"There's battle lines being drawn ...

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(continued from this post.)

... so c'mon people now, smile on your brother.
Everybody get together, come and love one another right now."

No, that's not the same song. We're mixing them up here. It's just that For What It's Worth, featured yesterday, and today's featured song, Get Together, are the TWO most iconic songs from the time of the 1960's cultural turmoil, to modify yesterday's opinion.

Yeah, this is really old stuff for any reader out there except for one local DJ I hear once in a while, who along with this old music (fair enough) proceeds to tell listeners who were born 25 years later stories all about who overdosed at Altamonte when the Hell's Angels ... zzzzzzz ... However, one may want to learn a whole lot more about those times, if one were, say, an alt-right, or young conservative patriot leader in today's times. That's the subject for this last post in this series.

In the previous post, I discussed how the American cultural war going on today is basically the bizarro-1960's. Let's compare things now to the 1/2-century-ago cultural wars. The protesters, post-beatniks, hippies, yippies, druggies, etc. back then were against an establishment and the institutions of patriotic conservative Americans. They were the rebels against society, at least until the whole movement got popularized and incorporated into the culture by the early 1970's. Today, it's the cntrl-left/antifa types who are the useful idiots in cahoots with the establishment and their people completely infested in all the institutions. Who are the rebels now? I'll get to that shortly. Right now, the defenders of traditional America are possibly one elected top guy, a few others in the Feral Gov. who'll timidly speak out occasionally, a sprinkling of others among the institutions who are all mostly afraid to say anything, and a shrinking majority of the regular middle-class (trending lower...) people. They may not be outnumbered, but they are way outgunned politically at the present time. Why wouldn't this continue until the war is lost? Keep reading.

Back in the very prosperous 1960's, the middle-class were getting together, forming associations, writing to responsive congressmen of the day, and even running for office, to fight their side of the cultural war. They were not afraid to speak out, because, though Commie-bent and stupid, they may have been, the left of that time still believed in American freedoms; they would never have thought of the twisted terms and policies the cntrl-left now uses to shut down free expression. "Normal" Americans still had the professor jobs at universities, government officials still dealt with each other civilly, and the press was not quite at the level of the Lyin' Press of today.

Well, here's where things may start to parallel the 1960's ways again. We first must invoke Peak Stupidity's basic premise that the economic situation for the average American has been, and is getting, worse. With decent jobs, both white and blue collar, very hard to find or replace, people keep their heads low. The cntrl-left will go all out to ruin the working life of anyone who does not back down from speaking truth. People are very scared to individually make a stand, and the fact that many people and families live paycheck-to-paycheck to keep up the "American Dream" makes it worse for them.

This situation will change when things get even worse economically. The current financial situation and its causes have been well covered on this blog. It's the young people that are fairing worst, some due to their own doing - I'm talking about participation in the University Bubble, and the whole coffee shop scene to where they are in no shape to start a family or get ahead in any way. Once young people of the conservative/libertarian/alt-rigtht bent realize that they don't have much to lose anymore, everything changes.

This is where there is lots to be learned from the 1960's (and I'm finally getting to what I was going to write last Monday!). Individuals speaking out and raising hell may always get doxxed, shamed by their peers, and maybe even arrested with the book(s) thrown at them. Groups of a few dozen - same thing but with better legal protection due to economy of scale. 5,000 of you - hey are they going to arrest you all? Where will they keep you? Is a company going to immediately fire a significant chunk of it's workforce in one shot?

Oh, how will you get another decent job with this arrest and conviction for "disturbing the peace with intentions of truthtelling"? It's just like the 1960's - after a while, the employers just can't worry about it - it's ubiquitous, hence, not a factor. They've got hundreds of Motherland Security goons ready for any excuse to beat your ass during your march on Washinton, FS? That'll work if there are 200 of you - 200,000 - not so much! How about at your university classes? Is that demented cntrl-left, feminist, sicko professor giving you bad grades for not toeing his line? How about 100 of you hanging outside his office, with (hopefully fresh) chants and slogans - if you wanna' end Communism and stuff, you gotta get LOUD!

Cmon, young people, people now, people now, I really wish I was one of y'all now. It can end up being a real blast, and you'd be doing this country a big favor. Here's the best part, that I am finally getting to: Chicks dig the rebels. They liked James Dean, even, rebel without any damn cause, right? You've got to get out of your heads the nonsense that the cntrl-left is fighting the "establisment", as if they were the hippies of 1965. THE! CNTRL-LEFT! IS! THE! ESTABLISHMENT! They have been for 20-30 years now. YOU1 PEOPLE! CAN! BE! THE! REBELS! (and WITH a cause). Do you know how much sex those young guys got in the 1960's? I am not sure, but, let's just say, like, A LOT.

"If you hear the song I sing,
you will understand. (listen!)
You hold the key to love and fear
all in your trembling hand.
Just one key unlocks them both.
It's there at your command.

Well, as much as the music on ALL SIDES of this cultural war we have now sucks to high heaven, I don't think music is really going to bring us together. It didn't really do the trick, for the most part, back 1/2 century ago, even with the best stuff of all time. The other side, that pretends to be fighting the "system" and fighting "hate", wants nothing to do with love for, and reconciliation with Americans. They are well on the road to winning and ruining what's left of western civilization, and their attitude is "take no prisoners". I don't think this song applies. Peak Stupidity will come up with one that does, and get back to you.

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"There's battle lines being drawn ... nobody's right if everybody's wrong."

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(Continued from this post.)

(Protests 1/2 century before Bizarro-America and the Peak of Stupidity.)

Yes, if by "nobody" you mean nobody who matters to the cntrl-left, globalist, commie elite scum running this world ... for now ...
"There's something happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear.
It's started to be a lot clearer lately for the real "woke" Americans. The Peak Stupidity blog has become especially aware of what the scum running ruining America now, and over the last few decades, are up to.
"There's a man with a gun over there
telling me I got to beware."
Some have guns, some have makeshift flame-throwers or just baseball bats, and, yes, they may call themselves men, once in a while. As the cntrl-left shock troops have been described here, in the 2nd part of this series, these are the misfits and ignorant scum of society, just as it has been through modern history. Their leaders are often brighter, but evil, and they have been taking their masks OFF as of late. They don't think they need to hide their intentions to destroy what's left of good, conservative American society anymore.
"There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds,
getting so much resistance from behind."
That was kind of the case in the 1960's, when this song was written. The young people were right about part of what they protested about. (Let's give 'em the Vietnam war, in hindsight, and ... well, that's about it, I guess.) Their intolerance for American conservative values and traditions were not appreciated by the establishment of the country back then.

It's quite the bizzaro America now. The young people that want to speak truth are very afraid to speak their minds, and the cntrl-left/Commie useful idiots on the streets are the ones SUPPRESSING free speech. The establishment is almost completely made of the cntrl-left, Commies and Globalist now, at the "Long March through the institutions reached the 5,000-mile marker a few decades ago.
"What a field day for the heat,
a thousand people in the street,
singing songs and carrying signs,
mostly saying, 'hooray for our side'"
Yeah, each summer is gonna get hotter, Global Climate Disruption(TM)-caused cooling notwithstanding. The internal enemy shock troops fighting against America are only accelerating their rhetoric and their violence. They aren't just carrying signs anymore - they attack those peacefully protesting in support of America. It works pretty well for them, with the establishment ALL IN, and anarcho-tyranny firmly in place. Yes, it's bizarro-America compared to the deal 1/2-century ago.
"Paranoia strikes deep.
Into your life it will creep.
It starts when you're always afraid.
Step out of line, the men come and take you away."
It's not paranoid, as they say, if they ARE out to get you. Try being a young white man and writing about or, heaven-help-you, speaking your mind, i.e. the truth, about racial topics, the immigration invasion, or the sickness of feminism. "Men", or possibly former men, or LGBTQWERTY types will try to get you fired from your job, kicked out of school, and arrested, with only the 1st Amendment of those silly Libertarian's Constitution, hanging by a thread, to clear you from the jail part.

Indeed, you would be wise to remain vigilant, if not somewhat afraid, until the real Americans have truly had enough and have gotten together. This will be the subject of the last post in this series - almost a promise there! I really want to finish this off with my clear point on how I think it will go down, and why defeating the cntrl-left scum is no lost cost, by any means. It sure looks grim now, though, so you may want to stay tuned on this IP-number. (Hopefully tomorrow, Saturday ...)
"We better stop,
children, what's that sound?
Everybody look - what's going down?"
We know what the sound is. Lots of sound is coming from loud-mouth non-productive cntrl-left enemies all over the modern American institutions and on the streets. The bulk of the sound is out of the speakers of TV, aka Gov't Media blasting the lies 24/7/365(6). Peak Stupidity has heard this for a while and we damn sure know what the F is going down!

Yeah, there's a big parallel between today's cultural war and that sung about 50 years back, but in a "parallel universe" meaning of parallel. The establishment has been flipped 180 degrees and the stupidity level is a couple orders of magnitude higher, For What It's Worth

This one is the essence of 1960's protest music:

The band was Buffalo Springfield, composed of guys that would make other music in all sorts of other bands in different combinations of personnel. The well-known ones from the band are Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

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Jim Goad of Takimag.com

Posted On: Friday - March 16th 2018 10:03AM MST
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(Seems like a pretty cool guy to me.)

Some rich Greek dude named Taki Takidopoulis, or something to that effect, runs a website called Takimag that features articles supporting the conservative side on American cultural issues. The Peak Stupidity blog has mentioned the site before, but it's not good enough to have the honors of a position of our coveted blogroll. A couple of the writers on Takimag are very good, about half of the rest are good writers but somewhat clueless and the rest are not worth reading.

Mr. Steve Sailer, referenced here almost daily, writes a weekly column on the site, of which only a snippet will appear on his unz iSteve blog due to the Takimag deal he's got, I imagine. It's definitely worth reading his articles, but I usually will go to iSteve, on unz.com for the comments. Takimag commenters are very educated, "erdudite" even, but the arguments get into minute details of history often. Additionally, those comments "powered by" (what a bogus, co-opted term the software people use!) Discus, which took me about 2 years to realize was a play on "Discuss". (Ha, sometimes I just don't GET it, for a long while, even...) Therefore, there are problems, as the Discus people have their own rules on moderation, meaning censorship, and also require registration. The hell with that. This means I won't personally comment there, and it makes the threads not as good as they could be. There will be hundreds usually, making a comprehensive reading time-consuming.

OK, this post was to be about Jim Goad who is my favorite writer on Takimag. His 3rd-to-latest column (I haven't been keeping up) is The Problem With White Guys These Days. He discusses 4 pundits of some sort, none of which I've heard of, 2 white guys and 2 black guys. About the first white pundit, named Jerrod [sic] Laber [sic]:
“White males in Generation Z aren’t that woke after all,” Laber bemoans in a Washington Examiner piece about how young white males are kinda, like, racist and sexist assholes just like their daddies and their daddies’ daddies were.
Laber says that white men—himself excluded, I’m assuming—are prone to racism and denial and delusions of persecution. He says nothing more of substance than that they’re bad people who should feel bad about this fact, which eventually will be the only way they’ll possibly feel good about themselves, although he can’t guarantee anything.

He says he wants to have an “honest discourse about race,” but I suspect that it’d take only about a minute of real honesty about race to have him melting like a candle.
The 2nd white pundit is one Daniel Johanson, a music critic who is upset that more black people don't get to be in the opera, or don't go watch it. (Do we still have separate but equal venues for opera? Peak Stupidity does particularly keep up with The Opera, sorry.)
Daniel recently penned a bold and trailblazing essay called “Classical Music’s White Male Supremacy is Overt, Pervasive, and a Problem” in some magazine I’ve never heard of before and hope to never hear of again. In Dan’s extended lamentation, he takes music made by white males in a white-male environment to task for being, you know, too white-maley.

Lest you get any weird ideas, Mr. Johanson wants to inform you that he is a white man but is NOT happy about it one bit:

As a white man, there have been and continue to be countless times in which I have needed to recognize that privilege, white supremacy, homophobia, toxic masculinity, and gender normativity are layered issues. It’s easy to call a Nazi a racist because they are so obviously a racist. Not all racists are willing to take up that mantle.

I gotta tell you: The way he describes it, it sounds positively exhausting to be a white man.
The stuff out of the fingers of the 2 black pundits is anti-white asinine drivel. However, Mr. Goad somewhat excuses the racial bull out of these two, as just supporting their "tribe". Per Goad:
I pass no judgment on Franklin Madison or Donyae Coles for two simple reasons:

1. They’re black;
2. They aren’t white.

I expect them to say negative things about white people. It’s like, you know, they’re members of another football team. A modicum of shit-talking is expected.
It's the white guys that are more sick-thinking individuals, as per Goad conclusion:
As for the two white guys, I rain down thunderous and unforgiving judgment upon their soft heads. For all they want to prattle on about what’s wrong with white guys these days, all they need to do is look in the mirror.

The problem with white guys these days is that they think there’s something wrong with being white guys. Once they solve that problem, the rest will be a breeze.
Yeah, not bad stuff, and I just found that Peak Stupidity has mentioned Mr. Goad before with regard to his article The Original Sin of Our Times which was about the disappointment of more SJW's that apparently babies are also racist (as we said "What're ya' gonna do?").

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"You wear it well ...

Posted On: Wednesday - March 14th 2018 6:54PM MST
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... Madam Onassis got nothin' on you."

The latest verbal projectile vomiting episode by the shower-curtain-decked Oracle of Old Chappaqua, documented here by the always-interesting Steve Sailer, has comments that included the .jpg above from one "Jim Don Bob".

The Peak Stupidty blog could easily come up with some projectile vomit ourselves from the feminist spew out of the antichrist runner-up, oft-called Las Hildabeastamissimo or Las Chupacabra de las Chappaqua by our small but ever-shrinking Spanish-speaking readership.

Rod Stewart has been featured on Peak Stupidity before, with Every Picture Tells a Story and Handbags and Gladrags. This one is called You Wear it Well and is ABSOLUTELY NOT about that sick beast in the picture above, unless you have some kind of chronic lyricosis.

It's from Stewart's 1972 album Never a Dull Moment.

"I suppose you're thinking 'I bet he's drinking, or he wouldn't get in touch with me'." Drinking, hell. It'd take a coupla lines of coke, a half bottle of ludes, and two tabs of windowpane, more like it.

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"There's battle lines being drawn"... The official military

Posted On: Wednesday - March 14th 2018 5:19PM MST
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(Continued from this post)

Uncle Sam wants YOU .. for our social experiments!

This post, part 4 of the series "Battle lines are being drawn..." here on the Peak Stupidity blog will briefly discuss the oft-argued ideas about what the official military forces of the U.S. would do when the nation is out of control. Most preppers will tell you that it will all start from a financial crisis, and that is the Peak Stupidity opinion too. I believe the globalist elites running things would not like it to go that way. They would like to get things under their control before any big crisis, just slowly and steadily. There are The People of the Gun to wipe out first, of course (via population replacement combined with efforts at every opportunity, I mean, drug/law-enforcement/crazy-immigrant - induced mass shooting that knocks. The problem with things coming to a head during a major financial/economic, leading to poltical, crisis, is that all bets are off then, on who will control whom.

Because the US military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and guard units associated, still have the biggest might of any military ever seen (in terms of destructive power), people, such as certain commenters on the Derbyshire article (yeah, it's been a few days), think that there is no fighting this force. Along with that, they think the soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc. will follow US Feral Gov't orders to a "T". I don't think it's going to go that well for them if that's the way they want to play it.

Let's first talk about abilities. The US military is NOT the cohesive force of accumulated skill and experience of say, the 1945 Europe or Pacific theaters. To reverse-paraphrase a moronic General of today's THEATER, "The military has become a casualty of diversity, and that's a tragedy". There, FIFY, General ... SIR! This stuff was happening even back in Korea in the early 1950's between whites and blacks, but you have to dig for that story. It's only over the last 25 years or so, due mostly to the US military being completely unchallenged anywhere on the globe, that the military got into PC Stupidity like the General Patton's 3rd Army into Berlin.

It's not just the serious lack of cohesion and reduced standards of fitness, brainpower, and leadership that result from accepting the women and BLTGQWERTY set into the military. The allowing of recently arrived immigrants from all over the world is another big mistake idea to change these forces. The social experimentation is apparently very much more important than the ability of American forces to fight in a REAL war (not small islands, and countries we've already defeated for the last 15 years). Here's what the idiot General misquoted above actually, said, and I quote: "And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse." That was regarding the mass murder and maiming of soldiers RIGHT ON AN ARMY BASE. Imagine if the base was not in Texas, and the enemy was not already known as a diversity-head-case military psychiatric officer(?!)

The American armed forces headhunters think they'll just get recently arrived immigrants, legal or not, to staff the infantry and other units. "Yeah, we'll make 'em citizens later, that way they'll be, like, on our side and stuff." Umm, hmmm ... wasn't this sort of thing the Roman Empire did just around the time it fell? It isn't like there is not writing from and about that time period, 2,000 years ago - it was one of the great civilizations. Couldn't we learn anything, or are we going to throw out the lessons learned, as in the "minor" invention of running freakin' water? You know, besides that, "WHAT HAVE THE ROMANS EVER DONE FOR US?! (You're gonna have to go to that link for the Monty Python, sorry - and, yes, it is a shame if all you have learned of ancient history is from Monty Python clips on youtube.) I mean, what was the point of even having a civilization, if people in the future aren't gonna learn SQUAT from your mistakes?

OK, to get back to it, besides all the PC idiocy in the American armed forces, the problem is one of LOYALTY. This can be good or bad, depending on whose side one is on. There will be no solid loyalty to America in an external shooting war, but that's not the subject here. These type of soldiers will also have no loyalty to Americans. That means, if ordered to shoot or round up Americans, I don't see why they should have any particular problem with it. That's what makes me think the globalist elites don't act on stupidity alone, as the plan works for them. Where it doesn't work, with regard to the loyalty question, is that newly-supposed-American soldiers won't have too much stake in carrying on any heavy fighting for long against The People of the Gun. They can desert and hightail it home, just like they might after an accidental hit-and-run or an accidental shooting of a pretty lady on a San Francisco pier.

What about these guys, the Special Forces types, that have done all the heaving lifting lately in all the small "actions" that the Neocons have got us involved with all over the world?

Where's the diversity?

These groups are different from the majority of the armed forces - almost all are white guys, tough mentally as well as physically, and Americans. They can get a lot done, if it came down to supressing rebelious patriotic Americans, but then whose side would THEY be on? They may be subject to the PC, but they are smart enough to blow it off. These are perhaps the only units of the US military in which (a whole lot) more than 10% of the troops have read, much less understood, the US Constitution, upon which their oath of service is based.

It is not a clear-cut thing as to which parts of the official military would fight against the American people and which wouldn't. Then we get down to the military might. Yes, it's very organized and still has the hardware that is the envy of the world (oh, and on the world's credit card). However, it just takes some thinking of what went on in Vietnam, Afghanistan and the like, and the counting of forces to realize that it's no sure thing an ENTIRE, UNITED US military could suppress the Americans. Americans have learned something after the Waco seige, Ruby Ridge, the Montana Freemen, and the Bundy folks in Oregon. The main change I see, is that normal, aware, Americans side with these people over the Feral Government. Meanwhile, the diversity, PC, and bureaucracy of the official military, built up over 30 years of domestic peacetime and world dominance, makes me think NO, they wouldn't win.

One post idea has turned into almost a week-long project. Peak Stupidity will wrap this up either Thursday or Friday.

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"There's battle lines being drawn" ... The People of the Gun

Posted On: Tuesday - March 13th 2018 3:30PM MST
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(Continued from this post)

As mentioned in the first post of this series (latter half) a blogger with the web site "alphecca" had years ago made a page featuring pictures of just ordinary decent Americans with guns. You can read a hunting magazine or site or plenty of NRA stuff and see this, but the people featured in the photos seem more about owning and shooting guns just because we have that right. I found the page, now hosted on ammo.com, right here. It's nothing special, but it leads into this post's topic, which is who or what exactly are the forces representing real America in this cultural war, as opposed to the other side described here and elsewhere in posts with the cntrl-left topic key.

As can be seen in photos and reality, most of the "People of the Gun" are older white men, and the numbers are in the multiple millions. There are more women to be seen at the gun shows than in the past and a sprinkling of other races/ethnicities/etc. Either most young people don't understand the importance, don't have the extra money (pretty likely nowadays), or are so far removed from the real world that they are fine with whatever gun app can be downloaded to their phones. This is something to discuss here. No matter how much American men have grown to distrust the government and the rest of the institutions, and understand the need that may arise, they will grow old and won't be able to help the cause eventually. Just as important defending the 2nd Amendment is control of the education of the young ones.

Posts labeled with Educational Stupidity here have tried to explain the dangers of the stupidity prevalent in American primary schools. The brainwashing, mostly unintentional at the teacher-level, starts very early. There are 13 required years of this crap that must be counteracted by the parents, if we're going to wind up with much of anyone on our side 20 years from now. That's in the public schools, but my experience is that the private schools, especially the formerly-conservative Catholic schools push the same cntrl-left agenda with maybe a tad bit more reading/writing/arithmetic mixed in. The Peak Stupidity blog has praised homeschooling in a series of posts written in late January, inspired by Michelle Malkin, who is damn near at Big Pundit status. Here are part 1, part 2, and part 3. The type of conservatives that ignore libertarian principles are just losing their cause if they don't work to defeat the cntrl-left's efforts to have the children grow up into their side of this cultural war.

Back to the guns now, it's the 10's of millions of normal American with a long history of experience with guns that our side consists of. Well, they have not done a damn thing about what's happening, so what kind of ineffective force are they? That's a very good question and the conclusion of this part. The realization that the country is truly falling apart can take a long time, or even too long, in many patriotic people of the gun. In the past, sure, most agreed "yes, defense against the government(s) is the reason we have our guns", but nothing going on was near serious to warrant implementing this idea from our nation's founders. It's been that boiling frog thing for many decades now. There are two more important points here, about the people on our side:

1) Most "normal" Americans have jobs! There is not the free time available for most to go join together and defend a statue here, or form a march to Washington, FS, or the state capital, at least regularly. It seems the cntrl-left, "studying" or "working" at the universities, keeping regular hours at their government or "Non-profit" jobs, or hanging in Mom's basement, do have the time to work out their acts of violence. This leads to ...

2) Times are not good for anyone but the upper-middle or upper class. Those with blue-collar jobs can't find another one in a week, were they to get trouble due to their political activities. For those in white-collar jobs, it's even more likely that anything seen as a threat to the cntrl-left establishment will result in outing/firing, with more to lose. Of course, as Peak Stupidity implored Americans already, this paycheck-to-paycheck living that is not ordinarily necessary for lots of families is a big part of the problem. Job loss means immediate problems if one doesn't live frugally for the future. Because of the anarcho-tyranny that has been seen in the most blatant fashion recently in Charlottesville, Virginia (the continuing legal version of it being reported on VDare by Jason Kessler, who was heavily involved), the antifa types have almost nothing to worry about in this regard.

It's not a fair fight right now, and most of the American side of these cultural battles has not begun to fight in any meaningful way ... yet. The wrap-up post on this subject will deal with the yet part, along with the role of the official armed forces.

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"There's battle lines being drawn" ... the cntrl-left army

Posted On: Monday - March 12th 2018 9:06PM MST
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(Continued from this post)

"... nobody's right, and everybody's wrong. Young people carrying signs... mostly say 'hooray for our side'."

Let's discuss this whole "army" of the cntrl-left that is against the American people. As mentioned in the last post, all the big institutions of society are filled with cntrl-left cultural or "social justice" warriors that want traditional American society gone. They have taken off their figurative masks and will just come out and say it nowadays. The people in these institutions, the Universities, governments, the big Corps now even, have their friends in the Lyin' Press as their megaphone. The Universities, along with the educational establishment for primary education, also have access to our children for brainwashing into their sick frame of mind. It's a pretty large group.

The other useful idiots of the control left, with much overlap, are the ones who put on their literal masks and go starting violence on the streets. The anarcho-tyranny we are under in this society means they can get away with a lot, while anyone who tries to seriously fight back will end up in jail for a good while. More on this in the susequent post about OUR side.

Just some views of the pictures of these antifa people and others on the cntrl-left would make one think they are not much of a force to be reckoned with, in physical terms. There is that anarcho-tyranny thing though, and favorable press, so it's not a fair fight at all. How do they compare with the same general types of anti-traditionalists that were up to the same demented ways about 100 years ago? There were the Commies of yesteryear that were successful in creating misery for 3-4 generations of Russians and eastern Europeans, who have not really completely recovered yet. Then there were the Commies that were unsuccessful in Germany, but were trouble enough to require a different kind of evil to suppress them. There were the Commies in 1940's China that had their biggest heyday, resembling America's current madness and stupidity, during the 1960's-1970's cultural revolution.

The Commies of old were just as numerous as those today, maybe more so, just due to much poorer economic conditions producing a bigger bounty of useful idiots. The people were much tougher than the student snowflakes and other weak-willed, weak-minded, and weak-muscled pieces of human protoplasm that we see in the streets of Berzerkely, California and Charlottesville, Virginia. "Soft, weak, and stupid is no way to go through life, son(?)" - current-era Dean Wormer. However, back in the days of old, the institutions were not infested with the Commies the way they are today. Governments, especially, did not want to put up with any of their demented crap. That is in stark contrast to the situation in today's America and western Europe.

Soft, weak, and stupid, but backed with massive institutional support:

How can these people in this cultural civil war be dealt with, and what is OUR army made of? Tune in, drop out in tomorrow for this and other posts on the eve of destruction Peak of Stupidity.

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"There's battle lines being drawn ...

Posted On: Monday - March 12th 2018 9:10AM MST
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... nobody's right ...

... at least in the modern day American institutions, that's about the size of it. Big Media, aka, the Lyin' Press, the universities, education schools and the spawn therof, governments at almost all levels... nobody's to the right and nobody's on our side.

This post comes from some comments along with lasts week's John Derbyshire column, Campus Craziness Will Awaken Trump’s Silent Majority Like the ’68 Riots Did Nixon’s. Mr. Derbyshire, a former member of Big Pundit, before his removal from his position at Conservative, Inc. mainstay, The National Review due to charges of "dereliction with intention to commit honesty" or some such "Trumped-up" charge.

The Peak Stupidity blog has linked to Mr. Derbyshire's always interesting, and usually 100% correct articles many times. In this latest, before I turn this into the subject of this post, let me give my disagreement with his premise, which can be seen right in the title, and answer his concluding questions:
I ask again: How long will the voting public in civilized countries—Dick Nixon’s Silent Majority—how long will they put up with this level of disorder?

How long before federal authorities step up to protect the civil rights of Richard Spencer and Christina Hoff Sommers?

How much longer will thoughtful, civilized people with unpopular opinions be shouted down and physically attacked by masked anarchists, while law enforcement too often (the Michigan State campus police p erhaps an honorable exception here) sit passively and watch—or, as in Charlottesville last year, actually co-operate with the people wearing masks?
I would say never to the 1st 2 out of the 3 groups, as to when they will fight back. Here is my reply as a comment:
You ask the question “how long?” 3 ways, Mr. Derbyshire, in terms of three different parties that could put a stop to this. I say there is only a chance with 1 out of the 3.

Leaving aside that most of the antifa violence is not Feral Gov business to begin with, the big federal beast has been composed of people who have not been on the side of average Americans for a long time. It would take a few decades of replacement of people in all positions higher than help-desk “technician” to give the fed-gov a new direction. Trump could give orders for busts of big examples like the California officials who are abetting criminals, and I’d like to see a lot of that. For the types of events discussed here though, all he’s got is the bully pulpit. The government anti-Americans are entrenched.

As for the voting public, this isn’t 1968 anymore, and the country doesn’t have a 80% silent majority anymore (say 90% of the 90% white people). I am not talking about election numbers, but just ordinary real conservatives. It might be 50% now. This isn’t going to be solved via national elections, leaving us:

The American people may have had enough after a few more years of this. No matter what the Dow Jones and Trump administration say, long-term economic trends have not and will not be good for the middle and former-middle classes. Once there is not very much to lose anymore for a young guy who is indeed as sick of this stuff as you are, there will be some violent pushback.

For now, it’s a matter of how PC and cowed by the cntrl-left the local authorities are, with your Michigan State vs. other 3 events being an example. However, if young American conservatives realize there’s not much to lose in getting arrested, or “they can’t arrest all of us”, then you’ll see things change for the better, with some busted antifa heads. I’m looking forward to this.
I want to expand on the thoughts that many Americans have had all over the internet on how this cultural and possible real civil war will pan out. Mr. Derbyshire, a fairly long-ago-arrived immigrant from England (BTW of China, BTW) has learned the American idea, amazingly passed down via real Americans over the years from our founders, about the real reason to keep the guns. He wrote about it just the previous week in his column, in fact. It's good to see that some people do learn, vs. others, having lived here even longer, or even their entire lives have learned exactly SQUAT. This post and 2 others to follow, by may calculations, is about these thoughts on how things will go down.

I used to follow lots of the patriot, constitution, and gun sights (pun/spelling error intended) more than I do now, just based on time. Many of these writers have more experience, some military or law enforcement, others just with more knowledge of military history than Peak Stupidity does, so I will not delve into this area very much. It's not just guys that write blogs however, buy many millions of usually older Americans that are "the people of the gun". That term was from one of my former daily-reading web sites called alphecca.com (the guy still has his URL, but doesn't look active) from 10 years back, wow! That blogger got the term in turn from an anti-gun nutcase writer who used it pejoratively, but Mr. Soyer of Alphecca (name just came to me after 10 years) made use of it with a page full of fun-loving gun people.

We've got all the big institutions on one side and the people of the gun, and quite a few more silent conservative Americans on the other. Where does the biggest factor, the US military fit in? That will be the real subject of the subsequent posts.

Let's just start out with a picture of some people on both sides of the battle lines being drawn. A picture is worth one thousand words, right, and I am not exactly getting paid by the word here:

"People of the Stupid"?

Here's a case where all the ideas are ready to go into the post, but time and compactness are forcing this to be a 3-parter. The 2nd part will come tonight, with a description of the side in which "nobody's right".

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Cool Hand Luke

Posted On: Saturday - March 10th 2018 9:06PM MST
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To start off with, I will state categorically that Peak Stupidity does not care a bit about the Oscars, who should be winning them more, who has been acting in the movies, or directing, producing or running the cameras. WE! DO! NOT! CARE! ABOUT! HOLLYWOOD! I personally haven't gone to a movie theater in 3 years of so, and that was to a kid's movie based upon a recommendation from one of my favorite sites - VDare recommended Angry Birds. I was not disappointed, as, yes, during wintertime, one can get away with sneaking in gummy bears in a jacket.

Now, still without any regard one way or another for who are the stars and the director and such, I enjoy an occasional movie from (usually) mid-1990's and prior on the DVD player. Because of an on-line discussion about Paul Newman and the movie Cool Hand Luke, this post will be another half-assed movie review.

First thing, go get it and watch it! You could read this post afterwards. In the 1967-produced film*. Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman plays a man who gets imprisoned for a reasonably short stint for the rebellious act, well he was drunk, of using a pipe cutter to saw off the heads of some parking meters. Peak Stupidity can really relate to this. Luke got into a prison that does not resemble anything like the horrible PMITA prisons we think of today, at least for maximum security. It's just a movie anyway.

Luke in this movie has a high level of disregard and disrespect for authority, which is what calls for the Liberty/Libertarianism topic key on this post. Because hee does not show a much respect for authoritah as others would expect, there eventually comes the famous line "what we have hear is failure to communicate." Nah, that's not what it is - Luke will just not play the game. That's basically the theme of the move, and so as not to spoil it for you in any way, I'll just say that Luke's problems stem from this knowing how to pick his battles, whether due to stupidity or principle (hard to tell).

The discussion I had was with someone who thought more of the John Wayne movies, as he was the tough guy and won his fights, while Paul Newman could be seen as a loser in most of his movies. Which ones are more realistic? It's just about the story to me anyway, not one actor vs. another. In Cool Hand Luke however, the scene where Luke gets beat up by George Kennedy (is he in half of the movies through 1975?), is where I and the other commenter differed. Luke was knocked to the ground over and over in the prison year, but he kept getting up, even after taking enough punches to be half-unconscious. He would not quit, and George Kennedy finally walks off. This earns much respect from the men in the prison. I'd say Newman plays the tough guy here (it reminds me of Alec Guiness as the British Colonel in Bridge on the River Kwai, also a top-notch movie). Then there are the eggs: "Why'd you bet you can eat 50 eggs, why not 30?" "It just seemed like a nice round number."

OK, this post is out of nowhere, but I could see this move once a year without a problem. Two thumbs up! Now, I remember that it was an old song from the movie that I really like, called "Plastic Jesus". Keep in mind that Newman's singing isn't great, but that's just part of the scene (he is really down when the warden won't let him out for his Momma's funeral):

You can take the lyrics however you like, serious or mocking, but here's the part in the movie:
“I don’t care if it rains or freezes
long’s I got my plastic Jesus
riding on the dashboard of my car.

Comes in colors pink and pleasant,
glows in the dark cause it’s iridescent.
Take it with you when you travel far.

Get yourself a sweet Madonna
dressed in rhinestones, satin on a
pedestal of abalone shell.

Goin ninety, but I aint scarey
cause I’ve got the Virgin Mary,
assurin’ me that I won’t got to hell.”


It turns out that, being a really old song, there are lots of lyrics around. Here is one for the atheist readers:

"I don't care if I'm broke or starvin',
as long as I've got a fish named Darwin
glued to the trunk lid of my car.
God, I'm feeling so evolved
drivin' with my problems solved,
proclaiming what I think of what we are.

More stupidity will be discussed on Monday. Lots of serious posts are on deck, but sometimes this stuff doesn't want to come out. Good night, readers.

* If you're gonna be a movie reviewer, you've got to call them "films". I don't know why, but I've gotta start somewhere to get to be the next Ebert (I don't have the metabolism, thankfully, or the popcorn money, to become Siskel.)

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Black history month ends - but we still got a long way to go ...

Posted On: Friday - March 9th 2018 6:59AM MST
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... to OVERCOME this ... whatever. We got through February, I guess we learned a lot, what, a thousand pilots, a few hundred of which flew overseas seemed to have won WWII for us, and we feel we have OVERCOME adversity, dieversity, university (black-studies final exams)... Yeah, OK. It's March, but we still gots lots of stuff to OVERCOME.

We at the Peak Stupidity blog are just gob-smacked, gob-smacked, I tell you, that the raciss legacy of slavery has still not been OVERCOME at the US Postal Service, General Wilfred Brimely, acting Commander-in-Chief. Just below is a web-ad that appeared on our screen right gob-smack in the middle of Black History month:

What, don't understand the problem here? You must be one of those white guys, with the racism embedded deep down in your bones, like a Seinfeld video embedded in Peak Stupidity. DO! THE! MATH! PEOPLE! Look at the price of that stamp with the black guy on it (apparently a great rodeo rider - who knew?) 29 cents, people, while stamps with white people go for, what, like 49 cents? That is just BELOW 3/5, man! At least in the bad old days, the votes of blacks were set at an EVEN 3/5 the value of whites (by the Yankees, in case you didn't know, as that reduced the Southern vote - yes, that's why).

I can't even literally imagine ... we thought we had come so far, and Øb☭ma was gonna force us to all get along, but 8 years later, some jive-ass Postmaster General pulls this shit?!

I can't even figuratively look at another ad like this, I tells ya'. What is the deal with the internet? I realize that the placement of web ads is not an exact science, but it'd sure be nice to go back to seeing those ads of Oriental girls in bikinis that used to randomly come up about every time a new page loaded. Racism sucks, Oriental bikini girls not so much ...

... as I'd like!

As much as we all should lock arms and march to Washington, FS to complain and OVERCOME this shit, I don't think the Postmaster General is someone you want to mess with:

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The China to King Buffet pipeline

Posted On: Thursday - March 8th 2018 7:56PM MST
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Hide the kitties, and call the ICE men

Chinese illegal immigration has been going on for a long time, but I think it's on a pretty big scale now. I wouldn't be surprised if it is of the same order-of-magnitude as that from Mexico/Central America. Yes, it's hard to get numbers.

As a related digression, in this post last fall, Peak Stupidity speculated that one sees Indians, not of the woo-woo persuasion, even in small towns in the middle of nowhere. This stuff is planned out, it's not just some lone wild-eyed DREAMERS coming across the frontier two oceans and a coupla continents on an Airbus 330 (or the other way, one big-ass ocean eastbound).

Back to the Chinese contingent, the this activity works kind of exponentially. The more Chinese people, whether having come legally or illegally, the easier it is for illegal immigrants to blend in. Are you going to pick them out? This is not to denigrate the many legal Chinese families that have been here a long while, long enough to assimilate (possibly?), who wouldn't take too kindly to illegals that have avoided the struggle with the US gov't immigration bureaucracy. They may look down on the newcomers for other reasons too.

All that aside, there are not just the Chinatowns in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles anymore; hell, NYC has 3 Chinatowns, the Manhattan one being the original with the Hong Kong immigrants. The ones in Flushing (Queens) and somewhere in Brooklyn have newcomers from the "mainland". If you think these people all went through proper channels to come here, you don't know China, and you don't even know America (current-era). However, the smaller cities, especially those with Universities and even 2,000 people small towns, have got Chinese illegal aliens, which will be explained in a bit here. As we speculated here, there may be a couple of million illegal Chinese people in America by now.

This brings up places like the King Buffet, China Wok, Canton Garden, Red Dragon, Red Lotus, Red Guard Cafe (hold on, wait!), etc. The Peak Stupidity blog does not do "scoops" per se, as we don't have Woodward and Bernstein on the staff [we fired those 2 Commies years ago - Editor]. This as close as we can get, as we have two sources, one Chinese and one American, that have made it clear that just about all the waiters and waitresses at the Chinese buffets in our area are illegal aliens. There is no reason that wouldn't be the case all over this country, as we are not special here.

Staff at these restaurants have talked in Chinese to my source, and though not discussing the whole process by which they arrived in this area, made it clear enough just from the chat. The American source is in the know, due to a friendship with the owner of one of the biggest of these places, with my estimate being 30 or so wait staff. The owner has described how these employees are arranged to come a couple of days bus ride from Newark, New Jersey. He described the plain white charter-type buses, and how these people are shuffled around over great distances to other "gigs" before ... what next? ...

... Yeah, what is the deal? This is basically indentured servitude, a practice that was the route for many a European immigrant to get a toe-hold in America right on through the time of the Revolution. Yes, it's about like that, but without a written contract, yet lots safer now, I'm sure. My point here is that this is a highly organized thing for at least this sector of the economy. You're going to be hard pressed to see any town of over a coupla thousand people without a Chinese restaurant, and, for what it's worth, the web says there are about 50,000. Some are small and may have 2 or even no waiters, but many have >10 and including families, this could easily add up to 1/2 million people. Add in the parents/siblings of the > 300,000 Chinese students at American universities at one time, many of whom will stay and the numbers can get large quickly.

It won't do this writer or anyone else much good to bring these goings-on to the governments here who want and protect this sort of thing. Hopefully, this will change, but I'm not expecting it, really.

Yeah, they're good people for the most part, but the screwing-up of the labor market, the cheating on the welfare and taxes (LOADS of that one), and just the destruction of the American culture makes this a bad thing.

Not a lick of English, I'm guessing, but she's cute.

That's the thing though, you go to one of these places, support illegal aliens, hook up with the young lady above, and 3 hours later you're horny and hungry again ... and with a guilty conscience ... unless you're going to make a legal an honest woman out of her.

Now, by this point, the video below is pretty much obligatory, ain't it?

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The Meat and Potatoes of VDare.com

Posted On: Thursday - March 8th 2018 10:08AM MST
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Birth of Virginia Dare in the New World

(Forgive the lack of resolution in the photo.
This was well before the iPhone 3, if you can believe that!)

Being #2* on the Peak Stupdity blog blog-roll should mean a lot to someone ... anyone? This writer has been a VDare reader since the early 2000's, and it must have been just after they started up. VDare says in the masthead**, aka "title bar" (careful, that's "title"), that they are "The premier outlet for patriotic immigration reform", and I believe they are. In the review to the right, I wrote that two of the site's writers named James, Mr. Fulford and Mr. Kirkpatrick are the "meat and potatoes" of VDare. By that I mean that these two don't necessarily specialize in certain areas of immigration, but just cover a lot, write a significant chunk of the articles/blogs on there, and, well, I agree with them about 99%, steadily. As it is without meat and potatoes, without these 2 you may read the website, and feel un-agitated again 3 hours later.

To look for a graphic to put up top of this article, I came upon the "About" page. Lo and behold, it had these two "meat and potatoes of the site" writers as the only 2 below Mr. Peter Brimelow and his wife Lydia, who runs the business end of the operation. It says "WE THE (VDARE.com) PEOPLE", and just those 4 are on the page.

I just wanted to link to one of each of these guy's latest articles, as per usual, they are good reading about serious topics or areas of stupidity.

James Kirkpatrick wrote GOP Must Confront America’s Emerging Totalitarian Left–Or Die on Monday. He describes just how radically hard-left the Democrat Party and what Peak Stupidity calls the cntrl-left have become. Although this article is about more than just the immigration topic, that is lots of what Mr. Kirkpatrick covers here:
Even pro forma adherence to concepts of citizenship and legality are becoming passé with startling speed. Chicago is essentially granting illegal aliens the right to vote by accepting an identification card created for illegals as valid for voter registration. [New Chicago ID card created for undocumented immigrants will be accepted for voter registration, by Scott Bertram, Illinois News Network, February 23, 2018] It was recently revealed a Mexican illegal stole an American’s identity and stole hundreds of thousands in government benefits. [Mexican man assumes American’s identity for 37 years, steals $361,000 in government benefits, by Kristina Davis, San Diego Union-Tribune, March 3, 2018] This is especially noteworthy because California U.S. Senate Democratic grassroots favorite Kevin de Leon has commented favorably on foreigners using identity theft to stay in the country. [California State Senate Leader: ‘Half My Family’ Here Illegally, by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Breitbart, February 5, 2017]

Recent testimony in a lawsuit over voter fraud alleges over 100,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania, with similar problems in Virginia and New Jersey [Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, February 26, 2018]. Almost without notice, the narrative on voter fraud has moved from “voter fraud doesn’t happen” to “voter fraud is actually good.”
BTW, there are links all within the block quote here and the rest of the article on VDare. They are all about hyperlinks there to support their ideas with additional reading material. I have left out all of the VDare links only based on time. Please read the whole article anyway, along with ...

... James Fulford wrote The Democrats Are Real Party Of School Violence—Because It’s Committed By Minorities on Tuesday. This discusses the idea, most-likely first foreseen years (as far as pundits go)years back that the equal-discipline-across-races policies that schools were implementing were going to be real trouble. In this case, it sounds like they were a major contributing factor in the deaths of those 17 Floridian high-school kids.

Because this article is more of a bunch of excerpts of articles explaining how this anti-school-to-prison pipeline deal has been pushed-for, started and been running, along with Mr. Fulfords additional facts and information, I can't excerpt it well myself. Here is just the intro, then:
So we’ve now learned that Broward County’s determination to avoid the “School To Prison Pipeline” led to its failure to arrest school shooter Nikolas Cruz before he did his school shooting. Similarly, Trayvon Martin was suspended from school rather than arrested for possession of stolen jewelry, which why he was in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood to make his potentially lethal but unsuccessful attack on Zimmerman. As Steve Sailer might say: can we Notice a Pattern?

Basically, the Left’s position on crime and violence in schools is: “leave those kids alone” —because crime and violence in schools are committed disproportionately by blacks.

To give Mr. Fulford even more credit here, he writes near the bottom of the article, with links to his earlier writings "I wrote an article ten years ago called Civil Rights Law Doesn`t Care If You Die—because failing to “racially profile” can get people killed.

Of course, our only friend in the world within Big Pundit has arrived on the scene too, with her latest column, Racial Quotas In School Discipline Kill Kids, published on Wednesday (so good stuff every day there!).

It could easily have been written by anyone who's read VDare.com and especially Mr. Steve Sailer, over the years. Sailer really gets into the whole parents/school admissions/grades/connections thing - it's just one of his many "things". One should be forgiven for thinking Miss Coulter got her ideas directly off of VDare. So what if she did, anyway, she's our mole inside the Big Pundit apparatus.

Miss Coulter's article is her second on this "school-to-prison" pipeline, which, here on the Peak Stupidity blog, could be easily called the "prison-to-prison" pipeline the way even the elementary schools are run these days. See The modern grade school as medium-security correctional facility. Hey, you don't even have to leave this page - Save the Planet!

* #1, Zerohedge, is still good reading, and number 1 in "commenter style" too! However, I cannot even use the site on this computer, or I should say with the browser that works for almost everything else. That's a shame, so ZH is not my most-read site, as I only view it from mobile devices. Get your act together, Tyler Durden, or Tyler Durden's geeks!

** Meanwhile, the Peak Stupidity banner, but not title bar, has 1 calculus equation and 1 calculus inequality, so there's that... they represent the condition of a continuous function being at a peak (could be a local maximum, or global, that's not defined by the math above, but I say, yeah, pretty sure global!) BTW, I've got to put something in the real Title Bar. Somehow, I'd thought there was something there.

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Tucker Carlson debates San Franciscan illegal-invasion defender

Posted On: Tuesday - March 6th 2018 7:52PM MST
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Mr. Tucker Carlson hasn't graced the pages of the Peak Stupidity blog in well-nigh a half-year now. Man, time flies ... yet stupidity just keeps on plodding along. Here we have a guy who is doing his best to defend the State of California against Tucker's contention that this place, "as world famous as Eden" (his words, but Peak Stupidity called it Paradise) 50 years back has turned into a shithole (our words, not Tucker's). Mr. Ethan Bearman is not one of the idiots featured in our early Tucker Carlson clips, really. He just tries his best BS to defend everything about what is destroying the former paradise.

Both Mr. Bearman and Mr. Carlson (a tad bit) exaggerate in their words, but from 3:55 on, Mr. Carlson asks Mr. Bearman if he will admit that massive immigration has had EVEN ONE bad effect on the state. Mr. Bearman turns this around like he is an interviewee in front of some Human Resources dingbat (more on them in a coming post) with a line like "My only fault is that I make people resent me for my intelligence and great people skills ... " Bearman tells him ... no, I won't spoil it. Bearman just jumps the shark at the end there. Hahahaaa! Tucker Carlson's expressions and mutterings are just priceless!

Please, if your time is so precious, then just go to 03:55. You will not regret it. Good bullshitters are hard to find, I guess.

I came upon this from a blog post on VDare by Miss Brenda Walker, who is one of their many excellent writers. She specializes in the human factors aspect of massive immigration's destruction of America, most especially of California, where she has lived for a long time.

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BIG DATA can kiss my ass

Posted On: Tuesday - March 6th 2018 6:38PM MST
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I'm not gonna carry an inch-thick wallet of these things:

I've got a real beef with these discount cards. It's interesting that this is one marketing idea that does NOT scale up well in the whole industry, in this case each market in retail, Grocery stores, drug stores, what have you. See, when one chain, like Safeway, first decided many years back to offer discounts to customers that held onto these cards, it worked out great for them. After a while, a quarter of the stuff in the store had a deal, or at least, that's what you're supposed to think, for which you needed this card. You're gonna feel like coming back to Safeway for those good deals those other non card-carrying special customers would not be able to get. You were special. If you went to Ralphs, well, you hadn't done the paperwork yet, so you're gonna get screwed.

On the store's side, besides having slightly more loyal customers, one had all this data in the system to sell to the highest bidder. There was the general data about "people who buy this also buy this other stuff a lot", but also the specific data on who exactly was buying what, so go ahead and mail them some coupons - I'm sure they'll appreciate it. This is getting to my point which will come pretty soon, I think ...

However, this doesn't scale well, as now these damn cards are necessary in about all of the chain grocery, home improvement, and drug stores (probably more that I can't think of now). Am I supposed to fill up my wallet with 25 plastic cards? No, no, they have key-chain-sized ones now. Yeah, but my keychain is big enough already, the hell with that. OK, so you can just put in your phone number, and use that each time. Yes, I'm getting to my point. You're not getting squat on me, as far as information, bitches! Do you think I gave you my real phone number? How many damn customers live at 123 Elm St. anyway? (Oh, they can hook it all together with your credit card info, you say? Nah, I pay cash a lot, in general).

Now the reader's question may be? Can't you remember the fake phone number you used? Well, that does usually work, but this particular time a few days back at the drugstore, I knew that my wife had a card. I didn't know what info she put in, except the fact that it was fake too. That's why they tell you that you have to have a good memory to be a good liar, right, Hillary? Anyway, she wasn't there (I mean my wife, but not the Hildabeast either, of course).

For the last 10 years, I've been either typing the fake phone number I do remember or, more often, just asking if I can use the store's card, or even the customer's next in line (he may even come out ahead on points, whew-hoo!). Usually, store people are cool about this, but this lady was hard-core "No, we can't do that." When I run into this quandry, I just ask for an application, make everyone wait in line if I have to, fill out some more bull, get the card, use it, and throw it all out before I leave the store. It's a very satisfying way of letting people know I'm not putting up with the bullshit! Try it sometime.

This lady wanted a real email besides the phone number. She seemed very taken aback by my telling her that I wasn't going to give the drug store chain my information. Her cash register POS* computer really was checking for valid email addresses! I mean, not just for the right character sequence, but whether email would not bounce. Holey moley, the whole damn store was hard-core. Well, guess what, the email bounced, and the lady was, yes, taken abacker. At that point, I'd already swiped my shiny new discount card, and my stuff was paid for. This hard-core clerk had a nasty look and made a comment about honesty. "Yeah, I'll be honest with people that deserve it", I said. She didn't like that, even though I was honest with her too, in telling her that I wouldn't give out real information, but it made me think...

.... was I wrong? No. These big retail-chain companies want to fuck with me, and I'm just not up for it. If all of you big BIG DATA people are gonna make me need to swipe or type something just to get the same deal as the next guy, I'll make sure I'm not giving you data that is worth selling. Do you think they would have put up with this at the corner drug store in Mayberry, North Carolina?

The great thing about having a blog, is that the writing of this very post has given me an idea for my next visit to this drug store. I'm gonna need another card, you know, so I think I'll submit a real email address - someone from the school board. I really hope it's someone who it is into coupon clipping.

* POS - no really, it stands for Point Of Sale, not what you think I wanted to write.

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Guns, thought vs. emotion, and the latest Lyin' Press Traged-tainment

Posted On: Monday - March 5th 2018 8:48PM MST
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Instead of force-fed Lyin' Press traged-tainment, come out for some practice.
Let's get regulated, y'all!

(Not as pretty and peaceful as Lilydale,
but you don't come to the range for peace and quiet, more for peace of mind.)

There are thousands of great pro-gun/2nd-Amendment supporting sites on the web, just too many to pick the best to link to. This writer used to follow 5 or so of them, I don't have a recommendation at this point. I believe I got the gist of the history of and the arguments back and forth by now, in this long struggle to hold back the attempted destruction of this one portion of the Founder's Bill of Rights that is meant to prevent the destruction of all the others. Don't get me wrong, readers - this is just as existential an issue as that of the immigration invasion. The difference is, though we have not been abiding by the Constitutional letter-of-the-law, Americans have pushed back enough to have made gains in gun rights over the last 25 years or so. That's very obviously not the case on the Immigration Stupidity issue.

To conclude that intro, the Peak Stupidity blog is not a go-to site for 2nd Amendment rights, but we support it wholeheartedly. The Florida school murders of last week were fixed in the news as tragic infotainment for so long, that I will put in a few things here in support of bearing arms in America, to show support. So far, there was just the one "Don't Back Down post.

These following "bullet points" can't cover all the logical reasons that can be explained to some people (more on the "some people" at the end), but that's what the rest of the internet is for. ;-}

o The 2nd Amendment was not about deer and duck hunting, not about self-defense, and not about going to the range plinking. Many on the right will not even admit that - they are too cowardly to let people know what they think of the out-of-control US Feral Government.
o "Well-regulated" was not written in the sense of "controlled" by the government - what would be the point? The Founders used the word "regulated" to mean "in practice" or "on their game".
o It doesn't matter what that intital clause says, anyway, just the based on English grammar. Per the excellent way a S. Carolinian commenter on the unz threads put it "Salt and pepper being necessary for good tasting scrambled eggs, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed", and one can make other like statements. That intial clause does not change the meaning of the main sentence; it is nothing but an explanation for the existence of it.
o People not only could buy machines guns throught the mail before 1968, but it was a widespread practice for school kids to bring guns to school for shooting practice, keep guns in the pickup on the rack behind the driver, and other things that would require "lockdown" in the current sick day-and-age. There were not many school shootings. What was different then? It sure wasn't stricter infringements of our rights.
o "The 2nd Amendment was written in the day of muskets and doesn't apply to semi-auto rifles and handguns." Yeah, and what of the 1st Amendment? Does it or doesn't it apply to photocopies, faxes, text messages, emails, and anything on the internet? Should tweets be subject to the 1st Amendment - really, who cares on that one?!
o Speaking of the guns themselves, what make something an "assault" weapon? During the Clinton-signed 10 year-long ban on "assault rifles", the definition was based on cosmetic stuff that makes the rifle look scary. Yes, one can make fun of these idiots for their stupidity on gun knowledge, but it is really quite serious here, as this means any arbitrary feature can be made illegal. One day they can cover everything that makes a decent gun.
o This call for common-sense by the emotional useful idiots has often suckered decent, but not-too-bright, people into supporting new regulations. That's a problem, as even the slightest steps of registration WILL be used against us. Know your history, and you will understand that registration is a step too far, toward the Police State.
o Instant background checks are one such method in this escalation towards confiscation. "Oh, no, not to worry, the data is DELETED." Bullshit, as nothing in the computer/database world is just gone. It will only be clear to all that the names have been stored, when the use of this to enforce gun bans becomes widespread.

Now, here's the problem with all of these points. They are all good LOGICAL reasons for protection of gun ownership. The people you may want to reach possibly DO NOT WANT LOGIC. They "think" on emotion. The week-long barrage of Lyin' Press coverage has got them in such a state, that the viewers have their feeling-hormones up to Level 11. I've said it before, it's not that we're a bunch of heartless bastards. Were I one of the parents, siblings, or close friends, I'm not sure what I would to right now.

We just can't solve problems via emotion - life is not group therapy or an episode of Okra Winfrey. Some cool-headed big-picture thinking means realizing that even though our country has gotten itself so culturally screwed-up (Fred Reed column) to where this happens often, it's not going to help us to run head-long to Police State mode for the solution. The commenter on unz.com, that I and some other good folks have been trying to set straight with information such as the points above, is a case in point. He's worried about his daughters in public school right now, and getting very emotional and striking out, as the psychologists would say. We gotta do something! Common-sense control!

See, first of all, control is all he knows, this commenter, that is, and many people who think emote like him. Did he not even think about the fact that mandatory public schooling may be the problem? He complains of the kids having to do active shooter drills - that IS sick. Yet, are there any thoughts of homeschooling his girls in him? No, these cntrl-freaks minds are in their own prisons, basically. He could not think this type of thought, and other verbotten ideas like the fact that the "Broward Coward" was a cop - the only ones for which he doesn't have a problem with the carrying of guns. The cop was right at the school. Did that help this time? Do you want your daughters and grandchildren, sir, to live in an Orwellian police state? Have you thought that far ahead? NO! YOU! HAVN'T!

We can't have the emotional "thinkers" voting, in the long run. The commenter I've been trying to set straight has a man's name, but the thinking is so women-like, that I just don't know anymore.

One last thing on the Florida murders is that it just seemed that the Lyin' Press was set-up to pounce on this one. I don't believe the whole thing was set-up, but I could definitely believe that this thing was let to happen. The glee of the ctnrl-left is not concealable this time. I think so little of these people, that yes, I believe they wanted it to happen badly, 17 kids dead or not. The high-powered elite in real power in the world just can't abide by one still-exceptional nation whose citizens have a way of fighting back against being turned into typical peons of the 3rd world.

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