Educrats - Eliminate the POSITION, not just THE MAN

Posted On: Wednesday - May 23rd 2018 7:11PM MST
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Arne Duncan, current Know-It-All, IN CHARGE OF THE KIDS

Please don't think we at Peak Stupidity LIKE to figuratively beat up on our 2nd favorite (woman) pundit, Mrs. Michelle Malkin, due to these 2 posts - "Big-Gov and the Dental Branch of the American Stasi" and "MIchelle Malkin - in the right / no sense of the big picture". We just want to bring up the same point here, though - she happens to be a willing an example in lots of her columns. This latest latest column, , eviscerates an Educrat (Education Bureaucrat) name of Arne Duncan. This guy, seeing as he's pictured in front of a big painted poster or physical model of the White House logo, thinks he's in charge of EDUCATION IN AMERICA, or something. Fuck that shit. There didn't even used to be a Feral Dept. of Education until 1979 (more on this) and we were all much further down on the left side of the Peak Stupidity graph in those years. (Well, yeah, I mean there were plenty of stupid people, like the ones who supported a Feral department of education for instance, but just not as much aggregate stupidity.) From this article:
As Obama's meddling power-hungry education secretary, Duncan attacked "white suburban moms" and their children who turned to homeschooling in protest of the top-down Common Core "standards"/testing/data-mining program. Duncan sneered that he found it "fascinating" that the grass-roots anti-Common Core revolt came from "white suburban moms who—all of a sudden—their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn't quite as good as they thought they were."

This elitist control freak revealed his fundamental disdain for rabble-rousing parents who've taken educational matters in to their own hands. By characterizing the movement against Common Core as "white" and "suburban," Duncan also exposed his bigotry against countless parents "of color," like myself, who've long opposed Fed Ed's sabotage of academic excellence, local control and student privacy in school districts across the country.

Note that newly minted parents' rights advocate Arne Duncan never once advocated boycotting Chicago public schools, which he ran for eight years, for their abject failure to quell rampant school violence.
There's lots more - go read the entire thing.

Mrs. Malkin is quite right that parents should have complete control of their children's education. The "common core" crap is just another standardization deal to make the schools teach to some tests coming up all the time, and take away the control of curriculum from the parents. I did NOT know until now, about the problems with the spyware involved. From a different article of hers, "The Student Data-Mining Scandal Under Our Noses":
The recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act further enshrined government collection of personally identifiable information--including data collected on attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions--and allows release of the data to third-party contractors thanks to Obama-era loopholes carved into the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

And the so-called school-to-work pipeline creates endless avenues into taxpayer coffers for firms pitching data-gathering initiatives to "align" student learning with "skill sets" and "competencies" desired by corporations.

Facebook, for example, joined with the Department of Education's federally sponsored Digital Promise initiative last fall to develop a system of "micro-credentialing" badges for adult students in digital marketing. You can be sure it's not merely out of benevolence and public interest that Zuckerberg's empire is training thousands of these students to learn "Social Media Marketing Basics," "Marketing with Facebook Pages," "Marketing with Facebook Ads" and "Marketing with Instagram."

Let me tell you, cause I've been wanting to write more about Artificial Stupidity as related to the US Police State, that anything that CAN be done with the software and electronics WILL be done. THEY CANNOT RESIST THE URGE TO CONTROL YOU!

Now today's column is mainly about the total hypocrisy and corruption of the Dept. of Ed. using the school kids as pawns to push their hoplophobic agenda in a school boycott (well, at least we'll get some property tax money refunded, right?). Great points all around by Mrs. Malkin, but...

... let me not get to my usual beef at the bottom with the failure to see the big picture by mostly women, but most of men too. The gist of the post, with it's very good discussion of the evils of what's going on in the realm of indoctrination education, is that Mr. Arne Duncan, the statist asshole in the picture, is very bad and needs to go. Yeah, tell me about it, Sista! (No, I don't talk like that, and I'm not a Filipino.)

That all misses the big picture: There should be no Feral Department of Education! The US Constitution, in Bill of Rights Amendment X, expressly forbids it - ALL OTHER POWERS to the States and People, people, Can you read, SCOTI? (plural of SCOTUS) Yeah, they can read, but they do not WANT to see. This cabinet-level (meaning one out of a dozen or so) departments of the Administrative branch of FedGov. was created through the urging of President Jimmy Carter, with his Democrat-controlled House and Senate in 1979.This was a big payoff to the teacher's unions for their support in Mr. Carter's election in 1976 over Gerald Ford (no, not a real winner either). Why did they want this? They wanted more great-paying educrat jobs all around, to support the lives of Statist asshole Arne Duncan, just as an example.

Yeah, we need a better guy that won't do this stuff. I'm sure that'll work. No, we absolutely do not! Remember the point of the American Revolution? Have people forgotten why allowing people absolute power is bad? They seem to like Kings and Queens again, maybe even Czars. Arnoldska Duncanofski, Czar of Education - well, he might as well be!

We wouldn't have the a-hole above, if we didn't have the organization below

Just look at that huge place, which is only the Washington, F.S. headquarters.
Does THAT look like a kid-friendly place?

You see it's not the man that's the basic problem, it's the whole idea of ANYONE being in that position. NEXT TIME, THINK AHEAD, AMERICANS!

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"First Responders!" - The Firemen and Fire Departments

Posted On: Wednesday - May 23rd 2018 6:59PM MST
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Yeah, boys of all ages like the shiny pump trucks and firehouses. Our post "First Responders and Heroes" may have sounded disparaging to firemen, but it was just written to set the record straight. "First Responders" are not gods of the age, and that includes firemen.

OMG, that was sure not politically correct, as just about everyone, in the (government and any other) schools calls these guys "firefighters". Excuse me if I don't take to the PC very well. Where I live I have seen NOT ONE single woman firemanfighter. I know there are some. I would imagine even 4 decades ago, before the PC, there may have been some women working in this area. Nobody was keeping anyone out who could pass the tests and do the job. That is the key though. In a less stupid, I mean, Politically Correct world, common sense led people to realize that, sure, it doesn't seem right to keep a perfectly capable women from this job on her merits.

That's a big no-no now. The rules and standards have been changed and lowered specifically to LET women into this field, as we all know that a lot of physical strength and stamina can be required. True, that's not most of the time, such as when they are shooting pool or watching Netflix in the firehouse. It's not just when the real actual firefighting work occurs though either. Hoses have to be organized, trucks washed continually, and maintenance must be done on the trucks. Women aren't made for this work. OK, this is getting boring even to write, as any non-moronic reader already knows how things go in this country. Let me get it over with: It's worth it, if just a few more people die each year in fires (including smokejumpers out west), if it lets us be more Politically Correct as a people, right? Am I right? Hell, no! FIREMEN, it is!

Now, just a little bit more on the subject of firemen to wrap this up, and, to be complete, I have posts, with personal anecdotes, coming on the other 2 kinds of "FIRST RESPONDERS!", the EMS and the cops. As I mentioned in that previous post, a majority of the calls that result in firemen taking to the trucks and the roads are false alarms. There are a number of reasons. I'd say the biggest is that the amount of detection and alerting electronics is so much higher than in the past. I doubt there are as many false alarms from pranksters or real troublemakers pulling the handles all over commercial buildings, because people don't raise hell like they use to and the cameras all over the place (probably explaining some of the lack of hell-raising right there). However, the electronics are not perfect and lean toward the safe side for liability reasons.

That doesn't make the firemen deadbeats, by any means. It just means that the job is safer but less rewarding, I'd guess. There's lots of putting on suits and riding around town making lots of light and noise and waving to the chicks and children. Once in a while, it gets serious. That's not as often as in the past when there was less equipment and more real fires. You didn't fool around with pranksters, including even little curious monkeys:

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Pope Poetry

Posted On: Tuesday - May 22nd 2018 7:07PM MST
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I have gotten sick enough of this Commie Pope Francis of ours yours, you Catholics, that I had to just now add a new Topic Key, "So-called Pope Francis", just for this fuckin' guy. Is there no impeachment process? What is it some kind of dynastic totalitarian system you got there up in the Vatican?

Now, it's something he's said that has perturbed the usually unperturbable Pat Buchanan with some talk about homosexuality ("Can a Pope Change Moral Truth?") Peak Stupidity does not expound much on this topic and could just as well leave this to the Catholic Church to hash out after Mass back in the confessional booth or somewhere. However, it sounds like this Pope is just not much of a true Catholic, and, since Mr. Buchanan picked up on Peak Stupidity's "Is the Pope Catholic" meme, we felt obligated to respond with a limerick.

Actually, this was also in response to a serial limerick writer with the handle Eustace Tilley (not), who rhymes:
Now the Altar Boy’s starting to sweat,
Clutching tightly his rosary wet.
Keep your mind on your beads
As the Lawgiver bleeds:
Your idol’s not toppled – not yet.
Quoth Peak Stupidity:
“Is he Catholic?”, we joked ’bout the Pope.
But this new guy, it’s “Is he on dope!?"
‘Tween inviting the schlomos,
and a penchant for homos,
we’re gonna need soap-on-a-rope.
Maybe one more would be nice:
Ask "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
"Is the Pope Catholic?" in some neighborhoods.
the answer a given,
but no, now they've striven
to sell us a new bill of goods.
Peak Stupidity Survey # 1:
[] - Stick to your day job.
[] - Quit your day job, but don't write limericks.
[] - Keep blogging, without limericks.
[] - None of the above.

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First Responders and Heroes

Posted On: Tuesday - May 22nd 2018 12:15PM MST
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On-duty hang-out for "First Responders"

It's been over 20 years now with this crap. Need help? Call the First Responders! Peak Stupidity has a real hatred for Political Correctness, but this "First Responder" term is not even replacing any terms that people could possibly have take offense at, though, well, we've been wrong before. What is wrong with fireman, ambulance driver (OK, OK, EMT is not too bad), and cop? It's just a modern stupid term that irks the hell out of me. First Responder? OK, you're gonna come here first before we can handle this ourselves, huh? Tell ya' what, if we need you, we'll call you, but I'm pretty sure lots of people can get here before you - don't flatter yourselves.

OK, besides just plain not liking the term, it's the modern view that these people are beyond reproach, even some kind of heroes, and not just regular people (sometimes fuck-ups, like everybody else) that's a problem. Let me talk about fireman. Yeah, I've heard they're "firefighters" now, but I'll tackle that in a later post. See the room up above? That's where they hang out most of the time, or better yet, in lounges with pool tables and foosball (at least for the old-timers, right?). Now, I'm not knocking it - they've got to be somewhere on a long shift between calls, so it might as well be decent. No, the problem is that people act like firemen, along with EMS drivers, etc. have the life of a Marine on Iwo Jima, or the 82nd Airborne during operation Market Garden (yeah, I know I could have picked a thousand other examples.)

"First Responders" should not be viewed as some kind of heroes of our society. Let me define heroes then. These are guys (ALMOST ALWAYS MEN) who put their own lives in jeopardy to save the property or lives of others. It must be the case that it's not their own lives that are in jeopardy were they not to act. I'll get right back to that with an example.

What about the absolutely preventable 9/11 and the response of the NY City Fire Department? Yes, as not the only example either, these guys did a hard job, and there were probably quite a few REAL heroes there. At some point, while doing the job they were paid well to do, things started to go really bad in those buildings, and at some point these firemen had to know that. That's when the heroes would rise above the guys that were not. Into the flow of the work, these guys kept trying to get people out ... just keep saving whoever came next until... it was done. It wasn't done however, and so many of them died trying to continue the job. Yes, even if they did get out alive, of course, those guys were heroes. That's why you see the FDNY on t-shirts even to this day.

Now, as an example of what a hero is NOT, I take the passengers on the planes flown into buildings that day. Even the ones who (allegedly) knew what was going down and acted appropriately (we'll never know exactly what happened) were not heroes. They may have been great examples of good men who acted quickly to try to overcome a threat and save a bunch of lives, but the thing is: their OWN LIVES were in jeopardy along with everyone else. They could have been heroes in other situations, but whatever happened on the planes, just by definition, it doesn't make them heroes (OK, possibly if a guy got killed in the middle of a fight with one of the armed Moslems, then yes, if does fit the definition.)

Firemen today are just decent guys that get called out 5 or 10 times per shift to answer mostly (not their fault) false alarms and a few incidents most days. It's just a job. The equipment is amazing now, and with better appliances smoke alarms, and other home and commercial safety systems real serious fires are few and far between compared to back in the day. When it comes down to it, there may be some heroes once in a while, but most won't even get a chance to experience that kind of innate decision. Beyond firemen, ambulance drivers pretty much drive like sissies these days. I've passed 'em just because they're going too slow to a call!

I write this pretty curmudeonly, but it's not that I don't think it's cool for the kids to see the shiny pump trucks and ambulances and meet the firemen. It's honest work, but society does not need to make these First Responders into some kind of gods, that's all. It seems to be like that. I'll break out some stories and discussion on Fireman, EMTs, and cops, along with more on 911 - the phone number - into subsequent posts.

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The importance of the Royal Wedding

Posted On: Monday - May 21st 2018 10:43AM MST
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"Maybe I shouldn't have married a slut. This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!"

Just WTF are these people, anyway?

No, I mean, that wasn't an exclaimation point, just a question. I don't know who these people are. Who is the son or daughter of what Queen or King? Do your job, media - I don't know what the hell is going on here!

OK, it could be, that, as lead and only blogger of Peak Stupidity, I may have missed an important event of this weekend, over in the old country, formerly-Great, formerly-Britain. As a reader, I think you may be doing yourself a great disservice by using Peak Stupidity as your sole source for current events knowledge. Not tryin' to turn off readers ... just sayin'...

I think that the groom there is related to the Princess Diana whose death rudely interupted an episode of Saturday Night Live back in the 1990's, but I don't know who she was the daughter of. Should I be concened that I can't seem to keep up with this stuff? I perused the front page of the National Enquirer and other tabloids at the grocery store over the weekend, while I waited for some lady with more than 10 items, but I must have missed this one. Should I feel bad that I just like the original non-rehashed version of Elton John's Candle in the Wind (the Peak Stupidity blog has just gotta put up some music from that great album Goodbye Yellow-Brick Road from Elton John's prime songwriting years? (Nope, I didn't forget Bernie Taupin).

OK, listen, it'd be one thing if these people really were in some sort of power, as 150 years ago. There are people in the current age that pine for a, or "The" Monarchy, seeing it as better than democracy. Well, I'll tell you again, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, Kinks songs notwithstanding, and this country was NOT EVER SUPPOSED TO BE A DEMOCRACY - IT WAS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! (Yes, WAS.) Still, if this monarchy had power then it'd be important who marries whom, as it was in the day. Oh, and I guess the brides weren't all actresses and sluts back then either, but I dunno, we didn't get into all the details in high school history class.

I just don't know if there is any way to care less about things like Royal Weddings. If there is, please inform Peak Stupidity via the comment section (put PS before the rest of the writing).

PS (see it's easy!): No, we absolutely will NOT provide links here to pictures of and gossip about, the Royal Wedding. Our best suggestion, if you missed this story is: See where all those candy bars are? Yeah, right near the checkout counter. OK, now get even with the tic-tacs. Turn around ... there you go. Got it? Good.

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Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac

Posted On: Saturday - May 19th 2018 8:21PM MST
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Most of the music on Peak Stupidity lately has been associated with a post in some way. Here, I just want to feature a great song that the reader may not have heard in a while or at all. You can't help but like this one.

This is Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac from their big-selling album Rumours (yeah, spellcheck works - they're just British.) from 1977. Only a couple of tracks on that album are NOT great.

This great '70's rock band has been featured here before with Say You Love Me and Blue Letter, both from the album previous to Rumours, just called Fleetwood Mac.
It's Lindsey Buckingnam singing here and his bright-sounding guitar.

For those of you living with the life-long effects of childhood lyricosis, as this writer is, I want to make sure that you know this: Lindsey Buckinham is NOT singing "I'm just sittin' here nude, I'm just sittin' here nude... yeah!" OK, just making sure we are all on the same page.

Lindsey Buckingham – electric guitars, acoustic guitar, percussion, lead vocals
Mick Fleetwood – drums, timbales, shakers, marching snare drum
John McVie – bass guitar
Christine McVie – Hammond organ, piano, backing vocals
Stevie Nicks – backing vocals

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Minnesota Nice, terrorists, and the Security State

Posted On: Saturday - May 19th 2018 10:21AM MST
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While writing the post Nice and Stupid DO NOT MIX, people! the other day, I had something more to say that post-length precluded. This story is a 1st-hand one.

Somalians - Security Training? Really?

At a work site in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we ended up having to work in an area where one needs "badges" (pieces of plastic), "escorting", and all that security-state crap that is around when in a "sensitive" area. This was a place in which someone could do a lot of harm to the public, if he were bent on that, pretty easily, in fact. I just put those quotes around the words because most security-state stuff is for show and not truly a serious attempt at preventing what the AUTHORITAE seem to be most worried about. I'll get to that, or you'll just understand that from the gist of the story here.

This was a lot like my experience at the Eiffel Tower, dealing with the French Estate Securite. I had had about enough of the bullshit, as all the Americans had to go through all the hassle to get things done, while in the meantime, the workforce out in the "Secure Zone" consisted of AT LEAST 1/2 SOMALIANS! Yeah, true. Now, I'm sure some manager over them could tell me about the extensive, extensive background checks done on these men and women. Yeah, right, you people checked for arrests and traffic tickets since they've been here for 3 years. Uh-huh, OK, but how 'bout the other 25 years back in the chaos of Somalia? Got the records from their high schools, if any? Got the paperwork from jihadi clubs, do ya?

I don't like being bullshitted, so just stop, security-state apparatchiks. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. You tell us that we should take this terrorism stuff seriously, yet you have hundreds of Somalians working in the "Secure Zone".

Now, this nice Minnesota lady was standing around checking who goes where. I'd had enough and said, "what are you worried about me for, there's a bunch of Somalians working over there?" Wow, that smile just disappeared, as I was NOT AS NICE as she was! "What do you mean by that?" she scolded, figuring I'd apologize. "I mean, it's defeating the purpose!" I said, and walked off. What would go through a snowflake like that's mind?

In the words of Cosmo Cramer "oh, yeeaaahhhhhhh!"

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Post # 666 - Don't Fear the Reaper

Posted On: Friday - May 18th 2018 7:02PM MST
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We've had just a little less to fear from the reaper since early November of 2016. No matter how badly President Trump has been screwing up and how many promises he's already broken, don't you wake up each morning and just think "whewww, imagine if that nightmare had been real."? WELL, DAMMIT, YOU SHOULD! The Hildabeast of our nightmares pops up to mouth off with that forked tongue every few months, but it's not enough to make me have to change the sheets more than I would regularly.

Since this is post number 666, the Peak Stupidity blog will lay off our regularly scheduled smorgasbord of stupidity, if you will, for today, and just present some music that is appropriate for the post number.

"All our times have come.
Here but now they're gone.
Seasons don't fear the reaper,
nor do the wind, the sun or the rain.
We can be like they are/

Come on baby... Don't fear the Reaper
Baby take my hand... Don't fear the Reaper
We'll be able to fly... Don't fear the Reaper
Baby I'm your man...

Blue Oyster Cult (and, for the life of me, I never knew you had to put 2 dots over the "O" in Oyster. WTF is up with that? I've got vertical pairs of dots, but not horizontal, sorry):

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar and vocals
Eric Bloom - lead vocals, "stun guitar"
Allen Lanier - keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joe Bouchard - bass, backing vocals
Albert Bouchard - drums, percussion, backing vocals

They were from Long Island, New York.

BTW, I'd wanted to write some more related to this morning's post on "Minnesota Nice" and the Somalians, but post # 666 doesn't come around every day, ya know.

Man it's a week later or so after I wrote this, but I really forgot to add that I had for a long time thought this song was Don't fear the reefer. I mean it was from the 1970's, it only stood to reason that Blue Oyster Cult wanted their fans to enjoy it as much as they did.

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Nice and Stupid DO NOT MIX, people!

Posted On: Friday - May 18th 2018 7:35AM MST
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Nice Minnesotan lady

I'm gonna link to a story in a few paragraphs that is just another pallet in a 90-boxcar freight train-load of immigration stupidity. The Peak Stupidity blog could expound on immigration stupidity day-in-day-out, but we would like to keep abreast of many areas of stupidity in order to stay relevant and keep the resume polished for the nice HR ladies

Speaking of nice, that is leading to the story here. In the upper Midwest portion of the US, say, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, you have your people that are just known to be very nice. The phrase is "Minnesota nice", even, up in that state. The people who settled these lands 150 - 100 years back were Germans, and Scandinavians, for the most part. I'm not sure (topic for another post?) where exactly came from, but the attitude of agreeableness and helpfulness with the nice smiles and "you betcha"'s can still be noticed if one visits from elsewhere. It's got it's pros and cons. People are ready to get along, but it doesn't seem like they would be ready to question authority and to stand up for themselves like the Scots-Irish, say, in the Appalachian regions and (what was the) West way back, Kentucky and Tennessee. You wouldn't see the clannishness and violence that you see in the Scot-Irish. That was, in fact, part of what made the movie, Fargo so funny, at least the first time. Even with the kidnappings and all (a big part of lots of Coen Brothers movies), everyone is just so calm and quiet-talking, with that hilarious midwest accent, with no yelling, threats, or violence, ... well, yeah ... there is that wood-chipper scene...

The Americans up there would just like to all get along and be agreeable. Don't fight the authorities. If the nice people from the Feral Government and our own local Lutheran Churches say they are bringing some nice people from Somalia into our town, well, we'll help them with a bake sale. They will fit in fine just like Rhoda over there in Mary Tyler Moore Richards house, and she was from New York City, dontcha' know! We will all get along once they learn to use the bathroom in the new bathrooms that our Welcome Club refurbished and eventually quit cooking over open fires on the linoleum in the kitchen. We'll take them to the smorgasbord, introduce them to ice fishing, and pretty soon they will be good, nice members of our community ... yah, you betcha'.

Well don't bet TOO much, nice Minnesota bitchez, cause this deal ain't working out like you planned, or I should say, "should have planned, or at least freakin' thought about for a bit!". Finally we get to the link to this story Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why?. Even though from the Fox branch-office of the Lyin' Press, this one is worth reading*. You socialist-leaning Minnesotans like to spread the money around to the downtrodden via your governments' confiscation of people's incomes, huh? Got some of your taxpayers' money going to free daycare** for "THE CHILDREN", do ya? When you import large crowds of people who are not as nice as you, you find out you're being scammed oftentimes by the Somalian daycare-center owners. Oh my goodness, why, this shouldn't happen!

It's not just that they don't fit in. The Islam, the chaos, and the corruption that exists in their old country Somalia can't be taken out of the Somalians just because you've been so nice to them, just as your pleasantness and work ethic wasn't taken out of you Scandinavians when your people came to Minnesota > 100 years back. Wouldn't that be obvious? I guess not, if you are just too nice to want to think about it, and heavens-to-Betsy, say something about it out loud. Oh, heavens no!

They're going to just keep being nice up there and saying nice things until they're broke and it kills them. Well, I mean it's a whole lot better than raising hell, and, my Gosh, being called all sorts of names!

Your niceness, combined with utter ignorant stupidity, has been a really bad deal for the formerly nice city of Minneapolis, and other areas of Minnesota.

*I want to state categorically that Peak Stupidity has no problem with the Cash is King aspect of this story, as we are nothing if not liberty-loving and Libertarian. In addition, for the same reason, government-provided day-care in ANY way, shape or form - WE'RE AGIN' IT!

** Just another way to ruin the family, and ya gotta get both parents out of the house to be good socialist worker-bees, doncha' know?

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Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 4

Posted On: Wednesday - May 16th 2018 3:53PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Globalists  The Future

This is the concluding post from the series - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

What's this guy got to do with it?

Why is the AntiChrist Soros' ugly mug on here? I'll tell ya. It's because, as King of the Globalists, he represents the people who want to destroy nations - the whole concept of nations, that is - and this has to do with the Population Bombs and Duds, how??

I'll tell ya, but let me wrap this whole thing up to include the ideas from the other 3 posts. The worries about the Population Bomb (singular, as in, the whole world, used at that time) dissipated over the years, for a number of reasons:

1) By the 1970's the baby boom all over the West was over. See posts 1, 2 , and 3 of the Peak Stupidity discussion on "Demographic Soo-ee-cide of the West". The problem WAS defused there. By about 2 decades later, the developed Far East (the Orient, that is) had also defused their population bombs (see Parts 2 and 3) If that had been the end of it, these nations would have remained great places. In the West, however, the Globalists had other plans.

2) Over in the underdeveloped lands, the "shitholes" in modern parlance, the Population Bomb there had not been diffused.However, the cntrl-left does not want to talk about that, as that would be racist. They chewed out the Westerners for a few decades about not ruining the planet with all those children, but won't say a word about Africa and the Middle Eastern lands. I will include a graph (again with projected data 2020- 2050, so take that part whatever way you want) from Part 3, the conclusion of the Demo-suicide posts. (Note the numbers are /1000, as in Billions, not Millions)

That bright red is a large amount of people, with the legend "Asia except China and Japan". Well, Asian Russia can't be more than 100 million, and the Koreas are stable, there's over 90 million Vietnamese, so most of that red is India and the Moslem countries. And then there's Africa in purple. The purple and the red are the numbers growing pretty rapidly at the current time. We don't know what will happen in those countries. It may not level off for a century, and those places are un-diffused Population Bombs.*

The big problem is that the Globalists want to set new detonators in the defused Population Bombs of the developed world, the West and the Orient. The want to fill these lands with people fleeing these Population Bomb countries to make sure we no longer have coherent nations. They just can't stand having middle-class, united peoples in their world, it seems.
If they can get 10-20% of the people out of the Population Bomb world, that will be more than enough to preclude assimilation and completely change the make-up of the nations to which they migrate. Now, that's a feature, not a bug, to the Globalists. That this huge migration will not nearly be enough to relieve the pressure in the origination nations does not really concern them.

The Globalists and their useful idiots have been implementing their plan very successfuly (SO FAR) in the West, as the Western people seem have a very big built-in guilt complex. In the Orient however (China in Part 2 and Japan/Korea in Part 3), it is a different story. The Globalist line of BS is not making many inroads there. The Chinese realize what enough people looks like and will not even let many Chinese people move back! Likewise, the Japanese display no nonsense when admitting people to stay for good in Japan. You can go look back at VDare articles and elsewhere around the web, but it is almost laughably encouraging. When one reads about the admission of refugees and sees numbers like 4 or 5, that's not 4 or 5 THOUSAND, not 4 or 5 HUNDRED even, but 4 or 5 PEOPLE!

That's why the Lyin Press flying monkeys under Globalist control keep trying to pound in the exact opposite worry from 5 decades back - "OMG! There will be no people left! You can't support yourselves. You've got to let more people in your country, or ... some bad things will happen!" Whatever happened to those hippies from the 60's telling us that we were polluting the world with all this offspring? Oh, wait, that was only for white people to listen to.

Well at least the Japanese and Chinese just will not let their nation be changed, like it or not, Soros.

* Latin America, especially South America is kind of an exception. Even without a whole lot of prosperity, the bomb has been somewhat diffused, and it's a smaller bomb to begin with.

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Oriental is the term and we're done talkin' about it.

Posted On: Tuesday - May 15th 2018 7:04PM MST
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OK, after already suggesting that I'd beat this horse to death in the future, in the previous post and back on Saturday, I'd better get 'er done. However, upon searching, I noticed that this PSPP (Peak Stupidity Pet Peeve) has cropped up not just once, as I'd assumed, but twice in the more distance blog-past. Our annoyance with using the term "Asian" for "Oriental" was discussed in a post featuring Aja, the great song by Steely Dan, in addition to the mention of the older, more mellifluous Engllish names for places in China, with the accompanying Rod Stewart song, Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?.

Let's hope this doesn't crop up too many more times, but it's gotta be fixed, dammit! I think using "Asian" for "Oriental" started sometime in the 1990's. "Oriental" means "Eastern", just as "Occidental" means "Western" from its Latin roots. As far as the Europeans were concerned, way back in the past all the way to those Roman times, the people in China/Japan/Korea/SE-Asia, (whatever those countries were called then) lived way to the east. Europeans were not called Occidentals, simple because the Orientals didn't use Latin words, and the Euros (Occidentals) didn't need to call themselves ANYTHING but Greeks, Franks, Anglo-Saxons and what have you.

From Steve Sailer or a commenter of iSteve, after some discussion there, I did learn that the good folks in Turkey and parts near there were also called Orientals way back. "Think about the Orient Express railroad. It doesn't go to East Asia." they explained. Good point, I figured, as I had thought that train DID go all the way to China. OK, so you've got people somewhat to the east, the "Middle East", and those in the Far East who, let's call them Orientals again, please, not Asians. Why?

I'll tell you why - because all of the people below live in Asia!:

There's a Korean, a Siberian Russian, an Indian, an Indonesian, and a Saudi Arabian.

Got it? It's the biggest continent in the world and has people of widely varying racial and ethnic groups in many nations. Political Correctness works in strange ways, but is in general based on not hurting people's feelings. The Peak Stupidity blog does not aspire to be PC in any way anyway, but it this case, I don't even see how feelings could be hurt. How is being called an Easterner an insult!?

The pics above had guys with various hairstyles and headgear. Maybe that is confusing things. How about this lady? What type of Asian is she? Answer, from this view, who cares?*

* Feel free to put in your guess in the comments section. Winner gets the girl for one night.**

** Virtually only, as Peak Stupidity is on a low budget after bidding entirely too much on that giant rabbit sculpture at Sotheby's.

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The Eiffel Tower and Le State Securite

Posted On: Tuesday - May 15th 2018 8:52AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism

(previous post on Paris and the Police State apparatus there here from last Friday. Again, topic key "US Police State" will have to cover France too now.)

While in gay Paris, doing non-gay things there, one must see this wrought-iron composed still-marvel of structural engineering built 130 years ago. Yeah, not quite "what we still can't do today!", per Neil Young. It' no simple sphinx, stonehenge, or coliseum; it is an engineering marvel. What I noticed is, contrary to lots of things and places I've revisited after a long while, the Eiffel Tower looked BIGGER than I remembered it.

The Securite/Police State business came into play during this visit due to, well you know who. A certain group of immigrants, mostly nice and harmless who still don't fit in worth a damn, but with a small but non-zero number of angry zealots among them who hate the people of their welcoming new land cause changes to life in Paris. They come from places somewhere to the east, but not too far, let's call it the Middle (of the) East to be PC about it. (Hah! - more on that riddle in an upcoming post on the meaning of "Oriental").Now, this writer had already read on, you guessed it, VDare, that things had to be tightened up at all the tourist sites in Paris. (Yeah, VDare covers ALL aspects of the immigration issue.) So, even with the embarrassment of my assumption of security procedures when that was not the point, as in that short post on our visit to the Notre Dame, I was well aware of what was going on lately, and prepared to be pissed off.

It wasn't everyone in our party who was well aware however. We found that we had to go through a security line looking for metal only, not nearly the strip-search-like procedures at airports nowadays. Yeah, OK, guns, I get it - except what are you worried about, someone shooting and making a small dent in the heavy wrought iron and bringing down the Eiffel tower? Ludicrous! OK, it's about some rag-head shooting up the crown up in the tower. OK, but then it's the usual disarm-the-good-guys procedure, a really bad idea. Looking at the "French" people running the security lines, I saw hardly one white person in there. Ever heard of an inside job? Anyone? Anyone? Buehlaiere?. Also, yeah, there's a crowd up there, but there are big crowds in all the cafes along the Seine River... all over Paris there are big crowds.

OK, it was something I was ready for, so we enjoyed the view and the engineering. The problem came in when we got out back at the bottom. True, I could have thought about it more thoroughly and left via the SE corner (or is it due south really?). We didn't, and then found out we needed to go basically across the footprint or around to get to the subway station, but the direct way along the river was blocked. No problem, I can navigate (no, no Artificial Stupidity needed). Then, the fences started. One couldn't go in a short route just to the north of the base of the Eiffel tower. There were too many security fences. At one point, I was willing to even go back throught a "security" line just to walk under the base of the tower, like someone's going to blow up the whole thing from down there. How strong are these terrorists, anyway? Can one guy carry enough explosives? Would he not be seen setting it up? Going back through was going to involve a big wait though.

Anyway, it was like one of those bad frustrating dreams, where you are trying to get something done, or get somewhere, yet obstacles keep getting in the way. Each time I'd try to turn us east, or even northeast, another fence would appear (yes, by myself, in my younger days, I would have jumped one). We ended up doing close to 1 mile to get around. At the 3/4 mile point or so, one in our party was getting so annoying - "where are we going? Why are we going this way!?" that I just lost it, thusly": "France imported lots of Moslems, and now they've got to fence off everything. It's all a waste of time anyway, but we've got to get around this thing. Do you want to get home, or not?!"

It may have been a little bit loud, as the French and "French" crowd looked truly pissed at me with some glares I haven't seen since I mentioned (erroneously) in Starbucks that Trump was gonna kick some ass. I just glared back as much as I had time to, and still look for that NorthEast passage around the fences. Plus, "hey, wait a minute, I thought you all told me you didn't know any English! Remember... when we asked for directions to the metro?". Not pleasant, readers ... not pleasant at all.

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The case of the purloined Picasso

Posted On: Monday - May 14th 2018 5:30PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has loads of follow-up and new posts on the back burner, but this Zerohedge post was just too good not to pass along. Yep, I will continue to badmouth the site for its software till the day they fix it, as it's almost guaranteed to crash the browser (this is my 2nd time writing this post, as it crashed the browser - all windows the 1st time!). The commenters can't be beat though, as I've been saying, and 250-odd ones so far below this humorous Zerohedge post will be a riot.

Pablo Picasso's Le Repos?

Or, is a fake traced-out by the ex-wife?

ZH started as a site that criticized Global Financial Stupidity and the people involved, and the guy in this post is one they've had it in for for years now. I don't care at this point who Mr. Bill Gross is, but as part of the F.I.R.E. economy Peak Stupidity AGREES, whatever it is. In Bill Gross's Ex-Wife Stole A $35M Picasso From Their Bedroom And Replaced It With A Hand Drawing, there is discussion about a rather acrimonious divorce, or maybe this is just a normal one in a power couple like this one.
In November testimony, the ex-wife readily admitted to swiping the Picasso, citing an e-mail Bill sent to her where he instructed her to "take all the furniture and art that you’d like."
Yes, BTW, this money IS from the transaction fees you've been paying if you're an investor trying to make it big in "the markets." Don't worry, they'll get more.

Let's just present this short transcript of something resembling a deposition:
[deposition mode]

"And so I did," she said.

But it wasn’t quite that simple, as testimony revealed the ex-wife’s prowess for both painting and artful deception.

"Well, you didn’t take it and leave an empty spot on the wall, though, did you?" lawyers for Bill Gross asked.

"No," Sue responded.

"You replaced it with a fake?" the lawyer asked.

"Well, it was a painting I painted," Sue responded.

"A replication of the Picasso?" the lawyer asked.

"A replication, yes," Sue answered.

"And it had the Picasso signature and everything, didn’t it?" the lawyer asked.

"Not exactly . . ." she said.

"Whose signature was it? Sue Gross?" the lawyer asked.

"I don’t remember how I signed it. Bill will remember because I painted it at home years ago," she said.

"Did you tell him that you took the Picasso?" the lawyer asked.

"No. We didn’t speak for a year and a half," she answered just before the line of questioning turned to a 7-foot, 300-pound rabbit sculpture she also admitted taking.

[/deposition mode]
Now, hold on a bit. What was that last part? I'm not that concerned with the Picasso, there are plenty of 'em and color laser printers now. I would like to know more about that 300 lb rabbit sculpture. Peak Stupidity will send an errand boy up to Sotheby's to bid for us (no, due to slow donations as of late, we will not spring for the $35 million El Repos or even facsimile thereof).
While Gross admitted that he couldn't tell the difference between the original and the wife-drawn replica, he said he wasn't surprised to learn of the original's fate.

According to court documents, Gross alleged that several other choice items had gone missing from their home shortly after their separation - including a Tiffany clock, 20 bottles of wine, Christmas decorations and a 1,000-pound-statue.
I have said it before, and I'll keep saying it, if you see it coming, liquidate the assets you can, get all of the stuff out of the house that you can and get it over to a trusted friend's basement.

Family Court:
"I'm flat broke - it was freakin' Vegas, man! I was sure I couldn't lose!"
Next year, on your birthday:
"Wow. 20 bottles of wine, a big statue of a rabbit, and a painting by Picasso your kid! You shouldn't have! I love you, man!"

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Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 3

Posted On: Monday - May 14th 2018 9:20AM MST
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(continued from this post.)

Japan - are they really running out of people?

At he end of the last Peak Stupidity blog post on the subject of the Population Bombs and Duds we left the reader off in the Orient, specifically China. OK, readers, back on the tour bus with your easily mis-understandable guide to another factory outlet scenic location, the [WTF? - is this a 4th grade book report? - Ed] country of Japan. Much of the rest of the Orient, especially Southeast Asia, formerly called Indochina, is almost as population-dense as China and Japan, but China has always been a special case, just having a big share of the world's population and Japan is a modern Western-like society. The others in the region, although rising fast, can still be lumped with Latin America in terms of development, so aren't quite material to the point being made for these 2 big ones and the Western world. (OK, lump S. Korea with whatever I write here about Japan - it seems a similar situation.)

The population of Japan has already been decreasing, albeit slightly for now, for about 8 years. It's not been due to anything unusual, just the expected change due to the country having been pretty much prosperous and developed for 40-odd years now. Again, this is a good thing in general, as Japan was always held up as one of those crowded places that was just going to get worse. There are still 127 million people in that country that is slightly smaller in land area than the State of California (lost a bet on that, so I've got that down now!). Yet, California has roughly 40 million, and I considered it getting crowded enough for me back 25 years ago with 30 million! Besides just the beautiful land of varied topography and climate and part-nutty, but still wonderful people (a veritable Paradise Lost, at this point), California back in the day had room to spread out, "find yourself", or just get a few acres in a canyon on the coast to just meditate, medicate, and burn up that trust fund, while completely avoided the use of clothing (OK, that last part was just my image of it.)

This decrease has been ~ 1 million people from 2010, and man, I HATE, HATE, HATE people that make graphs with cherry-picked enlarged y-axes! Here is an example of making this drop into an El Capitan via the use of a bar graph with an enlarged y-axis, showing only values from 126.6 to 128.2 million. That doesn't just take stupdity; that takes some gall.

Having this total population decrease slowly toward a level more fitting for that fairly small chunk of land is a good thing for the Japanese people. Sure, there are problems with the demographics on a medium (generation or two) scale, with the age cohorts that is. There is a relatively much bigger number of old people, for instance. There are fewer people coming into the workforce paying their taxes to support the pretty-damned-socialized system of government. Socialism aside as a problem in and unto itself, these medium-term problems can and are already being solved by the Japanese. We all know that the Japs are no slouches when it comes to invention, including in the social realm (sex robots, anyone?) The country is a cohesive, unified society of one type of people that can peacefully get through the slow population transition to a stable demographic profile with just a lower total. This is leading very close to the point of this series, though I still want to wrap it up with a summary in Part 4.

(Completely off the subject just for a paragraph, but let me write this here because I wanted to go through the website to look for Japan articles and blog posts. I'd like to point out that the site has become barely usable, format-wise, on a number of different devices, since they made it through a bunch of anti-truth hacker "Denial-of-Service" attacks a month or so back. I hope they can straighten out the site soon, because it's one of my favorites and source - as they advertise - of comprehensive info. on immigration - all aspects.)

VDare is not a travel/geography site, right, so what does that have to do with anything? I'll tell ya'. Due to that explained in the above aside, rather than point out directly some of the many (probably in the dozens over they years) articles about Japan, I will just say that the country is discussed there due to the immigration issue. I don't mean that Japan itself HAS any issue - no, that's the problem for the globalists, and why that nation is discussed on VDare. See, Japan takes immigration very seriously, because they, like, want to remain Japanese and shit. Talk about your in-your-face gall! Wanting to remain unified and resisting population replacement takes more gall than can be found in the biohazard trash-can of an operation room that specializes in gall-bladder removal! (Yes, Peak Stupidity made that one up.)

That's what is pushed now by the Globalists via their Lyin' Press - If you've got everything under control in your country, maybe you should change that with an immigration invasion. We can't have countries just taking care of problems and doing their own thing ... wouldn't be prudent. OK, Part 4 will wrap this up nicely. It'll be coming in a day or two.

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Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - May 12th 2018 7:30PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  History  China  The Future  Geography

(This is a continuation of this post.)

On to the Orient. Let's get one thing straight first. "Orient" means "East" from it's roots in Latin. Conversely, "Occident" means "West". How it calling someone "Oriental" or a whole region of the world "The Orient", a slur on anyone or anything? Using "Asian" is ludicrous, as Asia is the biggest continent in the world, and all sorts of people that aren't Oriental live there! That's a subject for another curmudgeonry post, though I did get started on this a bit on the post Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?. Anyway, Oriental is is, dammit!

Serenity now ... OK, in Part 1, I discussed the ongoing demographic transitions that are especially scare regarding Africa as a real population bomb, per old Club o' Rome lingo. The next post will be about Japan, which is kind of the impetus for getting to the final point I will make. However, China has been a special case of continuous over-population for centuries. Back in the post A tale of 2 Countries (for picking blackberries) Peak Stupidity wrote the following regarding the Chinese population density (at least this time I am including a map. I'm nothing if not a big map guy.)
Do you know that China had more people, over 400 million, in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, back before 1900 AD, than we have now? It's been overpopulated for a long time, and keep in mind that, though the land area on a map looks close to that of the continental US, the western 40% of that is just Tibet and Xinjiang , both just mostly barely-inhabited mountains and high desert. Then the other 60% is mostly mountainous. I'd estimate the population density of China as 15 X what we have in America, not 5 X, as one might think from a glance at the globe.
See that brown in the northwest and tan to the west? Subtract that out in your mind, and look at the land left.

The place has been crowded for about forever, and way overcrowded is the way any American not from NY City would see it. After the death of the Commie Chairman Mao in 1976, the next leader Deng Xiaoping instituted the widely-discussed One-Child policy. Controlling, or trying to, how the population may reproduce is about as Statist or tyrannical as it gets, folks. I'd never defend it, as had Communism not turned that nation into a backwater shithole for 3 decades already, China could have become a modern prosperous nation more quickly, resulting in a tailing off of the population increases. That said, one must admit that the policy took care of the problem. The population has leveled off to the point where this draconian policy has been completely removed as of late. (Please don't think that a Chinaman would get shot for having a 2nd kid, but it was more like dismissal from jobs, rejection of school attendance of the kid, etc. Additionally, out in the country, it was a lot more like anything goes, not matter what the dipshits in Peking came up with. The Peak Stupidity blog just discussed something about that this week.)

Now, in China, the big cohort of young working-age men and woman (the Commies were kinda big feminists in that sense - hey, double the people, double the output, praise be to the Chairman, and all that crap - been there, got the Mao jacket) has also diminished, as the first of the only-children generation are in their late 30's. The cheap manufacturing is being done in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and elsewhere now. The elderly demographic is rising quickly. This concerns such websites as Zerohedge, and this one, "No Longer Reversible": China's Low Fertility Rate And Birth Restrictions Set Stage For Disaster. OK, first let me say that, though we've praised the site just this week about the commenters and have learned so much over the years from the writers on financial topics, their political articles are hit-and-miss on stupidity value. This is one of the misses.

Let's get this straight: Too many people is bad (we agree!), but not quite as many anymore, but still a lot of Chinamen, is also bad and is leading to DISASTER. Durden, please! Well, if the site doesn't fuck with your browser too much, enjoy the comments, but the article is downright silly. China is definitely better off with fewer people. Now, they do like living together, so maybe 500 million would be closer to right. If Americans, who don't, were living there, 100 million would be fine for that mostly-mountainous territory. Plus we'd appreciate the wall all set-up for us.

This post is dancing around the conclusion as to the good and bad of the modern-day demographics around the world. We will look at Japan in the next post to illustrate our opinion of why people, err, cough, the Globalists, cough, cough, are purposefully misunderstanding the good and bad of the trends and spouting off about it. Immigration Stupidity is a big part of this propaganda.

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