On the decision/excuses of delibrately childless women - Part 2

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(Continued from Part 1.)

This is the Part 2 of the final two posts about the truthful but depressing Lionel Shriver article No kids please, we're selfish from back in '05.

Our first post on Mrs. Shriver's whole article was On Motherhood - for the individual an society - Lionel Shriver. Near the end of this long article, the writer included the stories, I'd say "excuses" of 3 of her close friends who were, and still are*, childless. Peak Stupidity has post on each of their stories with a small bit of commentary: Gabriella - - Nora, and Leslie .

Of all the anti-traditional-societal movements that "arose", or more likely were planned by the Frankfort School types, in the last century, Feminism has been the absolute worst. Well, the Welfare State may be tied for that position too. And, don't forget the compulsory government schooling... OK, OK, besides the Feminism, the Welfare State, and the compulsory government schooling, what have the Cultural Marxists ever done to us?!!*

Feminism has told lies to (mostly middle class) women for almost 60 years now, along with the men who went along with it to "keep the peace." The lies are: Women must have careers too, as men do. Otherwise, they will not be happy or "fulfilled". If they still want those babies too, then they can "have it all", a career and children. No, it's not especially stressful, so long as her husband "does his part". (For single women, the Welfare State is the new husband, well, or the only one.) The career comes first, in priority and time. When having it all, women can have babies just as easily 10 years or 15 years later than the old norm, as there is no such thing as a biological clock.

There are various economic reasons too for the change in America and the West from couples having lots of children to the low fertility rates we have now. However, this Lionel Shriver article and this series of posts are about the deliberate decision by women - these 3 middle-class British ladies as examples- to not have any children.

The overarching reason for their being childless, per Mrs. Shriver's own title, is selfishness. More on that word later, but we wrote in our last post that the 3 big parts of it were the travel-the-world passion, the concentration on career over all, and the seeking of perfection in a mate. The women have been told their entire lives that what's best in life is to crush your old-prude conservative enemies, see them driven ... OK, not all that, but at least to have this fulfilling career, see the world, and only do it all with a man if he's Mr. Right.

It can be great to have a career which is fun much of the time. (It's not women who HAVE to do the dirty or very manually-difficult grunt work. SOMEONE has to do it, right? That would be men.) It's nice, and, yes, fulfilling, if what you've done does long-term good for the world. That's simply not the case for 95-99% of the jobs women do though. They don't want so many of the really hard ones, with lots of math and all. Real Estate agent, office manager, lawyer, no, they are not too world-changing. Lionael Shriver is a novel writer. Of the 3 woman sample, Gabriella was a travel writer, Nora was an events planner, and Leslie was a publicist (they may still well be, but this is 17 years ago - the first 2 may have retired). They can make a difference, but none of it's world-changin

The traveling, as commenter MBlanc46 notes, can be a lot of fun. Of course, they want to be free and easy doing it, maybe for some romance too. You don't want to bring kids to see the art museums and hike up the Mettlehorn, and for a man to come along, he must be the right one. No encumbrances are wanted. As this commenter notes, this, and even the most mundane of jobs, beats spending that same time birthing and changing diapers, with the biggest outing being a weekly trip to WalMart. (Is it also fear of becoming a person-of-WalMart?)

The latter part is an age-old problem, on both ends of it. Yet, it's a lot easier to find a good guy if you are NOT a feminist and are a girl who DOES want to settle down and have children. About that career of yours, maybe you don't know this, but men don't care very much about women having good careers. In fact, due to all of this feminist crap, we figure the ones who don't care about a career are the best to settle down with.

Then there's the much bigger problem of the waiting around, due to career priority or that urge to see the Bushmen of the Kalahari , for that good guy until after 30 y/o. There IS a biological clock. Though we can't see numbers on it, men are experts at reading it. From puberty on, but let's say a more modern 20 years through 30 y/o, that body gets less firm, less tight, and less shapely. We see all of that, though it doesn't present itself as being about babies to us directly, but as hotness, plain and simple. That's only a 10 year period, that can be stretched at your risk. You may meet Mr. Right at 33 y/o, but he may not want YOU - he can't help seeing that biological clock. Relationships are supposed to be about men's happiness too. Feminism doesn't care about that, but men want what they want.

Lots of women have soaked up the feminist lies completely. Others, like these bright 3, knew a little better AND (this is important) didn't lie to themselves about it. They were selfish and wanted what the feminist lies told them they should want.

"Now, wait a minute", the reader is probably saying, "they knew what they liked." I don't know. I've seen surveys of happiness in people. How do you judge that? Women are social and status-seeking creatures. If the whole world, media, friends, educational establishment, etc. tells them that this is what should make them happy, they're going to believe that. If all the women they know judge happiness by how much traveling they've done and their career, such as it is, they they will do the same. If it were 1955, with the magazines talking about raising children and finding good activities and school, the schools running things with the expectation that most of the women would be "homemakers", and their friends having babies left and right, then this would make them happier.

Maybe we should think about what Mother Nature has to say about it. One feature of that biological clock is a monthly alarm. Peak Stupidity speculates that the monthly periods of uncontrollable depression, excess emotion, and body pains are this alarm, warning "another one (egg) bites the dust".

The male body was designed to do all the real jobs in the world besides one, along with having this urge to impregnated the women with the most fertile bodies. The female body was designed to do that last, and most important job, to birth and nurture babies. Are women OK mentally and emotionally when the completely ignore Mother Nature, due to the lies of Feminists? These 3 seem OK. Are they hiding anything from their conscious selves, hence from Mrs. Shriver and the reader? I don't know.

As the 3 women all noted**** very honestly, what they did (or were doing, in Leslie's case) is ignoring the needs of society. I like that they are all at least partially aware that this world would be better off with the progeny of their kind, and realize that they were letting down their recent, and all, ancestors. That's the real selfishness, and they all admit it.

This Feminism scourge should have been nipped in the bud 50 years ago. The women were convinced easily that this is the new way for women. I doubt all the men have agreed over the years. Other than the freer sex, the be-all-to-end-all for some period, a many wanting to get serious had lots more to worry about. Again, Feminism was NOT good for the happiness of men.

What'd the men do though? They just "went along to go along", I suppose. Too many did, I guess. Men don't want constant friction in a relationship - that can be a plus for some women though! Then, there was the politics, as the various laws were passed to make the destruction more easily workable. Unfortunately, since women were mandated the franchise in all States by yet another doozy of an Amendment, # XIX.*****, way back in 1920, the war was 1/2 way lost already before the 1960s.

Like all the rest of the culturally destructive political battles of the 1960s, the left fought a harder and smarter fight. (Granted, those on the right, REAL Conservatives in those days, had jobs and kids to protect. They didn't have all the time in the world and no worries about getting arrested. Gee, this sounds familiar ...)

Can the men of the West ever reverse all of this? Can it get back to a mode in which women are shown that the best use of their bodies, per Mother Nature, is to have children and they will be happy doing that, because all the others are? The Moslems, if nothing else, have got this straight. As a last resort, should we all submit and go Moslem?

Well, we can do what we can at our own personal, family levels. However, the crazy, woke, genderbender stuff going on now makes even Feminism seem tame? This is so far gone. There is no political solution (thanks, Police) at this point, but that doesn't mean it won't all change. It's the usual "hard times create strong men" story. We've been through the rest. The financial stupidity will be the first to peak. Once, things get real, Mother Nature will reassert herself. I don't see it being pretty. We'd have been much better off had this female stupidity been nipped in the bud 50 years ago.

PS: Finally, something to think about with all this, as the 3 women did near the bottom of each of their stories, is that the problem now is not the low fertility alone but having that along with massive immigration. There's NOTHING wrong with a decent country as America was, and Japan still is, having the population top out at 200 million, with is slowly falling. The Big-Biz/Wall Street guy tell us this is terrible because they want Moar Sales. There are others who see a shrinking population as bad, but I don't know if they could explain why.**

No, a small intelligent population is the stuff of the Science Fiction books of the 1970s with the HAPPY endings, not the dystopian stories. Japan, BTW, is a great example of the stupidity of this thinking that more people is better. I lost $20 to my wife on this, but Japan is smaller than California.*** California is crowded, resource-wise and politics-wise (if that's a way to put it) with 40 million people. Japan has 140 million! Last I checked, a couple of years back, it had lost a whopping 1 million in population! Big deal. Even if it's to be 50 million down by '40 or '50, I don't see any problem with that. It could have been 225 million or something here and slowly sinking, and that would NOT be a bad thing. Space is good! Don't believe the underpopulation "doomers".

Unlike in Japan, which has mostly resisted the Globohomo push for open borders in the nice countries, the problem we have in America and Western Europe is the immigration. The immigrants are almost all foreign-foreigners, as lied to Americans about by Ted Kennedy in 1965. The native type of people are getting overwhelmed.

PPS: If you submit to the link that reads "submit" - about the Moslems - you'll see that it goes to Peak Stupidity's review of Frenchmen Michel Houellebecq's novel Submission. I will totally forget that I've written something sometimes. This was one, and I just read it. 2 points: Written in '15, this book is a near-future story, and that near-future is 2022! Secondly, the main character and narrator of the book is an example of a man with the same selfishness as these women described in the posts here. The difference is, women get the final word.

* Yeah, I know, this Monty Python reference doesn't quite work here...

** It's not 1922, when you'd need lots of young men for the army..

*** I was guessing Japan was just a tad bigger.

**** I guess Mrs. Shriver asked them all most of the same questions.

***** That was Part 1 - here is Part 2.

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Jordan Peterson tweets about not tweeting

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Peak Stupidity was supposed to have Part 2, and the last! post on Motherhood or the lack thereof today. I didn't run out of time today. Instead I wasted more time than probably ever before writing comments on a certain blog. I mean, it is ridiculous how one (at least, I) can be carried away by this stuff. Like the smokers say, I can quit anytime I want, though. Of course.

Anyway, I imagine how I'd be if I did tweeting. To do tweeting, I'd really have to understand the concept better (in particular, I STILL can't tell easily who's replying to whom, and whether I am just on the "site" of the twitter member seeing extraneous crap or what! So, I gotta say that I will make ZERO effort to learn. I'm writing this post today based on some tweets, but it's an anomaly, and, yeah, this was going to be a different, more thoughtful post, but I wasted so much time.

VDare has a tweets area on the right, like most current-year-aware people. I hardly ever click, but one tweet the other day had some meme I wanted to see. The meme is not the point here, as it wasn't that great, but on their(?) twitter page I came upon this one:

I like Jordan Peterson. He's got the weird Canadian accent, gets a bit too emotional sometimes, but he's a voice of sanity among his field (Psychology), actually, MANY fields in which there is not much out there. (Way back, we featured this hour and 43 minute interview with him and Camille Paglia. After 20-30 minutes of boring Art graduate school talk, it actually got very interesting, and I watched the entire thing.)

Dr. Peterson says it honestly, going without tweeting left him more time for other things, and I assume left him more relaxed and sane. Yet, some people just gotta do it, just as I feel I gotta write comments on other blogs. (I don't.) Jordan Peterson obviously couldn't stay off of twitter, hence the tweet above. Back on though, and life got worse. It's not like I haven't considered this a number of times, but life will be better without so much on-line time. Its is better for the health of all of us if we stay off the internet more... I mean, NOT THIS SITE, though!


* The original idea was to link to PS articles. I still do, but only when they are really relevant - I haven't checked the stats in a long while to see how much it helps. I should do some experimenting to see. I like the other commenters or at least for others they make cogent arguments that must be countered - that "someone is wrong on the internet" thing, haha. If I know it's not much help for viewers or views here, that'd be a good reason to quit. I'd miss it occasionally.

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The newest 5 and 10 stores

Posted On: Tuesday - May 17th 2022 11:06AM MST
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Many, but not all, of our readers will remember the old 5 and 10 cent stores, either when they were a part of life, or at least, when there were a few vestiges of this left. One such chain was the Ben Franklin store, shown above.

I remember Woolworth's stores too. This was the original 5 and dime chain, started up by Frank.Winfield Woolworth in 1879*. A nickel or a dime could really get you something back then! I think it was the demise of American downtowns more than anything else that led to the eventual closure of the last store 118 years later, in 1997. I can't remember ever seeing one of the 5 and 10's at a mall, but I am open to correction on that. (I never liked the malls so much anyway.)

After the bout of high inflation from the early 1970s (thanks, Nixon!) through the beginning of the 1980s, there wasn't anything substantial one could get for a nickel or a dime. A small candy bar cost closer to a quarter, maybe 50 cents. They had the name on those stores, and they were stickin' to it, whether you could get anything in there for 5 or 10 or not.

By the 1980s and '90s it was time to up the game, by upping the name. I don't recall these stores till at least the mid-90s, but the 3 chains**, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar, started up as actual dollar stores from the late '60s through mid '80s.

This worked for a while. The last time we went, maybe 2 years ago, we could still pick up cheesy but worthwhile items for a buck. How long will this business model last, though, the way inflation is today?

I may stop by one soon - they are ALL OVER the place - to check prices out, but these stores may have to give up on that name, or just figure, as with Ben Franklin, that "dollar" bit in the name is just a historical artifact. I got an idea though. Bring out that old discount store name. The nostalgic boomers will love it. It's the new 5 and 10. Some people used to say "5 and Dime", but that won't work. Just "5 and 10" store, as in, you can get almost everything in the store for 5 bucks or 10 bucks. Maybe to save a buck, or 5 or 10, they could buy up some of the neon old signs.***

OK, the math is easy. One could get items like candy bars in the 60s for a nickel or a dime, worst case. By 2000 the same thing would cost a buck. I've seen the same for 2 bucks lately (at the drug store, the nearest apples-to-apples comparison other than dollar stores). That candy bar may be 5 bucks before long - hard to estimate, but in '25 the way things are going? Over 30 to 40 years we had 1000% inflation in candy bars, and then another 500% on top possibly over the next 25? Stock up - keep 'em cold.

*. The first store was started up Utica, NY. The business failed, but Frank and his brother Charles started up an H.W. Woolworths in Lancaster, PA, and the went on from there.

There were the Woolworth's 5 and 10's, but in the early 1960s, the company started up the discount department store.

** It's only two chains since '14, as Dollar Tree bought out Family Dollar.

*** Is Neon a Climate Crisis™ gas? I think it's pretty inert. Peak Stupidity is tired of the flak we get about other noble gases. See I am not a Xenophobe!.

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On the decision/excuses of delibrately childless women - Part 1

Posted On: Monday - May 16th 2022 11:30AM MST
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This is the Part 1 of the final two posts about the truthful but depressing Lionel Shriver article No kids please, we're selfish from back in '05. The situation has probably gotten worse since then.

Our first post on Mrs. Shriver's article was On Motherhood - for the individual an society - Lionel Shriver. Near the end of this long article, the writer included the stories, I'd say "excuses" of 3 of her close friends who were, and still are*, childless. Peak Stupidity has post on each of their stories with a small bit of commentary: Gabriella - - Nora, and Leslie .

Three common threads in the women's excuses were "traveling", "my work", and seeking perfection in a mate. Regarding the traveling first, I don't know how well-off the 3 women are**, but when you're single with no children, you can come up with the money for the "traveling abroad". That is especially the case if you are not trying to build a future, like most men are, in order to get women, for one thing. What's the big damn deal about traveling the world for these women? It's great to learn about the world outside, mind you, but c'mon! Not having children so you can travel the world seems like a poor excuse. Mrs. Shriver herself is tops in this respect. I have only read a little big of her biography - see Lionel Shriver Is Looking for Trouble - thanks, SafeNow, for this one - which Peak Stupidity discussed in Ya gotta like Lionel Shriver!. In her novels, however, it's pretty clear that she writes of what she knows, a good thing IMO. The stories take place in or around NY City, the New York Times is The Word, and the women narrator in We need to talk about Kevin is a world traveler***.

Getting a bit off-the-wall here, I also see this traveling urge as having a romantic element. Face it, guys who travel the world are always looking for girls, as they are looking for girls anywhere they might be. Friends who've been to Eastern Europe, for example, have stories ... Even if it's not in their conscious minds these women are hopeful they will meet that tall, dark, and handsome "Mr. Right". Yeah, yeah, gotta see the Bushmen [/Elaine Benice of Seinfeld]. right, that's the ticket ...

A much bigger factor in keeping not just these 3, but many women, from having children is the constant barrage of the narrative that women should go to work, during the entire 55 year-long push for feminism. That they can "have it all", a career and a family, is what women have been told. These 3 women realized that this doesn't work very well. For those who've tried it, it's great that they have children. However, the stress of it and the disappointment in said career taking a back seat are what have women like these 3 making the decision to not have children. These women all are of the opinion that their work is more satisfying than raising children would be. They don't know for sure though, since they haven't done the latter.

The latter common idea written by all of these 3 women is that they will not "settle" for anyone but the very best in a husband. Lionel Shriver is the only one of the 4 in this story who seems to have a happy marriage (to a Jazz musician). She has written this in both the interviews I've read and in her fiction, the women protagonist in the 3 books I've read being very much like herself.**** In fact, none of them wrote anything about being married, and Gabriella is the only one who talked about a long-term relationship, which didn't work out. (She used the word "partner", so I don't think it was a marriage.)

As is often the case here, this was to be one post, but it's already long, and I'll cut if off here. In Part 2, I'll have discussion on what is the root cause of these female mindsets we read about.

* Actually, that's not a sure thing. The 3rd women, "Leslie", was only 26 y/o when Lionel Shriver wrote the article. She could have changed her mind since then.

** Although Gabriella hints at "not so much": Firstly, my work. Not in the sense of ambition and earning power (ha ha)...

*** There's a scene in which the evil boy Kevin defaces and tears up the narrator's irreplaceable souvenir maps that she'd spend a lot of time putting on the walls of her study.

**** The Mandibles of which Peak Stupidity has a 6-part review, is a possible exception, as her "Lat" husband high-tailed it to Mexico after the SHTF.

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Immigrant non-Assimilation in Germany and 2 more items

Posted On: Friday - May 13th 2022 6:25PM MST
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Canadian alt-right youtuber* Lauren Southern showing the 2 more items:

OK, look, I just read VDare for the straight scoop on all things immigration-invasion, that's all. As a digression right from the start here, let me just say that there have been many very good posts there lately on the specific politics of the Bai Dien Administration's purposeful open borders treason and what's going on within the Border Patrol and other related Feral Gov't departments. Besides the usual Washington Watcher II, Federale, and occasional Former Agent posts, a writer named A.W. Morgan has been all over this story, with 17 posts already in May, more than one per day! (Allan Wall, as always, covers the Mexican politics.) I urge anyone who really cares about this issue to read and support VDare, as Peak Stupidity does.

The story in this post is of my reading of the latest from VDare's resident assimilated Latin American immigrant writer Pedro de Alvarado. (He wrote a lot about Venezuela early on, so I am under the impression he is from that country.) This is about a point that is not brought up specifically very often, though it's probably in mind by those worried about the immigration invasion as an inherent problem. That is the "diaspora" of immigrants from countries or areas of the world that are powerful and/or worriesome and where there loyalties lie.

Mr. De Alvarado tells us about this problem in Turkey, China, Demonstrate Political Dangers Of Mass Migration, Diasporas. Please read the article for the important points he makes, but then my post here will fixate from here on out on the video embedded therein, by Canadian alt-right activist Lauren Southern.

Produced by RebelMedia, "I thought I was in Germany" is an ~3 minute long story on Mrs. Southern's experience in the Marxloh District of the German city of Duisburg. The video is worth watching for two or more reasons. Here:

Well, there's nothing at all I can find wrong with Lauren Southern's opinion on the problem of non-assimilation of mass numbers of immigrants,made worse when they are foreign in religion, culture, and every damn thing. However, as I watched the parts (~ 1/2, I guess) of the video in which Mrs. Southern appears, as a POP - Person Of Pole-larity - I could not help looking at these 2 other items worthy of mention. I mean that my eyes were focused a little over a foot lower than this alt-right pundit's eyes or mouth, or wherever we're probably supposed to be looking during her talk.

This video was something else! It was enjoyable in its agreeable political opinions and its, errr aesthetics(?). There's a good case to be made that showing one's assets in a black dress with a black background without distractions will keep the viewers' attention, or I guess half of a random set of viewers, statistically.** I was listening intently, almost mesmerized, one might say, but just focused a bit lower than I would be for other videos. I don't NEED to read lips. Even with the Canadian accent, that reminds me of Jordan Peterson, I heard everything.

Showing off one's body is a thing only a young woman pundit or activist such as Lauren can take advantage of. Maybe a few people will be turned off and figure she is not a serious person, but from her background, I know this one at least is definitely serious about her politics. She is alt-right and conservative and a great asset to the anti-invasion and anti-White cause.*** The ctrl-left has a real disadvantage in this regard as do they even have ANYONE who is pretty, or hot, and could keep men watching her in a low-cut black dress? Anyone? anyone? Racheal Maddow? (I'm back. Oh, man! Stomach acid is hell on a touch screen.)

Back to what was supposed to be the real subject here for a minute, I read a few of the comments under this video on youtube. I couldn't read 3,500 of them, but the big objection I saw to the video in the first few had nothing to do with the distraction of this anti-invasion activist's nice boobs but that "Hey, the Turkish flags were hanging out the windows there in the Marxloh District because the big soccer match was on, and the people wanted to, you know, support the team". I can believe that. So, the Turkish flags may not be hanging there all year long (though the burkas, non-German food, and lack of any concern for German history and heritage will be). That doesn't negate Mrs. Southern's point at all. Why wouldn't these people root for the German soccer team? Are these people German or not? That's the point made in the video - they aren't.

PS: I'm not sure if the viewer caught this, but there is an artifact in the short duration between 02:24 and 02:25. Lauren Southern's breasts move apart about an inch. This is one of those cuts that videographers love so much, I guess to shave a few seconds off of the length of their videos. It was weird, as I realized how much I'd been watching them. I'm sorry, it's just the way it is.

I do want to write a post soon about a few things I don't like about the youtubers, this quick cutting and splicing being one of them (not in this instance - it was fun to watch). I have at least 3 different complaints about these videographers.

PPS: One more thing, about the Female Stupidity topic key. I've written this before, but just to reiterate: Unlike for the previous post, I don't use this topic key necessarily to point out stupid women. It's just for stupidity that specifically involves women only. I like Lauren Southern, and I don't think her video is stupid. This post was specifically about a women thing. (Not many guys will get viewers mesmerized by their chests, but what do I know ...)

* Our software didn't know how to spell this, and then I almost wrote it as you-tubetop-per. Peak Stupidity is hopeful we can show something like that in another post.

** It's not a random set though. Those really politically aware lean male by a long shot.

*** Wiki is so biased on its page on Lauren Southern that I'm not even going to link to it. She has a background of activism all over the English-speaking world and has been banned from a handful of countries. That's a very good sign. (OK, well the bans were temporary, but then she got protested and shut down afterwards, so she's good people ...)

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My excuse for participating in demographic collapse - 3: Leslie

Posted On: Friday - May 13th 2022 8:36AM MST
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Here is the quick excuse from the 3rd of 3 of writer Lionel Shriver's close British women friends who didn't want to have children. She, and then we, first featured the excuse of Gabriella and then Nora. Keep in mind that these are all from '05, as taken from Mrs. Shriver's well-written Guardian article, No kids please, we're selfish , and those are not the ladies' real names.

As I wrote the last 2 times, I won't comment too much on this one (younger) lady's excuse either. Peak Stupidity will have a post next week* that will try to explain what the root problems really are here, in general.

We hear from purposefully childless woman #3, Leslie::
At only 26, Leslie will have to stand in for the staggeringly numerous younger British women who have shared with me their lack of enthusiasm for the familial project. Leslie is a publicist for a small literary publishing company, to which she is devoted. She's very good at her job. Her sunny, perky quality provides a welcome counterpoint to my jaded older friends, and she's optimistic about the future - hers, that is.

Leslie does not want children. "When I think about my future, I envisage the fulfilment of ambitions such as travelling and furthering my career, not having babies. I can't imagine I will be able to give up the lifestyle I lead to become a parent. I would like to spend time working and travelling abroad. Financial independence is very important to me, as is retaining my own independence in any relationship. Something would have to give in order to properly care for a child, and unfortunately it's most often the mother who has to forego some aspect of her life."

When I ask her, an only child, if it matters to her whether she carries on the family line, she says, "It's not really something I've thought about."

On the other hand, Leslie offers evidence that Be Here Now - living for the present - is not always morally arid. "I certainly don't see my purpose as being to perpetuate the human race. What makes my life worth living for me - and what, I think, redeems my life - is my relationships and interaction with others, be they family, friends, lovers, colleagues, total strangers. I think what redeems individuals is their acts of humanity."

Like most of her generation, Leslie isn't concerned with maintaining the Anglo-Saxon identity of Britain. "Is there any true British race now, anyway? I think it's far too late to start worrying about its preservation at this stage." She has embraced multiculturalism, and faces the prospect of western cities going majority-minority with cheer. "Most of my friends are from different ethnic backgrounds, and I feel lucky to live in London, a city full of such diverse cultures, religions and races. I think diversity adds to British culture rather than destroys it."

As for whether she worries that she might regret giving motherhood a miss, Leslie would subject the decision to one test only: whether she might be "discontented" in future. "But then who's to say that I would feel more content if I did have children?"
On difference between Leslie and the other 2 women, Gabriella and Nora, is that at the time of Mrs. Shriver's writing the article she was much younger, 26 y/o vs. 44 and 46, respectively. 26 is a nice ripe age to have a few babies vs. the ripe old age of the other 2 and Mrs. Shriver at this point. Now, this Leslie would be 44 and the whole discussion would be NEARLY a moot point for her personally.

As a younger woman, she is less honest with herself, and the readers of her excuse along with that. I can't say whether that is due to her age or the age. With all the indoctrination they get now, probably more so in Oceania (and this one was still in '05, mind you), the young people may have to lie to themselves just to keep themselves from inadvertently committing thought crimes out loud.

Here is the one particular part that is BS:
Most of my friends are from different ethnic backgrounds, and I feel lucky to live in London, a city full of such diverse cultures, religions and races. I think diversity adds to British culture rather than destroys it.
OK, I can believe that she believes the first part, but not that last sentence. Diversity IS NOT British culture to begin with, it's multi-culturalism. At some point, this Leslie chick, probably by now, will have seen the social and personal costs of diversity there in London. Is it possible she doesn't know how safer and more secure she would feel in a London full of Englishmen and women? Can she just not imagine that? I don't think so - likely she takes mini-vacations** to other parts of her country and can see the beauty in the LACK of diversity. The chances are not small that one of these women will get not so lucky after all and get her diversity good and hard.

Were there not this diversity in London, and the place felt safer and more secure, a BIG deal to women especially, Leslie might feel much differently about having children. Maybe she really can't imagine that, though.

As with the other 2, "furthering my career" and traveling are the biggest things in life to them. Then, she wants "independence" in her relationships. It doesn't sound like she wants a REAL relationship, such as exists in families, of any kind at all. Things don't work like this. The brainwashing is strong in these women, and they no longer know what they were made for.

Well, stand by till next week for more ranting on the subject of evil feminism...

* As usual, I've got plenty of posts in mind, but tomorrow - Saturday- will be too busy for anything much, I think. Hopefully, I'll have time for another one on a different subject this evening.

** She likes traveling. She writes about traveling abroad I'll have more in my general post on this regarding this fixation with travel of all of these women.

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The Climate Crisis™: Kitties hardest hit

Posted On: Wednesday - May 11th 2022 5:48PM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  Global Climate Stupidity

The Climate Crisis™ must have caused that recent cool spell we had. It was very pleasant for us, as the summer approaches, but then, I kept in mind that temperature upheavals™ like this can only be a bad thing. I wouldn't dare to just hang outside or enjoy the free air conditioning (doors and windows open for a couple of hours in the mornings) without keeping Greta's dire warnings in mind.

The cat doesn't know what the hell to do with all this. He was transitioning, no, no, not that kind of thing... he was transitioning from his winter daytime schedule to the summer nighttime schedule. Then the cold air came in. He ended up inside when he should have been out, and vice versa. It's messing with his 18 hour sleep cycle and don't even ask him about Daylight Savings Time!

In the long run, it is supposed to get warmer, so the cats must adapt. It's not like they don't know how to handle the heat though. They will just have to bone up on their heat transfer foo.

Worried feline perusing the literature on "free convection from furry surfaces", Meow Zedong, Wang Fang, et. al.:

Obviously you want to stay out of the sun, even if you're not a black cat. Heat transfer analysis tells us to find surfaces with low radiative absorptivity and high reflectivity, such as white sidewalks, on materials with high conductivity, such as natural heat sinks like the soil. Failing that, we, well, if we are cats, should find smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors, with their low contact resistance, and keep as much of our surface area in contact with the other surface - some cats get up to 70%.

See? Now this guy gets it!:

The Climate Crisis™ is real, alright, but let's not get our backs all arched up about it. We got this, together, OK? Cats can work together to deal with this ... OK, maybe on our own. We sure don't need to be lectured about it by one of those 2-legs.

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Finally, a Federal Reserve Board that looks like America!

Posted On: Wednesday - May 11th 2022 10:25AM MST
In Topics: 
  Global Financial Stupidity  Economics  US Feral Government  Race/Genetics  Inflation  Taxes

Lisa Cook, pictured above, is the newest Federal Reserve Bank Board Governor, the first black lady to ever hold that post. This is supposed to be exciting for us how, now? It's not like America really needs more competent Governors of this non-Federal Reserve-less organization that creates money out of thin air and holds interest rates down, screwing over little old ladies and any other conservative, responsible savers. We could use a little more incompetence at the FED board, in fact, and this lady may just be the one to have it.

Hell, we don't know. Lisa Cook could be a smart and competent lady. One of the pictures had her with a big stack of books. It's just that, after almost 60 years of Affirmative Action, you kinda doubt it... We shouldn't care.

The way things are going financially in the country now, one wonders if these FED board members will ever be blamed for the ruination that's coming to fruition as we write. It may come to be one of the more dangerous jobs, being a FED Governor. I've seen those lists of dangerous occupations - deep sea fisherman, logger, bush pilot, ice-road trucker, etc. FED Governor may end up coming right after #5, crack whore, and from the picture, I can't be so sure that Lisa Cook will not have held numbers 5 and 6 on the list.

Unless the FED is terminated with extreme prejudice, none of this is news. I do have a question I'd like to ask any one of the FED Governors of any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or bipolarity, right after I show him these 2 glossy color pictures here:

Here's how much it costs to borrow money from the bank:

Don't be so sure you'll be on the low end of those ranges either. You must have excellent credit, having borrowed before, used credit cards and not have been a deadbeat with them, you know, like by paying them back before interest accrues and tricks like that, fully paid your $1,300 bill for the 30 minutes behind the counter at the ER* without insurance, etc.

On the other hand, you can also lend money to the bank too, by letting them hold onto your money.

Here's how much the bank will pay you to borrow from YOU:

Just be careful now. If you don't hold that 60 month certificate for the whole 5 years, they WILL penalize you on some of that 0.78%! interest. That means they will keep some of that 3,961 dollars that you would have made on a $100,000 certificate after 5 years.**

During that 5 years, it's best if you don't think too much about inflation, which at the current government-alleged rate, will give you $68,060 in buying power after that time. Don't forget your $3,961 in interest though! Also, don't forget to pay income tax on that at your marginal rate. Like I said, it's best not to think about it.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask my question: The bank is paying back in the range of 1/50 of what people pay to borrow money. Where is the rest of the money going? Show me the money!

Sure, I know, they have a nice clean, air-conditioned lobby, with fake-rock counters and a stained wood island that had to be taken out for COVID and is nowhere to be found. They have the nice solid ink pens, chained with 50 thousandth plastic-covered cable, so customers can't steal them. How could they make any money if we kept stealing the pens?

That CAN'T be all the rest of the money though. Nah, I don't really want a FED that looks like America. I want a FED that looks like Atlantis.

* Spoiler alert: I sure didn't. I paid about $250, and when the guy called me, I told him "look man, $250 ought to cover it. I can't be paying for the 5 illegal aliens that were in there with us that afternoon." Well, this guy really seemed to take offense at this, but I repeated my statement along with "that's all you're getting man. See ya'!"

Sometimes, having "----" as your credit rating can be a real cool hand.

** I'm counting compounding, of course.

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Happy Confederate Memorial Day

Posted On: Tuesday - May 10th 2022 5:09PM MST
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  Music  Southern rock  Holiday from Stupidity

That's today in certain States. Other than anonymously on the internet, it takes a brave Southerner nowadays just to mention, much less celebrate, the holiday.

I saw a quick blurb about this in a John Derbyshire post. One of the websites (here) that popped up with information about this holiday tells us that the State of South Carolina celebrates this day. (There's some confusion as TODAY is May 10th, yet the article says the State Gov workers "will be back on Tuesday". I think that's the usual thing to give them a 3-day weekend.) Then, a bill in the SC legislature - passed by the Senate, but in committee in the House* - will allow the workers to pick this Juneteenth thing, or any other day. Well, any other day is fair - maybe the White people can be so bold as to all pick Confederate Memorial Day.

Well, we missed marking Alabama's or Mississippi's holiday, so Peak Stupidity will celebrate today, at least by mentioning it. From the article:
South Carolina chose May 10 because it is the day when Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson died in 1863 after he was wounded by his own troops and the day Union soldiers captured fleeing Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Georgia in 1865.
Confederate hero Stonewall Jackson:

It's all so long ago now. For the older of the Baby Boomers, if they are still cognizant in a decade and a half, the War of Northern Aggression will be as long ago for them as the American Revolution was for them when they were learning about it in Kindergarten.

Going back only 48 years here, America was not ashamed of the South, and Southerners were not ashamed of their heritage or maybe it's just afraid to celebrated it now. Rebel flags were everywhere, even on the front bumpers of a few black guys muscle cars (seen it myself).

This old Charlie Daniels Band song, The South's Gonna Do It Again, was not about a resurgence of The Confederacy per se, but just a period of good music from The South. That was indeed the case, for arguably 5-10 years after this song, it being dubbed Southern Rock. It didn't last, as music got worse in general, but also the pride in Southern heritage was slowly quashed over the last few decades.

Even 30 years ago, Southern heritage and pride (and the Rebel Flag) had not been dubbed "NOT OK!" yet. This one is no Southern Rock song, but more of a folk song, and not from your typical Southerners. The Southland in the Springtime was written and performed by 2 lesbians from the Athens, Georgia music scene, The Indigo Girls.

When God made me born a Yankee, he was teasin'.

I bet there is some good cider up in Helen and up Mr. Adam Smith's way.

We just were at the other end of the next county on a country road a few days ago. This one house had 2 Gadsden flags, 2 Rebel flags and one "Fuck Biden" flag out front. There's still some spirit among us!

PS: The CDB song refers to a bunch of contemporary Southern musicians:
Grinderswitch is the only one I'd never heard of.
The Marshall Tucker Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Dickey Betts
Elvin Bishop
ZZ Top
Wet Willie
Barefoot Jerry
Charlie Daniels Band (well, yeah...)

Then Indigo Girls were Emily Saliers (the higher voice) and Amy Ray (the low voice). Southland in the Springtime was from their 2nd album, Nomads, Indians, Saints, the name of which comes from the lyrics of the excellent song World Falls.

* "... and will likely die ..." GOOD!

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Miscellaneous Peak Stupidity items

Posted On: Monday - May 9th 2022 6:13PM MST
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  General Stupidity  TV, aka Gov't Media  Websites  Kung Flu Stupidity

None of these is long enough for its own post, so here are 3 items that may be of interest.

Mr. E.H. Hail has a new post on his Hail to You blog. He has reviewed a book on the Kung Flu PanicFest (he dubs it the "Corona-Panic") from a Canadian perspective.* The post is Book review: “Covid-19: The Politics of a Pandemic Moral Panic” (2021): insights into the Corona-Panic in Canada and an intellectual framework for the Panic.

As usual, Mr. Hail is comprehensive with his review, in this case of a short (134 page) anti-Panic book from late 2020 by Canadian authors Barry Cooper and Marco Navarro-Genie. Check it out. Hell, this may not be over yet, so we'd better keep learning about WTH really happened with this.

Next, I did want to issue a follow-up correction (in some sense) of the recent Peak Stupidity post Whole Fools. It's not that the post was factually wrong, as it was just based on an anecdote to begin with, regarding the strange (IMO, of course) behavior of the Millennial generation of many snowflakes.

I had to go back to Whole Foods' amazon returns area**. By mistake, we had returned only one part of the order. Luckily, I still had my big 2D barcode print out, so I brought that and the item to the counter late, 1/2 hour from closing time. Nobody was right there. "Hey, do you know who's running this deal?", I asked the cute girl at the nearest check-out counter, where she was cleaning up. She came over, as she was multitasking, obviously.

What a breath of fresh air, compared to a few days back! This early 20 y/o white girl had a beautiful smile, no face mask (or how would I know?), and a great attitude. She was fine with speculating with me how amazon would handle first the partial return and then the rest of it. So, Whole Foods is not wholly (wo)manned by fools. We'll be back! (Well, we're likely to get more Cheap China-made Crap that has to go back to the amazon motherland.)

Lastly, we may as well keep our readers up with the 47 year-old Rockford Files. In the particular episode from Season 2 that I just watched, The No-Cut Contract, the message on the answering machine before the theme song was all in Spanish. It was starting even in 1975! Next, I am not positive, but I think this episode is the first one in which Jim Rockford made his patented J-turns. You put the Firebird in reverse and then back up in a 180 degree turn, ready to peel out in the other direction.

Oh, the episode had Rob Reiner as a guest star, a guy whom I detested as the lefty Meathead and detested even more as the lefty/woke real guy. Well, he played a detestable guy in this show too. The scene with him as a minor league football quarterback and Jim's lawyer Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett) was pretty good - she was almost too detesting(?) of him for words. Angel (Stuart Margolan) played a bigger part in this one, but Rocky (Jim's Dad) wasn't in it at all.

Just wondering: I know that things this was a much more trusting country a half century ago. You didn't continually lock things up. Still, wouldn't you quit opening your trailer door for anyone and everyone who knocked, sight unseen, after being punched out, kidnapped, or having the place ransacked on a near-weekly basis? I would, but that's just me.

That there's a Day in the Life of a Peak Stupidity blogger - reading anti-Kung Flu Panic blogs, returning China-made goods, and watching The Rockford Files. Whaddya' want, Breaking Cat News?

* They did, after all, have the last piece of real action, but this book was finished long before the trucker rally.

** It's just the customer service counter, though I guess it has more going on to handle the amazon stuff.

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Shanghai Congee Line and the Covid-Free Highway

Posted On: Friday - May 6th 2022 9:14AM MST
In Topics: 
  Commies  Music  China  Kung Flu Stupidity  Totalitarianism

This is the 8th post of the Peak Stupidity coverage, if you could call it that, of the Chinese LOCKDOWN-redux. The epicenter of this is Shanghai, for reasons, and so we've written about it as the Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow, partly for alliterative reasons.

Here are the previous posts:
It's baaaacck! The Kung Flu in China.
Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline
Chinese Covid-testing Craziness - quarantining babies and the testing video
Covid Zero, Politics, and Totalitarianism in the Orwellian envy of the World
The latest on the Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow
Escape from Suzhou - the motion picture
China LOCKDOWN Totalitarian fun - Video

I've got 2 of the latest videos out of the Middle Kingdom, smuggled past customs officials and the Chinese 10-center internet soy-boys by one of Peak Stupidity's best sources, codenamed Marco Cornholio.

No, the title does not refer to a Conga line, Cuban line dancing, that is. Congee is rice soup, a popular thing in China. There are people lining up in the streets of Shanghai to get their bowl of Congee and a piece of steamed bread*, as if this were the waning days of the Chairman Mao era.

You will note in the video that contrary to the Mao (and early Deng) era, these people are dressed well, as opposed to in Mao jackets, work pants, and with hair styled in that standard iron-rice-bowl cut. The problem is not a big retarded 5-year plan that has the Chinese people making steel on the farm and not producing food, this time. This is a short-term, hopefully temporary, problem directly caused by this latest Kung Flu PanicFest 2.0 politicized stupidity.

The Shanghai people were told NOT to stock up - which wouldn't have worked for everybody anyone - because there would be no LOCKDOWN. That was 3 days before the LOCKDOWN.

The authorities have been Covid-testing trucks that bring in material to Shanghai, controlling everything, and locking people in to where they couldn't even go out for food. Now, the video below looks like a video of UN Aid to Ruanda, except with more polite people with metric shit-tons more IQ points on them.

That doesn't matter. You can have this amazing, quickly developing, economic powerhouse with 1.4 Billion bright hardworking people, but when the Commies in charge introduce Totalitarianism again, you may as well be Africans:

The next video is similar to the ones that Adam Smith linked us to in the comments a few months back, but from the Spring '20 PanicFest~Classic.

Yes, the CCP wants to make the Chinese people, the Chinese pets, the Chinese residences, the Chinese vehicles, and the Chinese highways all Covid Free! To do that, another kind of "free", freedom, that is, will have to be sacrificed, as if they had any real idea of what freedom means anyway over there.

Instead of a Covid-Free highway, I would much rather drive a Carefree Highway of the American 1970s. Back in that time, there was also great music being created, even by Canadians!** Carefree Highway was one of folk singer Gordon Lightfoot's many hits. It's from his Sundown album of 1974.

* Baking is just not a thing in Chinese culture. The steamed bread is edible and not bad, but it ain't danishes, scones, or Krispy Kreme doughnuts by any means.

** I kid, I kid. There were many: Rush, The Guess Who, that Joni chick, Neil (they both left the cold for the California Paradise), Anne Murray ..

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My excuse for participating in demographic collapse - 2: Nora

Posted On: Friday - May 6th 2022 5:36AM MST
In Topics: 
  Feminism  Female Stupidity

This is the quick excuse from the 2nd of 3 of writer Lionel Shriver's 3 close British women friends. She, and then we, first featured the excuse of Gabriella. Keep in mind that these are all from '05, as taken from Mrs. Shriver's well-written Guardian article, No kids please, we're selfish , and those are not the ladies' real names.

Again, I don't really feel the need to comment much on this one. There will be a post, though, after the 3rd woman's story, that will try to explain what the root problems really are here.

We hear from purposefully childless woman #2, Nora::
Irish-born Nora, 46, is an events planner who lives in London. She enjoys her work, in which she is renowned for her effectiveness and good humour, but she places equal emphasis on after-hours. She maintains a large, lively set of friendships, and regularly partakes of the city's concerts, films and plays. She's sharp, droll and quick-witted.

Astonishingly, Nora and all five of her Irish siblings have neglected to reproduce: "Each of us is quite independent, with goals that were more immediate and career-oriented than children."

Unlike Gabriella, through young adulthood Nora always assumed she would have children. Yet she is romantically fastidious and wilful. Though she admits, "I went through a phase when I was coming up to 30 when I got very depressed because it appeared to me highly unlikely that I would have children", motherhood "was never so important to me as to compromise on the man". As smart, appealing women, both Nora and Gabriella might surely have had families were they willing to marry Mr Not Quite Right, but kids weren't important enough. Once again, personal happiness trumps kids.

Nora grants she's "a bit" regretful, although "as I grow older, I feel a greater need for solitude, and for 'me-time'. Perhaps it's work that does it - being responsible for 10 staff and having a fairly 'open-door' policy makes me delight in going home, closing the door and relishing the peace." A holiday to Canada with her godson was sobering. "Yes, he's great - funny, intelligent, well-mannered, interested - but I felt that the responsibility of taking him into bear country was huge. A metaphor for life, perhaps?"

Nora's maternal regrets are skin deep. "I think I have a lovely life. I can see myself continuing to have fun, to enjoy my job, to meet interesting people, to go on great holidays, to read interesting books, to support my family and friends." (Note that I did not plant the words "fun" and "interesting" in my interviewee's mouth.) When I ask what she sees as redeeming her life, she balks. "I think that's a very Protestant question! I'm not sure my life needs redemption. Maybe I'm too much of a hedonist."

Still Nora sorrows, "I think my parents came from an excellent gene pool, and it's a shame that, to date, that hasn't been passed on." Though she has many cousins, the loss of the combined heritage of her particular parents is "a sadness". As for perpetuating her ethnicity, her parents both taught Irish, and she has "a mother tongue that is under threat. But in the wide scheme of things, I am conscious that languages disappear every year." We are of a generation grown accustomed to loss - of habitat, wilderness, biodiversity, fish. Why not Irish, too?

Be that as it may, at the end of our exchange Nora declares fervently, "You and I should have had children!" - hastily appending that she meant not for our own sakes, but in social terms. "We're blessed with brains, education and good health." She admits that the longer our discourse has continued, "the more I think I am a squanderer of my gifts and my heritage. But I live in a decadent age where that doesn't seem such a problem. Anyway, devoting my whole life to promulgating my ethnicity is a big ask."
OK, look, "ask" is not a freaking noun, bloke! (Does "bloke" apply to women? Probably not.)

OK, just a little bit here will do for this post. It's this: "compromise on the man". Yep, it had to be one of the men that the TV, movies, and bodice-busting novels* show you. Indeed, the influence of mass media has played a large role in this feminist and demographic destruction. On the other side of it, it worked on me too. I believed these TV shows about what girls' minds were supposedly like for far too long.

Next: "As smart, appealing women ...". OK, well, see, the "smart" really doesn't matter THAT awful much for this sort of thing. I will take your word that you all were appealing, but that tails off usually before 30 years old. That biological clock knew what it was doing. Was it the AM/PM or volume knob that you got wrong?**

Again, I'll write a lot about the 3 of them later on. I've got to check up on the goings-on in Shanghai, China.

* Never opened one - just going by the covers, that seems to happen a lot in those stories, kinda like a Lauren Southern political video. A post is coming on that ...

** Old Seinfeld show humor.

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Whole Fools

Posted On: Thursday - May 5th 2022 9:30AM MST
In Topics: 
  Genderbenders  Kung Flu Stupidity  Muh Generation

Because there was a short bit of discussion about residual face-masking in Europe in the comments under this post, I'd given my 2 cents about the situation at the location of Peak Stupidity's main campus. My best estimate is only a residual 3-5% face masking here.

Then, I went into Whole Foods yesterday. Amazon owns the high-priced health/fancy food chain, so they have a place to drop off returns. (We may otherwise only get in there a few times a year for some food.*) I will say, this returns process was pretty non-bureaucratic and smooth. Sometimes the new, internet-based ways ARE better and quicker (though that's not the case nearly as often as it ought to be). We printed the return 2-D barcode from the amazon site, I brought it in with the box of stuff and, with nothing much to say, it was just "OK, you're good."

Let me back up 30 seconds. There were 3 young white Millennial women in that customer service area, 2 out of 3 of them masked up. As 2 customer were wrapping up whatever they were talking about, I noted that one of the young ladies was barely understandable, with her black cloth face mask. It was like listening to the old AM radio at night when the skip that got us WLS all the way from Chicago was not so good. I was glad I didn't have to deal with her.

Then, I kid you not, I heard one of the 3 telling the other 2 something about "being misgendered". I really wish I'd heard a few more words of this. I don't think she was referring to herself, because there was no question in my mind about the "she" part(s), but you don't know anymore, right? I didn't want to ask a thing. I just have never actually heard that phrase in real life before.

The 3rd of the 3 young ladies was the one I did deal with. The only question I did ask had to do with her needing my bar code or not to go along with the box. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't missing something, as, just because the process seemed smooth, computers aren't so forgiving. She had that usual Millennial way of not wanting to talk about anything that wan't part of the "script" of her job. Asking other questions seems to trigger these people, as if it's a threat to them.

Secondly, as I wrote a bit about in Not a 21st century man, I don't have that same mindset of these young people that computers are running this world, and you don't need to understand what they are up to. Let them do what they do. They are running the show now.

I did get off into a completely different topic from the Kung Flu Stupidity, so let me just add that part here. The face masking percentage at Whole Foods, of both the customers and employees, was at something like 20-30%. Wait a minute, people! Aren't we the healthy ones, coming in here and spending a premium on this healthful stuff? Why are "we" wearing these worthless face diapers at a factor of 4 - 10 x the regular non-healthfood-shopping population?

That was the case even in the parking lot,. Speaking of the parking lot, this nicely wraps up my post here, taking about 10 x the time to write than my actual experience with those Whole Fools. One of those Chrysler retro muscle cars was backing up near me on the way out. "Black people", said not just the car model, but the tinted windows. The problem I saw was the this driver was backing up pretty quickly still toward about 1 1/2 ft. from a parked car. "Whoa!!!" That was automatic. I don't want to see anyone bash up a car.

Well the lady (black lady - I was right), rolled down the window after hearing me and stopping. Right before she could say a word, I thought "Ahhaa, back-up cameras!" Yeah, I've gotten 6" from my other vehicles with our one that has this feature**, albeit a little more slowly!

Yep, the lady driver was very nice, and at the same time as me said "yeah, got the back-up camera." "OK, I didn't remember about that. You about freaked me out." She was smiling and appreciative. This lady was a few years younger, but no Millennial. I think there is a real generation gap, as I can't deal with the Millennials at all sometimes as I can with ... hate to say it ... regular people.

In their defense, the young people, especially the White ones, have been screwed with so much over the last few years by both the wokeness and the PanicFest. That's too bad, but anyway I don't deal very well with the whole fools at Whole Fools.

PS: I will have to populate lots of previous posts with this Muh Generation topic key, but that'll take a while.

* Sometimes they have some good deals, but NOTHING is a good deal anywhere lately. We happen to be in a location with this large healthy-food chain, one medium one (it used to be a 1970's sized grocery store, and one small one. The small one jacked up prices to exorbitant levels well back before the latest bout of higher inflation - we haven't even set foot in there to see. The medium one is a happy medium - this is the place where I was given an ultimatum during the '20 PanicFest summer that went "wear the mask, or I can't check you out". They got over that, and I forgive them for their insanity.

** With the terrible visibility this thing has, especially out the back, you'd better get one. (I made sure ours had this before I bought it.)

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China LOCKDOWN Totalitarian fun - Video

Posted On: Wednesday - May 4th 2022 12:51PM MST
In Topics: 
  China  Kung Flu Stupidity  Totalitarianism

Totalitarianism done right!:

None of this half-assed American style Totalitarianism hampered by Federalism and all that crap!

I'll just relay a couple of tidbits on the on-going Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow here, with video at the bottom. In case you haven't followed Peak Stupidity on this story, we have written 6 posts already:

It's baaaacck! The Kung Flu in China.
Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline
Chinese Covid-testing Craziness - quarantining babies and the testing video
Covid Zero, Politics, and Totalitarianism in the Orwellian envy of the World
The latest on the Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow
Escape from Suzhou - the motion picture

From my source a month ago (but I forgot to add this): There were rumors of a coming LOCKDOWN in Shanghai a few days or so before it was implemented. This is where it helps to have government officials in the family somehow or as part of one's guanxi circle*. To prevent stocking up by aware citizens of the city, which would cause shortages for those last to the store, the government officials told everyone on the TV that said rumors were false. People were told there were to be no LOCKDOWNs. This is where it helps to not trust anyone outside the family**. That's the Chinese way, and one need not wonder why now. 3 days after that TV advise, Shanghai got LOCKDOWNed using the now-acceptable excuse of "Covid one niner!"

This new Chinese faux-PanicFest/real-Totalitarianism is contagious as hell. (I don't know about the latest virus variant - nobody really cares, I think.) Though there was the political impetus to screw over the city of Shanghai, this thing has spread to Peking now too. I would like to get more on the story there. If I do, you'll probably read it here first.

I could not get information on the city in which the following video takes place. These guys in the bio-hazard suits are cops. They are being called the "big whites". This is what the Chinese people are going through right there, right now:

(The only real action starts at ~ 01:15 in. i don't have a good translation right now.)

See, me, I'd just go through the Walgreen's drive-through, barely touch my nose with some anti-bacterial cream in it (as I did the one time), if they really need a Flu Manchu test that damned bad!

Actually, the lady is supposed to be taken to a quarantine camp.

* That's probably not the way they put it.

** Sorry, I can't do that Marlon Brando Godfather voice, even in person.

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Oregon enacts "Carrie's Law"

Posted On: Tuesday - May 3rd 2022 6:13PM MST
In Topics: 
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There was Megan's Law, there was Kristen's Law, and even a Buster's Law, named after a cat*. Now there is Carrie's Law. Who is this Carrie, you ask? Hold on. We'll get right to that.

The Governor of Oregon, a piece of work going by the name of Kate Brown, has just signed the D-legislature-passed bill #3294. Some, policy wonks mainly, know it as "3294", and the public may have heard it by it's official name, "The Menstrual Dignity Act", which as you might well expect, is just a simple common-sense regulation that mandates feminine napkin machines in all school boys' and men's restrooms. Think of it as a tampon Title IX.

Wait, instructions on how to use the machines or how to use the tampons? Oh, my!

Hey, it's not a lot of money, and there's even a Menstrual Dignity for Students Toolkit**. I gotta admit my ignorance here. I thought that toolkit would be an actual box with dispenser installation wrenches, screwdrivers and hardware. Maybe a drill would be necessary too, and if you're gonna go through the tile, why not just drill a through hole to allow the guys to see into the women's room, you know, to see if their machine might have some spares.

The Peak Stupidity readership shall no longer wonder why our software team re-ran the mathematical models that resulted in the new graph displayed up top near the end of last year. Every time you think stupidity has peaked, well, there are stories like this that are NOT from the Babylon Bee.

Over 3 years ago Peak Stupidity took the lead in speculating on the idea of real menstruation, at least for transitioners. Our quick look at the challenge is in the post Can Male to Female Transexuals have Periods?. Our conclusion was the the technology is not there yet, especially the specific tech that could induce artificial bitchiness. The question we have today is how has the State of Oregon gotten so far ahead in the technology, such that the demand is already there for these tampon dispensers? What a tech powerhouse Governor Brown has commanded! Bloody amazing!

Governor Brown, on one of her "light" days:

Now, why "Carrie's Law?", you may yet still be wondering. I'll tell you now. When it comes to this female stuff that nobody really makes a big effort to know about, besides Proctor & Gamble and the State of Oregon, I recall that the Steven King movie Carrie was my first look at how this stuff goes down. It was the gym teacher in her white shorts that clinched the 2-thumbs+ up from this young reviewer, but that Carrie shower scene was a real wake up call too.

The female body is great, but it's a bit weird internally. It has to be, for it to do its job. Even the menstruation process is there for a bloody good reason. Peak Stupidity has speculated about this too, in a more serious post -- Feminism 102 - Mother Nature expresses herself monthly. (Yes, you are required to read the prerequisite post Feminism 101 - It's not nice to fool Mother Nature! first.)

I don't mean to make light of people like our tragic Carrie, actually, to be honest, Sissy Spacek. In the movie, the young lady was clueless as to what was going on and scared out of her telekinetic mind. That'd be terrible. It'd be much better if girls nearing that age could be taught about these things, but by their mothers. It'd be great if boys still didn't need to know all that.

I wish the students of the State of Oregon well in this project, but knowing young boys, up to about 35 years old, I'm not sure how much Menstrual Dignity will be seen out there.

* This was a sick one - a young black man named Chester Williamson of Schenectady, NY set the cat on fire. Before I even looked up a thing about the man, I guessed that he was black. Sure enough, and a year later he became a sex offender to boot.

BTW, the Mental Floss site has a quick list of laws named after real people here.

** In convenient .pdf format.

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