Zerohedge promotes Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 8:01PM MST
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No, no link to us, but at least they used our term in the first line in one of their usual articles on financial woes of Americans yesterday, thusly:
As the storm clouds of peak stupidity gather over the heads of the millennial generation who were conned by banks, government, and universities to take out excessive amounts of leverage in auto loans, credit cards, and student debt; millions have flocked to a new website seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ and or even ‘Sugar Mommies’ to pay off their debt amid an economic environment where wage growth remains non-existent. [I had to remove ZH's bold, and put my own there.]
The funny thing is, I only clicked on this particular article due to the enticing name "Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment - Here's How". OK, ZeroHedge, you got me again with your girly picture on the main page and especially this headline. Hey, don't bother, horny readers, there is no blown-up picture on the article page (besides some pretty good graphs, especially compared to ZH's usually crappy graphs). There is no "Here's How!" either. The 2nd half of the article on this finance topic was very good, though having not a whole lot to do with the headline.

It's kind of funny, as this one is by "Tyler Durden", not a guest, and it's on ZeroHedge's core material, the financial state of people, companies and governments. They just must not be having enough readers click on those types of articles without some enticement. Yes, I felt like a sucker, but then one of the graphs is a decently made and gives good info. so it may appear here later - not a total loss not getting to see here's how the college chicks do tricks, after all.

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"There's a lot of ruin in a nation." - Part 3

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 10:38AM MST
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How much rich American farmland can 2 Trillion dollars buy?

As part of the Peak Stupidity on-going writing on the topic of "There's a lot of ruin in a nation", from here, and prior to that, here, I want to present one simple arithmetic calculation of some pretty large numbers. This has to do with how much money does it take, actually, to buy up a significant portion of our nation's wealth (the amount of "ruin" left, per Adam Smith's quote).

Many have commented over the last few years or decade that this situation with China's economic rising is just the same old same-old, as in "yeah, they said all that about Japan, back in the 1980's and it didn't amount to a hill of beans." Many times, yes, it's NOT different this time. However, this time, it IS different. In both magnitude of the money and population of China vs. Japan, and the magnitude of just how far in the hole (follow-up here) the United States is, it IS! DIFFERENT! THIS! TIME!

Let's go back, way on back, to the mid-1970's when Japanese manufacturing might suddenly became apparent to Americans over just a few years. They'd already been making the best, or at least best at reasonable cost, cameras for a while. Kodak and Polaroid had had and were still somewhat having their day, but the Minoltas, Pentax's, Canons, and Nikons (so popular a name, that is is memorialized in an EARLY-70's Paul Simon song) with the Single-Lens Reflex professional-style high-quality cameras. OK, photography was big, but still one market for products out of hundreds; however, automobiles were, and still are, a different story. The Japanese-made automobiles came next.

One can blame part of it on the sudden, not-quickly-fulfilled demand for fuel-efficient vehicles after the 1st "energy crisis" of 1973, the fat-and-lazy union. workers in Detroit, the poor quality of the US made vehicles that consumers were just used to (rolling over the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer back then was just a matter of luck, or the owner being a very competent car guy). Whatever the combination of factors was, the Japanese came into this market with a vengeance. The difference between 1973 and 1980 in terms of what one would see on the rode was amazing. Even with the bad-mouthing of the Japanese, just based on American patriotism, people spent their money on quality and fuel-efficient cars, and the Japanese were kicking ass. However, even by the late 1980's near the end of the apparent Japanese economic might, the US big-3 auto manufacturers still had a big majority of the US market.

Hey, it WAS worrisome, and tensions were sometimes high (see the 1986 humorous feel-good movie Gung Ho - not even a Japanese expression, it's Chinese! -with a young Michael Keaton). I mean, they Japs bought Rockefella Center for cryin' out loud! OMG! Well, this all faded when the Japanese stock market collapsed like many paper/computer types of wealth do. Japan still has a large economy and we all know they have kept up the high-quality and heavy-duty manufacturing as opposed to Americans.

That's ancient recent history; let's discuss China here. The country's population is an order of magnitude larger than Japan's, and 1/2 order of magnitude larger than ours, so when they do get economically powerful, things are DIFFERENT, as I said. The 2nd factor of big numbers mentioned above it that, though the Japanese grew economically mighty by the late 1980's our economy was multiple times bigger AND we still manufactured a majority of American-bought consumer and industrial goods. The situation is completely different now, and we don't have our economic/manufacturing base of even 1995 left.

Wait, when Peak Stupidity started this blog almost a year ago, we writers were led to believe there would be no math. Apparently, this is not the case! [quit bitching... go talk to HR! - ed.] $2,000,000,000,000 is just a rough idea of how much money is owed to China. Back to the point of this series of posts, how much of our country could be sold out to pay this back? It's not just Rockafella Center, hell, they can take all of NY City, and that wouldn't bother me a bit. No, lets talk about farmland. I will make rough estimates, as that's all we need. We would like comments, but please let's not quibble over factors as large as 2 even, as I want to show an order-of-magnitude estimate.

The contiguous US has an area of ~ 3,000,000 mi2. Just the rich midwest farmland along, with 1-2 ft. thick topsoil created from thousands of years of tall-grass growing in this prairie, may be 10-15% of that, but let's start and end with round numbers to show the precision that we have and don't have. Call it 500,000 mi2, possibly including some other not-so-rich but decent farmland. There are 640 acres in a square mile. Round off and get 300,000,000 million acres. Hell, let's just bring it down to 200,000,000 acres, not for the hell of it, but to make the next calculation a snap.

What does good farmland cost? $5,000/acre? Again, it's just to get an idea here. That makes this farmland worth right at $1,000,000,000,000 ... that's ONE TRILLION BUCKS, and we owe what, TWO TRILLION for starters?. It is easy to see the magnitude of the problem we are in due to the financial hole we have dug due to trying to live as a well-off people when we aren't.

Let me just respond against a couple of general arguments. "Yeah, well, that's what they said about Japan." Besides the order-of-magnitude larger problem there is this time, as already explained, are there any signs that the Chinese economy will just fold, and that ours will get right back on it's feet? I don't see it. The next is simple patriotism, with "We need to just pass a law. We can't let them buy us out, and we just won't." Yeah? The money talks, laws notwithstanding. OK, foreign Chinese (or any, for that matter) buyers can't buy US property - not the case now, but it should be anyway. This doesn't matter as much as one might think. Who has the money to pay for the big companies that do the farming? Are you going to argue with the customer over what you will produce? Who may own all the distribution in the future? Who will pay to get the your "American-thinking" laws changed? (It didn't take a whole lot at all to bribe the US government's executive branch in the 1990's-2000's to open the markets one-sidedly.) It's all a matter of money, period, on who owns your labor.

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Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees

Posted On: Thursday - November 16th 2017 7:56AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

Hey, if you don't even know what this statue means, you haven't assimilated, no matter how many generations your people have been here. Get the hell out!

Before we post a much-needed conclusion for the series (Part 3 here) on the demographic suicide of the Western world, I'd like to intersperse this one post with more information from personal observation. This is not to signal my "compassion" and "feelings" and that I'm not a "hater" (there's a lot of stuff out there to hate so ...). It's just to try to clarify the reason Americans are so rightfully hot about this topic.

I have known a family from the Orient, the "Far East", one may call it, were one using a cheap China-made compass or something, or just bad with directions.). The many brothers and sisters came from Vietnam with their Mama, and were true refugees. They'd have likely been killed by the Commies, as can be the case for anyone known to be educated and smart. See Communists want to be the "intellectuals" so they can be more equal than the others and run things - they can't have competition. Back to the topic, there is a big difference between real refugees, some of which happen to make it to the US, and the invasion of the young men "refugees" to Europe, along with the man hundreds of thousands being invited by churches in the US on a money-making scam. The US version of this invited invasion has been well-documented by one nice lady in the midwest, Ann Corcoran (hopefully, with a little bit of help from other volunteers of truth) on Refugee Resettlement Watch . She has been doing yeoman's work describing this major field of stupidity/destruction of the country. If I knew what a "yeoman" was, I'd hire one on right here for Peak Stupidity!

The Vietnamese family I've know for many decades has been doing very well, as one would expect, or really better than that. I also had a friend long ago from Latin America... yes that Latin American, the one south of here. He is not from Mexico, not here illegally, and is one top .01% smart engineer. We were good friends, and as I've said way back in some post I can't home in on, I got along with him and another immigrant (from the East Bloc - also escaped) friend better than most Americans, at the time.

These are examples, and one could say, "yeah, and there are many more.". Sure they are, but I've also been all around California and seen place that are Mexico transplanted and China towns where you may as well be in China, but with more American-made automobiles. The people en masse are the people that they always were. My friends from around the world had assimilated very well, at least in the ways that were worth assimilating to.

I don't put most of the blame for non-assimilation of the current 10's of millions of immigrants since 1965 (40-50 million total, just LEGAL, perhaps?) on them. If you bring in large crowds from the same place, why wouldn't they stick together and keep with the ways of their culture? Assimilation doesn't work with large groups - that's a simple concept. Whose idea was it to bring this many every year? Oh, yeah, that's right, the Blue wing of the party wants the votes, the Red wing wants cheap labor for the big donors, and the elilte Globalists want to run a population replacement to get the 3rd world set up over here. Anyway, say you were an ex-pat in Costa Rica... very tempting, as described here. It's very natural to hang out with the other Americans most of the time. What chaps Americans' hides over here is just the gall of the non-assimilated immigrants to demand we become their old country over here and let more in. How long do you think a legally-resident American ex-pat would remain out of jail in Mexico if he protested for his "rights" in Mexico and for English to required at the bars (hey, well all know "uno mas cervaza, Senorita" anyway, so who cares?). Assimilation of foreigners has not been working for many years now, due to the large numbers AND the invitation of people with cultures that are diametrically opposed to ours (Somalians in Minnesota? Nigga, please you betcha!)

Nope, none of these (now) men and women came into America on a big boat into NYC harbor passing by that statue in the picture. They did not have a stay on Ellis Island like little Vito Corleone - oh, by the way, how did THAT ONE turn out?. Things do change sometimes, and believing that all the immigrants of the last 5 decades are just like the Europeans of one to 1 1/2 CENTURIES ago is the same as the Neocons' belief that 2017 Russia is the 1975 USSR. Even the Euros, especially central- and southern- , of a century ago and back were not assimilable very easily, when you come to read some history and think about it - this is a subject for another upcoming post.

About the Statue of Liberty: It was given to Americans by the French upon the 100th anniversary of the independence of the United States. It's a commemoration of LIBERTY. The little plaque on the bottom with a poem about someone's reminiscings about her gratitude for being let in this way does not make this statue a "Statue of Invitation" for the entire freaking world. Obviously, if nobody gets this anymore, the assimilation is not working.

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J. J. Cale - Call me the Breeze

Posted On: Wednesday - November 15th 2017 8:42PM MST
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Most people would know the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover version of this song better, but they got this one from a musician named J.J. Cale. It doesn't have the Southern Rock sound (a few more electric guitars, at least) like the Skynyrd cover, but it's smoother, and yeah it's the original.

This brings up the usual discussions about well-known artists doing covers of other artists' well known songs. Most of the time, the original is considered the best, right, unless Bob Dylan sung the original? Other times, the new version really does beat out the original in every way you can think of, but maybe that makes it not the original song anymore. Arguably, Elton John's version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" beats all hell out of the original Beatles version, and I say that as both a Beatles and Elton John fan. By arguably, I mean, you can argue all you want to about it, but you'd still be wrong. ;-}

Anyway, J. J. Cale here with "Call me the Breeze":

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Attempted evasion of LP force-feeding, Part *error: integer out of range*

Posted On: Wednesday - November 15th 2017 12:50PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Curmudgeonry  Media Stupidity

If it's gonna be everyday like this, then I'm set for life under the curmudeonry and TV-aka Gov't Media topic keys. LP stands for Lyin' Press here on Peak Stupidity, if you haven't gathered that already.

This time it was at the auto shop, where'd I'd (thought I'd) found a decent battery for one of the vehicles. (Going 6 years with one is a major feat anymore.) Well, this was more of a tire shop, with a NEW LOOK, and that means there wasn't the usual long counter to put stuff on, say the old 25 lb battery, as now the guys behind the ... well, "places", have little "work stations". See, that's just stupid, so I was annoyed already. There was barely room to put the battery right next to the guy's computer, but he said that'd be fine. OK, I'd have to wait just a few minutes, as they've got the one I want, as he'd said on the phone (from his little work station).

It'd be no problem putting up with the TV blaring for just a few minutes, I guess. No, it wasn't a few minutes, as the 1st battery had only 85% or so of the cranking amps of the old one (Cold or normal), so he went back for another. The hanging TV was starting to become an annoyance now, as the 3 or 4 nice chairs were all oriented toward the id-prop box (that's idiotic propaganda) showing a game show with one character dressed as some kind of bird. Hey, I don't know, I don't watch this shit if I can help it. The one guy who had been watching was not sitting there anymore, so I hit the power switch and poooff, instant peace and quiet. Nice!

It turns out the one customer had just gone over to fill up a coffee cup or something. He seemed peeved and asked whether I was the one who turned it off. "Yeah, nobody was watching." "I just went over there for a minute." "I didn't know that. Just turn it back on." Ha! It wasn't that easy - the thing is more of a computer than just a TV, or it's input box is, so this wasn't quite so simple as turning it off was." I smiled, as I watched him and then an employee come over to mess with the remote.

"Why'd you turn it off?" "TV's a load of crap, I don't want to hear it." "You could have turned the volume down." Good point, in answer to me, but I thought about it. "No, I didn't want to watch that crap." "I was trying to watch - you shouldn't have mashed the power button." "That turns it off, that's why I mashed it."

"Here's your battery - same cranking amps." said the salesman from his kiosk. It was 1/2 in. taller, but I knew it was gonna work without grounding out on the hood. Good riddance to the place .. and good luck rebooting that shit, you mindless retards. Man, I guess the TV is like enemy number one to Peak Stupidity at this point, as also documented here and here.

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"There's a lot of ruin in a nation." - Part 2

Posted On: Tuesday - November 14th 2017 11:53AM MST
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We're giving it all away - it's not just money

Peak stupidity left off yesterday on this subject with talk about Chna and the trade deficit. I'll get to the real point of this soon enough, in the usual Peak Stupidity fashion. The financial aspect of the "ruin" in our nation is just one part of it, but it is what Adam Smith was referring to and is the most visible and easy to measure. A nation's internal wealth, measured in money, land and other real assets, and the rate at which it is increasing (or NOT) is the big thing. As described in the previous post, (and lots of others with the "Global Financial Stupidity" topic key) the rise of Big Government, the Welfare State, and the massive immigration invasion have made impossible the old dream of an automated low-density, intellectually-oriented society, as read in science fiction years ago.

The tremendous monetary wealth of the United States is being slowly squandered via the trade deficit, and, no matter what people may try to do to stop it, money talks. This is the 1st of various types of "wealth" we are pissing away, so it'll be number 1 here:

1) Monetary and asset wealth - Yes, just on paper we are giving away the country. We still have our land and our towns and our cities, right? Well, OK, to take the last one first, I'm not even sure we could GIVE AWAY some of our cities, as ruined as they have become. We may even have to pay - "Here, Chairman Xi, we will give you Detroit, Baltimore, 1/2 of Chicago, and 18 other medium sized cities AND this nice sum of 1 Billion Yuan... yes, seriously, ... all we ask is that we can leave under our own terms (in armored vehicles) and not be sued. Here are the leins on our municipal bonds, I mean, KEYS to the city!. Enjoy." Back to the rest of it, no, we can't necessarily hold ownership of all our land, our factories (what's left), and the buildings and structures. Who says we can, some law that may be passed? It doesn't work like that - money talks. One can refuse to sell, but ownership of the means of production (no, we are not Commies here, but that phrase fits) goes to the guys who can pay to own it, period. Do a thought experiment about this, as I can't really lay it all out in this post, unfortunately.

2) The "Human Capital" - This is a type of wealth tied up in the knowledge and abiltity of the people. An example of this at the corporate level is very specific but not-documentable knowledge about airplane design by Boeing engineers. After a long hiatus in new production, hence engineer-hiring, lots of human capital can be lost there. There are important things that are passed along just via the old guys hanging with the new guys. Peak Stupidity here, and here. With American manufacturing jobs being few and far between lots of know-how is being lost - that is lost wealth too.

3) The Universities - One of the good sources of innovation and also formerly good things in general for the culture of society are being ruined fairly rapidly (at least lately). It is not just the humanities, which have been going down hill for many decades already. Yes, humanities have been on a long slide in quality of education due in part to the lack of good white collar jobs. In the past, whether one's Literature of the Zulu click-talking hut-dwellers degree, with a minor in Wymny's Gynecological Psychology may not have been specifically useful ("You might not get to use all you learned on the job, mmmkay?"), a college degree meant one could read well, and write well and have some decent reasoning skills. That was usually what was needed for the job "Who will miss the humanities?", an engineer may say, but truly it is a good thing to have people that seek truth in history and literature, as they did in the past.

Then, even in the Sciences, Math, and Engineering, things are going downhill. This is from personal observation. The kids just want to learn how to use this piece of this software and this other. Most do not want the complete understanding of their subjects. This may work in the modern world, but it won't when the SHTF.

We have written about this before, the long-term ruination of the Universities. The reputation is still there somewhat, so it's slightly different from just seeing monetary numbers go into the red. Still, this form of wealth in these institutions are being squandered

4) The Education of our Kids - This type of wealth creation should be on-going; the young ones should be given thinking skills and knowledge to complement what their parents can teach them. We all know this has been going down hill due to the left having taken over the schools in many ways for years now. It's the requirement of less-than-worthless (but nevertheless very costly) Masters degrees in "Education", the creation of an almost all-female teaching staff, and the other PC mumbo-jumbo and busywork that make school teaching a hell compared to 40 years ago at all levels.

In this area, the wealth in the form of young people's wisdom and knowledge base is being dissipated at the schools as opposed to generated. Most parents know that they must teach their kids in order to COUNTERACT what goes on for 7 hours each weekday rather than to SUPPLEMENT it.

5) Government(s) - The big one here is the huge Feral Beast based in the Washington FS, with branch tentacle offices all over. Peak Stupidity has not been too remiss in documenting some of this with the US Feral Government topic key, but one can't be remiss enough. Some of our thoughts on the Feral Beast are spread out under other topic keys, due to this Government being spread out all over itself.

This is an institution of negative wealth creation, and that goes for the smaller ones too, state and municipal/country. The bigger the governments, the more wealth is destroyed. Worse than that, the bigger the governments, the more the ability to CREATE wealth is destroyed.

This squandering of wealth can be seen all over America. It's not just the trashed out inner cities. Because of the lack of productivie activity available in small towns, it is easy to see the slow ruin. Hell, we've go the internet now, if our memories don't serve us in this regard. The bright future forseen in the old Sci-Fy books has only 1/2 way come true, and that is the automation aspect, as accelerated via digital electronics. It has gone much further than any of those guys I read would have thought - they were 100 to 500 years off in their predictions! However, the other 1/2 of the future, the type and magnitude of the population was set on the wrong path around the time these guys were writing their books. How were they to know?

I read a comment on another blog about the movie Idiocracy (Great movie by Mike Judge and very funny!). The guy said that this movie wasn't very realistic in that all the systems allowing people to live in that 500 years-from-now future wouldn't be working, as well to spoil it just a tad, people were not very bright anymore. To me, this just brings up Adam Smith - "There's a lot of ruin in a nation". Things may keep going a long time while slowly falling apart. You may pull up the blinds and see this, sooner than 500 years from now, I bet:

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"There's a lot of ruin in a nation." - Part 1

Posted On: Monday - November 13th 2017 12:05PM MST
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  Global Financial Stupidity  China  Economics  Americans

As to witnessing economic destruction by government, this guy was just a piker.

Peak Stupidity has presented before this quote from the great Scottish late 18th-century economist Adam Smith, author of "The Wealth of Nations". Mr. Smith's point is described here in an Adam Smith blog (Hey, even 250-year-ago Scottish economists have got blogs now!) in this quote of another blogger:
It was Adam Smith, the great economist, who put it best. “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation”, he once explained, seeking to reassure a panicky young interlocutor. Smith’s point was immensely powerful: it is very hard even for the most misguided, most economically illiterate of politicians to destroy a country’s economy. It takes years, a lot of effort and pretty extreme policies to erode a large stock of human and physical capital built up over a long period of time. A few unusually destructive governments have pulled it off, of course, but it takes some doing, especially when an economy reaches a certain critical threshold in terms of GDP, education, infrastructure and large private sector companies. Capitalism is an extraordinarily resilient system.(My BOLD)
Yeah, well, that sounded good at the time, Adam Smith, but you could have never imagined the type of destructive governments that would come about 200-odd years after your writings. They are managing to pull this off as we (well me, anyway) blog right this minute.

The wealth creating ability and summation of wealth over the years of the free-market American economy were also something beyond Adam Smith's imagination. Just think of the history of this nation, and go back to 1960, say, just before the creation of the modern American welfare state, and well before the selling off of our manufacturing might a few decades later. Back in that time, America manufactured for most of the free world, say half the world, as the Commie half built their crap products that were able to be forced only on their own populations. This meant loads of blue collar and white collar jobs for most any American who knew how to work for a living.

We've come a long way, baby, from those times. It's beyond the scope of this post to get into all the details of this decline, but my idea here is more to warn of the unsustainability of the economics of modern day American. (There's that word "sustainability" that the lefties LOVE, but they use if for any old thing.). I mean that this is not a steady-state system that we have. Engineers speak of "control volumes" with inputs, outputs, internal generation, and I'd like to put some figures in a follow-up post to this one. Let me describe this: We wealth generation in America via resource extraction (mining, lumbering, agriculture), and much less than we used to in manufacturing. We export some wealth in the form of lots of raw products (as colonies used to do - think about that) and some products (Boeing aircraft), yet import much more wealth in the form of all of the consumer goods and many industrial products too, mostly from China, elsewhere in the Orient.

Where's my stuff?! Example of a minor reduction in our trade deficit:

The numbers don't look so good. We've been exporting just about 2 1/4 Trillion dollars worth yearly (but this counts services, keep in mind) and importing closer to 2 3/4 Trillion dollars worth, generally leaving a gap, or the trade deficit, of 1/2 a Trilliion. The disparity between exports and imports (decent article here) is not as wide as I would have thought, but again, it counts "services" which could mean anything from lobbying to lawyering - some of it is not truly wealth transfer at all. That's another subject, but that 1/2 Trillion dollar gap each year adds up to a lot of wealth transfered to (mostly) China. What does that mean?

China, meaning their government and businessmen over there, has a lot of US dollars in the form of numbers in accounts and Treasury Bonds. They have to put the money they receive for all the goods somewhere, so the Bonds are the form of "storage". It's been stated here before that it'd be nice to just tell the Chinese, "Hey, about the $2 Trillion we owe ya', you'd be speaking Japanese if we hadn't fought the Japs in the Pacific and far East, so let's just call it even. Listen, you fucked up - you trusted us!". Hey, all truth there, but this money if what you call "fungible"; it's not just in the from of one big note, like a mortgage. It can't work like that. Secondly, remember we are still accumulating a debt to the Chinese yearly in the form of 1/2 a Trillion dollars give or take $200,000,000,000, yearly, so 4 years later, we would be at the same level of indebtedness. Of course, that wouldn't continue if we really were able to blow off the debt, but that would mean a default of the US dollar. That would be a really bad thing, but pretty much the best way out of the mess we're in.

OK, I'm not even at the stuff I wanted to write about, so we'll continue tomorrow.

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Western World committing demographic sooeee-cide - Part 3

Posted On: Saturday - November 11th 2017 11:55PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  The Future

Londonistan, England? You won't be able to tell in a few more decades.

Let us continue with Peak Stupidity's discussion of the demographic suicide of the Western world cultures from a week back, which discussed the decreasing fertility, hence decreasing population of these lands (not a bad thing in and of itself). We also gave just one example of the types of inhabitants of our lands who this society is raising who are ill-equipped and not capable of changing the situation.

Again, if it weren't for a whole lot of the rest of the world, specifically Africa and the Moslem lands, along with India, it would be not only NOT a problem that population may peak out, but a good thing. It could have lead to that bright future written about in the science fiction books of the 1960's and 70's, mentioned a while back. It was a future in which people were few and far between, but as opposed to the same situation back in the stone age, we had the knowledge, technology, and smarts that we DO have today in the Western World (and the Orient). Yeah, you didn't have to work long hours, and when you did work, it was something very intellectually challenging. The robot took care of the drudge work, but we weren't completely bored because our careers involved discovering and exploring. We'd take our hover-cars over to the distant neighbors for dinner and discussion of our interesting and fulfilling days. It' really kind of the life a lot of science/engineering/computer people aspire to right now, except for the "not crowded" part, and most do not see what's coming.

What that earlier post about that imagined future concluded was that this could have all happened if (American, for example) society had stayed arranged (politically) such that the intelligent industrious people were the ones to thrive and procreate. The welfare state along with immigration stupidity, coincidentally (?) started at the same time in history, turned this arrangement on its head! We won't have that imagined future anytime soon.

The welfare state assured that we have plenty of human problems to take care of in our own lands. With the automation of the drudge work, you'd think that it'd be OK - we can take care of everybody. The problem is that the unintelligent do not take well to being mostly idle, while the intelligent always find uses for their time that aren't hurtful to society (well, except for the Globalist elites, I suppose). In addition to that, because the Western world has been altruistic in spreading all of the results of science and engineering around the world, the medicines and the modern agricultural have resulted in 3rd world populations being enabled to grow rapidly. Even without the suicidal ideas of letting in all the world to our lands and feeling guilty for not doing MORE, the huge impending ratio of undeveloped and unintelligent population to that of our lands will create a huge pressure to take care of them.

It'd perhaps have been better to have a graph of these population increases (past and projected) broken up by culture, not continent, but this still gives the idea. We will be overwhelmed.

Keep in mind also, that the current and future population numbers shown of Euro and N. American (which more pessimistically includes Mexico) lands include residents from other cultures already! Yeah, I'll post another more appropriate graph for this issue when I can.

As a related digression here: To confuse this issue, one will read a lot about the Japanese and how their society is dying - lots of old people, decreasing population, blah, blah. I'm not really a Japophile, though I am very turned on by the language as spoken by pretty stewardesses on overseas flights, for some reason! However, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with the way Japan is headed. They have a fairly small land area to begin with, slightly less than that of California, with still 1/2 the population of the US (with ours growing due to immigration, and theirs slowly decreasing). Japan has 4-5 TIMES the population of even present-day overcrowded California! They need more space - that can only be a good thing.

The Japanese don't let other people in to stay. I mean, the immigration control is VERY tight (they let in something like 5 refugees, not 5,000, but 5, during the latest round of this business), and even 2nd-generation Koreans, who look about the same, are still not considered Japanese there. As to the 2nd problem, the welfare state, I do wonder whether Japan's type of socialism is going to work out in the long run due to it's inherent moral hazards described here on Peak Stupidity. You do hear about a lot of antisocial weirdos over there, but I don't have first-hand knowledge.

Anyway, don't let people tell you Japan's way is a bad thing. They may be the only place on Earth right now moving toward the brighter science fiction future discussed here. We could learn some lessons about inviting the whole world in from them. One is that the immigrants that we have invited are many times, the ones from the Moslem lands and Africa anyway, the types that will have lots of kids (the conservative* lifestyle of the Moslems and the care-free, OK, irresponsible life-style of the Africans). We may be overwhelmed from within before as we are also overwhelmed from without

Next week: We need, I think a short summary as Part 4.

* Not American good-conservative like your Barry Goldwaters and general American population of days of yore, but they are conservative of their own culture - that's not something one could say about lots of Americans right now!

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Is Frau Angela Merkel Obituary Shopping?

Posted On: Friday - November 10th 2017 2:04PM MST
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  Commies  Pundits  Globalists

Heh! Mr. Nicholas Styx over at VDare wrote a great article, "Is the Final Solution To The German Question At Hand?", about his 5 years spent living in Germany in the early 1980's. It is a very readable article with his personal anecdotes, and he relates his German girlfriends' anecdotes involving their families during all the large-scale disruption during the WWII and Cold War era. The subject of the Commie/Globalist Angela Merkel, profiled here and here and here on Peak Stupidity, come up from this relating of personal histories in Germany. (There was a long very detailed historyarticle on Takimag a couple of months back giving the life history of the evil Angela Merkel.

Regarding Merkel, Styx says:
I don’t buy the notion that Frau Merkel was too stupid to know what she was doing. She had to know that not only were the Syrians completely incompatible with German society, but that they would turn Germany into a Moslem state in a generation’s time.

The “refugee crisis” had to be a broad, coordinated, criminal conspiracy to commit democide, with Angela Merkel at the center.

At the time, I figured that Merkel was obituary-shopping, willing to sacrifice her country for positive write-ups from Leftist media operatives.

However, I later learned that Merkel’s father was a Protestant minister who in 1954 had taken his family and fled freedom in the West to return to Communist East Germany.

I then learned that Merkel had lied about her role in the youth group. Other former East Germans contradicted her, maintaining that she was involved in promoting Marxism-Leninism and “brainwashing,” and that her position was as secretary for agitation and propaganda. [How Close Was Merkel to the Communist System?, Spiegel, May 14, 2013.]
[link lost, but bold added.]
Obituary-shopping!, ha! That is a good one, and you may see it again (on here most likely, swiped like everything else on the internet). That's a great term; someone in that position of fame or notoriety may care more about that obituary than what happens to the poor German people. It doesn't help that she is a commie atheist - there's nothing else to aspire to but to be noted after her death to have been a good Commie and destroyer of Western culture.

I'm sure Peak Stupidity can come up with an appropriate o-bitch-you-are-ehh for this Globalist Commie scum. We are very busy with other chores, but would still be glad to write in, what, early next week maybe?

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Western World committing demographic sooeee-cide - Part 2, Snowflake girls

Posted On: Friday - November 10th 2017 11:16AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Student Snowflakes  The Future

This part 2, continued from here is kind of an intermission between the story of the problems with Western low-fertility societies and the 3rd-World (at least big parts of it) high-fertility societies and the demographic transition possibly unavoidable and already in progress. I would say the Orient lies somewhere in between all this (maybe another post, but too many on the back burner already!)

Here, I want to talk about certain types of people that just exemplify the reasons the West is has such a low fertility rate. 5 possible non-sequential and non-conflicting reasons were presented, and the feminism one alone could rate a lot more discussion. The topic is the "Snowflakes", not all women, but for this post that's what I've seen recently and will write about. The two women I have met recently under work circumstances are not students, per the "Student Snowflake" topic key, but, hey, it'll suffice.

The reason for the use of the term snowflake is that we, well you readers, probably have all seen them, and they are beautiful but very fragile, and that's how these women are in personality. Wait, the fragile part, at least. Because I did not meet these 2 together, as it was some months apart, yet I encountered the same phenomenon, I will just relate this as if it were one woman.

I met this lady in the work environment, and luckily this was not a long-term arrangement. We had to talk to each other, and yes, I was the boss. However, it was very hard to even talk to her about normal work stuff without seeing a scared look like I was getting out of her little world in her head too far. I saw this time and again, as some remark I made when I wasn't smiling really brightly and talking really slowly brought on a scared look. If everything was going really smoothly, she could do her job, but she didn't want to hear anything bad - no, no bad thoughts. It really looked like she might cry and quit a few times just due to .. what?

How does one get that way? Sure, there are spoiled kids, but this is not exactly due to just being spoiled and demanding. I think this woman had been kept, and kept herself after leaving home, away from anything that might cause her to have to think about the real world. Some of these types are in college, hence the student snowflake moniker, and most parts of the college environment just make this behavior worse. This woman had not, and was in a blue-collar snowflake phase. I wish I could describe it better, and I don't want to put any specific pictures in, so this post may be just kind of vague.

The point here is (being Part 2 of this particular series) is that women like this could never handle being in any long-term relationship with kids. She would be lucky to keep a cat long-term without too much stress. How about raising a kid or two? It's not likely, in my opinion. Now, there are men like this too, as you've read about or seen on funny youtube clips (well, funny to me). However, they really aren't' going to get very far with the ladies anyway. There are plenty of other guys who will, but not with these snowflake ladies, and I think there are more than just these two, and it's the women that are the bottleneck, so to speak (haha), in the whole fertility business.

This is an example of why the white American, and Western in general, fertility rate is low. Yeah, there are lots of other reasons, but this stuff doesn't happen in the 3rd world. There's just no call for snowflakes there - they will melt before they hit the ground.

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Watching Andy Taylor Griffith and Barn

Posted On: Thursday - November 9th 2017 11:03AM MST
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  Media Stupidity  Americans  Race/Genetics

Because the previous post had references to the great old "Andy Griffith Show" from the days when TV did not suck 24/7 (hell heck, it wasn't even on 24 hours, least not in a row!), I was reminded of my routine of watching Andy, Barney, Aunt Bea, little Opie Cunningham, and Floyd. No, I'm not old enough to have watched it when it was actually on, but it was in my single days when repeats (that's what we called 'em before youtube) came on at 11:30 every weeknight after the local TV news.

Oooh, that just reminded me that I went to look up a particular local story on the local TV news' website, and it had become about as sick as yahoo (Peak Stupidity take here)! No kidding, there were just heavily biased headlines with easily-understood agendas alongside pictures. That has changed just within the last 5 years ... last time I can be sure I even looked at it. Now the TV news back when I watched Andy was a little less slanted; I am sure of that. Additionally, I was probably not quite as hip to the Lyin' Press, as Peak Stupidity is proud to be nowadays.

Anyhow, I'd have my root beer or maybe a ginger ale, and watch Andy after the local news people said goodnight. It was a good ritual, and I kind of miss that. Hey, I know the country was not as wonderful as that seen on a 1960's Hollywood-produced TV show, yet, Hollywood made shows back then that did not degrade the white American people. That was something that's hard to fathom now. Also, the country WAS a lot better of a place back then, in ways one can see in the show. Yes, people in small towns left the doors un-locked. Yes, you would talk to your neighbors. Yes, the Sheriff DID NOT wear body armor and have 5 kinds of weapons and 3 communications devices strapped to various parts of his body. Yes, it was a better place, and even when I used to watch the repeats, it rang more true-to-life than it would now.

Andy Griffith does NOT come on at that hour anymore, but how would I know?

We get pretty offensive and truthful and stuff here, even with stuff as sensitive as race. With all that, though, it is still important to think of individuals as, well, individuals and not part of some group that has just been defined on-line recently. A few days back, a black lady co-worker, 40-something years old or so had her phone playing loud enough for me to catch the sound. I found it hard to believe I heard:

Listen while you finish reading. Yeah, I was really surprised that a black lady liked the show. Should I feel bad that I'm really surprised that a black lady likes the Andy Griffith show? No, it really IS really surprising that a black lady likes the Andy Griffith show, but sure enough, she was watching another episode the next day. I would say that that made my day.

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You can't even discuss the weather anymore.

Posted On: Wednesday - November 8th 2017 12:59PM MST
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  Global Climate Stupidity  Curmudgeonry

Floyd and Andy - "Yeeeepp, might be a cold front gonna blow through, Andy..."

What is usually the one topic you used to be able to discuss with a complete stranger, just to make conversation? That would be the weather, of course. No, it's still NOT under our control, and we can't predict it more than 4 days out very well, at best. Everyone likes a nice day, or at least a change once in a while.

This is not Mt. Pilot, North Carolina, but it is pretty friendly where I live, so a remark about the weather will break the ice, along with a lot of other remarks. The weather remark though, would not, or COULD NOT have been taken badly, and start an argument, back in the past. Now with the Global Climate DisruptionTM nonsense having been blasted at everyone for the last 15 years like a fast-moving blast of sub-arctic(?) air out of a low trough colliding with a 200 millibar pressure peak from hell (OK, that was just some bullshit there), you never know anymore.

Andy: "It sure looks like we got a cold front a-comin' thru; don't you feel it in your bones, Floyd?"

Floyd: "Yeah, this weather is so variable now, due to that there global warming thingy that guy from Raleigh told me about."

Andy (louder): "I said COLD, Floyd, is your hearing aid OK? I can run by the drug store and pick you up some batteries, while I get Ope an ice-cream soda and try to pick up the new girl in town."

Floyd: "I hear just fine, Andy. The whole climate is just crazy, now Andy, due to people like YOU and that deputy of yours driving around in that gas guzzling sheriff's car! Y'all are killing the planet!"

Andy: "Well, I'm just sorry I asked. Now, how 'bout you just cut my hair, Floyd and shut the fuck up!"

Disclaimer: This was not from the original Andy Griffith show series. This is from the new prequel, with a younger, hotter Aunt Bea.

Wait, is blue bad, or is brown bad?

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Lyin' Press, TV-branch getting desperate

Posted On: Wednesday - November 8th 2017 11:26AM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Media Stupidity

24/7 LIES for $19.95, uhhh, I dunno, got an NRA discount?

This stuff comes in the mail twice a month, yet, I'm already a customer of these people this monopoly. It's not like a haven't told them already, on the front porch of my house (oldy, but goody, post there) that I don't watch TV. Shocking, I know! I wouldn't expect some corpocracy to relate my rant talk with the salesman to the database in use by their junk-mail division, but you'd think they'd have the info. that I'm already a customer for the internet.

$19.95 is the price to add on TV service to some bundle, or my existing fairly high-priced, by this point, internet connection. I'm not going to open this crap to find out the details.

However, with the NFL brouhaha, of which I really couldn't give a damn about, and President Trump's calling out of the Lyin' Press, I think this junk-mail advertising is not just about the money. Big Gov. and big Business need Americans to stay on the TV. All the narratives they have been weaving will not take, if a majority of the American population cannot be force-fed the lies. Yes, there are some new angles they've got, the USA Today doormat of the hotel room project, the force-feeding in the dentist/doctors and used-car dealer lobbies and the cucked-out radio announcers pining after their favorite stars of the grid-iron to get us in front of the tube Monday night. They've got about a dozen news channels chock-filled with infotainment, a "conservative" one, a dozen or so cntrl-left propo-tainments channels, yet lots of people have had enough.

It's very important to the elite that run things that people NOT give up the cable, especially. This is one small thing that you, the reader, can do to hurt them. It's not just the money. Peak Stupidity thinks that the press will be propped up by government, as is the case in any totalitarian society, no matter how much money they end up losing. At the risk certainty of repeating our selves, from that previous post:
1) The reason we use the term Gov't Media lots is due to the current relationship between media and government - by far most importantly the US Feral Gov't. This government has gotten so huge that the LP can completely make enough of their news on this government alone to fill the 24 hours in a day. It is in the best interest of the LP that the US gov't stay huge and keep making laws and arbitrary regulations that have big effects on people's lives. Why? This is because a viewer or reader nowadays has a need to pay attention, because every day of the week could bring another change to his life or livelihood due to some gov't bullshit program or another.

2) At this late stage of the US Gov't Beast, the LP has good reason to believe that they will all be bailed out by the remaining US taxpayers theft victims, were they to start losing so much money as to be unable to even operate. The government has a big interest in letting these Lying Presstitutes keep putting out their lying words. They are, in the words of future congressional bailout committees, "too duplicitous to fail".
Yeah, Lyin' Press, I won't take your subscription for ONE stinkin' dollar. Your junk-mail, however is a welcome addition to the paper trash bin for it's use in fire-starting, what with this cold front and all.

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Big joke in little China... I think it was the Strayins!

Posted On: Monday - November 6th 2017 7:02PM MST
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  Music  Humor  China

This has really nothing to do with anything written recently but is humorous nonetheless and gives me a reason to feature more music from a certain nation down-under. I came to thing of this just from mentioning t-shirts in the previous post - white t-shirts. I want to state right now that, because I normally like to have some type of image to go along with each post, and this one would have been great, I do not have one, as I'll explain.

The thing about clothing in China is, you can't seem to get t-shirts with Chinese characters. Yeah, I wanted something clever in Chinese, that I could explain to people like, say, "I went all the way to China, and you people can't even read this shirt"... well, maybe something better than that, but you get the idea. Sure, it's a stupid way to have a written language, but when in Rome... uhh, buy a shirt? Anyway, in China they don't really like t-shirts with their own characters on it. I could not find one for myself. They like English letters and usually English-language words on their shirts- whether they make a whole lot of sense or none is immaterial - they sell pretty well.

Now to the Strayins, oh, it's spelled Australians (how would you know?): They seem to have the kind of sense of humor to pull this off, that's just a guess here, and they are a whole lot closer to China than Englishmen and Americans. We were walking on a bridge across the river in a suburb of Canton in old Cathay ("Guangzhou in China", for you 'tards out there living kick-ass lives) one sunny hot-as-blazes afternoon. Oh, crap, now another aside is necessary [see, the Chinese have learned English in school since the early 1980's from personal accounts. That, however, is like our few years of French or Spanish - it just gets you through school, but secondly, languages are a real use-it-or-lose-it type of knowledge. So, the average Chinaman, especially over 40 y/o or so will not actually know a lick of English.].

There are THOUSANDS of people around in any public space in China, and that's how it was on the sidewalk of this bridge. Here came a 40-50 year-old (who knows, right?) Chinaman alongside his middle-aged wife, wearing a t-shirt in English that said "What I really need right now is a beer, some coke, and a fucking blow job". "Hey! Did you seen that guy's shirt?", I asked the young lady I was with. Her English was good, but not good enough, and it was just too crowded to go back there for a picture. Rats! I'd have put it all over the net, in the hopes that the perpetrators of this cruel, funny-as-all-hell joke could feel some real pride in accomplishment. Kudos, guys!

It's the kind of prank that can be funny to just think about later. Imagine the guys that made the shirts and got them sold for extra cheap for quick sale themselves imagining JUST ONE of these guys making it to Shanghai or somewhere there were enough westerners around, proudly wearing the shirt he got a primo deal on. "What?" he'll ask, when he gets a chance to ask someone to translate. "Why were people laughing?" "Oh, that kind of humor just doesn't translate very well. Don't worry - it's a nice shirt."

Because of the slight Australian angle, I wanted to put Australian music up. As much as AC-DC would rock, I will put a song from band this is unfortunately mostly known from their disco-era days, a while after most of their best music. This one, Massachusetts, is from 1968 off their album Horizontal. That is almost a decade before the disco-Bee Gees, It wasn't that all their disco songs were even bad, but it was so popular, that it encouraged the band to come out with some real high-pitched crap. Luckily this whole era was terminated with extreme prejudice by rockers like this guy.

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Is it OK to be white, or what?

Posted On: Monday - November 6th 2017 5:26PM MST
In Topics: 
  Race/Genetics  alt-right  cntrl-left  Anarcho-tyranny


That's what a bunch of posters say, having been surreptitiously placed in formerly safe spaces all around by some bad people... well, wait, if it's bad to write that ... then well, ....

Let me first say before my comments that the renowned Steve Sailer, along with his commenters, has been all over this in his usual biting semi-sarcastic style, and I'll list them all out by title, since there's no way I could cover 1 % of the good commentary on the iSteve blog:

Canada Besieged by "Racist Pumpkin Incident"*

Is It Okay to be White? (I'm Just Asking for a Friend)

Washington Post: Not Okay!

Harvard Law School Dean: NOT Okay

Not OK to be White in Toronto

It's Not Okay to be White in Saskatoon (Man, this one appeared during the writing of this post. I can't keep up with this freaking guy!)

Because Peak Stupidity could not cover all this great commentary, I'll just summarize what I've read so far on that site and also add a little bit that might help in understanding this "meme battle". At first, as others (say, commenters on iSteve) wrote also, this "It's OK to be white" bit just seems pretty wimply. If we want to stand up to all the abuse, and more like anarcho-tyranny, going on today, we don't want to wimp out from the get-go. The slogan sounds like something one's therapist or school councilor would say - not a good thing to take seriously, something from a therapist or school councilor. Why not get a little more bold and catchier with it, like "White is Alright!" or "White make Might", or well, you think of something!

That's just a first reflection, as now, upon thinking it over, the originator(s) was quite clever. The thing about this slogan or "meme" is that it is so bland and non-offensive in any possible way, that one can't rationally find it "bad!" This puts the cntrl-left types, the ones basically running the institutions between a proverbial rock and a hard place. OK, that terminology should be used for things in reality, not in a meme war, but it fits here.

These people can't let these posters slide. Why? They absolutely do not want white people to be allied on something; they need devisiveness. First it's posters, then what? T-shirts and hats, that's what! This solidarity by the former majority that built the country cannot be tolerated. If the cntrl-left doesn't raise hell about these simple innocuous posters, then "perpetrators" will get bold and maybe not even sneak around in the dead of night putting up more of them.

On the other hand, the cntrl-left is falling into the trap by raising hell about it. This is due to the fact that "It's OK to be White" cannot really be argued with without the arguer showing himself to be an actual racist. Some who have tried to give the left, antifa, and other misfits the benefit of the doubt will "Get Woke", and not bad-woke this time, but good-woke. The easy-going white guy will think "Hey, if I can't say even this, maybe I AM living in some kind of PC, Orwellian society. These people really want me and my kind gone. Enough is enough."

Read through some of Sailer's and others articles about this. The Harvard administration says "HLS will not let that happen here." OK, the next is Canada, but we read "We were alerted to the posters by members of the community, and immediately notified Campus Police, who have also notified Toronto Police,” You read a flyer you don't like, and you call the police? OK, but what about the flyers about the Communist party meeting, the BLM racist posters, and even the pizza coupons. Does the phrase Anarcho-tyranny ring a bell now? Is it time to wake up, yet.

Yes, by telling us "No, it's not OK to be white - I'm callin' the cops", the cntrl-left are showing their true colors now, along with their stupidity. I don't say stupidity as a perjerative here, as the rank-and-file cntrl-left are just stupid to really believe that they can suppress the white population into submission, dejection, addiction (to opiates or what) and still have a country left worth living in. They somehow thing that things will still run in a 1st world manner, maybe on their own some how, without 1st-world people. As a future post (promised, like 1/2 year ago!) will discuss, there is a lot of ruin in a nation.

* No, this is not an upcoming prequel to The Blair Witch Project

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