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This is not a book review, but not for lack of finding a copy.

No, I swear I didn't change the height/width perspective of the image above. Why would you even think that?

Peak Stupidity has had a handful of posts on the nice "Stuff White People Like" idea of the LittleFreeLibraries that you may see in your neighborhood. We've had them around for at least 5 years, but it's been 13 years since a guy named Todd H. Bol had the idea and made the first one. There are said to be in the (white) neighborhood of 100,000 of these around. (That was last year.)

In LittleFreeLibraries in the leafy neighborhoods, we discussed the SWPL aspect of these things and the lefty slant of many of the adult books. That's to be expected in my neighborhood, where there are still BLM signs, when you can see past the occasional Ukrainian flag and the "Everyone Welcome" signs too.

I noted in our review of the Appendix* of the book Walking through the Fire by immigration patriot and cuck nonetheless Steve King that I would put his book in one of these nearby. It's been 2 months now, and we just checked - the book is still there. Is that good or bad? At least the library owners did not pull it out and burn it in the fireplace (you know, carbon footprints and all...). OTOH, nobody wanted to read it. That's splits off into another good/bad decision. Do the adults that look at this library know the guy's a cuck or are they too lefty to want to read any book by an immigration patriot or any Republican? More likely than all of that is that nobody yet has heard of the guy OR the book!

On another block, in front of another house of lefties - I know this due to a phone call that I discussed in It's a Beautiful Day in the Leafy** Neighborhood.***, there were 5 copies of the Stacy Abrams book above. What was the deal there? Did these people buy a bunch of the books to support this fat-ass, big-time Georgia racial politician, and they just need to get rid of these copies? Maybe they really want the neighborhood to read this book. Maybe their LittleFreeLibrary branch will double as LIttleFreeKindling this coming winter. I should be fair and at least leave them there, as people have the Steve King book.

I guess the moral of this post is that LIttleFreeLibraries can be efforts of generosity, but then they may also be used instead of a trash/recycling bin for those too guilty to go straight to the trash can - Let's all work toward Sustainable Stupidity!

* The basic book review is here.

** Yeah, I kinda got that "leafy", meaning White and, yeah, leafy, from iSteve Sailer.

*** Peak Stupidity did provide equal time to the non-White side of the LittleFreeLibrary thing in Extreme black wokeness and LittleFreeLibraries - stupidity or lies?

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That's a man, baby!

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Blogger Steve Sailer has some very good posts,* especially when the subject is one of his bigger interests. He has discussed the ex-men (his own clever terminology) quite a few times, that is male-to-female tran-sexuals*. I need to start writing "trannies", as the word"tran-sexual" always puts a very good rock song from a weird-ass movie into my head for at least 1/2 an hour afterwards.

I wish I could say "only in LA" with regard to this one, as the story is about an LA "family guy", now "family girl", I guess. However, this stupidity has long since spread. The background of the Tur nuclear family is very interesting, before all this genderbender stuff - Mr. Sailer's title is Happy Father's Day to Chopper Pilot Zoey Tur.

You can read the story there, but I found 2 videos, one serious, and one humorous, that I wanted to post. I can't find the whole 15 minute video from some Headline News Network(?) talk show that is in the comments there, but the reader may well have gotten too disgusted to get through it. That's not only due to the featured stupidity, but also in seeing how rigid, authoritarian and intolerant of other opinions the whole panel of talking shrieking heads other than Ben Shapiro are, in the alleged name of tolerance.

I didn't start this short clip at 01:50 (for some context), but that's where you can see the ex-man Zoey Tur threaten Ben Shapiro on TV, with no recognition of it by the rest of the pundits. After you see this, think about the roles having been reversed. Imagine that some White guy about 50% heavier in muscle than a person-of-privilege (i.e., anyone but a White man) did the same thing. It'd be the worst thing since the death of the worthless black reprobate George Floyd.

What this incident really shows us is that "Zoey", actually Bob Tur has the strength and personality of a man, no matter what pattern dresses and color lipstick he wears. Can you imagine an ACTUAL women ever behaving in this way? Even the fat black ghetto trash women with their hair-pulling butt-kicking brawls don't act like this. Face it, in the words of Austin Powers, that's a man, baby!"

The Family Guy clip below starts off very funny, as that show can be. (I haven't watched but 20 episodes maybe, randomly, and not this one.) However, no matter how funny the kid Stewie is, I could see by the end of this 4 minutes what the opinion of the writers of this episode is. It seems pro-ex-men to me, but see what you think.

As a staunch Libertarian, let me put it this way: There ought not to be a law banning any of this crazy stuff, by adults anyway. Well, there never has been, as far as I know. However, before this country entered the "Crazy Years" and approached Peak Stupidity, society has wanted nothing to do with people like this. There ought to be no law against that either. That's the problem we are running into, being told that we must agree with this bullshit.

Yes, there are the occasional weirdos.** I would think they'd just accept that they are weirdos, as they did in the past, I'd be nice if people on TV shows, and now kids' teachers in government schools, could still admit that these people are weirdos, or, failing that, at least not teach our kids that they must agree they aren't weirdos.

Finally, if the way that dude threatened Ben Shapiro doesn't demonstrate to you what real sex differences are, you are lost in this world. I'd carry concealed next time I were on a show like that, were I Mr. Shapiro, like hero of mine Senator Joe McCarthy on Meet the Press 72 years back.***

* Some are linked to in our previous few posts on these ex-men, mostly specifically about their competing in women's sports, something I think is hilarious and entertaining more than anything. See Steve Sailer on the X-men, with Peak Stupidity's take and Another power of the Ex-Men

** I knew 2 men, one 20 years ago and one over 30 years back, who "became women". (One was still at the job - just a guy (oops!) who worked there that I talked to a couple of times. As for the other, I only heard about his doing this a few years later - you'd have NEVER thought it'd be that guy either!)

*** Actually, it wasn't concealed. He kept a pistol on his lap during his 5th time on the show. As I wrote in that post, "what a country!"

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Update: Apple mystery solved. Still a bug, but there's a workaround

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Image removed by Peak Stupidity Smart-Blog software. Code #A1FF: Image too distasteful. Removed to save user screens from bullet-induced crazing and cracking.

Ahhhaaaa! A picture of Gretchen Whitmer was in the storage of the Photos program on said device. I must have saved it for use in a post (shouldn't have to begin with, bug notwithstanding). There is another picture, near the beginning of the set of them, that also appears at the top. I should have checked this first.

I don't know why it's any of Apple's business to put small images from the Photos program on the main screen, but that's smart software for ya'. This is the easy workaround: Do not save pictures of nasty Totalitarians ANYWHERE on your own computers. They will appear again somewhere else, maybe in real life too.

UPDATE: OK, in the comments of the previous post, I found out that readers here can do better searches than the site owner, who WRITES THIS STUFF. Thank you, Mr. Hail, for finding the 2 posts here, the first of which has that picture of Gretchen Whitmer that kept bugging me: Governor Gretchen Whitmer - I wonder what her childhood was like. and Perspective vs. Hysteria

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Apple users: Beware of the Whitmer bug

Posted On: Monday - June 20th 2022 4:55PM MST
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This post was originally to be titled: Who is this broad, and why can't I keep her off of my screen?!. You'll see why shortly.

There is a nice Apple iPad that I was given to use for work. I try to keep it "clean" and not do anything other than work-related tasks on it. Seeing as I'm still much more used to a pre-Windows-10* "desktop", without strange pictures and videos flying about, I don't know how to deal with the home screen stuff on these devices, other than to not put/have anything on there but the icons.

Usually, I just go straight to the 4 or 5 icons of the "apps" - programs, that is, that I use regularly. However, beside a weather report from Cupertino, California, pretty far from home** there are a few other blurbs, as I am wont to calling them, on the screen. One that keeps being on there is a picture of this older lady in a blue dress wagging her finger as if she's lecturing me. I didn't know who it was until I took my first guess about 10 minutes ago. That horrid scene, reproduced even larger above, is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

I'd first thought that this evil Totalitarian broad was continually appearing up there because Peak Stupidity had that picture up at one point, and, you know, the software is so damned smart that it just KNOWS I want to see her on my screen often. However, there are 2 arguments against this:

1) I use the browser on that device, as with almost other program on it, for work stuff only. Peak Stupidity hasn't been pulled up but a handful of times.

2) I looked for posts here that involve Governor Whitmer, and I only found these 2 so far: Michigan v Sweden in Corona Challenge and Michigan Totalitarian bitch exercises her Social Distancing Waiver

Hey, I don't have a TV so that I won't have to put up with being lectured by, or ever have to see, bitches like Gretchen Whitmer. I'm not in the Michigan State Legislature for that reason too, along with many others.

What is Gretchen Whitmer doing on the screen of my work tablet? I have swiped her off of it about 10 times, but SHE KEEPS COMING BACK! Is she everywhere? Is she in The Cloud now? That could be a good sign, meaning she's no longer on earth. Anyone else seen her? If I knew how, I'd report it to Apple. They must know, as is obvious to me, that this is a BUG, not a FEATURE.

* What goes on on that Windows 10 screen is unfathomable. I got it before then. Honestly, I'm partial to a ">" prompt with a blinking cursor, so, don't mind me ...

** Yeah, I know. It's the home of Apple, Inc.

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It's long over, for the unknown soldier

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I've seen this a number of times lately. A bunch of army soldiers were mustered (?) in the airport, ready to either go to more training, or, very likely, to head overseas to "defend America". I don't have a word to say to them. A few times in the past I've sat near a group of them on the airliner and asked where they are headed. It usually is overseas.

No matter where it is they are headed, I have no reason to appreciate their being in the American Army. As I've written here before, not in the same words, that "thank you for your service" crap makes me sick to my stomach. These soldiers are not serving the American people in any way. Who they serve is the Deep State, the Neocons, and the Globalists?

I know, most of these young people join up now for the employment, as this American economy has sucked for quite a while. There are great benefits, if you put up with a little hardship - that's really not so much right now, when the American military fights only when it has overwhelming odds. (For more on this topic, see the Peak Stupidity posts Death from Above, Assasinations, and Declaration of War, Arrogance from the American Military, and Outside it's America.) That may change, and I'll feel more sorry for them

There is the diversity and gender stupidity that has me looking on some of these people with disdain. I see some of them and wonder "wait, these people are supposed to become lean, mean, fighting machines, and defend me?" (It's that much more disdainful when they've all got face masks on, even the freaking Drill Sergeants!) For the White men, I am sure they are in for a Dieversity shitshow. They will have to put up with the organized discrimination against them and the insults, indignities and stupidity, even though they are the very group that has the biggest percentage of people who will actually do the hard fighting, and the biggest percentage that is there to actually "defend my country."

No, of course I don't want to spit on them, as if this was 1960s'/'70s during Vietnam. They are not the instigators of the war-mongering of America. Upon the Vietnam War, it's easy to look with hindsight, but there were worries about the Communists taking over much of the world. The Korean War had been fought only a decade before with nearly as many American soldiers killed* as in Vietnam. OTOH, maybe we should have LEARNED from Korea.

Then, when was the last time soldiers WERE seen as defending their country by Americans? I respect those who did the "containment" of the Communists during the Cold War. Whether this country should have been involved in WWII OR WWI is questionable, but the soldiers were greatly respected. The last time American soldiers were truly defending their countries was during the War Between the States. I wrote "countries" (plural) as the Army of Virginia, for example, was defending what was basically their country back in the day of real Federalism, Virginia, from an invasion.

That was 157 years ago, though. Now, I don't see any defense of my home and land, my family, and myself coming from anything the US Army does. I have nothing to say to the modern American soldier.

* For a good book on that war, try This Kind of War: A Study in Unpreparedness by T.R. Fehrenbach.

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Ann Coulter on 2,000 Mules and 10,000 Maniacs

Posted On: Saturday - June 18th 2022 6:42PM MST
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To be clear, Miss Coulter did not mention the 10,000 Maniacs, but that's just the latter part of our post here.

I do get behind on these "current events" (what we used to call the news when I was a kid). Commenter Dieter Kief pointed out the Dinesh D’Souza movie 2,000 Mules that is coming out, as an investigation of the '20 Presidential election fraud, and I didn't even know what "2,000 Mules" was until his explanation.

Ann Coulter's latest column has what one might call a quick review, which also contains a quick review of the failures of the Donald Trump Presidency. You may be able to tell whether her thumbs are up or down for this movie by the title - see , On 2000 Mules: Dinesh D’Souza’s Stupid Movie. I haven't watched this movie yet, but I disagree vehemently with Miss Coulter* on her contention that the election wasn't stolen based on what I have already seen. There was so much suspicious activity, there were so many opportunities CREATED for irregularities, and there was too much "coincidence" in the reversal of the vote in those last few States** that I don't see how it couldn't have been.

That doesn't mean I disagree with Miss Coulter on her discussion of how stupidly President Trump acted to lose votes. You can read how he screwed his voters in the column, including even something about alleged swindling of donor funds. . She then gave 3 errors she saw in the movie. Finally, she tells us why she is really pissed at Trump, as if we didn't know. She calls out many instances of Trump's contradictions (he's a bullshitter some of the time, face it) as President vs. Candidate, but I'll just paste in this last part:
Most stunningly, Trump blew off the signature promise of his campaign: the wall. While he was busy sucking up to Wall Street, Kim Kardashian, RINOs, Silicon Valley, the gun-grabbers and illegal aliens, not one mile of wall got built.

He finally got around to the wall his last year in office. Total new wall across a 2,000 mile border completed during the entire Trump presidency: 47 miles.

Yeah, it's a total baffler how a president who spent four years ignoring his base could have lost.

Imagine if Ronald Reagan, after running in 1980 on winning the Cold War and slashing taxes, had gotten into office and started bleating about our "inordinate fear of communism," instead of opposing the Soviets at every turn and driving the New York Times to fits of apoplexy? What if he'd left the top tax rate at 70% and suddenly started releasing criminals recommended by Kim Kardashian? And, for the cherry on top, suppose he'd turned his presidency over to his bimbo daughter and nimrod son-in-law?
I really, really, liked the comparison to President Reagan.***

Well, I don't know about the 2,000 mules, but I do know about the 10,000 Maniacs. They were what was called an Alternative Rock band 30 years ago, and no, you didn't say "alt rock". Peak Stupidity has featured the music of this great band from Jamestown, New York, fronted by the great Natalie Merchant, a few times. 10,003 Maniacs features Hey Jack Kerouac, God's acre is a fenced-in hallowed ground features Lilydale, and Music for the depressed features Like the Weather.

I like the whole Our Time in Eden album. Though it was the song most played on the radio, it's been a long time, so I don't mind hearing These are Days again. This goes 30 years back!

This is a really upbeat song too with the lyrics of the chorus going:
You'll know it's true
that you are blessed and lucky.
It's true that you are touched by something
that will grow and bloom in you.
Yeah, likely I am. It's hard to feel this upbeat, though, at 30 years older, but more than that, in a country that's 30 years older and now contains 10,0002 maniacs!

OK, that wraps up Immigration Invasion Fest week, a "concept week" of blogging, with only 1 post out of 7 that didn't discuss this topic. We'll get back to our normal mode of interspersing various flavors of stupidity in with each other next week. There are plenty of posts built up at this point. Thanks to all of you for reading and writing! Happy Sunday.

* She also had another recent column, The Great Replacement Switcheroo—Replacing Blacks With Immigrants, with which I don't disagree with her basic point, but sure do with her pandering style. (Yes, that's normally unheard of out of Ann Coulter, but that's what I'd call it.)

** See
Is it all gonna come down to Philly or Carson City?? Send lawyers, guns, and money ....

*** Peak Stupidity has a 5-part series from Nov-Dec '18 on Ronnie vs. Donnie after Mr. Trump bragged "I blow Ronald Reagan away." Yeah, right - here: Intro. -- The Personalities -- Foreign Policy -- Domestic Policy -- and Conclusion .

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The ICE men and the who-ers of the skies

Posted On: Saturday - June 18th 2022 6:58AM MST
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If wishes were horses and reins were really whips, maybe we'd have a more secure border.

This picture above is from the Lyin' Press narrative of earlier on in this Bie Dien Administration hard-core open borders push as part of his work in on behalf of the Great Replacement Policy. If you don't recall the story, Steve Sailer will refresh your memory here on VDare and here on The Unz Review with comments.

VDare has writers who have been deeply involved in immigration control or lack thereof in US Feral Gov't positions, and some who may still be. These guys are invaluable in getting us the details and proof of the traitorous policies. Peak Stupidity doesn't have people like that, but I do get around more than many. That's when I end up talking to people involved at the small level in big things. An example from a few years ago was my running into a load of ICE agents returning from Iowa. I didn't get to talk with them much, but I realized a day or so later that they had been returning from raids on the Meat Packing plants in Postville that were packed by Hasidic Jews with illegal Hispanics. I had just read about it on VDare. In fact there were a couple of black-hat outfit Jewish guys traveling too!*

I might be more calm just staying at home, if I could stay off the internet, a big "IF" to ask, but these interactions are very helpful. Here goes then, as promised on Thursday.**

In this case I talked to 2 men from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and then, on the same day, a Captain who flies for Swift Airlines, now iAero Group (but that latter name sucks, so I'll use the former). I'll start first with the 2 ICE guys.

Though I put the picture above up, I know that ICE is not the Border Patrol. There have been a few re-orgs and name changes just since I've been following this issue on VDare for 20 years. Anyway I men two guys, not in any uniforms. There was a black guy and a white guy, like in a Hollywood movie, not necessarily "partners" per se (in ANY sense), traveling together to Alexandria, Louisiana. If a mention here of the big criminal illegal (redundant here, right?) alien detention center there on the airport property rings a bell, it because I discussed it when discussing Swift Air (the good and the bad) in that 1st Bai Dien Human Trafficking, but see also CPAC, gutsy Michelle Malkin, and Swift Airlines from 3 years back.

There was no one else around, so I walked up to these guys to get their take. Because I had just read and posted about the latest outrage with the trafficking in Omni Air 767's into Newburgh, NY, I asked the two guys about this latest. "Yeah, that shit is real, man!" the black guy told me, as the other guy agreed. They know about both the Swift air flights and the Omni flights. They sounded pretty pissed off too. Well, I knew this was real, but it was good to hear to those tasked by the taxpayers with securing the borders did not like seeing their agency being used for the opposite. I left them with "I hope someone will let you do your jobs sometime."

Later in the day, I met a guy who flies for Swift Air itself. This time there were a bunch of people around to hear. I didn't care. I asked this guy directly whether he had been involved in the flying of illegal aliens from the Texas Mexican border into White Plains and other locations. His answer was weird because at first I thought it was "yes". "How can you do that flying? It human trafficking, is all it is!" I mentioned the treason those operation entailed and "I think Biden should be hanged for this!" Yeah, other people were listening. That was good.

Well, the pilot sounded like he was on my side, and I don't he was humoring me. He spent 10 minutes talking to me about this and would have stayed longer if I hadn't had to go. As I wrote in that 3 y/o post, Swift Air is mostly a force for good. Well, of course, it's simply a Charter Airline trying to make some money, not really some "force" at all, per se. However, I am glad to see something good going on. The people they fly, formerly using the call sign "Repatriate FLT#" on the radio, are the worst of the criminal scum. Swift Air takes them from that Alexandria, LA detention center (OK, prison) via Miami, to points south.

I asked this pilot about some of the same things regarding the flights that I already noted in that 3 y/o post linked-to above. Yeah, the guy told me, a 737-800 filled with 150 or so prisoners with 15-17 flight attendants , nah, armed guards is the norm. There is no business class and there is no beverage service. These guys are handcuffed and shackled.

I put that picture up top due to the black guy running from the Border Patrol horseman. People really ought to know that there are people from all over crossing easily into this country. Many are Haitians. In our conversation, the pilot got pretty excited telling me how vile and nasty the Haitian prisoners were especially. Many of the aircraft seats were torn up when his plane landed in that country. Though handcuffed, they still manage to throw rocks at the airplane and into the engine inlets when they got on the ramp. There was something about some woman who got naked ... (yeah, I didn't see how this fit in either, and the guy wasn't impressed by the woman part - yes, I asked "was she hot?") It is not all Haitians. Of the great many Hispanics, some are Salvadoran. He talked about those violent MS-13 guys too.

The words "vile" and "evil" were used a number of times by this guy, and I asked him if he got some kind of hazard pay. (They sure as hell don't want to break down in these places, so they bring a mechanic and tools, and, I assume, some parts.) The Globalist elites of America are increasingly importing these people for their Great Replacement Program. We will become a country full of these vile people if this doesn't stop and get reversed.

The question I still have is whether this pilot DID do some of the flying of the illegal aliens going the other way. He was a great guy to talk to, and maybe he feels bad about doing it. That's really not enough though. American cannot go along with this. Pilots are in VERY HIGH DEMAND right now. It's probably a better deal than anytime since commercial flying started - I kid you not! So it's not like pilots refusing to fly these flights, or just calling in sick to make it less blatant, would be hampered in their careers.

Let me put it this way: Charter pilots, put your country and your people before your minimum-day guarantee with double pay. Don't be the whores of the skies!

PS: Our post title is a reference to a really nice movie from 1988 called Full Moon in Blue Water that starred Gene Hackman and Terri Garr (whewww, I always had a crush on her!). Gene Hackman's character is not his usual tough-ass. I can't recall if his supposed southeast Texas accent was that good, but he amusingly pronounced "whore" as "who-er". (I recall that Terri Garr made fun of this in the movie.)

* I think this was before I started my blog, but I will do a search today for something. I can't remember for sure whether I perhaps DID blog about this... Hey, we got 2,300 posts, so it's not all just CRS syndrome. Update: Nah, I guess not.

** Yeah, yesterday was really busy - up 20 hours - so my apologies. I did get 2 comments in on unz. (The guy can't help it...)

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This Human Trafficking is HUGE. We're gonna need a bigger boat aircraft.

Posted On: Thursday - June 16th 2022 6:49PM MST
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The posters keep telling me to look out for these guys, but I think I know what the guy looks like. I've seen him on TV!:

Peak Stupidity reported on the Bai Dien Administration's Human Trafficking program 4 months back, with quite a few details. Besides hero of mine Tucker Carlson's bringing up this new program that is part of the Great Replacement Policy that we have been discussing this week*, the New York Post has been out front with this story. I won't go into a long introduction on that, as it's in that previous report, but I do want to nominate the New York Post as the new "Paper of Record" for doing what people use to call "unbiased plain old news reporting". What a concept!

The last human trafficking post was about this very deliberate mission of the flying of illegal aliens from the Texas border towns - El Paso, Del Rio, Brownsville, Harlingen - those are just the places I was told about recently - to points in the interior of the US. In particular, that post noted the comings and goings in the middle of the night of iAero Group, formerly Swift Air 737-800s into Westchester County, NY's White Plains (KHPN) airport. That place has a fairly short, and fairly sloped runway that is tight enough for those 737s**.

These people are put on buses and sent to wherever. This is why that 11 million illegal alien number is such bullshit and why 30 to 40 million is closer to the truth. Not this exact human trafficking scheme, but plenty of other deals have been going on for decades!

Now, via VDare, and before that the New York Post (thank you both!), I got the info. on new operations to bring even bigger loads of illegal aliens into the country. It was kind of indirect from VDare, as the post that clued me in was titled Hide The Girls. 20-Year-Old “Migrant” Man Registered In N.Y. High School by their as of this year, HIGHLY PROLIFIC writer A. W. Morgan (more on him in a post shortly) This post of his has the image at the top, from which I saw the log of Omni Airlines a charter outfit. There was also the link to the New York Post article Biden admin sending ‘adult men’ on migrant kid flights, GOP’s Rob Astorino claims

Before I move on to the air human trafficking, let me paste in part of the new Newspaper of Record article:
The White House is transporting “single adult men” on flights to suburban New York meant to resettle migrant children under the cover of night, GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino claimed on Wednesday.

Astorino — who is looking to unseat Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul this fall — told reporters outside Stewart International Airport that one 20-year-old male migrant was placed into Westlake High School in Westchester County as a junior and is now 21 years old.
“I can tell you — and we have video — that it is not just the little kids with backpacks being reunited, reunified with their families … it is an expansion of this program,” the former Westchester County executive added. “And what’s happening is we’re having on video, clearly seeing many teenage boys, late teen, early 20s, who are single adult men, who are getting off these flights.”

Single adult males are the demographic most often turned away by border authorities, as they are more likely to be deemed economic migrants rather than legitimate asylum claimants.

The resettlement flights have been landing at Westchester airports since at least October of last year, when their existence was exclusively reported by The Post. They were briefly suspended following the exposé, but have since started up again.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Astorino detailed two recent flights for which he claimed taxpayers are “paying the bill.”

The first one, Flight 9446, arrived at Stewart Airport at 10:59 p.m. May 19 while the second, Fight 9462, landed at 12:13 a.m. May 22. Both flights came in from Jacksonville after originating in El Paso, Texas.
Actually, no, the big bill is not by any means being paid yet. I'm not talking due to borrowing money for the charter flights, but this is about the Great Replacement. This bill will be paid by our children and grandchildren. But lets talk airplanes and airports.

I suppose chartering 737s with 150 illegal aliens each flight is just not speedy enough population replacement for the Bai Dien Administration nation-destroyers. "We're gonna need a bigger boat airplane", someone must have muttered as he saw only 3 buses get filled up at White Plains one night.

"We're gonna need a bigger airplane.":

This new flying, based on the picture I see above Mr. Morgan's article is being done by Omni Air International***. That charter outfit has been around for just under years flying soldiers around the world. Right now they have 11 Boeing 767s (-200s, and -300s), such as the one shown nose-only in the picture, and 3 B-777s. 14 planes doesn't sound like a lot, but airplanes get around! They don't make money sitting on the ground, so other than for maintenance, they fly as best as the schedules will let them. (Pilots of this type of company fly long schedules - 2 weeks, or 16-17 days for these guys, and they are flown around to meet the planes, even overseas on a regular airline, if need be.)

These planes are too big to land on that short runway at White Plains. (They would be coming home empty, having discharged their cargo of wretched refuse, so they possibly could take off, length-wise. However, the width might not be safe, and the pavement my not be made for those heavies.) Therefore, and probably for a few other reasons, the Omni 767s are flying I'd guess as many as 275, since there's no 1st class, illegal aliens from the Texas southern border towns into Stewart Field (code SWF) in Newburgh, NY. This airport, twice as far up the Hudson River from NY City as White Plains is - on the west side of the river, BTW, as opposed to White Plains, has an 11,800 ft runway**** You can land and take off just about ANYTHING in that length.

KSWF from the air:

Let me give those other reasons. I have been to both of these airport terminals. Though Westchester County/White Plains has lots of commercial service, the terminal was meant to be an FBO with a few offices, I think. It's tiny for a place the purports to have 10-12 gates, OK "gates" per say, but just parking spots, last time I've sen the place. Still, it gets packed with people, and it works. In the meantime, though Newburgh's Stewart Field is HUGE, acreage-wise, the terminal may be not much bigger than the one at White Plains, but with only one handful of gates, max, as I recall. They just don't have much service, the place being twice as far from New York City (just my estimate, your milage, haha, may vary.) In fact, the airport commission or whomever, has changed the official name of the place to "New York Stewart" in order to fool some of the New Yorkers, or the visiting rubes, some of the time.*****

That's what a commenter on had noted - Newburgh's airport is less known to people. That's a reason to do human trafficking in there. Then, there's the NY Air National Guard's 105th Airlift wing, that has C-17s based there. Could the US government, through their middleman (don't know if it's still that shady MVM operation discussed in that previous post), be using the military ramp and personnel to help them in their criminal activity?

There are too many Americans who will ask no questions, even if they are roped into something as obviously nefarious and anti-America as these operations are. Sure, the military would help. (Maybe down in Florida or Texas, it's be a different story?) Then those pilots will fly those heavies in there, because "just doin' my job." "It's what they pay us to do" is one I've heard more and more lately.

I will relate the personal conversations I had with both a Swift Air (iAero) Captain and 2 ICE guys that are involved in something related in a post tomorrow I hope. This one has gotten too long already.

PS: Just because these newer operations are going on with larger aircraft and a different drop location doesn't mean the other ones described previously aren't still going on.

* This week is kind of odd in having a theme - the same topic for all but one post so far. Most times, Peak Stupidity is all over the map. That is mostly just to my writing posts on whims and when the thoughts are somewhat together, but I also think that readers might like lots of variety. Immigration Stupidity-Fest week is probably a one-off.

** The place was built to be a General Aviation airport, but I've seen times it was busier in the morning than an airport like say, Knoxville, Tennessee. It's right under NY City combo-JFK, EWR, and LGA Class B airspace, making operations complicated, unless you do come in the middle of the night. As a bonus, late at night, one could get in without talking to ANYONE on the radio - no shit, that's true.

*** Now owned by Air Transport Services Group (ATSG).

**** Some of it is unused "threshold" for landing, but one can still roll out on it, if need be.

***** This reminds me very much of someone in Rockford, Illinois naming the airport "Chicago/Rockford" a decade or so back. It's about 90 miles west of downtown Chicago. Haha, yeah, I can see the phone call now:

"Hey, we made it. Can you come pick us up?"
"Where are you all, O'Hare or Midway?"
"No, the other one, the airport in Rockford. It was cheaper."
[30 seconds of silence from mute button]
"See if you can find the bus station. You're not in Chicago!"

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Millennial Woes

Posted On: Wednesday - June 15th 2022 8:11PM MST
In Topics: 
  General Stupidity  Muh Generation

Peak Stupidity complies fully with the FCC's Fairness Doctrine, at least.

Woe is me, sometimes when talking to these people. If we have any people of this generation in question reading Peak Stupidity, well, first of all, NO, I don't care how it looks on your damned phone! Just stop reading now, because this isn't going to get any better for you.

It's probably the way the government schools teach them, and then those parents of whatever-the-hell screwed up generation THEY are in... Nah, OK, we need SOME readers left, so that's why I put it, mostly rightfully on the schools. I've taught young adults 10 years ago who told me they needed a rubric to do study for the test, when all I know about is Rubic's cube. Rubric? No, just no. Think for yourself.

I don't really mean all of this generation, I guess, but when I do have problems it often boils down to this same thing. They don't want to think for themselves or use common sense. I guess they feel they aren't supposed to - it's so much of a far cry from the "Question Authority" attitude of the 1960s and '70s.

You don't have to go that far though. Look, I was just trying to get a tasty sandwich at the sub shop. For a tuna fish sub, which I had a hankering for, it seems like you don't want all the usual stuff on it. "OK, just some pickles, some olives, and some tomatoes." She put only 4 measly scrawny tomato slices on the foot-long* sub. "How about a few more tomatoes?" Two more measly scrawny pieces went on. Then when I brought up that they were kinda scrawny there, she told me she's got to charge extra, you know, for the 2 more scrawny pieces. "OK, take 'em back off then. Never mind."

See now, I'd passed up a bunch of veggies and condiments that cost money too. So, for 2 measly slices of tomato, couldn't you call it even? Nah, I guess that's not proper procedure. Common sense is not company policy.

* Hey, maybe I should bring a ruler next time. I wonder if they are still 1 ft. long.

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What Were Once Policies Are Now Myths...

Posted On: Wednesday - June 15th 2022 5:10PM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity  Lefty MegaStupidity  Music  Trump

This is a continuation of our post The Great Replacement from Monday and is also related to what VDare's Washington Watcher II wrote about as linked-to in yesterday's post.

Now, Steve Sailer has done a bang up job on this topic, but he writes so much that it's usually hard to find the exact few best posts to link to. Many readers have likely heard his great snark and explanations of the hypocrisy that I'll show you here. This Great Replacement of White Middle Class America via immigration, whether neatly planned, sort-of agreed-upon, or just allowed to happen and enjoyed by people with similar mindsets, has been going on for almost 6 decades.

At first, not many people cared. It took a while to get going and to even be noticed (unless you were Steve Sailer, but even that guy ...) There's a lot of ruin in a nation*. Then, by the mid-1990s, there were pundits and politicians that were getting worried about the then 30 y/o immigration invasion. (That'd be only about 15-20 years on the illegal side, and 30 years on the legal side by that point.) Wise and worried people tried to get through to Americans (and it's not like a decent minority of Americans didn't already worry) for 20 more years, and we got to President Trump ... who let us down because he is more of a bullshitter with an ego than a competent leader. (Yes, a bullshitter with an ego on the side of patriotic Americans, but that's not enough.)

It's been 57 years of this now. Since the candidacy of Donald Trump in '15 this issue has at least been discussed in public. Therefore, the elites of America have first told us for a few years of this time that we who worry about this existential problem are conspiracy theorists. The more the Great Replacement advances and we even use that wording, we are told that it's a myth. Oh, also, to talk about it is being a White Supremacist. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Myth, hell, it's been policy for half a century! Yet, there's old Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representin', out in the street telling us that this half-century-long policy is nothing but a myth. I can't believe that such a lie would come out of the mouth of the Speaker of the House of Representin'!

Why do they, and why does she, do this? It’s hard to condemn a myth with a straight face when it’s happening right now and people have cameras. Still, Nancy Pelosi manages to do this. Blatant lying is BIG now.

Yes, of course, the standard hypocrisy of the ctrl-left, living in the leafy neighborhoods while supporting Section 8 and BLM, sending the kids to the private schools while pushing for integration, voting for higher taxes while working for the government (no, wait...) is still practiced. However, all that stuff is no longer avant-garde. Now, you just tell the people complete blatantly obvious bullshit to their faces. They don't have to believe your lies, but they have to accept the lies. It's not for their education, but for their humiliation. C'mon guys, whaddya' need a refresher Frankfurt School?! it's ALL COMMUNISM nowadays!

Does the title of this post ring a bell for anyone? This goes back a long way, to a time when I didn't have money to buy record albums, or those nice big 8-track tapes. I loved the song Black Water from the 1974-released album though. About a decade later, I got the Doobie Brothers' What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, and I've liked every bit of it.*

Peak Stupidity has featured The Doobie Brother 5 times so far, with Neil's Fandando, from Stampede, Black Water, the big hit off of this album, Listen to the Music, also from this album, and Takin' it to the Streets, title song of that album.

The album's cover picture is from a concert of theirs in Bowling Green, KY in December of 1973.

The Doobie Brothers were:

Tom Johnston – acoustic and electric guitars, lead and backing vocals.
Patrick Simmons – acoustic and electric guitars, lead and backing vocals.
Tiran Porter – bass, backing vocals.
John Hartman – drums, percussion.
Michael Hossack – drums.
A guy named Mitt Holland was played the vibraphone.

* Hey, we've used that Adam Smith, the Scottish Economist, not the American Peak Stupidity commenter, Libertarianism expert, and all-around handy-man, line before, but regarding economics. See There's a lot of ruin in a nation. - Part 1, -- Part 2, and Part 3.

** After that they came out with 2 even better ones, Stampede and The Captain and Me

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Washington Watcher II on the Great Replacement Policy

Posted On: Tuesday - June 14th 2022 5:08PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Lefty MegaStupidity

I don't know how I missed this 2-day old article from VDare. I had not seen it at the time of writing yesterday's post on The Great Replacement. (I think that it possibly was not published on VDare until today or late last night, as it's up 2nd in order of recency*.)

This will turn out to be Immigration Stupidity week here at Peak Stupidity, the way it's going, as I want to just point out this great post by Mr. "Watcher" today, being too tired to write much, and then continue about the ctrl-left's new thing of calling this existential issue a "myth". After that, I've got a more detailed post about the hard-core criminal illegal aliens and the Bai Dien still-ongoing human trafficking operation, with even bigger airplanes. The latter post will come from info I got direct from sources involved, the ICE guys and a pilot who has flown these people.

Let's go on to The Great Replacement Now Drives American Political Discourse from Washington Watcher II. He first notes that the Blue-squad congressfreaks have passed a resolution that denounces "those who notice what is going on". (All of the Red-squad voted against it. Fine, but how about something REAL next time you get a chance? November '22?) I'll start excerpting now:
But the condemnation can’t suppress the truth. It’s just more evidence that the Great Replacement now drives the political discourse in America–and Democrats can only look on in shock.

Rep. Bowman is one of those in shock. He admits Great Replacement, which he calls “Nazi thinking,” is now mainstream. “These are no longer fringe elements of our society,” the black congressman said. “'Great Replacement Theory has gone mainstream thanks to rightwing Republicans like Tucker Carlson who have mentioned this theory more than 400 times** on the most-watched news network in the country.” [Democratic Rep Jamaal Bowman calls Great Replacement Theory 'Nazi thinking veiled as political banter', by Morgan Phillips, Daily Mail, June 8, 2022].

He’s right, of course. Editor Peter Brimelow charted the Great Replacement (“The Pincers” —see our featured image) in his book Alien Nation back in 1995, but Tucker Carlson is certainly responsible for waking up millions of Americans to this civilizational problem.

And concern over the Great Replacement is now shared by a majority of Republicans.
That bolding is mine, as that is something I'm very glad to read, even with it being 4 +/- decades (too?) late. Mr. Watcher then goes on to cite a bunch of polls that are pretty encouraging. The Peak Stupidity reader may know how we feel about polls here, since we were polled in late '20. However, you may want to read these four paragraphs (I won't insert the whole article) for encouragement. They are encouraging, indeed, though.
It’s clear the Republican base is gravely concerned about being replaced. They know it threatens their way of life and their values. They know it will lead to more conflict among the races and weaken America. This is no longer a “fringe” idea.

As I highlighted last month, more and more Republican leaders are also Noticing the Great Replacement. From Elise Stefanik to Blake Masters, serious GOP lawmakers or candidates are speaking out about how Democrats want to replace Americans with foreigners. And some of these candidates are starting to notice other racial problems.
Speaking out takes courage. This post segues into the story of Blake Masters, Arizona Candidate for US Senate, simply said:
“We do have a gun violence problem in this country, and it’s gang violence,” he said during an April podcast appearance. “It’s people in Chicago, St. Louis shooting each other. Very often, you know, black people, frankly. And the Democrats don’t want to do anything about that.”
Yeah, well, like no duh. However, he simply said this when others wouldn't. He didn't wimp out and apologize either. Most Americans don't know the actual horrific numbers that describe the ratio of black violence to that in the rest of society, but they still understand the basics from seeing it around them.

Anyway, where this gets back to the US Feral Gov't and the Great Replacement is the policy now of bring up White supremacy as the biggest problem, terrorist threat, etc. that we are supposedly facing. They make the simple truth that the alt-right has been telling and other Conservatives have started telling into some sort of threats, which they will try to prosecute us on. These people are playing hardball. We need to do the same.

I hope you will read Washington Watcher II's full article. This should have been mentioned in yesterday's post, as it goes along with my post. Tomorrow Peak Stupidity will have another post that relates to this article, and then the human trafficking/criminal alien story. Stay tuned during this whole Immigration-Invasion-Fest week. ("Hey, what about the freaking rest of the Georgia Guides from those stones?", you ask worriedly, right? Yes, that threat was very very real. They'll come when time permits.)

* BTW, if you think this site is hard to search, sometimes finding articles on VDare is really tough. It's better often on the search engines. Otherwise, I can't seem to find what I want with either "More Articles" at the bottom or "More" under the post/article small icons/blurbs at the right. If I can remember the author's name, I'm good, as I can click on "Writers" on the bar at top and go from there.

** My asterisks, of course, or you wouldn't see this here, I guess. I can't find it now (must be in one of the many links VDare always provides), but the author does note somewhere that those producing this "400" number must have been counting every time Mr. Carlson mentioned immigration. It can't be 400 times that he's said "Great Replacement" - this relates to Mr. Hail's informative comments under the last post.

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The Great Replacement Policy

Posted On: Monday - June 13th 2022 7:19PM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity  Globalists

Errr, wait, they say it's only a myth, though. I'm not so sure about that. (That's another post to come shortly.)

The Camp of the Saints going on right here, right now:

It is perhaps the biggest and most damaging policy ever taken against our own country by the Globalists. Though it's about 4 +/- decades too late, at least people are talking about the Great Replacement Policy that has been going on since 1965. It didn't start with Tucker Carlson, but he sure has been a stand-up guy for, well standing up and pointing out what others have been trying to tell the apathetic American people for a long time.

VDare has quoted German poet Bertolt Brecht* many a time with his "electing a new people line" in a poem of his. Here's Peter Brimelow (with Ed Rubenstein) from 22 years and 2 weeks ago - Electing a New People. The poem, Die Lösung (The Solution):
After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By increased work quotas.

Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?
Yeah, probably a lot easier and safer too, than trying to lay down Communism on the original highly armed Americans.

Tucker et. al have brought up the Blue-squad plans to import people for votes, so that they can get the election results they want going forward (assisted often by Red-squad members, as the ARE, after all, all members of The Party). That's all true - electing a new people to be the right kind of voters is part of the motivation.

However, I keep pointing out that it’s not just about the votes. If it were just about the D-votes, then “Conservatives” could feel consoled by those Hispanic Trump voters in south Texas and try harder in “reaching out” to the “naturally conservative” minorities.

That’s another fallacy that seems to be going along with the Great Replacement Theory Policy, ooops, yeah, myth, sorry. Of course the D’s love the votes. However, what the elites really want (and it’s no conspiracy, just fact) is to rule over a bunch of compliant peons.

White America, from the ancestry of the British Isles, had a long, long history of belief in Liberty, due process, and limited government, going back to the Magna Carta. Over a century, many of the other White immigrants finally assimilated to these ideas (to a degree, at least). Now, the idea has been since 1965 to import people who have no such history and background. The Globalist elites are all jealous of the elites of Latin America, China, etc, with populations that have no such ideas such as a John Birch Society, a Reform Party (going back nearly 30 years here), the Tea Party, MAGA, etc.

Compliant, 3rd-Worldy peons, even the bright H-1B visa holders, THAT’S what they want. It’s not just the votes, but it’s the mentality they are after.

Now, Peak Stupidity doesn't take everything for a conspiracy. I am not of the opinion that all these Globalists elites meet in secret to make plans up. On the other hand, as was pointed out to me, there are policies put in place, right out in front of us. That constitutes a conspiracy, I suppose, just not a secret one.

There are indeed concrete plans and policies, such as open borders for the sake of the big farmers, the whole F.I.R.E. “industry” that benefits from more people of any kind, the H-1B influx to help the software industry get cheaper labor, the turning of Virginia into a “blue State”, etc. between Big Biz, the ctrl-left, and the hundreds or thousands of traitors in the high places in the US Feral Gov’t. As for the wiping out of the Middle Class (especially White people), it’s more just what all these elites naturally feel and want. It feels good to them when they don’t hear any more of that organized political dissent from the (actual) grass roots or small businesses thriving. (The COVID PanicFest was great in it’s destruction of small businesses of the service industry.)

They’re all pretty on board with the idea of “you’ll own nothing and be happy”, with an exception for themselves, as the anointed ones.

* This guy actually moved from America to the "German Democratic Republic", aka, East Germany in 1947. Ha, great move, man! Well, he was an artist so, what can one say? Come to think of it, had he lived another 60 years, he might just be feeling pretty smug about his decision right now.

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Don't look now, but here come the '80s!

Posted On: Saturday - June 11th 2022 7:51PM MST
In Topics: 

Make that the anything-but-roaring '20s instead. That's 40 years of Borrowed Time that has passed since Dennis DeYoung warned us about the 1980s at the beginning of this Styx song. Well, the band was one of many who liked long introductions back then, so there is 50 seconds of mellow keyboards, then another 30 seconds of hard-rock intro first...

From Wiki:
According to DeYoung, the theme of the song is "America in trouble." News Record writer Rex Rutkoski said that the song "examines an America living on "Borrowed Time", wearing blinders to the possibility of its own decline.
Yeah, OK, like Paul Simon, Neil Young, and Merle Haggard, with 3 great old songs, sometimes you're just 40 or 50 years early with your prescience. As Yogi Berra said ...

I guess we have used that borrowed time up. Now we owe principal, interest, and penalties.

Borrowed Time was from this keyboard-oriented rock band's 1979 album Cornerstone*, but the song was on the record charts in April of '80. It's not really one of their better songs, but Peak Stupidity has others we'll put up and a couple here already (will link to 'em later).


Dennis DeYoung - lead vocals, keyboards.
Tommy Shaw - lead guitar, backing vocals.
James Young - rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
Chuck Panozzo - bass guitar.
John Panozzo - drums, percussion.

We'll get that Georgia Guidestones post in (speaking of those*), and now posts are building up left and right for next week. They'll be more on the acceleration of immigration stupidity, the real reasons behind it, IMO, probably more Kung Flu stupidity, and more. Have a happy Sunday, Peakers! Thank you all for reading and writing.

* Not related to the Georgia Guidestones, I reckon. These guys were from Chicago. What would they know about them?

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My ZeroHedge Education

Posted On: Saturday - June 11th 2022 10:27AM MST
In Topics: 
  Internets  Websites  Global Financial Stupidity  Preppers and Prepping  Economics

And I didn't even have to take out any loans* to get it. Tyler Durden would not have approved!

BTW, as much as I read the site and saw the Tyler Durden(s) logo, the movie still sucks! (even the 2nd time around0.

Seeing as it's the first, and 1 of only 4 websites feature on the Peak Stupidity blogroll, you'd think we'd reference the website ZeroHedge more. The reader can go to our review to learn more, but he must keep in mind that it was written ~ 6 years back. At that point, I already mentioned some reasons I've been mostly done with the site, or more like, I don't keep up enough to tout it. I will point out a few things that are in the review too, and then do some reminiscing about my decade-ago education on finance from that one formerly-great** website.

Zerohedge was purely a financial advice, financial criticism, and Global Financial Stupidity (per our topic key parlance) website 10 years ago. I could see it morphing into a site discussing all kinds of American and world politics a few years later. Some of that anti-all-things-American was bothering me after a while. There are many people who will never learn that the American Feral Government Beast != Americans, just as in 1985, the USSR != the Russians. (Oh, you don't speak C, you say? Fine, for you REAL language speakers that'd be AMBEAST .NE. MURICANS .AND. USSR .NE. RUSSKIES. FORTRAN .ROCKS. Just keep them down to 8 CHRACTRS, PUHLEEZE!)

Then, the format got sucky too. I know, it's laziness. I have not updated browsers to avoid the crazy-assed pop-up, earthquake/Mexican Jumping Bean nature of the site, that I hated to even link to for fear of crashing your browser. That's also due to my not needing any more sites to suck up my internet time-wasting. It's more than enough already. But, now I'll go back to 2010, when ZeroHedge was the place for me, web surfing was the life for me ...♫, ♬

It was the 2nd half of '10, ALL of '11, and a large share of '12 when I read ZeroHedge voraciously. I mean, I'd read all posts, maybe only 6-10 a day then, and all comments under those, quite a few of the latter. I myself did not comment. One had to register, probably just with a fake email address, but I didn't try because, well, even then I knew how much of a time suck that could be***. To me, this site was pure financial Gold, Jerry! OK, not pure, but 0.9999, and same for silver. That was the first piece of my education, in fact: Gold, bitchez! was the final word to wrap up any nice comment thread.

The Tylers (I was never really sure if it was one guy or a few, but it's probably the latter by now) and the commenters were pretty down on the whole Finance "sector" of the economy, seeing as this was after lots of them had very recently lost money and/or faith during the housing and general economic bust/turmoil/bailouts of '07-'08. (In fact, housing prices were still dropping in '10.) They had lots of criticism of the F.I.R.E. economy period. No doubt, some of this is a necessary part of a free market economy. However, having one's whole economy based on this stuff was explained very well to be a load of crap.

This was kind of rich coming from a crowd of stock-trader types, the commenters, that is, as I noted in the review too. The commenting was great, but there was the hypocrisy that had 2 parts to it:

1) OK, building an economy on finance, borrowing, lending trading, rearranging, and generally screwing around with money IS a farce, but then why do you people keep discussing how you're getting screwed by it. Get out, and get that real job. These seemed like very astute and common-sensical people, as smart financial types could very well be.

2) Along with that, as they discussed how much of a farce the market was, these same people still discussed ways of making money in it. "It's hard now! It's all rigged!" Exactly, again, get out, and get a real job! (They were probably OK on haircuts.)

Still, it was great! The Tylers discussed the why's and hows of the FED creating money out of thin air****, the stupidity of the F.I.R.E. "industry", what money actually is, the stock market and real valuation vs. speculation, and all kinds of things like that. On the true financial matters, I learned about pension funds, and their expected returns, municipal bonds, T-Bills vs. Treasury Bonds, who owns these things, and so on.

They introduced me to guys like Gerald Celente (that "when people have nothing to lose, they lose it" guy.), Peter Schiff and his Dad Irwin, still alive then, and lots of economic discussion by Ron Paul and the Lew Rockwell types too. They disparaged the FED Chairmen and women (though they had their jokes about the latter being one at all) and the US Feral Gov't and Euro Gov't free-spending economic dipshits. The main point of all of it was something that gets to our commenter Dieter Kief's comment about the one big assumption. It's all going down, because "What can't go on, won't go on. Now Instapundit (hit up 3 or the 4 blogroll sites here!) Glenn Reynolds WRITES that a lot, but these ZeroHedge people EXPLAINED it to me over those more than 2 years of free***** education.

To top it off, the comment section was a haven for preppers. Prepping for the SHTF, thought to be coming any year now (again, this was '10 - '12) was not the subject of that many threads, but the talk came down to that, and there was nothing but encouragement from a large majority of the commenters. I learned very much then and there, probably more than from any of the prepper sites I used to also peruse during the time period (induced by, yeah, that reading of Zerohedge, haha!) There were the common jokes about those "very unfortunate boating accidents" in which one's precious was "lost", so next Roosevelt style confiscation attempt, sorry, Charlie. Yeah, yeah, I know that even the most Affirmative Actioned fat broad at the IRS might sometime .. OK, one of the legacy White guys ... not buy all of that. However, just the ideas put forth on how to hold onto assets of all sorts was a great learning experience for me.

The commenters were a very funny and helpful bunch of guys with lots of common sense. There were the few trolls, but that's often for fun. I do remember the one guy, name of Johnny Bravo - why I remember that is just weird - who wasn't down with the whole real money thing. Johnny Bravo told the rest that if gold really went up to $1,200/oz, he would leave them alone and quit commenting. It did, and he did. (It went well below that level for a while, but I guess the guy was done with the site, flunked out, as I was after a while too, Summa cum Laude instead.)

Part of the reason I learned so much a decade ago from ZeroHedge was that I hadn't known very much of financial matters before then. That has to do with my family being very conservative with money. My Dad did have money in some stable stocks and some bonds, but it wasn't a hobby - he just had a guy that did conservative things with his money. That was much easier to do before the FED held rates in the basement, like a Biden Administration human trafficker (more on this coming, BTW) for 14 years. I would like to be able to live conservatively myself - money in a CD at 6% or even better and fairer, 6% above inflation, no debt - which is the case, etc.

I'd thought this was from Benjamin Franklin, but he was quoting William Shakespeare's first line of this stanza from Hamlet:
Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Yeah, well, Bard, but it's hard to be true and a conservative financially, when the damn Feral Gov't keeps screwing with the economy by holding interest rates way below natural levels, creating moral hazards that discourage the responsible people, and generally destroying the economy for fun - fun whether greedy, stupid, or evil.

The Bible teaches something about how to handle our finances, but I can look at that old ZH stuff as and add-on Book of Durden. From Chapter 1:1-4:

1Gold, bitchez! 2Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and for the rest, thy must proclaim "It was a really really stupid and unfortunate boating accident, I swear to you!" 3During these tribulations, the Feral Beast will be fed by thy labor, 4 aaannnd, it's GONE!

Thank you decade-ago ZeroHedge, you Tyler Durdens and you commenters, for that superb financial education! It's paying off for me right here, right now.

* I will insert this here and later in our very recent post, titled Introducing Moar Moral Hazards - Case #2293, on the student loan forgiveness being implemented right now, but 2 1/2 years back we had a 3 part series on student loan forgiveness. I clean forgot when I wrote the recent post. Here they are:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Then, there was our post just this past April, AOC on student loan forgiveness.

** OK, the deal is that I just don't know about it now due to reasons I bring up here. Therefore, ZH may or may not still be a great place to learn. Please assume this same thing when I further mention "was" this or that, using past tense about the site.

*** 5 years later, I came upon The Unz Review, also on our blogroll, and then time suckage went up to a new high! Back on ZH, there were times that I had such a great smart-assed remark in mind, that I came THAT CLOSE to registering but never did. It does hurt inside to miss out on a remark for which they'll never be another shot. Hence,

**** There is really a whole lot more to it than when I ever wanted to learn, as much as the Tylers and commenters discussed this. Between the FED and the Treasury Dept of the official gov't, paper went back and forth... lots of shenanigans, so little time to give a damn other than just noting that it ends up in currency created out of thin air.

***** Yeah, I know, there's no free lunch. I wasted valuable work time, and this was all supported by the government, you know, with Al Gore having invented the whole internet and all...

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Life during the final rise toward Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Friday - June 10th 2022 8:43PM MST
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  General Stupidity

Note: Peak Stupidity cannot guarantee these gasoline prices:

I'd seen this lady 6 or 8 times before, she being one of about 3 people that work at the counter of this particular gas station/convenience store/fast food joint. I never did like her, as this middle aged White woman talked like a whigger. I guess it's who you grow up with, but it was disgusting to listen to.

Even so, I was nice, as I just walked in the place to ask her if the price on the sign outside that said "Cash" was the same for the use of debit cards. That's usually the case, but I am never sure, and the prices on the pump itself (for each fuel grade) were not displayed.* I would have paid cash if that weren't the case, and this time, since I didn't plan to fill up, this would have been the only walk inside, so it would be simple either way.

It went like so:

"If I pay for my gas with a debit card, is it the same price as on the sign?"
"I don't know."
"You work here, though." (The niceness had worn off quickly!)
"When I pay, it gives me the same price as on the sign."
"OK, so you DO know! Thanks."

What did I do that day to deserve to be in such a stupid conversation?

PS: The reason I didn't want to fill up this vehicle this time was because for 2 weeks now I've been in the mode of waiting for gas prices to go down. That didn't work out. It has been going up about 10 cents every couple of days.

PPS: The cash vs. credit deal at the gas stations was discussed on this blog a year and a half ago, during the middle of the Kung Flu PanicFest, in Hurrah for Credit Card charges!.

* Yes, that's the case even after paying/selecting the type. It was just the usual shoddiness that one may expect now - nobody anywhere knows how to fix this I guess, or nobody thought that was worth doing.

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