How to deal with salesmen

Posted On: Wednesday - December 7th 2016 6:23PM MST
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A guy came up to the porch to sell me service from the competitor to the cable service we have now, which is just sending internet signals. The first thing I told the guy was that if he can sell us internet only, no bundles, we can make a deal - at least for next year.

He first bad-mouthed the phone service and I agreed (it's not a real land-line, so we'd still be dependent on the signal through the same cable.). He started asking about TV, at which point it was obvious to me that he didn't have an internet only deal. "Where do you get movies from? What channels do you get now?", etc. I told him we hadn't even used the (digital) antenna that I put way up on the roof in 2 years at least.

The guy was really concerned about our watching something, anything, on TV, so I went on a rant, not yelling mind you, as rant might imply. I told him that my Dad was right that the TV producers, Hollywood, and those people were pushing their agenda in subtle ways even back in the 1970's, and it's not subtle at all anymore and it's a whole bunch of lies, and I don't want to pay my own money to get lies delivered to my house, and so on for about 2 full minutes.

It's the first time I've seen a salesman walk off the porch on his own initiative, as he was muttering "hey, uh, I've got to get to some other houses and .... ok, uh, bye." Ha, ha, ha! If I'd known that's all it would take I'd have never had these window salesmen in my living room for an hour and a half back in the 90's (story for another post.)

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