Georgy Girl by The Seekers

Posted On: Thursday - October 5th 2017 11:55PM MST
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This folk music "combo" (that's what they called bands back then) was from Australia. The lady is one Judith Durham, and this concert was in Melbourne, Australia, at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in 1967. It was a homecoming for them after having success with this song, and, as it turns out, a number of others, that I've never heard in America and Great Britain. Oh, also, the 200,000 people in attendance set a record for the Southern Hemisphere - it's probably a lot easy to set records there!

The Seekers were named "Australians of the Year" the next year. It's kind of quaint that this band would be the biggest thing going*, for this country of 12,000,000 non-diversified people back then. Look at the audience - would you rather have lived in Australia back then than now? That's an easy one.

* Well, yes, this was before AC-DC.

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Green is the new cheap-ass.

Posted On: Thursday - October 5th 2017 8:56AM MST
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  Treehuggers  Curmudgeonry  Economics  Environmental Stupidity

OK, I just liked that title, but it could just be "Green is the new frugal". This is what I mean, this card that hung on the bathroom door in the hotel room:

First of all, you've got to use a bunch of bleach to keep the towels white, as is advertised. I'm fine with that, but it's not particularly good on the environment. How about get some black ones, so stains from previous customers won't be visible even without bleach? Too nasty? Fair enough.

Now, the real problem we here at Peak Stupidity have with the stupid card and flyers like it all over hotel/motel rooms these days is the lying. Is using up all the towels during your stay going to save that red-eyed, orange-footed frog any more than using only one your whole stay? No, the frog will get eaten anyway, because he is very colorful. I'm no Frenchman, but this guy looks pretty tasty, as his eyes look a bit like M&M's.

OK, seriously, is there not enough water? There's plenty of water, though it takes resources at the water plant, and it takes energy to heat it. Is this another Global Climate DisruptionTM thing? It probably saves some energy in the big commercial washers and dryers downstairs. None of this stuff is why this hotel chain prints 10's of thousands of these cards and distributes at least 2 to a room.

Nope, it's about 2 things: First, this is a sop to the treehugger guests and anyone else, most people, who care about the environment but haven't got past the BS. This is called "virtue signalling" in some circles (and just some people in lines too). The hotel can make you feel proud of them for this GREEN effort, and additionally (cause here's the main reason): Secondly, it saves a little money. It's less picking up for the housekeepers and a bit less energy per room and can add up to a decent savings for the hotel chain. Just say it - "We are asking people to conserve to keep our rates low. signed, Ramalamadingdong Patel." This is frugality disguised as environmentalism called GREEN. There's nothing at all wrong with frugality, but lying is not cool.

Additionally, this treehugger BS irks me more than the average hotel guest because my family was very conservative with stuff like this anyway. Especially with regard to food, but also other commodities, we just never wasted much. It can be frugality, but it's also a matter of principle - "Waste not, want not", "they" say (in some circles). I don't abuse all the towels in the room and try not to mess it up much, because those housekeepers work hard for low pay. However, it's not about the trees or the bees, or those tasty cute tree frogs, and this crap makes me flush the plastic-coated flyers down the toilet. How GREEN is that?

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You're Jammin' Me!

Posted On: Wednesday - October 4th 2017 7:58PM MST
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  Curmudgeonry  Economics

Take it back - you're jammin' me!

After having mentioned the late Tom Petty's "Jammin' Me in a post yesterday, this afternoon's mail drove home another instance of the world jammin' me, the usual junk mail. It's not really the simple ads that piss me off, but the stuff that looks like it just may be important.

I believe these marketing people have gotten more clever as the years have gone by. It's not enough just to have a 30 Gallon trash can right next to the row of mailboxes as I used to use when living in an apartment. Some of this stuff is from all the big businesses that one has* to deal with, the bank, cable company, etc. They are getting very good at writing just the type of information to mislead one into thinking he'd better open this, but not enough to be an out-and-out lie. Yeah, I'm all done with the ones that look like checks... fool me once, shame on you, fool me a coupla dozen times .. screw you!

When's the last time YOU looked forward to getting paper mail? For me, I was about 18 years old.

Here's a story: I opened up a piece of junk mail one day soliciting for money for an Indian (feather) school in South Dakota. I was feeling generous, and decided why not give them $50 or so. It felt kinda good, until the junk mail from this school started pouring in. I think they had sent me 25 more pieces of mail with 1/2 year. It wasn't just that I didn't sign up for that crap. I was more upset that this school had about spent my $50 already in printing, handling, and postage! My money had been blown all to hell, and they obviously had no protocol for stopping the mail once a donor hasn't responded in a while.

The 2nd time I called over there to ask them nicely to stop sending junk mail, it didn't end nicely. After talking to someone who didn't seem to care, I told him "no wonder the white man took all of you people's land - you're disorganized as all get out!" It felt kinda good, in fact.

Take back, your special offers.
Take back your urgent messages.
Take back open immediately.
Give em all some place to go....

You're jammin' me!

* excepting those who do some of this electronically, but that has its bigger drawbacks.

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Arctic sea ice extensive ... Seals and minorities hardest hit

Posted On: Wednesday - October 4th 2017 7:31PM MST
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  Global Climate Stupidity

See, polar bears eat a lot of seals, and these bears love to frolic on the ice. (Got it? Good!) A Zerohedge article a week back said "Inconvenient? Record Arctic Sea Ice Growth In September".

There are a few graphs that are fairly easy to read (ZH financial data graphs all seem to suck, so this is a pleasant change.) Interestingly, this amount of ice - let's talk mass here, as that MAY be what matters to the Global Climate DisrutpionTM Chicken Littles - cannot easily be measured. Is this extent of the Arctic ice just important as a measure of temperature just for that region of the earth? Wouldn't it depend on how thick it is, and what kind of ice, as any sea water kept under about 28 F (-2 C) will be frozen but temperatures deep in it could be anything in a wide range of values. They don't measure all that, because they can't,

Possibly area covered by sea ice could be important to any WORKING model of the earth's climate, as albedo (reflectivity of the surface) would be much higher with ice. That's what the Zerohedge graphs and climate scientists mean by "extent". They should say "surface area". Extent could mean some type of average of the most southerly range of the ice, integrated over longitude. What would that mean as far as climate observation is concerned? There could be holes more northerly.

I guess the total mass of ice would tell you the most about average temperature and other conditions in the region, but again, the thickness can't be measured easily via satellite, so we don't hear about it.

OK, why all this rambling about something climate scientists could probably explain lots better than Peak Stupidity can? The reason is that this is just observational data. Besides the fact, described in multiple posts with the Global Climate Stupidity topic key attached, that there is no working model of the earth's climate, this ice MASS observation is not even well-standardized or understood enough to CHECK any such models with. If you can't even get good measurements, how can you do science?

That'd be a good question for one Professor Peter Wadhams, as the article shows a tweet or slide from the guy predicting that the ice would "collapse" by last year. If you were hoping to kayak from south Hudson's Bay in Ontario over the pole for a fresh seafood dinner over in Nordvick, Russia, you may want to call your Eskimos and see if you can get a partial refund at least. At least the Ruskies can't invade this way either - they'll just have to keep on hacking.

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RIP Tom Petty

Posted On: Tuesday - October 3rd 2017 6:13PM MST
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  Music  TV, aka Gov't Media

From the real Southern part of Florida, up around Ocala and north of there, Tom Petty will be missed by those who were privileged to grow up during a time when music didn't suck.

I only found out late last night, when reading a memorial post (with 120 or so good comments) of Steve Sailer's that Mr. Petty had a heart attack and died. That explains why the restaurant/bar I was in last evening was playing Tom Petty nonstop, and the best stuff too.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are special to me, because they and Pat Beaneater came on the radio to PUT AN END TO DISCO. It’s probably just me, but hearing that actual rock-and-roll after 2 – 3 years (a long time when you are very young) of disco was such a relief. We thought the disco was going to go on forever, but then Don’t Want to Live Like a Refugee came on the radio! It was the same time Pat Benetar’s Heartbreaker came on too (not that she is a like talent, hence an old friend’s moniker, Miss Beaneater was in use for her later on).

My favorites are Louisiana Rain, Free Falling, Learning to Fly (I think the latter of those last 2, BTW is about skydiving also – real flying), and Southern Accents for the ballads, then my favorite rockers would be Listen to her Heart (with that great bass line), The Waiting, Rebels, Running Down a Dream, and American Girl. I guess Jammin Me would be my favorite for lyrics.

“Take back Vanessa Redgrave
Take back Joe Piscopo
Take back Eddie Murphy
Give ‘em all some place to go!”

(I don't know if Mr. Petty had any particular problem with any of the 70's-80's entertainers mentioned, but he was tired of getting "Jammed" by the idiot box. Tell me about it, Tom!)

We can't put all the good ones up, but here's Peak Stupidity's picks for Tom Petty's best ballad and then best hard rocker:

BTW, when I listen to that disco now, I think that, no it’s no rock and roll but not so bad. Man, what the kids have had to put up with for 2 DECADES now with the hip/hop crap makes the disco era seem a walk in the park in comparison.

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More Drama at Dennys

Posted On: Tuesday - October 3rd 2017 5:51PM MST
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  General Stupidity  Curmudgeonry  Race/Genetics

This time it comes scattered and smothered... wait, that's Waffle House. Dennys is all about the "Grand Slam" breakfast, and 15 years ago that was a hell of a deal too. It was sometime about that far back that Dennys had some big deal made of the allegations that they didn't go all out to serve the black customers. Apparently their slam wasn't all that grand.

In the present day, per a short VDare blog post, Denny’s Fires Employees For Making Blacks Pay First It's a short post by a writer named Eugene Gant, so you can read it in a minute, but I'll sum it up. The only strange thing is that the source ciete is from the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Richland, Kennewick), east of the mountains in Washington State, while the happening was in Federal Way, just south of Seattle, on the way to Tacoma (with further stops in "Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA...")

The manager of this particular Dennys had been stiffed on payment for the meal a number of times and had told this particular waitress to get money in advance for all black customers. Now, I'll say it's pretty rude, this assumption of guilt, because it's still probably only a few percent of the black customers, still, that walked out without paying. Still, he had every right to do it, I don't care what some civil rites law says, freedom to do business as one pleases SHOULD be honored (yeah, SHOULD is the key word.)

It's a couple of holier-than-thou white customers who decided to make a big issue out of what happened at that Dennys, which ended up getting the waitress (and other employees) fired for just doing what she was told. These two customers wanted everyone to be treated the same (no matter how much they tip, I guess, also). I can see this resulting in a policy of having ALL restaurant customers pay in advance for meals, which would be another instance of a downfall of the former united, trusting society that once existed in America.

This reminded me of the same situation with regard to pumping gasoline at the station. It was only 9 years ago that all stations where I live, with maybe some holdouts in nice rural areas, that want payment before pumping. Before the summer of 2008, it was only inner-city-shithole stations that wanted the money in advance. It started everywhere else when gas was on the way up through $4/G, which would be $5.50/G or so in today's dollars. (No, inflation is NOT running 1-2%, as our Feral Gov. accountants tell us.) I guess the number of drive-offs was increasing rapidly. The new, non-trusting way is not really a hassle for credit/debit customers, but now for filling up with a cash payment, you've got 2 trips inside. See, I like to really fill up the tank. I can guess on how much it will take from the trip odometer, but I often need the change. OK, enough with the whining - it's just the way it is now, but I wonder who remembers that it wasn't long ago, you'd pump your gas, then pay, and if it'll change in low-end restaurants too. Usually it's just due to a few people that have to screw it up, as they would tell you in Kindergarten, and now at Dennys.

Show me the money! (Hell, be glad it doesn't play commercials at you while you're pumping the fuel.)

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Smart Devices / Dumb People - Will Moore's Law hold?

Posted On: Saturday - September 30th 2017 5:08PM MST
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  Curmudgeonry  Computer Tech Stupidity

Lots and lots of cool icrap:

Moore's law of electronics is not a real physical law, or even a US House of Representatives law, but just a prediction of a doubling of transistor quantity in electronics every 2 years. Hey, Gordon Moore, who made this prediction back in 1965 founded both Intel and Fairchild Semiconductors, so he was no slouch. BTW, who uses the term semiconductors anymore, even though they still are, right? I dunno, ask Siri - I'm sure she knows what the fuck she's talking about; she's got a few million transistors herself underneath that soothing exterior.

It has just occurred to us, due to a small break in the stupidity level, that, hey, because smarter electronics make for stupider people, would not stupidity double every 2 years also? How could we reach Peak Stupidity, then, without the electronics peaking out - meaning the end of Moore's Law.

Well, a guy answered an ad for some extra building materials I had for sale - 25 pieces of siding. He told me on the phone that he knew our area a little bit, as he'd lived there for 2 years. "OK", I told him, "From what you know already, I can give you directions with just only 3 or 4 turns. It's pretty easy." "No, no", he says, "Just give me the address - I'll plug it in my Tom-Tom GPS". "OK, are you sure?" "I'll see you there." Apparently, it's way too much trouble today to write down a few easy direction - too much time spent looking out of the windows of the car too - that's bad I guess??

People run late a lot, but when I got another call from this guy, it confirmed knew he should have listened to me. "Hey, I got off of 'Center St' too soon. I turned onto 'Elm', not 'Dogwood'. I need to turn around." "No, that's OK, I know where you are. Did you pass the school yet?" See, it's just a grid there - the blocks are rectangles. "I don't know", he says, "I'd better go back. I don't know where I am." "Well, what street are you crossing now?" "I don't know." "They've got damn signs! Just read a sign!"

When he got there I didn't give him any of the overage above what I told him for our deal, as I was so pissed. It did make me think "Are they gonna replace any signs anymore that rust or the college kids steal?" Who knows? There are going to be times when the old skills help you navigate through LIFE, and they go away pretty fast if you trust the electronics 100%.

There are people out there who've been going back and forth from their house to everywhere for years but still don't know where they really are in the world.

You can keep all your icrap and live in your electronic world, but I won't.

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Russians and Chinese and Bears, oh my! (and Pandas), Pt. 4

Posted On: Saturday - September 30th 2017 4:27PM MST
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  The Russians  China  Economics  Americans

Posts 2 and 3 of this series have been about the economic exit from hard-core Communism in Russia and China, respectively, while post 1 is an introduction to what Americans, or at least foreign-policy makers ought to be worried, or just knowledgeable about with regard to these major nations. Here, we have a summary on the state of these economies and more speculation on the reason for the differences between that of Russia, China, and America.

Wuhan, China - not even "Top Tier"

Just look at this city - this is Wuhan, China, capital of Hubei (North Lake) province in China. As mentioned in post 1, China is growing tremendously - the changes in civil infrastructure will be a subject for a coming post (the series will also include something on manufacturing infrastructure along with the promised post on free-market Chinese health care). Well, yeah, we all know that. The fact that there are many cities the size (and with the skylines of) New York City) is still something new to most people, and pictures don't do it justice. Why Wuhan is shown above is just that it is NOT Shanghai, Peking, Chongching, Hong Kong/Canton, as they are well known "1st Tier"* cities. Anyhow, it's the capital of Hubei, and the capital cities in China must be the biggest ones - they have always been BIG, BIG into centralization, hence the whole Communism era there (hell even before that, they've loved their bureaucracy for 5,000 years.) The point here is that this is not the NYC of China.

Let's take a medium-sized state like North Carolina and compare it's capital, Raleigh and compare to Wuhan. Raleigh has 1/2 a million people to Wuhan's 10 million. Of course it would have a bigger skyline, lots of lights, and subways (the train ones vs. Raleigh's sandwich ones!) As discussed here and here among other posts with the "China" and "Immigration Stupidity" topic keys. Peak Stupidity understands the low population is a GOOD thing, and life is better when we are spread out. We have also mentioned how the Chinese have a long-term cultural thing of liking to live close together, but we don't. That notwithstanding, the Chinese have the money now to build out these huge cities. (In America, we do not even have the money here to keep our cities from falling apart - more on this... ) It's not that we should be envious, because most Americans do not want to live in those kind of places, but we should just be aware of how powerful the Chinese economy is. It also shows what the Chinese can make of our country if/once they buy up parts of it.

Because they manufacture for the world, the money for industrial and retail. products pours in to China. Now, Russia, in comparison is more just a bunch of resources, the timber, metals, oil/gas, etc. to be extracted, and their population is about 1/8 that of China. Is that necessarily a bad thing? No, as said 2 paragraphs above. I'll say right here that I don't have the 1st-hand knowledge of Russia, as opposed to of China, so there is not as much to say here. However, the Russians have not panned out to be (or never were) good small-businessmen like the Chinese. Both nations are made up of a fairly smart populace, but as the Russian were always the best in math, metallurgy, other high-level engineering research, 2"-thick books about life's struggles, etc, as opposed to applied technical knowledge and the "art of the deal". I would guess the Chinese are more hard-working than the Russians, but is that genetically inherent or just due to a 50% shorter duration under hard-core Communism? 70 years of "we pretend to work; they pretend to pay us" can ruin the work ethic for good, I suppose.

Beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia:

There's nowhere near the population, infrastructure, and towering modern skyline as a 3rd Tier city in China, but still it's not a dump and is probably a great place to live for a city dweller (you'd better like the cold though... brrrr!)

How about Americans in comparison? Before the welfare state, it was America with not necessarily the hardest workers, but the smartest-working people, which is what it takes. The organizational skills (not government bureaucracy, mind you, but independent or small-business thoughtful planning) of Americans may still be the best. The organizational skills I'm writing about came from the British, as almost all of our culture did from the forming of the nation. The British Empire did not come about from a disorganized bunch, and the strong belief in rule-of-law and fairness are a big part of what was passed on to the builders of America. Over the last 50 years with both the introduction of the socialist welfare state that has taking the hard-working traits out of a big chunk of American society AND the government-provided immigration explosion, who knows where we stand on this at the present day?

This brings to mind then, the one area in which both Russian and China have a big advantage over the United State now, and that is unity of the population. It didn't matter under Communism when everyone can be equally miserable, but now it's an important point that the Han Chinese (the regular non-minority) Chinese people are over 90% of the country. Yes, they all look the same, maybe even if you are a Chinaman, but there are differences. Still > 90% is culturally unified, kind of like, I dunno, America used to be 90% white people. In Russia, the Christian (culturally anyway, not necessarily religiously) white Russians are in the mid 80% of the population from my reading. They do have their Moslem contingent, as does China. Interestingly both of these lands have the Moslem people due to their own empire building. Not to get into the whole history, due to lack of knowledge and time, but the USSR had control of Moslem areas, and many of the people migrated to places at the heart of the current Russian. In China, it seems like most of the Moslems are in lands that were their own also, take Xinjiang, (please!), and I don't think they want to move into China proper more than just be left alone. Even so, the demographically unified basic population of these 2 nations is a big factor giving them an advantage in the future over, say, Brazil, or an America turning into, say, Brazil.

Detroit, Michigan - formerly "Paris of the West":

That is modern-day Detroit. Sure, I could show a skyline of the small 1 sq-mile of so of the nice downtown, but that's not much of Detroit. This city used to be called the "Paris of the West" and that was NO joke. Who's been running the place for the last 50 years? How is America going to manage to stay a part of the modern world with this diversity? The advantage goes to Russia and China, and this is a big one. Maybe the only way we'll come out ahead is to help convert them back to Communism, but we'd better get on it before we're already converted ourselves!

*The Chinese use this terminology, as they are big on rating things with numbers. We have the 1 to 5 star hotel ratings here too, but who really decides this stuff? In China, they are big on this. A 4-star or even 3-star hotel can be pretty nice, BTW, and then the 5-star ones, besides being seriously pricey, as in the US, also have people who will speak English to you - it doesn't mean they will really understand until you go over it a couple of times, possibly using drawings, though. ;-}

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Anarcho-Tyranny, British Style

Posted On: Friday - September 29th 2017 10:28PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Anarcho-tyranny

Upon reading this Zerohedge article, UK Public Schools Forcing Girls As Young As Four To Wear Muslim Veil for the Immigration Stupidity, Peak Stupidity has come across a good example of ATATP, or Anarcho-Tyranny Across The Pond. It's not like examples aren't all around, but I just noticed that what may have been thought of as hypocrisy before is a good example of anarcho-tyranny. Britain is pretty far gone with this, as they are compared to America in most major sectors of stupidity. Not to worry, though, as we colonials will give our all to catch up, as is usually the case.

The large Moslem influx and influence in UK society has been thoroughly documented on as something to NOT emulate, and this story is about kids as young as 4 years old being made to wear the Moslem "tent-wear".

Activists associated with the investigation cited by The Sunday Times called the uniform requirements “illiberal and repressive” and stated, “no child should be obliged to wear the hijab or any other article of religious clothing while at school.” Included among those appealing to the UK education secretary to root out such practices, especially when they appear at state funded schools, are Muslim women activists.
Note first that you don't hear too much about feminist* activists, who one would think would have a problem with this, nor anti-immigration activists. It's only the Moslems who are ALLOWED to be activists without getting in trouble with THE STATE. We have to import our activists, apparently, to fight some of these problems associated with all this immigration. OK, then.

That is the 1st example of anarcho-tyranny here, as ony special groups are allowed to protest against the system, but not the average regular Brit, who will be seen as a "hater" and screwed accordingly by government, while the Moslem immigrant activist wouldn't even if he wasn't even legally in Britain.

Of course, it's mostly a good thing when the state leaves private religious schools alone to do or require whatever they want in terms of dress code, but that state funded UK schools would enforce Muslim veils is the deepest hypocrisy in a country which has recently been known to target and punish families wanting to opt out of LGBT related curriculum. The British authorities have even threatened Orthodox Jewish schools with closure with the ultimatum: "teach your children about homosexuality and gender reassignment, or we will close you down."
See, it is seen by the writer, Mr. "Tyler Durden" as hypocrisy, as Mr. Durden has not become aware of the idea of anarcho-tyranny, as far as I've read.
In a trend that began years ago, the British education secretary began warning even Christian private schools that their teaching curriculum must reflect the "UK values" and laws concerning transgender recognition. The government now routinely cites "combating extremist" as a motive for getting private schools to conform.
It's easy to beat the regular UK population into submission [Hey, wait, isn't that what "Islam" means, submission? Ed.]. They have jobs they may want to keep. and kids who could get in big trouble, and they still care about fairness and the rule-of-law and all that. The newcomer Moslems, however, aren't gonna take a lot of grief from the British Government Infidels, so that government doesn't want to mess with them. Besides, it is helping to replace the upstart middle-class, or what's left of it and completely culturally destroy the place, which is kind of the point for the elites in said government.

Again, don't think we won't catch up here in this area of stupidity.

*About the feminists, they may have been on the anarcho end of the anarcho-tyranny of yesteryear, but they've been slid over to the other side relative to Moslems. "Relational-Anarcho-Tyranny" - sounds like a good graduate-level course that should be required for matriculation from the College of Stupidity Studies.

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The NFL brewhaha - an Equal-Stupidity Operation

Posted On: Wednesday - September 27th 2017 7:44PM MST
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  General Stupidity  Trump  Curmudgeonry  Americans  Race/Genetics

After having avoided reading about it (besides headlines), for weeks, I read this Steve Sailer article in Takimag, which is a great summary of the entire NFL "industry" and a good read. Since I've gone that far, let me give my take on the entire NFL/Star-Spangled Banner/BLM/Trump-tweet fiasco after trying to avoid every damn thing about it for the last few weeks (but I always enjoy the Sailer Takimag articles). In summary, everyone involved is wrong and everyone involved acted stupidly.

The first guy, Capernick or whatever, had some guts to act on his political feelings, but his political feelings were stupid, as BLM claims are almost all wrong.

As a libertarian, I think it admirable to decline to act as part of a warfare state and to sit during the anthem, but for a good cause. These players have no good cause besides just showing black solidarity and wanting attention.

The one player with guts who did come out and stand hand-over-heart was pretty damn stupid to apologize the next day. Either don’t do it or stand by your position – what’s wrong with the guy?

The coaches are wrong to take the side of their players over the fans. Where do they think the money comes from to support their huge salaries and all the perks for everyone involved? Stupid, stupid, and more stupid.

The fans are wrong to make this big a deal about the national anthem. I understand it at a baseball game, as that is the national pastime, but WTF does Francis Scott Key and the rockets’ red glare have to do with watching a bunch of thugs run around under the supervision of military-wannabees with headsets? How many of these fans would be so militaristic if they had ever had a rockets’ red glare aimed at their ass, or seen men’s guts torn out, and legs held on by tendons only, or seen people get burned to death, especially if it’s all to “spread democracy” around the Middle East.

President Trump was wrong to tweet anything at all while the BORDERS ARE STILL OPEN! He should find something constructive to do and stay out of stupid controversies about non-constructive pro sports.

What about all the pundits that have written the 1,000's of articles about who's right (again, nobody) and who's wrong (everyone), when there are serious, and some existential problems in this country and the world? They are wrong in their perspective by allowing this to dominate the news and ... [Enough, YOU'RE A PUNDIT! Do you want to put us both out of a job? Ed.]

Bottom line – nobody at all was in the right here, and this whole thing is a big ball of stupid and has increased American stupidity levels by a significant percentage in a few weeks, a feat heretofore considered impossible. Peak Stupidity might be achievable by year’s end with one good Hail Mary.

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Judge no, Senator Roy Moore of Alabama

Posted On: Wednesday - September 27th 2017 5:45AM MST
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  Trump  Americans

Constitutionality per Amend. I questionable, but Peak Stupidity likes this ACTUAL cowboy.

(Peak Stupidity remembers this guy from way back, but had just always thought the Commandments were on a plaque. This is a monument on a 3-ft high pedestal.)

We're kinda timely here on Peak Stupidity this AM - just got caught up on the rest of the internet over a hearty Peak Stupidity Count Chocula, bacon, and gold-fish cracker breakfast. Though just one US Senate election, these things often have wider implications. James Kirkpatrick, one of the solid VDare writers analyses this election win, maybe not a win for President Trump, DEFINITELY NOT a win for the Red-wing establishment, but a win for the people. One may comment on this article here on

A few comment here that may be disjointed compared to our usual hopefully fluidic writing style, but out of time:

1) From the article:
As a result, Judge Moore openly campaigned against his party’s own Senate leader during the primary, claiming a victory for him would mean the end of McConnell’s hapless leadership.
Yeah, back to a theme (meme?) from yesterday, are we in Bizarro-America now? Is this not enough evidence for anyone that R’s and D’s are just two wings of The Party working together to get the elite establishment’s job done?


2) This election result is a good thing, and not just because Roy Moore has got a lot going for him as a rebel. It shows that the establishment CAN be beat, at least at this level. This may be part of a new movement to steer things in America onto a decent path by continuing the Trump movement without Trump, if he's not gonna lead. It’s just best not to let this effort get changed into an official movement with names, T-shirts and treasurers and secretaries. All that would come out of that would be that the movement would be soon co-opted by a) those with no principles who put their career hopes into the new organization, and just want a political job and the money. b) those who actively infiltrate the organization in order to force it back into the establishment fold.

That lesson should have been learned from the Reform Party of ’92-’96 and the Tea Party of ’08= ’12. RIP to both of them.


3) Per one of the comments on unz under this Kirkpatrick article, it is possible that this new Senator will get "inducted", so to speak, into the establishment by the Deep State early on. so what's the point? I say he is the last guy this would happen to.

This guy has not just been called “a cowboy”, like it’s a bad thing. He HAS BEEN a cowboy. About the 10 Commandments issue of many years back, whether one’s interpretation is that his court was in violation of US Constitution Amend I or not is one thing (my conclusion – NOT), but it’s the way he stood up for his beliefs to the point of resigning or getting canned from some of his positions in government that should be admired.

Keep in mind, Ronald Reagan was “slurred” as a cowboy way back in the day, when only Euroweenies and Ameriweenies saw it as a slur. He/we heard this so many times when President Reagan up and used non-nuanced terminology about the Communist Soviet Union. I remember all this. . He was a man of principle too, though many think the Deep State got a hold of him pretty early on, as that .22 shot may have been a warning to him (it was no easy thing, his surviving that. The medical technology in 1981 was nothing like today’s).


Anyway, I can’t say Moore is exactly my kind of guy politically, but he may be one of the hardest guys for the Deep State to bring into the fold.

Back to point 1, am I getting this right? The President campaigned for the more establishment candidate (i.e. neither a friend to Alabamans nor Americans), all other parts of the political establishment were against Roy Moore including his party leader, and Roy Moore campaigned on a policy of being AGAINST his own party and WON! This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy ...

(only :15 - may as well watch through :08 if you like girls!)

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Frau Merkel - Bizarro-Hitler in Bizarro-Germany

Posted On: Tuesday - September 26th 2017 9:09PM MST
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As mentioned in our last post, what's going on in Germany with Angela Merkel and her invitation to an invasion of the refugee-refuse of the world to western Europe is going to be bad for everyone.

Let me first just explain the term Bizarro-_____, as unless you are a comic-book fan (and Peak Stupidity is not familiar either), you wouldn't know it. It is from Superman(?) or one of these superhero stories in which Bizarro World is a place where everything is opposite of Earth. To Peak Stupidity, it can be an apt description of some of the stupidity seen, and it's amusing as the term was brought up in Seinfeld episodes, especially one in which Elaine ends up with 3 "Bizarro" friends who are the opposite of Jerry, George, and Newman. A neat thing I read about the show is that there is supposed to be a reference to superheros in EVERY episode of that show! It is something I have not been able to disprove so far - there is usually some "banter" about rubberman or something. OK, that's more than what we need for background here.

When compared to Nazi-era Germany, the current country seems like Bizarro-Germany, and the idiot leader Merkel seems like a Bizarro-Hitler, and that's the theme here. There will be lots of turmoil in Germany and Western Europe coming due to the leaders, policies and people just like there were 80-odd years back, yet things are turned around so much that you wonder how this bizarro world can end up the same way, as it's opposite did.

That was then, this is now.

A little bit about the guy on the left. History has not been kind to this man. It's mostly because he was on the losing side the biggest war ever fought, but there's a bit more than that. The cntrl-left, Lyin Press, and just about every other non-thinking individual has this guy pegged as evil itself. They are right about one thing - this guy is LITERALLY HITLER - there's no arguing against that. There's no room here to get into a whole discussion about the history of Adolf Hitler, but we'll summarize a few things for later comparison to the current-era German strong-man woman.

Adolf Hitler was a man who came to power in terrible economic times for his country. One doesn't hear very much about all the background of 1920's Germany and the fact that the Communists, supported by the Soviets by then already entrenched in Russia, were all about making Germany into another Commie "workingman's paradise". The Nazi's formed, with many ex-officers of the WWI-defeated German army, partly to save the country from this threat. At this time, due to a terrible deal from the treaty of Versailles (ending WWI), Germany was in a world of hurt economically. The deal did not give the country enough room to recover economically, and hyperinflation occurred to the point of wiping out most savers (those holding paper/account assets in German Marks). The social situation was getting pretty weird too, as I've read.

This guy came along to do right for his land and countrymen. Now, good intentions do NOT make a person "good", and there is history of tyrants everywhere, especially in the 20th century to prove that. Here was a man who ended up with pretty much absolute power, and that is something that YOU! DO! NOT! LET! HAPPEN! without terrible consequences likely. They WERE likely by mid-1930's German when the Nazis had taken over. Now, there is too much speculation and conjecture about how Hitler could have avoided most of Germany's fate by not invading here, or making a treaty, or not honoring this other treaty, much of it very interesting and possibly true, to cover. This is not the (Original!) Nazi History Channel. Suffice it to say that Hitler always was or became something of a madman and pushed his ideology way too far, with no regard for advice of the smart men around him who also cared for Germany and the Germans.

Now, a little bit about the broad on the right. Just last week, this article on Takimag gave a pretty good, long summary of where Angela Merkel came from. It is not pretty at all. I had not known before reading this long article by a German or some Germans going by the handle of "Autorenkollektiv*" that Merkel was not just a Commie via her birthplace (East German) and upbringing there-at. No, she was one of the apparatchiks, a cog in an important place in the Commie party machinery of East Germany. The article is too comprehensive for Peak Stupidity to even excerpt one part - please read the whole thing!
(*Keep in mind that, in fitting with the conclusions to come, these people can't even write what they think in former WEST Germany, hence the anonymity.)

A few more points from the article: Frau Merkel was a physicist and used her high position to get approved to make trips to the West. That gave her a chance to learn about politics in W. Germany which she found a way to muscle in on later. Her position and relations with the West allowed her to get in on the Global Climate DisruptionTM scam right on the ground floor in 1994, way back. She is heavily invested politically in this hysteria and control-scheme. This explains her deep animosity to President Trump and his remarks on the stupidity of the proposed Paris Accords to limit "emissions" of the natural portion of the air known as CO2. The Takimag article also relates how this control freak deigns to tell subjects of the world's governments what to eat, how to travel, and that a "global expert council" is needed to get all these ideas implemented.

Back toward near the present day, Frau Merkel started the supposed-refugee invasion that is in the middle of a process of destroying Europe via demographic change, importation of terrorism, and overwhelming of the socialist welfare system of Europe. The borders of these countries are open, per EU agreement, so Germany's problem becomes Europe's problem, except for in the smart countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic, where they build fences (what a splendid idea!) Was this policy one of stupidity or evil?

After all that background, let's get to the comparison of German eras here.

* In 1930's Germany, there was a strong leader who was a Nationalist, wanted more land for his people, military strength to allow that, an end to the economic hardships for his people, and lastly, the most questionable one, to have his country become pure in ethnic composition.

* In 2010's Germany, there is a party-apparatchik leader with luke-warm support who is a Globalist and wants to ruin the economy while AT THE SAME TIME destroying what's left of the original ethnic composition and AT THE SAME TIME increasing population density with no new land all via the same process. Also, via "Green" and other SJW policies, she will let the military strength wane.

* In 1930's Germany, the people were nationalist, though cautious and later regretful at letting it get too far, especially militarily. They cared about their own people, didn't want foreign influence (the Commies), and wanted to get back on their feet economically as a hard-working people.

* In 2010's Germany, the people have been taught since the end of 1930's Germany that they should feel guilty about all the crimes humanity could ever commit. They are too shamed to even state that a foreign invasion may be bad, mmmkay. They are also ashamed to care more for other Germans than for anyone else, no matter how culturally inferior from anywhere on this globe.

* In 1930's Germany, the press was eventually made to print/broadcast the propaganda of The Nazi State only. Speaking out against the Nazis and against the wars of invasions of most other lands of Europe would get one in serious trouble.

* In 2010's Germany, the press has voluntarily supported The Globalist State, and speaking out against the invasion of Germany will get one in trouble (hence the alias used by the writers of the Takimag article).

It is truly Bizarro Germany with a Bizarro-Hitler at the helm. Yet, it seems that the results may be similar in terms of violence and turmoil. The people have been ignored and now silenced for so long, that when they have had enough, the solution will not be political. Who knows if there are some inner German traits that have survived as non-opposite in this current Bizarro-era. Will they get organized and become a new non-Bizarro Wehrmacht, or War Making Machine?

The Nazis gained power because the German nation was pushed into a corner by the victors of WWI and the Commies. It's a bad idea to corner people, or even an animal as small as a squirrel. Now, in good-old Bizarro fashion, it's a cornering of the German people being done by the leaders of the German nation, along with others. Yet, the result may be again a really bad thing.

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Angela Merkel still in control over at the Fourth Reich

Posted On: Monday - September 25th 2017 4:41PM MST
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Chancellors of the 3rd and 4th Reichs, in numerical order:

I'll give our American political system one thing over the Europeans (along with lots of others, were a certain simple document to be still followed) - we at least pretend to make big changes in government during the elections. In Euro-land, the one group gets more votes, the others a few less, and coalitions are formed between groups that don't have much in common policy-wise, besides the usual Globalism.

Forgive us if Peak Stupidity has not been our usual timely (hahaha) self on reporting the yawn important results of the election in Germany yesterday. Yeah, the same Globalist Commie bitch profiled herein and here-also-in is still the leader of the 4th Reich, a "kinder, gentler" Reich, if you will. It doesn't matter much, as the parties are all more leftwing than even current US politic, though a 13% showing for the AfD, the only nationalist party is just a tad encouraging.

Before a last dig at the Deutsch Reich-Chancellor, I should mention that I used the phrase "pretend to make" earlier in reference to the current American political system. The people are allowed to feel that they can greatly influence the political process, when, if fact, things always inexorably head in the same direction. This seems to be staying true even when a non-establishment fairly-honest guy has been elected president, so ...

Now, back to Germany, I'm not going to say that history is repeating itself here, or even rhyming. The faces are just as evil, but the policies are as opposite as can be - it's not rhyming, but in music it'd be called counterpoint. The sense of the 1/2 of common people is not only being ignored but actively suppressed, and the rest of them will follow the stupidest man (woman) standing. Johnny Cougar, back at his good old American Melloncamp in Seymour, Indiana sung "You better stand for something, or you're gonna' fall for anything!"

Just like 80-years ago, it's not gonna be good for anybody. Tomorrow we will post more on this Bizarro-Hitler.

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1989-1990 in music history - "Right Here, Right Now"

Posted On: Saturday - September 23rd 2017 5:42PM MST
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The song for tonight's post is from 1990. That year and a year earlier were an amazing time politically. While writing parts 2 and 3 of "Russians and Chinese and Bears, oh my! (and Pandas) the time of the end of the Cold War came to mind. As written in the 1st post of the series, Americans saw the Cold War as mostly with the enemy Russia vs. China at least after Viet Nam. The end of the Soviet Union that came in 1989 was not forseen by Americans even 3 years earlier, in 1986, as I remember the feeling of things during the Chernobyl reactor accident - it was basically glee - whatever was bad for the Ruskies (should have been "Soviets") was a good thing.

Just three years later, at that same time as the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and 5 months before the beginning of the destruction of the Berlin Wall, there was the Tiananmen Square demonstration in Peking, China - really about a month long rally that built up - for democracy. It got crushed by Chinese Red Army tanks and guns, with much political/social retaliation later on, At that time, however, between the Russians and the whole East Bloc that had been our nuclear enemies for 4 full decades and (looking like) the Chinese joining the Free* World, it was really a heady optimistic time politically for Americans.

This song by Jesus Jones, one hit wonder, is called "Right Here, Right Now" and reminds me very much of that time and is related to the series of posts on Russia and China with our very brief history. From Wikipedia:
The song was inspired by events in Europe of the late 1980s, particularly Perestroika in Russia. Mike Edwards has since noted some of the lyrics were influenced by the band's experiences playing in Romania in February 1990 right after the overthrow of Ceauşescu.
It's from their album "Doubt". Alas, Peak Stupidity gives apologies on behalf of the stupid-ass band or whoever has rights for NOT leaving the original video (with end-of-Cold-War scenes) on youtube. This is audio only - I miss the video as 1990 was from the days when bands still put lots of effort into original videos.

Wow, things have sure changed a lot from Right There, Right Then.

* Free enough at that time. We can't use that phrase now - it'd be quite erroneous.

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Russians and Chinese and Bears, oh my! (and Pandas), Pt. 3

Posted On: Saturday - September 23rd 2017 11:48AM MST
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Post 2 of this series was specifically about the Russians and speculation on their recent history and culture after enduring 7 decades of Communism. This post is on the Chinese, about which Peak Stupidity has more first-hand knowledge (which will come into play in upcoming posts on Chinese health care (2 thumbs up!) and Chinese manufacturing/DIY/entrepreneurial infrastructure (3 thumbs up!).

The Chinese 1947 - NOW

There is no getting around the brutality of the Chinese version of Communism. Starvation of 30-40 million people was involved - this was "by mistake", not on purpose per the Soviet starvation of Ukrainians, but does that make it any better? NEVER GIVE LARGE AMOUNTS OF POWER TO ANY INDIVIDUAL, I shouldn't have to keep writing this, but Chairman Mao caused the starvation of his countryman due to his stupid ideas and his absolute power to implement them with no argument or veto power from anyone. So, what if he had good intentions, you know what is said about good intentions and the Long March straight to Hell for that guy. Besides that, there was poverty and misery for the whole land right up until a few years after this tyrant died in 1976. That meant 3 decades of the hard-core Communist stupidity from the time Mao and his gang defeated the Chinese Nationalists in late 1947 who high-tailed it to Formosa (they're calling it Taiwan now, but fuck 'em).

Mao's successor, after a big power struggle, was Deng Xiaoping. The new guy, though still professing to be all Communist-like, understood that free markets were the only way to have a good economy, and he started relaxing the grip on people's business at the end of the 1970's in the SE, around Canton (OK, Guang-freakin'-Zhou, happy?) and Shenzhen. Mr. Deng's catchphrase to describe his method of officially being Communist, but not really, was "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", meaning, "Economic Capitalism at the local level, but we're still gonna' be corrupt enough to confiscate a bunch of your shit". (This latter catchphrase did not "catch" on, due to lack of a good acronym, and how in the hell do you even make an acronym in Chinese when you DON'T! HAVE! ANY! LETTERS!). Mr. Deng was not hard-core at heart as he had said way before he was in power - "It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, if it catches mice it is a good cat". During the worst days under Communism, and even on some good days when you just want some variety, this got misinterpreted as "It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, all you need is a little vinegar, soy sauce and hot peppers."

The 3 decades of hard-core Communism which included the bloody "let a thousand flowers bloom" program (with it's sequel, the "Let's mow down the dandelions" program) and subsequent Cultural Revolution 1.0 only 5 years later was followed by an easing up from 1978 or so through the present day. There were setbacks, such as the Tiananmen Square liberty demonstration - note right around the time the Berlin Wall came down - with it's accompanying blowback, one might call it. However, the Chinese did not "enjoy" quite the soul-destroying more than 3-generation version that the Russian people did. Is that why the Chinese have come out of Communism better, just the duration? Let's speculate.

The thing about the Chinese people is that they seem to have a natural knack and love for doing business. They are culturally and maybe even genetically free-market oriented with the exception of not having any history/culture of belief in rule-of-law, so often ready to screw over anyone not in the family during said business deals, which they love. This is so ingrained that it must be the case that it's not a new thing, based on exhortations by Mr. Deng - they've been llike this a long time, and it was suppressed greatly during the time of hard-core Communism in China. As soon as the people were let free to a great degree economically, originally just at the small-scale business level, their natural instincts came back out, producing a very efficient free-market.

Now, I can't write a summary of the 5,000 year history of this Middle Kingdom in one post, but I'd like to mention religion in here too though. Before the Communists, and the other terrible periods the people had endured since about 100 years back, since the last emporer (the warlord period, then the Japanese invasion ended only 2-3 years before Mao took power) the people were Buddhist/Daoist and whatever, and history shows that they took it seriously. It seems that the period of Communism there, as it repressed all religion, maybe even more so than it did in Russia, had a more lasting effect.

There is no serious religion in China now, aside from the small (relative to 1,400,000,000 people) Christian sector, with more on that shortly. You will hear of the Grave-sweeping festival in summer, and that's a Buddhist thing. The idea is to visit the graves of close relatives, clean up a bit, and burn money to help them out on the other side. How the money helps, I'm not sure, but the point here is that nobody burns any real money. That's what I'm getting at. If they took this seriously religiously they would burn real money to show they mean it. I asked someone about this, and she said "well, we have to BUY that fake money". OK! Tomb-sweeping day is all about eating good dumplings, and that's fine, because good eating is a good reason for anything in China.

The lack of any religion in the modern Chinese culture, usually, and in this case, manifests itself in a lack of true morals, as evidenced in business and schooling oftentimes. That's not to put Western people on a pedestal; it's just that there is a difference in general, and it's related to religious belief. Now, regarding Christianity to, for the Chinese, there are many, in the US too, that are nominally Christian. It is hard to for me to know how many take this seriously, as the materialism always wants to win out. Even at the Church, as far as the matter of the collection plate and other money matters, it's very hard for them to leave the materialism behind, even for a while. This lack of religion has not seemed to impede the Chinese from thriving, but it's not known to Peak Stupidity first-hand how seriously religious the modern Ruskies are, to continue this comparison.

Everyone knows that, in general, the Chinese people are a smart people, though questions of creativity vs. rote-learning arise (with a post coming on that). However, the Russians are not stupid either. Is it the type of things the smart people are interested in? Sure the Chinese want to meet people who can help them (guanxi), get out, and innovate in business, while the Russians may want to sit at a desk for 2 years cranking out "War and Peace "(having been changed from it's original title "War, What is it Good For?". Is it just that the Russian people direct their intelligence in the wrong direction? It also could be more about the system that they live under, still much different than China, even with both having been released from the death grip of Communism. The most probably reasons for the difference between the way the Russians and the Chinese have fared are the > 2X longer duration under Communism for the Russians and just that the Chinese people work their asses off - sometimes it just comes down to that.

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