More bashing of Juan McCain, sworn enemy of VDare

Posted On: Thursday - October 19th 2017 6:08PM MST
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The Globalist, Neocon scumbag Juan McCain McAmnesty, has been vilified on Peak Stupidity already (The rticle is entitled "Speaking dead of the ill".) Yeah, we really don't like this guy. He is truly one of the sworn enemies of all decent Americans. I don't know which of the major candidates in the presidential election of 2008 was more of a mark of shame for Americans, or at least the "selection" process, this bastard or the Øb☭ma

Because the VDare site is the best thing going as far as anything immigration related, McAmnesty is about public enemy numero uno over there, and James Kirkpatrick over there tears him a new one with Profile In Treason: The Inconceivable Evil Of John McCain—“Man Of Blood”. I will just put some excerpts in but note that VDare writers and/or editors are big link-guys, which is what the internet used to be about (say it with me Hypertext Mark-up Language - there's your HTML for ya', bitchez!). Anyway, I just counted 58! links in the article. 80% or more of them are to other VDare articles where one get get at the real truth, so read the article there. BUT, they don't have comments, so the article appears here on that site with so far almost all supportive columns (but the links don't pass through to The links don't appear here either due to deadline pressures [WTF?? - Ed.]

Mr. Kirkpatrick's intro:
There is no hatred more complete and no malevolence more fanatical than that held by the American political class for the American people. The commissar’s rage against the kulaks, the jihadist’s fury against the infidel, the inquisitor’s wrath against the unbeliever, all of this pales in comparison to the genocidal bloodlust Senators and Congressmen have against their own constituents. And even as they gleefully promote the outsourcing of jobs, the importation of cheap labor, and the ruthless extirpation of property, wealth and liberty, these shameless parasites demand their slaves die to export their filthy System all over the world.

The most contemptible and dangerous of these vermin is Senator John McCain. In a political career marked by near constant betrayal and hypocrisy, there are only two constants to his bloody career. The first is a passion for war, any war, for any reason, which can only be termed pathological. The second is the desire to replace the people of his own state and the voters of his own party.

Like a dying venomous snake, McCain is using his final moments to strike at President Trump and those who supported him.
Yeah, well, it's nice to be civil and all, like that, James, you and your William F. Buckley self, but we'd have some choice words to describe this man. ;-} Regarding McAmnesty's ideas that America is a proposition, meaning it could be run by anybody, and "blood and soil" somehow don't matter here, Kirkpatrick writes:
McCain’s ideals would be unrecognizable, not only to the Founding Fathers, but to practically any other American generation in history. Would the Father of Our Country have countenanced endless interventionism? Would either Jefferson or Hamilton have recognized a moral imperative for self-annihilation? Would any Federalist or anti-Federalist celebrate the replacement of the very people who had just won independence from the British Empire?

McCain’s denunciation of “nationalism” is also selective. McCain is quite eager to defend the borders of other nations. “We are all Ukrainians,” he declared on one occasion [Senator John McCain: “We Are All Ukrainians, by Jay Newton-Small, Time, February 28, 2014]. “We are all Georgians” he pronounced on another.

It is only when it comes to America that McCain’s “patriotism” becomes abstract and imaginary. Indeed, it seems every people on earth has a right to “blood and soil” which must be safeguarded by American arms, except Americans themselves.
More here, as the writer brings up the idea of blackmail to explain how this guy can be so much against his people. This possibility, along with bribery, has been brought up here at Peak Stupidity, in reference to Trump and good old Ross Perot.
The Occupation Government in Washington has presided over the Death of the West. The world order McCain defends is, quite explicitly, built on the dispossession of the European-Americans who actually created the American polity. If our civilization or country is to survive in any meaningful sense, that order must be destroyed.

And that means replacing the political class, the enemy collaborators, exemplified by the likes of Senator McCain. His warmongering against a nuclear armed Russia is unhinged. His desire to hurt our own nation is so unrelenting and energetic one wonders if he is working under duress or threat of blackmail. I almost hope so. To think he actually believes these ideas is a terrifying possibility.
Last excerpt:
I wish the Senator no harm. I only offer a desperate prayer in self-defense that his retirement will be forthcoming and his media megaphone removed.
I'd put that just slightly differently - "If this guy doesn't retire, I will be glad when he dies, if that's what it takes to keep him from any more harm to America."

Enough, time for something lighter tomorrow - maybe more on China.

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Is Subaru the "Honda for Lesbians"?

Posted On: Wednesday - October 18th 2017 8:17PM MST
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I was just walking down the road this morning when I saw a skinny couple in the distance that it seems I'd seen lots of mornings. You tend to see the same people around, many walking their dogs. I was about to say hey to the man and women when they got closer and started toward their yard,

Wait, that's two older women and no dog. They both had butch haircuts. I just had a thought, as they walked onto the porch that, hey, I guess the woman and her visitor are probably worried about people thinking they are lesbians, what with the haircuts. Too bad people will infer that just because maybe these haircuts are easier to take care of at that age.

Then, I saw 2 Subaru's in the driveway! Ohhh.. alrighty then. You hear all kinds of talk about these cars, and how they are popular with this certain crowd, but this is proof enough for me. I said TWO Subarus, one parked right in front of the other. Coincidence, I think not. I didn't need to see softball equipment inside the hatchback to know about which side my bread is buttered on. Wait, what??? I wonder if they have their own brand of phones too?

Not that there's anything wrong with that .... all-wheel drive, I mean!

It's time for some music. Hey, what made me think of this oldie but goodie?

It's "Hammer and a Nail" from the Indigo Girls' (Emily Saliers and Amy Ray) album Nomads Indians Saints. This one was written by Emily Saliers. Though a great acoustic duo, they were never a couple and didn't even always have short hair.

Not that there's anything wrong with that .... acoustic guitar, I mean!

Note: Post title lifted from a commenter under a youtube video of a gay-channel Subaru commercial seen during research for this post.

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Cheap China-made crap in a throw-away country

Posted On: Wednesday - October 18th 2017 9:08AM MST
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This post is not particularly about China, but you may have noticed or be perturbed about, or will, that Peak Stupidity is all Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! China, China, China! Well, there is important stuff to think about regarding that important nation, but this one is all about cheap China-made crap again.

Not Cheap-China-made Crap... running for 23 years with only 3 oil changes!

A subsequent post to be written about the “human capital”, or “technical infrastructure” will relate the amazing ways in which China has pulled ahead of America in some aspects, and the junky stuff is related. You may read here about the frustration with the cheap stuff which is almost all you can buy now in the realm of consumer goods. Funny stuff aside, the reasons for the poor quality are not all on the Chinese end (there’s another post - they are stacking up!)

Here’s where the curmudgeonry tag must be attached to this post: I hear all the time that there is no point in fixing small things up. “It’s a throw-away society now.” For some small items there is no recourse; they are cheaply made items of cheap materials using cheap fasteners and glue. Just toss it. I like to stock up to decrease all the shopping for junk, but shelf lives aren’t infinite either (found that out with my supposed 10-year supply of sneakers). On the bigger items (below the level of cars, I guess) it’s another story. There are a number of reasons I DON’T WANT to throw it out and go shopping again. Two examples will follow. My reasons are beyond the “mountains of trash” problem. Another post on recycling/landfills with the Treehuggers and Environmental Stupidity tags attached is coming - spoiler alert: there IS still plenty of room for our garbage, but it just costs more to bring it way out of town.

Here are my problems with the throw-away society: a) As the subsequent China-related post will discuss, fixing up mechanical/electrical things helps us learn how things work. That’s a big advantage. I’d rather be doing that with the sense of satisfaction it brings than heading out to Target. If I can fix the item, now I know what I may need to do next time on at least this weak point, and it’ll be much quicker then too. b) The older the stuff, the better made it is. I am finding that even if the older item was Chinese-made, sometimes, but mostly it’s the older still-American-made stuff that I want to keep. Once you get the new item, you can just see that much of what was sheet metal is plastic, the older item’s plastic parts are even thinner on the new one, the fasteners are cheesier, and parts are just left out in hopes they are not really necessary. The interval between shopping gets shorter and shorter. Have you noticed yet that I don’t like shopping?

On to my 2 examples now, the desk lamp and the lawnmower seen above - 2 out of many:

1) Desk lamp: This desk lamp (not shown) is made out of mostly steel. The blue paint looks good 25 years or so after purchase though it was only in use about 15 of these years. It's got quite a few moving parts, and one of those is the rotating light switch. It got harder and harder to turn and finally jammed (was that switch the one China-made part? Ha, maybe somewhere else, as not much came from China yet in the early '90's). What do you do, buy another lamp? You might, but I just know the next one will be COMPLETE TRASH compared to this one. As I started taking the head of the lamp apart for the switch, I did think of all this. How much is my time worth? 1 hour would pay for the new lamp, but I wanted to see if I could keep this one that otherwise was working just fine.

Disassembly was a little bit tricky, but not nearly as it would have been with more plastic snapped-together parts. I was at one point close to figuring this desk lamp was trashed, switch or no switch. I got the switch out and took it apart. This is where it could have gone bad 3 ways: a) I had broken enough parts out of frustration to prevent re-assembly - that happens a lot! b) Whatever was broken inside could not be replaced without basically doing engineering work. You can't go that far with just one lifetime, if you keep that up. c) The part broken could be replaced with something close, and I would carry it around in my pocket for a week or two until I might have found something to work. That really doesn't pay. However, none of these options prevailed. This switch worked via a rotating pin that rode on some circular-sector ramps that made or broke contact and allowed the detented "clicking" motion. I put in some lube. Wow, it worked like a charm, and the lamp head did go back together. 1 1/2 hour shot, but I was left with a lasting GOOD desk lamp.

2) Push lawnmower: This has also been with me over 2 decades, back when the stuff was made to last. Yes, it IS shameful that I have done only done 3 oil changes! The Briggs and Stratton engine is still running. Now, it hasn't been without a few minor problems (2-5 dollar fixes), but the mower was made with the ability to be worked on. I'm no welder, so I needed to put a bolt or two to keep the mower deck together. Here's the funny story, though. The engine had been revving really high a coupla' years back. I mean like, just by ear it sounded like 50% faster. Not good at all! After 20 years, if this thing was going to seize up, I could not blame it one bit. Near the end of the summer, thing thing just stopped dead. OK, I've got another brand-new one for free coming from a relative, if I want. The yard was about done too!

I pushed this mower over to the side of the road where it'd get taken for scrap or repair within 3 hours, which is nice. I decided to turn it over to just look for a second. Wait, the circular clipping guide had broken at a weld, and that's what had stopped the blade. What do you know, it hadn't seized up! I drilled a whole and bolted it near back in place, got a friend to take 10 minutes and fix the out-of-control engine speed problem, and more years have gone by mowing grass. Try that with the new stuff!

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More Tucker Carlson - we need more acadia leaves in the dressing room!

Posted On: Monday - October 16th 2017 7:22PM MST
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I haven't been keeping up with Tucker Carlson clips here at Peak Stupidity. Shame on me. This one is from a month back or so. It is a interview (if you can call it that) by Tucker of a guy who has this giraffe neck that I would pass off with "hey, to each his own" if I didn't detest these antifa people so much.

Hence the acacia leaves for the dressing room, as I just figured this gentleman was probably stupider than normal without his regular diet.

It is the typical inversion of logic here. Even though this guy speaks very calmly, he twists concepts around to explain why shutting down speech by people you don't agree with is somehow supporting free speech.

I GET IT, I GET IT! you need more acacia leaves. I GET THAT! Just answer my question."

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Socialism - stuff you should have learned by Kindergarten

Posted On: Monday - October 16th 2017 12:20PM MST
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[Note: This, and other upcoming posts, could have been tagged with Lefty Megastupidity or some other topic keys here, but this really calls for this new, specific one. I really should soon go through all the posts on the site and make sure the topic keys are updated.]

Human nature says: I took care of my stuff. I shouldn’t have to share with some screw-up kid. This is, cough, cough, bullshit!

This is the kind of stupidity that has been on a long-term rise in America for 50-odd years, and another 20 years longer in the rest of the Western world. I’ll keep it short for now, but this truly idiotic article on unz displays, the stupidity level regarding socialism is at a local maxima and maybe even a global one. This author has written very recently here on Peak Stupidity the articles on Russia and China, and it’s China that I have much more personal knowledge of. Travels there with Chinese people, and probably 50 books worth of reading don’t make me an expert, but very apparently, much more of one than the author, one Godfree Roberts of “Mao Reconsidered” linked-to above.

Oh, what about the “WE DON’T LINK TO IDIOTS!” policy”. The link is to the comments. The first one says it nicely:
As stated on its masthead, the Unz Review aims to provide “Controversial Perspectives.” This obviously is one of them!
Yes, but unz never advertised Peak Stupidity. That can be only found at this one site, a Nexus of Stupidity, if you will!

Now, socialism is often thought of as just Communism-light, a friendly, nice, compassion version. No, no cultural revolutions planned, no mass graves (planned). it’s gonna be neighborly, dontcha know, like in the nice little towns in Vermont or Sweden (before the invasion). We’re gonna all discuss things, over lattes; we’re going to keep it calm and soothing, like National Public Radio, but sure, yeah, at some point we’ve gotta to redistribute some of your stuff. No, no, no, nothing like that, just some taxes that you pay ... well, yeah you’ve gotta pay ‘em... sure.... the tax people are our people... very friendly... what do you mean, “what if I don’t?”... I mean sure, eventually they’ll call guys with guns... but we don’t expect that ... we don’t even LIKE guns!.. Ewwww.

Hey, it eventually comes down to the same thing. People who think that life woud be fair if we all forcibly share our stuff will come around trying to make us all forcibly share our stuff. This is why the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Here's what I, and I'm sure most other kids ran into during the years around kindergarten, 3 - 6 y/o or so: There are people, parents, adult relatives and teachers, telling you to share your stuff. "It's nice to share." they all said. That seemed fine. Then, at some point you just wanted to be left alone to play with your own toys some of the time, ones you had spent your hard-earned bread on waited for eternity for Christmas or your birthday for. If you were a smart kid, most of the toys that you got after you quit being so rough on them, say at 4 y/o, were in OK shape. Well, so long as they hadn't broken on their own just due to being Cheap China-made Crap yet, that is. (That wasn't a problem back in my day!)

What's more, lots of the other kids didn't take care of their stuff. They lost pieces and broke stuff indiscriminately. That's why they didn't have their own vehicles ready to go in the dirt. "Share your dump truck and backhoe with the other boys.", you were told. Yet here you were with all your stuff that you sweated out waiting on all that time: Was Santa gonna get stuck in the chimney? Would his elves strike on him on Black Friday as your parents used as an excuse a coupla years back? Would your birthday EVER come at all, as the dates seemed to be approaching your birthdate asymptotically? Why should you HAVE to share? Those kids might break your stuff as they did your own.

Even back then, these ideas would come, though the words to describe them were those big ones you couldn't spell yet. A kindergartener understands the problems with Socialism's disregard for human nature's ideas on property, just as adults should. It takes 12-20 years of schooling to override this understanding, usually the longer the more effective. How long does it take to get back to the truth you knew in kindergarten?

So, tell your kids "It's nice to share, but you sure don't have to." Along with that, I told mine, "It's up to you, as I don't want to raise a Communist." They get it.

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Dr. Suess revisited

Posted On: Saturday - October 14th 2017 10:04AM MST
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Back on Thursday, Dr. Suess was featured here on Peak Stupidity, but I really want to say more about him and his wonderful kid's books.

The librarian from the story in the other post simply lied about her beef with Dr. Suess for an attempt at a political point. However, many of the cntrl-left and the PC0-idiots do have their reasons for "struggling against" in retro-Cultural-Revolution fashion, the works of children's authors along with the statues, street names, and whatever else. It's all about tearing down the original American culture, as stated here before. Dr. Suess is a part of mid-last-century old-fashioned American culture, but his stuff is so good, that it carries on to this day. This can be very, very frustrating if one is in the cntrl-left or Cultural Marxist crowd. Please read here to learn more about "Who are these guys?!"

Look at the nice little white kiddies catching a ride on the Wump of Gump - not dieverse enough. This WILL NOT DOO! We must bury YOO.

(I'll give you this, our Moslem parents may feel all warm and fuzzy from this one.)

See, that's the honest problem, the pictures and words in Dr. Suees books, and I'd guess an outspoken member of the cntrl-left would tell you that straight: "We don't want a country with these kinds of people in it." He would rather have America become a Brazil, the sooner the better. Look at the faces of the (mostly) smiling little ones in Dr. Suess's books and look at the names too - we have David Donald Doo, Jerry Jordan (the big jelly jar), Ms.Miss Lola Lopp, Rosy Robin Ross, Willy Waterloo washing Warren Wiggens (who's simultaneously washing Waldo Woo (no, Waldo has blond hair) and the Queen of Quincy, just to name a few. I haven't noticed Large LaTonya's Loud LTD, (what else starts with "L"?) or Teodoro's Tan Torn-Up Trailer (what else starts with "T"?)

The cntrl-left want to do away with everything of the past, but unfortunately, there is so much good in it - I believe they'll miss it dearly. That's not really my problem though. We are getting dragged down by these people!

Now, just to emphasize the stupidity about Dr. Suess, as an example, I give you a school teacher I know. She seemed fairly left-wing, before I knew right away to quit talking politics when we discussed the Pope. She likes the Pope. I don't mean "the Pope" in general, I mean the stupid Commie bastard they've got up there as Pope right now (that discussion was during the time he was encouraging the invasion of Europe.) Anyhoo, this very nice lady is a BIG fan of Dr. Suess, and even will commemorate him on his birthday with cake for the kiddies. She's pretty left wing, but not of the variety stupid enough to trash this guy.

The great way of teaching English via the clever rhyming and repetition, along with the wonderful illustrations is what makes these books timeless. Look at the smiley faces in the top view from the off-cited "Fox in Sox". OK, Mr. Knox there is a little miffed from all the tongue-twisting, but the creatures in these books are so happy-looking and cute, that if you hate this stuff, you have no damn soul, that's all I can come up with.

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Chinese free market healthcare - pt.4, postscript

Posted On: Friday - October 13th 2017 11:53AM MST
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It's not just about keeping the posts down to reasonable size here, but I did forget this time to add things that should be said about a free-market in healthcare (entirely free-market is theoretical, but it's a near-reality in China).

Getcher Motor Runnin'... Head out on the Gong Lu!

A long time back, when our state was debating a motorcycle helmet law, I had a discussion with some friends about it who were nowhere close to dummies. I took the libertarian side, of course, telling them that it wasn't the state government's business whether I wore it or not. I, in fact, almost always wore a helmet on a motorcycle, but I don't think the voters and legislators have a right to tell the other guy what to do. Bust your head open or don't, it's not my problem.

"Ah, but yes, it IS your problem.", one of the guys said. "See, you and I are gonna have to pay for getting that guy fixed up, if possible, at the hospital. It's everyone's business." The only argument to that is "I! DON'T! WANT! SOCIALISM!.... I! DIDN'T! VOTE! FOR! SOCIALISM!" There were/are butt-loads of countries to move to if you wanted socialism instead of the freedom we have had! That's the thing about Socialism. It is a system that tries to run things in opposition to human nature and simple economic principles that should have been learned by each of us during our kindergarten years (impending post on this ... I feel it in my guts.).

Yes, if we already have socialism in one area, then many freedoms will be unfair to some, not due to the unfairness inherent in that freedom, as freedom in eminently fair. It'll be unfair due to the crock of shit that is socialism. Yeah, don't wear your helmet on your bike, it's your business, but if you bust yourself up that's your business too, and none of the rest of ours. Simple? That's China right now. Don't go telling the Chinese you are more free than them. That'd be a lie right now.

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Every day, from here to there, crazy broads are Everywhere.

Posted On: Thursday - October 12th 2017 8:25AM MST
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Possibly, like Ned, our crazy broad for the day* just slept on the wrong end of the bed.

These stories get around quickly now for 2 reasons. Information is easy to spread around these days and free (part of our idiot-of-the-story's problem) and the stupidity level is so high that the sane are starting to catch on. Per John Derbshire and VDare and elsewhere, we hear of the young lady librarian who refused a donation of Dr. Suess books due to some cntrl-left/PC excuse. It's about fighting the white culture though when it comes down to it. The quick post on VDare is entitled: "Of Course Dr. Seuss Is Racist–Because He’s Part Of The White Past".

Here's the gist of it: Melania Trump sent some Dr. Suess books to a library somewhere (kinda vague here, but who cares?). If this is her 1st lady thing, giving out books to promote literacy, that'd be my 2nd favorite idea (the first - see the link - would be promoting sexier women's underwear, but I have not noticed perusing Peak Stupidity unfortunately.) What's the problem? The young lady librarian who received the Dr. Suess books rejected them on racism grounds. Now, look, you and I could go through these texts and find loads of hilarious adult-interpretations of racism, sexism, sex-with-goats-ism, and worse, but we all know Dr. Suess wrote funny stuff for kids and whatever his personal view were, they don't appear in his books. I mean, what is YOUR opinion of the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz? Are there people being de-friended on Faceberg due to arguments over how many apples one can put on top? (I say 10 MAX., but I don't get worked up about it!)

Even the lady in question was not stupid enough to really think these things. She just wanted to make a point in favor of the cntrl-left and against President Trump. We know that because the internet saves stuff - more in a second on that. No, this lady was just hateful. Let me analyze this:

A) Yep, nowadays almost anyone working at a library is going to be a socialist. OK, you get the notice of the gift from Mrs. Trump, and you just opt out of being involved. That's fairly polite. I know she IS the 1st lady (and the hottest in .jpg-era history), but she's not the Queen, so yeah, you don't have to participate. I'm fine with that.

B) She wanted to be involved in this just to get a dig at the President. That's sneaky and kind of rude, but I think if I were on the other end of a communication with the Hildabeast or Øb☭ma, I could see doing the same. Again, he ain't the King.

C) This is the kicker. It was proven that this librarian had NOTHING against Dr. Suess and his literary work, when pictures turned up of her doing a library promotion, dressed as the Cat in the Hat (hey the girls LOVE dressing in sexy cat costumes, you know that).

D) (C) just turns the whole thing into a big LIE. That's all it is to anyone now.

Since it was just a big lie, it's a damn shame Dr. Suess was brought into it, and now we have a stupidity bleed-over, as the Derbyshire blogpost links to an article ("Reason" mag. - no linking to stupidity here.) that tells us a mural of "To Think That I Saw it on MULLBERRY STREET." is a problem. Man, that title just brings back good memories and is so evocative of childhood. What a bunch of losers the cntrl-left is! Their problem is with the line "A Chinese boy who eats with sticks." Well, lady, Chinese boys DO eat with sticks, you stupid, silly ... Fiffer-feffer-feff! That's all I could think of that begins with F ;-}

* OK, OK, for last week. Upon further examination of the picture, we are wondering whether this IS even too un-PC for Peak Stupidity. I mean, is that a goat in bed with Ned? Is Ned a Moslem whose name is just short for MohamNed? Maybe he's a Hollywood producer. Please tell me, Ned.**

** False alarm, note to self: RTFDSB! "I do not like this bed at all. A lot of things have come to call. A cow, a dog, a cat, a mouse. OH! what a bed! Oh! what a house!" Wheww, it's a cow. Hey, and check the phone out - that landline!

"Poor old Ned is stuck in bed.
His smartphone's dead and he needs his med.
The cat named Fred is quite the ped.
Quit that Fred! You're sick! Ned said.

(I'd better quit right now.)

Dr. Suess's lawyer, a shark named Ted,
may join this thread
to earn his bread.
Sue me! Sue me! Try it, Ted.
I own nothing. Nothing, Ted.
like a youtube commenter,
I've already been bled.
Take my house, wreck my shed.
See how long 'fore you're filled with lead.

[Enough, enough, I am the Ed!]

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Chinese free market healthcare - pt.3, Chinese free market

Posted On: Wednesday - October 11th 2017 6:52AM MST
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  China  Economics  Liberty/Libertarianism  Healthcare Stupidity

Continuing from the previous post with our chopsticks-on-the-table report of an experience with modern Chinese healthcare, this is just a discussion of the economics, with a comparison to our completely-mental system in America.

Our experience in the Chinese hospital was with a fairly minor health problem. Lets talk about the fees. OK, plenty of you readers would have heard of "medical tourism" - people paying for a round-trip ticket to India to get an operation, etc. This happens because our system is so convoluted and expensive due to US Feral Gov't involvement. There is another aspect though - the US dollar is, for now still, the reserve currency, and is valued more than it should be based on the state of the American economy. Lots of formerly 3rd-world places have got some decent people in medicine that can at least get the non-state-of-the-art work done at a small fraction of the cost here. It is worth it to fly all the way to India to stay a week and get knee surgery and fly back. That says a lot about the ridiculousness of costs here, but also about the dollar holding its value. You get a lot of bang-for-your-buck ... for now.

Just the simple exchange rate looked up on-line has ranged from 6.1 - 6.5 yuan/dollar over a decade. (It's stable due to the Chinese government's pegging their currency to the dollar.) Our 125 Yuan is what a Chinaman would pay, just as we paid the $20. It makes things seem flat-out ridiculous here. The medical staff over there don't make nearly the money, as they do here, I'm sure, but it's a living. I imagine that once they have completely caught up in technology, some of the specialists will do fairly well. As opposed to the "single-payer", meaning Government Controlled systems in Canada and Europe, where the Docs also don't make that much, in China working hard will make you more money. What a concept!

The amount of bureaucracy in the People's Republic of China seemed very minor to us vs. many experiences in the US. I imagine the central government does have some rules, but because charges and payments have nothing to do with the government, these rules are not onerous. These people let you get stuff done, so long as you don't screw around, as they won't put up with deadbeats working off the system. What a concept!

Just as importantly, the Chinaman arriving at the hospital with a broken arm will pay his way, but he will not pay for any illegal alien Chinamen (mostly because there AREN'T many, because the country takes itself seriously as a country!). His bill will be for HIS services received. What a concept that is!

Again, it's the bureaucracy and the spreading of costs over all the deadbeats that makes charges 10X higher in the United State.

Lastly, this is not an economic aspect, but the lack of heavy government control means that time at the hospital, doctor's office, and pharmacist is spent freely with complete control of the process by the patient and family. You don't want this done? Don't do it. You decided you really want to take this medicine, against the Doc's advice, because you have some experience. Go buy it and take it. Want to walk out of your room during your recovery to go smoke a cigarette in the courtyard? Who's stopping you? Freedom, what a concept!

Let's get to the part that people have a real problem with when discussion healthcare economics. If you arrive at the hospital in China with some major problem, you'd better have some money. That's the 1st thing I'll say. I can't say for sure they will ALWAYS want the money up front, but if you or family members don't pay after a treatment, you probably won't be leaving until someone does. Let's say it's a non-acute but serious case. That's when you will run into the brutal free-market in action. Got a brain tumor? Come up with the money. It's good to have relatives, right, and keep in good graces. They will not treat you if you don't come up with the money, so you may just die. "Oh, yes, this is brutal!" you say. It can be tough, if you are a poor Chinaman (or woman!) no doubt, and there are a lot. I have three points to address this.

1) What's missing still in China is real rule-of-law in the court system. Sure, they have cops, courts, judges, etc., but no long history as we do from the British about deeds, titles, liens, and all that stuff. This is why they won't treat someone who doesn't have money - it doesn't sound like there is much legal recourse yet, for the hospital to collect after the fact. "Wait," you say, "you want the bureaucracy after all?" No, this is not government-mandated treatment and all the BS we have; they just need a civil court system that gives hospitals and doctors enough confidence that they may collect.

2) Medical insurance in the US is not even insurance anymore since the benefits industry, kicked off during WWII days (these services were allowed to be not taxed, which is what connected health insurance plans to employers to begin with). Per the strikethrough there, yes, this is not what insurance means. Compare the health plans to auto insurance and you will see this. About the only things that are really health insurance are the catastrophic plans. That brings us to the Chinese. As great in business as they are, I am sure there are insurance plans of all sorts. It's just pooling money for a catastrophe, as insurance should be, no covering other people's transgender addidictomes necessary. For a young man especially, this can be very cheap and still pay off for an insurance business, as there is really not much that's likely to happen. Again, real rule of law is necessary to enforce the contracts that are made in the insurance business.

3) The names of hospitals all over the US reflect that there was lots of charity in the past in the medical field. Yeah, people can be pretty compassionate and ready to help their fellow man. At least people WERE, because now that the Feral Government FORCES us to pay for other people in all sorts of ways, we don't often feel so generous, and we also don't have the funds we would have before to help with. This is really stuff for a post against socialism, but let's just state here that the great benefit of REAL charity as opposed to government redistribution is that people have a stake in who they help out. I would guess that at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital, if your vitals were good, but you decided you just didn't feel up to leaving, after a week of charitable treatment, a certain Penguin Nun may have just knocked you around with a yardstick and kicked you the hell down the stairs and outta there.

Get out, and don't come back until you've redeemed yourselves!

Hahaha!!! That never gets old. Where was I?

So, these 3 points of explanation of why the Chinese healthcare system doesn't have to be brutal to still be a free market being said, I'm not sure the Chinese people are up to all this; it is a different culture entirely. Number (2) is no problem, but number (1) is questionable and number (3) is not very likely.

Interestingly, we have the culture and history to meet the 3 points above here in America, so would have (and HAD) a free market without this massive Feral Gov't interference. The Chinese don't have the interference, but don't yet have the ability to cover the 3 points, making it, yes, kind of brutal right now.

Score per the Peak Stupidity celebrity judges:

China 8/10
America 2/10

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Great Britain Oceana proposes more thought control

Posted On: Tuesday - October 10th 2017 5:53PM MST
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  The Dead  cntrl-left  Orwellian Stupidity

Per John Derbyshire on VDare, “Conservative” UK Cabinet Minister Wants 15 Years In Jail For Viewing “Far-Right Propaganda”. Mr. Derbyshire is a former Brit himself (with the name pronounced Dar-bi-sher as opposed to the way it sounds, Der-bee-shire (weirdos!)), so it has got to be even more difficult for him to hear about the downfall of his country from the days of his youth there. Yeah, even in the 1960's one could see this coming, what with the big push toward socialism and the welfare state that started right after Mr. Churchill lost an election right after WWII.

That's what one runs into a lot in all countries that are slowly creeping into an Orwellian nightmare. Most people do not see the endgame of this slow slide, hence they do not opposed it out of "compassion". They are under the impression that you can have hard-core socialism without it leading to a tyrannical government. Ha, suckers. Mr. Derbyshire, from his writing, never had seemed all too libertarian (freedom-oriented) in the past, so he was most likely one of the large crowd to let his country go this way.

Anyway the "Home Secretary", successor to Jack Straw from Wichita Wichitashire-on-Arkansas* is pushing this creepy, sick excuse to lock up "people who want to know about terrorism". This one has Out-Orwelled George Orwell, and on his home turf too. Let's set the record straight that Orwell was just a writer who wrote about tyrannical government in the book 1984, a short novel that everyone should read before it is illegal to (or watch the movie).

Man, this crazy menopausal tyrant named Amber Rudd not only proposes to jail people for what they write on the internet, but for what they read! Besides the wrongness of it to begin with, it'd take one wrong click to get the "Bobbies" to come around to one's door. The excuse of terrorism is the same as that used by our Motherland Security Ministry here. It works out great for these people. Good excerpt from Derbyshire:
This is how they operate, the cowards and fools and destroyers of nations. Terrorism is the hook: it is nationalism they truly hate and fear. Ms Rudd, a One Percenter with a full dedication to trans-national globalism, will send you down for fifteen years for reading websites like, to take a random example,

Britain is lost, gone, a dead place. I don’t know how it happened, but I sure am glad I got out of there.

Really, all you'd have go to back would be 25 years, and people would think you were insane if you said you thought this was coming soon, even in England, not to mention America. Per the footnote (*) below, we may as well have some Dead on here tonight. I won't put up Jack Straw again, so here is a live Sugaree from about 39 years back, recorded in Passaic, New Jersey. Even the hard-core druggies at the show couldn't have, in their worst trip, listening to this dark song, seen the fucked-up world we live in now.

"When they come to take you down, when they bring that wagon 'round,
when they come to call on you and drag your poor body down,

just one thing I ask of you, just one thing for me.
Please forget you knew my name, my darling Sugaree.
Shake it, shake it Sugaree, just don't tell them that you know me.
Shake it, shake it Sugaree, just don't tell them that you know me.

* I can not seem to unlink the term "Home Secretary" from The Dead's Jack Straw from Wichita, as I've always associated those. The English version was in this office long, long ago, but it sticks. He has not yet cut his buddy down nor dug a shallow grave and laid his body down. Hell, Peak Stupidity does not even know who his "buddy" is.

[UPDATE 10/11 AM:] CORRECTION, Amber Rudd is the tyrant and the "Home Secretary" that proposed this Orwellian crap, not Theresa May, who is Prime Minister or something and has her own set of problems. Oh, further correction, "menopausal" was incorrect - should be "post-menopausal", for both of 'em. Big Peak Stupidity apologies ... I guess ...

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Chinese free market healthcare - pt. 2, Modern China Experience

Posted On: Tuesday - October 10th 2017 6:06AM MST
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  China  Economics  Liberty/Libertarianism  Healthcare Stupidity

In the previous post, besides an introduction and explanation of the difference between scientific/engineering and economic changes in healthcare , Peak Stupidity discussed the changes from a free market American system to the cluster-fuck we endure now. We will continue now with our flip-flops-on-the-ground report from China.

Firstly we have Chinese family member, so that's why we were in China, in the first place, and that's where I get some detail that I could not have being a non-speaker/listener of this difficult language. Secondly, I want to emphasize, for those who will balk at reading the truth of this report, that we were NOT in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Peking, Chengdu, Tianjin, or ANY of the 1st tier huge modern cities. We were not in a 2nd tier city like Wuhan either. No, the province is like the W. Virginia of China (no slight to W.Va, just that it's remote, mountainous, and hard to get to.) and the city was of a size such that it would not be known by CHINESE people who either weren't big into geography or lived in that or neighboring provinces. So, please don't think this example is not typical - it most likely is typical of non-1st-class treatment.

Thirdly, as part of this intro., before you read on, keep in mind that no, this was not Cold-War era China or Cuba ("oh, they may be poor and starving, but they've got the BEST healthcare in the world!"). It wasn't Soviet-Russia-like, where the visitors get shown all the nice stuff that the proles never get to touch. This is 2017, not 1985. We got the treatment that anyone else would, as right now, the Chinese have no particular respect for Americans (I can't wholly blame them) and also, I hung back and didn't really relate to any of the staff anyway.

Chinese nurses according to the Internet. Unfortunately, we did not have the pleasure of "consulting" with the one on the left.

We came in for one of the kids that had a scary-looking skin rash, though we were pretty sure we knew what it was from. As we followed the relatives around the place, I could see that things were Chinese-style chaotic (more on this!) but still efficient. Things just got done there. Upon talking to one of the nurses or just clerk-types up front, we were told we'd see a dermatologist in a short while. Nope, not, "Go home, and expect a call to set up an appointment next week", or even "fill out this clipboard full of forms and we'll call you back up" (more on the business end later). You just find your way through the hospital, which doesn't look a whole lot different from an American one except it's not organized like a prison, as we have here.

We waited 10 minutes, and then went in to see the lady doctor. I'll say right now, and after we discussed this after the fact, I don't think these doctors have nearly the book knowledge of an American-trained doctor. However, experience-wise, they see way over 100 patients a day, not just 20 or so. This has a lot to do with our bureaucracy in addition to our lawyer-caused cover-you-ass treatment that is extremely pervasive, per my conversation with an American doctor friend. I would imagine the Chinese doctors there get pretty familiar with their craft, and this lady was fairly cautious too, on the one thing we had to discuss. This being China, as we talked to the Doc, IN HER OFFICE, a Chinese Mom with her kid went right up in front of our chairs saying something in Chinese like "Hey, my kid has this, take a look over here ..." Haha, they are a pushy bunch; that's all there is to it. This was right in the office in the middle of our consultation, but the lady Doc took this in stride as she and 2 others told the Mom in Chinese something like "Hey, wait your turn; ever heard of waiting in line?!" No, it couldn't have been that, as they HAVE NEVER heard of waiting in line, I don't think!

15 minutes of quality time with the Dermatologist later, and we sat around for about 20 minutes waiting for a blood test. What I noticed, back to the prison reference, is the hospital was more wide-open and just easy-going. Sure it could be bad for some patients, but possibly they use common sense there and try to secure an area for the worrisome ones. I saw a guy go downstairs and outside to smoke a cigarette in the courtyard. "Aren't those patient clothes?", I asked. "Yeah." Whoa, freedom, I like it. Then after 3 times of a lady haulking a loogie* into the trash can nearby, I remarked "Hey, a nurse would get in trouble for doing that at home." "She's not a nurse. That's one of the doctors." Haha!

OK, the kid got blood drawn, then we waited another 1/2 hour or so for the results. No recommendation for coming back, and besides 2 short-term medications we weren't told what to do. What a concept!! Other than the consultation and testing, let's let the parents decide what to do next. Everything got done in about 2 hours. We then went back downstairs to pay for everything, as we had gotten small billing slips at about each step. Grand total 125 RMB or so, about 20 bucks. Sure, the whole deal was some trouble but very pleasant and easy-going compared to the stress I get even going in to an American doctor's office or hospital.

Besides just remarking on our fee, I have not gotten into the economic aspect of current Chinese healthcare, except from the usability side. That will be part 3, an explanation of the Chinese system from personal/family knowledge, along with a comparison to current era American healthcare stupidity.

* Yes, it's kind of a Chinese thing, but really, as polluted as a lot of cities are, you're going to want to expectorate once in a while - lots healthier than keeping that crap inside. So, Kudos on the spitting! Good on ya!

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Chinese free market healthcare - pt. 1, Intro./current American circus

Posted On: Monday - October 9th 2017 5:27PM MST
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  China  Economics  Liberty/Libertarianism  Healthcare Stupidity

Finally we come to write the long-promised eye-witness post on the Chinese health-care system. The experience was more than a month ago, and I won't get too specific, as readers of this blog must know by now. I really do wish I had taken some photos, but am not a big smart-device guy, and honestly did not take a one. The coupla' pictures here are the usual file photos (nowadays, that means just pictures searched for and swiped off the internet).

Chinese Hospital - Busy, but no more Chairman Mao Commie Busywork

This post is really more on economics than specifics of health care, as the system itself, not quite so much the doctors, nurses and equipment, are what makes the current American "system" the complete cluster-fuck that it is and the Chinese one very pleasant if not quite as advanced in some ways. This history of the downfall of American healthcare from a free-market system to a bureaucratic nightmare is too long and sad for this post. I think one would need to go back to 1970, but more like, 1960, to remember or find out about the free-market we had. China has come from a Communist centralized bureaucracy to something more free-market than a libertarians dream in those same 4 or 5 decades, but most likely all the changes have been during the last 3.

The important thing to do in reading this post and understanding the health care market changes is to separate out the technological and knowledge advances out from the economic system changes. Of course, one could not get open-heart surgery in 1960 to repair clogged arteries! You'd be dead, is all there'd been to it, anywhere in the world. Got a brain tumor in 1975? Well, they didn't know - there was no CAT scan. It was mostly guesswork and medical experience, but no color pictures. Yes, there have been tremendous scientific/engineering improvements to diagnosis and cures since 1960. That's not the point here. The free market that the US had economically in general enabled all this innovation that saves lives that would have been lost quickly in the past, in addition to improvement in quality of life for ill people. I GET THAT! (as Tucker Carlson is wont to say - hey, forgot about that guy - more coming on him for your cntrl-left-stupidity tastes!)

This, and probably another (the way it's going) post are about the access to health care economically and just the general "healthyness" of the industry. Back in 1960's America, a decently-paid doctor would come to your house to check on your sick kid. Yes, it's beyond most of our memories, besides the expression "doesn't make house calls". One could get a nice receptionist on the phone, and make a damn appointment without menu options. One could go down to an office and not do 6 pages of paperwork before waiting 2 times, first for the nurse, then for the doctor, wondering how much that piece of paper off the roll your butt's been on is gonna cost you on the co-pay. Prices were reasonable with no completely stupid stuff - more on this in a second.

Since this post is digressing toward discussing the long-lost free-market in healthcare in America, let me continue with the hospitals. Back then, patients or the insurance companies hired thereby, did not have to pay for the loads of illegal aliens and other uninsured people that must be treated now, by law. It was nice to just be able to pay for your own stuff, and everyone could come out OK that way - the hospital staff including doctors and nurses got very decent pay even back then. Additionally, besides having costs not spread around over the one patient and 3 non-paying ones and put on the paying one's bill, there's even more money blown now. That is, there are billing offices that are 20% of the office's employees (personal information here, it was 11 out of 50 people). They spend all hours of the workday, negotiating with the insurance companies, getting letters out to threaten the patient with Further Action, "coding" procedures", etc. That is completely non-productive work toward the goal of healing people.

Further additionally, there is another problem when government gets involved. There are laws made for privacy that and other "good" causes (see we'd never need these laws if the government weren't involved in the first place!) that cause unintended nightmares. I tried to get a simple lab blood test result. "Yeah, we get the results back in the morning. No, we can't mail them to you, ..." (forget email, I had already asked) ".. not even with your stamped self-addressed envelope. You can get them in person anytime." It took over a week, because I refused to drive back in because this is not the 1920's, dammit! It's all Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!HIPPA, HIPPA, HIPPA!

As far as costs at the hospital we have all heard the horror stories. A friend's Mom told him that the hospital expenses for his birth in the mid-1960's cost in the neighborhood of $300. You'd be in for 15X that much now, even if you negotiated ahead and everything went smooth as silk a birth canal. Has inflation been THAT much? Heck, maybe, but then healthcare is a big part of it.

OK, this post turned into only the criticism [not the half of it! Ed.] of the current American system, but that's fine, as it'll be something to keep in mind when reading tomorrow's post on the experience in China.

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Happy Columbus Day!

Posted On: Monday - October 9th 2017 9:42AM MST
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  Music  Political Correctness  History  Americans  cntrl-left

In the year 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.

... and that was one hell of a feat with those 3 small wooden sailing vessels, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Yes, how could I forget; I went to a real school as a kid, not a government indoctrination camp.

The cnrl-left PC crowd is threatening to deface or destroy statues of this man, along with all the newer guys they're on about. For Christopher Columbus, of Genoa, Italy, they have the on-going excuse of the disturbance of this once-pristine continent, at the time of Columbus' arrival, when only a 5-10 million people lived in all of North America. Hey, cntrl-left, you wouldn't even have been born had Christopher Columbus not discovered this land for you forefathers to build into the greatest nation the world had ever seen ("had" because that's history now). I guess that's one advantage the Indians did have - too worried about the next meal, disease killing one's loved ones, and not freezing each winter to have time for the cntrl-left/PC crap.

What the Indians never did was even invent the freaking wheel, or weather-proof shelters or any powered or just pure mechanical tools to increase farming or hunting productivity, much less build ocean-going vessels that could sail 10,000 miles* across the Ocean Sea 525 years ago! (oh and 3 more times) Peak Stupidity believes this is something that we should all be proud of.

As for the culture-wreckers charges that the white man is the root of all evil, well Columbus and his crew met some friendly, gentle natives, and some fierce ones, and the general brutality of that era 5 centuries ago cannot be put on any one race of people. During the age of exploration and settlement, it was the Spaniards down south that performed the more dastardly acts against the natives compared to the English and French in the north. No matter, at this point there would have been no real civilization in this whole New World, without the white man having come from Europe - there's no denying that.

Anyway, keep using the greeting, and keep your people learning about this Holiday, whether you have to go to school/work or not. Don't let the other side control the narrative, even if you end up with your 10 year-old kid having to straighten out his idiot Education-major elementary teacher. No, not me, yet, but I can see it happening.

BTW, the "Ocean Sea" is a kind of a weird term - sounds redundant, but very romantic too. I like it, but for now we'll stick with The Ocean Blue from around Hershey, Pennsylvania, a early/mid-90's band. This is "Between Something and Nothing" from their self-titled debut album. You do need some bass for this song to rock.

There are a dozen great songs by The Ocean Blue that Peak Stupidity will post on in the future. Interestingly, I'm not the only one who originally thought this band was British from the sound and the voices. Wiki says many did. Nope, they are good old Pennsylvania.

* an estimate on my globe, since I unsuccessfully just spent 1/2 hour trying to look up this ONE NUMBER on-line. Jeez, the web can be useless sometimes!

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Zerohedge - will President Trump use EO's to rollback health regs?

Posted On: Saturday - October 7th 2017 4:55PM MST
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  Commies  Websites  Humor  Trump

Peak Stupidity is too pooped to post seriously tonight for some reason, so I'll just leave a link to this ZH article on a temporary way out of parts of Øb☭macare, as a run up our eyewitness account of Chinese free-market health-care coming up first-of-week. Top Priority!

No excerpts of the article are here, just the comment (2nd here) that LOL'd me the most. See this is why I like these guys:
Expat Oct 7, 2017 6:57 PM

It's obvious that you Americans can't possibly kill yourselves off fast enough with a lame mass shooting once a day. So, please get rid of Obamacare so you will die from treatable diseases faster and faster. And by spending all your money on prescription drugs, you might have less to spend on invading yet another country.

So, as much as I hate to say this, Go Trump! Destroy healthcare for Americans! Yayyy!

Tallest Skil --> Expat Oct 7, 2017 7:00 PM

Go suck marx’s cock on some other website, you treasonous sack of shit.
Marx should be capitalized, but otherwise, I couldn't have said it better myself. See, the writers and commenters on ZH have plenty bad to say about the economics and politics of this country - they just don't stand for the stupidity of Euro-trash criticism of the good people that do understand.

Hmmmm, there's an interesting contrast for ya' - Zerohedge Commenters vs. Camille Paglia. I maintain that the ZH guys are smarter, though Miss Paglia most likely has the larger vocabulary. The ZH guys are directly offensive, while Miss Paglia tries not to directly offend, but her truth on feminism offends lots of people anyway. One may as well offend them quickly - just get it over with. The stupid contingent of the cntrl-left and PC crowd, meaning all of them, need to be told off right away. It's like pulling a band-aid off your hairy arm, see, something Miss Paglia may not know anything about.

Have a great Sunday people, and stay off that internet for a spell (won't be anything on tomorrow anyhow)!

[Update 10/09 in the AM:] Added comparison to Camille Paglia.

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Camille Paglia and another Intellectual going on for an hour and 43 minutes.

Posted On: Friday - October 6th 2017 11:56PM MST
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  Political Correctness  Feminism  Pundits

Ha, that'll get your interest up, right? ;-} This one surprised even us at Peak Stupidity, "this one" meaning this 1:43 (no, that's 1 HOUR and 43 MINUTES!*) video. It consists of just 2 intellectuals talking at a table for that entire time, drinking some water one time for sure, maybe a 2nd, and the listener getting to hear a fire engine ride by in the background during this dicussion. That's what I mean - it sounds painfully boring. However, after having been recommended via link on another blog, this long discussion turned out to be interesting enough that, after having watched 1/2 hour and gotten interrupted, I looked forward very much to watching more, like a Jason Bourne movie (more on those here and here).

Camille Paglia is an intellectual, and since that's all I can come up with for an employment status, it means she is at a university somewhere, is a critic of art, art literature, uses terms like "construct" as a noun, "postmodernism", "avaunt-gard" and probably hasn't constructed a damn thing, in reality. However, in the age of youtube, people like her become more accessible. Camille Paglia does lots of talking against modern Feminism, though she is proud to be a 2nd wave(? dunno, I haven't been keeping track) feminist of the 1960's variety, though too old to have a need for bra-burning. Anyway, as a pundit who is around to comment on the feminist stupidity of the modern day, she is number 1 in our book. That wasn't the kind of introduction the CSPAN book-club guy will give you, so let me just say that she really is a very smart lady who is on the side, at this point, of conservatives in America.

The guy doing the interview is one Jordan Peterson, the last-name is the new first-name phenomena having some grown-up examples already. Wow, time flies. He is a Canadian intellectual who is conservative, hence the Canadian government already has it out for him (he talks about this in the "clip"). His is slightly hoarse, erudite, and talks like a Canadian a bit too much. Jordan Peterson is a good honest Conservative, and he is all around youtube also. I really can't tell who is interviewing whom here BTW, as the 2 get along pretty well, and this is more of a discussion then a Q&A thing.

Don't let the 15 second introduction of classical music scare you - if you care about the evils of feminism, please take some time to watch this one. You MAY want to skip all the way to 40 minutes in, as until ~ 34 minutes in, the talk revolves around the university world and the art world, not something we take a big interest in HERE either! No, again, it's no action flick, but the honest talk about men's roles in the world vs. women's is almost as crazy to actually hear (in this age of PC stupidity) as the stuff here and here on this site. Camille Paglia gets right to the heart of the matter, and it's very refreshing to hear her express the truth. Robertson has some good points too, though Miss Paglia interrupts him quite often.

One last criticism is in order here though, and it would apply mostly to the first 1/4 of the video. Therefore, if you skipped it per my partial recommendation, this won't apply. All the talk by these 2 about the PC-nonsense at the universities and in the art world ends up with these intellectuals having proposed solutions like "these universities need to change!" and "someone in the art world needs to do this or that". This is why they are called intellectuals - they don't see some basic common-sense big-picture stuff. Firstly, this stuff goes way beyond the bubble-world of the universities. Secondly, no, nobody is going to just up and start eliminate PC BS at the universities and start disciplining and jailing the cntrl-left. The people who want this stuff to continue are at higher levels. It's not a big giant conspiracy, but most of America's elites feel very good about seeing the middle-class destroyed. Part of that is the PC stupidity, and the Feminist stupidity. This will be allowed to continue, until people at the bottom have not only had enough, but have not so much to lose by raising hell. No, Miss Paglia and Mr. Peterson don't have solutions to the madness that they discuss, but the solution is out there.

Link to youtube directly.

* Do you remember when youtube limited the videos to 10 minutes or so? Was that around the time of VH-1 and MTV?

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