For the White Man: no justice and no peace

Posted On: Friday - November 26th 2021 9:27PM MST
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This is a loss in the 3rd of the 3 important cases that were tried this November. Peak Stupidity wrote about the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal (the only good news) and also the huge monetary loss for Jason Kessler and Unite the Right.

I'm almost too pissed off about this one to write. Being no follower of all the details, though I did pay attention to the video and story back in February of '20 right after it happened, I refer the reader to an article by the esteemed Jared Taylor. Mr. Taylor is the most soft-spoken, civil, and calm pundit that writes and talks about racial issues that I've ever seen. Even he sounds pretty upset and worried about this one - How Horrible Is The Arbery/McMichael Verdict? HORRIBLE, For All White Americans. I refer the reader to Mr. Taylor's elucidation of the basic facts of this case and his opinion of how screwed these 3 Glynn County Georgia men - Travis McMichael, his Dad Greg McMichael, and neighbor William Bryan -have been and are.

One of the things I remember from the time of this incident is that these 3 men were not charged at the time by either the Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson or her replacement from Waycross, George Barnhill. That's how open-and-shut the case for justified self-defense was. No matter whether the McMichaels and Mr. Bryan were wise to have chased down the neighborhood "jogger", once that off-his-meds bipolar criminal named Ahmaud Arbery grabbed Travis' shotgun, anyone not ready to die that day would have shot him.

Again, please go to Jared Taylor's article for more than you may already know about this case and the trial. Mr. Taylor heads slightly in this direction with his conclusion, but I'll speculate on what this verdict means for the future for the White Man under the ctlr-left anti-White Establishment legal system.

The Kessler loss shows that the White Man may not defend his culture via the Constitutional, non-violent methods of free assembly and free speech. This latest verdict, 30 years to life in prison for 3 men who at very most, taking nearly the prosecutions's side, were guilty of manslaughter (or abetting it), and never anything like cold-blooded murder, says that the White Man must not try to defend his neighborhood from preying thieves and to other threats.

Try comparing this unfortunate occurrence in your head to that perpetrated by a guy who purposefully mowed down children and grandmothers with a large SUV, killing 6 (at latest count) and seriously and permanently injuring dozens of others. That black man, Darrell Brooks, is somehow no longer front-page news after 2 days. Yet, this detainment gone wrong (at the worst case) has resulted in these vindictive sentences to come for 3 White Men. I would place a large bet against Darrell Brooks getting a sentence nearly that large.

I have an idea what the 3 Georgia men might be thinking about the unequal justice brought down upon them based on their race. If it weren't for that video that they themselves purposefully released in order to show the truth of their lack of malice and non-intentions to shoot Mr. Arbery*. It turns out that the truth doesn't matter when a White Man has hurt a black person. If that video had not been released and gone viral, these men would have remained uncharged for any criminal act.

The Establishment racial lynch mob, made up of Lyin' Press elements, race hustlers, and the legal establishment, decided that these 3 Georgia men would be made an example of. This could happen to the rest of us if we be so bold as to try to protect our neighborhoods. Not only that, but those prosecutors who used their common sense and didn't charge these men for a crime will be made examples of too. Everyone must get with the program.

The conclusion of Jared Taylor's article is one big black pill. Even if an appeal would be let to be successful by the racial mob establishment, there will be civil suits coming. These men's live are completely screwed, to discourage any others. What's the next move for any of us that may come upon a similar situation? Must the White Man resort to mob tactics now, shovel, shoot, and shut up? Or will we all just make more serious plans to move away from black disfunction? That's kind of hard when you figure that most people who moved to Satilla Shores, 8 miles up the inlet from the Georgia Coast, in one of the whiter areas of that State, already thought they'd done that.

What's the future for us when the the Establishment has set up a different, more punitive and vindictive legal system for the White Man than for the specialized Americans? Who of us thought this would happen so soon? Have the preppers not been onto something for the last decade?

* As Mr. Taylor notes, they could have shot the guy from the pickup from very close, had they come to kill him.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Posted On: Thursday - November 25th 2021 4:39PM MST
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It was not a very good one for 2 members of my family health-wise* (not my very own), but that does nothing but kick me in the ass to tell me to be thankful for what the rest of us have. There's nothing more important for a good life than one's health. All of us here know that, and that explains why we take this vaccine business so seriously.

Anyway, there's lots to write about, with probably over a dozen posts built up in my head. I am very thankful for the great readers of, and commenters on, the Peak Stupidity blog.


T HA N K S G I V I N G !

* One almost assuredly due to that COVID booster shot! (The 3rd of 3 shots total.) There was no changing her mind on it though. The doctor said the words today "something changed between then" [a month or so back] "and now, that made this a lot worse."

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Happy D.B. Cooper Day - 50 years ago this minute

Posted On: Wednesday - November 24th 2021 9:13PM MST
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NOTE: This post was published 50 years to the best-estimated minute that the legendary "Dan Cooper" jumped out of that 727 into the night sky over the foothills of the Cascade Mountains with 200 Grand.

Above is a pretty nice artist's sketch.

It was 50 years ago today.
D.B. Cooper taught the bank to pay.
He was going out the door in style.
The story's guaranteed to raise a smile.
So may I introduce to you
the act you've known for all these years.
It's D.B. Cooper's daring plane heist plan.

(Thank you, Adam Smith, for the additional lyrics. Nobody wants to hear only part of a verse. It's like hearing Uncle Albert without Admiral Halsey. You just don't do that!)

The cool thing about this anniversary is that it was not only the same calendar date as today, November 24th, but in 1971, it was also a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, as it is today.*

Sketches of Mr. Cooper:

"Whaaa? Nobody's got a phone?! Man, I miss that era!"

A well dressed 40-something-y/o-appearing gentlemen who called himself Dan Cooper** bought a Northwest Orient airline ticket for Flight #305 Boeing 727-100 service from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington for $20.*** En route to Seattle, Mr. Cooper told the nearest stewardess (gonna use the term in use then), one Florence Schaffner and gave her a note mentioning that he had a bomb and was hijacking the aircraft.. He indeed showed her an apparatus in his briefcase that at least looked like a bomb.

Though lots of this was going on during those early 1970s years, this guy was no hot-head Cuban demanding "I want to go to Habana!' or black radical thinking the world was going to treat him better in Algeria. The man we know as D.B. Cooper had his act together. That is, both in his calm and civility and in his fairly well-thought-out plans, he was different from the rest. Some speculation is even that the reason he hijacked the plane at the beginning of a 4-day weekend and he dressed up nicely, is that he planned to get back to society and to even get back to work with no one the wiser after his heist.

Mr. Cooper demanded $200,000, which I would put at AT LEAST $2 million, perhaps double that****, in today's money, just as that $20 fare would be equivalent to a $200-$300 fare, a lot of today - airline prices are much lower now in real dollars. Anyway, flight 305 circled the Puget Sound area for 2 hours as the ransom money - 10,000 twenties - was obtained (and photographed, with serial numbers recorded). Mr. Cooper let the all the passengers and two of the 3 stewardesses leave, though I remember reading in a book I no longer have on me that he did demand cash, jewelry and other valuables from the passengers before that. Only the 3-member flight crew, the remaining stewardess Tina Mucklow, and Mr. Cooper remained on board.

The Captain, either the F/O or F/E, and Miss Mucklow:

Mr. Cooper had the flight out of Seattle planned out. The idea was to take this 727 down to Mexico, but Mr. Cooper's plan wasn't to go all the way down there. His demands had included 4 parachutes*****. With these and the money on board, he worked with the flight crew (Captain William Scott, First Officer William Rataczak , and Flight Engineer Harold Anderson) on the plan for the flight south-southeast. Knowing lots about flying and specifically the 727, Mr. Cooper requested the plane be flown at the lowest safe speed with slats and 15 degrees flaps extended, at 10,000 ft msl, and he worked out the route with the crew too. (No way they would make Mexico City on fuel at that speed and in that configuration, but that wasn't his plan anyway.)

Mr. Cooper got help from Miss Mucklow in the use of the aft stairwell, which could be operated in flight. He asked everyone to remain in the cockpit, and the crew noted the door release indication at 8 PM as the aircraft was north-northeast of Portland. At 8:13, based on a pitch moment from the door's complete opening, D.B. Cooper jumped out of the 727 with the money (and whatever else he had) from 10,000 ft. with one good chute and the non-operable reserve.

Here is the interesting part - thoughts on whether Mr. Cooper could have easily survived this jump. First thing, it was night time. 8 PM in the Pacific Northwest in late November means it has been nighttime for 3 hours already. Reports from the crew****** had the weather at altitude as cloudy and rainy (I'd think frozen precip at 10,000 ft though). Either way, there would be no moonshine on the ground - the moon was a waxing crescent, almost 1st quarter, about 6 days old, meaning it would set at ~ 11P, so it wasn't that high in the sky anyway.

Now, it'd have been one different if D.B. Cooper had jumped about 30 years later, in the age of cheap portable GPS. He needed the money in 1971, however, though, not after 30 years of FED-induced inflation. (Had to get an economic stupidity dig in, sorry!) He could have had a plan to jump at a fairly precise spot and used the GPS to steer******* toward a known area of good landing sites - that means no trees, no power lines, and no water. He could have jumped at a known position and even given the crew vectors via that interphone from the back to get to it. That was not an option in 1971.

The area of D.B. Cooper's exit and landing, on a visual (sectional) chart:

Around the 345-360 deg. radial at 5 - 10 miles.

I would guess the crew was using VOR/DME (VHF Omni Range / Distance Measuring Equipment) navigation. One VOR (still there!) is the Battleground VOR. Mr. Cooper's estimated exit position was very close to that station. That means the angle and distance COULD have been very well known, but it sounds like he neither timed the jump precisely nor kept in touch with the crew on known position. Even had he, he'd have been subject to unknown winds on the way down, with no position info.

I'd thought for years that D.B. Cooper jumped over the high Cascade Mountains, in which case he really wouldn't have had a chance in hell of surviving. However, per what I've read he was somewhere near Ariel, Washington, around or just south of Lake Merwin, one of 3 man-made lakes built on the Lewis River. That land is not nice flat farmland by any means, but it's not in THE mountains either. There'd be big tall evergreen trees all over though, a big enemy of the skydiver.

The bing maps image above shows the land cover of recent years of course. There may have been more forest, but their may have been less. From a closer up aerial view of the area, I see that the small roads are curvy, meaning it is not flat there. There is plenty of new growth forest, meaning it could have been pasture at the time. I don't know - 10 miles to the north or northeast of the area speculated would give Mr. Cooper almost no chance in hell of survival. However, what I see in the area south and southeast of Ariel and Lake Merwin, Washington, shows land upon which he may have had a slight chance of getting lucky to land on a moonless night in a field somewhere.

A Continental Airlines pilot that had flown on the same route that night reported that Mr. Cooper's estimated wind direction was way off and that he may have ended up further southeast in the Washougal River watershed. Unless the landing was right at Camas or Washougal (the town) at the confluence with the Columbia River, Cooper would have been screwed, as their's nothing but mountainous terrain along that river.

Where's the rest of it? Where's D.B. Cooper?

After searches during the immediate months and years after this event and the decades of opportunities later, no body has ever been found. A small amount of the bank's cash was found by some kids playing on a sandbar on the banks of the Columbia River in 1980, 9 miles downriver from Vancouver, WA and 20 miles from Ariel, near the roughly estimated landing exit/landing******** area.

The reader may want to look up all kinds of other information about his favorite portion of this saga, the flight, the hijacking itself, the skydiving, and, well, I would say, information on where that big stash of money is. However, regarding the money, two hundred thousand US dollars means nothing like what it used to say, half a century ago. Maybe it's worth an occasional day hike.

D.B. Cooper is an American legend. We, and I speak for all of Peak Stupidity here, would like to think that the man who called himself Dan Cooper got away with this bold act and has been living large but anonymously for the last half a century, something pretty doable in the past. We wouldn't mind at all having a D.B. Cooper holiday every year, to celebrate this unorthodox, but still very American, legend, rather than, I dunno, some black Communist race hustler each January.

So, from a better time in America, even if you did lose your wristwatch to some crazy son-of-a-bitch on that Northwest Orient flight,


PS: Through the late 1990s at least (can't find ANYTHING about it right now), a Boeing 727 would fly skydivers at the World Freefall Convention in Quincy, Illinois - held usually in early August. I talked to someone who did that one - it was apparently not particularly spectacular though you would get blasted away from the plane by those 3 engines. They'd go up to about 13,000 ft or so, meaning no oxygen required, and drop 100 jumpers going one way, turn it around and drop 100 more. The jumpers would exit out what is stupidity still called the D.B. Cooper stairs.

PPS: It's a completely fictional story, as it starts out with D.B. Cooper surviving the jump (we have no idea how he fared from the time he jumped out of that 727), but a fun movie I've seen long ago on TV is one from 1981 called The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper. It's basically a car-chase/action/adventure movie, starring Robert Duvall.

* Nice job, Gregorian Calendar with leap year corrections! See, there have been 13 leap years since 1971. (The year 2000 DID have one, as every 4th century-mark year does, while the other century-mark years don't.) Since the same calendar DATE will be one DAY of the week later each year on normal years, that's 50 days advanced + 13 more - 63, which is evenly divisible by 7.

** The "D.B. Cooper" appellation stuck after a news reporter messed up or miss-heard the name.

*** This was back when 1) you didn't need no steenking ID, 2) You could name your airline "Northwest Orient" without getting a rash of shit, and 3) You could just buy the ticket for your cash and get on the damned airplane ... even with a bomb. It was a different time, you understand ...

**** This hijacking occurred in a year not long before the decade long high period lasting though the early 1980s. Don't believe the BLS numbers. We don't.

***** This is another reason I see this guy as one smart cookie. He demanded 4 chutes to that the airline, cops, crew, etc. would think he might take a hostage with him. In this case, giving him a defective rig would not be done to thwart his plans. (One of the chutes WAS a demo with a sewed-closed bag, but that was not intentional - it was all they could get from the skydiving school.)

****** There were also 2 (at one point 3) trailing military aircraft behind and out of sight of Mr. Cooper and crew (at least till he jumped), which were F-106 "Delta Dart" interceptors. Man, this was a long time ago!!

******* Mr. Cooper opted for the older not-as-steerable military chute anyway.

******** There could be a 5 mile or even more difference if the wind was really up and if Mr. Cooper pulled his chute up high.

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And now a loss, in trial 2 of the 3

Posted On: Wednesday - November 24th 2021 11:58AM MST
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(Graphic taken directly from VDare, as usual. Thanks, guys!)

In the 2nd of 3 of what Peak Stupidity considers important court trials* that started and have been ongoing around the same time this fall, America took a loss. One could say that this civil trial, just held and finished over 4 years after the Charlottesville, Virginia street battle August '17 is not so important as the other 2, as nobody is going to jail. (Of course, the Tyranny side of the Anarcho-Tyranny DID send some on the alt-right to jail, leaving the ctrl-left to on home after all the mayhem they caused that summer day.**)

The alt-right, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Constitutionalists have just lost this one. VDare's Neil Kumar*** just reported SINES V. KESSLER: The First Amendment No Longer Applies To Whites. The plaintiffs in this case sued for "injury" from being hurt by the speech of Mr. Kessler, et al. What a sickening concept that is for me and would be for the Founders of this country. Nah, but the plaintiff's put it thusly:
The two claims which resulted in a deadlock involved conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence in violation of federal law. The plaintiffs’ lead attorney, the vile Roberta Kaplan, has already vowed to continue pursuing them. [My bolding.]
Oh, they were apparently injured to the tune of $25,000,000, as that was the judgement.

What struck me the most from Mr. Kumar's article is the sheer difference in the amount of money that the ctrl-left backers of this case have compared to how much the alt-right defenders have , errr HAD:
The financial disparity between the plaintiffs and the defendants was vast. As Glen Allen of the Free Expression Foundation explained:
Three large New York City law firms and 38 lawyers, led by Roberta Kaplan, entered appearances for the plaintiffs. These three law firms comprised over 1300 lawyers altogether and had income in 2020 of approximately $1.9 billion. Moreover, Ms. Kaplan was able to fundraise an amount probably in excess of $25 million to pay for the litigation, a staggering sum by any reckoning but especially so given that many of the plaintiffs’ law firms offered their services pro bono.

The defendants, by stark contrast, have encountered huge obstacles to obtaining adequate representation. First, given hostile media accounts, antifa threats, and the defendants’ unpopular ideology or perceived ideology, few lawyers would even consider representing them. …Second, even if the defendants could find willing counsel, in most cases they could not pay the high legal costs the plaintiffs intended to impose, and did impose, by their scorched earth litigation. Few defendants had significant wealth and most found their ability to raise money through crowdfunding or other donation paths restricted or cut off by deplatforming, media hostility, and antifa harassment. As this case has at last, after three years, reached trial, most of the original 25 defendants have defaulted or are representing themselves [The Sines v. Kessler Lawfare Litigation: A National and Historic Disgrace,, November 19, 2021].
Even without this Establishment lawfare, it's hard for the right to get organized. From here on, any support for the cause in terms of money ought to be given under that table. For the alt-right, it seems like young people with not much to lose asset-wise would be the ones who could stay in the fray here. What we all need to learn is how to move at least some of our money to safe places (trusted friends and family, hard and hard-to-steal assets, etc.) before we get too involved politically.

"Oh, 25 million is it? I got, let's see, there's $318 in this one account, I can sell my old Honda, but this nice car is my friend's. Let me pull off the couch cushions and oh, lookie here, I got $1.85 in coins and 4 Chucky Cheese tokens in my right front pants pocket. Oh, gonna garnish my wages for the next 875 years and put a lien on ... what now?" Yeah, it can get serious. Two words for you all: Gold, Bitchez!

I'm trying not to excerpt the whole article, but here's a good summary of what this result means:
The precedent this sets: from now on, if white Americans dare to exercise their right to assemble and protest for the redress of their grievances in our increasingly anti-white country, Leftist authorities can engineer mayhem (as they did in Charlottesville) and then use private civil plaintiffs to levy astronomical damages against the organizers, for the sole purpose of bankrupting said organizers.

In other words, this verdict, the Crown Jewel of all Leftist lawfare to date, will be used as a weapon to prevent any white Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights and organizing protests to defend their rights, their heritage, their very humanity.
Yes, this was a big loss. Do you see why Peak Stupidity frequently mentions the (Capitalized) Establishment being under complete ctrl-left control?

PS: Within 1/2 hour of finishing this post, I see that the Arbery case was lost too. I guess I'll write about the general trend here on Friday or Saturday. This is not a news site, and White People have had our quick moment of fun. For some, the payback was immediate, getting run over and maimed or killed in a parade on the streets of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

* I am no follower of legal issues, precedents, important cases, an so on, but so I do realize that there are many others that go on that are just not so high profile. This is not a legal blog, though we retain virtual lawyers to keep up site immunity from the pestilence of lawfare. By "virtually", I do mean virtually, as this is going on pretty much within the offices and legal venue existing inside this blogger's head.

** One of the young men that was just sued in this court trail was Jason Kessler, he of Sines v Kessler. He has been reporting on what happened that day and the legal warfare of the ctrl-left since, with lots that can be read on VDare here. I imagine he's just too pissed at this latest turn of events to write right now.

*** I'm almost positive that "Neil Kumar" is not this gentleman's real name, maybe "Neil" but not "Kumar", as per his VDare bio page: Neil Kumar is a law student who lives in the Arkansas Ozarks. He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Sons of the American Revolution, with blood that has been Southern since the seventeenth century.

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Proud to be a Wokie here in Skokie.

Posted On: Tuesday - November 23rd 2021 6:35PM MST
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I guess it's catch-up day on a couple of Unz Review comments that I'd wanted to feature here. This one is a most excellent take-off on an old Merle Haggard song. Peak Stupidity featured this classic country pro-traditional-America song long ago here. We'll just put the embedded song here for you to play just in case you don't know this one. The very humorous take-off by commenter Roonaldo would mean nothing if you don't.

Here is the comment on unz.

We don’t read the Unz Review in Skokie.
We get our news from MSNBC.
We proudly show our vaccine card on Main Street.
We don’t want right-wingers runnin’ free.

We have wild parties full of lovin’.
We like man on man and sniffin’ poo.
We like our partners gettin’ real skanky,
like California politicians do.

I’m proud to be a Wokie here in Skokie,
a place where even trannies have a ball.
We still wave rainbow flags down at the Courthouse.
White guilt is still the biggest thrill of all.

Leather boots are fine for our Antifa riots.
Nine millimeter pistols are real mean.
We’re pissed Rittenhouse fought back and shot us,
with his semiauto A and R Fifteen.

And I’m proud to be a Wokie here in Skokie,
a place where JB Pritzger can have a ball.
We still wave BLM flags down at the Courthouse,
and Pfizer shots are still the biggest thrill of all.

Here in Skokie, Illinois, USA.


Great stuff! Thank you very much, Roonaldo. The closest I've come to doing that good a job on this sort of thing was from way, way back with a take-off of Paul Simon's Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard in the Peak Stupidity post Last dig at Øb☭ma - to a great tune by Paul Simon. I wrote that version about the '12 election for a comment on some old blog, years before this blog ever started and dug it up because well, I spent a lot of time on it! Too much time ... hard way to make a livin'...

Finally, speaking of some creative song lyrics, Mr. E.H. Hail, of the Hail to You blog, featured the new folk ballad The Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse on his site. It's the one he mentioned in the comments here.

PS: I did change punctuation in Mr. Roonaldo's song lyrics. I feel the need to do that for almost every set of lyrics I get off of the multiple websites that have them.

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One observer's opinion of Chinese Kung Flu Stupidity.

Posted On: Tuesday - November 23rd 2021 6:01PM MST
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Two weeks ago, under the extremely-anti-vax article Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda on The Unz Review by the anti-Panic writer Mike Whitney, I came across a few anecdotal comments that mention the situation in China. (It's a long thread - there are currently 643 comments under the article!) Because this blog has a special fixation with things Chinese I was interested in one particular comment by commenter "Erebus".

Mr. Erebus' take on the situation in China, not just with respect to the Flu Manchu but general Totalitarianism in China, is not one I particularly agree completely with. However, I have not been to that Eastern land for ~ 4 years, so, I figure he may have a more recent take. (That is especially important that my last time spent there was, of course, well before this latest excuse for "MOAR control, everywhere, by everyone!") We don't know this the guy going by the handle "Erebus" lives in China or anywhere near there, or has ever even visited. However, though I haven't agreed with this guy on some things in the past, he comes across as pretty honest, and he's civil about his opinions too.

Therefore, I present his quick take on life in China in the aftermath(?) of this world PanicFest. I have plenty to say about his take, but I'll leave that for another post to come shortly*:

They’re right when it comes to digital ID. It’s been soft sold for years, and the Chinese public bought into it wholesale. As smart phones are absolutely everywhere and in continuous use, the move was quite organic. Now, everyone pays using their phone, and most people don’t even carry cash.

They’d been living with State ID for centuries with the Hukou (户口) residence registration system and have been carrying a state ID card for decades. All that started migrating to the smart phone some years ago, and there’s moves afoot to abolish the old Hukou system. When SARS-2 rolled out the digital ID evolved rapidly to include a “health” function.

That function (afaict) principally indicates that you haven’t been in any hotspots recently (or at least your phone hasn’t). Venues such as airports, rail stations, hospitals, some hotels and all govt buildings require you to pull up a green code before entering. The only commercial enterprise I know of that asks for it currently is Walmart. Temperature checks remain pretty common, though a fraction of what they were a year ago when they were everywhere.

Where all that is less so is in the countryside. Rural areas still have “off-line” stores & markets and some villages are panicked about the virus. Locals have a lot of autonomy and in many cases make up rules as they see fit.

The big differences with the RoW are:

– There is no vaxx mandate or threat of one. The vaccines were heavily promoted when they first rolled out and some local officials tried to improve their numbers by making it mandatory for govt & medical workers and certain industries. The national govt soon banned the practice and it’s been strictly voluntary since. Vaccine promotion has pretty much died out.

BTW, vaccinations were not available to anyone over 60 or under 18 until Aug 2021 when some regions began rolling out programs for 12-17 yr olds and over-60s. Again voluntary, and under 18 yr olds must have a consent form signed by their accompanying parent/legal guardian.

– Local lockdowns around local outbreaks has been the Chinese strategy since Wuhan opened 17 mos ago. These have been as small as locking down a single apartment building, to city districts (boroughs) but I’m not aware of a lockdown that covered a whole city since Wuhan, and such lockdowns as have occurred lasted 2-3 weeks unless new cases arose.

– Masks are required on public transit and typically in any venue requiring a green code, but are voluntary everywhere else. Roughly 1/3 of people wear them on the street etc, but remove them on entering a bar/restaurant. Go figure.

That's the entirety of the comment. I'll have plenty to add, but it seems at least a fair unbiased view. I need to add here the quick note that Mr. Erebus' "RoW" means the Rest of the World. Another commenter asked, and I'm glad, as I wouldn't have caught the meaning either, as obvious as it is to me now.

* I hate to break it up like this, but with a specifically timely post coming tomorrow, and then Thanksgiving on Thursday, that'll be here on Friday at the earliest. I am itching to give my take now, though! (However, the posts of gotten way too long lately!)

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Zhou Bai Dien, the Winter Olympics, and Human Rights.

Posted On: Monday - November 22nd 2021 8:10PM MST
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  US Police State  China  Zhou Bai Dien

"See, here in America, where we are FREE, ..."

"What? Mr. President, could you say that again? You're coming through 1 by 2 with that stupid mask on."

It's another one of these "takes a lot of damn gall" pieces of hypocrisy that you get a lot lately. The Biden administration has threatened ("yeah, whatever" - the Chinese) a diplomatic boycott of the coming Winter Olympics, to be held in Peking, China. That doesn't mean the American athletes won't participate, but just that the top US dignitaries won't make it. Oh, too bad - the CCP will have to pay serious postage to sent some more Hunter video by personal courier instead of handing it directly to Jan Psaki.

The Daily Caller explains that this is due to the Chinese government's treatment of the Uighurs. These Moslems in the northwest of (well, what's now) China, the high desert/mountain area of Xinjiang, are indeed being treated like shit. I could believe anything even Breitbart (here) says about the place, though they seem to be more anti-China in general than that country warrants.

Be all that as it may, what takes the cake is that this administration brought up Human Rights to another country while there are many dozens and possibly hundreds of Political Prisoners held right in downtown F.S.* itself for most of a year without having been tried!** China may have much more than a proverbial mote in its eye, but you need to take the log out of your own eye, Mr. President. We're gonna need it for later, when we shove it up your ass instead, on behalf of the 1/6 Political Prisoners.

PS: The reader may very well want to know why Peak Stupidity still insists on "Zhou Bai Dien" then, seeing as he is at odds with China. I think he has the new Neocons like UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Senator Tom Cotton on his ass about this. It's just talk. I see no action against China on things that matter like trade. I really think if the Chinese say "jump", Joe Biden will, well, he'll ask "can I go potty now?", as his handlers ask "how high, Sir?!"

* That's Washington Federal Shithole.

** In the meantime, the only one that murdered anyone at the Capitol last January 6th is free as a Byrd - that is Michael Leroy Byrd, the murderer of Ashli Babbitt.

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Nobody Said It Was Easy

Posted On: Saturday - November 20th 2021 7:42PM MST
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What a great song for these times! This song was a hit almost 40 years ago. Perhaps there are times for every generation that look just as bleak, but I have a hard time believing it. We're trying to get through it intact, but, nobody said it was easy.

When I looked up this song, I couldn't find it at first. Even via recognition (forget recall), I wouldn't have been able to remember it was a band called LeRoux for the life of me. Nobody Said It Was Easy was a Billboard magazine #18 top single from this Baton Rouge band's 4th album, Last Safe Place in 1982. The song has a sub-title, as it were: (Lookin' for the Lights).


Jeff Pollard – lead vocals, guitar
Tony Haselden – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals
Leon Medica – bass, backing vocals
David Peters – drums, backing vocals
Rod Roddy – lead and backing vocals, keyboards, synthesizer
Bobby Campo – backing vocals, percussion

Next week: maybe that book review finally, something on China and the vax policy over there, speculation on Globalist evil pushers of the vax to the world, a series of short posts taken from just 20 minutes in front of the TV, and, OK, yeah, maybe some current event or something. Thanks to everyone who reads Peak Stupidity and especially to the commenters.

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Bash Business Big-Time

Posted On: Saturday - November 20th 2021 6:07PM MST
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Yeah, and screw the White Man in the process. In the 2nd of our quick series of "Hey, read this!" posts, I refer the reader to Peak Stupidity's favorite literary pundit, Miss Ann Coulter. She misfire's on a cylinder every 1,000 miles or so, not even enough to warrant plugging into her OBD-II port*.

Miss Coulter tells us Biden's "Build Back Bigger" Is Anti-White Racial Socialism, in her 2nd-to-latest column**.

Per Miss Coulter, this cartoon from a Biden Administration press release about the bill, shows "Linda", who looks almost White. That's a first! See, this is to get you to tell your Congresscreature to vote "Yea".

Hmmm, what about the Dad?

First of all, there's no building of anything in this bill. The word "infrastructure" doesn't mean what these assholes tell us it means. Even then, it's not about us.
One thing White House’s official press release did not mention is that almost all of the $2 trillion doled out under BBB is expressly designated for Black, Latino, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander and non-English speaking individuals. White Americans will get nothing and like it.
Miss Coulter give us 8 such examples, which, in total, add up to the tremendous amount of $2 Billion. Well, that's peanuts nowadays. It's 0.1% of the spending in this bill. But, wait...
And on and on and on.
She being an astute lawyer, I don't doubt that Ann Coulter went through this bill. It's not something I would do, even on the Ann Coulter pay scale. If I could get the same money for cleaning out sewer lines for a day, I think I'd go for the latter. Anyway, she is not stupid, so I'm guessing she sees the bigger picture, money-wise, of how this money will be spread in bigger amounts to anyone but White people.

It is nothing but a transfer of wealth from the White man to the non-white. I was about to correct that and write "transfer of some of our income, in the form of taxes", but who am I kidding? Taxes don't cover all this. It comes from just more borrowing. It won't be paid off, but the loss of value of the currency means Americans lose wealth due to the quickly decreasing value of the US Dollar.

The number I read was $1.85 Trillion for this latest largess. Interest at a more natural 7% rather than that rate artificially-reduced to 1% by the FED, would mean $130 Billion more interest would be needed per year. That's a significant portion of the $3 Trillion or so collected in taxes, just for this one bill. Now, that's just if we disregard the idea of it actually getting, like PAID BACK, or something. No, this stuff can't go on.

About the recipients of this generous Feral Gov't largess, Miss Coulter asks:
What the hell happened to Linda?
She then answers that question:
Linda is wearing a hardhat, so her job has probably been outsourced. Maybe she’ll be helped by BBB’s humongous expansion of the Trade Adjustment Assistance program (TAA). That’s the law passed in the 1960s to compensate American workers whose jobs have been shipped abroad by globalist swine who couldn’t care less about their fellow Americans and don’t mind that every single thing we need, including masks and medicine, is made in China.

Surely, some white people will qualify for that—steelworkers, autoworkers, glass, plastic and paper manufacturing employees.

In fact, the BBB hijacks the whole idea of compensating globalism’s losers and turns the TAA into just another massive welfare scheme. Both the eligibility requirements and payment amounts are expanded beyond all reason, entitling “workers” to years and years of payouts, with no minimum employment period required, and no stipulation that trade has anything to do with the loss of their jobs.
Globalists don't mind Socialism. It keeps any possible small business competitors down.

Oh, it just passed in the house, as I read here on a site called Liberty Nation. (At first glance, it seems to be a pretty good fiscal Libertarian-oriented site, with some Conservatism.) What's another 2 Trillion bucks, spread around among the non-priviledged? Hell, it even less than that. Don't you believe in charity? Well, we do! We're the US Feral Gov't, and we'll be charitable for you, you privileged misers, you!

No, we're not voting ourselves out of this.

* That's not what you think it is. I'm going on with the auto analogy - On Board Diagnostics - 2nd generation. What are they up to now? (On the one vehicle we have new enough to have any of this, hope we don't have to plug into it for another 50,000 miles!)

** The latest was about the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, here, written 2 days before his acquittal. You can't go wrong reading 99% of her columns anyway.

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Our favorite VDare writer Jack Dalton on the American Commies

Posted On: Friday - November 19th 2021 8:31PM MST
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Our new favorite VDare writer Jack Dalton has another article up on the site that goes right along with the thinking of the Peak Stupidity blog. We like to call the American left Communists, and Jack Dalton, along with VDare founder/editor Peter Brimelow*, agrees with us.

His latest article**, FBI Raids O’Keefe—Loudoun County’s Immigrant Muslim Prosecutor Threatens Communist Anarcho-Tyranny Is Here, starts out mentioning The Gulag Archipelago:
If you want to know why you should reread Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and absorb his most famous passage from The Gulag Archipelago, consider what happened last week. Leftist federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York sent the FBI to raid the homes of dissident journalists who work for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. On Saturday, they searched O’Keefe’s apartment [F.B.I. Searches James O’Keefe’s Home in Ashley Biden Diary Theft Inquiry, by Michael S. Schmidt, et al., New York Times, November 6, 2021].

O’Keefe is famous for his undercover videos that expose Leftists at their worst. But they, supposedly, weren’t the problem. O’Keefe reportedly once possessed Ashley Biden’s stolen diary. In it, the President’s daughter wrote that she had “probably not appropriate” showers with her father as a child. The Project Veritas raids are just the latest proof that we are living in an anarcho-tyranny in which the Deep State and its communist legal apparatus are prosecuting law-abiding, patriotic Americans.
VDare puts in hyperlinks like it's 1995, so click over there for lots of background - there are 10 links just in those 2 paragraphs alone. More:
So why a federal dragnet over nothing more than a petty theft?

To send a message.

O’Keefe and Projective Veritas threaten the Establishment:
He gives some examples. I don't want to excerpt the entire article. After that:
No wonder the FBI and Justice Department went after O’Keefe with even the flimsiest excuse. They’d love to do to him and his courageous colleagues what they’re doing to Trump supporters at the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest [An Alarming Letter From January 6 Protester Nathan DeGrave, From His Jail Cell in Washington DC, by Sundance, Conservative Treehouse, October 30, 2021].
Then we read about the piece of work in the VDare image above. She seems to be a cadre under the tutelage of the Totalitarian scumbag Merrick Garland:
NSBA subsequently apologized, but the damage was done [School boards group apologizes for letter linking protesting parents to domestic terrorism, by Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, October 23, 2021]. The anti-parent outfit got what it wanted, particularly after what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia. A “gender-fluid” boy in a dress raped a ninth-grade girl in a high-school bathroom [Loudoun Co. judge rules teen sexually assaulted girl in school bathroom, by Neal Augenstein, WTOP, October 25, 201]. The girl’s father lost his temper at a school board meeting after a Leftist woman said his daughter was lying, and even worse, after school board members and the county superintendent said no such assault had occurred [Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom, Father Says, by Luke Rosiak, Daily Wire].

The Commonwealth’s Attorney, Albanian Muslim immigrant Buta Biberaj, prosecuted the father.
From Mr. Dalton's excerpt of writing by one Bruce Lashan of an outfit called WUSA9:
Biberaj has been slammed by the New American, a publication of the John Birch Society, as a Muslim “immigrant prosecutor who arrested an ‘American’ who complained about daughter’s rape.” VDARE, a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate group, said on Twitter, “Loudoun County prosecutor Biberaj is an Albanian Muslim immigrant from Montenegro. And yes, she was elected by a 1% margin after George Soros paid $845,000 to support her bid.”

Biberaj says her campaign has taken money from Soros, a billionaire philanthropist and mega-donor who was born to Jewish parents. But she said Soros’ team “has never asked for anything in return.” Soros has been a focus of right-wing anger for years.
Hahahaaa! No, Soros never asks for anything in return. He was just giving out $845,000 to a Moslem immigrant running for country prosecutor in order to earn his Citizenship in the Community merit badge. Notice that the $outhern Poverty Law Center is THE designator of the "HATE" label. It'd sure be nice to get that contract. I'd be happy with a notary public embosser myself!
That doesn’t cover it all. There’s more. Much More. The Floyd Hoax riots. The Blake Hoax riots. The unjust Rittenhouse prosecution.

The upshot of it all is this: we are all James O’Keefe. We are all those parents who show up at school board meetings to protest bathroom rapes and anti-white CRT hate. We are all those locked in D.C.’s Gitmo.

We suffer under a totalitarian communist regime, and not just on the federal level—the cancer has metastasized to the state and the county level too. This is headed in a very bad direction.
I agree. Jack Dalton didn't know it as of his writing this, but Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal has slowed our progress down this path. These Commies are unrelenting, as always.

Nice article again, Jack Dalton. (I hope VDare will publish him more frequently in the near future.)

* Mr. Brimelow wrote this tweet agreeing with Peak Stupidity's take on the ctrl-left. (There was some confusion, as he linked to tweets by a guy with the "@StupidityPeak" twitter handle. However, he linked to our article OK, Some (V)Dare Call it Communism.) Thank you, E.H. Hail, for finding this tweet.

Oh, and I realized (just now) that Mr. Brimelow's tweet with one segment of my post has a homophone typo - "than" should be "then". Fixed here, but not there, wherever "there" means?

** Bear with me, as I'm catching up on some "hey read this!" posts, going back a couple of weeks.

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Some Great News (for a change)

Posted On: Friday - November 19th 2021 12:30PM MST
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He's been acquitted on all charges.

Peak Stupidity wrote a few days after Kyle Rittenhouse shot the 3 antifa Commies that his shooting them was very obviously done in self-defense and was an excellent job at it, at that. See Kyle's Life Matters.

This case was one of 3 related cases we discussed in Three trials for the purpose of crushing American resistance, but it was the most important. If the Establishment legal system is going to put us in jeopardy for simple acts of self-defense, then things have gone very far down the road toward Communist oppression.

The jurors of Kenosha have struck a blow against the ctrl-left's march to take us down this road. Their doing the right thing has not only vindicated Kyle Rittenhouse for his 2 1/2 blows to the ctrl-left, but, more importantly, it gives the rest of us patriotic Americans much more confidence that we can stop these people, without going directly to civil war.

It's not like the Commies will just give up and go home though. We just have more time than we'd have had if this verdict had gone the other way. Even personally, this verdict has had an effect on my thinking for the long-term plans of my family.

Nice going jurors! Nice job, Kyle Rittenhouse!

PS: I've got ~ 20 posts in mind, backed up here. This good news needed to get on the site. It's not as if Peak Stupidity often reports on current events in a timely manner. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;-}

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The 1/6 Political Prisoners will NOT be sung of in a U-2 song

Posted On: Thursday - November 18th 2021 10:13AM MST
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It fits in well with the subject of this post that I could not easily find a picture for the top that showed the 1/6/21 protestors being arrested, jailed, or perhaps visited in jail? Why no pictures?

I'll tell you why there aren't easily available pictures. I doubt that there was any chance for family, friends, and other supporters to even have a chance to talk to them once "our" Federal Police Force got ahold of each. Peak Stupidity has written hardly anything about the plight of these patriotic Americans who did nothing more illegal and dastardly than trespass on Federal (well, "OUR") property. We had posts about the event itself (see Patriots Breach the Senate, The Battering of Sick Nick, No Justice for Ashlii Babbitt, and Murderer of Ashli Babbitt revealed: Michael Leroy Byrd), but nothing about what's happened to these Americans.

That's out of sheer disgust at the evil we see now in the Feral Gov't in the Washington Federal Shithole. The idea of the site is to write about stupidity, not so much pure evil. They do go hand-in-hand a lot though. Here's the basic formula (derived, I gotta assume, from Newton's Laws of Motion or the 1st Law of Thermodynamics as almost everything else is): Stupidity + Power = Evil.

There was a post going around the web recently containing a letter that is supposed to be from one of these men stuck for months now without trial in jail in Washington, F.S. Maybe someone else here can tell me if it's legit, but I have no reason to doubt the extremely poor treatment of these prisoners, health-wise and Constitution-wise. This is more 3rd-Worldly behavior here, much more important to those involved, of course, than my experience among the 3rd-Worldly crowd at a fast food joint.

I don't know how many Americans know what's going on there. Washington, F.S. is filled with wanna'-be Woodward & Bernstein media types, so you'd think a few of them might be on the egregious story for us. Nah. I they had a story about people held under conditions like this in El Salvador or Peru by the right-wing, we could read whole articles in the NY Times or Washington Post about it.*

Why are the no big protests on the streets about this by American patriots? My quick answer is that most American patriots have jobs. Back in the 1960's there'd be crowds outside the jail building all hours of the day and night. It'd be one big protest party, till they let the guys out, which they would.** The divide between left and right aligns pretty well with the line between Americans with real jobs and those without.

Will Americans (and I do include myself here) get out in mass rallies for the January 6th political prisoners? It's sad to see it written about this country, but there's no way around it. These people are nothing other than political prisoners.

Back in the day, the music artists of the left, which are, say 95% of them, would get political in their songs. If one just listened for the music (as to Neil Young's guitar in Cortez the Killer), it didn't matter. However, I remember one particular with a theme about those poor political prisoners or missing children down in ... wherever. That one was U-2's Mothers of the Disappeared. I DID listen to the lyrics of that song. Would U-2 ever be so kind as to write a song about America's political prisoners, stuck down in a dungeon in the capital for daring to trespass in a government building?

(C'mon, Bono, drawing a blank, are you?)

* That's not to say I'd ever get it directly from those outlets of the Lyin' Press.

** The left knows how to do Constitutionality, when it helps them out, that is.

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Awaiting the important Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Posted On: Wednesday - November 17th 2021 8:09PM MST
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As I wrote in this post yesterday, the fact that Peak Stupidity has not spent much time discussing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial doesn't mean it's not extremely important. Most of our readers have likely found other, hopefully conservative/libertarian outlets to read about or watch parts of this trial. The name of the site is Peak Stupidity, after all, so we cover the stupidity more than the evil.

Just as an example of why I can't get myself to follow these (even the important) high profile court cases: I heard a little snippet of some question of Mr. Rittenhouse by one of the prosecutors. (Was it Binger?) This was on someone’s phone, some TV at the airport, I can’t remember exactly, from a couple of days ago, no less.

To paraphrase:

“So you wanted to kill them.”
“They were threatening me, so I shot them.”
“You shot them because you wanted to kill them.”
“No, I …”

(It went at least 2, maybe 3 more times around.)

I know he’s only 17 y/o, and I think of better things to say later too, but I wish Kyle had said:

“I shot them because I wanted to stop them… to stop them from trying to kill me.”

That is a small part of the reason I wouldn’t want to follow all of the details on TV. Blood pressure. High blood pressure induced by prosecutors I suppose “just doing their jobs”.

Kyle was a cool character out on the street that night, and it also takes a lot of cool to calmly answer that line of questioning. If I would have not been coached for hours on it, I’m guessing I would have called the prosecutor a retard early on.

It's not stupidity but evil that in a supposed Constitutional Republic like America, Kyle Rittenhouse would have to defend his actions in Kenosha, Wisconsin that 2020 August night to begin with. We all know his actions were obviously done in urgent self defense.

We await the verdict now, just as a Presidential election result. The outcome of this trial is very important. If Kyle gets convicted on a murder charge, Americans will know that the Establishment – Feral Gov’t, local government, law enforcement, “justice” system, and all the rest – will throw the book at them for defending their culture (Charlottesville trials), their property (Brunswick, GA trial), and their very lives (in this one).

That would make most Americans stand down and let Totalitarianism reign, as most Americans have been seen to be cowardly, so far. However, those who are not will understand that it’s an all or nothing thing now, with patriots against the entire establishment. There are people who will take this to heart. Some of these people don’t post on blogs about any of this. These are the types that, if they do, will tell you that “after the first one, the rest are free.”

Hopefully, there will be an acquittal. Riots or no riots, many more Americans will be out there with rifles to defend their property and lives than before the unpleasantness in Kenosha.

This trial has been a long shot for the ctrl-left Establishment. I am very glad that the lead prosecutor looked like he may as well have been picked by someone on our side. If this goes the wrong way, it may be because the ctrl-left and the Lyin' Press sycophants have made indirect but obvious threats to the jurors. There's no belief in rule of law there, just mob tactics.

If Kyle is found guilty, well, at least Americans have no excuse for denying the truth about who is the ctrl-left Establishment that rules the country now.

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The one-side stories of the Lyin' Press - Yahoo version

Posted On: Tuesday - November 16th 2021 9:42PM MST
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This yahoo headline gives only one side of the story. We are supposed to believe it, as is. Many do. I include myself here, as many times we may get some news from just the scanning of headlines. I suppose yahoo counts on that, like the rest of the Lyin' Press. You tend to see the lying-by-omission when you've already read more on the rest of the story.

I try to avoid even glancing at the yahoo fake news headlines the page appears after I log out of an email account. Sometimes I can't get the tab closed in time. The screenshot above is from one of those times. I went ahead and clicked on that one for this post's sake and for the sake of my curiosity about how they were going to spin the story of school boards' shutting down of speech against the anti-White lessons and Feral Gov't Attorney's General* threats to label concerned Americans as terrorist 180 degrees.

What yahoo did in their article 'I Don't Want to Die for It': School Board Members Face Rising Threats was to spend much of the article fixating on one story about one Oregon City, Corvallis, and one Corvallis, Oregon School Board member, one Sami Al-Abdrabbuh. You might guess where Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh stands on White people.
Like many school board races this year, the one in May in Corvallis, a left-leaning college town in the northwest corner of the state, was especially contentious, swirling around concerns not only about the coronavirus pandemic but also the teaching of what Al-Abdrabbuh called the “dark history” of America’s struggle with race.
Back in Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh's old country, back in the day, well, OK, a sometimes now too, black people were/are taken by the millions as slaves, the males being castrated and the women being made into sex slaves. The good thing is, there was not much of a struggle.

I gotta say, I can kinda see this guy inducing a bit of animosity from the good people of Corvallis, Oregon. The trouble began:
It was only days after Sami Al-Abdrabbuh was reelected to the school board in Corvallis, Oregon, that the text messages arrived.

The first, he said, was a photograph taken at a shooting range. It showed one of his campaign’s lawn signs — “Re-Elect Sami” — riddled with bullet holes.

The second was a warning from a friend. This one said that one of their neighbors was looking for Al-Abdrabbuh. The neighbor was threatening to kill him.
I dunno. I'm guessing the guy with the picture of the shot-up campaign sign was a friend, not the guy at the range. Who knows? It's yahoo news.
Even months later, Al-Abdrabbuh, chair of the school board, is still taking precautions. He regularly speaks to police and scans his driveway in the morning before walking to his car. He often mixes up his daily route to work.

“I love serving on the school board,” he said. “But I don’t want to die for it.”
Do yourself a favor then, Al-Abdrabbuh, along with the people of Corvallis, and quit. Per further down in the story, you're not helping the kids:
His opponent, Bryce Cleary, a local doctor, often complained that conservative voices were not being heard by board members, some of whom, he said, were “pushing political agendas.” At one candidate forum, Cleary argued that the board under Al-Abdrabbuh’s leadership had spent more time on inclusion and diversity than on math and science.

“The problem is our schools are not doing what they’re supposed to do,” Cleary said.
Regarding a school district on the other side of the country, Brevard County, Florida, we hear of a Miss Jenkins from the school board:
Then in July, after the district put in place a mask mandate for students, a Republican state lawmaker posted Jenkins’ cellphone number on his Facebook page, and her voicemail filled with hateful messages. Not long after, she said, someone burned the letters “FU” into her lawn with weed killer and chopped down the bushes in front of her house.
"Hateful" has been watered down to saying something you disagree with, so that doesn't impress me. Burning "FU" into her lawn with the weed killer is clever and easier than painting it on the driveway in the middle of the night, so a B for creativity. I don't condone chopping down bushes though, ... other than those sticker-leaved Hollies that really deserve it.

In California, always the vanguard of Educational and all kinds of other stupidity,
Near Sacramento, he wrote, one entire school board had to flee its chamber after protesters accosted the members.
What kind of sick business was the board up to that induced this amount of animosity? They don't say. I read nothing about the Dad in Loudoun County, Virginia who's daughter was raped by a skirt-wearing man in the girls' bathroom. He was arrested for getting a little upset and physical at the school board meeting there, as rape was covered up and the culprit unpunished. Yahoo didn't have space to mention this bit.

Meanwhile back on the West Coast:
In one extreme case, in suburban San Diego, a group of people protesting mask mandates disrupted a school board meeting in September. After taking an unauthorized vote, they summarily installed themselves as the district’s new board.
Ha! Nice job,guys! Now that there's democracy in action ... OK, unauthorized democracy.

Sorry, but these school board members brought this on themselves by refusing to listen to parents who want none of the anti-White teaching, the genderbender nuttiness being taught to their kids and practiced in the bathrooms, and the PanicFest procedures. People have had enough. One man's "hurling of obscenities" and "menacing disruptions" are another man's only way to get through to these people.

Merrick Garland's siccing of the FBI on complaining parents is mentioned. The sickness that is being taught to our kids is not. Has yahoo ever published articles giving the other side of the story?

PS: I'll give yahoo writer Alan Feuer credit for one thing in this article though: "Republican attorneys general* in 17 states ..."

* There's some William Safire level prose there. I almost wrote "Attorney Generals". I ask myself WWWSW. He has been known to order "Two Whoppers Junior" at the BK.

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Prosecutor Thomas Binger on Gun Control

Posted On: Tuesday - November 16th 2021 6:52AM MST
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  Legal Stupidity  Guns

It was a demo. It was a demo on what NOT to do when handling guns. Here, from inside the courtroom, as seen at an angle from the court observers' view, the people on the right side of the room having a view right down the barrel.

As noted before, Peak Stupidity can't cover everything, and we try to concentrate on stupidity vs. evil. We'll write a short post to come on this, but suffice it to say here that, though we have only watched or kept with a very few details of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we DO think this is one of the most important trials there has been in a long time. I mean, there shouldn't' have been ANY trial at all, due to no good reason for charges to be filed. However, since patriot and hero Kyle Rittenhouse IS on trial for murder or manslaughter, it's very important to the country that the right of self-defense be upheld here.

11 days back on this site, in an unduly long and rambling post, we declared that there are Three trials for the purpose of crushing American resistance. Kyle Rittenhouse's is the most important of the 3. The ctrl-left would like nothing better than for Americans to understand that any defense of their property and very lives against the ctrl-left's street thugs of any race, creed, or national original will not go unpunished.

Again, without having read many details, I did come across (per VDare, as usual), this post by PJ Media's* Stephen Green about lead prosecuting attorney Thomas Binger's demo of how not to handle guns during his closing arguments. See WHOA: Rittenhouse Prosecutor Thomas Binger Aims AR-15 at People in Courtroom, Finger on the Trigger.

As an owner of multiple firearms, I am not as regulated as I would like to be. WHOA! (as the Vodka-man said), no, by "not as regulated" I mean not as in practice and disciplined. I haven't been to the range in a long time. (I am very partial to outdoor shooting.) Even so, gun safety has been ingrained in me since I got my first .22 rifle. I will slightly adjust Vodkapundit's 3 very basic rules, in his post, that idiot prosecutor Binger violated, and right there in front of everybody, on camera!

1) In terms of where it's aimed, you handle every gun as if it is loaded.
2) You never aim your weapon at something you aren't ready to shoot.
3) You never put your finger inside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

(Yes, in the picture, it looks like the chamber is open, but this still violates the rules. You just don't do this.)

The ever so occasionally snarky Instapundit remarked that "Alec Baldwin was unavailable for comment."

OK, that was funny, but let me put it seriously. I don't give a rat's ass about who shoots whom in Hollywood. If it all imploded over there that'd be a positive for America. Thomas Binger is the lead prosecuting attorney of this very important self-defense shooting case. There, in his closing arguments, he handled a rifle as Nancy Pelosi and other left-wing gun-controlling scum would, who know nothing about guns. It does not help his case at all the Mr. Binger seems to know jack-squat about guns himself. It not helping the case, well, that's also good for America!

PS: We hope to hear about an acquittal soon, but as many have discussed, the ctrl-left's mob actions of threatening jurors may make a difference.

* Stephen Green is one of Instapundit's** (Univ. of Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Reynolds') main pundits. I had no idea till now that he is one and the same as the Vodkapundit.

** Number 1 on the Peak Stupidity blogroll, 5 years running ...

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