Western World demographic soo-ee-cide - feminism connection

Posted On: Tuesday - February 6th 2018 11:50AM MST
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Emily Chang - source of ancient Chinese wisdom

(I doubt she knows a damn thing about finance either,
but she looks cute on TV.)

Back in the fall, the Peak Stupidity blog featured 3 articles (in order, here, here, and here.) on the demographic suicide, as one could rightly call it, of the Western people's or just white people, period.

This is not really Part 4, but as I had intended to write this as of a few days back, a current Steve Sailer post just set me off - in the right direction, I guess(?). The Sailer post is about one author, an Emily Chang, and her book coming out about how computer programming was a women's world back in the 1960's. The author apparently feels that looking at old issues of Cosmopolitan magazine and viewing the "Hidden Agenda" (or is it "Hidden Figures") movie is enough research for such idiocy a thesis.

Miss Chang thinks that it's a tragedy that Silicon Valley is not female dominated:
The tragedy, as I argue in my book, Brotopia, is it didn’t have to be this way. The exclusion of women from technology wasn’t inevitable. The industry, it turns out, sabotaged itself and its own pipeline of female talent.
Hell, they already own Silicone Valley, isn't that enough? Anyway, Peak Stupidity begs to differ in the worst way with this feminist broad:
Nope, that’s not the tragedy. The tragedy is that 50 years of feminism have put our society into a state where someone who states the obvious is considered a reactionary freak.

That’d be yours truly – it’s a tragedy that women lead lives that their bodies and souls were not made for and make men’s lives miserable in the workplace and at home to do it. Women were made to have babies and raise them, and they are happiest when doing so. Men are happier when the women in society are not competing for money, as the men will need it to raise a family or be desirable for starting one. They are happier when their own women are at home taking care of children and all the other stuff that makes it a good home.

Don’t believe women were made for having babies? Ask your penis – it begs to differ.
After that rant, there should be no doubt in the minds of our readers here where we stand on feminism. It has been like an ancient Chinese curse - "May you live in times of great stupidity."

This is the first time I had ever heard of this sage of wisdom shown above. I only mention wisdom at all due to the prevailing belief that there is something in the Chinese culture after 5,000 years of moon cakes and Confucius they'd have to have learned some deep shit by now. I guess not, and to boot, not everyone named Miss Chang is even Chinese.

Alrighty then, this post is NOT the one I had intended to write, but the continuation, along with the tie-in to Western demographic soo-eee-cide will be coming later today.

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Can we put this whole Moon-Pie vs. Moon-Cake issue behind us?

Posted On: Saturday - February 3rd 2018 6:23PM MST
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You've heard it all before, I GET THAT! [/Carlson]. Yes, the Chinese culture has been around for 5,000 years, that's 5 milleniums or MMMMM for you rubes in Rio Morono, Italia! OK, that's indeed a long time, so those Chinese Moon Cakes, shown above right, may have been around a while - please be careful, then, they have a chunk of egg inside. You know how that stuff gets after a few weeks.

On the left side, you've got your American freshly-Circle-K-purchased Moon Pies, whose manufacturer, errr, baker celebrated the product's, errr, food's 100th anniversary last year (the other thing I missed besides Billy Joel's Miami 2017). 100 years, it's like a century or C, 2 % as long in this world as moon cakes may possibly be.

The Chinese New Year, based on the lunar calendar will be celebrated in just under 2 weeks based on my last look at the moon, but the moon cake festival occurs in the late September or early October based again on the lunar calendar. It's fall over in China, meaning for us here in American it's autumn - weird. I really can't wait that long for some kind of snack, so, as an American, I would be prone to obtaining our traditional moon pie. At this time of year they are probably both on sale.

Now, when in China, at the proper time of year, you must eat moon cakes, of course, just so you don't get laughed at. However, keep in mind that the Chinese have no big culture of baking. They don't really have the sweet-tooth like us Westerners and especially Americans. You won't see many ovens even in modern housing over there even. These cakes are not really that tasty, is what I am getting at. Still, you've got to smile and stuff one more in your mouth, again only if it's not been sitting around a few weeks, on account of the piece of egg in the middle and all.

Now, with all the writing about immigration and related assimilation here on Peak Stupidity, what about the Chinese people that live here, permanantly some times? Should they not partake of our moon pies, and not just on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, but every other night on the way home?

You say massive immigration is good, and we're all the melting pot? Prove it, bitchez! I want to see you, Mr. Tsao, and you, Miss KungPao, eating a good old moon pie, and not one of those new-fangled lemon ones either, a real chocolate/crusty/marshmellow-filled moon pie with a chocolate Yoohoo to chase it down with.

This is America, people - try to fit in, is all I'm saying here. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED, or get diabetes, probably the latter.

Happy 101st anniversary, Moon Pie.

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Derbyshire post and change of topic key "Computer Tech Stupidity" to more clever tag ...

Posted On: Saturday - February 3rd 2018 12:07PM MST
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... with proper attribution and appropriation applied.

The conservative and once-in-a-while (see below) libertarian pundit John Derbyshire writes an end-of-the-month "Diary", as he calls it, usually with about 5 -10 topic relevant to the month just past, I always enjoy the writing there, and his end-of-January one appears here on VDare, and here on unz.com (with easy commenting allowed). Along with the rest of the interesting stuff, I noted Mr. Derbyshire originating the term "Artificial Stupidity" in his segment about AI assistants, that apparently go by the name of Alexa.

Peak Stupidity has hereby appropriated this great term in order to replace the correct, but more cumbersome and less clever topic key name of Computer Tech Stupidity, which can no longer be found by the original name as of, like, now? It is indeed but a very small housekeeping chore, much more of which must be done among the topic keys, but it was no small thing for the Peak Stupidity blog legal department. The following disclaimer had to be "drawn up" and properly served, or held out to the public in the unz.com comment section. By the looks of it, it seems like our crack legal department (seen here, at bottom) has done it's usual bang-up job:
Per the Peak Stupidity legal department, if the party of the IP-theft-perpetrator, hereafter (and forever hold your piece) referred to as the Stupid Party, does not hear* within 1 business day from the party of the IP-theft-victimization, known hereafter as Derb, all rights and privileges associated with the term “Artificial Stupidity” shall be surrendered, abridged and furthermore, the 2nd party shall cease and desist any and all bitching about said IP-theft…. Ipso, facto, squid pro quo, Clarice.

* In writing, in triplicate via certified mail, which I never open, cause it’s bad juju.
(oops, I thought this was to be served to one John Derbyshire ... not sure who this Clarice is, but hey, this guy these guys know what he's they're doing.)

Since this is mostly just another one of those "hey, this guy said this, and this is what I think about it" posts, getting more infrequent, as promised, I will add in a mention of Mr. Derbyshire's latest post on VDare, where he writes about the State of the Union arrest-less address a coupla' days back.

Interestingly, Mr. Derbyshire has a thing against this State of the Union speech IN GENERAL, which he relates was only done in writing all the way until 1973. (VDare has loads of links, incl. Derb's original writing on this) Mr. Derbyshire objects just on the grounds of it being a "Stalinesque extravaganza" and unseemly for a Constitutional Republic. Well, that's all well and good, and agreed with here, but man, there's a whole lot of Constitutional Republic down-the-draining going on way above and beyond this extravagant speech vs. simple letter-to-congress bit. It's a pico-aggression against the ideas of the founders of Americans against a metric shit-ton of Tera-aggressions over the last 50, some say 100 years.

Back to the big speech on last Tuesday night, it is getting to be like the Superbowl, must-watch TV that I haven't seen in years. I can see what's coming next though, can't you?


#SOTO - you've got 140 characters to tell us all how much you can do for us. Pls vote in Nov. USA is except. baby. Winning!

John Derbyshire is always worth reading nonetheless as this is a minor quibble. I wonder thought, sometimes, about people seeing the forest for the trees.

I forgot another point to be made though, about the actual topic of the 2nd Derbyshire article linked to (the State of the Union address). Mr. Derbyshire has a very good theory that Mr. Trump's great instincts led him to threaten a pretty good deal (well bad for America, but that's almost the point) for the D's in order to get them looking out-in-the-open like complete anti-American for refusing even that "reasonable offer". They will not go for the deal and that will help more R's win election this November. The theory says that Trump can not ask for what patriotic Americans really want, as he would then lose too much support from the Congress and Americans that would think he's gone too far. Derbyshire admits that it's a gamble that Trump might lose, if the D's just say "OK, deal".

First of all, First rule of President club: you don't have another amnesty, period! I had always heard the name as Donald Trump, not Charlie freakin' Brown (i.e. re: Lucy and the placekicking ruse). It's just stupid to let another 2,000,000 minimum illegals stay and hope for another deal to actually get implemented. Complete bullshit, that! Next, polls say one thing or another (see the article) about America's semi-soft feelings on immigration, but that depends on how you ask the question. The one poll from November of 2016 is the one that mattered. Americans will support a hard line! The politicians will have to go along or get TFOOO. (TF Out Of Office)!

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"Papiere bitte!" - "Your papers, please!" - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - February 3rd 2018 11:26AM MST
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(NOTE: This is NOT a Peak Stupidity graphic - sorry for cusswords, but it fit this post to a tee.)

Let's continue on to a conclusion from the discussion in the last post. Americans have seen the theme over and over again about the evil Nazis and their anti-freedom and pro-respect-mah-authoritah! ways. Yep, there's gonna be a whole lot of that when you have a big all-powerful totalitarian government. Again, as will be discussed in a subsequent post one day, the Nazis, as opposed to Commies of any sort, are shown in all the movies of this sort of thing, even movies that weren't really about Nazis in particular, like all those Indiana Jones ones. Yet, this type of behavior is not confined to Nazis per se, as that isn't what "National Socialism" was especially about - yes, big government, but no, the books probably never said anything about totalitarianism (they never do!).

Any time you are going to take any kind of Socialism seriously you're going to need big government, and the same with flat-out Communism. Big Government will mean totalitarianism; it's who it is, as they say now. It can't help itself. It's not like we don't have any proof of that over the last ONE CENTURY EVEN, for crying out loud. Nobody has to even read books from dissidents out of Soviet Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Red China, N. Vietnam, Cambodia, ... on and on, isn't it... there are people around who could tell you about it, if you've got a minute in your busy schedule to listen to 'em.

With that loss of freedom, people under totalitarianism will know nothing else after awhile, but "You've GOT to bring your proper documents; what are you, crazy?" and "I can't just up and do this. There is no controlling authority. If it's not expressly permitted, it is forbidden; what are you, crazy? How can have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat!?* With this type of behavior going on for multiple generations, it's not a wonder Communism has long-lasting effects on a nation's population - long after the official Communists are safely in hell. See this take regarding Russia and this take regarding China as discussions of this point.

Americans have mostly forgotten what it was to have pride in our freedoms, and most have spent no effort at all defending any. You were over in Iraq, or Afghanistan, you say? Not to knock being a soldier, sailor or airman, and not lacking some respect, but I'm here to tell you that no American's freedom was defending in that effort. The steady infiltration of totalitarianism by the cntrl-left, the long-lasting domestic front of the Cold War, has been almost completely a success. Americans have not only lost, but they don't know they've lost, and they don't know what they've lost.

Therefore, the graphic appears up top. I don't want to hear anymore about how those nasty authorities asking for really, demanding "Papers, please!" are "those Nazis". They are the usual cntrl-left, and others in the Feral and State governments enabled by the cntrl-left, and unopposed by the average American, who wouldn't know freedom anymore, if it came up and bit him on the ass.

There has been even more help, as the Neocons have enabled Police State America by appearing to be conservatives based on support of the long-ago-finished external Cold War and support of current war all over the globe. "War is the health of The State", some dude on the internet said. I used to not really understand the connection between the warmongering state and the internal police state. The way it works is that war requires big budgets which can be spent in all kinds of other ways than just soldiers' pay and guns. It also allows for good excuses for abridging of rights and new clampdowns on freedom in the name of security and eventual victory - whenever "terrorism" has been beat the hell up, I guess.

In America, to be a little more specific, I think the Deep State agencies have been instrumental in creating the internal police state. Though created with a need back during WWII, the CIA was seen as useful through the Vietnam War period, even with all the crazy and stupid fuck-ups. They and the NSA became too out-of-control to shutdown many years ago, as with all the information they had, most of the psychopathic types that exist high up in government have too many skeletons to be used against them to risk acting against the Deep State. With these agencies in place forever, and with big budgets, why not keep the wars going for stuff to do and public support? If there aren't any current really-hot wars, "we will need to spend the money on some internal work, just to make our systems comprehensive".

Who were the folks itching to go get our Motherland Security Department up and running? You'd think the Neocons, with their supposed (cause that's what it really was, supposed) anti-Communist views, would be wary of having an agency like this in America. Nope, it's for our own good - it's to help protect us from those people "over there" who hate us for our freedoms - so we need to search and spy on everyone, you know, just to be sure... Yeah, you're gonna need to show your papers .. it's the least you'll have to do in support of our freeedumbs, or somthing.

Off the Neocons and Deep State for now, finally, to wrap this up, let's think of who the people are who keep calling others Nazis nowadays? Do those people have any problem at all supporting the big Feral Government beast? Lots of them are supporters and sackhangers on this beast, if not full-out employees. They really have no clue on who is really closer to the way of the Nazis, along with the Commies, which brings it around full circle, as that's who they are. They need to be treated as Commies. Since the Commies have Mao ZeDong's little red book, we need something like Peak Stupidity's big green web site.

* Yes, sporadic Pink Floyd references may appear here and there on the Peak Stupidity blog, though something tells me Mr. Floyd is a Commie himself. "Collectivist call from Mr. Floyd to Mrs. Floyd ... are we reaching?"

[Updated 2/6:| Added a small bit re Neocons and Motherland Security.

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"Papiere bitte!" - "Your papers, please!" and memories of Mr. Vin Suprynowicz

Posted On: Friday - February 2nd 2018 9:20PM MST
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Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Conservative Vin Suprynowicz

This post starts off with a big, and hopefully interesting digression, but trust me, this pundit should be mentioned first thing in this post. A writer named Vin Suprynowicz used to be this writer's favorite libertarian columnist, as I used to read his more-often-than-weekly columns on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website. I first checked the wikipedia page on him, which is suprisingly devoid of opinion against the man, then the LVRJ site, where I can only see that he stayed on writing for them at least into 2013, but they sure make his archive hard to find, if it can be at all. Then, I found out also today that he is still about and writing, and his site, VinSuprynowicz.com, will be next to be on the blogroll. Yea for that find!

I had enjoyed Mr. Suprynowicz's column for a number of years, and it was around 2008 or so that he had a column on the Global Climate Disruption(TM) nonsense that I mentioned here due to the fact that I ended up in a multi-month long on-line comment debate. Unfortunately for me, because I won said debate, it was subsequently wiped from the LVRJ site as they reformatted to make it look prettier, or something.

Besides being a real Libertarian and Constitutionalist, Mr. Suprynowicz (thanks, MS, for copy/paste!) ran for vice-president along with the Neil Smith Libertarian candidate back in 2000 for Arizona ONLY. The other 49 states had Harry Brown with VP-candidate Art Olivier. Trust Arizona when it comes to liberty, or at least take my word for it. They have been always in the forefront, whether it's Constitution-abiding gun rights, coming up with people like Barry Goldwater, taking their own initiative in guarding the borders, Arizona seems to be tops a lot. That's why a US Senator named Juan McAmnesty, or something to that effect, needs a lot of damn explaining. "Joo got some splaineen to do Lucy Arizona!"

The guarding of the borders mentioned just now brings up another thing. Mr. Suprynowicz was one of the first Libertarians that'd I'd been reading, say a decade and more ago, like the Lew Rockwell types, who got pretty wise quickly about the immigration business. Free markets, freedom of travel notwithstanding, most likely Mr. Suprynowicz was smart enough to know that the people entering the formerly very liberty-minded state of Nevada were not quite so liberty-oriented having come from the 3rd-world with average sub-par IQs. That's what some of the Libertarians, the ones people tend to rightfully call Libertards, just won't get - almost none of these newcomers is ever going to vote for Constitutional small government, much less subscribe to Reason freakin' magazine!

Vin Suprynowicz signed and gave me a copy of his book The ballad of Carl Drega when I met him in 2010 or so, when I showed up at his newspaper office just to come shake his hand and say "good job". I had already read his Send in the Waco Killers and both are very readable books that are illustrative of our modern day police state.

"Papiere, bitte!" - Haha, not in America!

OK, the reason for the post title is that Mr. Suprynowicz would oftentimes bring up examples of how the US was becoming nothing less than a police state, still news to me at the time. More than once, I'm sure, he had brought up the point that Americans used to have great distain for the authorities and being forced to respond in any way to any of them. This relates directly to Amendment IV of the US Constitution, here:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Read that carefully, if you're not familiar. Mr. Suprynowicz used to relate how the phrase "Papers, please!" was hissed at by the audience in theaters watching all the old movies in which the Nazis were up to their police state tactics. In German, in the movies, it was "Papiere, bitte!". (Funny that there are not many movies showing the Russkie and Chinese Commies up to the same thing - topic for another post). Americans were rightfully prideful in the past of the freedom they had back then.

You don't have to go back that awful far, or talk to people that awful old, to have known an America with lots of freedoms that are gone now. On this "reasonable search and seizure" principal, has it not been totally blown to bits by the TSA at the airports? "Reasonable" does not mean "Feeling people up around the ass and genitals for possible weapons? Sure, sounds reasonable to me." No, it means there must be a reason laid out for that particular search in a written warrant that has been signed [by a judge, one presumes] with a reason for the search.

Any government authority of any level asking for ID, not as part of a requested service, but as a random investigation, is against Amendment IV, but you're not gonna see many people caring anymore. Traffic stops for investigation rather than citation for a violation are another example. It was just a couple of decades ago that I never carried any IDentity Papers of any kind ... no wallet, in fact... just keys and cash, what more do you need? I had gotten pulled over for various speeding violations, but the cop had just asked for my drivers licence number and looked it up. Yeah, still Big Brother stuff, for that time period, but at least no "papers". Then, I got pulled over at a DUI checkpoint which pissed me off to begin with but turned into a fine of ~ $200 in present-value because of the lack of the license card with me. It was a double wammy, and the court sent my check back to me because of the bad language in the memo field! (Yes, I had to send in another to avoid a warrant.)

The stuff we used to take pride in snickering about, the "Mah Authoritah" crap that we knew people had to live with in the East Bloc, China, and parts unknown, well, Americans just live with it now. "Hey, it's those Moslems that caused this - it's just the way it is now." they'll tell you, even if they have the courage to be honest about it, by their thoughts. Well, what is the country, a damn kindergarten? You take it out on the people who caused the problem, not on the whole class country. Now, lest the reader think Peak Stupidity has turned neocon overnight, and want to go get all the Moslems all over the world, no, that's not what's necessary. What's necessary is that we stop our government's police state ways which, in terms of just the TSA airport outrage, are just "security theater" to begin with. It's nothing but a show, and is an endless series of anti-freedom, un-dignified burdens that are all reactions to things that have already happened. Worried about terrorist problems on airplanes? Do some damn real police work. Find out who the group to really worry about is. Get the airport to look out for the people in question, after there is reason for a search on a warrant. Let airline employees do their own thinking and they may use common sense vs. rote endless procedures force upon them. The reason not much bad happens is simply that these terrorists we are worried about are just not bright enough to carry out well-working plans. That is a good thing. Oh, yeah, don't let them keep immigrating to your country - there's some common sense, eh?

It was still in the 1990's when you just needed to bring a ticket, basically as proof of payment and a receipt for your seat to get onboard an airliner. In fact, it could be someone else's ticket, so long as you had paid, that's what matters - just business there. Try going to the airport without your papers, please! nowadays. All this is not going to get any better soon. Don't like my attitude? Talk to Vin Suprynowicz - I believe I got it from him.

This post was really geared toward a lot toward the TSA (part of "Motherland Security" another moniker and agency Vin, Peak Stupidity and lots of Americans of 30 years back would have laughed off as "that stuff doesn't shouldn't happen in America!). They'll be a Part 2, as I'm just getting heated warmed up.

PS. Here is Vin Suprynowicz's "about" page.

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Billy Joel Sci-Fi song expired last year.

Posted On: Wednesday - January 31st 2018 7:25PM MST
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First of all, before anything else, let me admonish the reader to never call ALL Billy Joel's music "Easy Listening". If anyone tells you that, you MUST play "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)", and not on computer speakers either. Stuff on the shelf must be "literally" shaking, or you're not gonna get the full benefit of this rockin' song!

It irks me that I did not even think of posting this song in 2017, as it just wasn't on any playlist. Billy Joel wrote this song in 1975, 43 years ago now. It was at the time NYC was about broke after years of cntrl-left-run government, and I'll give belated kudos to President Jerry Ford, who was not going to ask for the Feral Gov't to bail that city out. Per NY Post headline FORD TO CITY: "DROP DEAD" This was when Billy Joel was finishing his coupla-year stint as a fairly unknown "Piano Man" in Los Angeles and he headed back to New York afterwards. It is just amazing that this much time has passed, enough to where Peak Stupidity missed the damn date. This song was really science fiction, way back, but it has just expired. I'll put the lyrics below, because they are damn good, along with the version of this from Songs in the Attic a great collection of some soft songs and some rock, all performed live. (Check out the live "Captain Jack".)

Nope, NYC is not being dismantled per the song, but the part about all the New Yorkers moving to Florida, that's not far off. An interesting thing also is that this song was written before Fidel Castro's criminal flotilla of Cubans, something like 200,000 of them that came to south Florida per the stupidity of President Jimmy Carter in 1980. Miami may not work out for everybody, as most of it is a foreign country basically. Oh, how 'bout the bit about the Mafia having taken over Mexico? Maybe it's not the same Mafia, but it was a pretty good call.

About 9/11, speaking of the NY skyline falling, and all, in the lyrics, Wikipedia says:
Shortly afterwards, Joel performed the song at a benefit concert on October 20, 2001. Joel announced at the end of the song, "I wrote that song 25 years ago. I thought it was going to be a science fiction song; I never thought it would really happen. But unlike the end of that song, we ain't going anywhere!"
Now that's a little bit dumb. It was science fiction, but who says it won't happen - that's what science fiction is about, imagining the future, and sometimes it's right. (Of course, in the song, the city is being destroyed for some other reason - no ragheads were mentioned, least in the 1975 version.)

This live version of "Miami 2017", recorded in Madison Square Garden, downtown (well, whatever, midtown?) Manhattan, with an audience full of New Yorkers. Whatever one may think of New York City, the audience is just electrified by the rock and the lyrics about NYC, that it's just awesome. Billy Joel is a Long Islander, and so this was his audience too. (Listen to him pronounce "Norfolk" - pure Long Island.)

The whole song is New York City references, which is why the crowd was going nuts.

"Seen the lights go out on Broadway.
I saw the Empire State laid low,
and life went on beyond the Palisades.
They all bought Cadillacs
and left there long ago.
They held a concert out in Brooklyn
to watch the island bridges blow.
They turned our power down
and drove us underground,
but we went right on with the show.

I've seen the lights go out on Broadway.
I saw the ruins at my feet.
You know we almost didn't notice it.
We'd seen it all time on Forty-second Street.
They burned the churches up in Harlem
like in the Spanish civil war.
The flames were everywhere,
but no one really cared.
It always burned up there before.

I've seen the rats lie down on Broadway.
I watched the mighty skyline fall.
The boats were waiting at the battery.
The union went on strike.
They never sailed at all.
They sent a carrier up from Norfolk
and picked the Yankees up for free.
They said that Queens could stay.
They blew the Bronx away
and sank Manhattan out at sea.

You know those lights were bright on Broadway.
But that was so many years ago,
before we all lived here in Florida,
before the Mafia took over Mexico.
There are not many who remember.
They say a handful still survive
to tell the world about
the way the lights went out
and keep the memory alive.

OK, it's Billy Joel, so you probably already assumed that any breaks in the lyrics will be filled with "Oh, ho, whoa-ohhhh"

Billy Joel's band during these shows:

Billy Joel – vocals, pianos, synthesizer, harmonica
David Brown – electric guitar (lead), acoustic guitar (lead)
Richie Cannata – saxophones, flute, organ
Liberty DeVitto – drums, percussion
Russell Javors – electric guitar (rhythm), acoustic guitar (rhythm)
Doug Stegmeyer – bass guitar
Richie Cannata – saxophones, clarinet

Those were mostly the players on the Turnstiles album that most of the live songs on Songs in the Attic were from, but not all - the first recordings of Turnstiles were made with Elton John's bass player and drummer, Dee Murray and Nigel Olson, respectively.

[Updated 02/02:] 1) It was the New York Post, not NY Times, with "City", not "New York". 2) Corrected the spelling of Sci-Fi (makes more sense, but "Sci-Fy" looks kind of modern. 3) Corrected the most egregious error, the lack of mention of Billy Joel's band at the time - it's the band that make the great sound, not just the one guy.

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Another aspect to illegal immigration - Visa overstayers

Posted On: Wednesday - January 31st 2018 6:45PM MST
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Nope, unfortunately, there were no arrests last night by POTUS@SOTU (WTF?), even though the actual criminal 17-yr-staying illegal alien actually sat in on the speech! Apparently, he's pretty bumbed out about it too. Man, what can we do to better serve this guy next time - oh, yeah, why don't we serve him an arrest warrant.

No matter what President Trump is really going to do, as far as his chief executive powers go, one thing is for sure - this immigration invasion is a BIG, BIG ISSUE. It will not get pushed out of the public discussion from here on. Whether it's too late to matter is another story, and that's where I hope the President can get some behind-the-scenes stuff changed. The Peak Stupidity blog is still not optimistic. Yeah, so it's all out in the open - this idiotic "diversity" (random) visa, yeah that's the way to do it - just pick people to live here randomly and see how it works out - the H1B and especially the very important chain-migration immigration visas are all being discussed.

Here's something that's NOT being discussed too much: People overstaying non-immigration (tourist/work/etc.) visas and just never going home. Our country hasn't even been trying hard on this.

The immigration bureaucracy has got to start finding the visa overstayers and deporting them with no additional entry allowed. It’s not mostly some tourists who didn’t catch their flights home in time.

Do you know that it is very easy for the Chinese people to get 10-year tourist visas now? This is to match the same from the Chinese, but they take this stuff seriously over there. Sure, you’re not supposed to stay 10 years straight (the visa would say “multiple entries” with a 10 year expiration date and maybe 3 months or 6 max per stay).

Think about this: If nobody comes looking for some Chinaman like the guy above (nothing personal against file-photo guy) who doesn’t return after the 3 months, do you seriously think he even can be found after 10 years living in a Chinatown somewhere. The thing about our country now is, since we have large groups of foreigners living here, anyone who is not legally here can blend in and not be found easily, simply based on the “they all look the same” syndrome, which is very much true.

Try being a westerner in China and deciding you’re gonna flout immigration law. It’s not just that it’s taken seriously, but there are no “Americatowns”, “Enlgishtowns” or just general “RoundEyetowns”. You’ve got no place to hide.

Yeah, it ain’t fair.

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SOTU tonight and propsal for an ICE cuff-em/drag-out intermission

Posted On: Tuesday - January 30th 2018 11:59AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Trump

Per this recent post by Steve Sailer, some immigration lawyer whose husband has been out in the sunlight* as a > 1 decade-long proud illegal alien from Trinidad&Tobago has been invited to the Congress tonight for President Trump's State of the Union address. (It's SOTO for the wonks who like to say POTUS and SCOTUS too which sound pretty damn stupid actually - what in hell is so hard about President and Supreme Court - on extra syllable each?)

Full excerpt off of iSteve, from Associated Press:
NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez has invited the wife of detained immigrant rights activist Ravi Ragbir to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address

Ragbir was in federal custody Saturday, several weeks after he was handcuffed and arrested during a routine check-in with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

… Three other Democratic members of Congress from New York showed up at the rally in support of Ragbir: Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Rep. Joe Crowley and Rep. Yvette Clarke.

They say the government targeted the 53-year-old native of Trinidad because of his activism as the head of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York that helps immigrants fight deportation.

The government says he should be deported because of a 2001 wire fraud conviction involving a New Jersey mortgage company where Ragbir worked that was caught up in a fraud scheme. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison, but is fighting to vacate the conviction in federal court in New Jersey, contending he was just an employee doing his job, unaware of any fraudulent activity.

President Trump, if you’re reading this:

Have ICE come to the speech and cuff this lady on treason charges and her congressional accomplices. It wouldn’t matter if they all got sprung in the morning, this would,

a) energize the base like you have never seen in your life … so much energizing…

b) get Americans watching the State of the Union like it was the superbowl.

I personally would come out of TV-banishment mode to a sports bar if it came down to it, if I knew this had any chance of occurring.

You are the head of the executive branch, dude. Just do it!


Now, since writing that above appeal, or "open letter" to our sometimes-useful POTUS, I personally ran into a couple of the guys you can see in the photo and the topic of this post. Nope, it wasn't those 2 in the "file photo", but 2 guys in person that I got to talk to.

I mentioned to one of them this story about the long-term illegals and their treasonous sponsers that are out in front of the public and the US freakin' Congress. I had the same advice above on what should be done tonight. The guy told me he couldn't believe this stuff is happening either. No, I don't expect every immigration agent to be up on the big picture, so I took his word for that. He did seem pretty thrilled with the idea of a nationally televised, hand-cuff-enabled arrest of the immigration lawyer wife and congresscriters as a kind of intermission, giving us a chance to get to the fridge for a 4th beer.

Yeah, the ICE guy could have been humoring me, and additionally, wasn't anywhere near Washington, Federal Shithole, but still, one can dream, can't one, and write open letters to the whole wide internet? That's what we're here for.

An astute commenter on the unz page linked-to above was concerned with the Article 1, Section 6, subpart 1 Constitutionality of said perp-walk-outta-the-chambers:
They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.
My bold there, not the framers, but one can see that this should alleviate any and all Constitutional objections, according to the Peak Stupidity blog legal department.

You read it here first. If this were to happen tonight, I will promise not to say another harsh word about our President for what ... maybe a year or more.

* No, they are not exactly living in the shadows

[UPDATED 01/30 afternoon:] Just added Associated Press excerpt to clarify what scumbags these perps in question are, along with one more short paragraph.

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Homeschooling - poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick - Part 3

Posted On: Monday - January 29th 2018 6:43PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  Educational Stupidity

This post is to wrap up some thoughts about homeschooling from the writing about it last week here and here and to add a tie in with the Immigration Stupidity topic key. Let's do that in reverse order though:

Banned from America - too white, too Christian, and too family oriented

Yeah, the family above, a regular (that means man and women to the readers in Yuerba Buena) with their 6 kids had tried to immigrate from Germany to the US due to being persecuted for trying to raise their kids themselves. NEIN! ISS VERBOTEN! You must turn ofver der kindervolk to zie STADT! (American version: This is highly irregular! How can your kids be properly indoctrinated socialized with out government schools? Unheard of. It can't be done!) This story is now four years old, and though the Peak Stupidity blog does not normally link to the Lyin Press (even "Red" version), we did here because the headline (even the URL) tells the story: Team Obama wins fight to have Christian home-school family deported.

This was back in the worse old days of the Øb☭ma presidency. I would hope President Trump's Dept. of Justice with executive Jeff Sessions would do good people like these right ... but you can't ever tell with them.
They wanted to live in a country where they could raise their children in accordance with their Christian beliefs.

The Romeikes were initially given asylum, but the Obama administration objected – claiming that German laws that outlaw homeschooling do not constitute persecution.

"The goal in Germany is for an open, pluralistic society," the Justice Department wrote in a legal brief last year. "Teaching tolerance to children of all backgrounds helps to develop the ability to interact as a fully functioning citizen in Germany."

On Monday, the Supreme Court declined to hear the Romeike’s appeal – paving the way for the Christian family of eight to be deported.

"I think this is a part of the Obama administration’s overall campaign to crush religious freedom in this country," said Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. His organization is representing family.

"The Obama administration’s attitude toward religious freedom, particularly religious freedom for Christians is shocking," he told me in an exclusive telephone interview. "I have little doubt that if this family had been of some other faith that the decision would have never been appealed in the first place. They would have let this family stay."

Had the family stayed in Germany, where homeschooling is illegal, they would have faced the prospect of losing their children. Like the Pilgrims, they fled their homeland yearning for a place where they could be free.

Farris said the religious bias perpetrated by the Obama administration is "palpable."

"It’s a denial of the essence of America," he said. "The Pilgrims left England to go to Holland to seek religious freedom. They came here to seek religious freedom and parental rights for their children. Had this administration been waiting at Plymouth Rock, they would’ve told the Pilgrims to go back home."
It's some sick, sick stuff that's being done to replace the American civilization. Read over that 3rd short paragraph again about the "pluralistic society" and "tolerance". There is NO tolerance for anyone like these good white Christians to live the way they would like to. The kids must be taught to accept ANYONE and EVERYONE who DIE STADT decides will live in Germany - only that way the kids will be good Germans. Orwellian there, and do you see why Peak Stupidity has written about that country as Bizarro Germany yet? (read further here.)

Yes, America has Germany beat still in freedom and respect for freedom of parents to raise their own kids. It is only inside the schools where things go all to hell. Even as well meaning as most of the teachers may be and as well-educated as, what 10% of 'em may also be, they don't run these places. I've seen this business up close, as was explained in latter part of Part 2.

Just the idea of sticking it to the system appeals to me, as homeschooling does in 2 ways. First, the school system loses money when fewer students attend, saving the taxpayers money in the long term and hurting BIG ED. More importantly, for the family involved, raising independent-thinking bright kids is something they can be proud of the rest of their lives, but for the rest of us, puts fear into the eyes of the elite globalists that run things, along with their underlings.

Yes, it is more of a sacrifice than cutting the TV cable, already pretty hard for most Americans. However, it's not quite as big a project as some make it out to be without knowing how much time is really wasted in government schools. Once the kids can read, 3 or 4 hours per day can be enough time for them to learn, more than get taught, more than kids learn from BIG ED. The rest of the time at home can be one big-ass field trip.

What do you think Americans did 100-200 years ago, before this Prussian-influenced crap? Oh, you say they were stupid back then? Best look on-line for one of those 8th grade tests from 1910 or whenever. I think the level of stupidity was much lower then than it is today.

Do you not like the way things are going in this country? Joined Ross Perot's Reform Party way back, then the Tea Party, then went to Trump rallies? Written lots of letters, have you, and made phone calls to "your" congressional staffers? Listen, good on ya', and I'm not knocking any of that. Having 20 million instead of 2 million children in homeschooling would just beat hell out of all from everyone put together. The parents that keep their children out of the government indoctrination camps are the true "think globally/act locally" folks that represent the spirit of America.

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Please continue to hold .. a Peak Stupidity blogger will be with you in a moment ...

Posted On: Saturday - January 27th 2018 8:55PM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  Salesmen  Curmudgeonry  Americans

... ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ... we look forward to serving you stupidity soon ... all representatives errr, bloggers are busy surfing monster.com, looking for better jobs serving other customers.... your comments below are important to us. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♩ ...

Hello, this is your blogger. My name is RavdinramalamadingdongRandy. First, I'm going to need your IP address. Now, what type of stupidity are you having a problem with? Oh, customer service stupidity? I will need to escalate the post to a curmudgeon. Do you mind if I put ... ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ....

Alright, [enough of that - you've made your point! - ed], this post is another customer service mini-rant, which just seems to come very easily, but it's not really a big beef here, just some curiosity. You're gonna get a "customer service care representative" - it's care now, dammit! - for about everything you do on the phone now, and maybe that's why people have all those apps, come to think of it. I mean, you want to order a pepperoni pizza, and you may wait for a representative, or calling to ask a question to the hair-cut shop.

Business of any size, even the smallest, seem to want you to reach a phone-tree first. It can be downright silly, though oftentimes making me feel I have gone back in service to the time before Alexander Graham Bell. To add to the silliness, everyone you have to wait for, the pizza cashier, the haircut girl, or even Ravdinramal..., OK, Randy, down at the Zippy Mart is a representative if not even an associate. Does this software behind the voice system not have a few variables that can be changed? It probably does, but then the girl that runs the hair place does, not, most likely, have the computer savvy to change "representative" to "hair stylist". No, it's not stereotyping ... I mean, I'm just sayin', that's all .... she's a cosmetologist, not a cosmologist,

That all wasn't even my point tonight, haha. The point is that even the smallest of businesses that need support phone lines always seem to want to act like they are a big operation. The call I made a few days back was to what had to have been a 10-man operation or they couldn't have been making any money. The good thing was that I got a girl on the line right away. Yeah, she seemed kind of groggy though. "Sorry to wake you up, but I've got a coupla questions." "Whaaa? No, go ahead." "I didn't catch you in the bathroom, did I? I got a miffed answer that sounded like it reflected off the mirror, the shower stall, and toilet paper roll. Hey, listen, I don't care. I'm glad she had the mobile phone to do her job, but I'd personally rather not be bullshitted.

Way back awhile, I ended up in a job that did involve customer technical support for a business for which I used to be a customer myself. Back when I was a customer I had not been familiar with the location of the place, and I had had in my head this idea of a room with 50 people of so in there helping on the phone. The support guys that I talked to did not help to dispel this impression either. I did seem to get a lot of "give us your number and a time to call you back", though. Well, I interviewed and found out I was one of 2 people doing all of this support, and I'd probably talked to the other guy a few times!

The next anecdote is fairly amusing, as I had called this small operation that makes, or at least probably just sells and ships anymore, a type of specialty battery. The thing is, it'd be a 3 year-period before I'd have any questions each time. Hey, I learned after some time it's always Hector! I started remembering every few years that, yeah, he's the one guy, he knows his stuff, and he's a pretty fun guy to talk to. "All of our associates are busy right now. Please press 1 for a call-back or stay on the line.", I'd get some of the time. "Hello, Hector, what happened, did you have to go take a dump?", I'd inquire, when he got a chance to talk. He was kind of amused and in no way did he deny that either.

I guess it must be advantageous for most businesses to seem like larger operations than they are in reality for customer confidence reasons or what-have-you. Myself, I am glad to hear a business is small, most times, as I know I can deal with them as human beings and not corporate drones. Ever try to get 10% off your meals at McDonalds, even if you are their best customer*? It won't work.

The American way used to be that there's nothing wrong with small and personal. Small business was the life of the economy, but that has been changing for the worse over the last many years. The small guy used to be able to get ahead with hard and smart work, but this is the age of the Globalists now. You don't just need to know someone - you have to know someone BIG.

Even small towns don't have the respect they used to, probably because all the money and people have been flowing more to the cities. There was this one guy who was proud to be from a small town, and he sung about it back in 1985. From John Cougar's studio back at his Melon Camp somewhere in the vicinity of the small town of Seymour, Indiana, and the album Scarecrow, here you go:

* A big customer is called a heavy user in that business - isn't that nice and personal, huh?

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Ran into Pat today ... over at the Park Service

Posted On: Saturday - January 27th 2018 7:49PM MST
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  Genderbenders  Humor

I can't speak for the show today, if it's still on, but Saturday Night Live used to have some funny stuff. If you, the reader, have not seen any skits regarding "Pat", or don't remember, please view the video below and then return to the text right here <---- right there, yeah.

A small incident that happened to this blogger today was uncanny, yes, that's the word for it. I was at a visitor center at a national park, and this is not a big hiking area, but is run by the park service. Therefore, I'm not writing about a park ranger, more just an employee for whom I had a quick question. At about 20 ft. away I started walking over to ask it, and the first impression to me was that this was a fairly dikey-looking young lady. No, problem, it's just a simple question. As I got closer to her ... wait, I'm gonna switch to "him" now ... I realized this was a man ... maybe.

I engaged in a quick conversation with him ... well, I'll stick with this for English grammar's sake, as I can't keep switching around with the frequency of a cheap ham radio (OK, that was funny SNL stuff there) ... hopefully not using the word "man" but once, I think, as I thought I saw some tities. OK, yeah, you don't just go staring, well, I mean, unless you can't help it, but then you wouldn't have any more questions in your big, well either head. I could definitely help it, and therefore, I was still not sure of the sex of this nice, but ambiguous park official. I didn't want to take the time to prowl around the parking lot for Subarus - just not my day to worry about that.

He gave me his definitive answer - only on the question about the park - and that's when I took a quick glance at his badge. Smart, right? Let's get it straight. In this day and age of the last-name first-name though, no, it's hard to know, just by name, if "Parker" or "Tanner" is a man or woman. But he had an old-fashioned name; it should be easy, right? The name tag stated, simply: Pat. Wow! What were the chances of that? This episode should be referenced in the dictionary under "uncanny".

SNL must not like the Pat skits (maybe anything, I didn't check) to be viewed, as this trailer for a movie that's probably not worth seeing is all I could come up with.

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Homeschooling - poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - January 26th 2018 11:18PM MST
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  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  Educational Stupidity

Hey, hey, ho, ho, independent thinking has got to go!

I noticed that the part 1 post had more introduction than Peak Stupidity content - it's something I'm trying to change, at least slightly. End of introduction, we start now with more about homeschooling, why I believe it a poke in the eye of the Beast, and why there is so much opposition by said "Beast" (in this case just the spawn, christened in the previous post as the "Educational-Industrial Complex", or how 'bout BIG ED, we can switch back and forth at will.

I can't include an entire history of primary education in the US here, but one can't go wrong by reading works of Mr. John Taylor Gatto, a long-time teacher who has lots of negaitve things to say about the current system. The reader may or may not have heard of the term "Prussian Model" regarding education, described herein on the website called "forcedschool.com". Haha, well we know where that blogger stands, BTW! Prussian education was known for it's high level of organization, it's goal of not particularly teaching, but more like training young people to be rule-oriented and fit to work in a factory environment. After being pushed for, and being basically adopted in American, it resulted in a completely different life for school-age Americans vs. the free-wheeling, free-thinking past. Above all, the biggest change was that the Prussian system required MANDATORY schooling, hence the above website name. A quick excerpt from that site:
That system was characterized by compulsory attendance, teacher colleges, standardized national tests, national age-graded curriculum, compulsory kindergarten, the fragmenting of concepts into separate subjects with fixed periods of study, and the state ultimately asserting a superior claim to the child over the rights of the parents. This was a radical departure in methodology and content from the successful traditional forms of education in America.
That rights of the parents thing is really what the current opposition to homeschooling has a problem with, even more than the curriculum, which they would very much like to influence, and the vested interest, i.e. BIG MONEY, which is also a big factor. Let's discuss just a little about each of these big factors.

THE STATE wants more and more control of YOU, that's simple enough. It's what THE STATE is all about - power. People, especially us curmudgeons, are hard to influence beyond a certain age, but the kids can be molded, especially when you start early. 1st grade is not early enough anymore, so Kindegarten became ubiquitous and even mandatory. Now there is talk all the time about the pre-K schooling! They don't want you to get a lot of influence in on how your kids should think, or whether they should really think at all. Thinking is bad, mmmmkaaaay..

It helped a great deal to get the women into the workforce. If one were a conspiracy theorist (and you know what Peak Stupidity has to say about some of these long-term ones ), one might very well figure that it was in fact planned, in order to not only have more taxes sent in to THE STATE, but to get the kids away from the home for much longer each day. Let's think of the homeschooling idea - working women cannot do this, a win/lose for the governments/kids.

It irks the shit out of people in governments worldwide for kids to not be dependent on them and not get the official PC state point of view on the world. To me, that's the biggest reason for the big opposition. The curriculum was set by the loving parents 150 years ago, at least by state governments more recently (somewhat local when we had fewer people), until - thanks a lot, Jimmy Carter - 1980 when it started to come down from the Feral Beast.

Let's not discount, by any means, the vested interests, meaning the big money in BIG ED. People just don't argue with taxes for schools, even when 2 full-time people in an elementary school get good money just to be The Attendance Office, and harass parents who have forgot to come up with absence excuses, while the school asks for you to bring extra boxes of pencils and saltine crackers! This spendthrift mentality of "anything for the children - what, do you hate kids!? It's not taxes anyway, it's a BOND, see?" is not something these millions of middle-class people will easily give up. Homeschooling is a direct threat, as every kid not sent to be indoctrinated is money lost.

BIG ED and the establisment elite that depend on it's "product" to fit in and acquiesce to the continuing population replacement, transition to lower living standards, and merge with the 3rd world, cannot have millions upon millions of free-thinking Americans around. This is why, above cutting off the cable to the world of infotainment propaganda trash, even above working off the books and not feeding the Beast, homeschooling is a big poke in the eye to it. It's not just not accepting the rancid ideas, it's not even just not feeding it, but homeschooling is about raising up individuals to fight the Beast.

Of course, it's somewhat of a bigger sacrifice of one's time, but this is the ultimate Fuck You to the whole BIG ED / BIG GOV / Globalist bunch. A big thank you from the Peak Stupidity blog to all involved.

Part 3 coming will be about additional details on homeschooling and about a story of a tie-in to immigration stupidity.

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Homeschooling - poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick - Part 1

Posted On: Friday - January 26th 2018 10:15AM MST
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  US Police State  Pundits  Liberty/Libertarianism  Educational Stupidity

Stop it - they are learning too much! This is highly irregular!

The Peak Stupidity blog continuously surveils (yes, that's a new word in the US Police State) the horizons for the millions of daily episodes, so you won't have to. Hey, it's who we are, no need for thanks or money. Sometimes it takes pointing out some of the good and smart things people are doing in this world to let us see the stupidity in contrast. This is one such post, so, thought the Educational Stupidity topic key is attached here, we point out the good stuff in contrast.

Because it is the most existential problem facing this country and the western world (containing near-maximum stupidity in this realm), we have concentrated on immigration lots lately, while partially neglecting to post of the topic of Liberty which is a pretty damn good antidote to any kind of stupidity. Liberty and freedom have a way of naturally beating stupid into the ground, This post then, will be about one of the most important freedoms still left in America, damn surprisingly so to me. (Even so, there is still a slight immigration-stupidity aspect to this post at the end [oops, Part 2, I guess - ed.])

The pundit Michelle Malkin can be read all around the web, I guess, and I have not read much at all that I disagreed with. Looks don't seem really too important in the written pundit world, not even in reaching Big Pundit level, cough, Maureen Dowd, cough, cough, as is fine, but Mrs. Malkin is pleasing to the eyes, so she gets on TV too. She is the yellow-feverish man's Ann Coulter, if you will. Her latest column, read here on VDare, is about homeschooling, and Mrs. Malkin practices what she preaches on that. She gives a rough figure of 2 million as the number of American currently homeschooled kids. This is as compared to ~ 50 million kids in the government public schools. 4 % is not negligible in their positive impact on society, but not significant in being able to put a damper yet on the whole Educational-Industrial Complex. Sure, you can read about homeschooling all over, but Mrs. Malkin's article just brought it back to my mind as a VERY important thing. Here are 2 excerpts just to show the state of opposition:
The deep, wide and vast majority of home-schoolers nationwide are loving, excellent and responsible instructors and parents. Yet, public school lobbyists have marginalized them as amateurs, weirdos and menaces who don’t have the intelligence to raise and educate their own children. Democratic legislators in California have sought to undermine home-schoolers’ autonomy with intrusive legislation, such as a bill proposed last fall that would have required parents to allow inspectors to search their residential bathrooms for state-mandated feminine hygiene products for female students.

In New York City, incompetent nanny state bureaucrats have routinely harassed home-schooling families and falsely accused them of “educational neglect” after losing their paperwork. Home-schooling mom of two, Tanya Acevedo, who is suing the Big Apple, told my CRTV.com program how bureaucratic snafus that classified her son as a truant led to a Child Protective Services investigation.
Mrs. Malkin then discusses the opposition to homeschooling using what Peak Stupidity readers would be able to easily pick out as good old anarcho-tyranny.
The idea that there is something especially sinister and crime-enabling about home schooling–The Week’s Damon Linker warned darkly of the “sickening danger of home-schooling,” for example, and NPR invoked the specter of a “cult”–betrays an all-too-common bias against parental autonomy that ignores the government’s own gross misconduct. From coast to coast, child welfare agencies see parental negligence where none exists and conversely ignore abuse when it’s under their employees’ noses. Federal audits of state child welfare bureaucracies in California and Texas last year found rampant failures to detect abuse, investigate allegations and track referrals.

Moreover, sexual abuse scandals have rocked inner-city schools, suburban public school districts and wealthy private schools alike. “In 2014 alone,” according to former federal education official Terry Abbott, “there were 781 reported cases of teachers and other school employees accused or convicted of sexual relationships with students.”
There's one big infotainment story, discussed at the beginning of the article, in which some people got tied up inside the house, whatever ... I'm not a follower. One story gets used in attempt to clamp down on people that buck Educational-Industrial Complex, while lots of the terrible stuff that goes on there is overlooked - sound familiar? Oh, notice that NPR is in on the criticism, while being "supported by listeners like YOU".

The reasons for the anger of the establishment about homeschooling and the reason I think it is one of the best ways for American to actually do something to change the quick slide to hell this country is on may have to be Part 2 [Way to miss not get to the point yet! - ed.]. Yeah, I wanted to wrap this one up with these points, but this post is getting long, so Part 2 will be soon in coming.

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Do as the Romans did - post about water

Posted On: Thursday - January 25th 2018 9:15AM MST
In Topics: 
  Treehuggers  Curmudgeonry  Economics  Environmental Stupidity  Geography

See, this is what I'm talking about. I've been toting the cases of cheap bottled water through and out the grocery store, loading them into the car, unloading them at the front, putting them up, then throwing the 10 or more empty bottles a day into the bin ... In the meantime, there are bottling plants with big machinery that could better be used for making Coke-cola, shrink-wrapping machines for the pallets, pallet jacks and fork lifts, trucks that drive city miles all over with these ~ 25 lb. cases of cheap-ass bottled water. Oh, I forgot for a minute the recycling trucks and the machines over at the transfer station, conveyors, sorters, crushers (all the cool stuff that the kids love) to sort the empty bottles. There's lots of human work involved too.

The customers aren't really paying for the water - they are paying for all that labor and loads of diesel fuel and gasoline to get the stuff onto your shelf. What if we could somehow get this stuff to go directly from the plant over at the river to somewhere in your house? Viola!, or wallah! as the kids tweet now, I got it! Pipes! Pipes, I tell you! Oh ... what? ... You say there is a patent already out for that? ... doing that now? ... wait, what about the Romans? ... [/Bob Newhart mode]

C'mon guys, whatdya need a refresher course? It's all economic geography these days! Peak Stupidity has not written many posts with the geography topic key, but it fits for this. I took an economic geography class a while back, and the Professor did a great job of explaining why towns are where they are, and that sort of thing, which is the point of it. Geography is not all "what's the capital and chief form of terrorism in East Bumfuckistan?". Back to the water, the Coke and other soft drinks get bottled locally for a good reason - it's all basically water - water is HEAVY and water is ALL OVER THE PLACE. There's no reason to ship it from a central Coke-cola plant in Atlanta, Georgia. Well, water is made out of pretty much ... hell it IS water. Same deal.

Why even drive the stuff around town? It was, what, 2,000-odd years ago when the Romans built these aqueducts to move water over great distances.

(True, they didn't have panel trucks and roller-door trailers, so necessity is the mother of invention.)

OK, that was all open-channel flow, same as irrigation canals we have nowadays, but pretty damn impressive. Even in the pressurized-flow regime though (just looked this up) the Romans had lead piping that long ago.

Enough history, though. Seriously here, it's all about minimizing energy use and labor. Pumps at the water plant are the place where energy is expended. After that, water goes up to the elevated tank (or one on a hill) and gravity and Bernoulli's law of fluid conservation of energy takes care of the rest. All we need is some potential energy left at the house (in terms of pressure) and we can pour the stuff.

This is not China where you really don't want to drink the stuff, a subject for a humorous post to come (if I can find the picture). In most American locales, the water's fine - get a filter set-up if need be. This whole damn bottled-water craze over the last 20 years or so is highly inefficient. The treehuggers will talk about the empty bottles and that, but what bothers me is all that effort and wasted energy driving it around and loading and unloading, vs. just a set of pumps at the front end.

Hold on, you hypocritical curmudgeon, the astute reader should be thinking (or yelling at the screen) - why are YOU taking part in this sham? I'll tell you why, I didn't pick this hill to stand on as far as my marriage goes. You've probably heard, or even read "You need to know how to pick your battles.". That's what I'm talking about. Yeah, I don't like this whole deal, but it started with my refusing to buy a bottle of water on our honeymoon! Yep, no kidding - "How about a Coke, juice, that nasty Pepsi, anything?!" An argument ensued ... yeah ... now we're killing the planet day by day. Mother Gaia hates my guts with the passion the Peak Stupidity blog reserves only for the Hildabeast*.

Yeah, the next anticipated question from the reader is one I'm quite prepared to answer: Besides the aqueducts, the lead pipes, the rule of law, and the secret formula for Coke-cola, WHAT HAVE THE ROMANS EVER DONE FOR US!?

* No, that's not really true. She's gotta appreciate the Peak Stupidity blog's exposure of the stupidity of thinking human overpopulation is not a factor in how she gets treated. More here.

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God's acre is a fenced-in hallowed ground

Posted On: Tuesday - January 23rd 2018 6:01PM MST
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Not Lilydale, but beautiful Mt. Auburn cemetery around Boston, Massachusetts.

I started re-listening to those 10,000 maniacs a week back, as I ... no, I don't mean the Antifa ... I'm writing about Natalie Merchant's ex-band here; do try to keep up. Anyhoo, where was I? Yeah, a friend turned me on to the band about the time of the album Blind Man's Zoo, 2 albums after the song featured in this post. Bands with original rock sounds like this were called "alternative rock" - not "alt-rock", as we didn't shorten up things like JLo and Brangelina back then - and WE LIKED IT THAT WAY. This alternate rock, besides the grunge music that came out about that time, was the last gasp of the period of generally decent music, I suppose.

When I came to hear the song here a number of years later, just catching up on the older 10,000 Maniacs material, it was such a great one for me. It's that the song is about hanging out in graveyards - or cemeteries, if you like that word better. I had always liked to go there to be in peace, when I was living in the big city. The noise was gone, the people there were no hassle, and the scenery was always kept very nice, of course. Just like Miss Merchant wrote (below), it's not some haunting, weirdo thing to sit there and enjoy the peace and quiet. I am always respectful and try to keep away from anyone coming to mourn a loved one lost to this world.

Just checking out some of the gravestones is nice too, especially if the place has been around a long while, as the last names and other small bits of info. give an idea of what kind of people inhabited the place. One can see how long they lived and the lengths of the generations when families are buried together there. I'm no historian, but, of course, many cemeteries are a primary source for historians.

I have discontinued this habit just due to location, but need to return, hopefully in the usual state. Here:

Come as we go far away
from the noise of the street.
Walk a path so narrow
to a place where we feel at peace.

Some think it is so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
There's a stillness here, thankful found.

A child's pose angelic;
a stone lamb at her feet.
Part the matted overgrowth
to read the carven elegy.

Some think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
There's a stillness here, thankful found.

Born in New Albion
of Rice family elite,
wed to Myron Bilowe.
Thrice with sons
blessed was she.

Some think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
God's acre is a fenced in hallowed ground

Here soon to rise up,
Amelia tender and sweet.
Her last words spoke out
"all is well, all is peace".

Some think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
God's acre is a fenced in hallowed ground.

Some still think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
God's acre is a fenced in hallowed ground.
It's a hallowed ground.

The song is "Lilydale", and the name fits this beautiful song. Written by guitarist Robert Buck with Natalie Merchant, it's off of the album The Wishing Chair from back in 1985, 2 years prior to In my Tribe with the track "Hey, Jack Kerouac" from that previous post on those maniacal beatniks.

Last thing here, would a Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or Taylor Swift ever be able to write a song with this great tune and beautiful lyrics? Hell, I'd be satisfied [NOT! - ed] with just grammatically correct lyrics as a starter, or, oh, yeah, maybe annunciating them as well as Miss Merchant vs. ululating on half the notes like some kind of Moslem orangutang. That's not any kind of un-PC hate, BTW - I'm just sayin, that's all ...

(The song lyrics site has "hallowed" as "hollow", but I'll give him a break on that ignorance based on the slight difficulty with Natalie Merchant's Yankee/Mass accent.)

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