Seattle Gun/Ammo tax results in better gun fire control

Posted On: Saturday - June 24th 2017 6:40PM MST
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We have only featured this one post here on Peak Stupidity, even though this writer is one of the minority of Americans who, apparently, can read this simple 5-10 page document. It's just that there are plenty of good sites with loads of info (here's one out of thousands) , and the stupidity of the gun control nuts has kind of plateaued, hanging quite a bit behind other stupidity flavors at this juncture. We're all over "Van Control" like white on rice, if that helps ya any.

Zerohedge features writings from Mac Slavo, operator of the SHTF-Plan prepper site. Here's Since Seattle Placed A Tax On Guns And Ammunition, The City's Violent Crime Rate Has Increased from Mr. Slavo, and here is the story on Zerohedge with it's great commenters.

This legislation for a tax on both guns and ammo. by the City of Seattle was passed about 2 years back, and I remember it from reading gun news. 5 cents per round of ammo doesn't sound like much unless your shooting .22's, in which case it's a HUGE increase, say 80% or so. The $25 per gun can be a 20% increase on a cheap carry pistol (Check out Jimenez arms, made in Henderson, NV). These lefties just end up pushing business out of town, for a pittance of revenue:

But Mike Coombs, owner of Outdoor Emporium, the last large gun dealer left in Seattle, said the actual tax revenue is almost certainly just over $100,000, a figure based on information he says the city shared with his lawyers.

Coombs said storewide, sales are down 20 percent while gun sales have plummeted 60 percent.

“I’ve had to lay off employees because of this,” Coombs said. “It’s hurting us, it’s hurting our employees.

Well,you know the people pushing the law at the high end are not all stupid. They want the gun stores gone, cause it makes them feel better, but safer, well, only the useful idiot voters believed that part, but they didn't get that result:
Comparing the first five months of 2017 with the same period before the gun tax went into effect, reports of shots fired are up 13 percent, the number of people injured in shootings climbed 37 percent and gun deaths doubled, according to crime statistics from the Seattle Police Department.
It's true, as Mac Slavo also says, that doesn't prove much, but still, it's not like things are better with the violence by the street hoods/gangs.

All we can say here is that, maybe those street thugs are more cost-concious than you'd think. Is it possible they are gaining better shooting skills (oh, like not holding their guns sideways, for example) in an effort to cut costs? I'm sure thugs and gangs have got fixed costs to cover; by cutting their variable costs - injuring 37% more people with only 13% more shots - they can keep the books balanced.

C'mon Homies! Whadya need a refresher course? It's all economics these days!

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Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams

Posted On: Friday - June 23rd 2017 9:28PM MST
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This lady must have been heeded the usual advice to "write about what you know.", as this whole album's lyrics (this song is the title cut) are about life in Louisiana and Mississippi. She has got a good band and a real good gravelly (get it?) Southern voice. The whole album is worth listening to.

What's funny is that I have another album from Lucinda Williams, called "This Old World", and I didn't like much on it - I may have to find it (or youtube it) and try it out again, as that was long ago.

From 1998, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" by Lucinda Williams:

The song wouldn't be nearly as good without the great bass line.

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New drugstore blood-pressure raising monitoring machines

Posted On: Friday - June 23rd 2017 7:27PM MST
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"Welcome to the higi station!"

Yeah, welcome to the Orwellian world of 1984 2017, where we need to take your picture* and enter your 5 pages of personal information on a touch-screen to take your blood pressure.

Was anything really wrong with the old machine, on the left that didn't say a damn thing when you sat down on it? There are 3 LED readouts, Systolic BP, Diastolic BP, and pulse rate, and a GREEN button (START, yes), and a RED button (STOP, hey this is easy.) Sit down, do it - don't like the high reading? do it again, relax try it until the wife is done shopping. Finished? Leave. Nice and relaxing, remember the average or best reading. Next time, we'll see if it's stable, or a good bit better, or a good bit worse.

Then, the monstrosity on the right moved in and displaced the simple machine to blood-pressure-monitor heaven. OK, 2 screens here, and the bottom, touch screen needs some information. The top's for advertising. This device has got a scale too, so whatdya want done, sir? "Blood pressure, ya POS, I've got a scale at home." "Are you a guy or a gal?" Choose by picture. Whoaaah, are they gonna have to update this software before a lawsuit comes - no 32 flavors of gender - couldn't you do that by picture? (I've got that part, no none of those, but I identify with that weirdo picture there ... I digress.) Birthdate, now**. OK, it's gonna do the job now. "Are you really ready?" "Just DO IT!" - man, now how am I going to get a good reading. BP is shooting through the roof ... then the woman's voice comes out of the speaker "relax, put your mind at ease ... kinda like a massage therapist, in a way ..." "Hey, wait", I thought, "what else does this machine do?" I looked for round openings in the control panel ... Nada.

It gets done, and you get nice graphics of three meters with the needles rotating around to your values. OK, that's kind of cool, but Precision ain't Accuracy. It's probably just as accurate as the old machine, but anyway, now you can do a "Redo" (pick that!) or "Continue" will make you enter stuff over again. Your readings can be saved (well they probably are already at higi-headquarters, for some 100-year old gal that I'm supposed to be**) on a jump-drive or emailed to your inbox. Woohoo! How 'bout I just remember the readings for next time, and you let me leave outta here?

OK, this is the curmudgeon part. People that don't mind at all any big company or government, pretty much the same thing, know anything they want about them probably think this is great. "I get charts emailed to me showing my progress. It tells me what to do each step, like my phone. Cool!" Drugstore News says it's helping people LOWER their blood pressure via lots of data for guidance). Fine. It's just a different world, and that's the world they are used to. Me, I'm not about to give you all this info, just on principle, and I always liked the KISS idea in design - Keep It Simple, Stupid. As mentioned in other posts under the Curmudgeonry topic key, just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean I want it.

After multiple "sessions" with this machine, I have at least gotten more relaxed during the actual blood-pressure measurement (the whole point of it), possibly due to the computer-generated woman's soothing voice. I wish I could put a face and a nice body to it though, but I looked up on the big top display screen and it had an ad for Aspirin. I guess she's not in the mood for anything special.

* Yes, there is a camera near eye level. What for?

** No, of course I don't give any real information. In fact I enter in different stuff every time. The data crunchers out in higi-headquarters are probably pleased that a lot of 100 year old men and "gals" have been able to use their machines, with still just enough time left over, after entering all the data, to make it to the early-bird special at the cafeteria.

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UK Police Chief dick calls for VAN! CONTROL! NOW!

Posted On: Thursday - June 22nd 2017 6:27PM MST
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OK, yes, this is the UK, but Peak Stupidity doesn't need a separate topic key for "UK Police State", as a lot of what happens over there in Oceana becomes a bug up some police state tyrant's rectum here in the Colonies later on.

And no, the UK Police Chief is not, and does not even have, a dick, as it is a she, Miss Cressida Dick. Yes, SERIOUSLY! This is not fake news here; why do you people doubt me?

This has to do with terrorists running people down - they may use vans. The fact that they may also use a lot of other weapons is what makes this on up there on the steep trail to Peak Stupidity. Anyway, I guess we can pull out an old tried-and-true chant for any folks out to protest against the killer vans:

"What do we want?
Van Control!
When do we want it?
We want it NOW!, as soon as our yard guys and plumbers get done with the house!"

I can't believe Peak Stupidity would link to msn here, but I guess it's fitting:
Stricter rules on van hire may be needed in light of recent terrorist attacks, London’s police chief has said.

Rental companies have been told to be more aware of who is getting keys to large vehicles after hired vans were used twice by terrorists in the capital.

According to The Times, Metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick told the London Assembly: “Should [van hire] be regulated in any way? There’s a whole big review to be done. I don’t know. It might require some tweaking of legislation.”
OK, well here's more ...
Ms. Dick acknowledged that regulating van hire would be “very hard” but...
I just had to include this ... make of it what you will.

The formerly-U, formerly-K has gone way down the road of Orwellian stupidity already. The guns are only in the hands of authorities, criminals, and terrorists (often with some overlap) so people must fear for their lives, when it comes to it, with no recourse. It turns out that stabbings are done with knives, so they're under scrutiny. Now it's these damn evil vans!

Why don't we ever learn from history, per Hans Moleman, or something like that:

Listen, first they came for the Minivans, and I didn’t speak out, because I don’t have the hots for soccer Moms.

Then, they came for the Econolines, and I said nothing, as I can fit all my tools in the back of my ’80′s Camaro.

Then, they came for the VW Microbuses, and I was silent, as I have gotten sick of the smell of incense and patchoulie, and dirty stinkn' hippies.

Then, they came for the Conversion vans, and there was nobody down by the river to speak up for me.

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Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka w/ Elton John backing vocals

Posted On: Wednesday - June 21st 2017 8:38PM MST
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Neil Sedaka made some soft, "middle-of-the-road", the broadcasting guys called it, music back in the 1970's. A favorite, at least a fairly big hit, was "Laughter in the Rain". The one featured tonight, though, has the Bo Diddly beat, but more importantly, the backing vocals of Elton John in his prime.

It's a great song. Bad Blood:

Don't the pictures remind you of good times, even if you weren't a pop star with 1000's of pairs of sunglasses?

More Elton John here and here.

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Forget the Russians for a minute - Repeal Amendment XVII

Posted On: Wednesday - June 21st 2017 8:15PM MST
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That is a 17 for those of us on the new system of numbers - man that Roman system was pretty stupid, you gotta admit. Anyway, from this document (originally not in html format, believe it or not, but on parchment paper), we present to the reader:

Amendment 17 - Senators Elected by Popular Vote. Ratified 4/8/1913.

The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures.

When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.

This amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.
Here is the language in Article 1 (Legislative Branch), Section 3 (The Senate):
The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, (chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.
The "chosen by ..." clause was superseded by Amendment 17.

That was a big fuck-up, or possibly part of a plan a century back to help ruin the greatest (meaning smallest and least centralized) central government seen in history. As Peak Stupidity stated (previous link): "Though the latter SEEMS like just an administrative "housekeeping" change, it is most definitely not, and it was as if the people had said "America's Federal government is not broke, but let's fix it!"" See, the results of that change can be seen very easily in most national-seat legislative elections were one to "follow the money", the campaign contributions, that is. This latest Georgia special election was a Congressional one, not Senatorial, but read how much money was involved in the campaign, most of it from out of state.

Zerohedge (not an exclusive - one can read about this anywhere) makes fun of the whole "Russians did it!" angle with: The Russians Do It Again: Democrats Get Crushed In Georgia Election Despite 7x Spending Advantage, but the article is really about who spent money to support the candidates:
Meanwhile, as The Mercury News pointed out earlier this morning, this race has been by far the costliest in the history of Congressional races with Ossoff raising over $23 million. Ironically, he received nearly 9x more donations from California than from Georgia, a testament to how this special election has morphed into a national contest for Democrats.

[SJ Mercury News:] Between March 29 and May 31, Ossoff reported receiving 7,218 donations from California, dwarfing the 808 donations he received from Georgia. In the nine Bay Area counties alone, he received 3,063 donations in the same time period.
Though this congresscreature is supposed to represent the 6th district of Georgia, 1/2 of Atlanta and 'burbs, who will she really be working for? And yes, this was just a congressional race - there are 4.35 of these creatures for each Senator (in lobbyist terminology, that means each Senator's price is 4.35 x higher than a congresscreature - good old supply and demand). In the Senate races, the money spent is much higher. Wait, what does this have to do with the change to the US Constitution 104 years back? I'll tell you what - though each congresscreature nowadays represents 3/4 of a million people on average (without a lot of variance district-to-district), though it was originally specified that "The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand" (also overwritten, by Amendment 14), at least the Senators used to be very responsive to their states.

Why, because, the legislatures chose them. The old way gave the states more power, as the state legislators, who are even now still within easy reach of citizens, had more power before the change of Amendment 17. These senators could be recalled much more easily by people in legislatures that had political and legal knowledge vs. referendums/petitions/etc. that most people don't even know about. In addition, the state legislators also would know more about what the state needed from Washington, FS, versus a popular election, what with money from all over the place pushing this national issue or that one. That's what it's come to over the last 30 years or so - the Hildabeast for example, as each Senator can be supported by big money from anywhere in the country, with the state being represented meaning almost nothing anymore.

Each congresscreature represents about 20X as many Americans as originally specified in the US Constitution. That makes the stakes bigger and the money for influence larger. Then, Amendment 17 paved the way for larger more influential money from outside the state to be represented. No, the Russian are the least of our worries in this election business. It's the big money that flows like a river of menstrual blood throughout the country periodically.

One more thing to keep in mind though. Assuming fair elections (not worried about Russian, more like Black Panther intimidation, illegal alien voters, dead voter, dead illegal alien voters, etc.), whatever money put into campaigning can't directly BUY enough votes. It only effects those who can't do the thinking required of a responsible voter. That's the real basic problem; Peak Stupidity rears it's ugly head here too.

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More on the Non-Science of Economics - George Thorogood

Posted On: Tuesday - June 20th 2017 6:27PM MST
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OK, I called out hypocritical commenters on economics in the previous post. To pile on here, if you're gonna complain about the financial world being unfair, and America's economy being a train wreck in slow motion, then don't take part in the most crooked or rigged part of it, the investments, the banking, and the investment banking. It's really the US Feral Government and the whole F.I.R.E. chunk of the economy that is sucking up the workingman's money.

So, get off your computer doing your day trading, don't try to get rich quick in a housing bubble, just GET A HAIRCUT AND GET A REAL JOB!.

George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers:

Get a haircut and get a real job.
Clean your act up and don't be a slob.
Get it together like your big brother Bob.
Why don't you get a haircut and get a real job?

I met this chick she was my number one fan.
She took me home to meet her mommy and dad.
They took one look at me and said "Oh my God!"
Get a haircut and get a real job.

I hit the big time with my rock 'n' roll band.
The future's brighter now than I'd ever planned.
I'm ten times richer than my big brother Bob.
but he, he's got a haircut he's got a real job.

Great slide guitar there!

George Thorogood – guitar, vocals
Billy Blough – bass
Hank Carter – keyboards, saxophone, background vocals
Jeff Simon – drums

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The Non-Science of Economics

Posted On: Tuesday - June 20th 2017 6:03PM MST
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Commenter "Heidelberg", under the post Mark Steyn 3-hour interview on CSPAN-2 BookTV, left an unrelated comment with this link on economics. This site, "failed evolution", has the banner "the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens". It looks like a decent site, at first glance and the blogroll seems "fair and balanced", though some of the stuff is greek to me - no, I mean some of it is written in Greek, so not particularly readable for most of us.

Anyway, the short article is on economics, and the author, Mr. system failure due to insufficient evolution (what was his mother thinking?! Probably this is a Greek thing, but still better than LaTundra - More on kid's names here) theorizes that the non-science of economics cannot predict economic events well due to a parallel to Physics' Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. It's a pretty good parallel, as Heisenberg proved in theory that at this very small quantum-level of matter, the act of observing matter would change it's state or condition. In economics, because there are government people, big-businessmen, pundits and the like always predicting what will happen, their influence on the system via psychology of buyers and sellers changes the outcome.

That one thing does not stop economics from being a science, but there is another major problem that does. Only the very simple supply/demand and elasticity concepts can be seen to work in only a very small market, to the point where some good predictive numbers can actually be obtained. A small sailing club where dues come in and expenses are known may be an example. The elasticity of demand when prices are changed, all that stuff could be measured pretty well. A small isolated island economy that trades in seashells could be an example. This stuff doesn't scale up, though, and things get hard to predict quickly, even without heavy-handed government fuckage with the markets. Markets like the stock market are even worse in terms of conforming to any decent economic theory, because, though loads of information is out there, many in the market are not privy to, or don't even care about the information on real value of companies or assets. People are making money off of other people's decisions, so it becomes very psychological very quickly. Those of us who have been around our share of nutcases or stay home during the wrong few certain days of the month know that predicting of behaviors is not science at all, but a worthless waste of time.

Between the Greek guy's point and the point of the last paragraph, prediction of market prices is like prediction of any weather out past 4 days - complete bullshit, basically. This brings us to one of our favorite websites:

(What's that small column of junk through the "d"? - that's a comment - Zerohedge comments are useless on some browsers!)

Now, I've read that site for a long while, as the Peak Stupidity review states. I've had lots of praise for the commenters (when I can read them) on the site. I will say something about the people, a bit more so a few years back, who read the site for market advice, not the big picture of the problem, as I read it for. These, now, seem to be less than 10% of the commenters, as the types of people has definitely changed. First, of course, I think it's a waste of time to read this site for direction on how to invest, per what was just written 2 paragraphs up-post.

However, the 2nd issue is the hypocrisy of some of the comments on the stock market. Rightfully, many of these people call out the government distortion of the markets via the Federal (private) Reserve Bank, the bailouts to the big banks, and crony capitalism in general. "The whole system, it's all rigged in favor of the big guys!" "The market is working completely backwards due to the idiot business version of the Lyin' Press." "I want to short this stuff because it's all way overvalued, but they keep propping it up!", etc. OK, point taken, that this is no free market. Then, why are you still participating?

The 2nd part of this hypocrisy is the, also rightful, condemning of the American economy's reliance on FIRE, Financial, Insurance, Real Estate*. These are big money industries that produce nothing of worth - they DO! NOT! CREATE! WEALTH!, but just move money around. OK, point taken that this is not a productive healthy economy. Then why are you still participating in the Investment business?

Well, there are some people who really practice what they preach on there, and talk gardening, off-the-grid money managing, and off-the-grid all sorts of things, up to complete prepper stuff. These comments are what make the site well worth reading. Don't read ZeroHedge for market advice. Don't read anything for market advice - it's all rigged for the big guys that run the computer trading-programs. Don't forget, if you shop around you can get up to 0.25% annual compounded (haha) interest on a Certificate of Deposit. Thanks, Federal Reserve!

* I would substitute Education for the 2nd part of Real Estate, as it is also a big non-productive sector nowadays.

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Pancho and Lefty - Willie and Merle

Posted On: Monday - June 19th 2017 8:40PM MST
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From the outlaw country days, this song's been in my head since writing the word "Federale", the handle for the VDare writer linked to in our previous post.

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard sing a balled about Ole Mexico:

"All the Federales say
they could have had him any day.
They only let him slip away...
out of kindness, I suppose."

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Elon Musk of Tesla, Inc (SSE*) apparently scared about Global Climate Disruption(TM)

Posted On: Monday - June 19th 2017 8:14PM MST
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OK, just to explain the title first, "SSE" is State Supported Enterprise in the old Red China or even modern pink China lingo. That really means Taxpayer Supported Enterprise when you follow the money. Next, by "apparently" scared, we mean it serves a company that runs on sales linked to tax credits to it's customers well to keep this Global Climate DisruptionTM scam, er, PROBLEM big. No, he is not really scared.

I will also say as a 2nd introductory paragraph here, that it is kind of unusual for VDare to have an interest in this purely financial, crony capitalism stuff as they focus almost exclusively on all things immigration (but, read the article and the immigration angle comes in, as Mr. Musk doesn't seem to want Americans working for his American-taxpayer supported companies.) VDare is just a go-to site for me, but I guess this story can be seen plenty of places elsewhere.

A writer with the handle "Federale" (he used to be in the immigration or border patrol part of the Feral Gov't, and this word brings connotations of Ole Mehico) wrote Elon Musk Attacks Trump Over “Climate Change”,Trump Should Respond (Tesla Subsidies, H-1B, Illegal Labor) yesterday. The gist of the specific story is that Mr. Musk, flamboyant oxymoronicly-government-subsidized-entrepreneur has resigned from 2 advisory councils for Trump.

So, the welfare queen Elon Musk has quit two advisory councils serving President Trump. So, the welfare queen Elon Musk has quit two advisory councils serving President Trump. This is quite rich for Musk, whose sales of Tesla cars tank once subsidies are withdrawn.

[stuff from original Business Insider article:]
This The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said on Wednesday that he would have “no choice” but to leave the two advisory councils he sits on if the US withdrew from the landmark climate deal — a commitment he reiterated on Thursday after Trump made the announcement.

“Am departing presidential councils,” Musk tweeted. “Climate change is real. is quite rich for Musk, whose sales of Tesla cars tank once subsidies are withdrawn.
Oh, my 2 favorite sites - I see Federale then excerpts quotes from Zerohedge's Tyler Durden, It’s Confirmed: Without Government Subsidies, Tesla Sales Implode from a week back (I missed that - can't read em all.).

Peak Stupidity is not Peak Oil, but we have nothing against electric cars in general. However, as our libertarian opinions on financial issues show - and will some more - we do not cotton to this subsidized crap. Why is this Elon Musk on ANY kind of advisory council to begin with, if his company is only in business due to taxpayer-stolen support? He should have advisory committees talking to his ass, not the other way around. Sit down Musk, and let some engineers tell you whether "Climate change is REAL - OMG!"

The real story here is more about Trump than this Musk character. I am NOT pleased at his lack of action on the immigration problem, meaning the stuff the the Chief Executive can get done now! His not playing along with the climate alarmist chicken little crowd, as also noted before here, just makes me still glad this guy is US President right now. It's really not that this is anything that will change the status quo - this Paris Committee would probably just jibber-jabber and no change would really be forthcoming anyway. Don't get me wrong though - in the long run these people want this Global Climate DisruptionTM stuff to enable even greater control of the non-elite population of the whole world.

Musk can go back to the plant, that's fine, but Trump has made me smile again with this move. It is indeed something that gives me hope that maybe he has not been neoconned or deep-stated to let the American people down yet again.

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Just tryin' to be friendly - not worth it hardly anymore.

Posted On: Monday - June 19th 2017 7:12PM MST
In Topics: 
  Curmudgeonry  Race/Genetics

This is only the 2nd post with the Race/Genetics topic key. I don't like to write about this stuff because people get to fuming about this truth, and I've got plenty of other stuff to write about. However, this was just today, so hopefully I can put another post above it that I've been intending to write.

Where I live there is a fairly large percentage of black people in general, maybe 30% on a 5-mile scale (zooming in too much or out too much skews results) - this is the scale one's local places, say the stores and bike rides, etc. It is a generally friendly part of the country, if one would compare it to say, Massachusetts (home of the Massholes, so that is the other end of the scale, I suppose). In the past, it seems that black or white, people would still say hello to people walking on the street or start a short conversation at the store randomly and that sort of thing.

Well, it's getting hard to do that in some ways, or at least between me and black guys. I don't mean a whole group of them, usually worth avoiding, but just a one guy. At the stoplight, I saw this old black guy look at me when crossing the street between my truck and the one in front of me at the read light. He was taking a slight shortcut off of crossing at the walk, and I'd have looked at the driver too. With everyone all on the electronics these days, cars randomly accelerate or at least let off the brake and roll without any reason and all sorts of things. You SHOULD look the driver in the eye. I waved back as in "I see ya, no problem". That guy got about 2 ft. past me, onto a piece of the median, than sure enough "Hey, you got a buck?" (my window was rolled down). I did see that coming, but was still hoping this one guy might be the 1 in 10 nowadays that didn't have to take advantage of a guy just being friendly.

It wasn't like I was in a BMW X-5 either, this was a 25 year-old truck that badly needs a paint job. What, every white guy feels guilty because one of your ancestors you never heard about 155 years ago was a slave? (I figure about every one of us has got ancestors like that, if you go back far enough.) Hey, buddy, I'm not that guy! I just told him "Hell no, I was just letting you know I had you in sight." Why would he get perturbed by that, I don't know, but he seemed a bit perturbed. Me too, now, you can't even be friendly to some people - may as well live in Massachusetts if it's gonna be like this. Oh, except the Massholes are worse - forget I said that.

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"Third Rate Romance" by The Amazing Rhythm Aces

Posted On: Saturday - June 17th 2017 4:59PM MST
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This is mid-1970's music by a one-hit band called The Amazing Rhythym Aces. Great song, but that's about all I know about it.

Sitting at a fancy table, in a ritzy restaurant;
she was staring at her coffee cup;
he was trying to keep his courage up by applying booze.
The talk was small when they talked at all;
they both knew what they wanted.
There was no need to talk about it.
They were old enough to [unintelligible], and still keep it loose.

Then he said, "You don't look like my type,
but I guess you'll do."
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.
He said, "I'll even tell you I love you, if you want me to."
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.

[Guitar solo]

They left the bar, they got in his car, and they drove away;
He drove to the Family Inn;
she didn't even have to pretend,
she didn't know what for.
And he went to the desk,
and made his request while she waited outside.
And he came back with the key and
she said "Give it to me and I'll unlock the door."

She kept sayin "I've never done this kind of thing before, have you?"
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.
He said, "Yes I have, but only a time or two."
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.

These great 1970's lyrics were by Russell Smith.

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The Deep State vs. Donald Trump - remember Candidate Ross Perot?

Posted On: Saturday - June 17th 2017 3:00PM MST
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  History  Trump  US Feral Government  Deep State

Two months back, in wondering what is President Trump's problem, as far as keeping his campaign promises to us, Peak Stupidity had this post, Has Trump been Neo-conned?. That could have been called Deep State vs. Trump, as in the original definition of the Deep State, explained here.

In this excerpt, concerning the question of has the President been already neoconned, we said:
It could be that some threats were made to the effect of "Look what happened to JFK" or "We already put old Ronnie in his place the 1st year - we may choose a larger caliber than .22 this time". It makes me really wonder what happened during the Ross Perot campaign in summer of '92. To me, Mr. Perot was the closest thing we had to a Donald Trump in the recent past. I should say, Mr. Trump was the closest thing to a Ross Perot. Mr. Perot, if you recall, or bing it, dropped out of a fairly successful campaign due to concerns about the safety of his family. This was a business leader/entrepreneur with about the order of magnitude of wealth as Donald Trump. You don't seem to hear much about what really happened in July 1992, and Perot, after re-entering the race received almost 19% of the popular vote.

Ross Perot of Texas - "Hey, I'm all ears!"*


Yeah, now about the businessman Ross Perot (good short biography), you won't hear much about the guy anymore. His aborted presidential campaign has a lot of parallels to the successful campaign of Donald Trump. Both were called "populists", I suppose meaning they weren't political insiders (nothing wrong with that). They both had a lot of insight, being big-businessmen (Ross was not a big businessman, but he was indeed a big-businessman ;-} ), into the coming devastation to American manufacturing from trade deals that were bi-partisan (meaning involving traitors on "both sidse of the aisle"). Both these guys campaigned on behalf of middle class Americans, which you haven't seen in the major parties since, arguably, Ronald Reagan, maybe back to Carter/Ford or who knows how far back?

Ross Perot ran for a 3rd party ticket in 1992, eventually named the "Reform Party", but that name may have come later on. However, by 2016 primary time, or even 2012 with Ron Paul, the 3rd party option had almost been completely suppressed by the 2 wings of our red/blue = purple party with complicity of the Gov't Media, aka Lyin' Press.

From the link above on the 1992 presidential campaign:
His campaign seemed to gather momentum as the political race heated up. Perot promoted himself as a reformer, building on his success with the Texas Public Education system in the 1980s. But, in July, he dropped out of the race, later claiming that the Republican Party had plans to embarrass his daughter Carolyn before her wedding. According to The New York Times, Perot believed that the Bush campaign was going to start a rumor about his daughter's sexuality.

Perot returned to the race in October with only weeks left before the election. Despite this setback, he managed to garner nearly 19 percent of the popular vote. Perot was the first independent candidate since Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 to receive this large of a share of the popular vote. Still the lion's share of voters chose Democrat Bill Clinton. Perot faced off against Clinton again in 1996, but his campaign failed to win over much public support.

Well, this writer was around, and let me tell you, the withdrawal in the summer of '92 was a real let down. In those years, even till about 1995, when I started to notice that every new change in every level of government from then on was always to the side of bigger government, a bigger police state, and less liberty, it seemed people were around who could and would change things for the better. Ross Perot was one such guy. Per the biography above, Mr. Perot rejoined the race, and did get that huge 19% of the vote, even after the (what I thought was) drama of the summer.

I ended up not voting for Mr. Perot based on what I read in the Lyin' Press with no more explanations than "basically his is a flake", and don't feel good about that. No, BTW, I absolutely DID NOT vote for the psychopath Bill Clinton**, nor did I vote for the CIA-endorsed George H. W. Bush. I voted Libertarian again... and again... and again (to no obvious effect!) The reason I wrote "(what I thought was) drama" above was due to my still great trust in the Lyin' Press - we didn't even call it the MSM yet at the time, just "THE NEWS". I think now that Mr. Perot was seriously threatened in some way. Possibly it was not just about his daughter, and definitely not just a threat to embarrass someone - that was possibly all he could say.

Lookit, George Bush was former CIA big cheese. If he wanted to win, he needed to get Mr. Perot out of the race. I'm sure Mr. Bush had the help on speed dial to take care of it. It doesn't really need to involve physical threats. That would be especially true now, as almost everyone in high position has many things in databases in a large server farm in UTAH (backed-up somewhere else, unfortunately) that he doesn't want known by everyone. This is the Deep State in action. As far as his rejoining the campaign goes, possibly Mr. Perot was powerful enough to get his threats removed or maybe just determined enough to ignore them. Who knows?

It's just a big possibility, and that brings us to Donald Trump's campaign, who made it all the way through. Was it that he's squeaky clean? No, I'm sure he has plenty of vices, but we know about the women, and some of what was disgraceful back in 1992 was completely normal by 2016! It's not like nobody tried to bring up scandals, but with the extreme distrust of the Lyin' Press now, many of them "won't take" for patriotic Americans. We are beyond that, if the guy's gonna be on our side even a little bit.

Donald Trump may just be getting the brunt of the Deep State treatment as President, which explain why he is letting us down only just now.

As an aside, there are plenty of articles out there that would argue about whether most of Mr. Perot's votes came from would-be Bush voters or not. I would bet on it (maybe in the 60% range, not all of them.) Hopefully, a few good links to this issue will be forthcoming. Gotta go though.

* At least Perot had a sense of humor, while Øb☭ma was all ears too, without one.

** "Psychopath" should probably be "psychopaths" and "Clinton" should probably be "the Clintons", as even back then, the idea was brought up (by the Hildabeast) that the Hildabeast would be a working first beast. She had made the comment back then that she wouldn't be just baking cookies like some housewife. I guess Bill couldn't put a stop to that feminism, as she probably knew about more people killed by him than she had had offed at that juncture. ("Hey, just shut your mouth, Billy, I could get you put away for 31 murder-ones and a few dozen manslaughters." "Oh, yeah, bitch, I know about 3 of yours, you'll get 3 life sentences, and I'll get 31 ... better hush up right now!")

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Mark Steyn 3-hour interview on CSPAN-2 BookTV

Posted On: Friday - June 16th 2017 12:44PM MST
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This post is just a follow-up to another post here on Peak Stupidity from a coupla weeks back entitled Childless European Leaders. I had digressed to writing about a nice interview with the pundit Mark Steyn, just mentioned in the previous post. If you've got 3 hours, it is really nice, first of all, to listen to a relaxed interview vs. a 3-minute talking-heads shout-off. The interview, in 2012, was on the CSPAN2 show called "Book TV" and the fact that you probably haven't heard of it explains how they can do 3 hour interviews. Hurray for youtube that it's on there! The interviewer is a guy named Peter Slen, who comes across so mellow and gives Mr. Steyn a chance to give complete answers to his questions.

Mark Steyn also gave answers to callers' questions. I can't remember how many callers, as I watched this whole thing more than 1/2 year ago, but in my post on the childless Euro leaders, I wrote about how I would have answered the caller.

Can I excerpt my own blog here? [Sure, saves me fixing typos for a while! - Ed.]
Were I Mark Steyn, here would be my reply: "You've got compassion lady, but how do you know WE don't. We just think a little into the future, as men have to, to build a civilization. Our compassion may extend a bit further than yours, to a point when my and your kids are living in Mexico, even though they never moved residence. How could you explain to your grandchildren how much YOUR compassion caused the country to change from the damn good one you grew up in to Mexico del Norte? Also, lady, were you a family-oriented person, you would be putting YOUR family's welfare over those of the Mexicans, as that's what being a Mom means! Have some compassion without the side of stupidity."
Well, now that I think of it, I still like my answer, but it doesn't quite fit in with the tone of the show. I imagine Mr. Steyn could have done better, but you've got to get this "Compassionate" crap out into the light. Compassion can be pretty damn evil if there's no thought behind it.

Watch the whole interview, if you've got time:

Addendum: I haven't followed the story on the fire that burned up that apartment building full of Moslems in London, but Mark Steyn has a great article on it. This one will show you how good his writing is, and his opinions.

I think Mr. Steyn's site is kind of disjointed, and I don't visit it ofter, but he has his regular weekly (or more often) columns on there, mixed in with reviews of plays and show tunes or something that he really gets into.

UPDATE [6/17 morning:] Addendum on new Mark Steyn
article on London Fire.

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First Nations and the Spirits Communities

Posted On: Thursday - June 15th 2017 8:01PM MST
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Well, we've come a long way, baby, in terms of Political Correctness since 1993. With regards to the American Indians (see previous link for humor), there is new terminology out there that we all need to grasp, and use in our daily lives to "get with the program".

The term "Indian" could cause some confusion to some people who never heard of Christopher Columbus, I suppose and wonder about that moniker for the thousands of tribes that used to be spread out across what got built into America. I don't think it's that difficult, and we've got 2 modes of differentiation between them and the one from the subcontinent of Asia:

a) "Feather" vs. "Dot"
b) "Casino" vs. "Tech Support"

Easy, peasy? Apparently not, as "Native American" was thought up 25 years back or so as a substitute term that we should all know and use. It's caused confusion already as many of me us have checked the "Native American" box on forms, since we were born here. That's got to screw up the stats or something. That may explain why our euphemism-creators at the PC Dept. of Euphemisms have come up with terminology to better our lives.

Let's digress for just a paragraph or two up to the Great White North. Believe it or not, they are more PC than we are in America. They're number 1! "O Canada!, Fuck yeah!" They even prosecute writers like Mark Steyn who "Fought the Law and the Law Won LOST". (Tune at bottom of post here) for telling WAY too much truth about the Moslems. You'd think if the Canadians were SERIOUS about suppressing the hate speech and all, they would do it right: No more hockey and Canadian Bacon jokes; no more "Family Ties" episodes in which Alex Keaton threatens to invade Canada; quit with the "get the puck out of here" comments and yeah, don't make fun of "eh" "abooot", and Joni Mitchell's habit of writing lyrics and forcing the tune to fit the lyrics. (Easy there, Peak Stupidity features lots of good Canadian music, like even this very morning, with Rush)

Here's a story: Back as far as 10 years ago, some Canadian terminology was available for my enlightenment, and I was a rube. On a trip to a fishing lodge way up there, I overheard one of the owners of the lodge speaking of the "First Nations" people staying at the lodge multiple times. They would be gone, and we would have a few days there afterwards. "Oh, your last group was a bunch of bankers?" I asked. Yes, does it not sound like a bank? Well, apparently not, as that is the Canadian term for Indians!

Back in America now, the newest term I was informed about < 1 week ago is the "Spirit Community". The Indians are really in touch with the Spirits, I guess. This term does not roll of the tongue easily, has too many syllables, but mainly I just think someone in that PC-Euphemism dept. made a typo. Unbelievable, I know, a mistake made by people in the government - we are not sending our best bureaucrats! I'm sure the term is supposed to be "Spirits Communities:. That extra "s" puts it in context - "Spirits" as in "Distilled Spirits". Now, I get it. Like I said, the Indians are really in touch with the Spirits. I am PC-current now, and ready to socialize in mixed company again.

Spirits Communities / First Nations
Let's stay PC and classy!

Another story: Yeah, we make lots of light of things at Peak Stupidity, but I do have some respect for people, and this is about a guy who respected his ancestors more than worrying about this PC crap. I was at a plant out in the West and saw a guy with a cap that had big letters FBI. What would he be doing there, and from his looks, he was no FBI guy. "You're not an FBI guy", I said. No, he smiled, "Full Blooded Indian". I liked that.

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