More on the TV, aka Gov-Media, agenda

Posted On: Wednesday - June 6th 2018 9:45AM MST
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The conservative writer John Derbyhire writes a "Diary" monthly which is a compilation of various points. His May "issue"* of this column appeared on unz review a few days back, and it had a section about artificially forced diversity in Army brochures and commercials (as examples) along with the strange phenomena all over the place now. (I may have written before, but it's too bad keeps the diary all in one piece, as the comments could be more orderly if Mr. Derbyshire had his various sections posted separately.)

The Peak Stupidity blog can't help noticing stuff either, and I wrote the post "Can't Even Watch Seinfeld Anymore" over a year ago about this very thing. What I meant is, that the commercials with the blatant anti-white, anti-male, and especially anti-white-male agendas made it difficult to watch these re-runs when I was off on business and occasionally wanted to relax and watch my tied-to-favorite funny show. Yes, I use the mute button - I'm no artificial-stupidity early adopter, but I do know about mute buttons. It's not enough people. OK, next you'll tell me to buy the DVD-set ripped/burned in China, or get Netflix/Hulu/whatever. It's nothing against all those myriad services, but I just wanted to relax and watch a few episodes, since it (used to) come on TBS.

At the risk of repeating myself to the reader who may have read that earlier post (what're the chances?):
Each commercial has an interracial couple like this is mandated. There can never be a group of even 3 white guys doing whatever they've gotta do to sell whatever kind of crap is possibly being advertised. Of course the white guy is always the moron who has something to learn from the others about this new product or service. I don't mind a few like this, but it's bothered me that it is every damn one of the commercials. These commercials really clash with the show, and demonstrate how far through the U-bend of the toilet the media have gone with this PC.
Mr. Derbyshire points out this same very recent phenomon in the column I linked to above. Now, don't think it's just a big bias of mine against what I see on TV. It's supposed to be a free country. However, I don't see 1 in 100 interacial couples in real life, and there are lots of races here, believe me. I do know, in some metro areas the white-guy/Oriental-girl combination is pretty common, maybe as much as 10% of couples. It's not however, as seen on TV, and, as usual without the implication of one big planned conspiracy, this is a blatant agenda by the Gov-Media (aka TV) to push their view of how the world SHOULD BE on the public. I just don't like the lies, that's all.

How is it lying? It's a bit before my time, but the 1970's sitcoms, even, say your Mary Tyler Moore's, and your One Day at a Time's sure wanted to push that single-mom life-is-a-blast and not-a-problem agenda. (Yeah, you had Valerie Bertinelli, the hotter-of-two daughters of the red-headed single Mom - hmmm, in real life, who do you think Snyder might be after? He's not Eddie Van Halen, but, hell, he's ON TV!, so he might have had a shot at her too. That's the hook that got people to watch, the hip-hugging clothes of Valerie Berinelli, but stlll, what was the show about again?....) Oh yeah, and Mary Tyler Moore would of course been better off just getting married, as Dad said, if this were real life. Nope, it wasn't real life, but if you knew no better, you'd think the show was just depicting what goes on in real life. That's the pernicious agenda, and these lies have real consequences.

This is why Peak Stupidity, like clockwork, and a commenter named Freddie back on Zerohedge, says "GET OFF THE TV!"

Wait, there's more! There's more to this post (that I'd almost forgotten about) and more you can do if you are really sick of this nonsense. Here's a short vignette of a day in the life of Peak Stupidity:
I went into a small gym last week. Once I got the TV unplugged (nobody else was there at that hour) and settled in to workout, I noticed the artsy B&W photography on the walls. There were 7 framed photos of people working out and sweating. Let’s see, as I recollect – 2 black guys, 1 hispanic gender-forgotten, 2 black women, and 2 white women.

I was the only one working out, and I’m a white guy. Hmmm? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t ask for photographic quotas in the gym to match the membership rolls. It’s just that if you’re gonna act like I’m not welcome there, I’m gonna act like I’m not welcome. I mean, I will still go to workout, because I paid, but I won’t clean the machines. I didn’t. I’m apparently not part of their gym scene, so I see no reason to act like it. "Fuck you people" - I think that’s the phrase I was looking for.

The stupid doesn't stop until lots of people let go of the idea they are going to reason it out with people who only like power, not reason.

* I can see why this phrase could easily be confused with the phrase "may issue" in concealed gun carry lingo, as it therein refers to a state law that infringes on the US Consitution by saying the authorities "may" issue a CCW license (un-constitutional to begin with!) on their whim. Anyway, here, I mean his month of May column.

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Mormons, Commies, Shitholes, and Crown Jewels

Posted On: Tuesday - June 5th 2018 11:16AM MST
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I guess I wouldn't have time to point out the times that Peak Stupidity has stated words to the effect of "TV is crap!", but, heck, if you aren't sure yet - here ya go. This morning, however, it was not up to me. the TV was blaring out some talk show, in a position where I had no way to shut the thing down, with a story that a regular customer of infotainment may already have heard about. It seems this guy who had gone down to Venezuala to pick up a mail order bride a bride obtained throught the cloud(?), got thrown in jail with her for quite a while and was on TV very happy to be out (of jail and the country)

Let me tell you about South America, though very generally, and about Venezuala. Back in the 1980's that country was the "crown jewel" of the continent. For various reasons, probably good stuff for another post, all the countries Latin America has always been run badly for most of their histories. Simon Bolivar was the guy who liberated more than 1/2 the countries in South America from the Spaniards, who were no Magna Carta-drafters or Constitutional scholars themselves. Subsequent to these liberations, the mixed native-Spanish people have been running these semi-shitholes into the ground, pulling them out of the ground and back, in 10 - 50 year cycles. Some have been in the shithole phase for their entire histories so far - bad timing, that, huh? In general, down there, Military juntas come and go, Commies take over for long periods, death squads try to get rid of the Commies, along with other people they never did like and so forth.

However, the Venezualans had done well with their oil resources, and Caracas, the capital, was an up-and-coming modern city. The one immigrant I knew was a smart one, and did very well in the US, but saw no reason to bring anyone else from the big family up here. They were doing quite well down there. Now, that's nothing but an anecdote (if that) but I am going by the stories I was told of the place, though obviously a bit biased. As is the case through-out Latin America, there are always loads of the very poor. Who knows what would have happened if a stable government down had stayed in place in Venezuala? However, the Commies, starting with a long reign by Hugo Chavez, took over 20-odd years back, and the place eased itself ungracefully into shithole status. Could one expect anything else?

Back to the couple on TV - the man and new, supposedly-Mormon* bride, along with the guy's parents were on the show to talk about their terrible experience of being taken from their house and thrown in jail. It was either very brave or very naive of the guy to think he could go to that country, and everything would be just hunky-dory, like leaving Salt Lake City to visit Denver. I'm going with naive. Large amounts of dieversity, and the trouble that goes with it, may not be something Mormons are particularly aware of. Did he think Commies are just another group like the Protestants who didn't agree with the Mormon's religious practices and urged them to get the hell out and head to Utah. These people arrest, jail, and kill people that are not down with the program, along with others they just don't like at the moment. I didn't stick around by the TV to here what the reason was, but there didn't have to be one - forget it, Mormon, it's Latin America.

One more thing I did catch from the idiot box was that all parties, the 4 interviewees and the couple of interviewer ladies, all seemed to be on the same page regarding one subject. "They said we had guns." the man remarked, trying to explain this horrible "misunderstanding". "We didn't have any guns, but they still came back to put us in jail." What the hell is new, dude? Yet, they all seemed to agree, "yeah, guns are bad, mmmkaay." I"m just wondering, if say, half of Venezuelans had had guns in their homes, being somehow "allowed to" and all, whether the men who took this guy-on-TV and his wife to prison for a year or two might have had a little trepidiation and decided "Nah, manana."

One consolation for us Americans should be that here are two (one present and one near-future) citizens that won't be voting for the Commie-types that run for office. You would hope that had been beat out of them, hopefully only mostly figuratively, down there in a Venezuelan prison. Who ever knows though, as the guy didn't talk like no Solzhenitsyn.

UPDATE 06/05 - Eve:
While looking for photos, I found out that the guy is one Josh Holt, and he was doing missionary work down there - still pretty naïve, but going to these places is part of the point. I imagine he met the lady down there, though I'd assumed otherwise from TV. That's what you get for not watching enough TV ... or too much!

* I only wrote "supposedly" because, how does the guy know, as the lady did not seem to speak or understand English worth a damn? That's what you may get on the internet. You have to be a bit tolerant - as it stands today, these tolerances are something like 5% on height, 10% on age, and as much as 25% on weight. Caveat emptor, dudes!

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OMG! Illegal people in shackles!

Posted On: Monday - June 4th 2018 8:33AM MST
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Off of ZH: "A photo taken from inside a Pecos, Texas immigration court shows dozens of illegal immigrants in orange jumpsuits, standing as they await their fate in a "mass trial" designed to expedite their deportation."

Dozens?! That's a drop in the bucket. We need to up this by about 2 orders of magnitude.

Just a quick perusal of ZeroHedge this morning before the browser could get crashed led me to an article entitled Leaked Photo Of Shackled Illegals Shows "Mass Trial" After DOJ Enacts "Zero Tolerance" Policy. Peak Stupidity is not a fan of the "Zero Tolerance" as practiced in the anarcho-tyranny of police-state America, but having a border around your country is, like, just the law and all. Anything besides 0 tolerance in this actually-constitutional realm of the US Feral Gov't would give what we have now, an invasion. What kind of system HAVE we been working under until this article, 50% tolerance? Should we go to geometric tolerancing, say using a 10 mile radius tolerance around border-crossing spots?

This particular article was posted, I'm guessing, for clicks to read or make comments, I suppose, and I just now saw about 290 comments. They will be enjoyable as usual until the browser gets crashed (and this is an office fairly-new software set-up). Usually, even though full-of-it quite often on the political articles, the "Tyler Durdens" who write are pretty in-line with the Peak Stupidity blog. This was sure isn't, yet it is not cross-posted from another writer, it seems. Yeah, OK, so we'll click away - enjoy your income from whatever pernicious ads and scripts, ZH moneygrubbers. (The main ZH page seems to be OK - lately, once I click on an article, I just get away from the computer, take a dump or something worthwhile, and come back in 5 minutes to see if the screen is NEITHER GRAYED OUT BY AN AD NOR VIBRATING, AND JUST STAYING IN ONE FREAKIN' PLACE SO'S I CAN READ!)

I'll just quote one sentence of the article to mak my point:
In short, prospective migrants who choose to circumvent America's immigration laws have to weigh the risk of losing their children against the dangers of remaining in their country of origin.
Mmmkaaay, yeah, that's not much different than "Prospective burglars in gun-free zones have to weigh the risk of losing their children during time in prison against the risk of remaining without that extra cash, jewelry and large-screen TVs."

Along with the usual great snarky, pissed-off, but still worldly-wise comments that one will always see, on Zerohedge articles like these, lots give some additional information you won't find in the Lyin' Press.

A new-to-me commenter with the handle Pernicious-Gold-Phallusy, wrote this excellent comment about the odious business of people-smuggling:
The corrupt Mexican government parasitizes the economy so unemployment is staggeringly high.

What used to happen:

Unemployed men would sneak into the US, work, and send money home to the family. Narcos would extort money from the family. Often the man in the US would find a girlfriend, and stop sending money, leaving his family back home even more destitute. The poor children turned to narco gangs for protection, and a living. The Mexican family is being destroyed. As we know from the earlier experiment in the USA this leads to extreme levels of crime and violence.

Then what happened:

Coyotes inserted themselves into illegal border crossings. Recently the going rate for being guided into the US was over $7,000.00. Coyotes killed unguided immigrants, and killed rival coyotes and their charges. There have been rolling gun battles, between rival coyotes, driving vans containing illegal immigrants, on US Interstate highways in Arizona. After entering the US, coyotes held their charges hostage in houses in the southwestern US to extort more money from the family. Those whose families didn't cough up the cash were murdered.

Coyotes realized smuggled illegal immigrants could carry backpacks full of drugs. Soon every illegal immigrant was forced to carry drugs into the US; hence the term "mule." Coyotes initially made deals with narcos for drug carriage, but the narcos killed all the coyotes and took over the trade.

What's going on now:

The children who enter illegally are protected by DACA. US illegal immigrant NGOs encourage children and their mothers to enter the US illegally, leaving the father back home. The child gets DACA status. The mom gets welfare, which she is forced to send back to Mexico to the narcos. If she doesn't, they kill her husband.

Narcos realized non-Mexicans want to enter the US illegally, too. People from various Middle Eastern countries have been caught entering the US via the southern border. The destruction of the Mexican family, and moral damage to society, worsens.
You can learn lots more from these guys than the writers of articles even on Zerohedge, much less, from the Lyin' Press.

We've given President Trump lots of grief for not following through with most campaign promises regarding this existential issue. However, knowing that some things like this are being done behind the scenes, or under the radar, Peak Stupidity at least has had its spirits buoyed this morning.

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A bit of Peak Stupidity espionage

Posted On: Friday - June 1st 2018 9:05PM MST
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It's not often that Peak Stupidity gets a piece of the enemy's playbook placed right into our hands! It's not like we're gonna subscribe to the NY Times or anything, so this blog must usually rely on 2nd sources, who DO read the NY Times, oftentimes.

Recently, the Peak Stupidity blog mailroom received a copy of a quarterly journal for journalists, due to an error by the mailman (he usually does a great job, so it was probably a sub.)

Exhibit A: One lefty Lyin' Press playbook:

I did not know why I had received this magazine, thinking it was some advertising of some sort, for quite a while, otherwise it'd have been returned to the correct address with no perusal. However, after opening it up to just the 1st page inside the cover, I came upon this nice tidbit:

Well, that was easy. I see what you're selling, and I don't freakin' want any of it! That was my first thought, and the journal was headed for the trash can, until then I realized that maybe this was not for me. Even more curious now, on who would want this crap, I started skimming the articles. I would expect lefty material right off the bat, and I was not disappointed.

The magazine has articles written to teach journalists how to investigate certain topics. Each one is sort of a play-by-play description of how to do this muckraking, all under the guise of "doing good". The Global Climate DisruptionTM topic came up (but of course!) sure enough - lookee here:

All 50 states, eh? I didn't know the mathematical models were THAT accurate*! Wow. The arrogance of the writing was amazing. As the writer of this one zeroed in on a few states as examples, for Montana, he advised writers to mention that barley doesn't grow as well in warm climates, and to mention this is what beer's made of. Yes, investigative journalists, Montanans will get behind the Global Climate Disruption crusade if you get them worried about the beer. That's the attitude here in this handbook of enemy strategery.

Now for Maine, he advises aspiring climate alarmists to bring up the lobster industry and how these creatures will move up north for the Canadians to trap. Hey, what happened to "one world" and all that? This is good for the Canadians. Maybe Mainers will be able to fish for species that didn't used to come up that far north. Let's not mention crops that might do better around the globe. Please keep in mind that I don't think anyone knows what the climate will do more than a year or two ahead, but, as Peak Stupidity discussed, even if all the "IF's" of the problems with half-assed models of the Earth's climate were "Yes's", why do we assume all effects of a 1 or 2 degree rise in temperatures are bad things, necessarily?

Oh, that's right, I almost forgot, the term "climate deniers" is used in the article, as the writer tells other journalists to try to understand, and that these deniers aren't bad people, just .. stupid or something. Ha, like journalists haven't almost cornered the market in stupidity, like the Hunt Brothers did in Silver in 1979!

It was great to be able to look into the sick minds of the Lyin' Press enemy. Peak Stupidity will report on any more successful espionage right here in these, uhh, pages. It's not easy, when even an Enigma Machine could not break the veil of stupidity of the Lyin' Press.

* Read the rest in this series to really understand my point about the math models: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5, with summaries of the Climate Math Modeling - Part 1 and Part 2.

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Free Tommy! (continued)

Posted On: Thursday - May 31st 2018 10:52PM MST
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(continued directly from previous post.)

Some loud rock-and-roll to go with whatever is said at any rally is always a good thing to get the crowd's energy level up. You're gonna need that. Oh, but I forgot, it may not be legal anyway to make a speech against putting people who make speeches in jail. That can only go on for so long though, so that's why the power of numbers is just one of the things the right must learn from 1960's America.

To get back to very serious, this is just some bizarro Peak Stupidity stuff here. Even Orwell's future-fiction fact, even the Commies did not treat the population this bad in some ways. Let me explain that, as Peak Stupidity is as anti-Commie as the best of them. Indeed, under either the Soviet or Red China Communist regimes, whole lives could be easily ruined just due to rigid control of wealth and occupations by the system. You could not speak out against this system. However, if you spoke out for the people of the country, no matter how horrible the government, you'd not get in trouble. Who in Soviet or Red Chinese government would jail someone for speaking out for the "greatness" of the Russians and the Chinese, respectively?! In Orwell's 1984, no one would not get in trouble for speaking out FOR the Oceanians.

Well, now in "Oceania" (meant to be England in 1984), a man is in jail for standing up FOR the British people and against invited invaders who are NOT British people. That's worse than Orwellian, it's Bizarro-Orwellian, or Bizarro-Communist. To see the white British "Bobbies" (cops) against a crowd of their own people reminds me of another bizarro or Peak of Stupidity effect now, the calling of those on the right "Nazis". Have people forgotten the famous meme from the Nuremburg trials of Nazis involved in killling masses of Jews? It was "we don't care that it was 'just your job' - It's still wrong!". How Nazi-like or Commie-like is it to help your country turn into a 3rd world Moslem shithole, because "I'm just doing my job!" Now, THERE are some Nazi bastards - pushing their fellow Englishmen away who want to free a man who stands up for their own people. Sick, sick stuff over there.

One last thing in the post that has gotten longer than planned, as usual. You'll read how Mr. Robinson is a hothead, a grandstander, and even an infiltrator of the other side. On the first two, I don't know what difference it makes whether he's really a man of priniciple. We've got to realize that being civil and nice is not working - this is not the US Congress in 1950. We need loads of more hotheads! If the guy were an infiltrator, I don't see how this is working well for the ones who sent him. Would you put your infiltrator in jail to cause big crowds to gather outside?

Peak Stupidity supports Tommy Robinson and many more like him to come. These Orwellian Police State happenings across the pond are a harbinger of the way things may get in American too. You can talk all you want about the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights, AND WE DO, but people must defend the document for it to mean anything. I still believe the implementation of the Orwellian tactics that we see happening in England, right there, right now, will only go so far over here before they bounce off a large stone wall. It's called the 2nd Amendment.

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Free Tommy!

Posted On: Thursday - May 31st 2018 9:39AM MST
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The Orwellian plans of the Globalist elites are really coming to fruition across the pond there. The Peak Stupidity blog has mentioned Tommy Robertson a few months back in a post about another rebel against the Orwellian establishment, one Martin Sellner. Mr. Sellner, an Austrian, was detained and refused entry to England for being a troublemaker due to his wish to give a speech at the well known Speaker's Corner in London. Tommy Robertson has spoken out publicly about Globalist's continued push to replace the British people with others from all over the world, with extra emphasis on the Moslem peoples.

The latest is that Mr. Robertson has been rightly and courageously speaking out about the Pakistani mass rapes of young British women. You can call it "grooming" or whatever the hell, but that society should NOT EVEN EXIST in the formerly-Great, formerly-Britain, hence my terminology just now.. Yeah, a few 1000's per year of decent Pakistani people, some Sikhs, some dot-Indians, etc. that can assimilate in socieity are not necessarily a bad thing. Importing an amount already equal to 10% of the country with a bullet? NO, this is a replacement of the people and British society with the others and a whole nother society.

Mr. Robertson has been jailed by the nice English policemen and women for ostensibly breaking some kind of statute, but I'm not even sure what law it may be. He had the gall to speak out against the establisment. What I can say without being a lawyer, is that this goes against all of the British history of rule-of-law, not rule-by-men, due process, and rights of the Englishmen since the Magna freaking Carta! I can also say that the more the population is changed the less people will even KNOW about this history and these rights, as if the stupidity is not high enough now!

About 25 years late, in my opinion, there are some Englishmen finally starting to get bloody pissed (as they might put it). There are videos all around the web showing fairly decent-sized protest being held outside the location where Tommy Robinson is being held. It's not worth my putting anything up here, as the reader can pick through them on youtube. Yeah, as usual Peak Stupidity is just a tad behind here, as Drudge had big headline/links about Mr. Robinson's imprisonment yesterday or Tuesday.

Seeing these videos give me a little bit of hope. There are comparisons to the 1960's to be made, and as now I've written a number of times, especially in this long series - "There's Battle Lines Being Drawn" - - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6, the right (real conservatives and libertarians/constitutionalists) could learn a lot from the 1960's.

On the lighter side, if there is one, I did notice that the protest chants in these videos beat all hell of the 50-year old tired crap that the cntrl-left still spouts at any kind of stupid protest they have. "Hey, ho, hey, ho... somethin' somethin has somethin somethin." That was semi-clever in 1967, OK, but this is the current year. These yobs (I mean that in a good way, whatever "yobs" does mean) in the videos have some good catchy chants. I hear-tell read-tell that this stuff is from the soccer, I mean futeball, games. Remind me to finally put out my post on why soccer is stupid game to begin with - [Yes, by all means - we have a few readers left who have not been offended yet! - Ed]. However, these chants are a refreshing change.

(Wheww, I got really hot writing this one, and it got long... so an already-written continuation post will appear later on.)

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Nationwide 10,000-Store Barista-Based Synchronized Struggle Session a Success!

Posted On: Wednesday - May 30th 2018 5:19PM MST
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For our non-Chinese-readers: sign says: "Capitalist Roader" in big characters.
Small fonts say "You shouldn't have to buy nuthin!"*

The struggle sessions, now called "diversity training", took up all afternoon at these 10's of thousands of Starbucks stores...

... and it didn't cost us taxpayers a penny! Oh, you coffee drinkers, at least Starbucks customers, yeah, you pay indirectly. I hope the Starbucks corporation ends up losing some customers, just a few of which may have gotten upset about not having the place open yesterday afternoon and gone elsewhere and gotten hooked. Much better, however, and probably more in numbers, would be those who know what this struggle-session racist BS is about and decide to boycott the place. You can get fancy cups of coffee with all kinds of sugary stuff in it, in sizes teenissimo to GRANDE and with all kinds of fancy Italian names, plenty of other places nowadays. This is not the day of your Granddaddy's Viennese KaffeeHaus. (Although, with all the fist-pounding about "the masses" and "there needs to be a LAW" stuff going on, the scene hasn't changed completely, and Peak Stupidity recommends the name "The Breeding Grounds" for the next big chain of coffee shops. Hey, no charge, this time.)

In case you haven't kept up any better than the Peak Stupidity blog, yesterday was the day that Starbucks closed the stores to indoctrinate educate their employees on the way to better treat customers of different races, temperaments, and states of bathroom ownership. We did post about this at the beginning of the month, upon reading about it, with constructive suggestions, mostly to the effect of "young people need to raise more hell, in a proper manner." Sending out tweets is NOT raising hell, young people! I hope that was constructive... see constructive criticism is the way to go.

I hope to just have a chance to chat about what was said for 4 hours, with one of the guys working there when I meet a few friends next time at a Starbucks. It's not so easy now for people to talk freely. Even where one can sit outside, a bit away from others, how will the guy know I'm not some other SJW freak recording him? The lack of privacy is such a problem these days due to the electronics on us. The way it goes now, some of the young people, especially those aware of how often one is being photographed, videoed, and audio-recorded, may believe that the thoughts in their heads must always stay in their heads and never get out. So far, the big corporate-big-gov establishment can only try to put their thoughts in - they can't take other ones out ... YET.

PS: BTW, the term "struggle-session" comes from the Chinese Cultural Revolution (that probably should be called Cult-Rev 1.0 at this point). It was one real shit-show of human degradation and stupidity on a massive scale that only China could do, so far. Can we show them up, stupidity-wise? America is trying our best - 'Mericka , fuck yeah!

PPS: People see that period in China as only a couple of years, maybe 1967-1968 or so. That may have been China's local Peak Stupidity, but the whole thing went on for most of a decade. The funny thing is, America was having our own cultural upheavals, but of a fairly different sort. That'd make a good post to come.

PPPS (added 05/31 AM): From a commenter who goes by the handle "Inquiring Mind", under this Steve Sailer post, comes a neat way to look at the irony of this Starbucks Stupidity:
Back then, civil rights protestors were arrested for wanting to buy something at a lunch counter, but today, they wanted to see if they could be arrested for not wanting to buy something at a lunch counter.
Heh! It's funny cause it's true! [/Homer]

* The reader should keep in mind that this writer has not taken any formal courses in Mandarin, but has spent many hours watching a Chinese cutie on youtube.

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911 - The Phone Number

Posted On: Wednesday - May 30th 2018 5:05PM MST
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911 Spy, I mean, Call Center. Don't Panic!

It's mid-week already, and I'm just getting around to this last post in this series about "First Responders!". There are posts on the specific types, the Firemen, the Emergency Medical "Technicians", the Cops, and the internal corporate ones. This post title was written just to distinguish "nine-one-one" the phone number from the all pervasive "nine-eleven" the date. (Was it a coincidence, as the emergency code number was already ubiquitous then, or did people responsible plan that for ease of remembrance?)

The "curmudgeonry" tag is attached, because, yeah, I know, 3 easy digits is much more rememberable than 3 or 4 five to seven digit phone numbers written on the wall in the hall. "Why the wall in the hall?" "Cause that's where the phone was, ya' big dummy!" However, it's not so much the single code that's the problem. It's a bit too modern and bureaucratic, but the main problem beyond the bureaucracy of it is the Deep-State spying and tracking aspect of the whole 9-1-1 setup. As I've mentioned once, it's time for the Peak Stupidity blog to put out some posts on the whole 1984 Stasi-wet-dream-like spy network that is set up in the country (and lots of the world) today. That'll have to come sooner or later, but back to the subject.

There have been less than a full handful of times I've called 911 or another old-fashioned, what we called emergency phone number. Two involved people that were hurt fairly badly. In the first of these, this was a few years before the time that GPS units were in ANY ground vehicles and probably not in any airplanes but a few military ones at that time. Keep in mind, even though the satellite system had been up for a few years, there was a long period in which precision of the information for position calculations was deliberately inhibited to enable only the US military to use it (when the time came I guess). I cannot remember the term, but this was curtailed at least 15 years back, enabling the devices in ground vehicles to have all kinds of features ("Wait, do a u-turn here, you passed Chick-Fil-A! You like Chick-Fil-A, as you've been there 2 times already this week at about this same time. Yes, WE KNOW, and we're telling other people too, cause they pay us to.")

I am sure that the drivers of the "First Response" (term not in use then, thankfully) vehicles did have great knowledge of their areas of operation, but in this case the location where this lady was hurt was in a short section of a road, just 100 yards or so from a main road across which the same road winded around a couple of miles. I'd given the dispatch lady the address first. "Which way are you coming from? Don't go the wrong way on XXXX street. Go on the short dead-end side. It's a left if you're coming from ... " "Sir! Don't panic. We have all the information. Stay calm." "Hey, I'm just saying, it's hard to see this short part of the road ..." "Sir! We have this under control. Calm down." I had been calm, but I was not getting any damn calmer.

6-8 minutes later (not too bad) there comes the ambulance, and I went outside to see it take a turn up the long end of that road. It got quieter then louder again, after it's probably-illegal u-turn, and got to me standing outside at the driveway about 3 minutes later. "Where is she?" "What the fuck is wrong with you people? I told your lady you needed to go on the dead-end part of this road! Why can't she learn to listen?" "Ummm... don't panic, where the lady?" She was OK the next day at the hospital, but I was kind of sour on these "First Responders" at a young age. (And you wonder why I've written 6 posts!)

A few years later, when there was GPS around - not really sure if the ambulances were using it yet), a guy got hurt pretty bad at a work site. It was an impact thing, and I was heading to the phone (yes, on some wall or pole!) almost before it happened. This place was out in the country a ways, close to a highway but off of a dirt road with no sign - keep that in mind for this next engaging conversation: "What is the address? That's all we need." I had to ask, because out in the country, it ain't all about addresses, but even if they had a GPS, that address would not get them there in those days. "YY,YYY XXXXXXX highway, you know highway # ZZ" "OK, they'll be there soon. Don't Panic!" "No, make sure they go past the AAAAA plant and take a left on the next dirt ..." "We have the address, sir." "This is out in the country, asshole, just let me give you directions. It's a dirt road and there's no mailbox." "Sir, we've got it." "Hey, look for 4 guys by the road - one has bright yellow hair." I hung up on the guy. We sent 4 guys 1/4 mile away to the big road.

Yes, they saw the guy with the bright yellow hair and made the turn. In case the reader is wondering, it was kind of a phase I guess, the brightly-died hair, I mean ... either a phase in the late 1990's or a phase for that one guy, I dunno... very helpful in this instance. Oh, the guy who got hurt was young and otherwise healthy, so after a month in the hospital, no problemo.

I just resent the arrogance and the assumption by some of the stupid bastards/bitches (in places such as the pic above) that everyone in some panicky dumb-ass who is not trying to help. They should put these people through a year at call centers, cold-calling Eskimos to sell refrigerators, or anything to me, in order to beat in some listening skills, before letting them get on the phone like this.

Lots of thing WERE better back in the day, so it's not just a disdain for change I've got. Back before the incidents described above, I called the fire department about the weeds/trees on fire pretty close to our house. You just dialed the number, is what you did, and I got a perfectly reasonable guy on the line. "Yeah, it's pretty close to the house now.". We'd been spraying water from the hose all over near the edge of the lawn. "OK, we'll send a couple of trucks out." "OK straight up # ZZ highway until ..." "Got it." They brought 4 trucks and seemed to having a blast using them too. They seemed almost too calm, in fact, as we joked about later. We were not quite that calm, mainly because we were the ones that had accidentally started the fire, and our parents were going to get home fairly soon.

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2nd post from Mr. Mark Green

Posted On: Tuesday - May 29th 2018 9:13PM MST
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This is the 2nd post to be taken verbatim by a commenter who goes by the handle Mark Green (well, he may very well be Mark Green - we neither know nor ask), who writes some great essay comments on The previous one was about the Neocons, as is the one, written under the latest Pat Buchanan column, What Is America's Cause in the World Today? a discussion of America' foreign policy the Memorial Day.

I agree with the following about 90 - 95%:
This is a wobbly, unfocused article by Pat.

America’s (foreign) missions have been shadowy, ad hoc and willy-nilly for generations. And Pat know this. He said as much in his monumental book, ‘The Unnecessary War’. As for America’s national ’cause’, it should be the freedom, continuity and prosperity of the American people. Far-flung, trillion-dollar military interventions will be our undoing.

Indeed, the mighty and far-removed US did not have to fight Germany in either World War. Until Pearl Harbor, millions of Americans defiantly sought neutrality and non-intervention. But agents of influence had other plans..

Had the US stayed neutral and not intervened, diplomatic opportunities could have been seized. Contrary to popular belief, neither Japan nor Germany nor Italy wanted war with America. WWII was a colossal calamity of missed opportunities and world class manipulation.

In a similar vein, the US did not have to ‘liberate’ Kuwait, depose Khadaffy, bomb Syria, or topple Saddam Hussein. These were lethal missions of choice. And their sad legacies have not improved over time.

Why aren’t the architects of these mass slaughters in prison?

Ironically, the same pro-war influence-peddles are still lobbying Congress, appearing on TV, and steering US policies in the direction of more conflict!

This recurring phenomena is symptomatic of entrenched political corruption. Even our news institutions have been subverted. ‘Surveillance is safety’. ‘War is peace’.

So why is Pat waxing nostalgic for WWII? Washington’s sacred mission to annihilate Fascism and National Socialism helped give rise to Soviet totalitarianism and global Zionism.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

Today, there’s precious little common sense connected to America’s erratic and aggressive warmaking. US policies certainly do not revolve around the value of ‘peaceful coexistence’ or self-defense. In fact, the US routinely attacks first, and often without a Congressional declaration of war. Zio-Washington has become not only the world’s policeman, but its judge, jury and executioner. And the rules we impose are not steadfast or consistent.

Thus Washington uses the UN when it suits its agenda, and ignores it when it doesn’t. We decide.
Even multi-lateral US treaty agreements are tossed aside. The scuttled Iran deal is a prime example. But diplomacy of this kind resembles the mafia: “Do as we say. Or else”.

In a similar vein, some US allies get special consideration (‘special relationship’ ring a bell?) while others, not. It depends. Rules are subject to change. Money and ‘relationships’ are key, especially money. Ironclad laws or principles must wait. This is organized crime all over again.

Bear in mind that America’s ‘exceptional’ posture has given us more foreign wars over the past century than any nation in history. That’s quite a record.

Does ‘rogue state’ ring a bell?

Today, America’s central ’cause’ abroad revolves around the safety and ‘security’ of Israel. This shoe does fit.

And it is pro-Israel partisans who are calling the shots in Washington (as Pat surely knows) just as they continue to script the moral/historic/political narrative that appears on our televisions. This is power. Unrivaled power.

Has the golden age of Yiddish theater returned?

If polls mattered, America’s actual mission in the world would be to protect US borders, and increase prosperity at home (as well as preserve our existing cultural institutions). US resources would be used primarily for the benefit of the American people.

Ron Paul and others have been sounding the ‘peace and prosperity’ bell for decades.

But what typical Americans get instead are distant ‘preemptive’ wars, open borders, and economic globalism.

Zio-America has become a corrupt empire, unmoored to international law or even national interests (as measured by public sentiment.)

Today’s America is fighting to ”Make Israel Great Again’. This is the road to ruin.

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Post Memorial Day post

Posted On: Tuesday - May 29th 2018 8:58PM MST
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It's not that Peak Stupidity doesn't care a whit about fallen soldiers, but I didn't want to make any derogatory comments about the current US military yesterday, so I let it be.

The original Decoration Day was brought about in 1868 by a US Army commander, one, General John Logan, as described herein. The date was chosen simply because there had been no significant battles fought in the War of Northern Aggression on that date. That should tell you that there WERE a whole lot of battles, and more Americans were killed in that war than in all others combined. There were ~ 650,000 men killed and over 400,000 wounded. On a per capita basis, with the States in 1860 having right about 10% of the current population, that'd be the equivalent of 6-7 million American men being killed in a war... almost unthinkable compared to today's conflicts with overwhelming manpower and firepower.

It is this war that should have the most thought given to it on Memorial Days. Of course, Vietnam is the most recent with many Americans killed and others here to remember. Vietnam was the last war that had soldiers, sailors, and airmen who were not in the military on a voluntary basis involved. With exceptions, to me, the deaths in those wars that involved the drafting of men who mostly want no part in it, are the most tragic. Drafting these men to fight their fellow Americans by the invasion of States that wanted to quit the Union was NOT and easy matter either - one can look up the draft riots in the North during that war.

Of course, there are heroes in the volunteer military we have today, and people who did sign up to kill the people who attacked NY City in 2001, for example. OK, after a year of fighting in Afghanistan, who were we really after anymore, however? Now after 16 years (> 1/2 of the length of the Thirty Years War in Europe, for crying out loud), whoever is really responsible is too old or dead now to matter. In general, the US military since the mid 1970's is made up of people who joined to get out of poverty, learn some skills on the taxpayer's dime, get free college, or see the world. Good on 'em, but it's not the same as the milliions of Rebels who fought for their homes, the GI's in WWII who fought the Nazis, or the draftees who fought against Communism (or so it seemed) in Korea and Vietnam through no idea of their own.

No Americans who've died in the last two or three decades in the various non-declared wars all over the globe died defending America, no matter how much they tragically believed it. That's the shame of it this Memorial Day. The Neocon's wars around the globe need to end - that'd be the best way to honor this holiday.

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Un-PC Dr. Suess video - it rocks!

Posted On: Saturday - May 26th 2018 7:47PM MST
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Stars, L - R: Sally, "The Boy", Thing 1, Thing 2, and The Cat

Back last fall, Peak Stupidity commented in Every day, from here to there, crazy broads are Everywhere. about a small brew-haha involving a certain librarian (not trying to harass her but I think I saw her living on Mulberry Street) who took out her political beliefs on the wonderful Doctor Suess. This follow-up post discussed the PC race-influenced modern videos of "Cat in the Hat" stories that I had seen. It was kind of distressing to know that even the good Dr. Suess' material could not be left alone by the PC crowd. I guess I should be well used to it.

Well,I am happy to say there is some bright news in a video we saw today (This one may be it, but ours has 3 stories in one, so I'm not sure.) This video did NOT have the corrected-colored characters, with the boy and girl who would not have been brother and sister, that made the other video's whole story no longer realistic (as it if ever was, haha!) Just knowing it had not been politically-corrected from the get-go made me really, really enjoy this one with my son. The first part is basically a Cat-in-the-Hat musical. Yeah, I'm not a fan of musicals, which seem to have gone away in the movies (they've just gotten worse in every other way), but it was very well done. The international hat number is very un-PC, what with the sombrero song for Spain (OK, a little off), and the nonsensical names for the hats of the Eskimos (gasp!) in their igloos (gasp, this is the big one, Elizabeth!) You just can't sing these numbers today, even if you are just a fictional cat in a red and white striped top-hat.

BTW, did you ever want to know the name of that worrywart goldfish? (Actually, he has damn good reasons to be worried!) It turns out his name is Karlos K Krinklebine. That's Karlos K Krinklebine, with initials KKK. I can see the SJWs and PC police going into DEFCON 5 for that one. It's lucky they don't read this here blog - the videos may be recalled.

It seems like we un-PC holdouts are the boy and Sally now in our current-era establishment house, and we are very glad our cntrl-left Big Muthers are away for the day. During their absence, we have Donald Trump coming in like the Cat-in-the-Hat, a big wrecking ball in VDare parlance. Thing's 1 and 2 would be Pepe the Frog, I suppose, and Karlos K. Krinklebine would be the writers at the National Review and the WS Journal. Well, Mom's not home yet. In the meantime, enjoy this old-fashioned fun, and the long weekend! Peak Stupidity out.

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"First Responders!" at "The Office"

Posted On: Friday - May 25th 2018 7:59PM MST
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(This is the 5th part in a series starting with this First Responders post, but more like an interlude for some humor.)

After reading the 1st of this series of posts, a reader remarked to me that his workplace uses the term "First Responders" for their employees who have some special training in first aid or the like. CPR would be a good example. Though still sounding make-up and stupid, at least this term has more of a good use here, as what did we call these people before?

Of course it's a good deal to have some employees who can give first-aid, or at least are really up on where the fire extinguishers are. Life in the cube during those forced 9 hours per day can get to where I could see one hoping to get a break and really be the 1st to respond to something ... anything... get me outta this cube.

The clip below from The Office is from one of the funniest ever episodes of that brilliant show, and I don't write "brilliant" in the way of Englishmen to mean just "OK". The show was downright hilarious until near the end of it. Best of all, or probably this is the cause, but it is the most Politically Incorrect TV show from the era in which PC was already the BIG THING. The show ran about a decade after Seinfeld which was made before TV was quite as infested. (Oh, you've got to see this one too!)

This 4:38 part is the best, but to give some background, this fits in great with this "First Responders!" series, as Dwight Schrute, as The Office First Responder had previously conducted a very realistic fire drill. It was realistic enough to give Stanley (the black guy) a heart attack, prompting the boss Michael Scott to arrange for the CPR class shown below:

First Responders in Training:

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"First Responders!" - The Cops

Posted On: Friday - May 25th 2018 7:32AM MST
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(This is the 4th part in a series starting with this First Responders post.)

Modern cop get-up. Not your Daddies (hopefully):

These are soldiers of an internal standing army, not cops, no matter what their badges might say. Peak Stupidity's US Police State topic key will lead the reader to > 32 posts about this slide into police state stupidity. (Yeah, it's stupidity, because 240-odd years back even, our founders understood that this is a bad thing and started a war about it - apparently, people collectively don't learn squat!)

The word "cops" for police officers is just slang and not any kind of slur at all. There are plenty of slurs if you need them. However, they are part of the main "First Responders" triad, though a reader has clued me in on another use of the term (yep, post to come). As a matter of fact, the cops ARE usually the FIRST to respond, no matter what the problem is, as there are more cops, and more cop cars, than all the rest of the 2nd or last responders. It can be a guy who fainted on the sidewalk, or a car on fire, yet the cop will come first to write up whatever kind of ticket comes closest to what the hell is happening (OK, that's a bit unfair - there are plenty of decent ones ... read on...)

Besides on the road, during which I have had too many to recollect, this writer has not had too many bad incidents with the cops. As for the big picture, there's not enough room in this post to summarize the change in American law enforcement people into an arm of the Feral Police State anyway (again, click on US Police State) The causes, however, can be summarized as big Feral Gov't involvement and enticements with free SWAT equipment and the like, the War on Ingestible Substances, and the public's laziness and stupidity in not standing up for their rights over the years.

More than 25 years back, in the big city, I got "pulled over" in current parlance, while walking to the mailbox (one of the rapidly disappearing big blue boxes on street corners) late at night. Keep in mind, though in the city, this was a neighborhood with houses and max. two-story apartments, so there wasn't anybody much around. This cop was walking, at least for a stretch, as he didn't pull up in the car. Already, that was a more decent situation than having the bright lights flashing in my eyes. When the guy asked, I told him, "No, I don't have an ID", as I tried to stand up for liberty even in my younger days. Actually, I didn't used to carry anything but my keys and some cash back then, so very likely I didn't have a driver's license on "my person".

I talked in a friendly manner to the guy because he did not come off like the guys in the pic above, as a threat to me, that is. I had been causing no trouble to anybody, but the guy just told me he thought I might be up no good, in particular burglary. Why? Because I was grimy with dirty, greasy clothes and dirty hands from working on the car.* "Where are you going?" "To mail this letter." I had it in my hands, as the letter would get even greasier if I tried to stuff it in a pocket. "Oh, OK, so you live around here?" "Yeah", and I showed him the return address. It made sense, so "Sorry, see you later." "Yeah, no problem." The guy was doing his job, but what made this a decent encounter with a cop was that he started off treating me like a human being, not a "PERP!", and I treated him like a human being.

The second story is from the same city, and did involve vehicles. (For a number of years, I couldn't go a year without one or two warnings, tickets and appearances in traffic court or school, one or the other!) My refusal to get my new state's license plate was due to the advantage I had in the realm of parking tickets. I ripped them up, left the pieces on the street, and never paid them. I had been warned a time or two already that I really needed to get the car registered there, so by this time did have the new state plate ... it just wasn't on the car yet .. it was on the floorboards ... been a month or two.

When this cop stopped me, he asked me about the old plate. "Oh, I GOT the new one. I just haven't put it on yet. Here." "OK, let's put it now, then." "Yeah, well I don't have a screwdriver." I did show him the trunk and that I didn't have tools (I can't believe I operated like that - tools should be there.) That was no lie, at least. "You got a screwdriver?" "Nah, well, there's a hardware store, right there. Let's get one." Haha, I liked this guy already. The store was only 100-200 yards from we he'd pulled me over. We walked over there and I had to break it to him: "They're closed." "You change the plate out when you get home, OK?" "OK" I did, because I wouldn't feel right having lied to a decent guy like that!

Alright, the Peak Stupidity blog has written about the old days, decent regular-guy cops and Andy Taylor (also here) before. Yeah, I know, that was Hollywood, not Mt. Airy or Mayberry, North Carolina. Still, I've been around to see this branch of the "First Responders!" morph from mostly regular guys you could talk to (this guy was in the big city even) to the "Sir, can I help you!!" "Put down the (whatever's in your hand) Sir!!" police state goons of today's standing army.

The way things are in America today, for most cases of trouble, you'd better think a lot before calling these guys. Make them your LAST Responders.

Old-time American cop in uniform - Opie Cunningham's Daddy:

* Just friendly advice, but you've gotta do it this way. DO NOT do a dirty job in clean clothes while trying to keep clean! It just makes the job slower, and more worrisome, as you can't touch anything the wrong way, and you end up messing up your clothes for good anyway. It's worth the 5 minutes you're trying to save on each end.

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"First Responders!" - Ambulance drivers, excuse me, EMTs

Posted On: Thursday - May 24th 2018 2:37PM MST
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(This is the 3rd part in a series starting with this First Responders post.)

Modern ambulance interior - not your Daddy's model:

Just look at the space inside that thing. It's bigger than a New Yorker's living room. You could have high tea in there in the afternoon with your associates, or some kind of house party later on in the evening, when no one gets sick anyway. It looks like one expensive ride and it is! Still, even though it's very nice in there, can you guys speed up a bit, secure your tea and crumpets, and not drive like a bunch of sissies?

Everyone's a technician these days, I guess, but really, the term Emergency Medical Technician is not a bad one, if nobody could come up with anything else. No, I guess "ambulance driver" is not just outdated (nothing really wrong with that) but kind of a misnomer as these guys and gal do have a decent amount of medical/first-aid knowledge. The truth of it is, nowadays, that the job takes a lot of strength too, and possibly even on just as much of an everyday basis as firefighting does. This is due to the number of obese people that EMTs have to deal with on their calls. I know this from someone who has done this job part time. It is known to be hard on the back in the long-term, in fact. There are indeed plenty of women in this field, and I just hope they can hold up their end of the bargain patient. Since EMT is not a real word anyway, but an acronym, I guess there won't be complaints to change it to what? EMTess? (sounds kind of old-fashioned.)

Along with the firemen, EMTs also go out on a lot of false alarms. I doubt there are as many true false alarms, as in "never mind, go on back", but more just ridiculous calls for unnecessary rides to the hospital or symptoms of things that should just require an aspirin. The root cause of this problem of wasted expenditures is pretty much the cause of most societal problems, Socialism. If people who call up 911 on a whim every other month were to get a bill that truly covered it, they'd get well real quick-like, and you EMTees and EMTesses wouldn't be bothered with them anymore.

This brings up a second-hand-personal anecdote from a doctor friend. One guy had the ambulance bring him into the hospital for internal pains that could have been serious. They might HAVE been serious, but when my friend recommended the normal diagnostic procedure, the only way to find out, the man refused. OK, they sent him home. Oh, did I mention this was on the taxpayer's dime stacks of Benjamins, cause he was indigent? Yeah, well, the same thing happened about a week later. The guy had every right to refuse the procedure, but then he wasn't gonna get well, if he was sick to begin with, that is. On the 3rd time in, the guy arrived via medivac helicopter! (More on this, hold on...) After my friend again requested the "gentleman" to undergo this "FREE" procedure, the man refused and my doctor friend verbally tore him a new one in front of all the patients and staff: "Do you know how much money you just wasted?! Get out of this hospital! I don't want to see you here again - we'll call the First Responders cops!"

Oh, yeah, my doctor friend got subsequently chewed out by the hospital administrator for "treating a PATIENT like that". OK, that was ignored like the BS it was. It's good to be King Doctor!

Back to the medivac Jet Rangers or whatever they've flying, for a moment, that is expensive as hell. I don't mean just expensive cost-wise, as helicopters require lots and lots of maintenance. I mean that these companies jack up the charges sky-high. A 30 mile, 15 minute ride could cost you, well, "somebody", $20,000. I will describe an incident in a subsequent post (the 911 one) in which the EMTs called out a helicopter for transport. Let me tell, you it is pretty much one ker-ching for each time a rotor blade comes around.

This was your Daddy's ambulance. It's just a station wagon, but it could haul ass.

The Peak Stupidity blog has extolled the virtues of something America had a long, long time ago, free-market healthcare, back in our series on healthcare in China - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. The EMT "First Responder" business would probably be a whole lot different and less expensive for the taxpayer if done as it is in RED China. To emphasize the point, something tells me a limerick is called for:
(Keep in mind limericks are mostly about Nantucket, which is "in" Massachusetts, right? So keep a Mayor Quimby imitation of Ted Kennedy (the "Lyin' of the Seabed" voice in your head for this one - they drop the ending "r"s on words ending in "r' and add "r"s on the end of words that have none.)
Under free-market healthcare in Chiner,
I found that there is nothing fina.
Though the nurse was a RED,
her manners in bed,
make me glad least she had a vaginer.

NOTE: Per Peak Stupidity legal department, the previous China free-market healthcare nurse photo was removed due to "apparently the girl may be a Filipina, working in a different kind of market". Our half-sincerest apologies.

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Educrats - Eliminate the POSITION, not just THE MAN

Posted On: Wednesday - May 23rd 2018 7:11PM MST
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Arne Duncan, current Know-It-All, IN CHARGE OF THE KIDS

Please don't think we at Peak Stupidity LIKE to figuratively beat up on our 2nd favorite (woman) pundit, Mrs. Michelle Malkin, due to these 2 posts - "Big-Gov and the Dental Branch of the American Stasi" and "MIchelle Malkin - in the right / no sense of the big picture". We just want to bring up the same point here, though - she happens to be a willing an example in lots of her columns. This latest latest column, , eviscerates an Educrat (Education Bureaucrat) name of Arne Duncan. This guy, seeing as he's pictured in front of a big painted poster or physical model of the White House logo, thinks he's in charge of EDUCATION IN AMERICA, or something. Fuck that shit. There didn't even used to be a Feral Dept. of Education until 1979 (more on this) and we were all much further down on the left side of the Peak Stupidity graph in those years. (Well, yeah, I mean there were plenty of stupid people, like the ones who supported a Feral department of education for instance, but just not as much aggregate stupidity.) From this article:
As Obama's meddling power-hungry education secretary, Duncan attacked "white suburban moms" and their children who turned to homeschooling in protest of the top-down Common Core "standards"/testing/data-mining program. Duncan sneered that he found it "fascinating" that the grass-roots anti-Common Core revolt came from "white suburban moms who—all of a sudden—their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn't quite as good as they thought they were."

This elitist control freak revealed his fundamental disdain for rabble-rousing parents who've taken educational matters in to their own hands. By characterizing the movement against Common Core as "white" and "suburban," Duncan also exposed his bigotry against countless parents "of color," like myself, who've long opposed Fed Ed's sabotage of academic excellence, local control and student privacy in school districts across the country.

Note that newly minted parents' rights advocate Arne Duncan never once advocated boycotting Chicago public schools, which he ran for eight years, for their abject failure to quell rampant school violence.
There's lots more - go read the entire thing.

Mrs. Malkin is quite right that parents should have complete control of their children's education. The "common core" crap is just another standardization deal to make the schools teach to some tests coming up all the time, and take away the control of curriculum from the parents. I did NOT know until now, about the problems with the spyware involved. From a different article of hers, "The Student Data-Mining Scandal Under Our Noses":
The recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act further enshrined government collection of personally identifiable information--including data collected on attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions--and allows release of the data to third-party contractors thanks to Obama-era loopholes carved into the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

And the so-called school-to-work pipeline creates endless avenues into taxpayer coffers for firms pitching data-gathering initiatives to "align" student learning with "skill sets" and "competencies" desired by corporations.

Facebook, for example, joined with the Department of Education's federally sponsored Digital Promise initiative last fall to develop a system of "micro-credentialing" badges for adult students in digital marketing. You can be sure it's not merely out of benevolence and public interest that Zuckerberg's empire is training thousands of these students to learn "Social Media Marketing Basics," "Marketing with Facebook Pages," "Marketing with Facebook Ads" and "Marketing with Instagram."

Let me tell you, cause I've been wanting to write more about Artificial Stupidity as related to the US Police State, that anything that CAN be done with the software and electronics WILL be done. THEY CANNOT RESIST THE URGE TO CONTROL YOU!

Now today's column is mainly about the total hypocrisy and corruption of the Dept. of Ed. using the school kids as pawns to push their hoplophobic agenda in a school boycott (well, at least we'll get some property tax money refunded, right?). Great points all around by Mrs. Malkin, but...

... let me now get to my usual beef at the bottom with the failure to see the big picture by mostly women, but most of men too - the point. The gist of the post, with it's very good discussion of the evils of what's going on in the realm of indoctrination education, is that Mr. Arne Duncan, the statist asshole in the picture, is very bad and needs to go. Yeah, tell me about it, Sista! (No, I don't talk like that, and I'm not a Filipino.)

That all misses the big picture: There should be no Feral Department of Education! The US Constitution, in Bill of Rights Amendment X, expressly forbids it - ALL OTHER POWERS to the States and People, people, Can you read, SCOTI? (plural of SCOTUS) Yeah, they can read, but they do not WANT to see. This cabinet-level (meaning one out of a dozen or so) departments of the Administrative branch of FedGov. was created through the urging of President Jimmy Carter, with his Democrat-controlled House and Senate in 1979.This was a big payoff to the teacher's unions for their support in Mr. Carter's election in 1976 over Gerald Ford (no, not a real winner either). Why did they want this? They wanted more great-paying educrat jobs all around, to support the lives of Statist asshole Arne Duncan, just as an example.

Yeah, we need a better guy that won't do this stuff. I'm sure that'll work. No, we absolutely do not! Remember the point of the American Revolution? Have people forgotten why allowing people absolute power is bad? They seem to like Kings and Queens again, maybe even Czars. Arnoldska Duncanofski, Czar of Education - well, he might as well be!

We wouldn't have the asshole above, if we didn't have the organization below:

Just look at that huge place, which is only the Washington, F.S. headquarters.
Does THAT look like a kid-friendly place?
Oh, and lookey there, it's even named after another asshole.

You see it's not the man that's the basic problem, it's the whole idea of ANYONE being in that position. NEXT TIME, THINK AHEAD, AMERICANS!

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