Georgia 3 sentenced to life imprisonment in self-defense case

Posted On: Saturday - January 8th 2022 6:27AM MST
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(Thanks to Mr. Anon on The Unz Review comments for mentioning this. Being off the idiot plate and Lyin' Press sites is better for my temperament, so I may not have otherwise learned of this.)

Judge Timothy R. Walmsley:

It's life without parole for the McMaster father and son, and life with a chance for parole after 30 years for videographer Roddie Bryan. This is sick.

Things are accelerating, folks. I guess 99% of Americans still think this country is nowhere near the stage in which governments and the Establishment simply railroad people into jail at will, and political prisoners are held in jail with no bail and not trial in the capital. They are deluded. Not only are we somewhere near it, we are THERE.

No matter what technicalities about the (existing, at the time*) Georgia citizen's arrest law and minute details of the shooting of jogger Ahmaud Arbery, nobody deserves that sentence. Let's take it one step up at a time:

1) It seems justified self-defense to shoot someone grabbing one's weapon with ill intent, provided one hasn't cornered him. Arbery could have run. Grabbing the barrel of the shotgun was high stupidity. They should have never been charged. We also know damned well that if the races were reversed, there would have been no charges and the black self-defenders would have been held up as heroes.

2) If you figure, nah, they had no right to hold Arbery like that, and he was justified in (stupidly) fighting back, well, that's manslaughter. The 2 McMichaels had no intent to murder Arbery, but just to hold him for the police, as everyone knows. A jail sentence for this type of manslaughter may vary, but it ought not to be more than a charge for intentional murder.

3) If you somehow think this is murder, it wasn't a cold-blooded assassination, a brutal rape and strangling, a stabbing with the body cut into 20 pieces, or any of these types of horrible killings - oh, here's one!. What would a black thug get for just up and shooting a man in the street? 10 years?

Anarcho-tyranny is pretty blatant now. We have to keep in mind that this is not just about race. Black worship and denigration and persecution of the White man is the story, no doubt. However, I believe the big story is that the globalist and elitist Establishment wants to get rid of the White middle class.

There's likely no big master plan, mind you. It's just that an intelligent, hard-working middle class competes in the political realm, and in the business world, and has disposable income and time for use in bucking the system. The Establishment would like America to be just like the 3rd World, where people are firmly under control, being too concerned with having food on the table and a roof over their heads to work on anything threatening. If these elites can get the population diversified, integrated into a low-class, dis-unified mass, or even slowly completely replaced by those they prefer, the threat to their way of life will be gone.

That's what this is, Establishment pay-back for Kyle Rittenhouse. "No, that was just a fluke, you CANNOT go defending your neighborhood, your people, and your way of life! We will not only prosecute but persecute you for that! We have the control, and you will live under our rules, one set for us and our preferred Americans and another for the White man."

What possessed Judge Timothy Walmsley of the Superior Court of Georgia Eastern Circuit to lay a sentence like this? I should probably ask "who possessed him?"

PS: As Mr. Anon mentioned (on unz), regarding Roddie Bryan, 30 years for videoing the shooting?! Next time, it WILL be shoot, shovel, and shut up. That's the only option they're leaving.

* But, but ... I was led to believe there would be no math retroactive laws.

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VDare for daily reading

Posted On: Friday - January 7th 2022 8:41PM MST
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It's an Ocelot. Why is this the top image? Hey, second to bikini girl pictures, I'd guess cats get the most eyeballs. No girls are involved in these 2 articles, and I don't have Ann Coulter bikini pics. Hell, she won't even return my tweets!

The sole reason for being of the VDare organization and website has been to fight the immigration stupidity, and it's been over 20 years that they've been fighting. It's been a mostly losing battle, but then they don't have the resources of a Soros or Jeff Epstein (speaking of having bikini pictures). Please donate if you can - I give them a decent amount amount each year.

The VDare site - 2nd on the blogroll on the right, and I don't read ZH anymore anyway due to usability - has very good writers with great content that is nearly error-free and contains loads of links to everything related to each article. The thing is, as I discussed in a 2-part post called Our Corner of the Internet (Part - - - Part 2), we can exist in an on-line world that is a very small part of what's out there. Besides getting comprehensive news on the existential issue for American - the "National Question", in VDare parlance - the writing does include lots of other political news in the course of its discussion.

For example, just as commenter Mr. Anon mentioned Tucker Carlson's chewing out of Senator Ted Cruz for his stupidity regarding THE INSURRECTION!™, I found the clip here on VDare, inside a Washington Watcher II article, before I even started looking elsewhere. In fact, I'm going to watch the rest now, and get to this post again later on.

"He's baaaack!"

To show why I read almost all of the VDare site, let me point out 2 good articles, the first by a new writer to the site, going by the name "Former Agent", obviously of the Border Patrol. Maybe he just retired, as he started writing for VDare this past October and much more frequently at the end of '21. The image up top was above his recent post Conservationists Want To Protect Ocelots From Fences, But Not Illegals. To be clear, Former Agent doesn't meant that illegals don't want to protect ocelots, as they don't care. Bought-off Conservationists, by my slight revision, don't want to protect ocelots from illegals.

No, illegal aliens don't go shooting ocelots. Mr. Agent explains that these cats are very shy, so it's difficult to even ever see one of them. However, the last thing the illegal aliens coming across the desert care about is the environment. Their trashing of ocelot habitat down around the Mexican border is OK by Establishment Conservationists because $$$$$ and The Narrative. The Sierra Club sold out 25 years ago for their30 4.5 million silver coins*. "Immigration and diversity are good, PERIOD" is the narrative.

Here's the truth from Former Agent:
I was fortunate to see an ocelot a single time when I was down there. When I first saw it (at night) I couldn't make sense of what it was. You could tell it didn't move like a house cat. I worked a lot of nights and saw javelinas, armadillos, skunks, rabbits, coyotes and possums. However, the ocelot is a notoriously shy and secretive animal, which is why I saw one only once. I bet that loads of illegal aliens traipsing through their hunting grounds at night are a far bigger disturbance to them than building a border wall. If the ocelots could vote, I'm pretty sure they would be voting for the wall. Those bollard fences have gaps wide enough for them to get through, while preventing human access.
I like cats. I've heard of people who have ocelots as pets, but it'd be amazing to see one of these in the wild. The environment is NOT top priority for those who tell us it is.


Ann Coulter, favorite literary pundit of Peak Stupidity can be be read on hundreds and maybe thousands of websites. She's been batting a .990 or so for 15 years now. It's nice to read her on VDare as she obviously reads it and she knows some the VDare personnel.

Her latest article, The Great Epstein Cover-up, Part I, did not disappoint me. The article is not so much on what Jeff Epstein and "Epstein’s pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell", were up to, though she has the same thoughts as Peak Stupidity does and about everyone else. Sex and blackmail went on there on Fantasy Island. Usually that sort of thing sells. The US Lyin' Press doesn't seem to want to sell it though. That's what this latest Ann Coulter column is about. No matter how big it would be, the Lyin' Press won't even give the people a sex and blackmail story if they are told not to.

I hadn't read about this whole thing:
As for media coverage, did you even know that the FBI found Epstein’s cache of sex tapes labeled “(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)”—and then lost them?

Immediately after Epstein’s arrest at Teterboro Airport in July 2019, the FBI executed a search warrant on his New York mansion.

Following a daylong search, agents discovered a hidden safe in the closet of a fifth-floor ...

[Wait, the guy's New York mansion has 5 floors?!]

... dressing room, used a saw to break into it, and found an enormous collection of photos of naked girls, and CDs of the girls apparently having sex with influential men.
Have you?

Goodness gracious! This is Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky, and the Kardashians all rolled up into one! If they ran this story as multi-year infotainment, the press could probably even start delivering newspapers to people's lawns again, There would be nothing left in the supermarket checkout aisles but candy and gum. There could be a whole TV network based around this story, 24/7, maybe having morphed from the Home & Garden network or something.

Yet, they've been squashing this lurid story. Hey, who's in charge here?

* at today's spot price, that is - which is completely bogus, as you won't get any silver for even 50% higher!.

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Capitol Murder of Ashli Babbitt - one year ago

Posted On: Thursday - January 6th 2022 7:18AM MST
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The US Feral Gov't and the entire Establishment has been running with the narrative that says the protest/riot of one year ago today was an INSURRECTION!. We all know what it was. The big rally was about the stolen election. There really was no good plan to do anything about it, as those supposedly conservative politicians at the top, even Trump himself, were not making the effort. The Patriots that breached the Senate a year ago were just a bit too exuberant, They didn't go beating, burning, and looting, as the black thugs and antifa Commies had done for the whole summer prior.

Were we to start a REAL insurrection, those people bitching and whining, and holding who knows how many un-convicted Patriots in jail in the Federal Shithole, would be dead right now. I don't know if they are too stupid to realize that or just holding these political prisoners to discourage any real such insurrection.

I could write more about this, but let me leave that to VDare's Peter Brimelow today. He has a long summary with lots of videos - see Meet The Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, It's Anoher MSM Lie**

Instead, I will just note one of the biggest injustices out of this, and that was the murder of Patriot Ashli Babbitt by Capitol policeman Michael Leroy Byrd. Peak Stupidity has already written about the murder - No justice for Ashli Babbitt and the murderer - Murderer of Ashli Babbitt revealed: Michael Leroy Byrd.

Ashli Babbitt, murdered...

by Michael Leroy Byrd, one year ago today.

Nope, I don't read about statues being erected in Ashli Babbitt's memory, as there've been for the drugged-up reprobate George Floyd*. His name is a household word, while I haven't seen a thing in the Lyin' Press about the late Mrs. Babbitt, victim of murder by a Capitol Cop. It could be Capital Murder, were justice fair. Instead, Mr. Byrd has never even been arrested. They really should be worried about a real insurrection.

* We've got a post on this reverse analogy too - Chauvin:Floyd !:: Byrd:Babbitt.

**. Quick update - Ron Unz put Mr. Brimelow's article up on his site right away - HERE.

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Millennials v Boomers - Part 2: Digital vs Analog thinking

Posted On: Wednesday - January 5th 2022 2:16PM MST
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(Thanks much to Adam Smith for the appropriate graphic!)

This post is not really a continuation of Part 1, as the previous post was just an argument against disparaging or praising an entire generation based based on politics. This was to BE the post, and the meme given above given to me by Mr. Smith pretty much gives the point away.

First, let me insert a quick point here based on commenter E.H. Hail's comment regarding the generational names and definitions. The Strauss & Howe books that I will someday review (well worth reading, IMO - Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069 and The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us about America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny) are not the be-all-to-end-all. In fact, the reason the Boomer generation is smaller* by their definition is only to fit in with their theories of the cycles of history, archetypes, cohorts, ahhh, I'll review the book later...

Additionally, Mr. Hail points out that perhaps the Zoomers v Boomers is the real battle. I will keep "Millennials" for reasons of:

1) I've already got the nice graphic up!

2) The animosity I read and hear is usually between the Millennials and Boomers, or at least written/said that way.

3) Laziness aside, I believe the oldest age cut-off of 40 by S&H, and 38 by E.H. Hail** works fairly well for my point here. The youngest age cut off would be 18 by S&H and 25 by Mr. Hail with the latter's "transition" period to the solid Zoomers of 20 y/o. (Oops, I didn't define the Millennial in the previous post, except for referring to the ages near the end.)

Please think of both Millennials and adult-age Zoomers, any by S&H and 7 years worth by Mr. Hail, when reading this post.

I won't get too specific about pointing to a comment under an Unz Review John Derbyshire article that I want to address. I know the commenter neither by his writing nor his handle. The comment itself is here, and it's one I agree with for the most part except the one paragraph below.

The main point of the comment was something I've read and written about before. That would be the real misunderstanding by some Boomer-age people about the economic situation for the Millennials. The economics of America during the young adulthood of Millennials are simply not the same as they were for Boomers. No, you CANNOT just get a mail-clerk job at a big corporation and work your way up to upper management! No, you CANNOT work full-time each summer to pay for college! No, you CANNOT have two new cars and a 2,000 square-foot house and raise 3 kids on your middle-middle class salary For these, I should add ... or not bloody likely, anyway.

That's where the commenter starts, but I'll address the part in (my) bold.
Pay them a decent wage, train them, then watch the magic happen. The zoom crowd has been processing tremendous amounts of data every day of their lives. Watch a boomer try to play Minecraft or a FPS, it will mentally defeat them. Growing up on a farm (or the 1960s) will not allow your brain to reach its full potential simply due to lack of stimulation (Flynn Effect).
OK, well first, you know how I feel about video games. They should have freakin' quit while they were ahead with Space Invaders, Asteroids***, and Tetris. See our old post Video Games, great and stupid.

Yes, there video games before Minecraft, ones that required hand/eye coordination, quick reflexes, and visualization. The rules are simple, but to get better and better takes lots of skill. That is different in a major way from most of those new ones I've seen. Now, the idea is to memorize different tricks, get points in all kinds of different ways, and play with more than one opposing player, with much more interaction between players.

The commenter, astute enough, IMO, is probably referring to all the other electronics that Millennials (yeah, and especially Zoomers) are much better at making use of. Yes, young people are great at thinking digitally. It's If you do this, this happens, it may look a bit gay, but swipe over here, then click there, remember this .. next app, it works about the same except if you click this other thing, you get a menu in which you can swipe this other thing up … and so on .. You can move information around with little manual effort like nobody could before. Bye bye filing cabinets, paperwork, and even handwriting****.

Their world might be made up of nothing but information now, but the real world is not. Physical things must work for the world to run. Will the Millennials be able to keep the real world running? You can swipe here, tap here, or more seriously, add this software routine here and reprogram this other device, but real things have a structure, electrical circuits, sensors, etc. and must work under conditions of force/pressure, temperature, vibration, and so on.

What the Millennials have lost (or never had) is lots of analog thinking that the Boomer and older generations have/had. I’ve had a young lady teaching a class who got the Bernoulli principal backwards. She was great at saying how “if this happens and this is set, this other thing would happen.”, but she told us that the fluid flows from the low pressure to the high. She didn’t actually UNDERSTAND, Jack Squat! (I didn't bother to argue, as she wouldn't have understood and she'd already blew me off on another, even simpler thing.)

Without talking about engineers here, that guy on the tractor would know how a carburetor works, understand torque, speed, and power, and lots of things that a Millennial could not wrap his mind around. He'd inherently understand things something about static fluids, heat transfer, structures, and lots more concepts, not in an engineering calculation sense, but just in the practical sense.

What happens when the STHF? What are the, even smart, Millennials going to do when the iCrap craps out? Maybe right now they don't need to simply jump-start a vehicle, fix an appliance, or drill a hole, but simple skills that the Boomers have had for most of their lives are ones that many Millennials can't help with. Those electronics only help in looking up the answers, but without a deep understanding, "searching it up" won't cut it.

To me it'a a matter of digital vs analog thinking. I don't refer to the digital devices vs obsolete analog ones, but the real world is still analog. It's 2 types of understanding: "If this happens, then those 2 things are set, and you have turned off this other thing, this whole deal will work" is digital thinking. "Is this thing gonna hold up?", "What will the water do if I build it like this?", and "what am I actually doing when I let up this clutch pedal?" are analog thinking.

As I wrote in the previous post, differences between these generations are not inherent in the individuals. They have just grown up in different environments. When the SHTF, we may not hear any more of that "OK, Boomer." bit. "OK, Millennial, shift your gears."

* I meant to write this back to you in my reply comment, Mr. Hail.

** His comments are under the previous post - one can't link directly, as you have likely all gathered.

*** I can't tell you how much I respect the job they did with Asteroids - you had monochrome vector graphics and two buttons. Yet, the game made sense, you needed reflexes and speed, and those rumbling sounds from the sub-woofers, it was intense, man! (Especially at the Circle-K while you're consuming a 64 oz. Big Gulp.)

**** John Derbyshire just wrote something on this the other day as one segment of his December diary.

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Millennials v Boomers - Part 1: Political Differences

Posted On: Tuesday - January 4th 2022 4:50PM MST
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(As is often the case, this post was going to be about something else. Then I digressed enough to make it long enough to be 2 or 3 posts.)

On this side, people born from 1982 to 2004, and on this side, people born from 1943 to 1960.

Today Peak Stupidity talks about m-m-my g-g-g-generation* a little more. I am not quite a Boomer**, but I tend to root for Team Boomer in the bouts between them and the Millennials, Zoomers, whomever. ("Zoomer" has gotten especially appropriate in the last 2 years, as before it had nothing to do with the Zoom remote meetings program.) I may have written this before on Peak Stupidity, but I don't believe that there are stark differences in the basic make-up of each generation. Each is a product of its environment at the time the individuals within were most impressionable. With the exception of the changing demographics, which IS another factor, people are people.

Let's talk political differences, as that's often what the complaints are about, going both ways. For this I always think about voting results. In general things have shifted left, of course, or toward Totalitarianism anyway. There have been those fighting this, not the politicians, but real people, all the way. There's never been an overwhelming majority of people on either side, as if there had been, "we"'d have voted ourself into Communism long ago.

In elections in which there are stark differences, there have always been plenty of individuals in each generation voting for each side. Even in the very important (notorious, I'd say) Scumbag Johnson over Barry Goldwater presidential election landslide in 1964, there were 43 million votes cast for the Scumbag and 27 million cast for the great Libertarian/Conservative AuH2O. Yes, it's a landslide in American election terms, but still 38.5% of those generations voted Conservative/Lib and 61% Socialist. Those generations were almost all NOT Boomers, BTW.***

It'd be a time consuming, but not particularly difficult, task to find out when these Boomers made up the biggest share of the electorate. I'm not doing it, based on the fact that an estimate will do fine here. I'm just going to pick 1996 through 2016 as a fairly big range that should cover the highest point. Boomers ranged in age from 36 to 53 in 1996, and from 56 though 73 in 2016. Somewhere in there, probably 2000 or 2004, is likely when they had their largest share of all the votes.

In those 6 elections, with the exception of 1996, there has been no Presidential election with the results wider than 7 percentage point difference in popular vote****, and if you except '08 each had less than a 4 percentage point difference in vote numbers between the 2 squads. 1996 was a special case because Ross Perot (proto Donald Trump, with brains) received 8 1/2% of the popular vote, with Bill Clinton getting 49% and Bob Dole getting 41%. I'm sure most of Ross Perot's voter's would have held their noses and voted for Dole, were Mr. Perot not in the running. It would have been another very close one. Good on Ross Perot and his voters for trying, and R.I.P., Ross Perot .

From just this Presidential election business, not all of politics by any means, we can see that the Boomers aren't lefties, they aren't Conservatives, they aren't Libertarians, and they aren't flat-out Commies. However, that generation includes all of these ... and, WAIT, there's more! These younger generations, say, the Millennial one, do not lean all one way either and contain people of all ideologies.

Back to the race/ethnicity demographic factor though, yeah, you're not going to find as many Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan fans among the Hispanics, the Chinese, and the Indians that are the bulk of recent immigrants. They do make up a much larger percentage of the Millennial generation than the Boomer one.

You could impugn some of those in the groups of new arrivals for not "getting" America. As for the different generations of Americans, there are plenty of people on different sides of big political divides as they were for the Boomers. "You Boomers voted in this ____, destroying this country!" "Well, PEOPLE did, but lots of US voted against it." It's silly to put the blame on everyone now between the ages of 61 and 77. It's silly for Boomers to put the blame on everyone now between the ages of 18 and 40.

See, this started out to be just the intro, but I will get to some differences between the 2 generations in Part 2 of Millennials v Boomers next time. Part 1 is hereby ruled a rain-out.

* There's a big The Who kick going on here as of late. I mean, for you Millennials, The Who is trending. If you don't know (or if you do), that phrasing above comes from one of the iconic songs from The Who and one that has probably held the top spot in the Billboard Stutter-Rock charts since, well my whole life - that's because they're not quite my g-g-generation. Maybe they took the top spot on the chart from Buddy Holly?

** That's by Strauss' & Howe's definition which includes those born from 1943 to 1960 as "Boomers". Strauss & Howe are the 2 guys whose prescient books I am going to review Some Day Soon™.

*** That comes from a discussion with, you could have guessed it, good ole Reg Caesar in the Unz Review comments with the details such as that some States did allow people under 18 y/o to vote already, so, the very youngest of Boomers in some States could have voted in November of 1964. Even in the States with 21 as the voting age, 10 months of young people born in the year 1943 could have voted.

*** There's more to it than just that, I understand, as perhaps the choices were much more Tweedle-Dee v Tweetle-Dum -like over the last generation as compared to in 1964.

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The evolution of the Omicron narrative

Posted On: Monday - January 3rd 2022 2:58PM MST
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O μ ι c ρ o ν

Don't let the Greek letters freak you out.

Not very long ago the Establishment narrative was "OMΓ!" in regards to the newest variant of the Flu Manchu. It was just another brick in the PanicFest wall that they could pull out and throw at us. Very recently, I'd say within the last 2 weeks only, the story from Panic Leader Anthony Fauci and his minions and sackhangars has evolved.

Now, even the top dog (from what I read 2nd-hand, anyway) is saying that this new variant will not hospitalize or kill so many people. It just hits the upper respiratory tract. It's like the cold or a flu. What a change from the MUST! PANIC! MOAR! talk up near the end of last year! Why the Jim Rockford J-turn in the middle of the PanicFest car chase down the hairy mountain road from San Berdoo to Temecula?**

The pandemic has become an endemic now, we are being told, I guess the term epidemic was never scary enough, or did they use that during the initial China madness phase? From the first blurb that popped up in a search for "Covid endemic"* I got to this page from one T.H. Chan at the Harvard School of Public Health.
The expectation that COVID-19 will become endemic essentially means that the pandemic will not end with the virus disappearing; instead, the optimistic view is that enough people will gain immune protection from vaccination and from natural infection such that there will be less transmission and much less COVID-19-related hospitalization and death, even as the virus continues to circulate.
Would an email reply with the simple subject line of "NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! We told you this 2 years ago." be proper? This guy is at HARVARD, mind you.

I won't include much discussion of the vaccine again right here, but, of course, these EXPERT health officials will tell us that it's the vaccine that prevented more deaths during the transition from the pandemic to the endemic. That doesn't really seem to jive with those increased '21 excess death numbers so well (something I looked at months ago for '20). It also doesn't take into account the real worries about a vaccine with thousands of times the bad health results as any other vaccine before has given us, without being yanked off the market with prejudice, not to mention unknown long-term effects.

Most people with common sense and perspective knew 2 years ago that these type of viruses don't just get beat down dead.*** We've seen these before, mostly out of the Orient. They are deadly for a while to the most vulnerable, and then they mutate into less deadly variants. They've never before been a reason to introduce more Totalitarianism and still aren't unless, oh, that's it, now you WANT more Totalitarianism.

OK, then, why is the narrative being changed abruptly? Did all the Totalitarians just change their minds? It's not that, of which I'll write more.

Is it national politics? Frankly, I don't think these people are smart enough to be thinking long-term, to election '22. Yes, the continuation of this narrative has pissed off the multitudes, but that's 10 months away still. As Peak Stupidity has noted before, People Forget. (It's an Eminence Front, whatever the hell that even is ... doesn't matter, hypnotic keyboards, great guitar by Townsend - before he probably smashed it, and great vocals by Daltrey.****) They've been having the time of their lives scaring the daylights out of people who still fall for it.

That's the answer, though, I think. People were simply not falling for the Omicron scare in great numbers. I guess they quit being freaked out by the Greek letters (easy for you, if you haven't had a run in with quantum mechanics ...).

Oh, government people and all of the Establishment have been still pushing it (so sorry for commenter Ganderson there in the People's Republic of Mass). The average American may be waking up or just too jaded to keep falling for it after 2 years. The big lies were working, but if the masses of people are seen to be scoffing at them, that looks bad. The idea now is to change the narrative to "we handled this" (that DOES help with the national politics) and "it's almost over for now, but we're gonna keep those 'safeguards' in place, cause, you know .. like the TSA..."

However, because the very recent narrative was still filled with Panic-inducement, the Totalitarians have still been doing their thing. Australia is still a Totalitarian shit-show. In Holland there have been big anti-LOCKDOWN rallies with the cops getting violent against these protesters. Why are the Dutch getting riled up now?

Not to pick on the Dutch here, but what is happening now is that even those who bought into the whole thing for 2 years may be now wondering "hey, we flattened the curve, or at least kept wearing those masks. We wiped off the door knobs and washed our hands for 30 seconds 50 times a day. We stayed inside and shut our businesses when you told us. We, or all besides those nutcase anti-vaxxers, got our 3 shots - or is it 4 now? Why are you still trying to control us like we are in a Totalita... ohhhh!"

We anti-panickers may get help now from those who are finally hearing from the official sources that this pandemic endemic is officially over. They may be against the Totalitarianism now ... till the next time around. So what? A precedent has already been set.

The Establishment is only backing off to make the narrative match more closely with the public's own lying eyes. They've accomplished their evil by setting these precedents in Totalitarianism. Like Motherland Security and the TSA, it won't go away easily

* I tried "Kung Flu endemic" but got muddled results.

** The geography has been changed to protect the innocent Los Angelenos... if any. And, yeah, we pushed the metaphor pretty hard here, like Jim Rockford on the pedal of his Pontiac Firebird.

*** The very serious polio virus WAS eradicated for the great benefit, but I don't know what was fundamentally different about that type. Was it the method of contagion?

**** BTW, while searching for the Eminence Front video on this site, I came across a post from March 7th, in which I got on the other WHO about pushing PC regarding the terminology of contagion. The post is WHO Cares. Don't stigmatize me, Bro!. I do see that on March 7th, Mr. Hail, no, I didn't understand this thing as being overblown, yet. There was a related similar previous post entitled WHO Cares..

By March 19th, I posted The Kung Flu - SHTF or Infotainment Panic-Fest?, which leaned greatly toward the latter, and by March 30th I'd read Mr. Hail's writing and by April 2nd (almost the appropriate date!) I was already putting up Monty Python clips - as in Bring out your dead.. By mid-April Peak Stupidity was onto the whole scam.

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Happy New Year- 2022 - can it GET any worse?

Posted On: Friday - December 31st 2021 5:13PM MST
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Quick answer: Yes, it sure can, if we let it. See below, in which we hear about the FIRST DEATH from OMICRON!

Another year of stupidity, and what have we done ...? Well, I'll tell you, per a promise made somewhere in a post or comment early this year - probably a New Year's resolution, haha - about updating the top banner, here you go, JIT, last day of the year. (You may need to ctrl-F5 or whatever to do a full refresh and clear the cache). Now this isn't much*, but just working on something may get me motivated to first get my "sandbox" up running, and then try to reprogram this site to make it more search-optimized and, more importantly, more user friendly.

Now, though, one can see that, through the use of quantum computer technology borrowed from the geek in the basement across the street, we have revised our mathematical models and we forecast Peak Stupidity happening approximately in the year 2026. We were wrong before, due to the work of an intern**. Though this site went on the air near the end of '16, a friend of mine had made the banner, per my specs, a couple of years before that.

How can it get worse though? Aren't things stupid enough yet for everybody?! Apparently, it can. There are great efforts being made in the West to bring Stupidity levels up to levels never imagined by the puny minds of our ancestors.

Here's the latest bad news to start 2022 off with: People are dying with or from THE OMICRON! At least one guy, anyway. That's a case fatality rate of, let me see, let delta approach zero, raise omicron to the power of iota + 1 .... and it approaches ... A LOT. People will die!. C'mon guys. Whaddya' need a refresher course? It's all Calculus-based stupidity nowadays!

OK, I gotta start this thing at one spot, but just move the time marker or mash replay to see it all:

(Virtual socially-distanced hat tip to Instapundit's Ed Driscoll.)

I went to the airport and realized I had no face diaper anywhere, not the usual one in my pocket and nothing in the luggage. Over at the ticket counter I asked for one: "Hey, can I get a new mask for this year?" They liked that - "here's a brand new '22 model". ... someday, this stupidity's gonna end...

Happy New Year, Peakers!

* I didn't have any of the original parts to the image, do not have Photoshop, and didn't want to crank up Gimp, but I was able to back some stuff out, and use MS Paint to the fullest of its abilities. ("If you're not careful, you might learn something", as the man said.")

** It was that guy Josh in Bombay, who we mentioned in our about page. Turns out, his degree is in Sociology, not Computer Science, and even that, he got via mail order. The Peak Stupidity HR Department has been trying to fire Josh, but our hands are tied, due to Josh's minority and ungendered status, plus, what's the point of firing an intern? It's no fun - he doesn't lose any money anyway.

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Peak Rockford Files

Posted On: Thursday - December 30th 2021 9:36PM MST
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You've reached Peak Stupidity. In the comments, leave a fake name and message. I'll get back to you.

There I was, trying to watch a movie at home, and I get to this one part ... OK, I'm not going to beat this dead horse here. Peak Stupidity readers could have already read at least twice our complaints of how much of a bear it is to obtain a decent non-PC/woke movie to watch*. This post will be about curmudgeonry and nostalgia rather than relating another saga about having to bail out on one.

I will mention it though. Nights in Rodanthe, from 2008, looked liked a chick flick from the box. Well, they're "free" from the library, see, and I did have some back-ups, as I'm very careful to have nowadays. Yeah, strangers Richard Gere and this decent-looking but not nearly 1990s Cameron Diaz-level chick ended up sharing a large beach house in Rodanthe, NC (a real town on the outer banks north of Hatteras), a hurricane was coming, they were both divorced or separated, and man, I really think LarvaeMan, prequel to Spiderman, would have a more creative plot.

I give these people the benefit of the doubt ... for a while. I noted that early in the movie, the owner of the nice piece of property was a black lady who had her act together like, sorry, no black lady of the look that I've ever seen or heard of in my life. She had to go off though (hence the main actress taking care of the beach house and the one guest), so I knew I'd be free from hard-core wokeness. Yea! Ahh, but you know what's going to happen, and then the hurricane came with high winds but no storm surge (really?). That additional suspension-of-belief along with the typical modern behavior of our leading lady who could do no wrong as a single Mom** had me realizing that I'd rather watch The Rockford Files.

After a conversation in the comments about it, I checked and saw I could watch my favorite old detective show off library DVDs. Season 1 had 21 to 23 episodes (depending on how you count doubles, I think), and there were 6 seasons, so this will hold me for a while. I had watched some of the original episodes on the TV back in the day, but I remember more watching re-runs nightly a decade later.

I guess this show's having the ex-con private detective showing up the cops, and its not showing the cops as someone we must all look up to, is what got me liking it. Yeah, and there was the 2nd generation Pontiac Firebird. I like the Jim Rockford J-turns***, the chases, and the LA scenery of the 1970s is great. There's the great Mike Post/Pete Carpenter theme song. There are running jokes, such as Jim Rockford seemingly never ever getting paid any of his $200 a day plus expenses, the funny phone answering machine (newest thing around in '74) messages, and then, Angel is hilarious,

I had never seen this first, 2-part, episode - maybe I've never seen the 1st season - we'll see. Lindsey Wagner was Mr. Rockford's first client, and, no, she didn't pay him, though there was some deal in which she was going to pay $25/week on the installment plan. Yeah, right, she was pretty hot back then, and it was assumed they did get it on... by me anyway.

This nostalgia here does have me noticing action in the show that is not as believable to me as it was many years ago. This first episode had a car chase scene out in the desert (per the show, out of Las Vegas). Well, it wasn't quite a car chase scene. The bad guys took off in a single-engine Cessna, N9487M****, and used it to strafe Jim Rockford and Lindsey Wagner in that Firebird about 4 or 5 passes with a full-auto rifle of some sort. OK, that's not so easy. Of course they didn't hurt Jim or the girl, but the Firebird, sorry, blown to bits, on the first show, no less!

Well, Jim Rockford, doing his best George-Patton-taking-charge-after-Kasserine-Pass imitation, used his Colt revolver to shoot at this Cessna. After his Firebird bought the farm, he took more shots as the plane was hauling ass directly away from him and somehow managed to punch 2 holes in the middle of the right side of the cowling, upon which oil started pouring out, from exactly where (not the oil pan) I can't tell you. At least, the plane didn't blow up (wait!), and, seeing as this was flat desert, the pilot came around, put the gear down, and landed it.

Then, the 2 bad guys got out and ran like hell. I first thought they were running after Jim, but I guess their familiarity with Hollywood saved their butts, as they knew this plane was going to blow to smithereens. It did. Why it did is another thing I can't explain, seeing as they had accomplished a decent forced landing.

That was fun, but yeah, not too realistic in the action scenes. The point of this post is to analyze whether these old TV shows are actually better than the modern stuff. This brings me back to Peak Stupidity's very first post Am I a curmudgeon?. Is the problem just that I don't want anything new anymore, or is the new stuff truly crappier. I have to say the latter again here, but it has nothing to do with cool unrealistic chase scenes and great Los Angeles scenery (I forgot to mention all the great cars just in the real-life background).

It may have been right at this time of Season 1 of The Rockford Files when Archie and Edith started off their show with a song with the lyrics "... goils were goils, and men were men."***** That was in nostalgia of the time of Herbert Hoover - going back almost 100 years now, but only 50 then. In The Rockford Files, I would say it was still that way. Contrary to what his Dad Rocky****** wanted, Jim didn't ever settle down, but at least the relationships were more natural per natural sex roles. He's not the sensitive guy, as it was really insensitive of him to keep bugging his first client multiple times about his fee! (Well, in fairness, she would have bounced her first check.)

I can compare that now to the movie that I watched half of, Nights in Rodanthe. In the movie, the guy has to be the sensitive one to have a chance with the always-in-control single Mom. It's just a movie, but there are guys who will think what works in the movies (and TV) is what works in real life, and this kind of crap will steer them wrong.

Yeah, enough of the modern cultural crap - it's Peak Rockford Files time for me.

PS: I've featured the musical artist Ben Folds and his 3-man band The Ben Folds Five before, but I'll put in one out of many cynical songs with some really great lyrics, saying "you think the Rockford Files is cool". The song is called Whatever and Ever, Amen.

* See our recent post Nine Days to Patton - movie non-review and the much older post Tried to watch a movie - here's 3 reviews in one!.

** The Dad had only been gone from the family a few months, yet he failed to give his12 y/o (estimated) sone his inhaler as a bumbling TV/movie Dad is wont to do, etc ...

*** Ha, upon looking up something, on wiki, I see that I'd independently come up with the same term for this turn (makes sense anyway). James Garner did lots of the driving for the show.

**** It's no longer in the FAA database. I can't imagine why, after seeing the end of the airplane/car chase scene. ;-} I did want to make sure it was a Cessna 210, because it looked a bit sleeker, though the windscreen still wasn't as sloped as in a Cardinal (177). Maybe it was a Cutlass (172 rectractable). Nope, duh, it can't be a 172RG, as this one had no wing struts.

***** That'd be All in the Family, and "goils" is my interpretation of how the Queens (Brooklyn?) resident Archie Bunker pronounced "girls".

****** This first episode had a difference actor as Rocky.

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Just sit there with a fuckin' stick.

Posted On: Tuesday - December 28th 2021 2:47PM MST
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My apologies for the cussword in a post title, but there was no other way to summarize this one. I've got my favorite George Carlin clips - I'd never seen him or heard an album (I guess it'd have been an album, right) in his heyday - but I knew the baseball vs. football routine and more recently the "Save the Bees" bit.

This one is new to me. I can't find a date for it on the internet, but Mr. Carlin looks fairly old there, so maybe mid-00's? (He died in '08.) Mr. Carlin did a great take here on helicopter parenting, which can turn out lots of young adult snowflakes. To think this was at least a decade and a half ago - things have not gotten better in this regard.

I noted that Mr. Carlin said a little bit about the big deal about getting the kids into the best kindergartens. That's mostly just a NY City (maybe San Francisco or LA) thing. I wonder if Steve Sailer has seen this, as he is very into the struggles of the upper middle class to get their young ones into the best schools, from kindergarten and up to the Ivy Leagues. I get neither the bug struggle nor the fixation of Mr. Sailer's with the whole thing. Let the elite do their thing. Beat 'em, don't join 'em.

Hey, and if you want to learn a little Spanish, here's a start.

I've got some more anecdotal Kung Flu stupidity coming, but other than that, I think Peak Stupidity will lay low until 2022.

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Merry Christmas from Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Saturday - December 25th 2021 6:08PM MST
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M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S !

Luke 2: 10-14

And the angel said unto them:

"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger."

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
I don't know how anyone of any religion couldn't at least appreciate the Christmas holiday and all it entails.

Commenter usNthem suggested the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for Christmas music. I remember this band getting a lot of play some years ago but don't remember exactly when that was. It's some arena rock sound, you might call it, as they do their arrangements of the traditional Christmas carols. I went through a number of them that I was no longer that impressed with, but I like their Joy to the World.

If that's not your thing, here's Christmas music with a more traditional sound:

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White House Christmas greetings troll

Posted On: Friday - December 24th 2021 11:57PM MST
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I almost felt sorry for Creepy Joe here, but then he's already been a politician for half a century, and I think of how much hate he has for Americans and the his anti-White talk. I thank the caller. Let's hope he doesn't wind up in a dark hole underneath Washington, F.S. for years as yet another political prisoner.

Brandon: "I think we lost him."
Dr. Jill: "Yeah, I think we lost somethin'."

They used to claim old Ronnie was pretty far gone, dementia-wise, during the latter half of his 2nd term. This sort of thing didn't happen, though.

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Chappaquiddick, the movie, the man, and the manslaughter(?)

Posted On: Thursday - December 23rd 2021 6:28PM MST
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Over 3 1/2 years back, Peak Stupidity noted with interest that a movie was coming out shortly about the late politician Ted Kennedy's negligent manslaughter of a young lady trapped in a submerged car back in the summer of 1969*. This happened on the island of Martha's Vineyard, south of Massachusetts' Cape Cod peninsula, or, really, on a tiny part-time** sub-island called Chappaquiddick, part of the town of Edgartown. I was looking forward to seeing Chappaquiddick then, as VDare's brought it to my attention in a discussion of the "what if"*** politics, in this article.

I wrote a post at the time titled The Lion of the Se enate a-bed up on the Silver Screen but promptly forgot about this movie until I saw it at the 'brary and watched it recently. Yeah, that post title was a play on "Lion of the Senate", but I'll also note the movie title is not very original. As I wrote in that post, maybe something like "Who's the U-Boat Commander?" would have been better.

That all said, the movie is pretty decent. Of course, there is no real suspense. That also means I don't have to worry about spoiling the ending. Yes, Mary Jo Kopechne dies of suffocation in the air pocket that was left in the submerged Oldsmobile Delmont 88, after Kennedy drunkenly slid it off a bridge that crosses Poucha Pond. The movie does a nice job of sticking to the story over just a couple of days. This was from the day in which the newest Knight of Camelot wannabee (actually, per the movie he wasn't sure if he wanted to be) sailed a regatta and partied with the campaign staffers of his late brother Robert, and got friendly with staffer Miss Kopechne, through the night of the wreck, the cover-up, hand-wringing, and decision-making (i.e. spinning) through the night, the discovery of the car and body in the morning, and a little bit on the local political fallout, or lack thereof.

I read a complete book on the Chappaquiddick incident about 15 years ago. I don't remember many details, but the general gist of it is adhered to pretty well by this movie. Besides the part about all the young Democrats believing having ANY of the Kennedies in office was best thing since sliced bread for America, all true, I guess, Chappaquiddick, the movie, doesn't get into national politics very much except for a nice scene in which the narrative from Ted Kennedy's screw-up is developed. .

The movie doesn't make too much effort to cover for Ted Kennedy's own cover-up of his negligence. This is not ancient history, after all. Though it wasn't the era of ubiquitous video yet, there were witnesses to various sightings of Kennedy before and after he drove the car off the bridge. In one case, Mr. Kennedy made an effort to HAVE a witness, as an alibi. The movie shows Kennedy walking outside of his hotel room to make small talk with some guy, so that guy would be a good witness to Kennedy's having slept at the hotel with no alarm or anything out of the ordinary going on. That wasn't necessary, though, as it didn't fit any of the lies that were bandied about by Kennedy and his accomplices in spin, cousin Joseph Gargan and Gargan's friend Paul Markham. Therefore, I don't know if it would have been easy for the movie makers to have spun the whole thing, though oftentimes they just figure the lies will get through.

The movie shows the local police chief as a complete shill for the Kennedy family. The chief even hooked up Ted Kennedy with a pilot friend to fly him back to mainland Mass (well, semi-mainland, as in the Cape, where the compound was) so that he could avoid questions for the press near the scene of the crime.

Back to Gargan and Markham, accomplices-at-lies, the movie has a scene showing some powerful national political figures**** making a serious effort at coming up with a narrative that doesn't suck. They even deride and laugh at the efforts of Kennedy and his cohorts. I guess the future Liar of the Senate learned more about how to spin and lie from this event which had to have helped him in his future long career in politics.

The movie covered the cover-up activities well, but did not show exactly what went down in the car submerged in the pond that night. That is fair, as it will now never be known to this world exactly what Ted Kennedy did in those moments. The movie shows Gargan and Markham both diving into the pond hours later (after Kennedy finally told them what happened) and trying to get the doors of the Oldsmobile open.

I keep wondering how Kennedy got out of the car, yet, after that, there was no getting in. Was he able to get out before it sunk, yet whichever door he opened closed behind him before the car went down? This pond wasn't very deep, and it'd be an easy dive. Yet, even at 10 ft. down, though that old-timey car was nothing near water-, much less air-tight, it could have taken longer for pressure to equalize than there was Oxygen for Miss Kopechne, and a couple of psi differential would have made it impossible to open a door.

He couldn't have swum out an open window, I don't think. I would imagine Miss Kopechne could swim, but if not, then she may have stayed in the remaining air pocket, were she lucky enough for the floorboards to allow one. Would she stay in the cabin of the upside-down car out of fear, rather than try to get out. In this case, the doors would have no pressure differential. Anyway, the movie shows the windows closed.*****

Could the doors have been jammed shut due to the low-speed impact of the roof hitting the bottom of the pond? That's another possibility.

Ted Kennedy had never "had any recollection" of this important piece of the story, from the time he told anyone about it. I don't believe that. Then again, I don't know if I've ever been as drunk as a Kennedy either.

No matter about all that, Ted Kennedy purposefully put off telling anyone who could have helped rescue Mary Joe Kopechne while he came up with his narrative, yet I read that she may have been alive for a few hours! I am no lawyer, so my "negligent manslaughter" wording is probably not so accurate. As for the morals of this guy, when push came to shove, he showed that they were poor. Yet, that's the kind of people that become Lions of the Senate in this country.

Wait, that was no movie review. Since this is supposed to be a movie review, after all, Peak Stupidity will make one small effort to make this sound like a professional review:

The actors do a good job representing young people of the era. I guess that credit should go partly to the costume department. A guy named Jason Clarke plays the lead, Ted Kennedy. Maybe it's too much to ask, but could he have tried to sound like a Masshole from the Boston area? He only talked with the right accent ONCE, as I recall. Here's what you do, if you're the director: You sit Mr. Clarke down in front of the computer and play Simpsons Mayor Quimby clips over and over until he GETS it. Can't do the accent? Get off the set, man! We'll get someone who can.

That's all I got. The lighting was fine, the casting was fine, production values, whatever they are, were apparently fine, as the DVD didn't get stuck in the player. ;-}

I recommend Chappaquiddick as an engrossing movie and a good history lesson. As opposed to Ted's older brother Jack's book Profile's in Courage, this movie could be part of a series called Profiles of Politicians.

* What else happened that summer? Well, the first men to ever do so, 2 Americans, set foot on the moon. That mission was happening at the same time - the landing was 2 days after Kennedy's actions and 1 day after it's discovery. That was very timely for young Ted, as press coverage went, and this was pointed out in the movie.

** It's connected by sand part of the time, as it for some years at a time. (I guess one good hurricane can change that completely.)

*** "What if" meaning, what if Ted Kennedy had gotten actual justice and pushed out of politics. That's a no brainer - we'd have been better off, all else being equal.

**** Some of these are men still known as important political figures of the time even now. You can watch the movie and see if you have heard of them.

***** An engineer friend and I had a 20 minute helpful discussion on this whole thing. (He liked my text message: "Hey, I need to ask you something about pressure differentials and Ted Kennedy's car.") One thing I brought up is that it's no given that windows would roll down under that differential as, say, 2 psi on 3 or 4 ft2, that's a half ton possibly of a normal force resulting in lots of friction on the window rubber seals.

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The booster shot scam revisited

Posted On: Tuesday - December 21st 2021 7:09PM MST
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This post is a correction of Peak Stupidity's 2 week-old post The Booster Shot Scam. In fact, it turns out that that previous post was erroneous in its main point. That point was the people were arranging their Kung Flu booster shots in a manner to guarantee them something like a week of paid time off. Well, that's true ... in a way ...

I worked with a another fairly young guy (mid-to-late-20s) who has taken the vaccine and a booster shot. In this case, his wife had been required to due to her teaching job, and this guy went with the flow. I'm not at all endorsing this sort of thing, mind you, but that's not the story. He told me that he had gotten a paycheck that was not to his liking, i.e., it didn't seem to add up. During the pay period, he had taken that booster shot to get a couple of paid days off.

Oops, nope. This guy is no dumbass, but he had also been under the impression that he would get this time off paid. What it is, is that this sick "occurrence", as its called, is not counted for any kind of discipline for people making way too many sick calls. But, at the very bottom of the memo, it says that this time off will not be paid. Yes, it is in fine print.

I can't think of any words more descriptive of, and appropriate to, how I feel about this news than those of American sage Nelson Muntz:

See, people indeed WERE arranging their Kung Flu booster shots in a manner to guarantee them something like a week of paid time off. as I stated in that previous post. However, they haven't been reading the fine print! They won't get it!

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More Ron Paul Goodness

Posted On: Tuesday - December 21st 2021 8:30AM MST
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Ron Paul's latest is Omicron: the Lockdowners’ Last Stand. I wish. Can we wipe them off the face of the country like the last of the Mohicans?
As to be expected, Fauci reveled in the emergence of the new variant, warning of “record deaths” for the unvaccinated. Similarly, President Biden warned that this would be a “winter of death” for the unvaccinated.
Is it possible to have a very city-specific Winter of Death? You can probably guess what city I am (of course), just speculating about.
But here’s something the media isn’t reporting about the omicron outbreaks: they are taking place among the fully vaccinated. Cornell University, with 97 percent of the campus fully vaccinated and a mask mandate, has announced that it would return to online only instruction after a massive Covid outbreak. Likewise, the National Football League has postponed several games this weekend due to Covid outbreaks, even though the League is virtually 100 percent vaccinated. And the National Basketball Association, which is above 95 percent fully vaccinated, has just announced that due to a surge in Covid cases it too will postpone games.
Here's the gist of it from the, as usual, quite optimistic Dr. Paul:
Fauci loves to say that to question him is to question science, but this has nothing to do with science. It’s about power. Fauci, the political authoritarians, and the corrupt Big Pharma billionaires are trying to make a last stand, desperate to push omicron as a justification for further tyranny and profits. But actual science is not cooperating.
I hope, but I kind of doubt, it's a last stand. What I hope also is that Ron Paul can stay around without cancellation for a long time to come. His Liberty Report is worth taking 1/2 an hour for each week.

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Immigration M.A.D.ness

Posted On: Monday - December 20th 2021 3:50PM MST
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An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, awaiting launch to blow up a city, or another missile:

Anyone younger than 35 y/o today would not know anything of this fairly recent history from any personal experience or following of what were current events. That was a long period of time, enough for most of us to think it was the way it would always be, that there was a Cold War with a continuous threat of nuclear annihilation between the two principals, the USA and the USSR. From 1949, when the Soviets successfully test-blew their first atomic bomb, stolen from the Americans, and only 4 years after the American's first success, until 1989, that was 40 years even of this threat.

From barely having enough fissionable material to come up with enough bombs to have a small chance using long-range bombers, to having so many thermonuclear (fusion) warheads that they almost didn't know what to do with them, the situation changed rapidly. Yet, the constant was that the Americans felt the need to have enough of a threat to prevent the Soviets from thinking about starting nuclear war, and, per the left, vice versa*.

From the threat of nuclear attack via strategic ultra-long-range bombers, to the creation of ICBMs, to the establishment of the "nuclear triad" (which included the former plus submarine-launched nuclear missiles), along with the invention of MIRVs (Multiple Independent Rentry Vehicles), i.e. a dozen warheads sent separately off of one missile, things escalated rapidly. It was a hell of a time to be a mechanical engineer!

With this escalation, a new strategy of both sides solidified. This was called Mutually Assured Destruction. The idea was to have enough destructive power** to wipe out enough of the enemy's civilization, such that the enemy would not think of striking first and "winning" a nuclear war per any meaning of "winning". One way to win a nuclear war could have been to strike the enemy's nukes out of commission before they got into the air and then launch at its cities. This resulted in the strategy of "hardening" one's missile silos in huge amounts of concrete and earth. Thereafter, one needed even more megatonnage to blow up said ICBMs, with that being perhaps the primary game and blowing up of cities being a no-brainer afterthought(?!)

The subs were another story, hence the high-stakes game of better silencing and better detection of underwater sounds. Then, there were still the strategic bombers, the American BUFFs (8-engined B-52s) and the Russian Bears (Tupolev-95s), and the detection equipment such as the DEW (Distant Early Warning) line in the Great White North.

As for M.A.D., it may have been made fun of by the left, but was not "MAD!" in the British sense, as in crazy. Nobody with any sense wanted this thing to start. (The question was, "did everyone in power have enough sense?")

Well, that was fun, but I haven't gotten to my point of this post yet!

Peak Stupidity gets behind on CURRENT "current events", as we used to call what's now just constant stupidity. The topic today is month old news now and not something I am particularly interested in. As a Libertarian isolationist, I don't feel the need to give a rat's ass what's up with the Russia and the Ukraine, or Belarus and central/western Europe. However, I am an avid VDare reader, and they sometimes cover some topics that aren't America-related but are examples for us on what to do or (usually, lately) what NOT to do.

An Intercontinental Border-crossing Mass, ready to launch to blow up a nation:

(Or perhaps, these should be called Multiple Iimmigration Re-entry Vagrants.)

This story is amusing too, as another "hoisted on one's own petard" deal. It seems that a flap between Belarus and Poland and the EU, has resulted in Belarus using immigration as weaponry. Steve Sailer had two posts excerpting the NY Times. It's almost as if Mr. Sailer enjoys reading the Grey Hag, as he snarks NYT: "Risk For Leader Of Belarus: Migrants He Lured May Want To Stay" and NYT: E.U., Accept Your Punishment By Belarus. Then, the excellent reporter Washington Watcher II (yes, there was a "I") had much more of this story in Immigration Is A Weapon, EU Says. Democrats Using It Against The Historic American Nation.

This is rich. We've been told for 30 years that "Diversity is Strength". Immigration is supposed to be so good, the more the better. Why DOES the rest of Europe see Belarus' actions as a threat? It's not like they send over immigrants who destroy your own immigrants first and then blow up your cities, right? Wait ...

If you see something as a weapon to be used against you, then you cannot at the same time believe you need more of it. That's causing massive headaches in the brains of the left in Europe now.

If we admit that ballistic immigration, strategic immigration bombing, and, in general, the triad of land-based, sea-based, and airborne immigration is bad, is it not time to look into how this was handled during those 4 decades of the Cold War?

Firstly, we don't need unilateral disarmament! It was a stupid idea as advised by the American ctrl-left during the Cold War (we were asked "if the Russians love their children too - yeah, no shit, Sting, just sing and play the bass), and it'd be a stupid idea now. "You send in 100,000 Iraqis, we''ll launch an equal megatonnage of Haitians." That's the way it ought to go.

Should we institute a new SALT treaty, to be hashed out at the UN? That would be Strategic Arrival Limitation Talks. Let's do more than talk. Let's cut down the numbers!

"No Pukes!"
"Arms are for cuffing to the border fence!"
"Berzerkely is a Refugee Free Zone."

... bumper stickers should be issued. OK, I got that last bit from a song (Union Man) on the same Neil Young album as a song Peak Stupidity featured years ago*** that mentions "the old DEW line".

For today, we have a not quite as old Rush song, from their Grace under Pressure somewhat-of-a-concept album from 1984. This one, Distant Early Warning was written in the heyday of music videos, and I'll always remember the video with the song. (Shoot, I didn't even get to cruise missiles in that very short MAD discussion!)

* This point hinges on the question of whether the Soviets really believed that the (at that time) reasonably under-control US Gov't would have wanted to initiate war against the core of Communism. Mostly, the American policy was one of "containment", keeping it from spreading further. On the other side, it's more credible that the Soviet (and Red Chinese, perhaps) government, under zero control by its population, would have taken out the West via nukes if it could have.

** Regarding the history of nuclear weapons in the Cold War, the destructive power of the weaponry was put in units of "Megatonnage". It's not a unit of power, though, but of energy, and is not about the mass of the weapons. One Megaton is the amount of energy equivalent to the exploding of a million tons of TNT. Yes, there was plenty to blow up the man-made works of the world!

*** See Oh, this country sure looks good to me... but these fences are coming apart.

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