Do we NEED the US Police State?

Posted On: Wednesday - September 27th 2023 11:55PM MST
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The courageous Paul Kersey* wrote some of his racial commentary a few days back about a Salt Lake City TV station article that asked "Will weapon detectors at Salt Lake high schools disproportionally affect students of color?" ("SOC"s, I presume?) The reader may well ask "Salt Lake City?! Isn't that a Whitetopia?" That depends on whether you mean the city or the whole metro area, something discussed by commenters under Mr. Kersey's post In 59% Non-White Salt Lake Public Schools, Weapon Detectors Are Required in High Schools and Elected Officials Worry It Will Disproportionately Affect... Non-Whites Carrying Weapons Mr. Kersey does go for those long titles, but you get his point quickly from them anyway.

Though Mr. Kersey's commenters discussed some of this too, I want to mention an ideological point about this story. When it comes to idealogy Peak Stupidity claims our Libertarianism as well as Conservatism. We have a topic key for the former - the Conservatism is a given, I suppose - along with US Police State.

For almost my whole life I've agreed with the Libertarian/Constitutionalist Ron Paul's, Lew Rockwell's, and Vin Suprynowicz's* on the encroaching, now almost fully extant, US Police State. I still do, but I can see much more clearly than I use to the problem with trying to resist it while there exists certain segments of the American population.

This is an area in which pundits like Paul Kersey have taught me a few things. Rather than immediately want to retort (and there's a place for comments too!) "What you write is simply unConstitutional!", I understand that the US Constitution wasn't written with a large black population in mind as citizens. It's not just the non-understanding of it by black people, most immigrants of the that have come in over the last half century, and plenty of White people too. It's not just the lack of support for this document as the Law of the Land by said modern Americans. It's that certain contingents - taken as a whole, of course - can't behave well enough to allow the freedom we used to enjoy. That's what Paul Kersey means by "This is why we can't have nice things." (It's not his only point by it, but part of it.)

Is it just due to the lack of the technology that there were no metal detectors in schools going back 50 years or so? No, that's not the case. It would have seemed abhorrent, an affront to Liberty, going back to the 1980s even. That they were in airport terminals before then for a very specific purpose (not that I agree) was already the case, but in one's kids' schools?! That'd have been considered very Police State-like then.

When a respecter of Freedom sees the picture above today, he will still see this as an abhorrent piece of the US Police State. The need for this sort of thing is not worth the humiliation and loss of Liberty. Then, one will see the picture - or scene in real life - below.


In answer to the question in our title, no, WE don't need the US Police State for ourselves. However, we've got people in the country whom we often don't see any other way to handle. I don't see any way out of this conundrum without separation of those who CAN maintain and live under a free society and those who CAN'T.

PS: I do think of "Paul Kersey"***, he being very wise not to use his real name, as one courageous guy for writing the truth about racial matters daily. I'll also add that I like his variation in subject matter, something that was not so much the case in the past. It used to be kind of repetitive, truthful and important as it was, with most posts about crime in specific far-gone cities, shootings at funerals, and city/private efforts to "stop the violence" by black "leaders".

* See also Part 2 and Part 3 of that series.

** BTW, "weapons detector" must be the new term for metal detector. This is about guns and large knives, I guess. You can make a weapon out of other materials. The racial contingent in question is not so creative about it, really because it's their impulsivity and lack of foresight that has them bringing in and using guns.

*** ... taken from the Death Wish series of movies. Charles Bronson played the part of vigilante Paul Kersey.

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Gaige Grosskreutz: Just a whole lot of 3 year-old Karma comin' down

Posted On: Monday - September 25th 2023 6:54PM MST
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The picture above comes from the Glorious Summer of '20, Glorious for thug looters and antifa Commies alike. Only, for a few moments in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the taking of that video including the shot (pun works) above, a real hero showed that we Americans don't actually have to take being attacked by Commies. However, Kyle Rittenhouse was just lucky that he didn't get railroaded by the Regime in the courts in Wisconsin for his defense of his person against a murderous Communist aiming a handgun at him.

The man who had his right bicep about shot off by Mr. Rittenhouse in the latter's self-defense goes by the name of Gaige Grosskreutz. OK, he WENT by that name, as he is now somehow known as Paul Prediger. I'll just go by his actual name here.

On this just past September 2nd, Mr. Grosskreutz was physically "attacked" yet again. This time it was not due to his own violent murderous intentions but due to some extremely careless black guy driving an SUV on the mean black streets of Milwaukee. Writer Keven Downey, Jr. at PJ Media reports that Mr. Grosskreutz suffered more serious injurious to his person.
Grosskreutz suffered a lacerated liver and broke multiple bones according to a report.
If that vehicle hadn't been an SUV (of sorts) with a decent ground clearance, Grosskreutz would have probably been killed. Oh, the black guy drove off - a hit and run. Whaddya, whaddya??

Yet Black! Lives Matter, and they shouldn't be subject to harassment by the police for driving they way they would like based on their diverse culture. Gaige Grosskreutz would have said that 3 years ago. Now, he's helping with an investigation by... get this... the COPS, to find out who ran over him. Whaaa? He should feel honored to have been run over by a Black! man! This kind of destructive thing is what the Communist Grosskreutz wanted for this country, and the motivation behind his coming after Kyle Rittenhouse with a gun three years ago. He's getting it too, good and hard, like a transmission case coming at you...

Is the guy accident prone or what? I think it's the "what", that what being called old-fashioned Karma comin' down.

There's just a little fashioned karma coming down,
just a little old fashioned justice going round,
a little bit of sowing and a little bit of reaping,
a little bit of laughing and a little bit of weeping,
just a little old fashioned karma coming down.
Coming down, coming down,
just a little old fashioned karma coming down.
It really ain't hard to understand.
If you're gonna dance, you gotta pay the band.
It's just a little old fashioned karma coming down.

I wish Willie had a few more lyrics here, as this is the most ironic piece of Karma that's come down in a while. Perhaps Willie should have sat down with Alanis Morissette for a spell and hashed out a tune together. If they could have somehow gotten John Lennon involved, well now we're talking:

Old fashioned irony's gonna get you.
Gonna knock you right on the head.
You better get yourself together.
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead.

[where's the confounded bridge?!]
Like an AR ... on your protest day,
like eating asphalt under a Chevrolet.

I'm butchering it - needs work. Take it, Willie...

[UPDATED: 09/26:]
Per Adam Smith's correctional comment, changed Grosskreutz's weapon from knife to gun.

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Global Financial Stupidity v Global Climate Stupidity

Posted On: Monday - September 25th 2023 4:34AM MST
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As I wrote about in the PostScript in the last post, on Saturday, I have one serious disagreement with favorite pundit Ann Coulter with one paragraph of her writing. Is that a big deal that I disagree with her 1-2% of the time? No, but this is an argument that I've seen made before.

It goes like: You Conservatives with your anti-vax*/anti-abortion/anti-Big Government talk sound just as stupid as the ctrl-left with their Global Boiling talk. Let it go, and concentrate on the REAL issues! Oh yes, there are other real issues, some more existential. Before I excerpt Miss Coulter's example, let me ask the reader, if he hasn't already, to read her column. The 2 paragraphs around the following and the rest of it are right on. No, talking about government spending is NOT getting anyone riled up about the actions of the Bai Dien Administration. Their traitorous enablement of the border invasion IS what should be brought to light in front of everyone.

Still, here's the false analogy in question:
Government spending is Republicans’ ”climate change.” We’ve gotten frantic warnings that the world will end if we don’t cut spending for the last 50 years—exactly as long as we’ve been warned that the world will end if we don’t cut carbon emissions. Year after year, we do nothing, and yet the world doesn’t come remotely close to ending.
There's a big difference, Ann. You are smart enough to know it too, but maybe you just don't follow economics and the numbers.

Global Climate Stupidity (we like the alliteration of Climate Calamity™) is based on a dream of a working mathematical model of the myriad of complex and not all well-understood and described physical processes that comprise the energy balance of the Earth's climate. I have nothing against the science, called Climatology. I've got a whole lot against the use of basic science research by innumerate journalists and politicians to claim an ability to predict details and an understanding in order to blame said rectal extraction on one factor, man-produced CO2 in the atmosphere.

The effects of Global Financial Stupidity** are based on simple arithmetic, the numbers and economic results of which are right in front of us. No modeling is required. One can study a couple of pie charts (monthly snapshot here), go shopping for groceries, building materials, you-name-it, or talk to a prepper.

"Deficits don't matter", President Reagan's advisors told him, and us, 40 years ago. I don't think those guys knew (or they weren't telling us) how much of the American economy would be given away since then, and how far the Feral Gov't and FED would go with creating US Dollars out of nothing.

I guess it sounds smart to equivocate the two, but Global Climate Stupidity is a huge Totalitarian control scheme at this point, based on bogus science, while the Global Financial Stupidity is real enough and will end in tears soon enough.

PS: If I ever met Ann Coulter and brought this stuff up, I'd recommend for her a reading of Lionel Shriver's prepper novel The Mandibles. We got carried away, so Peak Stupidity has a 6-part review: Introduction - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 - - Part 5 - - Conclusion. (NOTE: Part 5 is a spoiler of the story.)

* Inaccurate term here notwithstanding - I'm not against all vaccinations, and not necessarily even against old and new Kung Flu vaccinations, so long as Americans are not forced to take them - I'm just using the terminology as they use it.

** Why Global? That's how I labeled the topic key, but also: a) What happens to the American economy still affects the whole world and b) Most other countries are doing the same stupid shit.

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Impeachment - What's the point?

Posted On: Saturday - September 23rd 2023 6:07PM MST
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Ann Coulter's most recent column, dated September 20th:

Peter Brimelow's 2nd most recent post on his website VDare, dated September 13th:

Ann Coulter very likely reads VDare regularly, but then again, the two pundits could have had this same idea independently. No matter what the deal, I agree with their point.

Bai Dien and friends and family are corrupt greedy bastards with no concern over the future of this country., well, none for a good future. (More on this...) They, and a few dozen others ( take the Hildabeast, please) take the cake for in-your-face corruption, but, as they say, "they all do it".

At the Presidential level, one may have to go back to Ronald Reagan to get to a man (not necessarily the administration) who wasn't involved in some shenanigans for personal gain. Donald Trump is not innocent, but then I think he'd admit himself that in the New York City real estate business, corruption if part of business. After the bad things Peak Stupidity has written about him regarding his capability as President, I will say that this man cares more about his country than his own personal gain, pretty obviously In the meantime, Zhou Bai Dien may do the bidding of China due to his wayward son (carry on!) and starts wars for business reasons.

Peter Brimelow's and Ann Coulter's point is that the corruption Impeachment charges may get Americans riled up, but for no purpose. Bai Dien must be Impeached with treason charges for his actions to destroy America via the immigration invasion, so that this existential issue is loud and front and center. I said that Zhou Bai Dien is not concerned about America, but then, actually, he is concerned that the destructive plans of his puppet masters come to fruition.

One difference between Ann Coulter's and Peter Brimelow's view of the supposedly anti-invasion politicians involved in this is that the former believes they are stupid, while the latter assumes they are evil:
Meanwhile, the not-stupid—but unfocused—conservative Freedom Caucus is threatening to shut down the government unless they get concessions, primarily cuts in government spending.
OK, not stupid, but "unfocused".
Republicans, are you awake?
They are just unfocused or asleep. Are you sure that's all it is, Ann? Mr. Brimelow:
I fear the reason is obvious: The last thing the GOP Leadership wants is to stoke up rage in the base about immigration. McCarthy has always obstructed meaningful action—see Kevin McCarthy Cucks On Border Security—No Immigration Provisions In Debt Ceiling Bill. Undoubtably, they plan to obey their big donors and stifle meaningful action as they did after President Trump’s election.
What a downer of a way to end the blog week, but then, this invasion has gone full Camp of the Saints - in America and Europe*. I hope you will keep reading anyway. Have a pleasant Sunday, all!

PS: There's one paragraph in this column of Miss Coulter's that I don't agree with and don't like one bit. Regular Peak Stupidity readers would be able to pick it out in a jiffy.

* See John Derbyshire's latest article
"Preventable Evils"?—Lawfare Crippling European (And U.S.?) Immigration Patriots
. (He separates out England from Europe so discussed three invasions.)

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Texas v Feds - still the BIGGEST story?

Posted On: Friday - September 22nd 2023 6:22PM MST
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A couple of months ago Peak Stupidity asked Is the biggest American story of the 21st Century developing?. The story was the conflict between the Feds and Texan law enforcement/military over the invasion underway across the Texas/Mexican border. The Texans are trying to control the situation to some degree, and the Feds are purposely destroying the efforts of the Texans.

Regarding that title, Peak Stupidity has been wrong before. We haven't given up on a President DeSantis yet (got a nice "Make America Florida T-Shirt and hat, if that helps) it doesn't look likely for '24, and obviously there was no real People's Revolt of 22. On this border conflict turning into THE BIG STORY that changes America's course, we'll, I'm encouraged from what I've been reading on I have not found another site that is truly all things immigration as VDare is.

The immigration invasion has been going on for a long time. Let's face it: This is an EXISTENTIAL issue. I wrote about this somewhat facetiously in the long-ago post Too many posts about immigration, you say? - GIT! OFF! MY! LAWN! BLOG! ... From the online Oxford Dictionary:
ex·is·ten·tial /ˌeɡzəˈsten(t)SHəl/ adjective

concerned with existence, especially human existence as viewed in the theories of existentialism.
Check out the Oxford Dictionary's example:
relating to existence. "the climate crisis is an existential threat to the world"
No, that doesn't work for me at all as an example. How about "The Immigration Invasion is an existential threat to Americans."?

Let me put it this way: If this problem or plan (to be truthful about it) comes to fruition, there is no use in us worrying about any other plans or problems. If it's not my country, why should I care? It can go Communist for all I care. I'm OUT. That's why it's a good thing if this problem comes to a head, and soon.

OK, now let's get to the recent articles about what's going on in Texas, at the border and in the government in Austin. First of all, there is no comprehensive* plan by Texas for the full border. It sounds like Governor Abbot is trying to get Texas LE/Guard/etc. to plug the big holes. Eagle Pass, in Maverick County, about 2/3 of the way down the Rio Grande from El Paso to Matamoros at the Gulf, and ~50 miles down from another important part of this story, Del Rio, is a hot spot in this conflict. It is the location of the report by Federale linked-to in that previous post of ours.

The conflict is ongoing still, or just beginning in terms of Feds v Texans (and Feds v Governor Abbott), as opposed to Feds helping illegals and Texans standing down. 4 days ago, this same VDare writer Federale said that The War On Texas’ Border Security Actions Is Beginning.

Yesterday, writer A.W. Morgan reported: Great Replacement Update: Biden Released 100K Illegals In The Last 20 Days yesterday. Also yesterday, Federale noted the words and hopefully actions of the Governor with Governor Greg Abbott Lays Down A Marker: Texas Will Deport Invaders. Interestingly, if as a State official, you're still going to follow the LAW on this (exactly why at this point, I don't know), you - Governor Abbott - have to do it right:
The key for Governor Abbott, if he has the courage to actually begin removing invaders, is that it cannot be called a deportation. It must be worded at every level that the invaders being detained are POWs, illegal combatants, and war criminals, therefore subject to being removed from the battlefield, i.e., being returned to Mexico.
"Federale" is a Federal insider, after all, but I'm not sure this letter-of-the-law business change the minds of the Feral Government's purposely destructive stance one iota on this. I like his next suggestion better:
A further suggestion for Abbott is to close the bridges on the Rio Grande. Those bridges are under the jurisdiction of Texas and punishing Mexico and Mexicans is the only way, aside from military action along the river, that will force Mexico to end the invasion.
I can't excerpt all of the interesting and important reporting in these posts, but I urge the reader to check them out, along with clicking on the few tweet-embedded videos therein.

While the VDare writers in general, and I too, are hopeful and looking forward to serious action against the Fed-supported invasion by Texas Governor Abbott - see writer Washington Watcher II's Texas AG Paxton’s Acquittal Clears Path For Gov. Abbott To Throw Down With Biden To Save The Historic American Nation From The Great Replacement (also by Federale), writer Former Agent is worried that Abbott is just a typical disingenuous politician. On this he is supported by the words of Tucker Carlson, as can be seen in video in the very concerning post of his, Which Way, Governor Abbott?

Who knows what's in the mind of Greg Abbott? I mean, were I in his position - and I really wish I were in the midst of this thing in Texas - I would be happy to have a chance to be a part of history. This guy could be remembered as well as Sam Houston, this time as the start of real Federalist resistance to the Potomac Regime. Is he simply afraid of Fereal Government power and consequences? Is it more the typical deal that he's simply working for the donors while making sure to sound bona fide to the people of Texas?

Patriots around the country would like to see this thing get started. I don't mean a real war right now, mind you, but I think the sooner anyone with some power stands up to the Feds, the better this will turn out. Either way, the invasion is existential. The Potomac Regime is behind it, and patriots and the State of Texas are trying to stop it. We have to win this. The eyes of the Nation should be on Texas and Governor Abbott right now.

* I know, "comprehensive" is ordinarily a bad word in immigration patriot circles, as that normally goes with "reform". Together, the phrase means Amnesty.

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Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom: Planes, Trains, and **Automobiles**

Posted On: Thursday - September 21st 2023 7:44AM MST
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(Continued from **Planes**, **Planes-II**, **Trains**, **Trains-II**, and **Trains-III** of our Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles series.)

Peak Stupidity already has one cars-in-China post up, call it **Automobiles-0**, mainly because I was enamored with the brand TrumpChi.

I could pull up a "file photo" for you readers, with some big mess of traffic over in China or any big Oriental city. Instead, I'll just keep using my own photos. I didn't think to snap - "snap", that's old school, huh? - any shots of traffic in general, but more regretful for me is that I never took any video long ago when the traffic was even crazier.

I don't mean there's less traffic now, no, far from it. It's just that more barriers have been put up to keep the flow more sane. 15 years ago, I stayed for a while on the 8th floor or so of a hotel that overlooked an INSANE intersection. For people used to some rules of the road, and, more so before the PanicFest, traffic cops around, it was insane, but the Chinese drivers, truckers, bikers, scooter riders, pedestrians, you name it, did a pretty sane job turning, merging, and stopping wherever without so much as a scratch. I was impressed. I could have stayed there watching for hours.

That wasn't one of them, but I saw blind T-intersections at which Chinamen and women on all types of conveyances would not stop moving and somehow all merge onto the bigger road. I'm not saying nothing every happened - saw one fairly minor incident just after the fact - but, if this were the US, I can just tell you that drivers couldn't handle it. There'd be blood on the streets, and not necessarily from the vehicle injuries either.

We joke about Oriental drivers, such as middle-aged ladies creeping down the fast lane with their turn signals on for miles at a time. It's funny cause it's true! I've seen it myself. I figure that this reputation and fact is due to immigrant Chinese people in the past having learned to drive here, and often at a more advanced age then we Americans. Learning at 40 y/o vs 15 y/o is so much different regarding reaction times, nervousness and judgment. In China itself, I imagine the average driver today learned at a more advanced age than we do here.* Then, why the amazing job over in China? It's stressful mind you, but they're pretty good.

The random horn honking that I remember from the past seems to have subsided some. What I noticed was that auto horns are used for their ACTUAL purpose, which is as a warning device. Drivers use quick taps on it to warn another driver that the former is getting really damn close to the other and no so sure that he knows that yet. There are still those drivers that apparently are under the impression that without continual honks of the horn, the vehicle will brick up.

That's enough about the drivers. In that "TrumpChi" post I already wrote a little about the types of cars I saw. I will mention now that there is some innovation in traffic signaling hardware (and software) that I like. See, we have countdown timers at certain intersections for pedestrians, which, if the view is OK, help drivers figure out approximately when the light will turn.** In China, the engineers have formalized this, as seen below.

That was not in the big city either. It's from that "village" of about a million. Good idea, anyway.

As with everything in China now, it's all going electronic. I'll write about the taxi service in the next "Dispatches" post, but, man, the reliance on the phones is worse than it is here. They've got their navigation apps, but, seriously, this is part of a hour and 3/4 trip down the Interstate*** that the driver has taken dozens of times. You just go down the road. You surely aren't going to lose your way in the tunnel!

(Note: Signs look weird due to blogger redaction. Who knows what it said anyway?

* If one went back maybe 35 years to the mid/late 1980s, I bet he'd find that 90% of Chinese families had no one able to drive a car. There was a lot of Mao/Communist ruin still in the nation.

** It's not quite that easy, as they have widely varying lag times between that "0" for the pedestrians and the change to green. You've got to know the place.

*** OK, the Freeway if you're a Californian. In China, the Interprovince, perhaps?

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Drea de Metteo v Big Tone

Posted On: Wednesday - September 20th 2023 6:40PM MST
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"In this corner, wearing the tight white trousers and low cut sweater, leans over stands the Eyetalian Hottie... ottie... eee... Drea de Metteo... teoh, oh, yeah!"

"In this corner, wearing spectacles and the shame of the whole world stands the Eyetalian Faucist ... ist ... Big Tony ... eee... yeah, dis fuckin' guy!"

"A bottle of red, a bottle of white. Whatever kind of mood you're in tonight..."

Peak Stupidity reports to you tonight from Hollywood, California. Is that not a first? Don't mistake us here, we hate the place and all it stands for. We do have an appreciation, though for the old Sopranos TV show and particularly right now the actress Drea de Metteo. I had never heard the actress' name before reading something a few days back, but I remember her as Adriana La Cerva (didn't ever know her show last name even), the girlfriend of Tony Soprano's nephew and loyal "associate" Chris.

Yes, I could find better pictures, but the one above reminds me of what I like about Italian life, the great food - I could tell Carmela's cooking was excellent even through the TV! - and those Italian restaurants* with the checkered tablecloths... yeah, it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye , well, a whole head out.

Alright, the article from, yes, Hollywood in Toto**, says Drea de Matteo Unloads on Fauci: ‘The Real F***ing Mafioso’ . I really just like the headline, but there's quite a bit about this actress' turn from being the usual lefty to something of a Libertarian. The Kung Flu PanicFest done done it.
The actress said watching her country, and especially her fellow Hollywood liberals, give up their freedoms during the pandemic alarmed her.

She saved special ire for Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s pandemic front man and someone who pretends he didn’t demand the country lock down during the outbreak.

But he did.
Is "Front Man" the Hollywood word for miserable fucking Totalitarian? I'm not an insider.
“They wanna f***ing do it all over again,” de Matteo said about virus protocols, including mask dictates that ignore the growing body of evidence that masks do little, if anything, to help prevent exposure.
Ha, she sounds the same as on the TV! It's very catchy, this Italian talk, with the f-words and such ...
She hissed at Dr. Fauci without uttering his name.

“Public enemy number one, that other Italian. The real f***ing Mafioso …the little tiny Italian…. If there’s ever been a f***ing thug,” she said of Fauci, her voice trailing off in anger.
Pauli, you and Big Pussy, take care of this... wait, I forgot, we whacked Big Pussy. OK, you and Chris, whack this Totalitarian fuck and bring him down to the pine barrens, South Jersey. North Jersey and New York are too crowded already with whacked fuckin' psychos, live and dead!"

In addition to Big Tony Fauci, Adriana had hit Neil Young hard too.
“I cannot tell you how f***ing fast I stopped listening to Neil Young … at that time [Rogan] was gathering more information,” she said of efforts led by Young to deplatform the comedian.

“Who the f*** do you think you are, old man? Old man, take a look at your mother f***ing life now,” she added, quoting one of his classic hits.

“And he’s Canadian, and these truckers have a convoy lined up and you’re not fighting for the average man right now?” she added, alluding to a push to protest draconian government measures to fight the virus.
I'm in LUV!!! Well, I already was.

Adriana appears in this scene from The Sopranos. It's possibly my favorite scene from that series:

"A bottle of reds, a bottle of whites ..."

* See our very first post for the song that is now in your head.

** No, we're not actually there, but we are reading the magazines, online.

*** uck. Don't all Italians talk like Tony Soprano? What's with the asterisks, you miserable fucks?

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Resistance to the Thacker Pass Lithium mine

Posted On: Tuesday - September 19th 2023 7:21PM MST
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I've driven all over the State of Nevada, almost always on the way to somewhere else, at 80 - 100 mph. Much of it is the "Basin & Range Country". The two-lane highway goes up a couple of thousand feet over 5 10, or 20 miles and then goes back down. Except near the crests of the ranges, one can see the glint off a cop car windshield - yes, I'm paranoid - for 5 miles. That's nicely out of radar range.

Wide open spaces are great. This is just one of the reasons Americans should work to defeat those who want a Billion Americans. However, if you're going to do mining with as little disturbance of the way of life and the views as possible, Nevada (and parts of a handful of other States) is the place to do it.

As I read a little about the Thacker Lithium mine mentioned yesterday on both the wiki page and in the Extreme Tech article I linked to yesterday, I noted the lamentations of the environmentalists and the resistance of the Indians to the project being well covered. For the latter, this was specially the case on wiki, on which every page on some piece of American geography seems to have a paragraph on who the "Indigenous Peoples" were, who used to live there, apparently forever before.

Bill H. wrote about the environmental problems with these big mines in the comments yesterday. Those enviros who are on the Climate Calamity™ Global Boiling bandwagon are all for electric vehicles in order that motor vehicles put less Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. (Never mind how the electricity for the EV's is generated.) Well, these people are arguing between a rock and a hard place, both of which are ubiquitous in the Silver State.

Now, Chinese 1/4 ownership or not, I like to see productive work, creating wealth and requiring decent jobs, be done in America. Therefore, I am square on the side of the Moar EVs! crowd on this one, not at all due to any of their stupid ideas, of course. The battle between them and the more knowledgable enviros that can see the bigger picture here is, well, just an impetus to stock up on Orville Redenbacher's finest. (OK, that's just a meme - it'd be Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip!)

What struck me as kind of humorous about other effort of resistance to the Lithium mining projects was the claims by the Indians. As I wrote, these places are wide-open pieces of NOWHERE. Yet, the small Indian tribes that say they were first to the land. Wiki includes this quote from the Reno Sparks Indian colony - that's a couple of hundred miles away:
"Just because regional tribes have been isolated and forced onto reservations relatively far away from Thacker Pass does not mean these regional tribes do not possess cultural connections to the Pass."
Sure, and I've got cultural connections to the Little Saint Bernard Pass* where I shoveled elephant shit as Hannibal crossed the Alps (in a previous life). Seriously, I've got cultural connections to the Molas Pass, where my too-rich-running muscle car could barely climb up from Durango to Silverton, Colorado, and I pulled off there to take a piss and nap in the car.** Yet, I don't deign to interfere with development of the region.

The Paiute tribe is upset because 31 of their number were massacred by US Gov't soldiers in 1865 at Thacker Pass, but evidence has some put the location outside of the mining area. Either way, it's not like the Indians marked their people's graves, so how much do they care, really? Are they worried about poltergeists rising up through the mine tailings? I don't think they'd last an hour among that sulfuric acid.

The Extreme Tech article reports:
“The Caldera holds many first foods, medicines, and hunting grounds for tribal people both past and present,” the People of Red Mountain, a committee representing all three tribes and others, wrote in a statement.
First foods?? First, you need enough of ANY food. This isn't the place. The comedy routine of one Sam Kinison comes to mind...
“The global search for lithium has become a form of ‘green’ colonialism. The people most connected to the land suffer while those severed from it benefit.”
Connected, hell. It's unfortunate, but they are connected more closely to the US Feral Gov't than are most of the White men. At some point, you've got to make some money yourself. And there's that "colonialism" slur that's supposed to block any progress. I'm worried about economic colonization.
... threats to sage grouse habitat, old growth sagebrush, golden eagle nests, endemic springsnails, and Endangered Species Act–listed Lahontan cutthroat trout, bighorn sheep, and pygmy rabbits.
Yeah, but see, most of that fauna is Endangered. The White man tries to save it, but it's always OK for the Red Man to take it.

You've got your knowledgable enviros that care about ACTUAL pollution against the Climate Alarmists that, if you grant them their stupidity, still miss the big picture. Then, there are other splits in the Coalition of the Fringes (TM-Steve Sailer), such as:
The next day, an article describing the acrimonious split, stated that the People of Red Mountain fired Falk because Falk and Wilbert, co-founders of 'Protect Thacker Pass', are also members of Deep Green Resistance (DGR), and there were concerns over DGR's beliefs about transgenderism. Further articles followed on the rift.
While I enjoy the wide open spaces for driving and plinking, I don't see how these big mining projects aren't one of the best uses one can think of for the land. The West has solved REAL pollution problems partially by outsourcing the nastiest industries to China, where they don't care about it nearly as much yet. That word "industry" is important though. Without that, you can't keep your own country. Remember, he who hath the gold, maketh the rules. Hathing 40 million metric shit-tonnes of Lithium helps too.

Oh yeah, if they could just pull out a few tons annually, if nothing else, that amount of this element would be enough to make a big dent in the mental state of the most psychopathic head cases that "run" our country. The benefits of a saner, albeit institutionalized, group of leaders would more than pay for the biggest Lithium project in the World, environmental degradation accounted for.

PS: Much of this is BLM - no, not THAT BLM, but the Feral Bureau of Land Management - land. I have no respect for the BLM as any kind of Constitutional agency and have always rooted for those Westerners who were against the US Gov't "owning" big chunks of land in their States. Nevada has by far the highest proportion of land owned by the Feral Gov't - 80%. (Utah, Alaska and Idaho come next with somewhat over 60% each. Connecticut and Iowa are tied for lowest at 0.3%)

* Historians and archaeologists are not certain that it's not one of 4 other passes that Hannibal crossed, but this was a previous life, so... and I was too busy shoveling elephant shit off the road to read the sign.

** This was on the way to Grand Junction, Colorado and points northwest, so not on one of the routes I've taken across Nevada.

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Big Lithium and the Golden Rule - a tailing of 2 elements

Posted On: Monday - September 18th 2023 7:18PM MST
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  China  Economics  Geography  Science

Just a couple of decades ago, the idea of a realistic electric vehicle was not very easy to imagine, because the energy storage ability was just not there. Running practical EV's is all about the ability to store energy in batteries. The physicists, electrical engineers, chemists, chemical engineers and materials scientists have made some great headway as of late. Of the new materials that are used, Lithium is a component of the biggest, newest battery technology*. The lithium ion batteries that are used in electric vehicles are also in all the iCrap now, a 2nd big market (with many more instances of use, but at a couple of orders of magnitude lower energy storage).

The lithium ion batteries store a LOT of energy, an amount unimaginable last century. That these batteries can cause serious and difficult-to-extinguish fires and ought not to be let ride in the un-reachable cargo compartments of passenger aircraft give us an idea. These are not your Grandaddy's Dry Cells. They are not your energizer bunny power supplies, unless you like to see your bunny running energetically down the bunny trail with its fluffy tail on fire.

To be fair now to "fossil fuels", let me say that, as of right now, these batteries are said to have an energy density of ~ 1 MJ/kg tops, while the chemical potential energy in gasoline is 45 times that much, 45 MJ/kg. Batteries, you got a long way to go, baby!

It's not as blessed as America is with many resources, but when it comes to the newly-in-demand Rare Earth metals (for motors) and Lithium, China has been indeed blessed. (It helps that nobody is let to get in the way of the big projects too, but that's a subject for another China post.) However, Nevada, "The Silver State", has been blessed with material resources too. Whatever else would you do out there but ranching, playing blackjack, operating the oldest profession, burying your silver stash, and digging some more to get stuff OUT of the ground.

The biggest news there is the finds of massive amounts of Lithium in what's called the McDermitt Caldera in northwestern Nevada. A large mine has been started up at Thacker Pass. The latest find, after this, has resulted in back-o-the-envelope calculations of 20 to 40 million tons of Lithium there, off that dirty Winnemucca Road, near the Oregon border in an area of ~600 mi2. If you've ever driven through the State, as I have on probably 6 different full routes across, you may understand that this is a small chunk of land in Nevada.

It's a YUGE find. This is some good news. Granted, mineral extraction is not manufacturing - it, along with farming and lumbering, are known as "primary industries". Manufacturing, to me, is somehow more important, just one of the reasons for which I'll explain shortly. Still, this mining of Lithium is wealth creation, in America, something to see, baby... Less reliance on the Chinese economy is a good thing for us.

While reading about the Thacker Pass mine on the wiki page, I ran into something concerning. The company that's operating it is 1/4 owned by the Chinese! Great, so we're trying to be less reliant on that economy, but with a 1/4 share, I'm pretty sure the Chinese investors will have a bias as to where much of this Lithium will go. Sure, one may say, this mineral is a commodity, and it'll go to the highest bidder, but then the Chinese are one people, a tribe, if you will. That free market stuff is used for their purposes, when it helps, but they do not play fair when it's not good for China.

Will America, like Australia pretty much is right now, become an economic colony of China? Right now, lumber is cut down here and in Canada, shipped across the Pacific freaking Ocean, made into furniture in China, and shipped back across the Pacific freaking Ocean... bulk one way, and bulky stuff in containers the other way. We are a colony when it comes to this furniture industry (albeit, not completely). That's what an economic colony is about, as with the sugar and coffee plantations in Latin America. Extract raw goods and ship 'em home, manufacture finished goods out of them, and sell some of that back to the colonies.

"Well", one may say, "just make some laws about the ownership of companies - and real estate while we're at it - by foreigners". I ask the reader at this point, if he's still interested, to read the 2 3/4 y/o Peak Stupidity series Will America be looted by China?:
Part 1: Intro.
Part 2: Housing
Part 3: Big Biz
Part 4: The Fruited Plain
Part 5: The Wilderness
Part 6: Conclusion - The Golden Rule

That title of Part 6 does not refer to the Christian Golden Rule about "Doing unto others..." The much more widely adhered-to International version goes "He who hath the gold, maketh the rules." America is figuratively and literally giving the gold to China on a yearly basis to the tune of about half a Trillion dollars.

Yeah, so who's in charge of our economy again and these big Lithium mines?

PS: That one article I linked to and the wiki page on that Thatcher Pass mine have a lot of info on objections to this industry by various usual suspects. We'll have at least one more post on that subject.

* See, we're talking actual technology that doesn't mean a software package, though software is involved in getting these things charged and discharged efficiently, I'm sure.

** Don't take the quote marks for my not believing at all in the theory of these fuels originating from fossilized life. I'm no geologist, biologist, whatever - I don't know, but one wonders ... Quote marks are there just to delineate the term.

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Do! Not! Read! Scab post!

Posted On: Saturday - September 16th 2023 8:03PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor

I would have never thought that Bill Maher and I would ever have anything in common. However, like the ctrl-left punditard Maher, I too am in defiance of the writer strike. Must ... keep.... writing .... I have no control of the post titling and the editing during this contentious period, however. [Damn straight - go strait [sic] to hell, you f**ing scab! - Ed.].

I got away with mostly pictures yesterday, so we'll see how far this one goes. With the China reports and the gun story (more on that coming will be good news) taking up half the blog-week and my fatigue from the beat-downs at the picket line, I didn't get to the rest of the verbal destruction of High-Holy Communist Leon Trotsky, nor more on the Depopulocalypse. Then, there's plenty more on the front burner... wait...

OK, I'm back. I finally clicked on that yahoo link. I'd only seen about 3 headlines on this writer's strike over the last month or so, without clicking of them, and it turns out that blog writers, not being members of any union, are not part of this strike after all.

Good! It's about TV writers or something. Why the heck should I care about the people that write the stuff that's said on TV? I've not been hooked up since early 1999. I hope that you don't care either. This strike could go on for the rest of our lives, and Peak Stupidity readers might never notice.

Now, if it were really all writers, would we miss them? So long as Lionel Shriver is a scab too, I'd be fine with that. Moby Dick must have been finished by now, right? (Don't know for sure - even the Cliff Notes for it were too long for me!)

Have a happy and restful Sunday, readers, commenters and The Editor! [Thank you. I hope we're good... just have to tell you that Peak Stupidity corporate is not responsible for damages to employees' property... say car doors that have been keyed and such ... no, just sayin'... - Ed]

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Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom: Planes, **Trains-III**, and Automobiles

Posted On: Friday - September 15th 2023 12:20PM MST
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  China  Peak Stupidity Roadshow

(Continued from **Planes**, **Planes-II**, **Trains**, and **Trains-II** of our Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles series.)

I wrote that I'd put up some pictures of the high-speed rail journeys in China. (We made 2 HS rail trips.) To really get the idea of it all, you'd need video. I too lots, but as Adam Smith noted, this takes up lots of memory on the server. I am thinking of starting a youtube channel for things like this.

In some later posts on general life in China, I'll embed more pics taken from the trains too. The top picture here is from out in the sticks.

This is the big station where we started off our 12 hour trip. We were ahead in line, so these are the first few people trickling onto our train. Seats are reserved. There may have been 20 different tracks, and they turn around the trains fairly quickly - I'd guess less than 1/2 an hour.

That was an intermediate stop. No, see, that's not graffiti. Those are Chinese characters that say I don't know what, but our American minds expect graffiti at the stations, on the cars, everywhere. I HATE it.

I've written that Chinese words are usually small, one or two syllables long. This town is one of the exceptions. For the big cities, Chengdu, Chongching, Peking, etc. there'll be a "bei", "nan", "gong", or "xie" on the end, for north, south, east, or west, as these cities have more than one big HS (and other) rail stations.

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The Camp of the Saints - Happening right now

Posted On: Thursday - September 14th 2023 8:17AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  The Future  Books

Peak Stupidity posted The Camp of the Saints 6 years ago yesterday. It was a review of a review of the prophetic book on immigration invasion by French author Jean Raspail. It was published right at 50 years ago.

I read the book. The ways and means, and the type people, of the immigration invasions into almost all Western White countries have been different from the book. It's the idea of the massive numbers let in due to guilt and stupidity of the residents (not to mention malevolence of "their" governments) that has made "Camp of the Saints" a good metaphor.

Now, as VDare's A.W. Morgan reports, a Camp of the Saints scenario is literally going on right now on the Italian island of Lampudesa: Great Replacement Update / Lampedusa: Literal Camp-of-the-Saints Illegal-Alien Invasion Swamps Italian Isle . This island, only 60 miles off of the closest point on Africa, on the east coast of Tunisia, has had many of these "refugees" land there before, on their way to continental Europe via Italy.

I put "refugees" in those quotes. Yes, they are refugees of sorts, but being a refugee from a shithole country simply because it is, after all, a shithole country, well, that's pretty much the premise of The Camp of the Saints and of Steve Sailer's World's Most Important Graph.

Per Mr. Morgan, 100 boats brought 8,000 to 10,000 Africans to this island with a normal population of 6,000 Italianos, in half an hour! Regular readers would know that I am no fan of TPFKAT*, but the multiple videos shown within the X's in the post show how very much like the dystopic novel this situation is.

The tweets, X's, whatever have writing that calls from those being attached for war and violence. That'd have been better accomplished long ago, and in fact made not even necessary if proper steps had been made. Right now, the best move would be to bring in 1,000 Italian troops ready to herd these people into camps or directly onto boats for the return voyage. Word will get out, but it would take a while. In the meantime, all other boats on the way should be escorted toward Tunisia and sunk if not in compliance. It's getting all too real now, this Camp of the Saints.

Here's some video, but not necessarily the same as is in the VDare post.

Looking at the invaders, I'd say they are mostly sub-Saharan, as in black Africans rather than Middle-Easterners. So, this is not the 1st country they could have taken "refuge". OTOH, Tunisia is not an insane country, so, why would the Tunisians let them invade. Trespassing the country on their way across, that's OK. As for Italy, like most of the Western ones, it IS an insane country. I don't know which type of invaders it'd be worse off with, along with the rest of Europe, where many will eventually be headed... if this true "Camp of the Saints" invasion isn't headed off NOW. Yes, violence will be necessary, the longer they wait, the more of it...

Oh, why don't we have a look at that simple Steve Sailer graph:

PS: I do have this problem with TPFKAT (X, Twitter) videos. Where I am now I cannot use speakers, but I have CC on. Holy crap, the stupidity of some of the narrative is something else! I was just reading closed captioning from one Natasha Ghoneim of Al Jazeera about all the logistics and money paid by these poor... INVADERS! Then, the former Mayor of Lampudusa now "Activist", comes on there bitching that "we aren't treating these people in a humane way". It's kind of hard to do so, you insane broad, when it's a small island fit for 1/2 this many Italian people. Of course it's a dirty mess. They didn't have to come, and they weren't invited, except by dumb broads like you!

Then, one Giovanna de Benedetto, with the Cher Moonstruck look, comes on about saving the 300 miners [cc sic] with their psychological trauma and getting them painting their homes (yeah, their homes!) and the boats, drownings, and sharks. Perhaps the parents should be put in prison for a few years for child abuse before the ride back.

* The Platform Formerly Known As Twitter.

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Hurricane Lee staying out at Sea

Posted On: Thursday - September 14th 2023 6:56AM MST
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  General Stupidity  Global Climate Stupidity  US Feral Government

In the comments under this recent post, Adam Smith and The Alarmist - no, not a rock band, just 2 guys who like Peak Stupidity - discussed Hurricane Lee for a bit.

Would this one make landfall somewhere on the mid-Atlantic area of the US, say, Washington, FS, maybe NYC? That was the speculation and the hope. I looked a couple of days later, was even more hopeful, but just now deleted that image and grabbed the one above from the very nice National Hurricane Center site. (Please, NHS, don't change the page! It's good, and I'm used to it! Nah, that won't' stop 'em.)

Here's the page for Hurricane Lee. This isn't good. We need a miracle easterly steering winds every day. We've got that yellow coastline - Tropical Storm winds - starting at Rhode Island and up, but that's well past NYC. (Yes, they can hit New York.*) These weather guys are usually on the conservative side. However, they don't really know, as this thing is still down abeam, way-off abeam, Jacksonville, Florida.

This post sounds pretty malevolent - thank you, Jordan Peterson (and Jordan Peterson imitators) for getting this term stuck in my head. Well, yeah ... The Regime in Washington, with large branch offices in New York, HATES me and HATES you, the average PS reader. When it comes to the illegal alien invasion, they enjoy the benefits** without the pain. When it comes to devastating storms, Regime figures and media have openly hoped for Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Hurricane Central, to look bad for not helping people enough. There's a memory of George Bush and Hurricane Katrina involved. DeSantis does a great job there, so no joy for these folks.

It'd be nice to see the Regime Capital inhabitants feel the pain personally, as they are, finally, with the illegal alien invasion.

So, yeah, I'd like to see a Category 5 storm hit one of these places. If nothing else, it would shut them up and down for a good while. That's really all we want. General Lee came close to defeating these people 160 years ago this summer. We'd like to see Hurricane Lee give it a good shot.

PS: The New York Post's Eric Spitznagel sounded pretty hopeful last year with his article/book review How a Category 5 hurricane could wipe out New York City for good.

* Sandy in '12 was not even a hurricane but just a Tropical Storm, but it dropped a lot of rain. The biggest was what they just called "The New England Hurricane" 85 years ago, which was from a Category 3 to 5. Edna in 1954 was a doozy.

** Votes for one squad, cheap labor for donors to both, and the overarching wish for the demise of the White Middle Class.

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History doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes.

Posted On: Wednesday - September 13th 2023 2:36PM MST
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  Genderbenders  Humor  Dead/Ex- Presidents

Yes, Peak Stupidity does memes now. #MSPaintForTheWin!

I just watched some of a Tucker Carlson interview with the man, one Larry Sinclair, who says he had gay, cocaine-fueled (what's that like?) sex with Barack Øb☭ma in 1999. The latter man was a lowly Illinois State Representative back then. The Establishment media didn't think it appropriate at that juncture to let that news come out to be discussed, as Øb☭ma was slated to be their rising star already.

That time was only about a year after we saw - for me, live - Bill Clinton wag his finger at Americans for their accusations that he was a liar, and go ahead and lie there on live TV about his not-so-hot lady-in-waiting Monica Lewinski. (Bill, ya coulda' done MUCH better!) 10 years later Øb☭ma was the D-nominee for President. At least he never lied to us about having sex with any interns... girl interns, that is.

Maybe it's that, rather than repeating or rhyming, history spirals ... out of control sometimes.

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New Mexico Commie Governor declares guns health emergency

Posted On: Tuesday - September 12th 2023 7:07PM MST
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  Liberty/Libertarianism  ctrl-left  Guns

I could have told you this in Spring of '20, when the LOCKDOWNs and curfews started. Give them an "in", and the Totalitarians/Commies will find a way to use it for their purposes. You can do anything during a health emergency, right? We saw that during the Kung Flu PanicFest.

The anti-gun political forcers have tried to use the healthcare industry to do their work. For a long time now, the anti-Amendment II radicals have pushed for doctors to inquire about guns in homes* during patient exams.

New Mexico's lefty Commie Governor is in on this now. The NRA gives us the scoop: Governor Lujan Grisham Attempting Unconstitutional Gun Ban in Bernalillo County! . That's the county where the State's largest city, Albuquerque sits. New Mexico isn't all Constitutional about it, as half the State are at this point (yes, thank the IRA), but it's a "Shall Issue" State and open carrying is permitted. There are exceptions involving Indians, hard liquor, and Indians and hard liquor. (Uhhh, well, that'd be the First Nations and the Spirits Communities.)

However, if it's a health emergency that's going on, well, that's different! Why didn't you say so? Yeah, sure, anything goes!
Late Friday, anti-gun Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that she will attempt to institute and enforce an unconstitutional 30-day ban on open and concealed carry of firearms in public places in Bernalillo County. She apparently intends to accomplish this by administrative fiat under the guise of a public health emergency, which she declared in response to her and her political sidekick, Mayor Tim Keller's inability to control the violent crime situation in Albuquerque that is a direct result of their failed "soft on crime" policies. She also stated that State Police officers will be sent to the affected area to enforce this so-called "civil order," a violation of which would amount to misdemeanor.
It's the State police, a bad idea to being with, that are to enforce this. Even the anti-gun lefty Sheriff of Bernalillo Country thinks this is unConstitutional.

I hope the good folks of Albuquerque and Bernalillo Country resist this step in turning individual violence into a "health scare" that demands gun control. We can't give these people an "in" or an inch.

Update from Instapundit's go-to gun blogger The Truth about Guns, regarding the Governor's dependence on New Mexican police enforcement: New Mexico AG to Governor on Defending Her Second Amendment Suspension: Drop Dead. That'd be Attorney General Raul Torrez. No arrests have been made so far. This is heartening news. As left as many parts of the country have turned, Amendment II is still respected by most of the people, more and more so as uncertainty and violence increase.

* I am in a location where I don't think this would fly at all. I've never been asked.

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