Commies crawling out of the wordwork... it's about that time

Posted On: Saturday - November 25th 2017 7:27PM MST
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All it takes for THESE bastards is cats, traps or poison.
Wish we could say the same for the Commies.

Peak Stupidity is on-board with the analogy to cockroaches. Instead of a yearly time scale for the cycle of growing to be a nuisance, be fought back with everything we've got until squashed to a pulpy mess, and coming back in the early summer, the Commies seem to be on some kind of century-long cycle. We posted before, back in the summer, on the goings on in American history right at one century ago, again +/- 5 years.

We'll refer to world history in this post, as the Communist ideas certainly did not arise in America, but were brought over from the Old World. Going back to the middle of the century before, the mid-1800's we come to Karl Marx, the alleged father of Communism. The ideas have probably been around much longer, but Marx, in a pretty boring screed (according to a friend who attempted to get through it - not my idea of a good time either), came up with a motivation for "the people" whoever the hell that really means, to work for this entirely unworkable utopia. It's too much (except for this one) for this blog and been written about all over elsewhere how the Frankfort school and other followers of Marx infested their way into the institutions of America. Here, we maintain that it is not likely some big overriding conspiracy to destroy American, but just people with the same stupid ideas working independently on it.

Why the post now? Well, I've just personally read about 3 downright idiotic articles on (of all places) that promote Communism or glorify it's sordid history. Firstly, I don't link to stupidity, I just describe it. Of the articles, one was an article praising Mao Zedong the Commie butcher tyrant of Red China, like we was the cat's mao, or something. Another was about all the good things the Russians received (in the ass) from the mass murderer Lenin, Bolshevik co-founder of Russian Communism ("co-" initially, till he had his partner murdered with an ice axe - just another statistic there...), and a 3rd one too stupid to even remember. Hey, as I noted to Mr. Unz, I understand that your site purports to provide "A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media", but man, I didn't know that included material only found at the absolute apex of stupidity. I just don't want to have a hyperlink on the Peak Stupidity blogroll to a nest of Commies, that's all. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I guess that my noticing of those articles at the present day may not in and of itself mean the 2nd coming of the Reds, but it's just the extreme ignorance of the present generation of young people, which was bound to happen, that may let history repeat. I say "bound to happen", as there are 30-year-olds who know nothing of the Cold War now, and never really got to even hear from their parents of the brutality and miserly of Communism in the Soviet Union, the East Bloc, Red China, Cuba, Cambodia, and all the rest of places where entire human lifetimes were wasted. They don't read about and won't hear much anymore about all the dear leaders who gave this economically and psychologically unnatural system of living their best shot(s, to the "right" people's heads). They didn't get to hear personally from the apologists in the West, who insisted that Communism is great, but it just hasn't been implemented right this time ... maybe next time, after they spent years denying the atrocities it caused. This is all too far back in history for them.

That's what happens by a century after the last time (dated from the time of the Bolshevik Commie take-over of Russia, almost exactly a century ago this evening). People forget. That's not individuals, but a population as a whole forgets the hard lessons, and we have to hear from these "new" Commies crawling out of the woodwork telling us the same bullshit their century-ago bullshitters told our ancestors. We've got lots of cats... we've tried "commie motels" (we call them "Universities" now) ... they just come back the next century anyway.

Do they make Hot Shot powder in railway hopper car quantities for this type of infestation?

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America - Ventura Highway

Posted On: Wednesday - November 22nd 2017 8:02PM MST
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I imagine the acoustic rock/easy listening group America wrote the title in reference to the Ventura Freeway, back in the day when these roads were reasonably new and didn't have the amount of traffic that would turn it into a parking lot very often. What a time that would have been to live in California!

Since bringing up this highway two posts back, this would be some good music for tonight. This band was formed by 3 guys whose Dads were stationed in London, England for the US Air Force in 1970. There songs were mostly acoustic guitar stuff, with great melodies.

America was Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek, all of whom sung and played guitars.

"Ventura Highway in the sunshine,
where the days are longer
the nights are stronger than moonshine.
You're gonna go I know....

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These are not your Father's illegal aliens

Posted On: Wednesday - November 22nd 2017 7:49PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

Peak Stupidity used the term "Chicanos" in reference to the most-likely illegal "film" narrator and participants in the US Hwy-101 blocking display of force(?) discussed in the previous post. (The scene was described nicely by Steve Sailer.) Readers may (or may not, I don't care) notice that Peak Stupidity uses a lot of retro terminology, especially for place names. This is not done to confuse the reader, but just to piss of the people who need pissing off.

Anyway, the comments under the iSteve article included this:
Who is old enough to have watched this in the evening on bulbous glass TV with wood finishing?

along with a reply from one of our favorite commenters:
Nah, I was too engrossed in "Chico and the Man"* to (GET UP and) change stations. That was back when men were men, you were pretty sure the Charlies Angels were women, Hispanics were Chicanos, and TV’s were furniture.

* Immigrants were pretty cool back then. The lady in the video is not your father’s immigrant. To think back to the day when the biggest threat we had from Mexico was from the Frito Bandito:

Even, then, they weren't sending their best.

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Ponch and John to the rescue on the 101

Posted On: Wednesday - November 22nd 2017 7:33PM MST
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Man, where are all the cool illegal immigrants like Ponch Poncherello?*

That's US-101, called the Ventura Freeway, the Santa Anna Freeway, or the Hollywood Freeway depending on where you are and which way you're going. Like any road in Southern California since Jim Rockford used to tail people, at $200 per day, + expenses, the word "Freeway" cannot be counted on to be applicable at all times. Yesterday, it was the northbound lanes of this road that got jammed up. No, not a 27-car pile-up due to a woman putting on make-up, but some anti-Trump latina/o's decided to block the lanes with a banner. People hate these antifa wastes-of-human-protoplasm (we at Peak Stupidity have 1st-person knowledge of this) already, but Southern Californians hate traffic jams probably more than that.

This is not the way to win the hearts and minds of the people, people! Here's the cool part, off of iSteve (the link above):
Five protesters were taken into custody, and the lanes were quickly cleared, according to the CHP.
Now, CHP stands for the California Highway Patrol, and we will now explain the post title to our younger readers who have never heard of them. There was this late-1970's TV show that immortalized the CHP back in the day when California was still almost paradise, but put in a little "i" to make the abbreviation CHiPs, the show's title. It seems as though only one CHiP officer came to the scene... probably John, as his Chicano* partner Ponch (Officer Frankl Poncheralla) was probably in the middle of his siesta at this time of day. He tore down the poster pretty quickly and got the traffic going. We are not fans of the US Police State, but yes blocking the freeway with a banner is not legal, and that is a decent use of the highway patrol for a change.

"We've got a 7-Mary-3 over here on the northbound 101 at mile marker 223. There are a couple of Mary's, no 7 Mary's blocking the road, and we've only got 3 tasers, so call it a 7-Mary-3. OK, it's done. Call rampart, yeah, patch us over to that other show, "Emergency", so we can get these Mary's patched up, then ship them off to Bellevue." Wait, I may be conflicted among a plethora of action '70's TV shows here, but YOU GET THE IDEA, RIGHT?

Well, some lightly-annoyingly-accented Latina chick filmed the whole thing, and it sounds like she was part of the crew that decided to win the hearts and minds of the people trying to get to work on time. (The video is at the same link.) It's really hard to tell whether this chick is so damn stupid to really believe what she spouts out or just trying to push the envelope to the hard-left a little further. It is hilarious:

- "Oh my God. They're holding a fucking banner on the 101 freeway, and he's ... ripping that..."
- "This is fucking absurd.. a cop from the highway patrol it rippint the banner and threatening the protesters..."

I can't continue. Even 5 minutes or so of extreme stupidity exposure (listening to this sick broad) could be damaging, according to the hard-working folks at "our" OSHA, but the one cop got the mess cleaned up that quick. Kudo's from Sergeant Getraer for cleaning up the situation.

Our illustrious narrator just didn't get the anarcho-tyranny she expected while eating her refried beans and listening to the Mexican Radio the other morning.

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Is this Pope on Dope?

Posted On: Tuesday - November 21st 2017 11:54PM MST
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One can only hope. Peak Stupidity can cope with a Pope on dope, but nope ... Back in September, in "Is Global Climate DisruptionTM Real? Is the Pope Catholic?", we chalked up the stupidity of this Argentine Commie up to a run-in with the structure of the Pope-Mobile.

Lighten up, Francis, there are a lot of 'Tards out there living pretty kick-ass lives.

Now, we see that "Pope" Francis, titular* head of the Catholic Church, has got a bug up the Papal rear-end about his apparently undeniable knowledge of faith in the ongoing Global Climate DisruptionTM. In his latest piece of Papal Bull, he "rebuked those who deny the science behind global warming and urged negotiators at climate talks in Germany to avoid falling prey to such "perverse attitudes"..." OK, so besides the label of "denier", people who understand mathematical modeling (continued here, here, here, here, here, and here) are now also shouldered with the appellation of pervert.

Now, not to get into the history of some of the Middle-Age Popes in terms of being perverts, we would be the last to tar all Popes with the same broad brush. The current Pope is no pre-vert, and probably not high, but just lightly retarded. That's OK, that's OK, a differently-cognizant individual should be given an opportunity to run the Catholic Church, as appointed by God, as any thinking man, even in these times of anti-Christian fervor, what with 1.5 Billion Moslems having started a demographic invasion of Europe, because, like, diversity. It's kind of like how one of our great military leaders, General Casey said about the Ft. Hood massacre, "... as horrific as this tragedy was is, if our diversity stupidity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse," He's a multi-star GENERAL, so ...

From the San Francisco "Gate" article:
In his landmark 2015 environmental encyclical, Francis said global warming is "mainly" due to human activity and he called for fossil fuels to be progressively phased out without delay.

In his message, the Argentine pope denounced that efforts to combat climate change are often frustrated by those who deny the science behind it or are indifferent to it, those who are resigned to it or think it can be solved by technical solutions, which he termed "inadequate."
Yes, semi-retarded Pope = engineer/physicist with 20 years mathematical modeling experience. Well, he's partially right, in that one cannot develop a technical solution to a theory that has been neither defined nor observed.

Is it possible that "Pope" Francis IS like some of the corrupt Popes of the days of yore after all. Again, we don't think he is a pre-vert, but he may be trying to bring back the concept of indulgences. 1000 years ago, +/- 300 (I've read books on this, but can't recall many details ... at least before Martin Luther came along) forgiveness by God for sins was sold by big wigs at the Vatican and its branch offices for cash - they had neither debit nor credit cards during those years - I do remember that. These deals were called "indulgences". Is it possible the Vatican would like to take charge of a sort of Carbon-Credit (forgiveness for sins of emmission) in trade for cash (or major credit cards)? You know they're gonna be needing infusions of cash to buck up that wall, seeing as how ISIS has already photoshopped-up a poster of the Pope's beheading. They don't want him alive. We here at Peak Stupidity would just rather he cut out the Papal Bull, is all.

* Yeah, had to get that word in here somehow.

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Good ole' bluegrass

Posted On: Monday - November 20th 2017 8:58PM MST
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Since I mentioned the "Wildwood Weed", a take-off on the original "Wildwood Flower", here are Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. Most of their stuff is banjo music (Lester Flatt picking), but this is a guitar song:

That's too short to end the post, so here's another standard bluegrass number, "Rocky Top" by the Osborne Brothers of Kentucky, written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and released and performed back in late 1967.

Peak Stupidity got you down? There's always the bluegrass music, and some of that corn from those jars there (man, were those guys some hardcore preppers!... wait ...)

"Wish that I was on ol' Rocky Top
down in the Tennessee hills.
Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top;
ain't no telephone bills
Once I had a girl on Rocky Top
half bear, other half cat,
wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop
I still dream about that.

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me.
Good ol' Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee Rocky Top, Tennessee.

Once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top
lookin' for a moonshine still.
Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top;
reckon they never will.

Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top;
dirt's too rocky by far.
That's why all the folks on Rocky Top
get their corn from a jar.

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me.
Good ol' Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee Rocky Top, Tennessee.

I've had years of cramped-up city life
trapped like a duck in a pen.
All I know is it's a pity life
can't be simple again.

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me.
Good ol' Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee Rocky Top, Tennessee.
Rocky Top, Tennessee - eee - eee - eee.

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I went down to the crossroads ...

Posted On: Monday - November 20th 2017 8:18PM MST
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... fell down on my knee just to take a pee...
don da don dont don da da, don da don dont don da da...
went down to the crossroads fell down on my knees got a blueberry tasty-freeze...
don da don dont don da da, don da don dont don da da...
asked the Hindu inside "Have mercy, save poor Bob where's route 84, if you please?"

I'm no Robert Johnson, and if I'd sold my soul to the devil, I'd have asked for "infinite hot girls" along with the guitar playing skills... I'm no Donald Trump either, but I would have put some thought into this, along with money for a good lawyer (wait, he wouldn't know what a soul was, never mind), uhhh, where was I ... but I was down at a crossroads, driving, not hitching, out in the country (shorter route than the interstates). Well, as predicted previously on Peak Stupidity, I think the road signs are NOT being kept up due to the fact that MOST, but not this traveler are blindly following their electronics.

See, this T-intersection had a left turn that was pointed out only 1/4 mile back, when you couldn't even see the intersection! I'd been here before but most of a year back, and just once. It came to me that this turn, onto the US-numbered highway - no, not interstate, but a decent two-lane road, had fooled me before, so I turned into the gas station right at the intersection to both relieve myself, get some nabs, and make sure about this turn. "Is that highway 86?", I asked the clerk who was . - Indian. Did I mention this was out in the country? "I don't know." Did I mention this was a US-numbered highway, and the store was right at the intersection? I just mulled this over while using the facilities and figured that this was just weird.

The young Indian guy spoke English well, and was fairly nice, so I really didn't want to cause an argument, but then I was just pissed enough to not buy anything. "I'm curious - how can you live here and not know the roads right here at this intersection? How long have you lived here?", I asked on the way out. "Oh, I've lived here a long time, but I don't drive, so I don't really know the roads." "Oh, I see." Oh, I really do see something here:

As mentioned here recently, but before I'd learned some more details from an acquaintance in the know about just how organized the illegal immigration racket (lots of restaurants are involved) is with the Chinese people, there are millions of illegal aliens in this country of quite a few other ethnicities than just the Chincanos (hey give me a break, I've not finished all the episodes of "Chico and the Man" yet - I'm a bit behind in terminology.) This guy had to have been placed here, just to work in this particular gas station, by some "handlers" as it were, and as ordered by the immigration racketeers in charge, possibly from deep in Bombay or Calcutta. It's just too weird. If this guy had been living there just a little while and even part-way assimilated, he'd be driving. I mean, this was 1 mile or more outside a small town of no more than 5,000 people.

This stuff is everywhere, people. It's out of control, and I don't know of any other country in the whole world that would let this go on for this long. Has this country sold it's soul to the devil like Robert Johnson? What'd we get out of it, a country full of Applebees, Chili's, Ruby Tuesday's, and TGI Fridays (the bread is OK) along with the NFL, March Madness, 517 cable channels full of crap (almost like a circus)? Heck, I still can't play the blues worth a dang, and am barely competent with the "Wildwood Weed" - it's not been a good deal for us. I'm no lawyer, without a soul to be stole, but American really needs to hire one to see if we can nullify this contract with the devil, aka, the elite globalists, to get it's soul back.

I believe we're sinkin' down .....

See, these white guys could play, and they probably could afford a better lawyer than Robert Johnson.

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Dealing with tragic reality and the women's vote

Posted On: Monday - November 20th 2017 8:51AM MST
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As usual, this post is not timely with the news that spurred the idea of a post, but we get kind of random here at Peak Stupidity anyway with the order of things. It's all a big ball of stupid, and sometimes we've got to just cut into it with a machete rather than try to unravel it carefully.

How to deal with this?

The DrudgeReport website (written about here, here, and here) had a number of headlines together a few weeks back after that church shooting by the madman in that small town, Sutherland, Texas. I'm always careful to see where the links go (status bar on the bottom on a computer, but how do you know on a tablet?) before clicking to either the Lyin Press like NYT, WaPo, or what-have-you, OR any of the sites that I know to be full of ads, hence 1 - 2 minute wait times until the screen stops fucking moving, and I can read the text. Yes, this latter thing annoys me immensely.

One of the headlines of about 8 of them regarding the Sutherland massacre was something like "8 in family killed". This post's intention is not to write about guns, though maybe a whole lot more should be written about the cntrl-left's multi-decade program of emptying out mental hospitals (almost every one of these shootings was perpetrated by a guy that should have been kept away from people somewhere or was on drugs in lieu of being kept away from people somewhere.) That being written about anyway, haha, no, the point of this post is about tragedies and the ways of men vs. women in dealing with them.

See, the headline leads to an article I don't really want to read about. It is horrible to lose one family member in this way, but almost all of a big family would be that much worse. I can't begin to know how sad the remaining family members would be. All one can do is try to figure out how to prevent something like this in one's own "backyard", so to speak. I should say, as a man, all one can do ... See, for women, their feelings can be very strong and will override all logical thinking. This is why that particular headline was the on Drudge - to get the women's clicks (Matt Drudge links to some good stories and is somewhat conservative, but I can tell it's still clicks above all else for him.) The women who click and read that article can get their feelings-fix for the day (good or bad, in this case bad.)

Now, I wrote two paragraphs above already that this is a mental health problem above all else. That is just the area of our culture/society that should be discussed in order to make any in-roads in trying to prevent another occurrence like this. Some on the cntrl-left may of course try to push for more gun control, but the public has gotten at least smart enough to not buy that anymore. The problem we have is that the women's feelings, as they override logical thinking, will aid in pushes for more stupidity. Well, it wouldn't be a problem, if the women readers would just cry a bit, get on facebook to give condolences, and do some therapeutic tweeting. The problem is, they vote in elections too. This big mistake has cost our society dearly.

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Lotto, tax on stupidity

Posted On: Saturday - November 18th 2017 10:52PM MST
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Yeah, I know, I know, it's entertainment! Spending 5 minutes frantically scratching off some cards up at the clerk's counter at the gas station, while I'm waiting to get my change back after filling up the tank, no, that's not entertainment in any sense of the word, especially for me.

This is indeed a tax on stupidity, as you've can't be very bright to understand that the odds are against you. Hell, they advertise that "1/3 of all the money we make goes to the schools!" Yeah, well are you spending any of this money on any stats teachers to teach the little ones probabilities? How would the state end up with any money at all if the odds were with you? I'm just trying to get my money back for un-pumped gas, because it's cheaper to pay in cash, and now that you have to prepay everywhere, you've got to go in twice, unless you know your tank really well. So, forgive me if I make a remark or two.

Hey, this site promotes Liberty/Libertarianism (one of our topic keys), right, so what's the problem? Peak Stupidity is all for freedom to gamble, but there are 2 problems here:

1) We've got Socialism around here anymore, not liberty. So, though the lotto IS a tax on stupidity, the money spent must be redistributed to lots of these suckers via welfare, as they can't seem to make ends meet. The money just goes round and round ... where it ends, nobody knows.

2) Where does the state government get off deciding that ONLY it can run a gambling (oh, excuse me, "gaming") operation? Anyone should be able to have a gambling business, but The State wants the monopoly on this vice. Again, follow the money.

Anyway, all that aside, it's not like this is glittery, glamorous Las Vegas. Even Las Vegas in no longer glittery, glamorous Las Vegas. The one-armed bandits (slot machines) don't loudly spit out a pound of change when they happen to let you win once in a while ... to keep spirits up. They just print your winnings on a piece of paper now. You can cash that out, or stick it into another machine and let it suck the money back out of that paper. That's not my idea of a good time. Lost Wages is just a big-corporate-run outfit now, and they make it less fun, and give you worse odds, than the damn mob that used to run it.

So, excuse me if I could not help remarking "suckers!" out loud as this one lady was making a big transaction about 6 or 8 different types of lottery cards. The old guy next to me while I said that turned out to have one lotto card in his hand too. Haha, he didn't know what to say! Excuse me also, if I only partake of any Lost Wages entertainment via old movies, when there was still some fun to be had in this country:

We don't like to repeat music here at Peak Stupidity, so we refer the reader to the appropriate song for this post, here, the Lido Shuffle by the smooth-singing Boz Scaggs.

Next stop shy town
Lido put the money down let her roll.
He said one more job ought to get it,
one last shot 'fore we quit it,
one for the road.

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More on living paycheck-to-paycheck

Posted On: Saturday - November 18th 2017 7:26PM MST
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Way back, more than 3 months ago, Peak Stupidity posted "Credit? Forget it! You got it? You get it!", a post about most Americans' spendthrift habits. People live paycheck-to-paycheck that don't have to. Then there are lots that are not well-off, and have to partially due to necessity and partially due to thinking things are necessities that are not. You could say that this is all their own business.

Sure, if you don't care what happens in the long short run (now) to your country, yeah. It's this Ron Unz comment on his own site * underneath (another good) John Derbyshire post. ** Mr. Unz's comment mentions various pundits and how their writing is conformist to the current PC narrative due to their needing to keep their current pundit-jobs,
The key factor underlying much of this sort of thing is the extreme financial fragility of DC pundits and thinktankers, and their abject terror at risking the unemployment lines. Basically, if the CEO of Coke announces a new soft drink strategy, all his mid-level marketing people naturally get into line behind it, and the exact analogy is true of all these “mainstream opinion journalists.”

Well, pundits are not a significant percentage of the population, even if you do get down to the Peak Stupidity level. That small group does not matter to the economy. However, this brings up my point again from that previous article about how Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and with as much debt as possible. This limits lots of American's ability to fight the system, especially the hard-core degenerate PC stuff coming down from on-high in the big corporations. People don't feel like they can afford to resist in the least bit. To self-quote ourselves again here:
Let me now get to the point of why this way of living also results in a big increase in the control-freak, Orwellian police state society. Let me go back to that "living paycheck-to-paycheck" phrase. Here's what's the problem with that, aside from the normal worries about the monthly struggle to pay down all the STUFF: One loses much control of his direction in life when he is tied in to the incoming salary on a very short time-line. Let me put this better as an example. I've been reading about the fired Google-guy who wrote a simple, in-my-opinion still PC, memo about the whole male/female differences thing. (This post is not about the particulars, and, as to be expected, Steve Sailer is all over it here, here, here, here, and here.). This guy may come out of this with a job soon, just because this situation has gotten lots of attention. That doesn't happen to the average employee, however, and it can't. The closer you are bound to your job via your tight month-to-month budget, the less likely you will quit, speak-out, or even push-back a slight bit, when you are harassed with all the mass stupidity. You are not a free agent if you live like this - you are much more beholden to your employer and must be more of a suck-up, a kiss-ass, whatever it entails, to the dieversity and PC-crap than if you had a year or two's salary put away to find a new job or even a new career and leave the stupidity behind! [Links are only in the original post.]

* Mr. Unz created a very nicely-working web site, with lots of good content (it's one of only 4 sites on the blogroll). However, he has featured a number of flat-out screamin-Commies as contributors lately (feel a post in my gut right now...). Mr. Unz's fairly-rare, occasional comments don't make him out to be the wisest guy we've heard from either, or even close. This one was worth reading, though, as it is cogent and brought up this post.

** Mr. Derbyshire's post relates to the Peak Stupidity post "On Charlottesville again - cntrl-left is picking up the pace". We did not specifically use any expression involving "masks coming off", but I somehow thought there was a post saying this. Anyway, it's well worth reading.

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Zerohedge promotes Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 8:01PM MST
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No, no link to us, but at least they used our term in the first line in one of their usual articles on financial woes of Americans yesterday, thusly:
As the storm clouds of peak stupidity gather over the heads of the millennial generation who were conned by banks, government, and universities to take out excessive amounts of leverage in auto loans, credit cards, and student debt; millions have flocked to a new website seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ and or even ‘Sugar Mommies’ to pay off their debt amid an economic environment where wage growth remains non-existent. [I had to remove ZH's bold, and put my own there.]
The funny thing is, I only clicked on this particular article due to the enticing name "Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment - Here's How". OK, ZeroHedge, you got me again with your girly picture on the main page and especially this headline. Hey, don't bother, horny readers, there is no blown-up picture on the article page (besides some pretty good graphs, especially compared to ZH's usually crappy graphs). There is no "Here's How!" either. The 2nd half of the article on this finance topic was very good, though having not a whole lot to do with the headline.

It's kind of funny, as this one is by "Tyler Durden", not a guest, and it's on ZeroHedge's core material, the financial state of people, companies and governments. They just must not be having enough readers click on those types of articles without some enticement. Yes, I felt like a sucker, but then one of the graphs is a decently made and gives good info. so it may appear here later - not a total loss not getting to see here's how the college chicks do tricks, after all.

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"There's a lot of ruin in a nation." - Part 3

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 10:38AM MST
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How much rich American farmland can 2 Trillion dollars buy?

As part of the Peak Stupidity on-going writing on the topic of "There's a lot of ruin in a nation", from here, and prior to that, here, I want to present one simple arithmetic calculation of some pretty large numbers. This has to do with how much money does it take, actually, to buy up a significant portion of our nation's wealth (the amount of "ruin" left, per Adam Smith's quote).

Many have commented over the last few years or decade that this situation with China's economic rising is just the same old same-old, as in "yeah, they said all that about Japan, back in the 1980's and it didn't amount to a hill of beans." Many times, yes, it's NOT different this time. However, this time, it IS different. In both magnitude of the money and population of China vs. Japan, and the magnitude of just how far in the hole (follow-up here) the United States is, it IS! DIFFERENT! THIS! TIME!

Let's go back, way on back, to the mid-1970's when Japanese manufacturing might suddenly became apparent to Americans over just a few years. They'd already been making the best, or at least best at reasonable cost, cameras for a while. Kodak and Polaroid had had and were still somewhat having their day, but the Minoltas, Pentax's, Canons, and Nikons (so popular a name, that is is memorialized in an EARLY-70's Paul Simon song) with the Single-Lens Reflex professional-style high-quality cameras. OK, photography was big, but still one market for products out of hundreds; however, automobiles were, and still are, a different story. The Japanese-made automobiles came next.

One can blame part of it on the sudden, not-quickly-fulfilled demand for fuel-efficient vehicles after the 1st "energy crisis" of 1973, the fat-and-lazy union. workers in Detroit, the poor quality of the US made vehicles that consumers were just used to (rolling over the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer back then was just a matter of luck, or the owner being a very competent car guy). Whatever the combination of factors was, the Japanese came into this market with a vengeance. The difference between 1973 and 1980 in terms of what one would see on the rode was amazing. Even with the bad-mouthing of the Japanese, just based on American patriotism, people spent their money on quality and fuel-efficient cars, and the Japanese were kicking ass. However, even by the late 1980's near the end of the apparent Japanese economic might, the US big-3 auto manufacturers still had a big majority of the US market.

Hey, it WAS worrisome, and tensions were sometimes high (see the 1986 humorous feel-good movie Gung Ho - not even a Japanese expression, it's Chinese! -with a young Michael Keaton). I mean, they Japs bought Rockefella Center for cryin' out loud! OMG! Well, this all faded when the Japanese stock market collapsed like many paper/computer types of wealth do. Japan still has a large economy and we all know they have kept up the high-quality and heavy-duty manufacturing as opposed to Americans.

That's ancient recent history; let's discuss China here. The country's population is an order of magnitude larger than Japan's, and 1/2 order of magnitude larger than ours, so when they do get economically powerful, things are DIFFERENT, as I said. The 2nd factor of big numbers mentioned above it that, though the Japanese grew economically mighty by the late 1980's our economy was multiple times bigger AND we still manufactured a majority of American-bought consumer and industrial goods. The situation is completely different now, and we don't have our economic/manufacturing base of even 1995 left.

Wait, when Peak Stupidity started this blog almost a year ago, we writers were led to believe there would be no math. Apparently, this is not the case! [quit bitching... go talk to HR! - ed.] $2,000,000,000,000 is just a rough idea of how much money is owed to China. Back to the point of this series of posts, how much of our country could be sold out to pay this back? It's not just Rockafella Center, hell, they can take all of NY City, and that wouldn't bother me a bit. No, lets talk about farmland. I will make rough estimates, as that's all we need. We would like comments, but please let's not quibble over factors as large as 2 even, as I want to show an order-of-magnitude estimate.

The contiguous US has an area of ~ 3,000,000 mi2. Just the rich midwest farmland along, with 1-2 ft. thick topsoil created from thousands of years of tall-grass growing in this prairie, may be 10-15% of that, but let's start and end with round numbers to show the precision that we have and don't have. Call it 500,000 mi2, possibly including some other not-so-rich but decent farmland. There are 640 acres in a square mile. Round off and get 300,000,000 million acres. Hell, let's just bring it down to 200,000,000 acres, not for the hell of it, but to make the next calculation a snap.

What does good farmland cost? $5,000/acre? Again, it's just to get an idea here. That makes this farmland worth right at $1,000,000,000,000 ... that's ONE TRILLION BUCKS, and we owe what, TWO TRILLION for starters?. It is easy to see the magnitude of the problem we are in due to the financial hole we have dug due to trying to live as a well-off people when we aren't.

Let me just respond against a couple of general arguments. "Yeah, well, that's what they said about Japan." Besides the order-of-magnitude larger problem there is this time, as already explained, are there any signs that the Chinese economy will just fold, and that ours will get right back on it's feet? I don't see it. The next is simple patriotism, with "We need to just pass a law. We can't let them buy us out, and we just won't." Yeah? The money talks, laws notwithstanding. OK, foreign Chinese (or any, for that matter) buyers can't buy US property - not the case now, but it should be anyway. This doesn't matter as much as one might think. Who has the money to pay for the big companies that do the farming? Are you going to argue with the customer over what you will produce? Who may own all the distribution in the future? Who will pay to get the your "American-thinking" laws changed? (It didn't take a whole lot at all to bribe the US government's executive branch in the 1990's-2000's to open the markets one-sidedly.) It's all a matter of money, period, on who owns your labor.

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Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 7:56AM MST
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Hey, if you don't even know what this statue means, you haven't assimilated, no matter how many generations your people have been here. Get the hell out!

Before we post a much-needed conclusion for the series (Part 3 here) on the demographic suicide of the Western world, I'd like to intersperse this one post with more information from personal observation. This is not to signal my "compassion" and "feelings" and that I'm not a "hater" (there's a lot of stuff out there to hate so ...). It's just to try to clarify the reason Americans are so rightfully hot about this topic.

I have known a family from the Orient, the "Far East", one may call it, were one using a cheap China-made compass or something, or just bad with directions.). The many brothers and sisters came from Vietnam with their Mama, and were true refugees. They'd have likely been killed by the Commies, as can be the case for anyone known to be educated and smart. See Communists want to be the "intellectuals" so they can be more equal than the others and run things - they can't have competition. Back to the topic, there is a big difference between real refugees, some of which happen to make it to the US, and the invasion of the young men "refugees" to Europe, along with the man hundreds of thousands being invited by churches in the US on a money-making scam. The US version of this invited invasion has been well-documented by one nice lady in the midwest, Ann Corcoran (hopefully, with a little bit of help from other volunteers of truth) on Refugee Resettlement Watch . She has been doing yeoman's work describing this major field of stupidity/destruction of the country. If I knew what a "yeoman" was, I'd hire one on right here for Peak Stupidity!

The Vietnamese family I've know for many decades has been doing very well, as one would expect, or really better than that. I also had a friend long ago from Latin America... yes that Latin American, the one south of here. He is not from Mexico, not here illegally, and is one top .01% smart engineer. We were good friends, and as I've said way back in some post I can't home in on, I got along with him and another immigrant (from the East Bloc - also escaped) friend better than most Americans, at the time.

These are examples, and one could say, "yeah, and there are many more.". Sure they are, but I've also been all around California and seen place that are Mexico transplanted and China towns where you may as well be in China, but with more American-made automobiles. The people en masse are the people that they always were. My friends from around the world had assimilated very well, at least in the ways that were worth assimilating to.

I don't put most of the blame for non-assimilation of the current 10's of millions of immigrants since 1965 (40-50 million total, just LEGAL, perhaps?) on them. If you bring in large crowds from the same place, why wouldn't they stick together and keep with the ways of their culture? Assimilation doesn't work with large groups - that's a simple concept. Whose idea was it to bring this many every year? Oh, yeah, that's right, the Blue wing of the party wants the votes, the Red wing wants cheap labor for the big donors, and the elilte Globalists want to run a population replacement to get the 3rd world set up over here. Anyway, say you were an ex-pat in Costa Rica... very tempting, as described here. It's very natural to hang out with the other Americans most of the time. What chaps Americans' hides over here is just the gall of the non-assimilated immigrants to demand we become their old country over here and let more in. How long do you think a legally-resident American ex-pat would remain out of jail in Mexico if he protested for his "rights" in Mexico and for English to required at the bars (hey, well all know "uno mas cervaza, Senorita" anyway, so who cares?). Assimilation of foreigners has not been working for many years now, due to the large numbers AND the invitation of people with cultures that are diametrically opposed to ours (Somalians in Minnesota? Nigga, please you betcha!)

Nope, none of these (now) men and women came into America on a big boat into NYC harbor passing by that statue in the picture. They did not have a stay on Ellis Island like little Vito Corleone - oh, by the way, how did THAT ONE turn out?. Things do change sometimes, and believing that all the immigrants of the last 5 decades are just like the Europeans of one to 1 1/2 CENTURIES ago is the same as the Neocons' belief that 2017 Russia is the 1975 USSR. Even the Euros, especially central- and southern- , of a century ago and back were not assimilable very easily, when you come to read some history and think about it - this is a subject for another upcoming post.

About the Statue of Liberty: It was given to Americans by the French upon the 100th anniversary of the independence of the United States. It's a commemoration of LIBERTY. The little plaque on the bottom with a poem about someone's reminiscings about her gratitude for being let in this way does not make this statue a "Statue of Invitation" for the entire freaking world. Obviously, if nobody gets this anymore, the assimilation is not working.

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J. J. Cale - Call me the Breeze

Posted On: Wednesday - November 15th 2017 8:42PM MST
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Most people would know the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover version of this song better, but they got this one from a musician named J.J. Cale. It doesn't have the Southern Rock sound (a few more electric guitars, at least) like the Skynyrd cover, but it's smoother, and yeah it's the original.

This brings up the usual discussions about well-known artists doing covers of other artists' well known songs. Most of the time, the original is considered the best, right, unless Bob Dylan sung the original? Other times, the new version really does beat out the original in every way you can think of, but maybe that makes it not the original song anymore. Arguably, Elton John's version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" beats all hell out of the original Beatles version, and I say that as both a Beatles and Elton John fan. By arguably, I mean, you can argue all you want to about it, but you'd still be wrong. ;-}

Anyway, J. J. Cale here with "Call me the Breeze":

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Attempted evasion of LP force-feeding, Part *error: integer out of range*

Posted On: Wednesday - November 15th 2017 12:50PM MST
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If it's gonna be everyday like this, then I'm set for life under the curmudeonry and TV-aka Gov't Media topic keys. LP stands for Lyin' Press here on Peak Stupidity, if you haven't gathered that already.

This time it was at the auto shop, where'd I'd (thought I'd) found a decent battery for one of the vehicles. (Going 6 years with one is a major feat anymore.) Well, this was more of a tire shop, with a NEW LOOK, and that means there wasn't the usual long counter to put stuff on, say the old 25 lb battery, as now the guys behind the ... well, "places", have little "work stations". See, that's just stupid, so I was annoyed already. There was barely room to put the battery right next to the guy's computer, but he said that'd be fine. OK, I'd have to wait just a few minutes, as they've got the one I want, as he'd said on the phone (from his little work station).

It'd be no problem putting up with the TV blaring for just a few minutes, I guess. No, it wasn't a few minutes, as the 1st battery had only 85% or so of the cranking amps of the old one (Cold or normal), so he went back for another. The hanging TV was starting to become an annoyance now, as the 3 or 4 nice chairs were all oriented toward the id-prop box (that's idiotic propaganda) showing a game show with one character dressed as some kind of bird. Hey, I don't know, I don't watch this shit if I can help it. The one guy who had been watching was not sitting there anymore, so I hit the power switch and poooff, instant peace and quiet. Nice!

It turns out the one customer had just gone over to fill up a coffee cup or something. He seemed peeved and asked whether I was the one who turned it off. "Yeah, nobody was watching." "I just went over there for a minute." "I didn't know that. Just turn it back on." Ha! It wasn't that easy - the thing is more of a computer than just a TV, or it's input box is, so this wasn't quite so simple as turning it off was." I smiled, as I watched him and then an employee come over to mess with the remote.

"Why'd you turn it off?" "TV's a load of crap, I don't want to hear it." "You could have turned the volume down." Good point, in answer to me, but I thought about it. "No, I didn't want to watch that crap." "I was trying to watch - you shouldn't have mashed the power button." "That turns it off, that's why I mashed it."

"Here's your battery - same cranking amps." said the salesman from his kiosk. It was 1/2 in. taller, but I knew it was gonna work without grounding out on the hood. Good riddance to the place .. and good luck rebooting that shit, you mindless retards. Man, I guess the TV is like enemy number one to Peak Stupidity at this point, as also documented here and here.

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