BLOW UP YOUR TV (and eat a lot of peaches)

Posted On: Friday - December 2nd 2016 5:54AM MST
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I was reading this post on about Government Media (aka Legacy, Lamestream, etc.) and the new "fake news" thing, mostly put out by the Government Media itself. I always like to link to VDare, and this article is kind of worrisome as one can see the Orwell's 1984 Newspeak world coming at us with the speed a Shanghai Airport maglev train.

However, that's really not what I want to write about in this post. Mr. Kirkpatrick, the writer of the article, mentioned a Mr. Chip and Mrs. Joanna Gaines of a reality TV show, whose church (on the show, and I guess in some kind of reality) doesn't believe in homarriage (homosexual marriage). What real church does? (OK, take the Unitarians, please!) Now, Mr. Kirkpatrick is no spring chicken - I know this just from all of the history he knows well and his bio on the VDare website. He has heard of the Gaines couple, but not I. No offense at all to the VDare writer, but: How come I had no idea who the Gaines' are? How come I don't care who the Gaines' are? Why should I waste my time on this earth watching TV in order to know this?

The problems with the control of the narrative by Gov't Media that James Kirkpatrick wrote about there would not exist if people would TURN! OFF! THE! IDIOT! BOX!

(heh,the first time I saw each word separated by punctuation like that was in a good blog by a girl name Rachael, I think, but I can't remember the name of it. She may have THIS. KIND. OF. WRITING. trademarked - she used it a lot. However, my novel idea is to use EXCLAMATION! POINTS!, so DON'T! SUE! ME!)

I just watched John Prine last night, and this one fits in very well with my post:

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