Charlottesville and the Lyin Press

Posted On: Tuesday - August 15th 2017 10:59AM MST
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As usual, Peak Stupidity runs about a week late on the current events, as THE STUPIDITY STOPS FOR NO MAN!. There is this great summary of the street battle from a guy who was there on In addition, VDare writer James Fulford also has this great article on the same website that discusses the anarcho-tyranny (a term coined by the late Sam Francis that applies very much to the political/government scene in current-day America and will be the topic of another post.).

This post is, as the title says, just about the Lyin' Press angle. The Drudge Report (Matt Drudge) usually is on the side of conservatism, libertarianism, and possibly the alt-right. Yeah, the site is ubiquitous, but notwithstanding, Peak Stupidity mentions the site here and here. As Drudgereport is all headline links, it's usually a good place to get a few versions of each story Drudge reckons is interesting/important, and he usually links to Breitbart and other sites that are not part of the Lyin' Press.

I clicked on a link about the Charlottesville battle that (look at the status bar) linked to yahoo. What a mistake, well if one is interested in the truth, or at least just the facts! Yeah, I should have known, as this was already discussed on our site. Hey, it was my "least worse" choice this time based on viewing the source of the Drudge links.

A necessary component of the Lyin Press:

Anyway, the first sentence mentions the "neo-nazis". Yes, there apparently were some Nazi flags/signs there, but 2 things about that: It'd be very easy for a ringer, paid by a staffer of the antifa-backers, the gov'ts of Virginia and Charlottesville to come with a flag or sign, and the press will snap the photos - only takes a few minutes, as a friend brought up. Who knows? Secondly, as one of the VDare writers said (paraphrase) - people are just bored with being called Nazis. Just go with it "yeah, I'm a Nazi, I don't care what you think, etc." White supremacists or white nationalists are mentioned in the same sentence. Not all of the alt-right are, depending on how you you define terms - Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has these defined nicely, but I don't have a link to the exact article. Even so, does any serious (non-stupid) American think that these guys are people to worry about, I mean, unless you are part of those wanting to continue the downfall of the culture and the replacement of the people, of course? I don't mean that they may not be a large force in the near future, but I don't see any downside to that.

Next, the article starts off with the big assumption that these guys defending a statue of a great man came to do violence, and the antifa idiots and police had to get out there to stop them. No matter what names you call them, we all know that they came out to try to put a stop on the deletion of American history. Robert E. Lee, no matter what opinions you have of the War of Northern Aggression, was a great man, unlike almost no one in the company of the elites today. (That's another post coming.). Misters "Charlottesville Survivor" and Fulford in the VDare articles linked-to above already covered the information about who did what in Charlottesville, so I won't get into that. Just imagine a reversed situation, Bizarro America, where some city (right!?!) has a plan to tear down the Martin Luther Kang and Rosa Parks statues. Then some black guys come out to peacefully protest the erasure of THEIR history. Then some white guys with bats and other weapons come out to beat their asses and the cops come by and don't separate anyone but tell the black guys they most go home due to their violence. Absurd, right? Anyone who understands the pure unadulterated absurdity of the reverse happening will also understand what really went on in Charlottesville.

What I noticed as the most flagrant biased journalism in that yahoo article was their attitude during the whole short opinion peace masquerading as an article is that it was immediately apparent who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. To paraphrase "these bad guys came and so these good guys came and also brought other good guys, the cops, to together beat these bad guys' asses and send them away." There was no thought given to the idea of "two sides to every story".

These yahoos at yahoo are just another sector of the Lyin' Press, as are all the "front pages" of the major sites of any large corporation. I wonder if they have a choice.

NO, I will not link to the Media Stupidity of the Lyin' Press to show you the one I discussed here - just go to Google - you'll find plenty of this crap.

[Addendum 8/15 evening:] Added paragraph 5, as I meant to write that earlier but left it out.

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Search for Truth Results

Posted On: Saturday - August 12th 2017 5:43AM MST
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Goolag Search for Truth

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You've got a friend in the Diamond Business (Part 3)

Posted On: Friday - August 11th 2017 6:18PM MST
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(Continued from last post, and here is Part 1.)

This post is a summary of the amazing, devious business of the DeBeers diamond industry, as related by Mr. Edward Jay Epstein. I don't normally care for this 3 name crap, but I'll cut this guy a break.

As shown by the book excerpts in Part 2, this business is a monopoly scam from end to end. It's the tail end, the retail jewelry business that irks me the most. Of course, most men will not even argue the stupidity of the idea of giving a rock of unknown value (though seemingly known to be VERY EXPENSIVE by the expert jewelers at Jarrod) with a bride-to-be. I think any man of average-intelligence will understand that this is some type of necessary ritual to get this already risky marriage thing done, along with the stupid big-fat-wedding stuff. As written in Part 1, the money could be spent much more wisely as a single guy to get many of the same benefits at a low, low cost. It irks me to no end to think about how this scam has been perpetrated via American media, even before TV, that is. Ask 100 men of various ages if they think the diamond-engagement ring ritual has been around since America was. Once you've read this book, you'll be surprised at most of the men's answers, though that used to be you, right?

Besides the elites, Americans in general are not doing so well financially. When they (not me) are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or disability payment-to-disability payment, is it really wise for any of us to buy a stone for 2 month's salary that could be replaced by a man-made one were the industry not monopolized or, better yet, a piece of cubic zirconium, were we less honest (undoubtedly a bad way to start a marriage) with his bride-to-be? Well, one benefit of being the working poor is that that 2-month's salary is not so much in absolute terms, so there's that.

That brings me to all the slogans - I believe Peak Stupidity has covered them:

"You have a Friend in the Diamond Business." Was that just a local retail slogan? I'm not sure, but it's a pretty big lie. No good friend would happily rip you off like that.

"Diamonds are Forever." This is true. So is depleted uranium, the moon (pretty much?). However, Gold is also forever, and it's real money. I really wish this deal would change to gold, as in India, at least.

"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." Let's see. Again, I thought it was silicone. Hmmm, maybe her husband could be, but it's hard for that to happen were he truthful about the diamond and wedding BS while all the women have been brainwashed by this multi-decadal scam.

Men have been suckered, pussy-whipped, and shamed into patsies for DeBeers for too long now. I think it's time for us to pull out the Social Justice Warrior approach to aid us, as anathema of that may be. Here's how, guys. First, here is a picture of a diamond mine, where we know how terrible the conditions are:

You know the kind of thing that goes on here? Blood feuds, genocide, mother-raping, father-raping, littering...

Here's what you tell your young lady:

"Listen, I'd love to buy you that big diamond we saw at Jarrod, and yes I know it makes you horny (for a while). It's just that, sob sob ..."

"Yes? What's wrong, honey... wait, you've GOT THE MONEY, don't you?!"

"Yes, it's not that ... it's just ... well, the terrible conditions in the mines in these countries in Africa ... I'm so concerned. There are murders every day. Rape! Genocide! I can't be part of this ... no way!"

"Ohhh.... "

"Yeah, I think I should get you a ruby instead. Sure, they're, cough, cough .. a little bit, cough, cough, cheaper, but they come from different African countries where all the miners do is kick the ever-lovin' shit out of each other."

End Note: Please take the time, maybe 1 hour per night (2 chapters) for a week to read Mr. Epstein's great book. I mean, he was there, and the book's got big business deals, colonial politics, engineering, geology, flying, deep state stuff, all the interesting things you could think of. Mainly it tells a story most have never heard nor had an inkling of. So, we do have ONE friend in the diamond business, Mr. Edward Jay Epstein.

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You've got a friend in the Diamond Business (Part 2)

Posted On: Friday - August 11th 2017 7:38AM MST
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(Continued from last post.)

This is more on the diamond business, a century-old scam that probably is still in the lead over "Social Security" and "Global Climate DisruptionTM (coming hard around the bend), though still all behind the scam of Socialism.

While skimming the book/website that this and Part 1 are based on, I decided a few excerpts would be in order after all to illustrate the 3 basic points (a,b,c yesterday) and a few other things that I already wrote about. Again, it's great reading, and I'll emphasize this one more time at the end. For each excerpt pasted here in Peak Stupdity, I will link to the chapter (single web page) in Mr. Epstein's book (out of the 24, incl. Prologue and End Notes) and post the chapter number.

I could either edit the last post or put this here, as it's about the difference between value placed by people in precious metals based on true scarcity vs. value said to be "inherent" in diamonds. How about here, in this post, then:
De Beers' advertising slogan, "A Diamond Is Forever," embodied an essential concept of the diamond invention. It suggested that the value of a diamond never diminishes and that therefore a diamond never need be sold or exchanged. This precept, of course, is self-fulfilling: As long as no one attempts to sell his diamonds, they retain their value ( assuming the cartel controls the supply of new diamonds). When, however, an individual is forced to defy this principle by attempting to sell diamonds, the results can prove illuminating. Consider, for example, the case of Rifkin's Russian diamonds. ...
(Go to the source for more.)

Also in Part 1, I mentioned the subject of man-made diamonds. I had definitely forgotten a lot by the time of last night's post, but read this about GE's manufacturing of diamonds back in the 1970's:
To be sure, General Electric recognized that it would be possible to develop catalysts that would accelerate the time needed to produce gems and to engineer more efficient presses that would allow more diamonds to be grown in the same cycle. However, even if it were possible to mass-produce gem diamonds at costs comparable to those of industrial diamonds, there would be a more serious problem. If the public realized that diamonds could be manufactured in unlimited quantities in a factory, the entire market for diamonds might suddenly collapse. A senior General Electric executive who was involved in the decision not to manufacture gem diamonds explained to me, "We would be destroyed by the success of our own invention. The more diamonds that we made, the cheaper they would become. Then the mystique would be gone, and the price would drop to next to nothing." General Electric decided not to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in presses to produce gem diamonds. Although their chief rivals had decided not to go ahead with manufacturing, it now became a war against time for the De Beers cartel. The science and technology that made it possible to manufacture real diamonds threatened to create a supply of diamonds that was beyond the control of De Beers.

Now, the main 3 basic points of this diamond scam were listed in the previous post, so, I will include excerpts for each. The book is not organized exactly this way, but it's basically in order of the flow of rocks-from-under-the-ground to money.

a) The control of, and production in, the diamond mines, corresponding directly to Chapters 1 - 5. About the diamond mines, almost all in Africa, Mr. Epstein writes:
Diamond mines, unlike most other kinds of mining operations, could not measure, or even reasonably estimate the value of their own product. Gold mines can calculate how many ounces they produce each day, and copper mines can estimate their tonnage, but the Orapa mine could not immediately determine whether its production of gem diamonds that day was worth $ioo,ooo or a million dollars. Both the diamond mine and the Botswana government had to await the outcome of the official evaluation by the De Beers-trained appraisers.
Note that there is a comparison with gold and other mining. The diamond business is, let's say, "different".

b) The wholesale marketing/distribution of diamonds, corresponding to Chapters 6 - 13. I can only quote so much, so as a summary, what goes on is the supply of diamonds from the ONE monopoly mining company DeBeers is funneled to diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium (OK, this was the late 1970's, so it may have changed a bit!) and previously Amsterdam, Holland. All the trading is done in London, England. It's nothing resembling an open market. The wholesale and maybe some retail merchants may be invited to London for a "sight". This "sight" entails a viewing of a box of diamonds that is not negotiable. The buyer can buy it or not, but won't be invited back often if he decides not to. Good luck getting the diamonds elsewhere. I believe it was just a yearly thing, but I'm sure things have changed in the details, but not in this crazy monopoly control. This is a lot of the way prices are kept high. Nobody knows what "stones" are existing back in South Africa or in some big-wig's stash. Without the control, prices could go all willy-nilly - that'd be bad for the jewelry stores, though it'd be good for bride-grooms everywhere. From Epstein, on some of the details, back in the day:
After a brief wait, a guard delivers a small cardboard box to each room, weighs the contents on the scale and then leaves. Inside the box are a number of paper envelopes containing uncut diamonds that look like bits of broken glass. The type, quality, and exact weight of each diamond is marked on the outside of the envelope. On a sheet of paper accompanying the box is the price of the diamonds. The price of a diamond is heavily dependent on its quality. A discolored flat diamond weighing one carat may be worth no more than $50; but a flawless, colorless and octahedron diamond of the same weight may be worth $10,000. The price tag for the entire box may vary between $1 million and $25 million.

In these 200-odd shoe boxes are most of the diamonds that will eventually be sold in engagement rings and other jewelry throughout the world. The determination of who gets which diamonds in their shoe boxes completely shapes and orders the multibillion-dollar diamond business. The man who makes this decision at Number Two Charterhouse Street is E. M. Charles, a tall, gray-haired man whom everyone in the trade calls Monty.

c) The retail marketing long-term scam of the diamond business, corresponding to Chapter 13. This is the tip of the spear. Without the retail marketing part of the scam, the diamond business would be a bust. Nobody seriously hordes these things as money. People who have that much, no matter how stupid they may be personally, have accountants and money managers that know better.

I warn you now, and you can believe me later, this stuff was shocking to me when I read it. I had just figured that Diamonds (had always been) a Girl's Best Friend, stupid as that idea had seemed from the first time I'd heard it. (I'd always though it was silicone!) This retail marketing involved serious collusion between DeBeers and Hollywood. That's not saying it's illegal, just very damn devious.
When the Second World War began in Europe, N. W. Ayer fed numerous stories to the press suggesting that the diamond market would not be adversely affected by these developments. Even though the war, in fact, virtually ended the gem diamond business, with mines being shut all over Africa and cutting centers in Europe being abandoned, the planted stories, which were widely circulated by the wire services, carried such optimistic titles as "Diamond, King of Gems, Reigns Supreme Despite War," "Diamond Supply Unhurt by War," "War Gives Impetus to Diamond Cutting," "Marriage Increases Indicated by Rise in Diamond Sales," and "How Diamonds Spark the Wings of War and Peace."

By 1941 the advertising agency reported to its client that it had already achieved impressive results in its campaign to alter the American public's perception of diamonds. Since its inception, the sale of diamonds had soared 55 percent in the United States, reversing the previous downward trend in retail sales. N. W. Ayer stated in the accompanying memorandum to De Beers "the entire structure of your diamond organization for the duration of the war rests upon the ultimate sale of diamonds to consumers in the United States. ... Your problem is to cultivate the desire to purchase diamonds for their own sake." The advertising agency saw no reason to be overly modest in summarizing its own contribution. It noted in the report that its campaign required "the conception of a new form of advertising which has been widely imitated ever since. There was no direct sale to be made. There was no brand name to be impressed on the public mind. There was simply an idea-the eternal emotional value surrounding the diamond." It further claimed that "a new type of art was devised . . . and a new color, diamond blue, was created and used in these campaigns. . .


De Beers needed a slogan for diamonds that expressed both the theme of romance and of legitimacy. Then in 1948 a N. W. Ayer copywriter came up with the caption "A Diamond Is Forever," which was scrawled on the bottom of a picture of two young lovers on a honeymoon. Even though diamonds can be in fact shattered, chipped, discolored or incinerated to an ash, the concept of eternity perfectly captured the magical qualities that the advertising agency wanted to impute to diamonds. Within a year, "A Diamond Is Forever" became the official logo of Dc Beers.

In 1951, N. W. Ayer found some resistance to its million dollar publicity blitz. It noted in its annual strategy review: "The millions of brides and brides-to-be are subjected to at least two important pressures that work against the diamond engagement ring. Among the more prosperous, there is the sophisticated urge to be different as a means of being smart.... The lower-income groups would like to show more for the money than they can find in the diamonds they can afford."

To remedy these problems, the advertising agency argued that "it is essential that these pressures be met by the constant publicity to show that only the diamond is everywhere accepted and recognized as the symbol of betrothal."

After all this promoting of his book, let me state here (should have earlier) that Epstein wrote most of this 35 years back -
(From End Notes)
This book was originally published by Simon&Schuster in 1982 under the title "The Rise and Fall of Diamonds." I am indebted to June Eng for designing the cyber book and thank Rebecca Fraser and Marjorie Kaplan for their research assistance.

There will be a Part 3 to summarize the Peak Stupidity opinion on this Great Scam, mostly with regard to point (c) above, the marketing to Americans to envelope them in this scam, either later today or on Saturday.

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You've got a friend in the Diamond Business ...

Posted On: Thursday - August 10th 2017 6:49PM MST
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... it's just that he's a friend in the way that the Hildabeast might be to a poor black man. She wants the vote, that's all, and would never want him within 5 miles of her nice home in Chappaqua, NY. The guy at the jewelry store won't be your friend anymore if you ask him why you can't get even 90% of your money back a day later for this "precious stone".

Perhaps your "friend's" name is Jarrod. Have you seen the commercials? I noticed the attractive women in them seem very horny due to receiving a gift of a $5,000 (I don't know the prices, and I don't want to know) piece of rock. "He went to Jarrods, pant .. pant ... oooohh!" That's the idea, see, according to the commercial - just go spend a month's salary or two once in a while, and your wife will be all smiley and horny for a week, maybe longer. They don't want you to think with your other head, the higher-up one, about this hellacious deal. "Hey", logic says, "for that money I could go on a coupla' trips to Thailand and have sex with DIFFERENT hotties each night for weeks at a time, and there's a beach there, apparently."

OK, maybe you're married, so Thailand may be off your plans, but then this means you were involved in the scam I want to write this post about already.

Here's a picture of this scam:

Try finding out how much that polished piece of mineral really costs by seeing how much a store would actually buy it back for. Did you wonder why you could bargain them down pretty heftily, yet they still seemed pretty happy to sell it to you. Who started this engagement ring rip-off idea to begin with? (easy answer for that one - DeBeers of South Africa)

I got interested in this diamond business when I read a great short-book-length piece of writing on the web about 10 years back, and it's still on there! A Mr. Edward Jay Epstein put this information in simple web-site format that can be read in say, 1 week of an hour's reading a night. It is extremely interesting, and HERE is the Prologue, with links to each of the 22 short chapters. Peak Stupidity cannot excerpt the whole thing, of course, but it's hard to pick any particular best part. However, from the prologue:
In Japan, the matrimonial custom had survived feudal revolutions, world wars, industrialization and even the American occupation. Up until the mid-196os, Japanese parents arranged proper marriages for their children through trusted 'intermediaries. The ceremony was then consummated, according to Shinto law, by the bride and groom both drinking rice wine from the same wooden bowl. This simple arrangement had persisted for more than a millennium. There was no tradition for romance, courtship, seduction and prenuptial love in Japan; and no tradition that required the gift of a diamond engagement ring.

Then, in 1967, halfway around the world, a South African diamond company decided to change the Japanese courtship ritual. It retained J. Walter Thompson, the largest advertising agency in the world, to embark on a campaign to popularize diamond engagement rings in Japan. It was not an easy task. Even the quartering of millions of American soldiers in Japan for a decade had not resulted in any substantial Japanese interest in giving diamonds as a token of love.
This is just the intro, but it is a taste of what Mr. Epstein learned about the marketing aspect of the diamond business.

OK, the reader may be wondering right here "they're precious gems, better than paper currency, as PS has been badmouthing all under this topic key, so what's wrong with diamonds?", Well, let's compare to precious metals like gold? In some countries, especially India, prospective husbands give gold to prospective wives. I understand the idea, though it's very arguable, that something not practical, but of high value, shows one's love, respect, and amount of value for this woman. Yeah, a small SUV seems more practical to me too, but listen, there's a big difference between a precious metal and diamonds, as told my Mr. Epstein. The first thing to learn is that the diamond business is monopolized so much by the one company, DeBeers, that the real value is only set by how many diamonds they want to put on the market yearly. It is so far from a free market that even a hard-core Commie (upon getting engaged) may take offense. As the gold/silver mining business is fairly open and transparent, and the amount in the world can't be changed easily or quickly, the diamond business is secretive and only a few know what really goes on - DeBeers aims to keep it this way.

Here is another contrast with precious metals. As of yet, they still cannot be manufactured (OK, minute amounts in expensive research reactors). Diamonds have been manufactured for many years now, for cutting tools and what-not. What's that, they (the jewelry store owners) say, "oh, but they have flaws". Diamonds are valued by how few flaws they have. Now, however, the manufacturing techniques are such that some small perfect ones can be made. "Wait, they have no flaws, so you know they are man-made, not real!", says Jarrod. "Real diamonds are Forever." (whatever!)

This is really a bad point at which to stop the post, but it's getting long, and there will be a continuation tomorrow on (all from Mr. Epstein's book):

a) The control of, and production in, the diamond mines.

b) The wholesale marketing/distribution of diamonds.

c) The retail marketing long-term scam of the diamond business.

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Credit? Forget it! You got it? You get it!

Posted On: Tuesday - August 8th 2017 1:19PM MST
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That was a great motto - it'd be called a meme now - of cash businesses that used to have distain for customers who couldn't actually pay for what they wanted to buy. If you want to use credit and have us put on an additional hat as a banker and trust your sorry ass, well, FORGET IT! If you can pay us in (what used to be) real money, YOU GET IT!. That's what they meant, and I like it.

Peak Stupidity had a series of 3 posts over 2 months back ( 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ) on the perils of the trend toward a cashless society. These worries were about the Orwellian control-freak society we are in that will become even more so with the recording and control of spending habits of individuals, leading toward stuff written about in Revelation. In addition, the cashless transactions just encourage monopolies in big Corp/Gov. (almost the same thing anymore) by providing them with more resources, as the big guys get their cuts - 2% is it? - on all credit card transactions.

However, this post is about another problem with the financial mind-set of most people in American society. Even so, this other problem leads again to control-freakdom. Here's the subject of this post: Americans' paycheck-to-paycheck spending habits.

Maybe this post will anger you, the reader, if this description is about you, but it must be said anyway - we can get another reader! ;-}. I know many 2-earner couples, making 6-digit dollar figures yearly who, nonetheless will really have problems if a) either one ends up unemployed for even a short while, or b) one has problems with payroll, the bank account, or whatever that causes just 1 or 2 checks to not make it into the account regularly, or c) a medium-sized unexpected bill, say a month's salary for the two, come up. At the lower end, there are people who truly don't have enough money to build a huge nest-egg, but could at least sock away a few hundred a month to get emergency money set up within a coupla years. They don't because they have spent it on vacations, upgrades to the vehicles or what-have-you. Most Americans have no sound-economics way of thinking.

Yes, about everything can be obtained on the payment plan. People compare the payments added together - house payments, car payments, credit card minimum payments, student loan payments, home equity line-o-credit payments and various and others to their net salaries. It's all fine if the former just equals the latter. The house payments was the first to be seen of all this buying on credit, and from what I've read, this only goes back less than a century (okay, I guess a century is a pretty long time). The rest of it is much more recent. Your average person or family DID NOT live like this in the early 1970's even.. The whole thing is pretty sad.

Yeah, this is gonna help. Now intead of a bunch of small payments, it'll be only one LARGE one (oh, plus the fee).

See, it hasn't always been this way, but, you know, the big Corps/big Gov. want to see that GDP go up, up , up. Never mind what is actually included in that GDP, a subject for another post - some of it has nothing to do with pulling valuable stuff out of the ground, growing food, or creating wealth via manufacturing processes. In this world of living in perpetual debt, the ones making out the best are the ones taking the cut of all spending and charging interest on money that supposedly has NO TIME VALUE (were one to base this on what the FED charges for interest to its banker friends).

Let me now get to the point of why this way of living also results in a big increase in the control-freak, Orwellian police state society. Let me go back to that "living paycheck-to-paycheck" phrase. Here's what's the problem with that, aside from the normal worries about the monthly struggle to pay down all the STUFF: One loses much control of his direction in life when he is tied in to the incoming salary on a very short time-line. Let me put this better as an example. I've been reading about the fired Google-guy who wrote a simple, in-my-opinion still PC, memo about the whole male/female differences thing. (This post is not about the particulars, and, as to be expected, Steve Sailer is all over it here, here, here, here, and here.). This guy may come out of this with a job soon, just because this situation has gotten lots of attention. That doesn't happen to the average employee, however, and it can't. The closer you are bound to your job via your tight month-to-month budget, the less likely you will quit, speak-out, or even push-back a slight bit, when you are harassed with all the mass stupidity. You are not a free agent if you live like this - you are much more beholden to your employer and must be more of a suck-up, a kiss-ass, whatever it entails, to the dieversity and PC-crap than if you had a year or two's salary put away to find a new job or even a new career and leave the stupidity behind!

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The Daily Westerner - 5 stages of feminism

Posted On: Tuesday - August 8th 2017 12:25PM MST
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I came across a new favorite website, and this doesn't happen everyday. This one is called The Daily Westerner, and the post/page that I originally arrived on via a link is The Stages of Decline after a Society Becomes Infected by Feminism

Peak Stupidity has presented only a handful of posts on the topic-key of feminism so far, but the amount of raw stupidity involved is mighty IN-tense (accented on the 1st syllable if you are a trucker working in a convoy). There will be more. The Daily Westerner reckons that there are 5 stages in the infection of feminism, and his post is a treatment (in writer-speak, not doctor-speak) of it as an infectious desease. There have been worse deseases for people on personal levels, much worse, but feminism is much worse on a societal level than probably anything else the stupid among us have come up with, and they try hard.

I'm no Doctor specializing in cures for Cultural Marxism, so I don't really have a 2nd opinion right now to counter Daily Westerner's diagnosis that this desease is in it's terminal states in the United States:
The nation is near death. The feminist agenda is completely unopposed. Individuals are infected early in their growth stages. Dissent—something that could inoculate against infection—is prohibited. The high viral load causes individuals to reproduce at only half the rate needed to sustain the nation, which begins to wither quite rapidly.

Then invasive bodies attack the host with impunity, just as happens to an AIDS patient. The government (the nation’s cerebral executive function) will even encourage this, because all the while it’s been infected by the alien microbes that released the cultural Marxism toxins. The law (the nation’s immune system) is utterly paralyzed and can’t control the invaders. Several case studies show that it will not react at all if massive numbers of female individuals are targeted. However, the law will still punish free speech by healthy individuals trying to halt the diseases killing the nation.

Read the whole thing, as they say - he's got pictures to break it up a little. I like the guy's writing and will keep up with the Daily Westerner (only a post every day or two).

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Mayoral candidates - they're not sending their best

Posted On: Saturday - August 5th 2017 5:32PM MST
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It is not a bad thing that anyone, including some complete whack-jobs, can run for any office; it's just bad at the high levels that the whack-jobs are usually the ones hand-picked by our elites (we got one break in '16.) This is a humorous story from Fayetteville, North Carolina involving a real piece of work named Miss Quancidine Gribble (yes, not a white person, but I shouldn't even be writing this per the AP style guide - you're supposed to know - how freakin' hard is it to figure out?)

Miss Quancidine Gribble, obviously traumatized by early childhood by a set of parents who were too proud to take part in any normal child's naming convention, is involved in a slight dispute over the water bills.
Quancidine Gribble, 56, of the 6100 block of Louise Street, was arrested on misdemeanor charges by the Fayetteville Police Department on June 8 and again Tuesday. She was charged with larceny in June and with reconnecting disconnected utilities in the second incident, according to arrest documents.
Hey, who amongst us, besides those on well water, has NOT thought of routing around the meter when in a stand-off with the city? We all have, right? This writer had gone through contingency plans while in a dispute years back over a leak in the yard (yeah, I'm responsible for the water, but it's not going down the sanitary sewer). They say you can't fight city hall, but I did and won.
The first warrant was filed June 1. An Aqua employee told a magistrate that he and another employee turned off the water and removed the meter at Gribble’s house because she had not paid her water bills, arrest documents said. The second warrant was filed July 26 when an Aqua employee told a magistrate Gribble had reconnected a water line that the company had disconnected.

“Once we removed the meter, Quancidine came out of her home screaming, telling us to put the meter back,” the first arrest documents said. She’s accused of taking the meter and an encoder receiver transmitter, which is used for automatic meter readings, out of the Aqua truck and into her home.

The equipment has a value of about $500.
OK, but even had I carried out some method of regaining my money from the city, I don't think I'd have had the gall to run for mayor right away! I believe this lady is running in order to fire people in the water department. Oh, but wait, let's hold on; there are two sides to every story:
Responding by email Wednesday night, Gribble said she is not guilty of either of the crimes. She said Aqua North Carolina provided incorrect information to the magistrates.

“I was charged with one misdemeanor yesterday and that was done as intent to destroy my character due to me standing up to Aqua North Carolina,” Gribble said. “These are the very reasons why I am running for mayor for the city of Fayetteville. The good ol’ boy network has to be stopped.
[my bold] Haha, I doubt the city of Fayetteville, NC has the "good old boy" network - a network of incompetent worthless affirmative action hires is the more likely scenario.
Her bail was set at $500 for each charge and she is currently out on bail. A full-time student pursuing a doctorate of philosophy, a community activist and a charity leader, Gribble is running for mayor of Fayetteville for the first time.
Man, somehow these Doctorates in Philosophy don't seem to mean as much as when you only saw them in the hands of Plato, Aristotle, and William F. Buckley. Well, I guess if this broad has the gall to show her ugly face in another election, I guess we are all good to go.

I need to may as well put in the last bit of the article that I haven't yet:
This is not the first time Gribble has been accused of criminal activity.

In 2004, she was convicted of misdemeanor larceny in Cumberland County. In 1999, she was sentenced to six months in the DeSoto County, Mississippi, jail after she was convicted of simple assault for hitting her husband’s head, chest and arms with a statue.
See, this is the crux of the matter. Mrs. Quancidine Gribble is freed up to be a mayoral candidate for Fayetteville, NC due to the fact that Mr. Gribble, the husband, has absolutely NO STANDING in that prior case. You see, it's obvious to even the non-legal minds of Peak Stupidity that Mr. Gribble, blows to the head notwithstanding, has clearly run smack into the Statue of Limitations.

(Yes, I DID write this whole post on this imbecilic story just to get in the line about the statue. Did you see the "humor" topic key, or not?!)

Good night, readers.

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Stevie Ray Vaughn with a Nursery Rhyme

Posted On: Friday - August 4th 2017 9:16PM MST
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That'd be a great trivia question - what are 2 rock songs (OK, or blues) using the same nursery rhyme for lyrics? Stevie Ray Vaughn here, with "Mary had a Little Lamb" here from Texas Flood and just the one verse of "Piece of the Rock" by Mother's Finest from 2 days back.

"Mary had a little lamb.
His fleece was white as snow, yeah,
and everywhere the child went
that little lamb was sure to go, now.

He followed her to school one day,
which broke the teachers rule,
but what a time did they have
that day at school.

Tisket! Tasket! Baby,
a green and yellow basket.
Sent a letter to by baby
and on my way I past it.

(whatever, it's not the lyrics, it's the SOUND, on this one.)

About Stevie Ray, I was just finishing a drive across the country into Los Angeles when I turned on the car AM radio. I heard talk about some local musician dying via a crash of a helicopter. It took a while until they repeated the name. It was sad for me because I'd only been listening to him for about 2-3 years by that point. What a musician!

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What's wrong with acting like a Cowboy?

Posted On: Friday - August 4th 2017 8:57PM MST
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  General Stupidity  Americans

It started with the Europeans back in the 1980's. In reference to Ronald Reagan, whom it seemed most of them hated, we heard "he's gonna be a cowboy!" and "We can't have some kind of cowboy in the White House" and so forth. "Hey", Americans thought, "what's wrong with cowboys?" How was that an insult? (There were plenty of other insults.)

It says a lot about one difference between the mindset of Europeans vs. Americans, at least back in the day, that there was a fundamental disagreement on whether being "a cowboy" was a bad thing or a good thing. The difference between respecting the sophisticated man vs. the honest man was discussed here 1/2 year back.

However, what's good for the Europeans is what's good for America, we are told by our elites and people at NPR. Americans start to believe that crap after a while, and that's why this term "cowboy" has now become an insult to one's professionalism. I don't like it at all, and I think real cowboys - there are still some (had to drive (slowwwwly) through a cattle herd on US highway 12 in Montana not too long ago) - would be pretty damn pissed at not take too kindly to this slur on their profession. (Another post coming will be about use of "engineer" in verbal form as a slur). However, I can't seem to get away from this now.

"Don't cowboy it", you hear on the job, meaning take more time, don't hurry, do more thinking. Hey, you don't think the old-time cowboys had to do some thinking and planning to drive the 10,000 head all the way from south Texas to freakin' Cheyenne, Wyoming, or Abilene, Kansas? People who use this term are too stupid to have any knowledge of who cowboys were and are. Additionally, they have no respect for American values, for instance, good on-the-fly decision making skills and actions over words, both of which are important but derided in this feminized age.

Next time I hear "don't be a cowboy", I'll have to retort with "hey, them's fightin' words, pardner!"

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The Seas will Rise ... Insects will Spread!

Posted On: Thursday - August 3rd 2017 9:56PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  California  Global Climate Stupidity  Pundits

We promised more Tucker Carlson, so here goes.

"People are gonna die.
Habitat will be destroyed.
Seas will rise.
Insects will spread."

Isaiah 25:09... oops ... no, California Governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.
Hey, Jerry... Jerry, calm down... Jerry ... listen, people already die. More habitat will be destroyed if people DON'T die. Beachfront property is very good for property tax receipts, you government people like to take money, don't you? Oh, yeah, the insects... well, you Californians have had it too good without the skeeters, fleas, and gnats for too long. Join the party, Pal!

Look at 'em - they are just religious fanatics! Try going over some details of the mathematical modeling of such a complex system as the entire world climate with any of these types. Reason will not work. Hard slaps in the face may be more appropriate. If you have any way to watch the movie Serial, with Martin Mull, when you get to the hippie cult scene, you may be reminded of what probably needs to be done to these people. That movie is a classic about latter-hippy-days California (spoiler alert: funny as hell!), and it is almost heartbreaking to watch when you realize what they've done to the place in the 35 years since that movie was filmed.

Just the 1st minute of the Peak Stupidity excerpted section has the really good stuff. After that there is talk about the hypocrisy of the big proponents of Global Climate DisruptionTM It's great seeing Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson together. I'd love to hang out with the two of them. If you see me on the other side of an interview with them, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong and Peak Stupidity has gone native.

Previous Tucker Carlson here, here, here, and here. Time for a topic key label for him soon.

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A Black Rock Band from the 1970's

Posted On: Wednesday - August 2nd 2017 7:44PM MST
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If all you knew were the "music" out now, it'd be hard to believe that there'd even be black musicians playing ANYTHING worth listening to. If you know some history of music, of course there were the blues (more on this coming), jazz, R&B and the Boogie Woogie sounds; you'd know differently.

However, as far as pure Rock goes, besides Jimi Hendrix, of course, but also Prince (he just died), you won't find much. This is Mother's Finest from the low country of South Carolina, who played ROCK MUSIC in the 1970's. They had a couple of white guys, on drums and guitar.

A lady named Joyce Kennedy has powerful backing vocals.

"Piece of the Rock" from Another Mother Further:

"Mary had a little lamb,
it's fleece was just as white as snow.
Little Jack Horner stuck in his thumb.
Mary said don't do that no mo!"

(I love the judicious use of ebonics for rhyme here - "mo" rhymes with "snow", don't it?)

As usual, this is only enjoyable with the volume UP.

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Speaking Dead of the Ill - re Juan McAmnesty

Posted On: Wednesday - August 2nd 2017 7:17PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  The Neocons

Never built "the damn fence"

It sounds reads like Senator McCain of Arizona, who has been a traitor to his countrymen in probably more ways than one (on the immigration invasion) is not long for this world due to brain cancer. I'm not sad at all - this is not speaking ill of the dead, but kinda the opposite.

I was commenting on a different website about the death of Ted Kennedy way back in 2009. I got in a long back and forth discussion with a lady who was scolding me for saying I was glad he had finally died (and a few things ruder than that, of course). It came down to one thing, I finally summed up to her – really simple – Ted Kennedy was still in the US Senate when he died. He also had been, and still was, very bad for our country.

Had he been retired at the time, well dying is a sad thing, and it would have been something to just remark on – I may have still spoken ill of the dead, because his whole life was kind of something to make one ill. I would not have written “I’m glad he died .”, though. However he was a US Senator till the end, and if his dying was the only way we could have Ted Kennedy gone from the Senate, then, hell yeah I was glad he died! That's what it came down to.

I would say the very same about Juan McCain. The damage to America that this sick so-called “maverick” caused most likely can’t be reversed.

The Unz Review website posted an article by one Brian Stewart of National Review in praise of this asshole for comment by unz readers, and not one in 110 comments so far agreed with the writer.

As to the exact diagnosis of this execrable senator, Peak Stupidity has no doctors on staff, nor do any of us play doctors on TV (only off-screen), but possibly it may go down like the following:
“Yes, this is Juan McAmnesty, what’s the news, Doc?”

“Well, Mr. McAmnesty, I’ve got some BAD news, and then some …
… REALLY BAD news, sir.”

“Oh, yeah, just give me the BAD news first.”

“Sir, our diagnosis is that you only have 2 months to live.”

“OMG, what could possibly be the REALLY BAD news, then?”

“Sir, you’ve had the phone lines down due to all the irate Americans calling ….
I’ve been trying to reach you for 2 months.”
On this guy's "maverickity", as per some unwritten/unsaid deal with the Lyin' Press about a decade ago: The term maverick first of all was helpful in leading readers and viewers of the LP to think about McCain’s “war hero” status. He was like “Top Gun” (it was 20 years after the movie, but some things stick in our minds). “Watch my 6, Goose, I’m coming hard left, and I’m gonna do a coupla snap rolls to lose this guy.” “Wow,you’re my hero, Maverick, let’s buzz the tower of the Forestall now.”

Secondly, the unwritten/said deal between McCain and the LP is that, as he was the maverick, he would not go along with the usual Republican agenda. You’d think the writer, Brian Stewart, in National Review would have some memory or had at least read a little bit of recent US political history to know this – I didn’t think NR took too kindly to mavericks on conservatism or at least on the Red Wing of the party. The Lyin Press could talk up this great maverick of the GOP who would trash any conservative plans (“the damn fence”), and McCain would have more of the spotlight than any other GOP senator.

That was their deal back starting in '05 or so. Who will miss this man?

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Software unchanged, posting resuming, and part 2 on periods, of all things.

Posted On: Tuesday - August 1st 2017 1:10PM MST
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  Websites  Humor  Feminism

OK, the site updating was to be done in my "sandbox", as the computer types tend to call it, with everything necessary to duplicate and test on one machine. That being said, said sandbox came on the long trip with us, as was the plan, but family obligations and just tiredness from time-zone change prevented any serious work. It'll come. It is time to resume posting though, as the stupidity waits for no man.

Now, the reason why the first post upon posting resumption happens to be about women's periods, called in un-mixed company, menstruation, may or may not be just randomness, but stuff needs to be said. In the post "Feminism 102 - Mother Nature expresses herself monthly", Peak Stupidity introduced a new (and exciting?) theory on why this natural process is combined with a negative emotional state on behalf of the processee (the woman, I mean). (Any peer review would be appreciated, BTW, even by menstruation-deniers - all discussion welcome.). Now, it has come to our my attention very recently that, for men involved with women who undergo this process, this certain time of the month should a) be more positively annunciated b) be a time for which contingency plans should be put in action that involve short-term separation.

Item (a) seem to be almost a no-brainer given the amazingly advances state of today's sensor and digital electronics technology. Could we not get a half-day's or even just 2 hours' notice of impending periodage? Is there no app for this? I could see a flow-sensor placed in the appropriate location, with blue-tooth communication (of course) to android OS and an app (we used to just call it a program) to filter out the noise and give the user's significant other notice via text-alert (possibly involving the same alerting mode used now for warnings of flash flooding and tornadoes!). Again, this is a no-brainer, but it may not have been made simply due to the fact that the smart geeks with the wherewithall to implement this have no girlfriends, hence, are not aware of this problem begging for a solution.

Item (b) does not need a technological fix. It is something that many religious texts have discussed over the millenia. Proverb 25:24 of the Old Testament, for example says "It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house.". [King James Version]. Now, this must be taken in light of the times in which it was written. What I mean is, the roofs were flat back then. All the proverbs in the world aren't going to help you when you roll off a 50% slope and fall 10 ft to your death. Anyway, details, details ... modern interpretation could easily have us read "woman on the rag" for "brawling woman" and "man-cave" for "corner of a house top". That is the point, we men need plans for these 2-5 day periods to be completely away, but it must be constructive time for us too - we could be working on updates to blog software just as a random example.

Why this post has the feminism topic key associated with it is because, just like all the other stupidity we live with everyday, this problem is another that people want to deny Mother Nature's role in. It is something that shouldn't be denied and this is why almost all religions have had warnings about for millenia. Seriously here, for a bit, it's the young people who should heed this the most. Many a young man, who has never had it explained to him, may have one hell of a time with the thoughts of "this relationship is in bad shape" and "I guess I'm not the good guy I thought I was", on a monthly basis. It takes toughness to realize that almost anything said in anger by the woman in this period should be taken as meaningless garbage. Some don't have the ablitily to keep brain-switching like this. It'd be best to just be gone, and come back later, which should be the impetus for our proposed app (already a name came to mind "rag-time") and some type of uber-like "Sharing Economy" deal to get us all space on the (literally, right?!) Proverbial Roof Tops.

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Short Peak Stupidity Hiatus for Possible Software Upgrade

Posted On: Wednesday - July 19th 2017 4:57PM MST
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I don't mean possibly we will work on the software - we will, but I mean possibly it'll be an upgrade ;-} Yes, the site is plain and homely, but that doesn't bother me nor hopefully the readers. However, the main bug of ending up in white space at the bottom of pages is not as simple as an anchor tag thing (would have been done long ago, in that case). It's something to be messed with using more knowledge of php, and that bug is TOP PRIORITY. However, once past that, it'll be time to add some features to make it easier to navigate to posts, and hopefully do some type of searches.

The reason for the hiatus - about 1 week - is not because the site will be down or (additionally) buggy. It won't. It's just that I want to spend the time on the software. I'll miss doing posts for a week, but this has got to be done. Again, the site will work same as now, but with nothing new to read. When the software is improved and tested, it'll go live, and hopefully no bugs will appear, but I'll post at that time.

Well, all stupidity aside for a week, everyone WangChung tonight!:

BTW, if you are one of those animated-.gif-induced epileptics, as I've heard about, you may want to skip this one - it's flashy and jumpy enough to induce a seizure in a comatose tax accountant.

Mid 1980's music from the band Wang Chung - the song is called "Everybody have Fun Tonight".

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