wiki:

United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, formed in 1807.
Weather Bureau of the United States, formed in 1870.
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, formed in 1871 (research fleet-only).
Coast and Geodetic Survey Corps, formed in 1917.
Now, these are some agencies that had REAL men doing the REAL science of the day! A hard-core Libertarian could make a case for private versions of these, but I do understand the need for groups of scientists, technicians, and surveyors that could gather nationwide information of use for all the various States. (OK, that'd be many, in the case of fisheries.) In fact, a sort of State crowd-funding or even private crowd-funding of the gathering of this type of information would be, if anything, MORE feasible today with the internet. "Yeah, that's my buoy out there at 25 degrees, 35 minutes north, 65 degrees, 10 minutes west in the Sargasso Sea! See my cloud cover data? For the price of a cup of vente latte cappuccino every hour, you too ..."

For '22, the NOAA had a budget of about $7 Billion, less than 1/2 that of the CDC, with 11,000 employees. That's almost the same number of employees that the CDC had 7 years ago.

The NOAA guys come out with their various weather and climate "products" (uggh, yeah, Peak Stupidity has written about every service being a "product" now) for boaters and aviators, and lots of other stuff that I'm sure is just as useful. Except for those unfortunate folks in the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, the Carolinas, and occasionally spots northward, we all enjoy watching the progress of the winds and water involved on those Hurricane Center maps of many kinds. Even if you can't enjoy them, those maps are pretty darned useful.

For aviators, there are prognostic charts, maps of surface conditions, winds aloft, icing forecasts, any kinda thing anyone could possibly want, updated daily, every 12 hours, every 6 hours, whatever...

All that I have seen come from the NOAA is what one should expect, RESEARCH and ADVICE. As of yet, I don't hear of governments ruling the population based on what the NOAA tells them. That could change ... this NOAA page - yeah, I was trying to look up their budget ... - has the title: NOAA FY 2022 budget advances America’s response to the climate crisis. Ahh, geeze! Oh, BTW, the page shows $57.9 million for Equity, no wait, that's a $57.9 increase in the Equity budget! I just hope they can still give us decent terminal forecasts with all these new Equity people.

This foray into the Climate Calamity™ by the NOAA is worrisome. It's not just mission creep. When one of these organizations hits the big-time "working" in an area that his a current favorite of the Globalist, Communist destroyers of the nation, the money starts pouring in, and the girl agency just can't help it.

That's what happened with the CDC. The government and Lyin' Press big shots treated them like omniscient gods for their coming out with charts and advice about that virus out of the Orient. They made the big time and loved every minute of it. They will budget for '23 accordingly. From the CDC Statement on President’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget:
In addition, the CDC budget includes new proposed mandatory funding to establish a Vaccines for Adults program and to invest in pandemic preparedness.
Interesting. So, they are ready to develop adult vaccination schedules as there have been for the kids. Hey, what do you want them to do, return the funding back to the people or something?

That's what it comes down to: Do the high office holders treat these organizations as gods, or do they just understand that they are research and advisory agencies, for the benefit of the American people? The CDC made the big time, and I hope the NOAA never does.

In this match anyway, it's the NOAA by a knock-out!

Thank you all for reading and commenting this week! Next week, we need to get to that last AA post, there will have to be one more post on the Chinese Covid~Zero stupidity - this one got people killed - there's always more immigration stupidity, and we may finally write more on the J6 Political Prisoners. How 'bout some good music, at least, if you don't care for any of that. Have a happy Sunday, Peakers!

* Its name was changed to the current one, keeping the initials, in 1980.

** Such as the Biosafety Level 4 labs, built in 2013.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted On: Thursday - November 24th 2022 6:14PM MST
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  Holiday from Stupidity

There's still plenty to be thankful for on this end. Along with everything, I am thankful to be able to entertain and sometimes inform all the Peak Stupidity readers. I am thankful for the great group of commenters!

We give a shout-out to Adam Smith for the ASCII graphic today. It looks good in Peak Stupidity mint green!

We've got something planned for 3 days from now, so I can't guarantee more than 1 post through the end of the blog week. There's plenty to write about though.

Happy Thanksgiving from Peak Stupidity!

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China's Covid~Zero testing, health apps, and the human domino theory

Posted On: Thursday - November 24th 2022 5:35PM MST
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  China  Kung Flu Stupidity

Note: This is totally different from the Domino Theory of Communist infestation of the world, as theorized during the Cold War. There was definitely something to that. This human domino theory, luckily internal to China, is on a much stupider scale.

I write these China posts not because I think the average Peak Stupidity reader gives that much of a hoot about the place. However, this site has covered the Kung Flu PanicFest with gusto for the previous 2 3/4 years, China is the place in which the Kung Flu stupidity has flared up like a bad case of herpes, and lastly, we also have our China sources, so call this stuff "in our wheelhouse".

3 months back, we related an anecdote of the Covid~Zero stupidity out of Canton, aka, Guangzhou, the huge manufacturing center in the southeast (just north of Hong Kong) in Inside info on the latest Oriental Kung Flu Stupidity The Chinafolks involved got through the LOCKDOWN of their ~25,000 person apartment complex. That deal lasted one week.

The same people involved are now in some sort of low-grade observation period. They must get tested for the common cold Covid virus every 24 hours for some uncertain period. Don't worry! The computers got this all figured out. They know what they're doing, man!

Here's the part that struck me as unworkable. That health score, red, yellow, or green, on one's phone app would stay green if the swab up your nose says negatory. But, there's the standing in line part. There's also what is called "contact tracing" using the most modern Chinese "TECH". Now, this could happen anywhere else too, at a grocery store, school, mooncake festival, what-have-you. Only, in line, as I asked my Chinasource about, if you ended up standing by someone who eventually tested positive, then your score has got to go down to yellow or worse, since you were standing in that line that morning with him, probably for quite some time. But if your score is now yellow, meaning you may have to stay inside or even quarantine elsewhere (Crap!), the guy in line on the other side should have his score turned to warning level too, as he was with you, maybe not WHEN you were yellow, but when you were standing next to that yellow dude. (We're talking apps here, not skin color. Don't be raciss!)

It's the Covid~Zero domino theory:

How are you supposed to beat the Capitalist Roaders with these LOCKDOWNs, color-coded health scores, testing lines, and the human domino effect? Oh, wait, they ARE the Capitalist Roaders now. It's as if Chairman Pooh-Bear were driving a 10 y/o beat-to-hell Mustang II with a persistent oil leak, broken vacuum lines, and a bent tie-rod. He's likely to drive the place clean off the Capitalist Road - "How does it feel, like you're some kind of hero, LOCKDOWN II, Boredom Zero!"

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All my exes lived in Texas

Posted On: Tuesday - November 22nd 2022 8:26PM MST
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Call it a trial separation. Let's hope it leads to something permanent, a divorce between the ctrl-left and us patriotic normal Americans. Read this article, and then try to convince me that we don't have irreconcilable differences.

The picture above is on top of a NY Magazine - Intelligencer* - article titled Austin Has Been Invaded by Texas The progressive paradise is over for some, and they’re fleeing to bluer pastures. by one Casey Quackenbush.

Yes, the honeymoon has long been over for the real Texans, but they've been too upright to initiate the divorce themselves. If the ctrl-left wants out though, hey, this may save on a lawyer...
On a late summer evening, friends of John Stettin gathered at a bar called Kitty Cohen’s in East Austin to say good-bye. A carrot cake with “Good Luck” written in orange icing softened in the heat, but as far as they were concerned, the occasion was his birthday. “You can’t say, ‘Happy going away!’” said Jeff, his best friend, greeting him with a hug. “We’re just not happy. We’re all very sad about it.” Good-bye parties are inherently not that fun. They’re even less fun when they’re driven by a far-right takeover of the state government.
Far out!!, errr, Far-right!

Where were we?
To hear Stettin tell it, that is precisely why he is moving out of what Rick Perry once described as the “blueberry in the tomato soup,” a predominantly Democratic city full of liberal expats like himself seeking progressive politics and an urban lifestyle at a red-state cost-of-living discount.
I'm guessing Rick Perry was making a derogatory remark about the blueberries, not the tomato soup. The [my] bolded part shows how the one party has been taking advantage of the other party. Yeah, that "red State discount", huh? This Stettin fellow probably has no clue how Texas can a afford that discount. Were Austin voters to get their way, the discount would disappear in a stack of taxes, fees, and regulatory hell. I'm sure he was enjoying the lack of a State income tax, while professing his progressive politics to the neighbors.
But then 2020 happened. As the pandemic raged, Governor Greg Abbott banned municipalities including Austin from implementing COVID measures such as mask mandates. The following year, amid a brutal winter storm, the state’s electric grid failed, killing hundreds and leaving millions freezing in the dark, and it has yet to be fixed. That summer, Abbott codified permitless carry and further restricted voting access. This past February, he ordered investigations into the parents of trans children for child abuse.
Right, all that freedom is much too much. It's egregious! Now, I'm not sure how the electric grid trouble had to do with politics, but if it did, I could easily guess who's politics caused it.
At Stettin’s party, his friend Jeff swiped open his phone to a note entitled “New Austin Cities” — a list of places that are what Austin used to be to him that the ctrl-left had already SCREWED UP before he moved here from New York. It read, “Pittsburgh, Durham, Boise, Columbus, Jackson Hole, Chattanooga.
Bri Jenkins is moving home to Hamden, Connecticut, after six years working with various nonprofits in Austin. “It could be three weeks before I saw another Black person, and that was such a mindfuck for me,” she recalled feeling when she first moved to Austin.
Well, I mean, it beats an actual BODYfuck during a mugging gone wrong.**
After a far-right gunman killed 23 people in El Paso in 2019, she stopped going to parades. “Too many vantage points,” she said. “White men with guns and Army fatigues are protected, but people who are peacefully protesting … are always bombarded by the police,” she said, referring to the police crackdowns during 2020’s George Floyd protests.
NOT, I repeat NOT, the Babylon Bee. There was no mention in this article of anyone planning on moving to Waukesha, Wisconsin. As I wrote above, the differences are irreconcilable.
Parents of trans children started to flee months ago. In March, Karen had just picked up her 10-year-old daughter from acting camp when she began telling her about an upcoming protest at the governor’s mansion against Abbott’s order instructing Child Protective Services to investigate families providing gender-affirming medical care to their trans children for child abuse. Karen (whose name is being withheld to protect her family) asked if her daughter might want to do a voice recording to share her story with the crowd. “Am I going to die?” she asked. Stunned, Karen asked why she would think such a thing. “Because everybody here hates me.” Karen pulled over, jumped out, and threw her arms around her daughter as they sobbed. “It was that moment when I knew we had to leave,” she recalled through tears.
It was at the moment I read this when I knew, yes, you have to leave.

Usually in a divorce, the breadwinner is forced to move out of the house he paid for and kept up. A divorce of the ctrl-left from the State of Texas would be a pleasant reversible of the usual process. Imagine, no big lawyer bills, no alimony, and you get to keep your State and full custody of all the good kids. Peaceful separation sounds wonderful, and we don't even need to pay you off?!

All my exes have left Texas, but please don't hang your hats in Tennessee...

George Strait sang this classic country song in 1987. It's from his album Ocean Front Property.

* The Intelligencer seems to be a particular area of the website, it's not one columnist. Perhaps this is their opinion section, with extra doses of opinion.

** Sorry for the cussing here. It's just coming straight from these ex-Texans' mouths.

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We're not gonna take it.

Posted On: Monday - November 21st 2022 9:50PM MST
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We're not gonna take it.
No, we ain't gonna take it.
We're not gonna take it anymore.

I've been chided on the internet for thinking Americans are going to ever resist the Globalist, Communist evil and the Feral Potomac Regime - Mordor on the Potomac, some call it. It's not easy to fight these people in an organized fashion - ask who's left of the Unite the Right crowd, railroaded 5 years ago in Charlottesville, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers who AREN'T Feds, etc.

With regard to the Kung Flu vaccine mandates, I would say that the combined resistance of millions of American has defeated the Regime, Big Business, the Lyin' Press - all of the Establishment - after initially taking quite a few casualties, some quite literally.* I and family members have been part of this resistance, and I've been glad to trade stories of the stupidity of the PanicFest, especially including the attempted clot shot coercion, with like-minded people recently.

There were the 2 guys I worked with for a little while. It was only when we were about to wrap up that this subject came up. "Hell, no, I'm not taking this shot!" said one, relating that it held him up from another position for a while. I heard the same from the other guy. We started exchanging stories.

The first guy's wife is a Medical Doctor. She had been in residency AND pregnant in the midst of the strong attempts to mandate the shot for all Americans. Unfortunately, his wife was forced to take the initial vaccine or lose her career. From what the guy told me, if you get kicked out of a residency program, which was the threat, it's very hard to get back into another one. She was a casualty of sorts, having lost to Totalitarianism, but luckily her and their child were OK. They tried to force the booster shot on her after she was already working out of residency. She quit and has since started her own practice.

What I told these two guys, along with the guy from the next anecdote, is that the nurse in our family will not take even the flu shot** this time around. Yes, she's an RN, and yes, she works on a regular hospital floor. As in any previous yeas, anyone who has not taken the yearly flu shot by the first week in November is taken off the "qualified to work" list and fired. Yeah, but it's November 21st, at least here on the Peak Stupidity server. She's still working there.

They allowed a waiver because: Supply & Demand. Nurses have been in short supply and high demand as of late. Per my family member, lots of them have had ill effects from the Covid vaccines and are out. I don't know if that's the case, but it's sure not that the hospitals are overflowing, not around here.

There's another field in which supply is not meeting demand for certain employees right now. That would be aviation for pilots. While waiting for a van to a hotel at the hub airport, I started talking to a Southwest Airlines pilot. He had a foreign accent that had me guessing he might be German. "No, I'm Austrian", he told me. (Well, I was pretty close.) I asked him if he gets over there much to visit. (He would get free rides, space permitting.) "No, it's been 2 years..." Before he started explaining, I could guess what the deal was.

"I'm proudly fully unvaccinated!" he told me. Ahaaa, well I started telling him how the Canadians didn't want us in - so fuck 'em - till recently, and then about the nurse not even getting flu shots anymore. There was real solidarity there. I asked him if Southwest Airlines was requiring the clot shots at least for new hires. From him, and others I've asked recently, it might be officially policy, but waivers are given out like hiring bonuses are. Again, Supply & Demand. "Twenty-two years I've been here, with a good record, and they wanted to fire me." "Yeah, but, it's all supply & demand", I noted. Well, yeah, but ...

.... there was a little more to our conversation. Speaking of solidarity, this bit is something I may or may not have related on this site. (I'm sure I did in the Unz Review comments.) About a year ago, there was a news story about a big "meltdown" - as the airlines call it - with Southwest cancelling many hundreds of flights one weekend or maybe a few days longer than the weekend. "It wasn't the weather...***" Even outside there, he didn't want to really talk plainly. A bunch of their pilots, as I'd heard then, did an unofficial work stoppage, I suppose by calling in sick or fatigued.

At about that same time, BTW, there were some Jacksonville Air Route Center controllers from one sector who did something similar. They shut down a piece of airspace over central-southern Georgia for part of one afternoon.

Of course, it's much easier to individually resist when you're in a position doing much-needed work. The HR ladies got many employees intimidated through about a year back. Many did take the vaccine just for that reason. Others didn't take the vaccine and got fired. Some of us are in a position (still) in which we're not gonna take it, period.

Fauci, you're so condescending.
Your gall is never ending.
We don't want anything, not a thing from you!

Peak Stupidity prides itself on featuring only good music here... usually. This one, by Twisted Sister fits the post very well, but it doesn't really fit the bill as far as "good music". They did make great efforts with the videos for MTV back in 1984 though.

* I'm not forgetting the Canadian trucker rally that put some fear into the enemy too, with the American rally on that cold January day having been helpful too.

** I'm not against vaccines in general, but some of us have gotten wary of anything coming out of the medical Establishment. In this nurse's case, the last flu shot gave her ill effects, and she is having none of it this time.

*** A series of bad weather days at a hub - fog (very low visibility/ceiling) or a pattern of thunderstorms, ice storms, or blizzards - can do this to an airline. However, Southwest doesn't have quite the same hub-and-spoke system as the other major airlines. It'd be harder for weather to shut them down so hard.

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The Overton Briar Patch

Posted On: Saturday - November 19th 2022 8:13PM MST
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Peak Stupidity may have left our readers hanging more than a few times with "that's another post, there!" and such. The ideas often cascade. This post comes from a time like that, with an idea forgotten until I looked over our post Remember Glenn Beck with his Overton Window? from 5 1/2 years ago! (The reminder is due to frequent PS commenter E.H. Hail having mentioned that old pundit Glenn Beck in the comments under his most recent post Election Froth.)

I just didn't have a name for the phenomena (some may well call it a plan instead, but then, remember the name of our site), as I remember thinking about that 5 1/2 years ago as I pondered writing a post. Well, I sure didn't think of a better one in the meantime, so I'll stick with this one for now. You'll understand the Briar Patch part*. but I really hadn't cared who Mr. Overton**. The concept of the "Overton Window" that Mr. Beck used to discuss a lot using his rotatable chalk board is well known

If Peak Stupidity's term won't suffice, because it does kind of suck, there ought to be a term for a different phenomena that's been around in American politics of the major parties a long while. (I call them squads of the UniParty at this point.) Here's how it goes: The ctrl-left will act OUTRAGED at the (supposed) Conservatism, far-far-Rightism, and even Hitler-adjacent policies of the GOP high-office holders. This will be the case even when said GOP high-office holders are the most worthless, traitorous, compromising squishes and not Conservative in the least.

Some of the ctrl-left with what we may think of as having, or have thought of as having Trump/Bush/Bush/Reagan Derangement Syndrome may really be outraged, but these are the most deluded psychotic sickos. I believe most of them just act like they think said office holders (I include notable Senators and Congressmen too) are actually Conservative. Why come up with these huge exaggerations of the supposed Conservatism of these politicians? It's a tactic of theirs that works very well .

The effect of this tactic is to get Conservatives to actually believe "their" high-office holder is working hard, doing the right thing for them. "If they hate him so much, he MUST be doing a great job!" Well, that can be true, but not if that hate is based on exaggeration, lies, or plain insanity.

Take George W. Bush, please! (No joke that time, take him the hell somewhere - I don't want to see his Hispanic sob story paintings.) I really did have high hopes in January of '01. However, it was pretty clear early on that he was another warmonger.*** G.W. Bush did not try one bit to decrease the American Police State, but in fact he used 9/11 to greatly expand it. Medicare D (for Drugs), anyone? That was a big government expansion, at least in the monetary sense. It's too long ago for me to remember a long list of these, and doing so would be depressing to boot. Suffice it to say that George W. Bush was no Conservative. He didn't fight the policies of the ctrl-left. Words were one thing, but from his actions, the ctrl-left should have had absolutely nothing to hate about him.

The ctrl-left sure did act like they hated him though. They do this with all the supposed hard-right-wing politicians:

“Drown me just as deep as you please, Br'er Fox,” said Br'er Rabbit, “but for Lord’s sake, don’t fling me in that briar patch.” American Conservatives get fooled by: "Please, Conservative voters, close the southern border as tight as you please, but for Lord's sake, don't elect the far-right-winger George Bush!"

PS: Site note: I really hesitate to add Topic Keys at this point. It'd be a bear to fill out old posts with them - the last 3 or 4 added are ones for which I haven't done this yet. Some times, however, not many will fit well, as with this post. "Elections '16-'24" (the title of which can be update) really ought to be "Elections since Richard Nixon", arguably.

* That's if you've every seen or heard of the old Br'er Rabbit stories and cartoons - see Wiki on this. Really, I knew it was a Southern thing, these Uncle Remus stories. but had no idea they were supposed to be a pro-black thing until just now. Would Wiki lie to me?

** However, I do now. It's not too late to learn. I just read about Robert Overton. He must have been a smart guy - being both and Electrical Engineer and a Lawyer - but also a good guy - he traveled the world espousing the Libertarian ideas of the Mackinac Center. That must have included his idea of this virtual window of acceptable discourse.

Unfortunately, after just being married, Joseph Overton died from a crash in his ultralight aircraft after takeoff from the Tuscola airport in Caro, Michigan at only 43 y/o.

*** Granted, on that score, the GOP was still seen as the Warfare party, as a holdover from the 4-decade-long Cold War.

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Donald Trump and Lyin' Press Distractions: Just don't play!

Posted On: Thursday - November 17th 2022 8:14PM MST
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South Carolina's Miss Lindsey with the Steele dossier.

I'm going to put off a couple of other posts that I've got in mind off for a couple of days for this and one more - both are about election/Presidential politics and go back a ways. Here, I refer to an argument/discussion I had with one of the good commenters on the iSteve blog in this Trump open thread. I guess Trump was slated to give a speech somewhere, so I fixed Mr. Sailer's quick announcement thusly:
Is Trump going to give a speech 2-hour-long rambling series of sound bites, platitudes, bragging, name-calling, and bullshitting, which is still a lot of fun to go to?

I don’t know. Let me know when Ron DeSantis is coming to my area.
Yes, they really are fun to go to. I went to a rally during the '16 general election campaign. Really, I do have some hope for Ron DeSantis. Who knows if it's false hope?

The argument started with my statement here:
I admit that one thing that gave me confidence about voting for Trump in ’16 was that being filthy rich, he wouldn’t be subject to bribery, and being a playboy type, he wouldn’t be subject to blackmail. Unfortunately Donald Trump is subject to other stuff, like insults, distractions, and twitter.

I like your idea of Trump being the front man, while DeSantis does the governing. Unfortunately Trump’s ego would never let that work. He’d be tweeting out to the country that the guy right next to him on the stage, Sancto-Ron, is an idiot.
It's the "distractions" part that started the argument. This hearkens back to something from over 4 years back, the Summer of '18, as I was about shocked to see that the damn Russia Collusion business was STILL on TV! (It was for another year or more after that even.) The post I wrote about that is: Nothing but distractions.

In case readers don't want to go to that post, let me sum it up in a paragraph. Yeah, I didn't have TV, so I didn't have those talking heads pulling me into this story. Yes, there is this internet thingy, but following that particular story is something I wasn't interested in. "Russian Collusion!" being important in Trump's '16 win was and is ridiculous on its face. I remember a post or two from Steve Sailer that talked about the $100,000 worth of Russian money for Facebook ads. Ha! "One hundred thousand dollars!", Putin exclaimed, along with "Owww!", as he bit his pinky finger a little too forcefully. (Steve Sailer was of the same opinion.)

I knew it was a crock of shit thrown out there by people who wanted to bring Trump down because they just plain HATE the man, or (giving them probably too much credit here) they had a big plan to distract him. I knew this from the beginning, so I saw no reason to look into it this any more. "Wait, but the story is still real. It's not going to go away just because YOU don't follow it, or even if 100 million Americans decide not to." is a reply to that. This goes for a number of the other major distractions during those 4 years that, well, I don't know so many details about, because they are big distractions!

Let me answer that hypothetical reply though. I don't know what the Lyin' Press would have done if all of us patriotic Americans had tuned out. There'd still be 100 million treating these stories as big news. What Donald Trump should have done is the important thing. He let these stories take so much of his time and energy. Now, Donald Trump is a high energy guy, I gotta say. He still took some decent steps on immigration - most of them under the radar (see President Donald Trump: the Bad, **the Good**, and the Ugly - taken from VDare info) that were quickly overturned by the Bai Dien Administration. Still, his spending 4 years replying to this allegation and defending himself from this other left no time for strategizing on longer-term solid legislative proposals, getting the bureaucracy, at least at the high levels, staffed with people on our side, and rallying the dozens of millions of good Americans who could help to help put the pressure on the other side.

Whether planned or not, these stories went on and on for the whole term, preventing President Turmp from getting a lot more done. "But, but, how could Trump have ignored this stuff? They brought up this BS, and they brought up that BS, and they impeached him twice..." [Was it twice only? I don't know.] "This was serious business." Oh, yeah, it was serious? Well we know most of it wasn't without getting sucked into details, but even if it were - what does the ctrl-left get away with? Hell, Bai Dien's son has got to have the man OWNED by China, and then there's the whole family operation in the Ukraine. Understand, people, that at this point the Lyin' Press is an arm of the Regime, plain and simple. They won't cover the scandals and corruption of the ctrl-left, but they'll make 'em up if they have to for the alt-right (OK, Conservatives in general).

Most of the American people, and the Trump administration, let themselves get sucked into these stories. By defending against this charge here and countering with that charge there, they let their time and attention get wasted. How should President Trump have handled all this? Glad you asked:

"Mr. President, the public wants to know about these most recent charges about the Russian Collusion, that your administration ..."

"I'm sorry, but all questions about this supposed Russian Collusion scandal and all the scandals period are being handled by my Chief Council, Mr. N.Y. Shyster. His email is on the "Contacts" page. Go to www.whitehouse ..."

"But Mr. President, we have a document that says ..."

"Never mind all that. Go call my lawyer. The American people elected me foremost to stop the immigration invasion. I'm here today to talk about our plans to get enough votes for the border barrier - we've talked to some engineers, some really good people, who tell us that the cost is as little as .."

"But the Steele dossier..."

"OK, Mr. Tapper*, it's Tapper right? Two "p"s. OK, yeah,... [strikes out a name on the "regular visiting press" roll sheet and scratches in "Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit - have Javanka call him"] just leave that badge at the door when you go out... we're done talkin'"

We are not going to win playing THEIR game. We may come up with all the evidence we need to prove indubitably that these are fake scandals and fake news, as we follow it all intently on TV. "See, this dossier is exactly what we needed. It proves that they got nothin'!!" So what? They don't care that they got nothin'. They will keep on distracting the President and the public, and nothing good will get done. The only way not to lose their game is to not play.

* Sorry, I really, really haven't followed any of this. I only came up with that one name for a Lyin' Press newsman - don't know if he attends press conferences or what.

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Who was that unmasked man?!

Posted On: Wednesday - November 16th 2022 11:08AM MST
In Topics: 
  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor  Healthcare Stupidity  Kung Flu Stupidity

"I don't know. I've heard him called the Lone Peak Stupidity outpatient."

Return with us now to those thrilling hours of yesterday. I had to go in for a yearly routine visit to a medical office right behind the big hospital. I mean, this office was a big operation too, with something like 15 doctors of the same specialty, and a couple of hundred employees. With a cry of "Hi-Yo, Silver", I backed into the parking space between 2 big-ass pickup trucks and walked to the building. There was a guy sitting outside the building this fine day sitting on a dapple grey horse on a stool at a podium near a sign requiring the face masks. He took one out for me from his satchel or maybe it was some compartment built into his podium.

Should I wear this ridiculous mask? It's been the better part of a year since I was required to wear one of the Fauci Face Diapers for just a little bit each day by the local lawmen as part of my job. (Even that, I resisted to the utmost.) I consulted my trusty sidekick Tonto via text digital smoke signaling, but he was away scalping some pale faced healthcare experts Hootie and the Blowfish tickets.

I didn't put it on. Upstairs there must have been 50 people in the waiting area, every single one with a face mask of some sort on. I didn't put it on. Into the office I went, and during the visit, I still didn't put the face mask on. The technician who took my pulse and blood pressure asked "how are we feeling today?" "Who is this 'we', Kemo sabe?" ... is what I WANTED to say, but instead it was "I don't know about you, but I'm pretty good." He didn't care that I was maskless.

I even asked the doctor, to be considerate, if I needed to put a face mask on. She, as was the case with every doctor, nurse, and clerk in the place, was wearing one of these. "Nah, I don't care."

It was really nice being the Lone Maskless Blogger. No one knew who I was I was due to the HIPAA laws, but it was all I could do to refrain from leaving a "Let's go Brandon" silver dollar with the appointment scheduler as a mark of the last of the Kung Flu anti-Panic Rangers. Nowhere in the pages of Peak Stupidity history can one find a greater champion of healthcare justice! Let's go! Hi-Yo, Silver! A-way!

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Texas Governor declares invasion at its southern border... after 40 year delay

Posted On: Tuesday - November 15th 2022 7:33PM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity

The prolific* new writer A.W. Morgan at has a quick post up with some good news from the Republic of Texas. He reports Abbott Goes There: Declares Invasion At Border Under U.S., Texas Constitution. They've had the TX Constitution since, what, the Alamo? OK, the last un-amended one was ratified in 1876. The United States was formed for a common defense in 1789. The border invasion has been going on for arguably 40 years - I'm going by just before the time of the Reagan-signed amnesty bill of 1986.

So in other words, what took these people so long? If the Potomac Regime was going to let this invasion go on, and oftentimes even ENCOURAGE it, the State involved have every right to fight off the invasion. Is it better late than never, or just too late?
Citing Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 4, Section 7 of the Lone Star Constitution, both of which empower him to repel an invasion, Abbott informed judges along the border of his plans.
US Constitution, Article 1, Section 10:
No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.
OK, then. That's clear enough to me. Texas Constitution, Article 4, Section 7:
GOVERNOR AS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF MILITARY FORCES. He shall be Commander-in-Chief of the military forces of the State, except when they are called into actual service of the United States. He shall have power to call forth the militia to execute the laws of the State, to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions.

(Feb. 15, 1876. Amended Nov. 2, 1999.) (TEMPORARY TRANSITION PROVISIONS for Sec. 7: See Appendix, Note 1.**)
There you go. It all looks completely on the up-and-up. Go Governor Abbott!! I'll leave you all with a screenshot of a tweet with more details:

* Prolific, indeed. As I was writing this one, I seen a new post he's written called, uh oh, . This bit (from an Acting Chief Patrol Agent, no less) in a tweet, could have come straight from the Peak Stupidity comments section: "Following a 911 call for help in freezing temperatures, Border Patrol agents encountered 6 people near Troy, Vermont. 4 were children under the age of 5. Thankfully, everyone was quickly located & brought to safety. This is NOT a safe or acceptable way to enter the United States." Brought to safety where? Yeah, traitors abound.

** That Part 1 of the Appendix is some mumbo-jumbo about bonds that I don't see how has anything to do with the Governor as Commander-in-Chief. Paging Adam Smith, commenter Adam Smith, pick up the green courtesy phone comment box.

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Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 5

Posted On: Tuesday - November 15th 2022 6:16PM MST
In Topics: 
  US Feral Government  Race/Genetics

Continued from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and Part 4.

I was not too keen on writing this final post in this series, as there is always more interesting stupidity cropping up, and I'd put it off for too long to remember all of what I was going to write. No, it's not that the SCROTUS decision (see Part 4), which doesn't seem to have been decided yet, will do away with this over-half-a-century-long scourge. First of all, that one case is specifically about admissions to Harvard and other Ivy League schools. Who cares? Anyone with an integrity is probably not so enamored with joining the elites with connections within the Establishment.

Will the case become a precedent for all types of AA decisions? I wish anyone who brings a lawsuit for discrimination in the workplace very good luck. However, this is not the rule-of-law America of 50 years ago. Just as with the Ivy League colleges themselves, if the case were decided favorably to White men, there will be workarounds. Will Big-Biz HR ladies change their ways? How about the woke corporate honchos? How about the bureaucrats in governments of all levels? Nah, they've got their power, and they will not give it up for some rule-of-law or fairness bullcrap.

As an aside, commenter Dieter Kief brought up in the comments under the Part 2 post some conversation in an interview by Brit Freddie Sayers of a Swedish "right-winger" on the issue of too many foreigners. Sayers says it's not that many of the foreigners imported to work for cheap can't do decent work.. He brings up the case in London, England ("... for decades and decades and it appears to be working reasonably well.") Dieter notes the attitude of the interviewer in the video:
London is highly multicultural, and does work just fine. So: Why not have London everywhere? - And a nice Indian rooted PM replacing the nightmarishly incompetent blonde clumsy oaf Liz Truss? - - As the perfect icing on the globalist cake?!
(Commenter Alarmist, writing in from the area in question - most of the time - disagrees with Mr. Sayer's assessment also.)

Early on, these were the brightest from their countries. Though they somehow qualify for Affirmative Action, sure, many did not need it. Will everything run hunky-dory with this diversity in the workplace? If it were just smart Chinese and other Oriental guys there doing engineering with the White guys and some of the brightest •Indian guys there doing IT, maybe, but the Globalists (as I think Mr. Kief was driving at) want everyone doing everything, except for the White man not being required. They want a Tower of Babel. I don't know if they really think it will work or are just being purposefully destructive, but no, it won't work.

No, AA is not the ONLY thing hampering White men's ability to get good jobs and therefore afford family formation*. Automation (affecting everybody) is a steadily increasing part of it, for both white- and blue-collar jobs. Those foreigner employees, especially the black contingent (in government) and the •Indian contingent in IT, often hire tribally. At the low end, often highly Hispanic areas will unofficially require Spanish for the job, ruling out most White people. As odious as the whole idea is, if there were to be anything fair about it, there should be AA for White Men nowadays. It's an anti-White-Men program though, so that would be against AA's core values.

Not only is the half-century-entrenched Affirmative Action business not going away, but the Woke business is ramping up the AA. United Airlines wants 50% of its future pilot hires to be "diverse". That's not your Daddy's or Granddaddy's Affirmative Action, in which they had quotas in some industries, but then they used some common sense too. Airline pilots are in high demand now, and the pay is high enough at this point to bring in people based on merit (with the thumbs on the scales for the diverse ones, as usual). This United Airlines plan, though, is a step beyond the norm and is designed to get people killed!

How can we deal with the fruits of AA at work?

At the workplace, it sucks having to walk on our tiptoes and watch what we say, as the HR people are OK with lapel buttons of all sorts, while they send out Diverse-People Month emails reminding us to avoid politics in the workplace. We can work with people hired on merit, but then there are so many people hired via AA that have to be humored and their work covered for. The Big Biz world has for the most part become no fun and the real challenges and the work flow cannot be enjoyed around all the incompetence. You may find a niche of competency, but it my not last.

For really sharp young White men, the best bet may be starting up a software or "TECH" business of some kind. If you can work with your hands, by all means, self-employment doing mechanic work, handy-man work, plumbing, electrical, etc. is probably the way to avoid the weight of AA .** Get good at what you do, don't have any employees unless they are on our side, and any customer who goes woke on you can be dropped like a hot oil plug.

What can we do about the fruits of AA in America in general?

Are we going to get used to terrible service at retail establishments as a rule? Should we just accept that America cannot be a CAN-DO nation again? Should we hope for and welcome our Chinese overlords who will not put up with too much incompetence and place Chinese workers in critical positions that require integrity and high qual... wait a minute.

It's time for the White men who don't care to work half-assed and live in a dysfunctional society to get themselves and their people off the grid and as far away from the reach of the Potomac Regime as possible. That's all I got for solutions.

Will the Globalist elites of society realize that they kind of fucked up, because even the most automated society they can imagine will need lots of competent people to keep it all running? Could they even do anything about it at this point?

OK, look, I got nothing. I didn't even feel like writing this post, but you gotta finish what you started ... if you're not an AA hire, that is ...

* Steve Sailer parlance there.

** BTW, as Peak Stupidity noted in this post, it seems like being proud to work with one's hands is a American/Western thing. There are snobs here too who look down on it, but not like in China and India. I'm pretty sure sometime during this blogging, I've related the story of the one Chinese Mech-Engr. PhD who was trying to use a crescent wrench to loosen a round rod.

[UPDATED 11/16:]
Fixed information from commenter Dieter Kief - not writing but that from a youtube interview he was pointing out.

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