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Posted On: Tuesday - August 14th 2018 10:31AM MST
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Yes, you have no bananas! We don't care how long you stay though.

This and the next post will be written in the old point-and-sputter mode. Some of the stuff I've been reading does deserve a quick shout-out*, so Peak Stupidity will get back to semi-original material shortly. A VDare post written by the indefatigable Californian Brenda Walker, gives some numbers to illustrate the major problem of visa overstayers to add to all the rest of the immigration stupidity.

Peak Stupidity remarked on this issue way back during President Trump's State-of-the-Union speech in January. I wrote "remarked" there to admit that my knowledge is anecdotal. Mrs. Walker's post excerpts a Washington Time article that has NUMBERS. We like numbers:
More than 400,000 people came to the U.S. on legal visitor visas in 2017 but were still here six months after their time was up, the government said in a new report Tuesday detailing the less-talked about side of illegal immigration.
(My bold, because, HOLY MOLEY!) That's not just a significant amount but a big part of the influx.
They are a small fraction of the total travelers — slightly more than 1 percent of the nearly 53 million visitors who entered the country last year — but that still amounts to big numbers. Homeland Security said 701,900 people blew past their departure dates in fiscal year 2017.

Of those, more than 600,000 were still in the country at the end of the fiscal year and more than 421,000 were still here seven months later.

The numbers likely will continue to drop as the months tick by, but Steven Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said he figures at least 200,000 each year stay for the long term. That’s at least equal to the 200,000 new immigrants he says come to stay each year by jumping the border.

“Half the problem of illegal immigration, at least, is related to overstays,” he told The Washington Times.
(My bolding again.) My anecdotal evidence is mostly about the Chinese contingent. Since this lack of accountability, there's no easy way to undo the damage already done by years of this neglect of the basic idea of a nation. As I wrote in "(let me tell ya') It's More Fun, Bein' An Illegal Alien.":
The number of illegal Chinese residents may be much more of a surprise to Americans. If you don't live in a medium or large size city (IN the city that is, not the 'burbs") you may not know, as Chinese people LUV the city, as described here. You won't find out easily without being with someone who knows the language, but much of the help at the myriad of Chinese restaurants in medium and even smaller towns are illegal Chinese people. Add in the massive amounts of people in the Chinatowns of NYC and the west coast cities, and just simple estimates can get one over 2,000,000. I will admit that is just a 1/2 order-of-magnitude guess - let's say 1 - 3 million. No, most do not cross over from Mexico, Canada, or ride in shipping containers. Most come via some type of visa, but overstay forever. The US does not have any good system being used to track exits, as THEY DON'T WANT TO DO IT, or the elites DON'T WANT THEM TO!
Even though they'd be hard to pick out to send home (not just due to actual difficulties, but the spinelessness and stupidity of those who should be responsible), I'd like to see the numbers, say some graphs of nationality/ethnicity of these overstayers.

In the meantime, the relative levels of overstaying on the various NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS are in this graph, from the Washington Times article excerpted by Mrs. Walker of VDare:

I've written before that Brenda Walker has an odd habit (for a pundit anyway) of not getting the last word in after excerpting other's writings. That's fine in this case, as it was very factual, non-opinionated writing that she inserted. However, Peak Stupidity sure as hell will get in some words here.

REAL COUNTRIES don't let invasions happen. With the by-far biggest military in the world, and out isolation via the oceans from the big powers over 2 centuries, we've got this part down. Invasions don't always involve marine landing craft, paratroopers, and blitzkriegs, however. Let's not fight the last war, as they say. Having no checks on what visitors to your country do, after they get through the airports, is allowing an invasion, right now. Just read the numbers again - 2016 and '17 were not some fluke, crazy years. This craziness has been going on for decades.

In China, one gets checked upon exiting the country. It's really simple: People-In - People-Out = Accumulation-of-Foreigners. If you have not left within the visa stay period, easy enough for a computer to crunch through in seconds for every visitor, some Chinese cops WILL come looking for you. It's not like they have to come looking for everyone for 2 reasons:

1) They don't allow nearly as many immigrants, legally or illegally, so a foreigner STANDS OUT, contrary to in America.

2) Because the Chinese government takes this stuff seriously, being a REAL COUNTRY and all, visitors know this and respect the law out of fear.

The ones that overstay get searched for, and an anecdote from ~ 10 years back that I have is about some Africans in a part of Guangzhou who made some sort of riot there - it was due to one of their cohorts having jumped out of a 2nd-story window to avoid the cops coming to nail him and send him home, with no ability to return. (Yeah, he either died or was hurt bad - not the smoothest move there.) Yeah, the riot didn't go over too well either.

Compare this to America, with our searches for illegal bananas and untaxed liquor and cigs in the luggage, yet no process to see when people go back home. This is high-level stupidity folks.

* The only term out of the Commie Øb☭ma's mouth than I liked - in 8 long years.

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Are the Millennials Retarded?

Posted On: Monday - August 13th 2018 12:22PM MST
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Or, do they just not understand the meaning of privacy? I'm sure Peak Stupidity has many "Millennial" readers, so please, people, remember that this site is REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to be an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFENDER. Also, these generations are pretty ill-defined, so you may want to re-define yourself right now, matter of fact.

The thing is, I've got 10 posts built up in my head, some of them even timely and shit, but now after going to the auto parts store, I've got to spit this out first rest for the weary easily pissed-off.

The small part for a vehicle that I needed was not at this particular auto parts store, but it's something that was bound to be at a nearby store. I was in no big hurry in this matter of obtaining it either. "OK, what's your telephone number?" Alright, as written about already in BIG DATA can kiss my ass!, and a little more here (2nd part), all the chain stores want as much information about you, to the point of causing wait times 2 - 5 times longer than before all this - Thanks, Computers!

"I'm not in there." (Yeah, I was, but under what phone number, I've got no earthly...) "I'll go ahead and pay cash for them now and pick them up tomorrow or whenever they get in." "I can't look at anything without your phone number?" WTF? We (as in the software, me, and the Millennial-age girl at the counter) weren't even on ME yet, just which stores have got the part, and when will they get here. It really shouldn't work like this, and maybe she didn't know how to use the software properly, but "Just put in anything." The girl froze up. This was highly irregular. Maybe she was highly irregular, but that shouldn't have to be my business. "Yeah, make one up. It's not your business." Just then another customer started giving her number, so I started giving her that one. That freaked out both her and a guy who's been there at least 3 years who came over to help. I was getting pissed now, as it's not so hard to just type in 10 random digits. The computer is not gonna fire you!

Well, all 3 of us were pissed off at this point, a majority at, yeah, you're lookin' at 'em, this blogger. I had to make an effort not to get them to say when the part will be in. "That wasn't so hard.", I stated. "I'll come back later for the parts, thank you." I really had tried to be polite, but this form of stupidity is just anathema to me. How many people of this generation don't understand that we don't all want to give out life stories out on facebook, twitter, to the pizza delivery store, and, today to this Big-Biz auto parts chain? I shouldn't have to explain why, but that'd make a good post for later anyway.

The reason for the post title was simply the look on this cashier's face. No, I don't expect any of the women there to know a damn thing about car parts (I always ask for the one white guy in back, if I really need a guy that knows his stuff). I'm over that. You've just gotta be able to get business done though, without freaking out. I'm sure she's gonna run into other guys who simply want to buy something, and not give Big Data info, to spam them with. Be ready next time, young lady - don't freeze up - this is not the end of the world. I'm only here to maintain my car, and that's what's keeping you employed, Millennial!

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Kardio-Killer Update

Posted On: Saturday - August 11th 2018 8:52PM MST
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Yeah, Peak Stupidity is keeping up with this case. By "keeping up", we mean that now were are under 2 weeks behind the news on it - versus about 3 weeks behind for the first post on this very strange and interesting news story. BTW, I don't mean to make light of the death of this esteemed doctor via the post title, but alliteration is nice too.

We have retroactively learned on August 1st that the murderer of Dr. Mark Hausknecht was identified as a former sheriff's deputy/constable type who apparently held a grudge for 20 years against the doctor. A number of articles on the story either mistakenly or stupidity state that Dr. Hausknecht did surgery on the suspect's, Joseph Pappas's mother 20 years back, and the mother died in surgery. No, cardiologists don't do surgery. Many are qualified to do procedures (that require a hell of a lot of expertise, BTW!), but they don't cut people's chests open and work on their hearts. That would be a cardiac surgeon, and the victim was not one.

To catch up some more, the alleged killer was cornered at on the run somewhere nearby his neighborhood in Houston, wearing his bulletproof vest and allegedly killed himself. Why do I keep writing allegedly so damn much? This is some fishy stuff here. Does it not make you think of a lower-level JFK/Lee Oswald/Jack Ruby scenario? This is WAS a 65 year-old man, and the guy held his cool for 20 years and then planned this dastardly act this well ... because him mom's surgery didn't go well? Dr. Hausknecht cannot do surgery, as I said, but maybe Mr. Pappas was mad that he recommended the surgery under which his mother died.

Now about this guy's suicide in front of the cops, the NY Post article (last link) says:
The employee called police several times to provide updates on Pappas’ location — allowing an officer to move in on him near the intersection of Bob White Drive and Imogene Street.

Pappas refused to show his hands to the officer and killed himself when a second cop arrived.

Acevedo said a shootout would’ve occurred had cops not cornered Pappas.

“Police had indicated that the man had evidently shot himself, that the police evidently were coming up to him and asking him to put his hands up, and he put one arm up and … evidently the man pulled out his gun and shot himself,” said a neighbor who lives in the quiet residential area.
Hmmm, a cold-blooded killer like this, wouldn't try to shoot his way out? What was the bulletproof vest for? Why would the cornering of the man make him more likely to kill himself only? If he was suicidal, why would he have made such great elaborate plans for this killing, as an assassin would? How many assassins are suicidal? It doesn't seem like a vocation that would appeal to depressed individuals, really.

I don't know, I guess untrue conspiracy theories are formed like this - you've got one idea, new evidence is found or new events happen, and you do what you can to prove yourself right. That could be all this is. Interestingly, as related to my previous remarks on the use of the bicycle (from the 1st article):
On Tuesday,police released another video from a home-security camera that showed the suspect riding his bike in a nearby neighborhood minutes after Hausknecht was shot. The suspect was carrying a green backpack that investigators believe concealed the gun.
It's hard to get away from Big-Brother video anymore - this sounds like it was a typical exurb type of area. It was pretty astute of a homeowner to look through a whole bunch of his video, though no crime was committed on his property, to find a bicyclist on it... almost too astute, if you ask me. (This was without some before-hand knowledge that this guy rode down his street.)

OK, this guy was in great shape, as the article stated, so he wasn't sick and about to die anyway, the supposed grudge was about a 20-year-ago event, and the killing was done expertly. Was he really an "asset" that had done a poor job, or maybe a good job, and had to be silenced, as possibly planned ahead? It's not like I trust a story out of two cops about their part of the story - there's no video on that for some reason.

On the 3rd hand, I will say that this cardiologist treated ex-president Bush (elder one) 18 years ago, and I'm not sure if anytime since than. Why would someone wait until now to bump him off, if it were about his knowledge of some Deep State stuff?

OK, yeah, this is not the JFK assassination, and I'm not Oliver Stone, but it does make me wonder what the heck goes on sometimes.

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Documents for the Un-Documented

Posted On: Friday - August 10th 2018 10:29AM MST
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I neeed my steeenking documents, Senor!

Big-Church has been making bank off of their concern and compassion for people that have entered the country illegally as non-citizens, the technical term being "aliens", making them what ... anyone?... Bueller? illegal ... anyone, anyone .... aliens. Oh, you're wondering about any compassion for parents of American kids who can't get treated at the emergency rooms and can't learn anything in school due to the language confusion and violence from the gangs? No, the Church used up all of their compassion on those illegal aliens - If you are an American, nah they're plum out of compassion.

Yes, and it's the Lutherans up in Minnesota and thereabouts bringing in the supposed "refugees" who will just, like, fit in and all. They are all legally here - that doesn't make it any better for us, of course. The high-level stupidity exhibited by these often well-meaning, but also often greedy, religious organizations doesn't seem to know any bounds, but I'd always thought of all types of stupidity as originating in California. I was therefore surprised that this story, about Catholic Diocesses making ID documents cards for undocumented immigrants illegal aliens comes from Texas. (I linked to this article, due to it coming up after a search involving "illegal aliens".).

Let me put a few pieces of stupidity in here before having a meldown, which I see coming ...
Roman Catholic parishes in Texas are providing church-issued identification cards to illegal immigrants who, because of their status, are not eligible for ID issued by the state. Police in Dallas, as well as nearby Carrollton and Farmers Branch have been officially given discretion to accept the church-issued cards as valid identification.
OK, this could be good. When it's time to go back, we've got a good idea of the numbers, and names, so as to be able to dig up enough charter buses and such logistical items. I like the way you're thinking, Roman Catholics, so far ...
“Having this ID can be the difference between paying a traffic ticket or being arrested for not having a form of identification,” said Father Walsh, according to Texas Catholic. “Also if the police officer need to call to verify the ID information, is easier to take the call and say ‘yes, this person is a parishioner here.’” Bishop Burns said, according to the report ...
Wait, hold that thought. OK, the thing is, were I to get pulled over when I have no drivers' license (I don't mean ON me, I mean, PERIOD), I go to jail. Does it help to "be a parisioner"? If I knew they gave out "get out of jail for free" cards, I'd probably show up at mass a whole lot more often, believe you me. Is this another example of that Anarcho-Tyranny that you read about on such blogs as Peak Stupidity and the like? I dunno, just sayin'. What happened to all that equal protection under the law stuff from the US Constitution? I believe it was in ... hold on... let me check my phone ... Amendment XIV (14 for those of you reading from Alta Vista). Whaaaa? Isn't that the one with the anchor-baby loophole which a bright young, skinny-but-shapely lawyer tells us is bogus anyway? Come on, Catholic Diocesses of central Texas - which is it? When did you stop believing in the 14th Amendment? Oh, do go on, sir ....
... Bishop Burns said, according to the report, that the Catholic Church will “always be with the members of the immigrant community, because Our Lord Jesus Christ was a member of the immigrant community.”
What a load of blasphemic bullshit that is! Jesus and the wife came to Bethlehem to be counted in the census. They were not immigrants at all, much less illegal aliens. Does this Bishop ever get around to reading the Good Book, or is he too busy fucking over our country?!

Let me just calm down, that wasn't the meltdown (it's coming...) I need to get this straight. These people who broke into America are now called undocumented immigrants, right? Yet, you want to give each one of them some documents, errr, cards, yeah that's the document ticket. So, if they get these documents they won't be undocumented anymore. Halleluja! But... that would make them now documented, and once they're part of the documented , they must go by the other law which requires a drivers licence to be on the road under penalty of arrest ... so why would they need these documents again... It does not compute ... my clock speed ... increasing ... circuits overloaded and overtemped ... must stop .... blogging.... OK, open the pod bay doors ... I'm outta' here.

Hey, I like that video! OK, all better now. That was from an album (probably) called Songs of the Documented.

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The Destructive Power of Inflation

Posted On: Thursday - August 9th 2018 8:52PM MST
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Shadowstats inflation estimate vs. Feral-Gov numbers:

I really want to knock this one and one more summary post on interest/inflation out, so I hope the reader will feel welcome just skipping this and waiting for the next in our usual articles on the more blatant forms of stupidity. However, this may not be so awful boring, and there's ice cream at the end. My memory for economic as well as political stuff seems to be very good when compared to others who seem to forgive and forget. Do I remember when inflation (of the money supply) and it's visible effect of constantly rising prices was not existent? Nah, I'm not 120 years old, which is about what age one would have to be now to have been 20 and aware before, the FED was created - that's that Creature from Jekyll Isle that you'll hear/read people like yours truly and Ron Paul talk/write about on occasion. One could also just be about 75 years old, and have been aware during the early 1960's that inflation wasn't much of a deal (before the removal of sound money).

For most of us, inflation seems like a natural evil that we can do nothing about, like, say mosquitos. Even when it was very high, in the late 1970's, people really believed that the "wage-price spiral" was just a matter of one-upmanship between employee-consumers and producer-employers, and would just plain stop, if one party could be made to stop the escalation. "The price goes up, so we need more pay, then they need to raise prices to pay us more, then we need more pay... " "All we gotta do is control the prices or wages for a while and the spiral will stop". It sounds reasonable, until you realize that inflation is simply the increase in the supply of money due to the government's extreme need to spend, spend, spend. If there's more money, but the same amount of wealth being created, stuff just plain gonna cost more - easy peasy.

See, it used to be that the Feral Government had to control the budget, due to the fact that anyone could turn in their fiat money, those pieces of green paper, for the appropriate amount in gold or silver. If that green paper was not keeping it's value, the gold/silver would all be taken back by Americans, and the paper would disappear from use, preventing the government from buying anything, what with having no more gold and all...

By diluting the value of the Dollar in this way, with it's effect of continuously rising prices, the US Government is stealing your savings (if any). What this really means (and thanks to some commenter on some site somewhere for making this point) is that the Feral Government is stealing years of your life away. What does that savings, in whatever form, represent? You've worked for that money, and unless you work as a male prostitute, it's usually not something you'd be gladly doing anyway. Those years of labor that represent the time to accumulate the amount that is being lost via dilution are simply being stolen, that's all there is to it. Who's gained those stolen years, BTW? That'd be whoever can make use of this new money being created to live a life of luxury and NOT have to labor at all. (Wait, am I sounding like a Communist, here?- no, not at all. Commies LUV Big-Gov; I hate it, along with the crony-capitalism/government-supported F.I.R.E. "industries".)

All that boring, but important, stuff being said, let's get more personal here. Got that Social Security Scam (see also Part 2) money coming? Sure, they've got it indexed to inflation, so you can't lose. Suuuure, yeah, that's the ticket. Do you believe your promised SS checks will buy in the future what the dollar amount will buy now? Sure, the government also has some land on this one island for cheap ... Bikini Atoll, it's called ... mmmm... bikinis.... It's not just SS, but Federal pensions, and other obligations, that amount to a coupla' hundred TRILLION $ that also vary according to the "official", government calculated inflation rate. That's why the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who come out with the numbers, seem to keep them much lower than a grocery shopper, insurance customer, car mechanic, or homebuilder may notice. Yeah, groceries, car insurance, batteries, lumber etc. are not going up 1-2% yearly. The Shadowstats site, linked-to above, whose graph appears at the top, has much more detailed information on real estimates of inflation, along with other economic numbers.

I'll have to write about hedonics another time, a trick used by the BLS folks to make the numbers look good to, you know, help, and all, but let me just get back to another example of Big-Biz tricks to hide their increases in prices. The old Peak Stupidity yogurt post, Inflation by Deflation described the devious way that Big-Biz downsizes packaging to hide price increases. If you are one who notices these things, you will be familiar with the name-brand (Breyers comes to mind) ice cream package shrinking that started in 2008, if I'm not mistaken.

The containers look the same from the top and are of the same height, but became slightly tapered, then significantly tapered, as the 1/2 Gallon (2 quarts) of ice cream became 1.75 quarts and then 1.5 quarts a few years later. They are pretty sure we were never gonna notice. BTW, I don't believe the company saves that much in cost by putting less ice cream in each container. They can manufacture it cheaply, and lots of the costs is in the shipping, packaging, and fixed costs of advertising, paying the corporate honchos who approved this sleight-of-hand, etc. Their reason to do this is to just increase the purchases of containers of ice cream, as obviously 3 pints takes only 3/4 as long to finish as 4 pints does. I've seen something around a $1 increase in the price of this type of ice cream in that same decade, from about $4.50 to $5.50, when it's not on sale. That is is a total increase in price of decent ice cream of 62% over the decade, over 5% yearly compounded.

OK, says the reader, all I've heard about is stuff from the dairy aisle of the grocery store - that's pretty damn anecdotal. Yes, I'd like to write a post giving quite a few more examples, and kind of giving my experience and remembrances of inflation over the years. Secondly, again, check shadowstats and see how much data they have and where they get it.

The summary on interest and inflation will discuss why both control of interest rates and the destructive power of inflation are good for government.

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Late-breaking story - Ex-Presidential Bicycling Cardio-Doc Shot by Deep-State "fellow" Cyclist?

Posted On: Thursday - August 9th 2018 2:27PM MST
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BFFs? Maybe not forever.

Yeah, it's late breaking alright. Here at the Peak Stupidity blog, "late-breaking" simply means we we're late in breaking the story. Actually, we're not breaking anything, just really wondering about this 3-week old story out of Houston, Texas. Now, as stated previously, at least once, Peak Stupidity does not subscribe to the long-term, say centuries-scale conspiracy theories. The shorter term stuff is another story. We just got done writing about the part-time conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones' censorship by Big-Social-Media. (It's not that the censorship was any kind of conspiracy - just perfectly obvious standard tactics of the ctrl-left). Continuing in this topic, let's look at a story that, after reading some of the details, I can't see WOULDN'T BE some type of conspiracy, or just plain Deep State nefariousness.

Dr. HausKnecht, a Houston Cardiologist was shot while riding his bicycle by another cyclist. Now, I bolded that because this very nearly proves that this was not a road-rage hot-blooded act. I know about cycling, and I can tell you that most the road rage involved goes in the bike-on-car direction, with a decent amount of car-on-bike (yeah, drivers can be assholes). The thing is that cyclists are a) vulnerable to injury and death from cars, b) pumped up from working out, and c) damn tired of all the fool drivers concentrating on their artificial stupidity versus looking out the windows of their vehicles, or just being incompetent. People may wonder where those deep scratches from tire pumps on the rear panels came from - give us some room, and it won't be a problem. Rant concluded, let me say that this story was very strange, as the doctor was shot while riding his bike by another guy riding. In general, cyclists give each other lots of courtesy, just as motorcyclists do.

Oh, how about a simple robbery, one may ask. Really, how much money and stuff does a bicyclist usually carry, though? I don't think stopping would be my first reaction were a guy to pull a weapon on me while riding. Anyway, in this case, the man took a couple of shots, which killed the doctor, and rode off. Wait, maybe the killer knew the victim, and this was a cold-blooded murder, a result of some feud perhaps? Sure, it was cold-blooded alright, but it seems planned out almost too well for someone who'd take a disagreement to this level.

Artist's sketch - not your average murderer:

Is this case weird because the man was an esteemed cardiologist? No, that's not my point in writing this post. Doctors have accidents, or get sick, and die like everyone else. They may be bright people in general, but they do a lot, (sometimes more, due to having lots of money) stupid things as the rest of us too. Now, this wasn't stupidity in any way, but I just want to emphasize that, sure, stuff happens. Being shot while riding a bike, BY a bicyclist, though, is not something that happens often to anyone, as I recollect.

Dr. HausKnecht (thank you copy/paste!) had been the cardiologist that treated ex-president George H.W. Bush for, (yeah, you guessed it) heart problems. That could have been no factor in this shooting, were it a "normal" type of killing ("he was a good boy, didn't mean to do nuttin"), but this one has no normal motive, what I was getting at in the last couple of paragraphs. In this case, because of that connection to a man who is about as much a representative of the Deep State as anyone there is, you really gotta wonder about it. What did ex-CIA-chief Bush tell this guy while under some anesthesia for a catheter or stent? (No, you don't have to be out, but they give patients some pain relief if requested)? According to the news story linked-to above, Dr. HausKnecht had great bed-side manner, and could easily unintentionally have learned lots from Mr. Deep State.

It really comes down to the bicycle. That is an ideal way to keep from being tracked during a crime. The key is that bicycles don't have plates, registration, and all that Police State jazz that most other vehicles do. Yeah, the plates used to be about auto theft, but it's all about keeping track of people now ... pretty well, I might add. The white ball-cap-donning gentleman(?) that made the, uhh, hit could just come with the bike from somewhere without cameras around do the deed, and take off (as he did) with no tracking. He may have just thrown the bike in a ditch in a field. Cut the tires, and tear up some spokes, and it'll sit there for years until it's rusted to nothing. With an organization behind him, whatever that might have been, this could have been arranged to be very hard to trace. It may be that the Peak Stupidity staff is just more criminal-minded than the average blog, but this is the way I'd go about it, were I a member in good standing of the Deep State assassination bureau. Spooks on bikes, hell of an idea, and it's easy on the black budget, a win/win .. except for honest Americans.

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Revisiting the importance of interest rates

Posted On: Wednesday - August 8th 2018 3:30PM MST
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Federal Reserve Bank (aka FED) controlled interest rates, as of late:

(Creating Treasury Bonds is basically how the US government borrows money. People pay money for these in return for interest.)

As we promised, or threatened, depending on your interests, in the middle of our 2nd part of the discussion of America's Social Security Scam .. err Scheme(?), we will have a lecture here on the importance of interest rates, and ... zzzzz. Hey, Dr. Ron Paul and I seem to have this same problem - it's not an exciting topic that many people think is important. Yet it is; it's fundamental to the economy and the distorion of interest rates are the cause of problems that people may very well be interested in. Those would be the symptoms, the lack of good employment, the continually rising prices of consumer goods, whatever. Yeah, but most don't want to have to grasp such simple economic concepts as supply-and-demand, but you've got to know where your problems are really coming from.

Back in early '17 in this post about inflation and interest, we included one paragraph each on these two topics (inflation to be covered, perhaps more interestingly, in the next post), near the bottom, before the Atlanta Rhythm Section Sky High video.

I'll keep this one simple and fairly short. Interest on money is not some magical gift, as a kid may figure, were he in an era with real, significant interest rates, that is. There are actual grown-up adults on blogs who argue that there should be no interest, per, what some Moslem idea? (Yeah, they're always booming over there, aren't they?) No, plain and simple, interest is the price paid for having the use of someone else's money. I can save up money for 2 years in order to start up my great business idea. If I have a good financial reason that says it's better to start now, though, I can borrow a sum of money to let me start making my money sooner rather than later. That would only be worth doing if I could afford to pay the PRICE of that money, the interest, and still come out better.

If another guy reckons he can make a lot better use of that money (or the same amount from someone else), then he may want to pay a higher PRICE for that use, and supply-and-demand says interest rates may go up. Yes, I put "PRICE" in caps for a reason. It's just to emphasize that interest rates are simply a price, like the price for a gallon of gas or milk. Just as in the price of a gallon of gas or milk, everyone is much better off if the free market is let to work it's wonders and the "invisible hand", termed by Adam Smith does that voodoo that it do, so well. Governments' involvement in the markets always result in tears. It's no different with interest rates.

Our Feral Gov. has been holding interest rates down in the basement, MUCH BELOW natural rates (the price of money) for ONE WHOLE DECADE now. See the graph at the post top. Peak Stupidity does not have the wherewithall to get into the complicated F.I.R.E. economy methods to do this, but we do know that they can create money with keys on a keyboard (nope, it won't work on a regular keyboard... I've tried [ctrl]-P, [ctrl]- $, etc!). The FED has been doing this to prop up the stock markets, as low interest rates mean individual savers, pension plans, etc. must put money into more risky investments, like the markets, to get the returns they had expected under rates that in normal times could be had for very safe uses of their money. This interference in the free market for use of money has kicked out one leg of the triad of support for older Americans. The more all-encompassing problem is that people and companies are encouraged by the low price of money to do things that are not worth doing. They'd have been thought about and rejected if borrowing costs were higher (i.e. using someone else's money on a boondoggle had more consequences).

This one is the "Federal Funds Rate" vs. the 10-yr Treasury Bond rate above.
Honestly, I don't know who pays the FF rate, but it has been flatlined compared to it's value in normal times.

Why have rates not been made ("let" should be the appropriate word) to rise, since the economy is supposedly going all gangbusters and all? Besides the fact that it's NOT, there will be 2 very bad things that'll happen if the FED loosens up now:

1) The stock market will tank, as those risky returns will then not beat simple purchases of Treasury Bonds. The stock market is all there is to show everyone that, hey, you're doing pretty well on paper, and the economy rocks.

2) The Feral Gov't's $21,000,000,000,000 debt will have larger interest payments on it than the < 2% or so now. Right now, as this quick glance at the national budget (taken straight outta the IRS tax form book), shows, net interest is 6 % of the expenditures. Imagine 7% rates to pay on this $21 Trillion. Now, it's 20 - 25 % of the budget! That don't look good on your bottom line, top line, any freakin' line.

Hey, these things are going to happen; it's not like I'm against a free market in the price of money. It's like getting that tooth pulled. You'd better go ahead and do it.

The pickle that the FED is in shows that it's really not good for anyone to fuck with a whole economy. This is why a guy who ran for President in 2012 was talking about this stuff! It's also why he got marginalized and left out of the news. People might have actually started paying attention.

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The Un-Personing of Alex Jones by the F.A.G.S.

Posted On: Tuesday - August 7th 2018 5:31PM MST
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  Pundits  Artificial Stupidity  Liberty/Libertarianism  ctrl-left  Big-Biz Stupidity

In the latest breaking (where it's not censored) news, the Peak Stupidity blog has learned that Alex Jone's videos have been taken off of youtube, or at least the front few pages, which (in the latter case) is not banning per se, but pretty dang close the way most of us use internet search features. Peak Stupidity checked just once today, and, yeah, all the front page of the search shows is videos derogatory about Mr. Jones. I noticed they left up the admittedly-hilarious Alex Jones Indie Folk Song that we featured 6 months ago.

Yeah, as much as you may not agree with all or any conspiracy theories, such at those from Mr. Jones himself, you'd have to agree that getting un-personed from Facebook, Apple, Google's youtube, and Spotify on the same day was not just some coincidence. They are in cahoots against this guy, even it was just by using the exact same "anti-hate" software with the exact same settings!

As discussed before here, I respect Alex Jones for his devotion to Constitutionalism and his Libertarian/conservative opinions. He may go off the script at times (anybody's script) and get a little loud at times, but I don't think that really would be much different than the way a number of our Founding Fathers would have behaved. I have remarked that Alex Jone's voice sounds completely worn-out, as if he's been talking too long at one sitting and could use a glass of water. I'm sure if that'd help, he'd have drunk a glass, but it's hard for me to listen to him for too long. That said, we could use lots more guys like Alex Jones versus the Globalist-sackhanger assholes who run the "businesses" that have banned him.

Why's "businesses" in quotes? That's because I'm not really sure if Google (also the owner of youtube), facebook, and the rest, are truly businesses at all. Are they really out to make the most money they can, or out to spy on as many Americans, and in as broad a way as possible for the Deep State? Is there 2nd agenda/core-competency the collection of all material that supports the Globalist narrative and the suppression of that that does not? Nah, businesses? I'm not so sure about this, and less so, in that I don't join up with any of their bullshit I don't have to.

I bring up the legitimate big-business-or-not question, as many conservatives of the bent that use the term libertards continually bring up the idea that these social media internet-control-freak organizations are monopolies that should be controlled by the government. Yes, "government" - that wasn't a typo. Haha. Sure, they are partially right, in that, I also think these companies, due to the BIG advantage in a search-site, whatever-the-hell-facebook-purports-to-be, etc. having economies of scale, are acting as monopolies. The libertarians say, Amendment I in the B.O.R. of the US Constitution puts no restraints on the control of speech of companies on their customers (you don't have to be a customer, which is gonna be my point). That's true, but this censoring of media that users depend on, thinking it's their sole source of legitimate information, is indeed a very bad thing. People can't find the man Alex Jones, and that makes them think he's not been doing anything they need to know about, they suppose anyway. If he doesn't come up on the 1st page, well, that's it for today. Also, any new seekers of information on the man will likely give up quickly.

Here's the point - all this is partially the fault of these users of information themselves It's the ignorance and laziness of the users that give Goolag and Facebook the monopoly power that they exercise. How many people don't know the difference among the operating system of their computer (or "device" now), the browser program, and the search engine page being loaded into said browser on that device? I'm trying to say this in a way that does not sound like a lecture from a geek, as I'm NOT one. Sure, some people don't care to learn, especially, as (and Peak Stupidity has ALL this stuff documented) most of us don't want to relearn our damn tools every year or two! Still, it would help immensely in fighting BIG-INFO, if people would learn enough to use alternates when at all possible.

Microsoft, and their mainstay Windows, are really the worst of it, maybe not the spy/control aspect of it, but the endless automatic moneymaking off anyone who buys a computer (most of them) with their OS bundled in. As discussed harrrumped about here this requires a learning process every damn time, along with something similar upon every mandatory "upgrade" of the other software (Word, etc.). It's nothing but inertia that keeps most of us (yeah, I said "us" ... so far) using this crap. Linux is the way.

When it comes to Facebook, the alternate is possibly just "Hey guys, I just made my own site for our club. We don't need facebook's bullshit. Just go to www.xxxxx.whatever". Yes, it's lot's less trouble to sign up for Facebook, I'm about sure. I'm not COMPLETELY SURE, just due to the fact that I am not, and will never be, a member! As for the search engines, as alternates to the Goolag, well, you've got bing (sure, that is MS, but it is an alternative) and duckduckgo, and others that I don't know. Give these other guys some love, will ya? That takes not any more effort, unless you do have that computer ignorance that confuses the browser, search-engine and every thing else in one ball of "nerdness". Lastly, people do host videos elsewhere, but it takes some work to find stuff that is not all in once place, as youtube keeps it.

Oh, yeah, it's not like one can't just type in (as of today, anyway) and read and view Alex Jones. Hell, just bookmark the site ONE TIME, will ya, and get to it that way. See my point now - laziness and ignorance. Is there such a thing as collective Karma, cause we're getting some of that, and I'd like to know if there's any way to opt out?

[Updated, 8/07 evening:]
. Change to title per a comment by a fellow that goes by the name of Anon-#322. I don't feel bad having not thought of the great acronym, as I have no idea who "Spotify" is and what they do.

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It's that time of year - THE STATE is coming for your kids.

Posted On: Tuesday - August 7th 2018 8:45AM MST
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  Educational Stupidity

Yeah, it's the new, new math.. you wouldn't understand.

Now's that time of year, parents!: Let's go out an buy those colorful notebooks, markers (they're not magic anymore, I guess), backpacks, and school supplies for all those other, destitute kids that don't have crayons, even though the school has enough tax money to afford a 2-member attendance committee with laptops that generously sends registered letters to any sick kid's Mom who forgot to follow PROCEDURE(!) last week. Maybe they'll miss the little ones being around all the time, but it's probably all about the schedule, Mom's work fitting in with Dad's, so they don't need the day-care (bad) and the play-dates(better).

The Education Establishment, we call him Big-Ed, for sure LUVS, LUVS, LUVS to have your kids to indoctrinate for another 9 months at 7 hours daily, hopefully 10, for 5 out of 7 days weekly. This is how THE STATE instills the proper attitudes in the young people, that respeck for authritah, the understanding of the need for government programs and rules, and the Political Correctness, I mean, it's in all the videos, books, and on-line, tax-payer bought, PBS Kids, Raz-kids and all that computer jazz. The open minds of the youngest ones, especially, have got Big Ed and his Minions salivating for the opportunity to PRODUCE a right-thinking crop of new Comrades citizens.

On the year-scale, on the front-end, they've got pre-K now, when we didn't even have to go to Kindergarten (if we did, it was for 3 hours). Then at the back-end, when the children have been stupiditified from the first 13, then the next 4, we expect at least a Master's (Hey, why not in Education? I like recursion as much as the next guy.) for another year. We're up to 18 damn years now, of this Big-Ed crap! Now, at the daily level, there after after-school programs, before-school waiting-around (when the parents have to go to work early) and all that too. The State had a large hold on the mind of your children. We need to keep it to a MINIMUM, people.

The Peak Stupidity blog has written 3 posts, part 1, part 2, and part 3, on homeschooling as a way to poke the big beast in the eye. In other words (though not having practiced it yet) we are very much in admiration of this type of real education. That is the best solution to the problem of Big-Gov getting ahold of your kid's minds. The next best is keeping them home for as many hours as possible. Yeah, you can make those extra bucks, but what's the point of your even sacrificing for the kids, if you're going to let THE STATE raise them?

I want to write some more shortly on nature's vs. nurture's effects on the traits and personalities of our little, and later big, ones. I may add quite a bit to this post later today, but also, I've got a couple of other posts coming on this.

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Airline Taiwan-nomenclature brew-haha prequel

Posted On: Friday - August 3rd 2018 7:00PM MST
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"Derta 185 Heavy, expedite your crime." "How high, SIR!?"

Like that post title, do ya? Ha, this was supposed to be an update to Tuesday's post Western airlines bow down to China Commies' petty whims. Peak Stupidity was reasonably timely on that one, as our post was only 1 measly week behind the story. I'd thought that I'd found some more heartening information on how the American airline companies (in particular) were reacting to the Chinese Gov's demand. After getting ready to write the post, however, I realized that this Breitbart story, U.S. Airlines Resist ‘Orwellian Nonsense’ of Chinese Speech Controls, was written on May 9th. Why not write a prequel post then? I mean, they do it for movies.

This Breitbart article gives a slightly better view of the America-based airline companies, as it seemed they weren't going to cotton to this "Orwellian nonsense". That term was from President Trump's press secretary, one Sarah Huckabee, who stated:
This is Orwellian nonsense and part of a growing trend by the Chinese Communist Party to impose its political views on American citizens and private companies.

China’s internal Internet repression is world-famous. China’s efforts to export its censorship and political correctness to Americans and the rest of the free world will be resisted.
As much as China has been both bad-mouthed and praised here (oh, and here) there's no doubt that the Chinese government has just as bad a case of control-freakiness as America's. The Chinese just have a big headstart in the control-freak culture, if not in the infrastructure yet. BTW, one can view gunowners and gun rights sites in China just fine (going back < 5 years anyway). I guess that's not what their government is worried about.

There IS (but, this is a prequel remember) a difference in the pushback between the Euro vs. American companies.
In response to Chinese pressure, British Airways and Deutsche Lufthansa AG now refer to “Taiwan, China” and “Hong Kong, China” on their websites.

In contrast, U.S. airlines are among those that still make no link between Taiwan and China. United Airlines, for example, refers to “Taipei, TW” while Delta offers “Taiwan, TW.”
Yeah, but per original feature, not any more. One really can see how much Big-Biz is tied in with Big-Feral-Gov, from this one line off the Bloomberg article linked-to in the now-sequel: Carriers had hoped Trump administration would negotiate a deal. Excuse me? Why do you need the US government involved? This is a Chinese request or Chinese law. Do you, Delta Airlines (the one who apologized for their political-boundary-incorrect maps) have to obey Chinese law? The IACO has the aviation rules down, but you can make the maps and schedules however you want. Can you imagine the Trump administration caring whether China Eastern had NY City as a separate country on their maps (not exactly correct), or Seattle located in California? Everyone has GPS now anyway when they travel, so they don't ever know or care where the hell they really are.

The Chinese foreign minister speaks:
"No matter what the U.S. side says, nothing will alter the objective fact that there is only one China in the world and that the Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions are inseparable parts of Chinese territory,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry shot back on Saturday.

“It must be pointed out that foreign firms doing business in China should respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, abide by Chinese laws and respect the national feelings of the Chinese people,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang added.
It's an objective fact that nothing will alter? Yeah, why do you care what the maps say then?

I'll tell you, they have a lot of damn gall. Then again, so do the Mexican politicians. It's nice to have a guy in high office that, while probably still advised not to say "Fuck you!' too often, at least doesn't do heavy bowing.

PS - I guess this ended up being transportation stupidity week, with a touch of economic stupidity thrown in. I don't foresee posts over the weekend, but next week there'll be more on the econ and some stuff an nature vs. nurture. Have a great weekend, readers.

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Trains in the Orient vs. America

Posted On: Friday - August 3rd 2018 3:46PM MST
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Chinese High-Speed Rail:

Note first, that Peak Stupidity gives credit where credit is due. I'm pretty impressed with the new infrastructure being built in China, as discussed here. With the 1st line coming into service not more than ~ 10 years ago, China has a network of high speed trains that have turned formerly 24 hour trips, more recently 10 hour trips, into 4-5 hour trips (all by train). Nope, I don't know the details, but some family members have taken a round trip and had nothing bad to say about it.

Some of the routes below may be just proposed and not completed

Now, to continue on with the discussion of California's $80,000,000,000 (or so) San Fran. - LA high-speed rail boondoggle project from the We all like trains post, I'd like to explain why it's really a boondoggle. Some of the discussion will be based on some good commentary on that Steve Sailer post, but with additional Peak Stupidity insight, err, OK, opinion.

Mr. Sailer himself brought up a very good point a number of times. The value of trains, as compared to air travel, is in the ability of a passenger to quickly GET ON the thing. That'd mean it starts and ends in downtowns, and lots of people live in those downtowns. You can't really go to the suburbs and exurbs where lots of Americans live, as, by definition, they are spread out. No matter how fast it can go, a fast train becomes a slow train, if it has to make lots of stops. If passengers have to take a 20 min to 1 hour car ride to the station, this particular advantage over air travel (as planes CAN'T DO THAT... kinda excepting Chicago Midway and a few others) goes away.

Downtown-to-downtown it's gotta be. That brings up the 2nd part of this point. People MUST LIVE downtown, that's lots of people to have enough to fill up these trains for long-distance travel. 100, even 50 years, ago in America, that was the case - oh, and related to that, there were lots of passenger train lines around too! Ever since the black riots of the 60's - 70's in many of the cities, and industry's relocation out of them, people have tended to live farther and farther away (white flight). The heavy use of autos and the interstate beltways may seem to be part of the reason, but I think they are an effect rather than the cause. Excepting the very big cities, NYC, Washington, FS, Chicago, LA, San Fran, Seattle, etc. most American cities don't have many people who live downtown. In many medium-sized cities, one doesn't even go downtown at night for safety reasons. Sure, there are gentrified areas, but the downtowns must have LOTS of people that make money, keep in mind, to support a long-distance rail line. Just like with airline travel, people don't travel that distance daily.

People in the discussion bring up the terrain in California, which, even on the best route (down the SF peninsula into the San Joaquin, aka central valley, and back up through the Grapevine pass into the LA basin), is tougher than that in the only place where trains in America ARE viable and reliable(?), the "Acela corridor" (named after those particular Amtrak trains). Sure, but you've got $80 BILLION to spend. What would the Chinese be able to build for that? They have rough terrain ALMOST ALL OVER that land, as discussed a bit on a post about blackberry picking. This is just a contrast, again, with China being a CAN-DO nation, while America is not at the present time. We sure were before, say, when the transcontinental railroad was built in the 1860's for cryin' out loud, albeit with some Chinese labor. Even if we were, however, the question is, is this California HS train worth being built.

Look at the map above, or some of Western Europe or Japan. There are many big cities, in which, loads of people DO live in the downtowns*. These cities are are spread out nicely in two dimensions (a bit less so in Japan, I suppose) and, most importantly they are not very far apart, compared to the American scale. It'd be something fairly easy to calculate more accurately, but right now, I can pick a number, somewhere near 250 miles, as a distance between terminals in which HS rail travel could easily beat air travel in time. The extra time spent in the air travel mode will be in the trip to/from the airports vs. walking or taking quick bus or subway rides to the big station, and taxi and approach phases of the airline flight, not involved in rail travel. Note, I'm NOT counting the egregious TSA humility and big waste of time, just due to the expectation that the HS rail will have lots of the same. If the train can keep an average of 125 mph (say, full-speed cruise at 140 mph, which is much less than the proposed CA one), that's ~ 2 hours, vs a block time of ~ 1.25 hours in an airline "short hop" like this (but from big hub to 'nother big hub, right?). The train will be a quicker trip.

Now, when you almost double the mileage, as in 400 miles for the LA-SF proposed route, the air travel time does not change much. All the extra mileage for the airplane is cruise flight time. At 450 mph, that extra 150 miles is 20 min extra for the plane, yet 1 hour more for the train (I LUV round numbers!) Let's consider a route from Los Angeles, CA to Denver, Colorado. That's 860 statute miles in a straight line, while the railway would not have a significantly shorter route than the 1,100 miles on the good roads, call it 1000 miles with some good cut-offs. It's gonna take close to 8 hours by high-speed (125 mph average) train. For the flying, we can count up a 45 minute drive, and 45 min of airport crap in LA (remember I'm not counting TSA, as I'd imagine the rail line would have that too before long), 15 min out of the airport and 45 min home in Denver (yeah, the airport is WAY outta town there!) and 15 min airplane taxi time each end with 15 extra minutes of maneuvering coming in. That's 3 1/2 hours + 2 hours of climb/cruise/descent at high speed to make 5 1/2 hours. The rail trip takes more than 50% longer than air travel, even with all the extra trouble involved in flying.

What we have in America, other than in the Washington, FS to Boston, Mass, Acela corridor, is very long stretches between big, downtown-inhabited cities. Even that corridor in the northeast does not make a network, such at the China rail map above, hence the term "corridor". All the cities are in a line.

CAN'T-DO country not-withstanding, that's why high speed rail, and passenger railroad travel in general is not an efficient mode for travel in America. We were the first in creating air travel, and it's been working damn well ever since the DC-3's were the first to make money without depending on the postal service. Before that time, we had the best passenger rail network for a country this size, of course, also. What a CAN-DO country did back 80 years ago(!) was make > 100 mph streamlined 4,000 hp, locomotives, with names like the Hiawatha**, the Commodore Vanderbilt, and the Rexall Mohawk.

8 decades-ago product of a CAN-DO country:

(That's 80 years ago - how were the Japanese and Chinese getting around back then?). Once the 707's and DC-8's came along, though, it took just over a decade for passenger-rail to get to the state glorified in song by Mr. Arlo Guthrie in that previous post. Yes, it's sad, and yes rail travel is probably more fun for most of us. You want to have things just for fun, you've got to be rich enough to pay for them.

After all that transportation discussion the reader may well be wondering, "Hey, where's the stupidity?" Oh, yeah, that's right, in California, of course. That's how I got started on this topic.

* The Chinese won't change in this respect (maybe Japanese too), as they LUV, LUV, LUV the bright lights, big city thing. The Europeans may somewhat, but with the way the immigration invasion is going there, they may also feel the need to move out of their downtowns.

** No, nobody had a reason to get buttsore about Indian names back then. What for?

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Best of Steve Sailer

Posted On: Thursday - August 2nd 2018 9:46AM MST
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The Peak Stupidity blog has fairly successfully morphed over the last 1/2 year or so from somewhat of a stupidity aggregator, if I may, to more of a supplier of original stupidity-eviscerating material. That's a long way of saying we are trying to write mostly our own stuff now, often still based on thoughts brought up elsewhere, vs. "hey, look what I read here", etc. Our "deliverables", per PS-Corporate, are now daily or semi-daily doses of stupidity originalism. We must under-promise and over-deliver to our Peak Stupidity "customers", you the readers. [OK, that's all the CEO will read - you can write whatever you want from here .. Ed.]

Speaking of thoughts brought up elsewhere, though, theiSteve blog, written by Mr. Steve Sailer, and hosted on (for the last 5 years(?)) is one of my personal favorites for reading for interest and for material to induce a post here or there, really quite often, in fact. This post will revert back to the point-at-an-article-and-comment-a-bit style just due to the fact that, to me, Mr. Sailer's weekly (Wednesdays) article on Takimag was about the best I've ever read by him. The reason is that he included many of his original thoughts, themes, memes (whatever ... does a meme have to look like a poster with some words on it? I dunno) all together in this one.

Therefore, I will neither comment very much on this article, nor excerpt any of it, as it is very enjoyable to read in its entirety. Here you go: A Half Century of Amnesia. The standard Sailer themes that are discussed together include:

A) The "Sailer Strategy" - this is not something that nobody else could have thought of independently, but his thoughts on the Republican Party and the white vote, from back in the contested 2000 presidential election were contrary to all of the pundits, along with the establishment GOP party hacks. I was about to explain more, but, again, read the article (this is the very 1st part).

B) "Flight from White" - due to all the animosity in the Lyin' Press and other institutions directed at white men, especially that done so blatantly in the last year or two, it behooves lots of white individuals to cling to any ethnic/racial group that they may or may not really belong to and that may or may not have been slightly aggrieved in the past. Again, read the article for a real explanation.

C) The Democrat Party "KKKcrazy Glue" - It's funny, huh? The D party is composed of lots of groups with imagined grievances against the perceived "white man's" establishment. It's always difficult for these racial/ethnic/gender-of-some-sort groups to work together as their widely varying interests cause conflict most of the time. (This is called "Intersectionality".) The only thing that can hold this coalition-of-the-agrieved together is what Mr. Sailer calls the KKKcrazy Glue, which is hatred against soley the white men. Hence the drudged-up stories of nooses and white robes and people being called names.

D) (C) brings up another theme, which is really what the title of his article is about. The "establishment" has not consisted mostly of those white men, for a long long time, and the old order has been trashed since the late 1960's, Fifty years ago. It's been all about power. The ctrl-left has had the power for most of that 5 decades, yet they act as though they are still the rebels fighting against THE MAN. I hate to tell you, you Afro-Hispanic-Transgendered nutcases, but yeah, you are THE MAN now ... somehow??

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We all like trains.

Posted On: Wednesday - August 1st 2018 12:25PM MST
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I still have videos around that are named stuff like “I LIKE TRAINS”. Kids used to watch them. We have books on the old Streamliners, which used to go 90 to over 100 mph with these huge-ass steam locomotives (at first) that had the big cowling for the streamlining and bringing a whole new aesthetic look to the world. That power and speed is impressive even today.

I don’t know how any boy grows up even today NOT liking trains. I think it’s the initially very scary noise and mass, that one can get a thrill from just watching a bunch of hopper, tanker, auto-rack, lumber, and box cars pass from 20 ft away is a blast. We still stay at the crossings and get out of the car to watch.

I have ridden the Amtrak across the country coast-to-coast a few times. It’s a blast, but, hey, don’t plan that trip to meet a business schedule! It’s 3 days minimum, and you have to give the people on the other end an ETA like “in the morning” or “late-afternoon, at least before midnight” vs.” 6:25 PM”. Yes, we did play card games in the club car, not even a penny a point, as I had to teach the girl and her kid brother how to play poker to begin with.

All that said, no matter how much we LIKE trains for various reasons, you don’t spend more of the debt-living taxpayers’ money on something that everyone just LIKES. The Head fruits and Head nuts in California have been working hard to further bankrupt that former Paradise with a train, on train-tracks and all. Yea! No, not "yea", we're talking $80,000,000,000, give or take a coupla dozen billion, for a high-speed rail line from San Francisco to Los Angeles. That monetary amount to build an ~ 400 mile train line is more than the US national budget of 1958!. Steve Sailer appropriately eviscerated this boondoggle in a post a coupla days back. There are many good comments under the article, some writing from knowledge of railways, and others of California geography. I believe I'll continue on with some comparisons with train vs. air travel, along with comparisons and explanations of why HS trains worked out in Japan and China, but not here in America.

That train might get people excited about riding on it. That train might get people excited about watching it or just knowing it's there. Yes, that's why people voted for it. That money will never be recovered though. As a business that train will not pay off. Maybe that doesn't bother people. However, this country, and most people in it, are too broke for this frivolity. It’s not 1965. Hundreds of thousands of people following The Dead around in VW microbuses for the summer while selling weeds and beads was a blast for them, and was not very productive either. However, America and Americans could afford all that back then. America, Americans, and moreso California, and Californicators are in debt up to their ears, California's gonna go broke, and the only reason America won't is that the FED can keep mashing [ctrl] and [P] at the same time, making new dollars, until a dollar won't buy a gumball.

Yes, trains are cool, but in America, jet air travel put the passenger train business mostly out of business, with only Big-Gov supported Amtrak left, to carry one around for nostalgia or fear-of-flying-and-cars reasons. We can't have the stuff just for fun anymore. I will discuss in the subsequent posts the reasons for the end of the American passenger railroad era. Even almost 5 decades back, when Steve Goodman* wrote The City of New Orleans, the passenger lines, including the Illinois Central line of the song, were all but gone away.

Arlo Guthrie does a great job on this bittersweet ode to riding the railroad - he has been featured before on Peak Stupidity with his Alice's Restaurant story/song as related to the post Free Tommy

You've gotta WATCH this one - it's not just the music this time:

* I never have seen Steve Goodman sing and play, but this is the 2nd really good song he's written that I knew from other singers. Peak Stupidity featured Jimmy Buffet's Banana Republics in this post about pundit and nouveau Mexican pundit Fredrico Reed.

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Western airlines bow down to China Commies' petty whims.

Posted On: Tuesday - July 31st 2018 3:02PM MST
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"Cleared to land, United 872 Heavy, relcome to to Taipei, China"

See, just when I got done apologizing, they PULL ME BACK IN!. This one can really go under the topic of the western nations' long-term stupidity in giving up economic supremacy to the Orient. Per Financial Lyin' Press branch Bloomberg from a week back, we read that U.S. Airlines to Accept Chinese Demand on Naming Taiwan.

Taiwan, in case don't know the history, is an island 100 or so miles off the coast of E-SE China (off Fujian province) to which the Nationalist Army under Chiang Kai-Shek, along with millions of other Chinese people fled, after the Commies under Mao Zedong took over the country in the civil war ending in October of 1947. Due to the inherent differences between Communism and Capitalism, Taiwan had been way ahead economically, and, in fact was the place that kid's little toys USED TO come from. "Taiwan, R.O.C." meant "Republic Of China" as opposed to the "(some of the well-connected) People's Republic" on the huge mainland. Taipei, the capital, has flights to all over the world, per it's status as still an independent country... uh... well sort of.

Unlike the Neocons, this libertarian does not believe it is America's business, duty, or anything else, at this point in history, to spend taxpayer dollars defending Taiwan from the government of the mainland. This is NOT 1965, and we're not in the Cold War. We are also very damn broke, just as an aside! That's not my problem with the diplomatic confrontation described in the article.

I don't even care about the "losing face" part, as the Chinese government says (supposedly) private big corporations must change their route maps to reflect Big China's position as to the ownership of that island off the coast. Oh, and the article says the maps should show Taiwan in the same color as the mainland. They've got both a point to drive home and some propoganda to put out there. Now, if the US Congress demanded that Chinese airlines show the capital city here as "Washington, Federal Shithole" on all the maps and schedules ... well, that's not something I'd feel I could argue about ... but just imagine if they'd feel they had to comply. The answer would be something unreadable, both due to our hesitation to put it on a family blog like Peak Stupidity, and due to that language fucking sucks!

This is about how much the power in the world has changed. Even 10 years ago, the western airlines would have just ignored the request. Now, China says "change your maps" and American airline companies say "what color, sir?!" The article does state that the Trump administration called the request "Orwellian nonsense", and some Australian officials said similar words, but guess what? The airlines are not fighting it one bit. "Yes sir!" "Changing the maps, boss!" Since the loss of competition from the mergers of 6 major US airlines into 3 (United/Continental, American/US-Air, and Delta/Northwest) those airlines have become even more globalist in nature, especially at the top end. Additionally, all the code-sharing is big business now, so they don't want to do anything to jeopardize those deals. The US major airline executives may have less loyalty to their American customers than to the Chinese government, at this point.

Yes, the phrase "bow down" is used metaphorically in the article, kind of devious there, but made up for by ...

... one last piece of stupidity in the writing of the article itself. Here, see what's really stupid about this:
Last year, airlines made 7.95 million flights between China and the U.S., a 5.8 percent increase.
Look, here at the Peak Stupidity blog, there are more than an average share of typos, homonym-mistakes, and grammar screw-ups. Yes, we have published a few numbers based on rectal extraction. However, look at it - Does it make sense? 7.95 MILLION FLIGHTS? - get TF outta here! (No, not you, please, stay... read some more posts, here's some dumplings.). The writer must have meant revenue-miles, or total passenger-seats, something like that. It can't be 200-odd thousand flights per day. That's a number under 100, and later on, I'll try to speculate more. Come on, Bloomberg, get your act together.

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The Social Security Scam, errr, Scheme(?) - Part 2

Posted On: Tuesday - July 31st 2018 11:59AM MST
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Last Wednesday, Peak Stupidity, in a quick overview, discussed the Social Security Scam. I admitted that it's not that this now-massive program was intended to be a scam from the beginnning, just a typical Socialists' stupid idea. Things change though and even honest promises from people in government mean nothing in the long run. Unfortunately, Social Security is a program that IS meant for the long run, as far as individual lifetimes go. SS has turned into an unsound (to put it nicely) financial plan, due to good and bad changes in demographics, as described in Part 1, so I'll continue on from there.

For the next few paragraphs, the reader is pretty much expected to lay his head on the desk and drool, as a student in Mr. Ben Stein's Ferris Buehler's Day Off econ class. If it helps, by all means do so. ;-}. You, if you have worked on the books a single day in your life, have a Social Security account. Yeah, that's right, this money that the Feral Gov. is forcibly extracting from you and your employer ( ~ 7% EACH party, of your income through over $100K) is said to be in your account. OK, let me stop this laughing before I can't even write ... I'm starting to drool here too.

Let's back up some. Anyone who's not completely naive will know that his money even in a simple bank account or CD is really not exactly sitting in something that people envision as an account. I.E. your 1850 bucks sitting in that checking account is not really in a cubby with your name, "P.S. Reader" written on a sticker. No, there's really no such thing as "your money" at the bank. They have enough cash to give you all of the amount your statement calls "your balance" from their general cash fund (so long as all your friends don't come the same day for theirs too!). Really, your money that is gaining you that wonderful 0.31% (but keep that minimum balance) yearly, is being lent out to people at 4 - 20% in turn - oh, one of those people might just be you! Haha, yeah, I'll have to revisit the FED-controlled interest scam along with inflation soon, as it's sure been a while ... going off the subject ... must ... try ... to get ... grip on the .... [/Econ-Prof. Kirk]

Though your money has never been in a specific place, before the late 1990's the accounting of American's forced retirement savings via the SS program, keyed to you via your NO-IT'S-NOT-AN-ID-NUMBER SS number, was kept separate from the general budget of the US Feral Government. Well beyond those later years of the BJ Clinton administration, the program still ran in the black, due to the baby-boomer bulge in paying workers, as described in Part 1. That was part of the enticement, in fact, to change things. The government continually-expanding deficits could be minimized, even erased (for one year I think it was) on paper by lumping in all SS money with the general budget. It sure made the Clinton administration look like a downright frugal, responsible bunch, not seen since Silent Calvin Coolidge That's how it's been ever since, and of course, the budget deficits, hence total debt (at this point ~ $21,000,000,000,000) has been reaching for the sky, nonetheless. Look under the Global Financial Stupidity topic key for lots more on that. SS being in the black until 2009 or so helped the deficits look better, but not anymore. It's an accounting trick, either way.

"Trust" fund, heh, heh! Sure, that's the ticket. A nice conservative accountant with green eye-shades is taking care of all your money with one of those books with all those lines, and lately has even gotten on the computer using LOTUS 123. It's all right ... uhhh .... there. Don't you remember getting a statement every year, until the Feral Government ran out of money for that ... hey, that's not a good sign, is it?

We can blame the Socialists and the imbeciles who voted for them and anyone else in government we want for the problems coming. Many of us are not responsible for the future of SS, having tried to vote out the irresponsible ones through the years. "I didn't vote for this." "I'd have put my money in better investments if I'd had a choice.", and "I've paid in so much money over they years, so I deserve what's coming to me, anyway." are all decent points. However, one should still be responsible for one's self, and what I'd reply to all that is:

Yes, it's at this point a mandatory Ponzi scheme. Lots of us wanted no part in this. No matter what, though, YOU DON'T TRUST BIG ORANIZATIONS, ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT! You just don't. What I'm getting at is, you should not run your life as if this money will just be there for you as promised. Anyone who COUNTS ON the SS money as supporting his retirement is a being irresponsible. I don't mean hope for, as some extra expected, but not essential, cash. You have every reason to be mad at getting scammed by SS, with a terrible return compared to how you could have invested that money over the years, but still should only blame yourself if you did not prepare otherwise. Over the years, did you not look at this beast of a Feral Gov't, and think, "yeah, I just don't think I can trust it with my future"?

Here's how much people ARE counting on SS

I am not saying that you will just see "CLOSED" signs on the offices, and no checks will come in the near future. It's not going to go down like that. Small cuts will be made in various ways, inflation will be always said to be miniscule by the BLS, and that latter point is important, because it will go down more like this: "Yes, sir, you will get your $1575 monthly just like your statements have always said." It's just that rent will be $1800 for a 500 sq-ft apartment, Big Mac meals cost $27.99, and even cat food prices may make it just as well you can't afford an exterminator for the rats. The insidious tax of inflation always help governments NOMINALLY pay their debts, but sometimes you've got to get that hyper-turbo-inflation to make it work. In the meantime, the BLS government statisticians will present some nice low numbers, so that your checks don't index enough to screw up the plan.

This is just one leg ot the "triad", lets call it, of support for old people living well-off lives. As discussed 2 weeks back here on the Peak Stupidity blog, between the SS scam coming to a bad end, the FED-controlled near-elimination of interest on safe investments, and corporate near-elimination of anything resembling the pensions of old, we have reached "Peak Rich Old People". We all need to get ready for what's coming.

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