French Parliament Ministers doing Big Brother a solid

Posted On: Friday - November 11th 2022 1:02PM MST
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I came upon this minute-long video last weekend embedded by "fnn"* in the comment thread under a rare Paul Kersey post about immigration - Invasion USA: More Than 100+ Foreign Black People Show Up Unannounced in Small Town Massachusetts, Speaking No English - one of his more concise titles, seriously.

This is from the French Parliament. Because the shouting is in French, I'm not absolutely sure if everyone is on one side of this 2-minute, OK 1-minute, hate here. If any readers can give me a gist of the translation, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll comment after you see what you think about it:

You can see from the initial sub-titles that this African member of the French Parliament, one Carlos Martens Bilongo, is speaking about some problem with getting a couple of hundred more African illegal immigrants into "his" country by boat across the Mediterranean Sea.

Per the youtube description:
"They should go back to Africa!" interrupted Gregoire de Fournas, a newly elected member of Ms Le Pen’s nationalist, anti-immigration National Rally, or RN.
Well, yeah-uhhh. That's a no-brainer. However (and, BTW, I'm not picking on the French here - it's the same in all Western Europe, America, and the rest of the formerly White countries), saying something very obvious in defense of your own people is a big no-no.

Just look at that fat tub of Totalitarian lard in the green shirt! Does she not remind you of the elementary school principal yelling at a kid who just said he's not learning anything at the school and that recess should be longer? There was then mayhem for half a minute, well as much as you can have in a place with 2/3 of the Ministers absent (as it looks to me), when that simple statement that some Frenchmen actually DON'T want to continue the invasion of black foreigners, stirred the crowd of French cowards into that HateFest. (See the guy with the sweater and glasses finally stand up, thinking "I better DO something.) Who said that?!!

No, you don't want to be the guy that stops clapping for Premier Stalin's speech first, much less the guy that yells out "You Lie**, you miserable stinking Commie piece of shit!" in the middle of it. These PMs, US Senators, and all of them, don't have the power of a Stalin or Mao though... yet...

The blonde lady, one Yael Braun-Pivet, suspended the Parliament for 5 minutes, as those minute hates are simply exhausting. Later, Far Out!, oh, wait, it's "Far Right" Minister Grégoire de Fournas had his lunch money allowance withheld for 2 months. (Really, are we living in Kinderworld?) That'll teach the bastard to stand up for the French people! Also, from the youtube description:
Ms Le Pen has for years insisted the once racist and xenophobic party of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen - formerly the Front National - is now “de-toxified” and ready to govern.
There's nothing toxic about being a patriot, Mizz Le Pen. What a coward you are for not standing up for the French people. This would have been a much better scene had Mr. de Fournas stood up and yelled (in French) "Hell yeah I said it! I am the French patriot! Who else here is not a coward? Stand with me!", and the rest of the MPs stood up one at a time stating "No, I am the French Patriot!" Then, the lady in green should have been plugged in front of the Parliament, with that 5-minute recess taken to throw her body in the Seine.

All I saw, though, were a few dozen actual cheese-eating surrender monkeys, a black traitor to France, and one or two Totalitarian Commies.

What's just so sad is how many White people are completely down with the Hate Fest on Mr. de Fournas for defending his people. From another video, which was a disgusting Commie defense of the outrage against this truthspeaking, here's a comment:
4 days ago
We all need a friend like this lady behind him in green t-shirt 😀
27 [Thumbs up]
Yes, there are REAL people like this.

PS: I've read that "he" and "they" sound the same in French (give me a break - it's been many years!), so that there was confusion as to whether Mr. de Fournas was referring to those illegal alien Camp of the Saints people or that black minister. He'd be right either way, though. What Mr. Bilongo was doing there that day was aiding and abetting an invasion of France. He shouldn't be sent RIGHT back though ...

* The commenter, with the handle fnn, doesn't comment all that much*, but I am in agreement with about all I've read from him. Also, he puts links in Ron Unz's Aggregated Newslinks section, something I should frequent more often.

** Thank you, Congressman Joe Wilson, who just got re-elected, for what that's worth. Thank you, South Carolinians.

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You go, Grrrrrandma!

Posted On: Thursday - November 10th 2022 5:02PM MST
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I had some serious immigration stupidity with some video out of Europe to write about, but today will continue being busy. Instead, here's this quick Kung Flu Stupidity anecdote from an airport terminal not long ago. (Yep, it has never completely ended!)

There was a really big lady with who I think was her mother or even her grandmother. It was hard to tell because the younger lady was young-middle-age, and the older woman was 85 at least. I'll just assume grandma here.

I was sitting nearby (probably writing unz comments) as they were a few minutes from boarding their flight out. The granddaughter was helping her grandma get her stuff together. Part of that was telling the old lady "you need to put this mask on." Grandma wanted nothing to do with it. "It's OK here [in the terminal], but we're gonna be in close to all these people, and the air flow is not good ..." Granddaughter was mask-free, herself.

Now, I suppose if this were in the middle of the PanicFest and the peak of the virus, one could make a case for both of the two women being vulnerable and wanting to wear these masks - one was very old, and one was very fat. (So long as they didn't force it on me, fine.)

Those things are uncomfortable and impede breathing, though. Today I (would) say to the pushy granddaughter, "put your mouth where your mouth is." Grandma was having none of this Kung Flu panic business and was last seen sticking that face mask she was given into her purse. Grandma power!

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More Kung Flu PanicFest Recriminations

Posted On: Wednesday - November 9th 2022 5:51PM MST
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In last Friday's post Forgive and Forget? Peak Stupidity discussed an article by one Emily Oster in The Atlantic magazine that suggested we do both. Though she noted she had been partially against some of the PanicFest-excused policies (she thought the schools should have been reopened earlier), she was definitely one of the Panickers during the time in question. That likely explains why she wants to forgive, or more likely, BE forgiven by US.

Her conclusion goes along the lines of "we all make mistakes. I made some. You probably did. We didn't know!" To wrap up our conclusion of that post, Peak Stupidity doesn't care who made what mistake and who knew what, as far as their OWN decisions for THEMSELVES went. When it comes down to supporting government coercion of others, that Emily Oster doesn't seem to understand why we not only won't forgive and forget, but why we SHOULD'T forgive and forget.

Commenter Dieter Kief linked us to another article on the subject, this time from one Naomi Wolf* from her Substack account - A Lost Small Town: Running Errands in the Wake of Emotional Violence, USA. This one is quite a bit more aligned with my way of thinking. Mrs. Wolf** but the writer is still missing the same main point.

I'm not going to rebut anything much from the article. This one is worth reading because it does show the anger of even this ctrl-left woman at what the PanicFest did to her small (very White) town on the Hudson River in NY State. However, it's the woman's point of view, meaning that it's all about feelings - principles can go straight to freaking hell for people like this (women, but especially lefty women). Here:
But meanwhile, I forgive them. I have to. Because otherwise the rage and sorrow would exhaust me to death.

I forgive my neighbor who froze when I hugged her.

I forgive my other neighbor, who told me that she was making homemade soup and fresh bread, and that I could join her to have some, if I was vaccinated. If I was unvaccinated, however, she explained, someday she might consent to walk outside with me.
There's a whole lot more of that. Yes, if you care about social interactions, which are important, you may have felt like you had a Social Disease. I know Peak Stupidity has played this song (from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) before, but let's just break for 3 minutes and 43 seconds to listen to Elton John expound on Social Diseases. (At the beginning, the dog is in the audio, not outside your house, just so ya' know.)

Yeah, OK, from this track, it sounds like half-century-ago Elton John would not have had a problem with people Social Distancing from him. I did feel like half-century-ago Elton John*** a bit during the PanicFest. Were you freaked out by my not wearing a mask in the grocery story like every other single soul in the store was? I don't care now, and I didn't care then either, even when I wasn't high on tequila.

With close relatives, yeah, it could have caused some anguish, but luckily we didn't run into much of this. (Even though one was totally down with the vaccines, she did not try to proselytize to us and, more importantly, she got the concept that if we weren't vaxxed, that shouldn't be a reason for us to stay away from her.) As for friends, well you can pick your friends at least. You can un-pick them too, but, again, I was in good shape as all were of roughly the same mindset - "this is some bullshit, man!"

I can understand that one's hurt feelings from people family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers from their stupid beliefs in authority during this time could be unforgivable. I especially would agree with regard to those who told me how "selfish" I was being by not listening to and obeying the authorities. The knew better, see? Maybe after a solid apology and "I learned a lot from this about listening to the government and so-called experts ..." I would forgive. Without even an apology, nah, I wouldn't. They'd just be up for more of this the next time around.

Another thing I don't forgive is the humiliation of entire populations as authorities did such obviously stupid and useless gestures as making people stand on stickers on the floor of a store, requiring face masks to be worn in the swimming pool (downright dangerous, that one), and arresting a little surfer girl out in the waves off the beach in Spain. This is a real Totalitarian/Communist thing, making people do stupid stuff just to show that you have the power. That's highly unforgivable.

What both the articles Peak Stupidity has discussed so far are missing is the principles of the matter. It was enjoyable for me to flout the rules of the Kung Flu PanicFest. I had no problem with nasty looks or remarks. It's the coercion by governments, schools, business, all down with the PanicFest narrative that I hated. Precedents have been set. I don't forgive any of the authorities that pushed the Totalitarian programs on us, especially including trying to require experimental gene therapy "vaccines" and preventing people from making their own decisions on how to handle this virus.

Will anyone responsible every be arrested and go to jail? Ha, no, it's not like they trespassed on the Capitol grounds of the Regime. The Hail to You blog, which has covered the PanicFest very thoroughly, was more hopeful about it, or at least the subject of this article was - A “wild” Corona-Reckoning may be coming in 2022-2024, Matthew Peterson of the Claremont Institute predicts. I'd say probably not, the way the political scene is nowadays.

These kinds of posts are good for some comments with opinion and anecdotes. I'd like to know who are the types of people (i.e., how were they involved with this PanicFest) that you won't forgive. Forgetting is out of the question - this whole thing was the biggest boon for Peak Stupidity since the blog opened shop in late '16.

PS: Writer Naomi Wolf does have some good stuff a the end of the article that mentions the people hurt or killed by the vaccines. However, since her article is about forgiveness, I gotta say that it would be pretty hard for this guy to forgive Naomi Wolf for being a Feminazi and destructive lefty for most of her life. This article doesn't quite help me on that score.

* I first thought of Claire Wolf - she was a Libertarian Prepper type living in the Pacific NorthWest. I have not read much from her in a long time, which is probably my fault. I looked at her wiki bio just now. It had 2 quotes by her, and, for some strange reason, her best one was left out. It went "America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." That quote was from a book of hers from 26 years ago, so ...

** About THIS Mrs. Wolf. I took about 5 minutes to read up on her. The first 95% of the bio on wiki is simply disgusting. For most of her life, this lady was the perfect model of Feminist Stupidity (3rd wave, I am told) even having organized her very own #MeToo scam at Yale University. She's been a member of the ctrl-left for many years, until she finally got her mind straightened out the last 2 years by the PanicFest.

*** Actually, I guess that'd be Bernie Taupin, who wrote all the lyrics for those Elton John songs, but most readers wouldn't know who he is.

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Well, it beats Sportsball.

Posted On: Tuesday - November 8th 2022 8:04PM MST
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I mean, in particular, election coverage beats the VIEWING of Sportsball, on TV. As I mentioned in this post regarding the young people who had the flyers and doughnuts on Saturday and our little campaign trail excursion - livin' that American dream - a beacon of democracy we are, yeah, yeah - most people don't realize that this stuff won't continue as it's been. Even the illusion of Norman Rockwellesque democracy of the people on these Tuesday every couple of years won't go on.

No matter about all that, I am still a sucker for election night coverage, as if it's my favorite Sportsball Superbowl. I believe the last time I watched election coverage on TV was in 2000 at a friend's place in Chicago, Ill, with a weird wake-up call in the morning. There's the internet, and I guess I'll be checking a few sites now and then. If nothing else, it'll be nice to see lefty tears, as they say*, in the morning.

We took a nice walk to the voting place and back in the nicest Fall weather one could imagine. On the way out, I saw a neighbor couple walking in. I know from signs I've seen on their lawn in the past that these 2 just negated our 2 votes about 5 minutes later. What's the point? When has anyone won by only those 2 votes anyway? Usually, the cheating blue-squad gives itself a bigger margin than that - even with the inflation and all, toner is not too dear.

Speaking of the cheating, though I liked the process in our State, I do think we need a 1st World country, were there one that gave a damn around, to send people to monitor American elections. It's only fair, after all we've done for them ...

I really got a kick out of this one of Steve Sailer's posts today which took aim at the extreme stupidity inherent in elections in many of the States. He mentioned the voting in different languages. If you have to do that, you aren't really a nation, are you? I'll paste in the whole funny part (there's some more to the post itself):
Of course, countries like Paraguay don’t have mail ballots coming in by slow boat and migrant caravan from Honduras, Guatelombia, the Galapagos Islands, the Kerguelen Islands, Transnistria, Abbottabad, Abkhazia, Azkaban, Raqqa, Narnia, and The Republic of Pirates.

Nor do these Third World countries have to provide, by legislation or court order, ballots in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Armenian, Navajo, Persian, Arabic, Syriac, Panjabi, Punjabi, Hmong, Mixtec, Esperanto, Hittite, Proto-Indo-European, Klingon, Linear B, Linear A, !San Clickspeak, Shavian Alphabet, Incan Knot Lingo, Runic, Voynich Manuscript, Semaphore, Canary Islands Whistle Speech, The Analytical Language of John Wilkins, American Sign Language, Thieves’ Argot, Pig Latin, Smoke Signals, Ouija Board, Enigma Encryption, Turing Machine, General Semantics, System Basic, Cityspeak, Telepathy, Dolphin, Assembler, COBOL, Coco Sign Language, HTML, PDF, Graffiti, Gang Signs, Tattoos, SMS, Bitcoin, and Emoji, plus certain languages spoken only by individual pairs of identical twins.
Haha, great stuff, iSteve!

Well, anyway, we did something constructive today. No, not voting... I mean planting trees. That felt a lot better.

How about 12 of them?

* No they use the term "liberal tears", but I still have a thing about not using "liberal" to mean ctrl-left, in respect to those old Classical Liberals (Libertarians, basically).

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China Covid~Zero Policy - Hu is Gu?

Posted On: Monday - November 7th 2022 5:26PM MST
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Gu is who.

Lately, Peak Stupidity has gotten dragged back, kicking and screaming, like a Chinaman with an orange Health Score, into the discussion of the Kung Flu PanicFest. Much of what needs to be discussed is residual vaccine coercion stupidity and the hopefully-coming recriminations as Americans finally realize how stupid and destructive this has all been. We'll have more on that latter - continued from last weeks's China Covid~Zero policy additional info. - tomorrow or so, but I want to continue a little bit today on our discussion of the worst ever of the PanicFests. That would be the latest Chinese re-start of it, known as Covid~Zero, which, amazingly, was implemented this very year, 2022!

We want to start with an apology. It wasn't that the story was wrong in general. It's that the guy with the explanation of China's reason for running this ridiculous Covid~Zero campaign is not a government official but a Chinese banker type, some sort of Chinese VP of Singaporean investment firm Temasek and bank StanChart. My Chinese source let me down on the info. on the position of this guy. At the end of that post, we asked Hu this could be. It is not Hu but Gu, one Gu Junhui (顾均辉). I guess he doesn't represent the government. However, this is what this big businessman thinks. What does Mr. Xi think? What kind of madness is he up to?

As I wrote in the discussion I had with commenter Sam J., this campaign is against the current strains of Covid-19, which are no deadlier than a Chinese Big Mac at this point. Mr. J's speculation is that the Chinese are not stupid and are doing this in preparation for a possibly coming seriously deadly virus, i.e. a biowarfare attack. Is this all just practice? Are the Chinese officials wise along with being Totalitarian?

Well, the thing is, if it were the case that this was a wise policy, saving China from future bio-destruction, the Covid~Zero policy over there could be more like a bunch of drills, in which you gather in one spot, get your health score verified regularly by officials, and test yourself every day. Oh, they do that stuff, but these are NOT drills.

This is NOT a drill!

This particular line of quarantine buses was in Henan province. This business is going on all over though.

This is NOT a drill!

A quarantine camp in Heiliongjiang, up in the cold-assed northern part of Manchuria. Granted, it's no pig farm, but is this really where these people want to be?

The Chinese economy, not to mention the minds of the people, is/are getting racked up with this uncertainty. One's business, large factory, apartment complex, neighborhood, and even whole city can be LOCKDOWNed at any time. All it takes is a positive Covid test result for any one person, or a bad health score due to the "smart" iEspionage determining that another person hung out for longer than some epsilon (approaching Covid~Zero) with someone else who had tested positive or had that bad health score. Once a location, that apartment complex or neighborhood, has been determined to be unwell, those uwell people, however it's determined get taken away to quarantine camps. Those can be far off, if there's not room in the unwell location. (See our recent post Thrown under the bus on the road to Covid~Zero for one bad ending to this story.)

For Mr. Xi and the Chinese Communist Party, the Covid~Zero program is about total control. Here's what it's about for the Chinese people:

I hate to link to twitter, as I just plain hate twitter. However, commenter Dieter Kief left me this thread that has info about this madness including pictures, two of them being the ones used herein.

We've had our own madness here. It's been nothing like what Peak Stupidity has been learning about the Far East as of late, but then we are an American site, and we care about America. We will discuss a Naomi Wolf article that Mr. Kief pointed out in another thread, and what exactly bugs me about that one in the next Kung Flu Stupidity post.

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Campaign Trail Therapy Fail

Posted On: Saturday - November 5th 2022 7:22PM MST
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(File photo above. I have no idea who the guy is.)

I have no argument against possible comments from readers like "You were wasting your time", "Voting is a waste of time", "We're not voting our way out of this." or like thoughts in other reader's heads. However, my wife wanted to go out and help the local GOP candidates for one morning, as a family outing. (Plus, there were doughnuts.)

I can sit here and stew about everything and take some of it out with blog posts. Maybe going out and "doing something" (really??) would be good therapy. It started out that way.

At the GOP office, there were about 6 young people running things. They had stacks of different campaign literature, maps of the hot spots to visit, and yeah, coffee and good doughnuts.

Since my wife noted that she normally saw old people involved, such as at the polling places, I told her afterward what the young people were about. I bet some were related to candidates, but all have some political ambitions, even if it's just getting to work on campaigns for the big guys. They may not want to be the next candidate ever, changing the world, but they want to be political staff or policy wonks. This is a hobby which most would like to do for a living. They don't have the attitude I do, as in, we're heading for disaster, and soon, and, though the voting probably won't do anything, the actual politics is serious business now. These young people think that, win or lose, this show will go on. It won't, but I didn't disabuse them of the notion.

We were glad that the young volunteers didn't want us to knock on doors, but rather just hang flyers on them instead. Talking to people for even 5 minutes per house average would take up much more time. (We only had the morning - less than 3 hours by that point.) Additionally, nobody in my family is the salesman type. Peak Stupidity has ranted enough about salesmen to have a whole topic key on them - here. I may have had enough of salesmen, in general, but I do respect what it takes to take the continual rejection and occasional abuse.

It was a beautiful day to walk the neighborhood, that is, the part in the map with the boundaries that I believe were statistically calculated to make the best use of the flyers and our time. Early on, we bought a couple of items at a yard sale early on that we had to carry around the rest of the morning. Yard sale notwithstanding, those people were nice and I think politically reasonable. We had some sort of half-assed pattern in covering all the houses, and it was enjoyable... up until this one guy...

Yeah, well, as I walked up I mentioned to him one thing about the change in the US Congress district boundaries, OK, yes, gerrymandering, and from his reply, I understood he was not down with what I was about to give him. "OK, well, I'll save the piece of paper, cause..." (cause I had a "killing the planet" joke coming), but, before I could turn around the guy said "scram!" in a menacing way. That set me off, because, as I wrote, I am not cut out to be a salesman. "We don't agree, but you don't need to be a dick about it." It got a little worse, I left, and I realized that this campaign therapy was a failure.

It got worse yet around the corner. Apparently it is NOT OK to go on porches of people who don't agree with the literature you're handing out. It's where the mailman, UPS, FedEx, and the Amazon guy go, though. Yet, two houses in a row had people who came out bitching. It might have been 3 houses, but by then I'd replied and headed out of bitching range down the street. I don't know how that happened - I really think some app was involved. We had only about 15 flyers each average by that point, so we headed toward home and passed them out with no trouble. (I told my son, for the one house with the Ukraine flag and the known lefties, that this one was just for fun.)

This is not my kind of therapy. I know what psychologist Jordan Peterson would have to say about it. We'd have been much better off staying inside and cleaning our rooms.

Well, OK, that was a week of eclectic stupidity. We'll finish that thing about Affirmative Action next week, but this "forgive and forget" Kung Flu thing has really got our, and apparently a whole lot of others', ganders up. We'll have more on that, at least one about the Naomi Wolf article linked to by commenter Dieter Kief. They'll be that election too... I hope my family turned the tide, but ... if I'd only been nicer to that one guy ...

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Kung Flu PanicFest - Forgive and Forget?

Posted On: Friday - November 4th 2022 7:29AM MST
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Hell, no!

Above is the title of an Atlantic magazine article that is said to be from a whole issue of that monthly magazine on the same subject. That subject would be forgiveness for all the stupidity and people associated therewith of the 2 year-long devastating Kung Flu PanicFest. That last term is important. The Covid-19 was not devastating in and of itself. The PanicFest that was made from it was devastating to liberty, economies, and civilization around the world.

I strongly resist reading ANYTHING from that ctrl-left rag of a magazine*, but a link got me to this one: LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY by one Emily Oster. Yes, rather than being taken seriously, this article would be better put in the Osterizer - I'm guessing the writer has heard that one before.

Readers, and, I think most especially, the blogger E.H. Hail, would appreciate a thorough, errr, not fisking, per se, as that's too easygoing, but how about an evisceration of the advice Mrs. Oster deigns to give her readers. Look here** on Mr. Hail's Hail to You site for his large compendium of posts on the PanicFest. He may want to write a post on this very article, or others from that Atlantic issue, himself - just a friendly suggestion!

Let me say first that, though she is a Professor at Brown University (yeah, I know!) and an economist (yeah, I know!), Mrs. Oster (married for 16 years with 2 kids) has written some interesting stuff and is NOT particularly a Panicker as judged from her record. She's written a lot about parenting, including best-selling books. Interestingly, as related to current politics and vaccines, I read this from Wiki:
Oster published a dissertation for her economics Ph.D. from Harvard University, which suggested that the unusually high ratio of men to women in China was partially due to the effects of the hepatitis B virus. "Hepatitis B and the Case of the Missing Women," pointed to findings that suggested areas with high hepatitis B rates tended to have higher male-to female birth ratios. Oster argued that the fact that hepatitis B can cause a woman to conceive male children more often than female, accounted for a bulk of the "missing women" in Amartya Sen's 1990 essay, "More Than 100 Million Women Are Missing." Oster noted that the use of hepatitis B vaccine in 1982 led to a sharp decline in the male-to-female birth ratio. Sen's essay had attributed the "missing women" to societal discrimination against girls and women in the form of the allocation of health, educational, and food resources. In April 2008, Oster released a working paper "Hepatitis B Does Not Explain Male-Biased Sex Ratios in China" in which she evaluated new data, which showed that her original research was incorrect. Freakonomics author Steven Levitt saw this as a sign of integrity.
Yes, that shows integrity. It also shows that she was wrong in her PhD dissertation. People who make mistakes need forgiveness, right? Well, let's get to the article, as that's where I got dis-enamored by Emily Oster. The very first paragraph had me already pissed off at this lady, with the memories of this bullshit flooding back in...
In April 2020, with nothing else to do, my family took an enormous number of hikes. We all wore cloth masks that I had made myself. We had a family hand signal, which the person in the front would use if someone was approaching on the trail and we needed to put on our masks. Once, when another child got too close to my then-4-year-old son on a bridge, he yelled at her “SOCIAL DISTANCING!”
That's it, you or your husband, or both, were turning your toddler into a panicky freak. As I'm sure the author would know from her (probably pretty good) writing on parenting, the little ones take after the parents a lot. So, they had their little boy trained to yell at a little girl based on garbage they "learned" from the government. Nice!!
These precautions were totally misguided. In April 2020, no one got the coronavirus from passing someone else hiking. Outdoor transmission was vanishingly rare. Our cloth masks made out of old bandanas wouldn’t have done anything, anyway. But the thing is: We didn’t know.

[My bold to replace italics in the original.]
You didn't know, but those of us with common sense did!. As a matter of fact, I like hiking too, and we made it into the Olympic Mountains during that time. (Some idiots wore masks, we didn't, and I made no effort to get out of their way - 100 ft drop off into the fir trees or a chance of the Kung Flu, the choice is up to you!) I might have thought they were stupid, but I never minded people wearing medical face masks, Bazooka Joe style bandanas, or whatever. What I minded was people telling ME that I had to do this, in the woods or anywhere else.
I have been reflecting on this lack of knowledge thanks to a class I’m co-teaching at Brown University on COVID. We’ve spent several lectures reliving the first year of the pandemic, discussing the many important choices we had to make under conditions of tremendous uncertainty.
Oh, Lordy! I really hope it's an elective, for the sake of the students trying to keep a good record. Mrs. Oster brings up this "uncertainty" and lack of knowledge about the Covid-19 a lot. That "we didn't know" was not the problem. To paraphrase the great Ronnie, it wasn't so much that the EXPERTS with their mandatory policies were ignorant, it's that they KNEW so many things that weren't so.

The writer then describes her position on the closing of the government schools (and they closed ALL other schools too). Her position was that they were closed for too long and that the children were not very vulnerable to the Kung Flu. OK, great, but that implies that she believes it was up to authorities to decide this closing and opening, and they just went too far. Bull! They went too far when they made these decisions FOR US in the first place. That's especially the case with those ALL other (non-government) schools, and churches, and clubs, and businesses of all kinds. It's not a matter of "not enough knowledge" and "uncertainty", and "we didn't know". It's a matter of the rights of the people being trampled, whatever you know or don't. They were trampled. I'm not forgiving that shit.
Another example: When the vaccines came out, we lacked definitive data on the relative efficacies of the Johnson & Johnson shot versus the mRNA options from Pfizer and Moderna. The mRNA vaccines have won out. But at the time, many people in public health were either neutral or expressed a J&J preference. This misstep wasn’t nefarious. It was the result of uncertainty.
The whole damned vaccine program was nefarious. It was nefarious because it was made mandatory. The only reason we didn't all get jabbed by these "missteps" is that the people started resisting. The forces that tried to coerce Covid vaccines on the public eventually gave up.
Remember when the public-health community had to spend a lot of time and resources urging Americans not to inject themselves with bleach? That was bad. Misinformation was, and remains, a huge problem. But most errors were made by people who were working in earnest for the good of society.
First of all, don't be dissing Clorox. Clorox has electrolytes - it's what antibodies crave. Yeah, 2 years of back-and-forth misinformation has Americans much less trusting in the whole medical establishment. (That's a good thing, BTW.) On the "working in earnest" part, there's that thing about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.
The people who got it right, for whatever reason, may want to gloat.
Nope, we don't want to gloat. We want the people responsible for trampling Americans' rights pushed into ditches and buried so this doesn't happen again.
We have to put these fights aside and declare a pandemic amnesty. We can leave out the willful purveyors of actual misinformation while forgiving the hard calls that people had no choice but to make with imperfect knowledge. Los Angeles County closed its beaches in summer 2020. Ex post facto, this makes no more sense than my family’s masked hiking trips. But we need to learn from our mistakes and then let them go. We need to forgive the attacks, too.
This woman will NEVER get it. Precedents in Totalitarianism have been set. Do we want to forget that? Do we want to forget those responsible? Do we want to forgive all those who let it all happen, like Mrs. Oster, with her quibbling only about the timetable?

These control freaks shouldn't be in the same country with us. They have no understanding of liberty and the rights of the people. The useful idiots of the PanicFest like Mrs. Oster would have no idea why I don't want her in the same country. As for the actual Totalitarians that implemented the PanicFest, well, let me ask these Atlantic writers, did the Romanians forgive and forget about Nicolae Ceaușescu?

* Though I am thankful for the entertainment coming from Steve Sailer posts taken from articles therein.

** There are only 11 posts of his on that first page, so you will need to click the [Older Posts] button to get to his long series - maybe 15-18 posts, as I recall, that are in his specific "Corona Panic" series. He's been on top of this since the beginning.

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Fun with Jordan Peterson...

Posted On: Thursday - November 3rd 2022 5:36PM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  Pundits

... but first, you ought to think a boot cleaning your room.

These videos are making fun of the pundit/psychologist/philosopher Jordan Peterson. I like the guy, and I assume the 2 guys who made the videos don't dislike him either. That's one thing about Conservatives - we don't get bent of shape over some humorous ribbing of our own - see this one with Donald Trump's analysis of Scooby Doo for a hilarious example.

Peak Stupidity has displayed a video of Jordan Peterson before only a couple of times. The first was an hour, 43 min. video of an interview with Camile Paglia. (I don't really know who was interviewing whom.) The 2nd was a video of him being surrounded and harassed by ctrl-left when he was trying to give a lecture. He took it outside and gave us a pretty good example of how to remain calm amongst the nutbags, but I don't think I've taken that lesson to heart.

Well, anyway, it's his Canadian accent and mannerism that make Jordan Peterson fun to imitate. He's close to the mark on that "cleaning your room" mantra too. Even cleaning about 1/3 of my desk off recently eased my mind. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, at least for me. Enjoy the short videos!

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China Covid~Zero policy additional info.

Posted On: Thursday - November 3rd 2022 7:55AM MST
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  Humor  China  Kung Flu Stupidity

Hu ya' gonna call?

Well, I really could have used this information yesterday, BEFORE I wrote that post! However, this semi-vague but important take on the asinine Lockdown II - Covid~Zero! program in China does not conflict with anything I wrote in it.

My Chinese source gave me more information, this time from one of the Ma's mouths, on why Xi and his gang are doing the stupid things they do. No, they are not afraid of some new (actually, this time?) really deadly virus coming from their enemy America. One of the other big officials of the CCP has stated something that has apparently precipitated out from the same black cloud of stupidity.

This Chinese high official discussed the Government/Party's worries about the same old dang Covid-19 thing that even the most paranoid school principle in the land here treats as the sniffles by this point. He says the Chinese people must still be protected from the ORIGINAL Covid-19 and its variants. Here's where I can't tell if he and his Party are really that stupid or just playing the fear card for the cause of Totalitarianism:

They must keep the case count down in China! As it stands, 90 million Americans, so they say, are still deathly sick with the disease. Many of them have Long Covid. They will die! (Well, that's true ..) (Personally, I think "Long Covid" is a combination short-cut and euphemism for "run out of my bank of normal sick time.") The CCP is telling the Chinese people that America - along with other countries around the world - is being devastated by the virus as we speak, and it will only get worse. The idea is to keep the Chinese people alive and well for the time it takes the rest of the world to die off... then, the Chinese can take over without firing a shot.

You thought that stupidity was only a Western thing? Hey, I did! It don't mind telling you that. What I mean is, even if this CCP leader IS lying to the Chinese people and not stupid enough to believe his own lies, he's still got to be pretty stupid to think nobody will see through this to the truth. Then again, "nobody" might only have to include Chinamen. They've been clamping down more and more on information flow there over the last (at least) 5 years. Lately, they even cancelled John Derbyshire's wife, for crying out loud, he figures for gossiping about friends and (I imagine) sharing mooncake recipes!

Is the CCP going all North Korea on us? Maybe Albania, but with Chinese characteristics?

Now, by this point, ! can see even the most loyal, regular Peak Stupidity reader going "Hey, look, you've got no names and no quotes. Come on, man!" OK, well, this stuff comes off of Telegram and personal conversations. Things get taken away fast on the Chinese internet. OTOH, this propaganda ought to persist though. Anyway, I DID try to get the name of the CCP official. Here's how that went:

"OK, who's the guy who said all that?"
"No, I don't mean Hu. Or, is it Hu? Is that who said this stuff, Hu?"
"Hu do you mean?"
"The guy that said all that stuff! Who was it, Hu?"
"I don't know..."
"I Don't Know's on 3rd!"

Except for that last line, as my source is not Abbott & Costello savvy, I swear that's how it went. Really, though I did have that Hu Jintao in my head, forgetting what his deal was, I remembered after that conversation that he's the guy that was dragged out of the big 5-year CCP meeting recently. I'd guess Hu was against all this newest LOCKDOWN-II. I'll get more info later.

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Continuing Covid-one-niner Coverage on Clorox and China

Posted On: Wednesday - November 2nd 2022 7:28PM MST
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  China  Kung Flu Stupidity

Oh, if only the EXPERTS had told us this 2 years ago!

(BTW, I cannot remember what the * was about. I'll look for this again and report back.)

There's lots more to discuss here about the vaccination business that just won't die, but this post will just be a quick one on this and that. Somehow, we often drift toward writing about China. For the case of the Kung Flu, that does make sense now, as this cloud of stupidity seems to have been blown by the upper-level Easterlies all the way across the Pacific where that air mass has been stalled over mainland China for months running. There's a trough and occluded front near the surface above Beijing that is funneling some of the most violent of the stupidity ... OK, I'm no weatherman, but I know which way the wind blows...

The sign above was seen much closer to home. In fact, I saw it the very same day, and right after, I wrote the post Cloro-Prepping, but it has stayed on my phone till now. Really, should we have been simply using Clorox this whole time? Could we have avoided all the LOCKDOWNs, social distancing, and face diapering, if we had known the secret? How 'bout the generic store brand... no, not trying to be a cheap-ass, but I mean, $7.59 a gallon? Wait, it's not a gallon? 121 ounces don't make a gallon, do they? Who knew? Only Peak Stupidity knows*.

The Kung Flu Stupidity cloud seems to have been blown off from my location. At the Halloween carnival at the school, it was as if the whole PanicFest had never happened. Is it all because everyone is so confident due to the vaccines, cause I hate to spook all those hot halloween Moms and their kids, but, uhhh, we never did get ... ahhh, never mind, carry on.

On the other hand, I've read the stories from Mr. Ganderson and others about Massachusetts, and others about various other States. I will say that I'm happy to see Federalism in action. Of course, most of what went on, and still is going on to a degree, in the more Totalitarian of the States is undoubtably illegal per their State Constitutions. Still, this PanicFest has been said to have gotten people voting with their feet. Unfortunately, some of the same people vote with their grubby hands for the same crap their feet voted out of.

I talked to a lady who was sitting waiting on a delayed flight at LaGuardia airport a while ago who had just moved to the South. I was pretty blunt - "Yeah, lots of Yankees are moving there [her new location in particular]. Hey, you aren't going to vote that same way..." "Oh, no, no, no! We're really happy to get out of here, and I like the way the people are ..." Well we talked politics for an hour or so. It was very enoyable. She's not one of them.

On to China (not physically - I really don't think I'm goin' back again). Peak Stupidity featured about a dozen posts this Spring and Summer about the LOCKDOWN resurgence in China and their quest for the formula for Covid~Zero. Yes, it's stupid, really, really stupid. They are a smart bunch of people. Is there something they know but we don't? Well, I've read some recent articles about the Gain of Function virus research labs and their work on making Omicron a REAL honest-to-God deadly virus again . (Is this strictly necessary?!) Some, cough, cough, Ron Unz, cough, opine that the Chinese are rightly fearful of the dastardly Americans sending over these deadly germs again to come and wipe them out. (Wipe them out?! 1,400,000,000 people? I mean, come on.)

Is the Chinese government (actually the CCP that rules the government) trying to do its best to protect the Chinese people from a real massive epidemic? Do they mean well and are just going a little , OK, a LOT, overboard? That is not bloody likely. This policy of seeming paranoia is very bad for the Chinese economy. Chinese absolute leaders have gotten 10's of millions of their own people killed in their efforts to improve the economy before (that particular one didn't take), so I don't think they'd trash it out of fear of viral invasion. (They know what happened 3 years ago - Gain-of-Function research lab safety is not Job 1.)

No, this is about control. This Xi Jinping they've got in near-absolute power now is the biggest control freak in his position since Chairman Mao.

I'm hearing from people in China that the people are not fearful of the germs, but they are of the government willy-nilly mandatory LOCKDOWNs and quarantining.

It wasn't me originally, but Instapundit linked me to yahoo-finance and this like about Pooh Bear over there - How Xi sacrificed China’s future in pursuit of total power. It rings true though.
The lockdown created an atmosphere of fear. “Everyone felt scared. Not of the virus. But about being sent to these makeshift Covid hospitals,” says Maggie, who didn’t want her surname to be used.

“You didn’t know where you’d be taken to, or how long you’d be there. Some people had their flats broken into in the middle of the night and were taken away. Or their homes were ‘sanitised’ when they were in quarantine and a lot of their belongings were ruined. I didn’t believe this would happen in Shanghai.”

But she believes she’s lucky. A white-collar job meant she could work from home. Others haven’t been so fortunate.

The world’s strictest lockdown has destroyed both lives and livelihoods – and there is no guarantee it won’t come back. But its architect has just become China’s most powerful ruler since chairman Mao.
If you think the Kung Flu Panic was bad here ...

* That post is called Inflation by Deflation. We have also posted a building materials version of that concept along with one on tires.

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The John Birch Society v Agenda '30, formerly Agenda '21

Posted On: Tuesday - November 1st 2022 4:37PM MST
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  Global Climate Stupidity  Globalists  Americans  Liberty/Libertarianism

I take (as the old folks used to say) about 4 magazines these days. I don't have a chance to read more than ~10% of the issues of any of them.. OK, if I quit commenting on The Unz Review, I suppose I'd open up time for most of them, but that's OK. Though I enjoy the reading, I get all of these due to my being a member of each of their organizations. One of these magazines is The New American, which is sent to me each month by the John Birch Society.*

So, my 11 y/o son reads it. Hey, though the John Birch Society's New American ought to be part of any kid's homeschooling curriculum, I don't push it on him. He started picking it up and reading it during and after dinner or lunch. You're never too young to learn about what the John Birch Society's been warning us about for the last 64 years. According to wiki, the group, founded by Robert W Welch, Jr....
... is anti-communist, supports social conservatism, and is associated with ultraconservative, radical right, far-right politics, or libertarian ideas.
I'm glad to see a more positive Wikipedia political page for a change! Also:
The society rose quickly in membership and influence, and was controversial for its promotion of conspiracy theories.
What exactly are some of those conspiracy theories? According to Wiki, who knows everything:
The society opposes "one world government", the United Nations, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and other free trade agreements. It argues the U.S. Constitution has been devalued in favor of political and economic globalization. It has cited the existence of the former Security and Prosperity Partnership as evidence of a push towards a North American Union. The JBS has sought to reduce immigration.

The JBS supports auditing and eventually dismantling the Federal Reserve System. The JBS holds that the United States Constitution gives only Congress the ability to coin money, and does not permit it to delegate this power, or to transform the dollar into a fiat currency not backed by gold or silver.

The JBS opposed the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the women's Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s.
Well, duh-uhhh! So in other words, so far the conspiracy theories of the JBS have been proven out by history. Thank you, JBS - you are the wind beneath Peak Stupidity's wings!

Now that's not what this post was to be about, but I'm glad to give these guys a plug here. I just got a 3-page letter from them, with warnings about Agenda 2030. Per the letter, it was this organization that helped caused the Globalists who planned out Agenda 21, starting (per the letter) at the 1992 Earth Summit, to miss their deadline, hence it's now Agenda 2030. Well, I don't know about that for sure, but we were given 9 more years anyway - 8 at this point, to get our shit together. For a prepper, that's a good thing.

Peak Stupidity can't keep up with it all, as we've written before. Some of the business this letter I got discussed, and of course, millions of pages on the internet will tell you, is far more about evil than stupidity.** (That is, at least at the higher-levels of it, we maintain.) The Climate Calamity™, in the new parlance, is being used as, not the only, but a big excuse to clamp down world society along the goals of Agenda 2030.

I have not kept up one bit, or written here about, the Ceylon ... OK fine, just this once ...Sri Lankan, troubles that were going on a few months back and are probably still are. However, per the JBS, the farming policy and resulting disastrous economic damage and famine there were due to the push for Agenda 30 using the Climate Calamity™ as an excuse.

It was pretty early in the life of this blog, the winter of '16/'17, when Peak Stupidity did some writing on the Global Climate Stupidity topic, based on our experience with engineering modeling, There are at least 15 posts there, if the reader is interested. The gist of all of it, as per the title of a series, is that there is no working mathematical model of the Earth's climate, dammit! However, and this is an important one. even if one of these models were tested and shown to be making reasonably accurate medium-term predictions of conditions around the globe, and we take the worst case predictions per the tolerance ranges - that creeping red stuff on the illustrations - that is absolutely no reason for the implementation of the Globalists' Agenda 30!

Were it all tested science, still it'd simply not be that big a deal, no matter if you pick even the worst case scenario (at least out of the papers of actual Climatologists). The way the Climate Calamity™ is being used, for one to scare the useful idiots (stupidity, not evil) and more importantly, as an excuse for control, is the story here***.

Back to the Ceylon story, from the letter:
Sri Lanka was the first country to be lured into the trap of Agenda 2030. In 2021, its Democratic Socialist government restricted the import and use of certain fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to force farmers into organic farming based on the false and dangerous premise that nitrogen emissions and pollution [sic: both? Seems like one and the same lying term] must be cut. Afer the first growing season, this policy was quickly reversed as yields plummeted, farmers went bankrupt or quit outright, and hunger swept the country. Yet, the damage was done. Even after rolling back these policies, the country continues to deal with shortages of food, fuel, and medication, as well as rolling electrical blackouts, 50+ percent admitted inflation, and a default on $78 billion of foreign loans (it's officially bankrupt). The country used to be an agricultural exporter, but it can no longer produce enough food to feed its own people!
If you've studied any of the history of Chairman Mao era China, this may sound familiar. In his retrospectively-very-awkwardly-named Great Leap Forward of 1958-62, Chairman Mao planned out very well what the farmers he ruled would do to produce more steel. Gotta meet the 5-year-plan goals and show up those Roaders, ya know. Something like 30 million to 40 million Chinese people starved to death in the aftermath of the economic destruction, around '60-'61**** - no, not purposeful evil, but stupidity mixed with absolute power, so the same thing. In the case of the JBS account of the recent goings-on in Ceylon, I'd say it was a much more purposeful and planned-out destruction:
Next, the globalist vultures swooped in. The international Monetary Fund stepped in to "help" by providing a "rescue plan" "that is expected to allow major foreign agri-businesses and Communist Chinese interests to come in and pick up farms, land, and other assets on the cheap," according to The New American. [OK, I know, that's us.] These globalists helped to create a crisis, took advantage of it, and enslaved the country.
There's more, in which the people fought back, ousted the President... but he's baaaackkk. This letter mentions this same Globalist plan being implemented by the EU in Holland, something I have read about.

There is a story about a Globalist project in our own Iowa, again with a Climate Calamity™ excuse. This one involves a 1,300 mile carbon dioxide pipeline! Do they think we are ALL stupid... or is it more like helpless? Nitrogen is 78% of the atmosphere, so it is plain ludicrous to call it pollution. Though CO2 is a trace gas, it's in and out of our very lungs all day long, and, better yet, it's what plants crave!

These Globalists definitely have an agenda, and it's all about them owning everything, and the people "owning nothing and being happy." (The happiness part is optional.) I will try to be more active in the John Birch Society, one organization that is clear about our needing to fight these Globalist scum.

In the comments, Mr. Ganderson has steered us to a folk song by the Chad Mitchell Trio from 60 years back.

“Oh, we're meetin' at the courthouse at eight o'clock tonight.
You just walk in the door and take the first turn to the right.
Be careful when you get there, we hate to be bereft,
but we're taking down the names of everybody turning left.

Unlike the case for your average REM song the lyrics are easy enough to understand, so I'll leave the rest out besides:

"We only hail the hero from whom we got our name.
We're not sure what he did but he's our hero just the same."

Yeah, honestly, I'd have to look him up too. However, though this song at the fairly early end of the Communist Long March through the American Institutions***** was likely written in the spirit of fun (and who can resist banjo music?) one wonders about that Chad Mitchell Trio. I think someone needs to exhume these guys.

PS: In another post to come soon, I want to discuss Globalists vs. Communists, and why Peak Stupidity uses the latter term quite often, with appropriate derision.

[UPDATED 11/02:]
Added The John Birch Society by the (likely Communist) Chad Mitchell Trio, per commenter Ganderson.

* I noted recently that, though I'd not kept that name in my memory, there've been 3 Peak Stupidity posts that referred to articles in The New American before. See Fireworks from China, Our favorite VDare writer Jack Dalton on the American Commies, and Zhou Bai Dien hands over the keys.

** We just can't go willy-nilly changing our URL to PeakEvil, though, on our shoe-string budget. I did check just now, and it's still available (.com, that is).

*** That should sound familiar. At least for the Kung Flu, there was a bad virus going around. The entire world climate? Nah. They don't freaking know squat. (At least give me detailed physics behind the Ice Age process and tell me when the next one's coming. If you're gonna make a climate model, that may be an important part of the input, just sayin...)

**** One of them was the grandfather of someone I know.

***** That is, for MOST of the institutions. As I learned from the soon-to-be-reviewed book Blacklisted by History about the Joe McCarthy era, they'd already gotten very far into the Feral Gov't by 1962 - even by 1945 they had.

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Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 4

Posted On: Monday - October 31st 2022 8:24PM MST
In Topics: 
  US Feral Government  Race/Genetics

Continued from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Part 4 was unexpected. Being not really a current events site per se, Peak Stupidity bloggers had not learned of the upcoming Supreme Court cases on Affirmative Action when we started this series. However, there's a lot on the internet about it - see Supreme Court to Hear Cases Against Harvard, UNC on Affirmative Action from the Breitbart site*. We'll discuss this now in Part 4, and they'll be yet another,.. and maybe another ...

Please note that the two SCROTUS cases are about admissions to college - the 2, of course, in the headline of the article above. This is not a big case that could result in the overruling of precedent set in place 55 years back. Yes, it was unConstitutional precedent, but that doesn't seem to matter anymore. I don't think prospective non-White government and business employees have much to worry about here, as far as losing their privileges anywhere other than college admission. People seem excited about it anyway.

My favorite sites have included writing on these upcoming decisions. VDares's Washington Watcher II notes that Conservatism Inc. Focuses On How Affirmative Action Hurts Asians–Ignores Its Impact On Whites Aka Americans. In other words, even people against AA are often too afraid to state that AA is bad for White men.

I've disagreed with the illustrious Ron Unz lots, especially on the Kung Flu Stupidity. However, he has done yeoman's work over the last decade in gather statistics on, publishing nice graphics and conclusions about, and even starting court cases about, Affirmative Action cheating by Ivy League colleges for admission. Since Mr. Unz also does yeoman's work in touting his own yeomanism, one can read more from his latest article Challenging Racial Discrimination at Harvard. Mr. Unz also concentrates on the Asians (I guess it's Orientals and •Indians, so I'll use his "Asian" here) that are getting screwed. However, he does analyze the non-Jewish White Americans who are getting screwed even harder, admission-wise. That is admirable. Ron Unz most definitely does not bend to any pressure, real or imagined.

However, even regarding the narrow issue of college admissions, as compared to the whole gamut of Affirmative Action, Conservative anti-AA decisions in these cases won't mean much. I don't think it's being overly cynical seeing all the ways these woke-ass admissions people will get around any ruling. There have been workarounds for the California anti-AA ruling in the mid-1990s. Texas authorities did it by using High School grades to guarantee admission for some. They know, to be sure, that High Schools vary widely in amount of learning going on. Then, others use the term "Holistic", as in, we'll look at the big picture, for woke essays and sob stories of disadvantaged childhoods, and merit, what merit?

What if the Bakke case (Regents of the University of California v. Bakke) that I barely remember from 1978, in which a White man was screwed out of admission to Medical School at UC Davis due to quotas gets overturned? Yeah, well, supposedly there have been no quotas.

Sorry, but I'm not optimistic about anything changing drastically in college admissions, but then too, regarding the subject of Ron Unz's extensive investigation and analysis, who cares? I would never want my child to attend one of the Ivy League colleges, no matter how much merit would have him “deserving” it. Integrity is more important than money and power.

Notice who the elites that have come out of these ESTEEMED Institutions have been, those in high places in American Feral Gov’t and “Industry”. I suppose one could say we want “our” people back in there, but honestly, White/black/BLTG/Hispanic/Jewish, whatever, the people out of these Institutions have been ruining America since before I was born.

To paraphrase Bad Orange Man, they are not sending their best elites.

That was a digression, so let me wrap up by saying that these Supreme Court cases are only scratching the surface of this Feral Gov't and Big Biz administered anti-White edifice built over the last half-century. A Feral Government full of Conservatives would not be able to break it up. It would take Libertarians who realize that it's most of the unConstitutional Government itself that has to be demolished with extreme prejudice.

PS: This issue being right in his wheelhouse, Mr. Steve Sailer has one recent article so far on AA - Roland Fryer: Robots Can Replace Affirmative Action. (I'm sure they'll be more.) Though he does lament the screwing over of smart flyover-State White kids, as usual, Mr. Sailer never comes out and states that AA is simply wrong.

* ... this one picked picked because it was the first non-lefty site result from the DuckDuckGo search I did just now - number 17 result of the search for "supreme court affirmative action case". There was a Deseret New page for which I wasn't sure of the bias until I clicked to make sure. Yep, most references were to the NY Times and NPR and it was slanted as can be. Oh, and spellcheck does not know the word "Breitbart". Yeah, sure, a likely story ...

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Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Posted On: Saturday - October 29th 2022 8:54PM MST
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  Music  Humor  Media Stupidity

... and occupants of campus radio studios too.

This post comes from my comment under the most recent post with its anecdote of Affirmative Action 45 years back in the radio broadcasting business.

One good feeling about working a volunteer job is that you don't need to worry much about being fired. I won't say who this was either, but this guy I know who worked as a volunteer at the campus radio station was (heck, still is) a big Carpenters fan. I don't know about now, if there even are still campus radio stations, but then they played some very eclectic stuff. This station demanded that the DJ's played nothing that could be construed as "commercial", as the idea was to not compete with any commercial stations.

So, though he was a big fan, this guy was told he couldn't play the Carpenters anymore. The very next day, though, you might have heard stuff like "... lookin' down on creation, it's the only explanation I can find." and "Surely time will lose these bitter memories, and I'll find that there is someone to believe in and to live for ... someone else to..." over the airwaves. "Hello? All-hit radio-o-o-o! You are the 4th caller... today. Hey, babe, what would you like to hear?." "-----" "Excuse me, I'm sorry, but you've got to talk a little closer to the phone." "We've been observing your earth..." "You've been observing our earth?" "No, we've been observing your SHOW, and you're fired!"

OK, it may not have been exactly like that on the phone. He WAS fired, though. So what? As I recall, that was not long at all before Karen Carpenter tragically died from her Anorexia. Anyway, The Carpenters take priority over campus radio station management. The paragraph above comes in a little big garbled from the strange introduction to the very unique Carpenter's song Calling Occupants... of Interplanetary Craft, written a few years before the incident of this post, but after most of their classic music.

It was ... when was it ... nineteen seventy-seven, seventy-eight... it was a different time, you understand...* see, in nineteen seventy-seven, America was in the ending phase of a big fad involving space and extraterrestrial beings. It was really most of the decade, partly a carry-over from the late 1960s, during which there were books about flying saucers, extraterrestrials who'd come to the world in ancient times, ancient people rafting across the oceans, all kinds of weird shit. As for space travel and extraterrestrials, this stuff was in the movies - Star Wars, ET (that cute Extra Terrestrial), Close Encounters of the 3rd King. That latter movie came out just after The Carpenters released this song.

There's a nice write up about this brother and sister duo Richard and Karen and this song on a blog by "Musical Aficionado" here.

During those Jimmy Carter "malaise" years, Americans were in dire need of help from someone somewhere... likely nobody in this world was gonna help, so, making a contact of the "3rd kind" with ETs** was the best plan they had. We need those ETs now more than ever.

In your mind you have capacities you know
to telepath messages through the vast unknown.
Please close your eyes and concentrate
with every thought you think
upon the recitation we’re about to sing.

I was going to write that last post on Affirmative Action, what, if anything, we can do about it on the job, in our lives, and in our society in general, today. Instead that one will have to be next week, coming with some Kung Flu stupidity and more current events. Thank you all for reading, writing, and listening!

* This silly Ken Burns-interview-style talk is from the most hilarious video you may ever see - The United Negro Space Program featured by Peak Stupidity in a more serious post of almost 5 years back, Apollo 12 Lunar landing footage from > 48 years back. I don't know why it cracks me up so much. Someone on an iSteve thread referred to this humor just a couple of days back too.

** No, not EFTs - Extra Terrestrials. You're thinking Exchange Traded Funds. They're not gonna help you.

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Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 3: Anecdotal Interlude

Posted On: Thursday - October 27th 2022 11:34AM MST
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Continued from Part 1 and Part 2.

This Affirmative Action screwage story goes back to the late 1970s and is a personal story about someone I know well. It was the late 1970's, you gotta remember ... there were these people who we thought of as near-gods who played music off of vinyl records over something called Amplitude Modulation radio... we didn't know any better ... it was a different time you understand...

Being a Disk Jockey, or DJ for short, was seen as, hell, it WAS, the coolest job around. Plus people needed money at that lucrative $2.65/hr, which undoubtedly could buy more than the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 does now*. This guy needed the money for college, liked music as much as I do, and of course, wanted the glamor - actually because the radio station in question played country music, the glamor level was not high enough for the job to be any kind of chick magnet. Still, we're talking 1,000 Watts of radio power!

In a place where you generally had to know someone to get a job, this guy was lucky to get an interview from an ad in the newspaper, as I recall. He got along well with this prospective boss of about 8 employees in total, because they both liked rock/pop music, though they'd be playing country (back when it didn't suck), and they both knew the broadcasting business was cool.

This was the beginning of the summer when said guy could have made some decent money working, well, as many days and hours the boss would want him to. "Nope", the boss called soon after the interview. "It's the FCC, see. They are pushing for all stations to hire a black person sometimes for Affirmative Action. I'm really sorry. I've got this one guy, and maybe if he doesn't work out..."

OK, remember the part about this being a country music radio station? There WAS this guy named Charlie Pride. Yes, I! GET! THAT! [/Tucker]. However, black people simply did not listen to country music, and this new black employee would know nothing about it and not care about it either. It's not like they didn't have their own stations to listen to - I mean it was all "on the air". Besides the soul station, one of the 10 or dozen "formats" that Billboard magazine used to categorize what we'd now call "content" coming out of those transmitters was Urban Contemporary.** Nobody expected a station listed as such to play anything but music by black musicians. Additionally, nobody expected a station with that format to hire any White guys either.

Yep, said individual lost out on a money-making opportunity and an enjoyable job for the whole summer, as this small business was obviously under pressure from an, or "their" ABC regulatory agency, back in the 1970s. This AA stuff goes back a long ways, which is the point of this anecdotal example.

"Maybe if he doesn't work out...", the boss had said. He didn't. I can't remember if this black guy quit or got fired, but at the end of the summer, the station was "free" to hire the protagonist of this post. Said protagonist had to commute from college to work this job on the weekends, which he did and enjoyed it very much for a few years until the commute part couldn't work out. He and that boss were friends from the beginning and have kept up with each through this very day.

"[Town]ville weather today, partly cloudy with a chance of rain..." That's what you said when you forgot to check the teletype - it usually fits...

That's pretty much what the place looked like.

Just one more fun part of the story. It was country music after all, and, though there was lots of good stuff in those days, both these guys liked the great rock and pop of that era more. (Don't get me started on the Disco again, please.) Most music played was from 45 rpm singles, with the hit or prospective hit song on the "A side" and another on the "B side" Some stray 45's ended up in the studio. So, this guy's got a great Paul McCartney and Wings song playing, called Junior's Farm. The telephone rang in the studio. "Errr, Bill? Yeah, I mean that's a great song. It does have 'farm' in the lyrics and all, Bill, but, no, that's not country music. Please stop."

For some "crossover", that is, pop music that was also big on the country music charts, you could go with The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, especially when nature called for more than your bladder... ***

All's well that ends well? I don't know about that. AA cost this guy a fun summer and a couple of semesters of tuition money. We've been getting screwed for so long, it seems to be ... 2nd nature calling.

* Granted, low-level employees in low-pay industries are paid more than that generally, but it's still crap - thanks immigration enthusiasts!

** Compared to the -c-rap that black "music" is now, it was not bad stuff, really. They played some soul, but also light funk. I'm sure they played songs by The Spinners. Peak Stupidity mucho likey - check out Rubberband Man and Games People Play.

*** That's not to make light of the actual story (great video in our post here), but I truly did not know the song was about a real event until years later.

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Pittsburgh focus group REFUSES TO FOCUS on the narrative!

Posted On: Wednesday - October 26th 2022 6:50PM MST
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I got to this video via VDare initially in today's post Normal Trump Voters (A) Know More Than MSM Reports And (B) Don't Care What MSM Thinks by long-term writer James Fulford. (VDare had it on a tweet, so I'm glad I could find it more easily than is often the case.)

This is a great video. I don't know how much more politically aware these 10 "focus group" members from Pittsburgh, Penn. are than the average Conservative or Libertarian. If this is average, I am really encouraged from having seen this.

It's not like these ten decent folks have any great insight that goes above and beyond. What they say is common knowledge and common sense. It's just that, well, the Lyin' Press (arm of the Feral Gov't) is not at all down with the use of common knowledge and common sense. The look on the face of this young Elise Jordan character* says it all. Note that this is the video's official MSNBC caption under "see more":
In a focus group led by Elise Jordan, Pittsburgh-area Trump voters weigh in on the events of January 6, why they say Trump could not have stopped the violence on January 6 and House Speaker Pelosi on January 6.

[My bolding]
"Led by" is right. I'd thought that focus groups were about asking questions and noting the general gist of the answers, such as "OK, so the general consensus is that it tastes great and is less filling?" that you'd get from an old Miller Swill Lite** marketing focus group. This cute but clueless-looking and retarded-sounding reporter spent the time trying to lead the group toward the Police State narrative on these 1/6 Political Prisoners.

I really have a hard time determining this from that clueless Snowflake attitude, from the very beginning with "... and he was photographed breaching one of the restricted areas. Is that OK?" like she's about to cry. Check out the look on her face. Is she just plain stupid or a lying sack of shit?

This is stuff we've all known and wanted to say to these Lyin' Press people. This nice Pittsburgh crowd did this for us. From a focus group being led to explain that President Trump should have somehow stopped the protests and rioting that day, we see the focus shift to "Free the Jan 6th Political Prisoners!" Enjoy!:

I liked how the group brought up the murder of Ashli Babbitt (more here) by Capitol cop Michael Leroy Byrd. This was in response to the reporter's 2 1/2 year-old lie about another Capitol cop Brian Sicknick who died due to a pre-existing*** health problem and not a thrown fire extinguisher.

* I'd never seen or heard of her before in my life, honestly, which is obviously a good thing.

** I'm sorry. If you're gonna drink Miller at all, just drink the old Miller High Life, not that genuine draft crap or Lite. It's just more genuine, and, come on, it all looks the same swirling around and down the porcelain goddess 4 hours later.

*** Not to make light of the guy, a Trump supporter and all around nice guy per one of the Capitol cops I talked to about this (see 4th paragraph of the post linked-to above about Ashli Babbitt's murderer), but his was pre-riot condition and nothing about his health insurance. No, I don't mind calling it a bit of a riot, but compared to what the ctrl-left gets away with, this was a peaceful protest.

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