It's all like a big game of Risk to these people

Posted On: Thursday - December 15th 2016 8:38AM MST
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Steve Sailer, a brilliant mind, I would say, writes about the screw-ups in the strategy of the '16 Democratic presidential campaign operatives(?). He picks apart this Politico article like he's a hungry vulture working on a fresh, 3-day old armadillo carcass off the side of Nevada State Hwy 49, 20 miles W. of Winnemucca.

Now, I've not read the whole (politico) article and not too many policial strategy articles at all really, but the following important realization comes across:

Ideology, freedom (or lack thereof) of the American people, the financial state of the country, foreign relations, all that stuff doesn't mean a hill of beans to the "strategists". You've gotta admit that's it's not their job. OK, but upon reading this, you will realize that democratic elections are just games of Risk to these people!

Listen to this (Sailer's quote of the Politico article):

"... Waving off complaints during a visit to Michigan a few weeks out, Marshall explained to the room that Clinton was going to clobber Trump in the final debate and they were talking about moving money into Senate seats."

"... moving money into Senate seats". You, the voters, are just some pieces on the board. They may want you to move to the polls, they may not. Maybe the other side wants you to come out. Maybe not. They think you can be manipulated with some money paid to the TV station that you watch used to watch - before you read these 2 peakstupidiy posts - this and this, right? ;-}

You've got to read Sailer's whole thing to see where I'm coming from on this. This is the writer I mentioned in my review of VDare to the right (blogroll). He reads through the whole damn NY Times, just so the rest of us don't have to.

If you're not familiar with the board game Risk, it's an "epic struggle for world domination", an example of which is in this video of a game between these two guys:

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