God's acre is a fenced-in hallowed ground

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Not Lilydale, but beautiful Mt. Auburn cemetery around Boston, Massachusetts.

I started listening to those 10,000 maniacs a week back, as I ... no, I don't mean the Antifa ... I'm writing about Natalie Merchant's ex-band here; do try to keep up. Anyhoo, where was I? Yeah, a friend turned me on to the band about the time of the album Blind Man's Zoo, 2 albums after the song featured in this post. Bands with original rock sounds like this were called "alternative rock" - not "alt-rock", as we didn't shorten up things like JLo and Brangelina back then - and WE LIKED IT THAT WAY. This alternate rock, besides the grunge music that came out about that time, was the last gasp of the period of generally decent music, I suppose.

When I came to here the song here a number of years later, just catching up on the older 10,000 Maniacs material, it was such a great one for me. It's that the song is about hanging out in graveyards - or cemeteries, if you like that word better. I had always liked to go there to be in peace, when I was living in the big city. The noise was gone, the people there were no hassle, and the scenery was always kept very nice, of course. Just like Miss Merchant wrote (below), it's not some haunting, weirdo thing to sit there and enjoy the peace and quiet. I am always respectful and try to keep away from anyone coming to mourn a loved one lost to this world.

Just checking out some of the gravestones is nice too, especially if the place has been around a long while, as the last names and other small bits of info. give an idea of what kind of people inhabited the place. One can see how long they lived and the lengths of the generations when families are buried together there. I'm no historian, but, of course, many cemeteries are a primary source for historians.

I have discontinued this habit just due to location, but need to return, hopefully in the usual state. Here:

Come as we go far away
from the noise of the street.
Walk a path so narrow
to a place where we feel at peace.

Some think it is so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
There's a stillness here, thankful found.

A child's pose angelic;
a stone lamb at her feet.
Part the matted overgrowth
to read the carven elegy.

Some think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
There's a stillness here, thankful found.

Born in New Albion
of Rice family elite,
wed to Myron Bilowe.
Thrice with sons
blessed was she.

Some think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we
God's acre is a fenced in hallowed ground

Here soon to rise up,
Amelia tender and sweet.
Her last words spoke out
"all is well, all is peace".

Some think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
God's acre is a fenced in hallowed ground.

Some still think it so haunting
to be drawn to the cemetery ground as we.
God's acre is a fenced in hollow ground.
It's a hallowed ground.

The song is "Lilydale", and the name fits this beautiful song. Written by guitarist Robert Buck with Natalie Merchant, it's off of the album The Wishing Chair from back in 1985, 2 years prior to In my Tribe with the track "Hey, Jack Kerouac" from that previous post on those maniacal beatniks.

Last thing here, would a Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or Taylor Swift ever be able to write a song with this great tune and beautiful lyrics? Hell, I'd be satisfied [NOT! - ed] with just grammatically correct lyrics as a starter, or, oh, yeah, maybe annunciating them as well as Miss Merchant vs. ululating on half the notes like some kind of Moslem orangutang. That's not any kind of un-PC hate, BTW - I'm just sayin, that's all ...

(The song lyrics site has "hallowed" as "hollow", but I'll give him a break on that ignorance based on the slight difficulty with Natalie Merchant's Yankee/Mass accent.)

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Wheww, Feral Gov't shutdown narrowly averted

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I don't know what we would have become of us, here at Peak Stupidity, had the US Feral Government shut down for more than that 1 day, or maybe a week ... say 3 months or ... call it 20 years.

OMG! Whatever shall we do without the "services" of "our" Motherland Security Department?

Shut it down forever! Average Americans would have been disgusted with the thought there would be a Nazi/Commie - named organization like this only 20 years back.

As is our de-facto policy here of chiming in on current political events ... about a day or week later, many may be aware that the Chuck Schumer (Gun-control-freak - NY) threatened Fed-Gov shutdown has come and gone. If you're keeping up with the actual politics, this was a threat to President Trump over immigration non policy, and the President called Schumer's bluff and Schumer folded.

The ridiculousness of the politics behind this is point 1 here, and I will bring up a thought or combination of thoughts from unz commenters on this. This is also what probably made the D's (Blue wing of The Party) back off. When boiled down to the gist of it, this 1-day government shutdown was about: "We, the Democrats, will shut down the Feral Gov't because we want it to do absolutely nothing to stop an invasion of the United States! We will start it back up when you, Mr. Trump, agree to not have it do anything to stop the invasion - Deal or no deal?" I think most of the American public is wise enough to have thought "No deal." The super-ironic, and very sad aspect of the politics on this is that controlling the borders of the country is one of the very few functions that this Federal Beast is supposed to be doing per US Constitution - not written to create this beast.

That's the 2nd point here. We've got a legitimate and, in fact, the most important, function of the US Government, a common defense, that hasn't been, and is still not being applied. Yet, the threat is to stop the US Gov. from doing 100's of thousands of functions that ARE NOT specified by the US Constitution and prohibited by Amendment X. A seriously long shutdown is scary to the people IN the government, as it may shake off some of the dependence on it by the taxpayers hooked on the various programs of the shell-game wealth transfer. Right now, lots of the public does get scared both due to this dependence and 50 years of big media (aka Lyin' Press) sack-hanging on this Feral Beast. If the Fed-gov truly shut down for months, there would be a period of trouble and reckoning, but there are still many Americans who still have a memory of freedom and will find says to take care of all these former "important functions" and come out much better - the deadbeats would have to be dragged along or left to wallow in the mud.

Here's the 3rd point: All the real government functions, Constitutional and mostly not, aside, the big show in all of these shutdowns involves the small but fun stuff. There'll be big news about complaints that the National Parks are closed, one can't get into the National Air and Space museum, the Post Office* is out of stamps, blah blah. Hey, this stuff IS inconvenient, but most of the people, whether put-out or not, do not understand that all of this kind of stuff put together is a negligible < 1 % part of the $4,000,000,000,000 yearly budget of the Fed-gov. "We need the roads, right?" a somewhat reasonable person would ask. Most of that stuff is locally paid for - the Fed-gov just likes making the rules of the road, which they enforce by withholding taxpayer money flows back to the states. (That is the subject of an upcoming post on the income tax, long overdue too.) This show of "See, your vacation is ruined! You need us! Fuck you, pay us!" happens every time, and the Lyin Press is, of course, complicit, as Fed-gov is their bread and butter.

Things would be a lot better if the public were more numerate, in general. Imagine if people did understand that the few services that they like are such a tiny part of their tax money. "Oh, can't get into the Air and Space Museum? We can run it with just the taxpayers' dollars spent by "our" Senators and Congressmen on vacations, hookers and blow ... yea! ... and with enough left over for a massive Capitol Christmas tree!"

Ron Paul wrote his column on this government shutdown nonsense, and I noticed it here, on unz.com a few hours after posting the above. Dr. Paul's post more comprehensive while describing the travesty that is the modern Feral Government, but his 2nd-to-last paragraph matches my point 3 thusly:
The only way average Americans will notice that the government is shut down will be high-profile closures of any national park or other such facility that Americans actually want to visit. That is their way of punishing Americans.
How about that for great minds thinking alike? Or, does, Ron Paul read the Peak Stupdity blog? Hmmmmm....

The Utah spy compound , err, I mean Data Center. Anyone care if we turn this into an outlet mall? I thought not.

* The post office is one of the few offices of government that is actually specified in the founding former rule-of-the-land document. I personally think it functions pretty damn well too.

[Updated 01/23 afternoon:] Added link to Dr. Ron Paul's weekly column, seen since original posting.

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The last of the beat poets

Posted On: Saturday - January 20th 2018 7:37PM MST
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The Peak Stupidity blog has beat this beatnik topic like red-headed stepchild over the last couple of days, so this should be the last of it. I was not there to witness these pre-hippy beatniks, but I guess you could say that the beatniks were the John the Baptist to the Hippies that thought they were Jesus, once the LSD kicked in. (From our Peak Stupidity research, the beatniks did more than their share of that stuff too.)

Because there weren't a whole lot of movie cameras, much less VHS video cameras around during that long-ago era, compared to the ubiquity of video recording going on today, I can't get you even B&W recordings of Allen Ginsburg or William Boroughs. Apparently, the youtube crews were not able to gain access to the clubs and homo-erotic LSD road-trip-planning sessions due to being blacklisted as Non-Communists (as opposed to today, when they'd fit right in!) Therefore, here is one of the latter-day beat poets:

That was Mike Myers in "So, I Married an Axe Murderer". You know, I think I've just seen bits and pieces of this 1993 comedy, but since the mandated-PC stuff hadn't geared up yet by '93, I need to see that. Mike Myers is one of the most versatile funny guys; the girl in that scene is co-star Nancy Travis, the alleged axe murderer.

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10,004th Maniac - lost now on the country miles in his Cadillac...

Posted On: Friday - January 19th 2018 10:02PM MST
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Not least of all of the beat generation mentioned in the last post was a guy named Neal Cassady (yes, along with other problems like his Mom died when he was 10 and he had lived on the street with his drunkard Dad, he was a COBS victim too - that's Children Of Bad Spellers. OK, pretty low, even for Peak Stupidity, but c'mon messing up the 1st AND last names?). Now, unlike the 3 beat generation guys discussed previously, I wouldn't call Neal Cassady a "piece of work", just more like a "character", which is a hell of a lot better.

Being a "character", Neal Cassady is one of the major characters in the Tom Wolfe book "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" which younger people who don't really know what all went on in the 1960's would think is some "Alice in Wonderland" type novel. Nope, that Tom Wolfe book is non-fiction, so Cassady is "featured" in that book, and shouldn't be called a character in that sense. Well, it would be hard for someone who has grown up during the last 30 years to understand that, yes, what went on in that book was a weird, weird trip, but you could do all that, as it was a free country back then.

The post title is from the great great-ful Dead song, spelled correctly, really because, although this Beat writer is mentioned in this John Perry Barlow written song (music written by Bob Weir), it was really about the birth of a baby girl, Cassidy Law, into the Dead extended family. The lyrics in the post title are about Neal Cassady's big penchant for long road trips, like Jack Kerouac. Additionally, they both wrote in the stream-of-consciousness manner.

Oh, yeah, speaking of beat-niks, beat-this, and beat-that, it was a band called the beat-les, it turns out, that provided Paul McCartney his path to stardom with the band Wings. Just a bit of trivia for the curious reader that doesn't have the deep trivial knowledge base of the Peak Stupidity blog.

This is another acoustic Dead song from the album Reckoning - like "Ded Reckoning", "Ded" for "Deduced", see, the most basic form of navigation other than pilotage (looking at the ground). We have posted two songs from this same album before, "Dark Hollow" and "The Race is On".

Come to think of it, may as well post this Doobie Brothers' rock song, "Neal's Fandango", as this guy was thought enough of to be in at least 2 songs. It's from the album Stampede, way before the band was single-handedly ruined by the more jazz-oriented Michael McDonald. Can you follow these lyrics, at that speed? After you figure it out - hey we didn't have the internet during the time of The Doobies - you can hear:

"It was Neal Cassady who started me a-traveling, all the stories that he told, I believed them, every one."

Neal Cassady and that free beatnik lifestyle of his sure made an impression on a lot of people.

I like the Dead/Barlow lyrics so much, I'll just end the post with that. Good night.

"I have seen where the wolf has slept by the silver stream.
I can tell by the mark he left, you were in his dream.
Ah child of countless trees, ah child of boundless seas.

What you are, and what you're meant to be
Speaks his name, though you were born to me,
born to me, Cassidy.

Lost now on the country miles in his Cadillac.
I can tell by the way you smile, he is rolling back.
Come wash the nighttime clean, come grow the scorched ground green.

Blow the horn, and tap the tambourine.
Close the gap of the dark years in between
you and me, Cassidy.

Quick beats in an icy heart, catch colt draws a coffin cart,
There he goes and now here she starts, hear her cry.

Flight of the seabirds
Scattered like lost words,
Wield to the storm and fly.

Fare thee well now,
let your life proceed by it's own design.
Nothing to tell now,
let the words be yours, I'm done with mine.
Fare thee well now,
let your life proceed by it's own design.
Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours,
I'm done with mine."

Flight of the seabirds
Scattered like lost words,
Wield to the storm and fly.

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10,003 Maniacs

Posted On: Thursday - January 18th 2018 6:53PM MST
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Time has gone by to where there are people in America, who speak English even, who have no idea that the famous singer Paul McCartney used to be in a famous rock-n-roll combo , err, band. Yes, it's true, and the band was called Wings. Peak Stupidity featured these 4 3 lads blokes and blokettes from Liverpool England on videos of "Helen Wheels" and "Junior's Farm". Anyway, this post is about a similar bunch of culture lost by most in the mists of time and marijuana fumes.

We all know about the 1960's, really the era from 1965 to the early 1970's; it was the era of the hippies, yipees, the dropouts, the freaks, pinkos (well "the pinkos you'll always have with you.", "they" say), ... that whole bunch of craziness. However, I personally did not know about until a coupla decades back, and most don't, the bunch of weirdos that existed in our land as precursors to the '60's bunch. These were the "Beatniks", composed of the Beat poets and, I would imagine, Beat musicians, Beat artists, Beat financial advisors ... well, you get the idea - lumped together they make a bunch of niks. This stuff started when WWII was still on, I was shocked to find out during research for this post (yes, I looked a few things up, as it was very interesting).

Well, back in the early 1990's, years later, Natalie Merchant and her great band,
The 10,000 Maniacs
wrote a great song played by her band called "Hey, Jack Kerouac" on the album In my Tribe, a hell of an album, BTW, which was about these Beat guys. Man, the more I read up doing my research, the more I learned that lots of these guys were real pieces of work, in the modern parlance, but then known as wild-ass nutcases. (Yes, and I think saying "Man .." to begin a sentence may have started with this Beat generation, and it's damn hard to shake, man.) It wasn't just sitting in coffee shops and talking about "the system" and standing up reciting that Beat poetry for lots of these guys. There were shootings, amphetamine-fueled cross-country road trips. homo-orgies, regular-orgies, and high-tailing it to Morocco by way of Mexico due to some of the former. It was a scene, man! To think that this was well before the 1st real hippie was out of his diapers opening up the medicine cabinet.

Let's listen to the 10,000 Maniacs while we learn about 3 more:

Jack Kerouac took to the road .. wrote ... "On the Road" ... a book using the .... oh yeah, stream of consciousness style .. can you dig?

Hey Jack Kerouac, I think of your mother
and the tears she cried, she cried for none other
than her little boy lost in our little world that hated
and that dared to drag him down, her little boy courageous,

who chose his words from mouths of
babes got lost in the wood.
Hip flask slinging madman, steaming cafe flirts,
they all spoke through you.

Hey Jack, now for the tricky part,
when you were the brightest star who were the shadows?
Of the San Francisco beat boys you were the favorite.
Now they sit and rattle their bones and think of their blood stoned days.

You chose your words from mouths of
babes got lost in the wood.
The hip flask slinging madman, steaming cafe flirts,
in Chinatown howling at night.

He was one of the "beat boys" who seemed, at my quick reading, to be having a good time with the beat life. Everyone likes an occasional road trip.

Allen Ginsberg (right side), one of the more homosexual of this crowd, and somewhat insane like the rest of them.

Allen baby, why so jaded?
Have the boys all grown up and their beauty faded?

Well there ya' go. She wouldn't even be able to sing this now without a bunch of grief from someone or other.

William Boroughs, "Billy", possibly bi-sexual or more, shot his wife in the head down in Mexico, got checked into, or checked into insane asylums like people go to Zippie Marts for slushies... oh, yeah, forgot about the drugs and stuff

Billy, what a saint they've made you,
just like Mary down in Mexico on All Souls' Day.

You chose your words from mouths of babes got lost in the wood.
Cool junk booting madmen, street minded girls
in Harlem howling at night.
What a tear stained shock of the world,
you've gone away without saying goodbye.

Well, as the Peak Stupidity blog has maintained over our time on the web, it's the melody and sound that beat out lyrics completely for making a great song. However, this song has all three. 10,000 Maniacs is a great band, and Natalie Merchant could really belt out those lyrics, and they were well written at that.

Great ending too! "You've gone away babe without saying... say-e-a-e-a-e-a-e-a-e-a-e-a-ing goodbye."

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Apollo 12 Lunar landing footage from > 48 years back

Posted On: Wednesday - January 17th 2018 7:58PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has no particular anniversary to celebrate here regarding this 2nd lunar landing mission. It's just that the youtube video of the dramatic (in terms of audio anyway) footage has been sitting here running scripts and slowing down the computer! That's not a great reason to write a post, but I had this in mind for sometime anyway - good commentary will always out, as they I say.

Next summer, '09, will be 5 DECADES since Apollo 11, the mission in which 2 American men landed on the moon only 8 years or so after the first American in space, and the latter was only several (like 3 - 5) years since American rockets that could get a man even near orbit were working properly even 1/2 the time! What amazing progress by a country of can-do people, especially engineers, technicians, and pilots! The Peak Stupidity blog wrote a small bit here and here 3 months back regarding China and which is the "can-do" country now - the reader probably doesn't need a hint.

This video is of the landing phase, and though the 2 pilots sound mostly calm and collected, there was not much room for error in what they were doing here. They had auto guidance till a few hundred feet up, but had to be completely aware of radar altitude (well you're not gonna get barometric on the moon anyway!), position, descent angle, vertical speed, and fuel remaining in percent, but extra could be measured in seconds, as 1 minute's worth was a lot to spare! On this mission one goal was to try to land very accurately in position, so as to be near enough to a 3 y/o unmanned space probe to walk to it (they came within 1/4 mile). Pete Conrad got pretty excited when he saw the crater and surrounding of the intended landing spot. People could read a map back then, I'll tell you what.

Footage kinda ended abruptly (not in this vid) after Alan Bean accidentally pointed the for-the-first-time color TV camera into the sun, and it was toast.

Back to the question - has there ever been a country in such great shape economically and demographically to have accomplished such a feat? I don't want to get into too much detail, but the electronics of the age were so far from what any cheap 10-year-old Motorola phone would have now (compared to the whole spacecraft put together!) that Earth was a different world from now too. The REAL ENGINEERING involved, no, not software programming, but true mechanical and electrical genius and problem-solving was tremendous. How far back has the onset of Socialism, being implemented that same decade, set American from the course to the stars that we could have otherwise stayed on? It's not just the money that's been wasted and done much more harm than good - it's the attitude of this whole place that has changed. The whole thing is saddening, and just as a needed pick-me-up, a pretty humorous video as an "opposing argument" is presented further below.

To make this Peak Stupidity commentary fairly timely here, I'll just ask the question - could this have been accomplished in Haiti?! Please don't insult the intelligence of any of us here with an answer in the comments. I mean, given all the money the world could come up with, I doubt things could possibly have gotten any further than the building of a decent road to a non-existent launching pad. There is not the human capital to do anything like this, and there never will be, unless the island had the population swapped out with, say, I dunno, Norway? Well, though Norwegians could turn the Haiti side of that island into a livable place with lots of work, I maintain the Americans of today, much less the Norwegians, are not up to anything like this anymore. Things could change though.

The Apollo 12 mission, as seen here, and the rest of the US manned space program, were accomplished at a time when America was the furthest thing from a shithole than the world had ever seen, both before and since. Here's hoping we go in the right direction again, after Peak Stupidity.

After all the criticism of this country that has been written here at Peak Stupidity for over a year, lest the reader feel we have become a bit shitholier-than-thou, we present some humor in the form of a Ken Burns-like video documentary of "The Old Negro Space Program":

(Just as a first comment before you watch this, the funniest stuff is the "Ken Burns-like" interviewee professor, wearing his sport jacket as a professor should, using the phrases "if I may", "if you will", and "as it were". That's what cracked me up the most. Check out the credits, too: "No one actually caught fire.")

Old Negro Space Program:

PS, I just read also that the Apollo 12 mission was the one featured, via actors, in the show, OK officially "docu-drama" miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon" back in 1998 which was 3 decades after the mission.

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Study finds that sexism is rampant in nature

Posted On: Tuesday - January 16th 2018 7:42PM MST
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This was reported by The Onion, the on-line humor magazine, way back in 2002. There would be no point in writing this article today. It is obsolete in that the general stupidity level has increased so much just in these intervening 16 years that the article would be taken seriously. (That kind of screws things up when you are trying to run a humor magazine #NOT FUNNY!)

Me too! This happened 18 years ago back in our old pee-delimited ranch out in the Serengeti, but, emotionally it feels like yesterday.

Some of the highlights of this research:
"Take the behavior of the ring-neck pheasant," Tannen said. "After mating, the male immediately abandons the hen, leaving her responsible for the total care for the chicks. For the single mother-to-be, there is no assistance, either in the form of a partner or child support. Nor is there any legal recourse. It's despicable."

Tannen said pheasants are typical of the natural world, where a mere 5 percent of animal species mate for life. Among species that do form lasting pairs, the situation barely improves: Females must remain close to the nest to incubate eggs, nurse, and keep watch over the burrow while males are free to go off hunting and fishing with their friends.

"The sexist attitude that child-rearing is 'women's work' is prevalent throughout nature and has been for generations, probably since reptiles first developed mammalian characteristics in the Triassic period," Tannen said. "Sadly, most creatures never pause to challenge these woefully outdated gender roles."
Shades of the Hollywood-inspired "me too" movement - something about bit-part actors should have the same benefits as directors and even producers, if I am understanding the movement correctly ... here:
More seriously, in addition to an unfair division of labor, nature is rife with sexual abuse and harassment. The UCSD study estimates that in 2001 alone, more than 170 trillion cases of abuse occurred in the world's forests, grasslands, and oceans—all of them unreported.

"During the act of mating, the female moose is subject to excessive biting, nipping, and herding," Tannen said. "The male has no qualms about using sheer, brute force to overpower his sex partner, and the female, accustomed to this sort of rough treatment after millions of years of it, doesn't even realize there's something wrong."

"Then, when it's time for the bull moose to complete the sexual act," Tannen continued, "it's over in about five seconds, with no regard to female pleasure whatsoever. Typical."

Adding insult to injury, Tannen said, the bull moose then heads off to mate with dozens more females over a period of two to three weeks, justifying his behavior as "part of the Mardi Gras-like atmosphere of 'mating season.'"

With other species, darker situations unfold.

"To mate, the male Galapagos tortoise simply immobilizes the female with his weight, which, as far as I'm concerned, qualifies as non-consensual sex,"
Remember that all of this Onion research has been peer-reviewed. It's hard to even continue to fathom this dark travesty, but read on:
Annie Secunda, a Boston-based females'-rights advocate, said swift action must be taken to address the problem of sexism within the animal kingdom.

"We need to provide tigresses, hens, and all other females in nature with outreach programs and support networks," Secunda said. "We also need to impose standards through intervention. The males of all species need to hear loud and clear the message that this kind of animal behavior is not acceptable."

Secunda conducts numerous workshops aimed at creating female-friendly biomes and promoting the health and positive self-image of females on both land and in the sea. She also strongly advocates the legalization of infanticide, which would enable females to devour their newborn offspring when resources are limited.

Secunda spent much of 2001 in the Amazon rainforest, working to create safe spaces for female animals. These efforts, however, yielded mixed results: Females have avoided the lighted walkways she built in several dangerously dense areas, and leaflets encouraging females to learn how their own bodies work were ultimately used to line dens for the rainy season.

Far from discouraged, Secunda said she plans to embark on an intensive study of the sexuality of flora.

"Multicellular plants alternate sexually reproducing and asexually reproducing generations, with each plant producing both male and female gametes," Secunda said. "It seems many plants have moved past conventional notions of male-female gender altogether. It's so liberating, I can't help but have hope for all those so-called 'higher' species of animals."

Hey, I about pasted the whole article, but the link is to only a secure server and won't work in some browsers. Hence, Peak Stupidity offers no apology.

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Local Politics

Posted On: Tuesday - January 16th 2018 7:08PM MST
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Special interest voters:

They say "all politics is local". I don't really know what "they" are talking about, so just keep that in mind. This post is a short one about local elections. I had written comments about some of the worst of the US Senators and the fact that many in the R-wing of The Party get elected because the "R" is next to their names, but prior to that, not many people come out for the primary. Voting for a US Senator is not a local election of course, and not really much of a State election anymore (though it's still held there) due to US Constitution Amendment XVII (that's 17 for those of you in Buena Vista) ratified 100 years back (EVERY SINGLE TIME!). These Senate elections are basically national elections nowadays, with the money (and even candidates, cough, Hildabeast, cough, cough) coming from all over.

So, yeah, I'm not writing about the big ones, but the primaries are held at times such that, except for special widely-publicized cases of underdogs trying to kick out long-entrenched incumbents (cases like that), only those actually interested in politics will show up to vote. This reminded me of some thoughts on our local elections. Local elections might also be held at odd times of the year, or at least in November, but on those odd-number years. These are the ones where the people voting are mostly interested parties, and this works against the regular taxpayer who wishes the local governments will both leave him along AND not keep grabbing more money each year.

As discussed here and mentioned a bit previously here, the library bonds are a good example. Besides the usual tax leaches in certain parts of town (you may or may not know who you are) it's the people with the entrenched interests who are going to make a big get-out-the-vote effort. Since the total votes cast will be fairly small, unless the vote does happen to coincide with a presidential election, these people have a great influence. Just take the unneeded renovation of the libraries, as linked to. The library employees and their complete extended families up to 3rd cousins twice-removed are probably voting at above 90% - it's their livelihood ... based on our labor. Lots of times, in fact, we might even be laboring to support them on the day the votes are cast, hence missing a chance to say "hell no, you make plenty of my money already!"

Of course, it's not just the libraries but lots of local interests and local spending that work out like this. Just like on the national level though, most don't really care until they are plain getting their asses kicked, figuratively or literally.

This brings up a certain fairly near-by neighbor. There are lots of otherwise friendly and stand-up people that you just don't want to talk politics to. The one in question is not all that. I wouldn't be talking enough to even bring up anything political, so just as well there, as this neighbor is obviously a hard-core member of the ctnrl-left. How do I know that? From the signs at the front of the yard each time there is a local election that I often otherwise wouldn't know about. They are very, very helpful. I just read the sign, try to memorize the name or issue, and vote against whatever the hell the sign says! This has been working out well for years.

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Happy General Robert E. Lee's Birthday!

Posted On: Monday - January 15th 2018 12:27PM MST
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"Hey, hey, hey! (Hey, hey hey), I was born a Rebel,
down in Dixie (Hey, hey hey) on a Sunday morning."

More to come, but busy here on this celebration day of a great man, soldier, and Virginian - his actual birthday is January 19th, but you know how the government hard-working folks love their 3-day weekends (guess that could have worked out.)

Yeah, to continue to the point of this post, it really shouldn't matter which side of the War of Northern Agression you feel was in the right somehow, This great American and who stayed loyal to his country (Virginia) to the end was someone every man should admire, if he has done any reading of this history. Peak Stupidity posted this commentary on this illustrious general back during the time when the cntrl-left attacked some defenders of a statue of the man in Charlottesville, Virginia this past summer.

If we're gonna have a Federal Holiday why not celebrate a great man, the type that hardly get made today, vs. a Commie-supported serial adulterer "preacher", whose type you will find plenty of... that's his legacy you might say.

It's also not easy to put all the bogus titles the guy the Poltically Correct urge us to revere this day on this blog, much less a damn street sign in every city (beware .... not usually the best of neighborhoods). Let's see:

The - OK, fine.
Reverend - from what has been revealed over the years, he is far from reverent.
Doctor - The guy plagiarized a bunch of his bullshit dissertation, so no, he doens't deserve this title.
Martin Luther - Now there's a guy I can get behind. It took a lot of guts to defy the corrupt Catholic Church of the late middle ages.
King - What?
Junior - Who really knows with his crowd?

No, we celebrate a great American here, and, for crying out loud, if you're gonna decide we have to celebrate a black man each January for reasons of AA or what-have-you, how about a real straight-up erudite gentleman who knows what this country is supposed to be about, Doctor (PhD, Univ. of Chicago in Economics - 1968) Thomas Sowell, recently retired at 86 y/o. OK, he was born June 30th, not this month, so we could create a week-long government shutdown between then and Independence Day. It'd give those slave-driven Feral-Gov workers time to recharge their batteries, and the public could dub it "Safe Space" week, and get some shit done.

BTW, coincidentally, upon searching for info on Robert E. Lee, it turned up that last year at this time, Goolag, err, Google had displayed General Lee's birthday info. along with some business listings (with a warning about closures due to the holiday) in Southern states! Apparently they were subsequently bent out of shape about it. The blurb is hilarious just due to the stupidity of their political correctness.

About this Martin Luther King, I guess he could give a good speech, if all that matters to you is words, not deeds.

"I have a dream ..." Yeah, buddy, we all have dreams. We ain't gonna see them all happen ...

This is the best song, in my opinion, from The Allman Brothers' debut album from 1969, with Greg's soulful singing (RIP Greg Allman) and the awsome lead and bottleneck slide guitat of his brother Duane. Molly Hatchett, featured here on Peak Stupidity, covered this song with a more choppy sound, but still very good.

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Authentic Coach handbag or cheap Chinese knockoff, and WHO CARES?

Posted On: Saturday - January 13th 2018 9:34PM MST
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  Cheap China-made Crap  Music  Humor  Female Stupidity

Which looks better, you say? Just drop those two thingamajigs and turn around once or twice. I'll tell ya.

Peak Stupidty has our newest topic key, Female Stupidity, starting with this post ... clap, clap, clap. I've tried to keep the list down somewhat and apply existing ones to each new post. However, this and some previous posts (gonna have to clean up like this in general) deserve this new one, as nothing else fit well. Yeah, don't get your reproductive-parts-hats all askew, feminists and other ladies, as most of the other flavors of stupidity can be assumed to have men involved, along with a few female hangers-on (is that a real word?).

With that housekeeping behind us, what the hell is with all these Coach and other designer purses, now called handbags? It's been irking me for a while, but it came up in an on-line conversation today, or maybe I just wrote it and got no answer, like a modern-day conversation. It's nothing like the big deal of the serious rip-offs of American intellectual property in the engineering world, but this knock-off purse, shoes, whatever female consumer goods thing means a lot to some damn people.

I have no doubt that the fake bags, being cheap China-made crap are lower quality and are a rip-off for the good-tasting lady with good taste who expected quality. A man would figure, yeah, I want this thing to last a decade or more to get my money's worth. Let's pressure test them or something, and get the poor ladies' money back from the Chi-Coms for this poor quality imitation crap.

The stupidity here is that the ladies really don't care about the quality when they buy a cheap one to display their high status with. It's to show off, as no women wants to be left out of the whole handbag scene. Imagine, carrying your lipstick and Sue Grafton novels in a handbag with some unknown design on it! Better just to stick all the stuff in your pockets, if it came down to it. Now, the ladies who paid full price can feel lots of pride that they blew $500 of their husband's labor on this REAL one, but who can tell about the other ladies? They are getting ripped off of their show-off power. It's a quandary really, and there is probably some esoteric field of mathematics (game theory?) that can describe what these ladies should do.

In the meantime, to avoid trouble, the husband should not buy any kind of handbag at all, but just a boob job (pay for quality, no cheap knocker-offs will do here) and a gym membership. This will cost the same as a real Coach handbag (hell, I don't know), but with results that can be distinguished. That is, until the Chambers of Commerce of both nations can amicably work this out. Next on the agenda, shoes.

What do I know about all this, to be writing a blog post about it? I'm probably not your best source, as it wasn't that long ago that I figured women also had just one or two pairs of shoes, with an extra dirty set for painting.

Hey, listen, back in the day, you didn't worry about what brand your handbag was, as folks was poor, see?! You took good care of the handbags and gladrags that your GrandDadddy had to literally sweat so's you could buy . .. acccording to Rod Stewart, anyway .... Well, I can tell you this, we didn't use cheap Chinese knock-off gladrags either, people ... whatever the hell they are.

Rod Stewart, featured here, doesn't have a smooth Gerry Rafferty-type voice by any means, but his gravelly voice is good too. The song was written by a guy named Mike D'Abo from the band Manfred Man and is from Stewart's An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down album from way back in 1967.

On youtube, I usually ignore the comments writing about "I came here from ...", I guess some video games, but a short snippet of the instrumental part of Handbags and Gladrags was the intro. music on the British version (original) of The Office - the American version possibly being the funniest TV show of all time.

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The founding of America - was it a fluke?

Posted On: Saturday - January 13th 2018 9:03PM MST
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Was this a once in all history event? Where do you get guys like this?

I gotta say, the last post was one of the darkest posts ever seen here on the Peak Stupidity blog. "Dark" is a big, very popular descriptive world nowadays for the Lyin' Press, especially in reference to any dark think being done to change the status quo of America's sinking into the abyss. What I had forgotten to add to the bottom of that last post (in addition to it being long enough anyway) was the following regarding the founding of our formerly great nation. This is an optimistic antidote and addendum to the previous post, then.

Yeah, you had your French Revolution, before anyone called each other Comrade or just Commie, then the Bolsheviks turning Russia into the USSR, the Red Chinese taking the country at an opportune time, the usual turmoil in Central and South America with the Commies taking over for a while, people then just about starving and going all police state on their asses (get some popcorn - in progress in former crown jewel of S. America Venezuala). Each time, the new boss was not any better than the old boss. The difference with the Commie tyrannies is that it would take extra long to turn the ship around with those types in perpetual-revolution mode, and with more purges going on than at an all-you-can-eat buffet on supermodel 1/2-price night.

Has there been any other time in history when the people have thrown off the yoke of their oppressors and turned the government into something much better, other than the founding of America? You could go back to the time of the Romans and even the Greeks and only then find something close in awesomeness. The closest things were probably the Glorious Revolution in England and other events in the land of the forefathers of our founders. Interestingly enough, that Glorious Revolution was exactly 1 century early than the signing of the US Constitution depicted above (couldn't find a damn file photo anywhere on the web!). Though it seems like completely ancient history now, the signing of the US Constitution is 2 1/2 times as far back for us, as the Glorious Revolution was for those signers!

This most amazing occurence of our country's founders coming out of a war against their oppressors (kid stuff compared to the US Police State and Feral Gov't oppression today) had the wisdom and diligence to create that great document that guided the Republic and limited the size of the Feral Beast of a government for near 150 years, with a few interruptions, cough, Lincoln, cough, cough. Nowadays, kids at school don't even learn much about this once-in-history occurence, but when I did, I don't think I appreciated how amazing a job it was. Are there any poeple like Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison and the rest even around today? I think that the reason that these people were able to create the free society of our early American Republic is that they had been heirs to the Englishmen who had built up the ideas (taken from ancient-Greek ideas too) of liberty and rule-of-law, but also, had been living some of the freest, least-interfered-with lives ever seen before as colonists in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Just to end up on a somewhat sour note to fit in with last post afterall, is this transformation from the (albeit light, relative to now) yoke of oppression to a small-government republic something that people could even understand today? I don't mean just the cntrl-left, the big-gov Democrats and Republicans and the Socialists/Neo-Commies among us. Even the alt-right and modern conservatives keep dissing the Constitutionalists with the "muh Constitution" and "Libertard" crap. Perhaps there are not many left in the world who deserve to know freedom.

Just look at the men in the picture above. Could you imagine anyone but good, honest Englishmen doing anything like that? How about some of the relocated Somalians, the DACA kids from El Salvador, even the bright Chinese people who've taken over the computer science department? Why are you laughing?!! This post is supposed to end sadly... please stop.

More trivial matters are in store for the next post, before Peak Stupidity is placed on suicide watch by our concerned hosting folks. [Actually, they don't care - Editor]

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Intellectual vs. Intellectual

Posted On: Friday - January 12th 2018 10:26AM MST
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You've got to break a couple million eggs to make a million omelets. This is what they are actually talking about:

The Peak Stupidity blog has promised at the end of the very last post to develop a Grand Unified Theory of Evil, perhaps coupled with a Grand Unified Theory of Stupidity. However, this will require additional research by the staff and possibly a large grant provided by readers like you the taxpayers, I mean National Institute of Evil/Stupidity Interrelationships. We don't expect the money anytime soon, as it perhaps is indeed better spent on the ongoing investigations into the mating habits of the Portuguese man-o-war and similar important science. So, I have not timeline on this but would like to relate the Commies, Neocons, and Globalists, as I wrote. This post will just be more focused on the Communist side of totalitarianism again.

Peak Stupidity has expounded before on the continual, possibly centennially-occuring epidemics of Communism or other totalitarian ideas. It's seems the cycle of seeing stupidity writ large throughout a society in grand experiments, then 3 - 7 decades or so of struggle by a miserable population to end it, followed by a few more generations who don't want to read or learn a thing about it, is destined to continue.

Right now, most of the worst political ideas come from the intellectuals, who should supposedly know a good idea from a bad one. Through history though, it seems to go that that the intellectuals are the ones who promote the ideas of Communism and Socialism, in front of a sometimes willing and oftentimes unwilling population. Yet, early on in these experiments with new political systems (well new implementations, as they weren't done right the first time, apparently) result in the intellectuals being the first to be rounded up and buried alive, or mercifully, shot in the head first and then pushed into a ditch.

Now, in America, I won't say all of the University professors are of the cntrl-left, totalitarian bent. There are those in engineering, computer software, and the sciences that really don't want any part of the stupidity. I am sure most of them keep that to themselves, however. They just want to be left alone to do their usually interesting work. That requires going along with lots of the intellectual stupidity. It takes a wise man to understand that, though you may not be interested in politics, politics may be interested in you. I will give even (MOST!) of the Climatologists a break. As written before (see last paragraph), it's the "journalists" who can't understand any science who blow up reports of work-in-progress into alarmist garbage for readership.

That was indeed off the subject a bit, but the intellectuals are almost all of the cntrl-left bent in all other schools of the universities, in the arts, in the media (well, intellectual is all relative, I guess), and in government. Since they purport to be society's elites, why do they end up in such bad shape when their own stupid ideas come to fruition? Let's look back at some bad occurences of the breakout of commie and other totalitarian stupidity.

The Bolsheviks who killed many to turn Russia into a Communist society back 100 years ago last year were the supposed intellectuals. I guess most of them came out good for a while, but it was only until the power struggles (think Lenin vs Trotsky) started. Later on, as their dream had been fulfilled for a decade or more and Stalin took over, he had had enough of the original Bolsheviks and purged lots of them.

In China, the butcher/chairman Mao was not really a big intellectual himself - but don't tell him that! The country may have been an exception as the poor peasants were the ones who gave Mao power and victory over the elite and those following the Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek. Red China went through much turmoil under this man, and the first big one was the "Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom" campaign. Was this a Mao idea of 5-, or at least 1-D chess? He encouraged the intellectuals to speak out with their great ideas to help the then-new Communist great society. That gave him lots of names of people to send to the prison camps. (Trump is playing checkers compared to that man.)

I don't think anyone had heard of the word "communism" back in the 1790's, as Karl Marx was safely incubating in Hell, but the French Revolution is an another example illustrating one possible answer to the question of why the intellectuals don't come out too well under totalitariansim. People are fed up with the oppression of the current political system, and things get out of hand, violently. At these times, with the French Revolution being an example, a new faction, with the most power takes over and it becomes "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." See, Socialism/Communism is a complete failure as an economic system due to simple things that most people have learned during the kindergarten years. When times get tough econmically, as they will, then the struggle begins, as the top Commies want to live a decent life, not the life of their simple peasant followers. There can only be so many people at the top, in the elite, so lots of those intellectuals have got to go, good ideas notwithstanding. It's pretty easy really, as The Party line can be changed daily, meaning these formerly with-it intellectuals may tomorrow be quoting ideas blasphemous to the doctrine. You can never run out of ditches, right?

One of the worst of them. Pol Pot had 1/4 of "his" people killed or starved. People wearing glasses came first, as they were obviously intellectuals. Go long lasik surgery!

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President Trump seems to have been Neoconned into worthlessness

Posted On: Thursday - January 11th 2018 8:41AM MST
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(Picture directly from VDare.com)

It's not the idea of the Peak Stupidity blog to delve into wonkishness, meaning the details of the all the deals being made by the our betters in "our" all-knowing, all-powerful Feral Government. It's not that the details aren't important, just that Peak Stupidity does not completely have the reigns of power in the BIG PUNDIT world as of yet, in order to do a damn thing about anything that goes on in the Washington, F.S. An example of our opinion on this was in our Christmas time post on the income tax changes that, even if one gets into the details, turn into a big ball of nothing.

Therefore, excuse us if we have not been following the details of the latest capitulation negotiations in the 5-dimensional chess game over DACA, or Grand Amnesty 2.0, between the evil bunch across the aisle and the stupid and seemingly stupid on "our side". I just read the stuff after the fact from writers I can trust. The one truly outstanding member of BIG PUNDIT that is on this issue is Miss Ann Coulter, praised on Peak Stupidity multiple times, here, here, here, here, and here. Ann Coulter is "pissed off indeed at the President Trump meeting with the D-wing of The Party, as it sounds like 5-D Chess is possibly not a real game, and this guy gave away the farm. Her lastest column is It Turns Out Bannon WAS Trump’s Brain.

As mentioned in that last of those 5 links regarding Miss Coulter's writing, she writes with the idea the policies that can start to end the immigration stupidity in our country are just not being done due to stupidity of the people in power, say, President Trump. In other words, if they would just listen and GET IT, they would do what Americans want done. As I stated in that last post, that's not the case. To add to what I wrote then, Trump in particular is not stupid and is obviously aware of what needs to be done. Why has he become suddenly stupid and a bad negotiator?

Has President Trump been neoconned already? Some of my ideas about how this happens were laid out here back when Trump totally reneged on his campaign promise to rein in the warfare state, as the Syria bombing started and he started mouthing off about N. Korea. That was very close to the beginning of his term as President, only 3 months in, and all of that stuff is completely under the control of the President in the Commander-in-Chief role. As I wrote, the great thing about this guy as a candidate was that he was already rich, forestalling bribery by the Deep State, already famous and well-known as a New Yorker, forestalling blackmail. The last options is threats to him and his family. Who knows? I didn't see the video of this (according to Miss Coulter), but if it went down per her writing quoted below, than maybe he is under some intense pressure:
In order to prove he doesn’t have dementia, as alleged in a recent book, President Trump called a meeting with congressional leaders on Tuesday—and requested that it be televised.

Ivanka: Show them at your best, Daddy!

He then proceeded to completely sell out the base and actually added to his problems by appearing senile.

In a half-dozen exchanges—which, again, he wanted televised—Trump responded to remarks as if he had no clue what the person was saying. One senator would talk—he’d agree. Someone else would say the exact opposite—he’d agree with that, too.
Yeah, that's depressing to read, and the rest of Miss Coulter's column even more so, when she gets to the details of this impending sell-out.

It was really nice to have a guy on our side to at least rally around and not spend the day scolding real Americans and doing anything she can to screw us over in every realm of life. However, it could never have been just the one man Trump, alone, to ride up and solve our big problems. We're on our own. Get that in your mind now.

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More on the Neocons from Mark Green

Posted On: Wednesday - January 10th 2018 11:38AM MST
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  The Neocons  Deep State

This is more on the unz article by writer Phil Giraldi, as discussed here in a post yesterday about the huge Neocon influence on American foreign policy.

A commenter named Mark Green lays this out just as good as the author, so I'll paste the whole thing, including only one small disagreement from Peak Stupidity. (The big blockquote and italics are to show this is not Peak Stupidity writing.)
Neocon power in Big Government is directly connected to neocon media access and neocon media visibility. This is why ‘experts’ such as Boot, Kristol, Weinstein, Cohen, Stephens, Glasser, Podhoretz, Dubowitz, etc., are not only never stepping down from their appointed roles as high media priests–they’re actually failing their way into positions of tenure and (undue) respectability.

Under any other circumstance, their bulletproof status would defy logic. But because of Israel’s unique place in American life, this makes perfect–though astonishing–sense. This above list of scoundrels may resemble the guest list of a Jewish wedding, but this ongoing affair will produce no honeymoon. These operatives function as soft double agents. Their devious mission is to justify US war(s) of aggression that benefit Israel.

Being a successful neocon doesn’t require being right. Not at all. It’s all about sending the right message. Over and over. Evidence be damned. The neocon mission is not about journalism. It’s about advancing the cause: Mideast disruption and a secure Jewish state.

More importantly, Washington’s impenetrable array of Zio-centric PACs, money-handlers, bundlers, fund-raisers, and billionaires want these crypto-Israeli pundits right where they are–on TV or in the your local newspaper–telling Americans how to feel and what to think. And Big Media–which happens to be in bed with these same powerful forces–needs these Zions in place to not only justify the latest Mideast confrontation, but even ones being planned. It’s one big happy effort at group-think, mass deception, and military conquest. Unfortunately, it’s not being presented that way.

So what lies ahead?

More subversion and more conflict. This explains why Pres. Trump has reversed course. He’s caved. Once elected, Trump decided to would be suicide to try to frustrate the Israeli Lobby. So he cucked his Presidency and dumped several major campaign pledges.

The first to go was his pledge to normalize US-Russian relations (‘make peace’ with Russia) and after that 2) avoid unnecessary wars abroad. That’s was a huge reversal. But Trump did it and few pundits have scolded him for it. The fix is in.

Candidate Trump also stated: “I don’t want your [Jewish] money” to an auditorium full of wealthy Jews. Well, that’s changed too. Pres. Trump is now surrounded by wealthy and powerful Israeli-firsters now, including mega-billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, who ended up feeding the Trump campaign untold millions. Sadly, Trump has totally rolled over for the Israelis.

So Trump (the President) now sees things differently. Very differently. When it comes to the Middle East, Trump has been Hillary-ized. This means there’s no light between what Israel desires and what Washington is willing to deliver. The hyper-wealthy, super cohesive, extraordinarily well-positioned and diabolically cleaver Israeli lobby has Trump over a barrel. Shocking, yes. But true.

So watch Israel’s roughshod expansion continue, along with the typically meek and accommodating responses from Washington.

Regarding Israel, Washington will foot their war bill, supply the arms, lend diplomatic cover and even wage war on their behalf. No country in the world receives this kind of treatment. And no country in the world deserves it.

What’s worse, our ‘independent’ MSM will be there to sanitize Washington’s pro-Israel shenanigans and basically cheer the whole bloody process on. This is where the Zio-punditry of Kristol, Cohen, Stephens, Dubowitz, and Co. come in. They soothe the nervous nellies as they gently justify the death and destruction that come with these military strikes. Media tactics include:

Don’t count enemy war dead. Don’t count civilian war dead. Don’t count displaced refugees. Don’t connect Europe’s immigration crisis to Zio-Washington’s destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

At the same time: Always praise Israeli ‘restraint’. Always refer to Israel as a ‘democracy’. Sneer and jeer the ‘terrorist’ Republic of Iran. Treat every Mideast warlord or rebellion as if it threatens the sanctity of Disneyland or even the next Superbowl. Oh my!

It’s a slick, highly-coordinated, and very manipulative affair. But the magic is working. Americans are being fooled.

Ironically, US security would be improved if we simply minded our own business and did nothing in the Middle East besides pursue normal and peaceful trade policies. But that’s not to be.

The reason for this phenomena is that Washington’s major PACs, syndicates, heavy hitters, influence peddlers, oligarchs, and Big Money handlers (and who also have their clutches on our corrupt MSM) want more Mideast disruption.


Israeli ‘security’. Israeli ‘survival’.

Considering Israel’s extraordinary military power, this might seem silly. But this is what the entrenched Israeli lobby desires.

And both Parties are listening.

To make matters worse, how one ‘thinks’ and ‘talks’ about Israel has unacknowledged limitations and restrictions in Big Washington as well as Big Media.

Diversity of opinion stops at Israel’s doorstep. Like it or not, Zionist Israel is the Third Rail of American discourse. Watch what you say. Even the typically rancorous disputes between Democrats and Republicans gets warm and fuzzy when Israel’s ‘special place’ in American life is raised. America’s ‘special relationship’ with you-know-who is the quintessential red line that no establishment figure will cross. And those who do cross that line tend to fade rapidly into oblivion. This phenomena has not gone unnoticed.

So America is stuck with pro-Israel speech codes and a militantly pro-Zionist foreign policy that has caused immense cost, dislocation, suffering and destruction. It’s been designed that way. And ‘outsider’ Trump is stuck with it. Few dare examine it.

Here’s the short list of Israel’s primary Enemies. Significantly, these are the countries that also get the worst press in American media:

The (anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian) Republic of Iran.
Syria, which still claims land (Golan Heights) stolen by Israel in 1967.
Lebanon (where Hezbollah roams)
Palestine (will they never give up?)
Russia (allied with Iran and Assad’s Syria)

N. Korea is even a player here. Iran and N. Korea have allegedly shared nuclear technology. This infuriates nuclear Israel.

So the Israel angle in this picture is huge. Overwhelmingly so. This is where the oligarchs, media lords, and corrupt journalists come together.

Thus, Israel’s tenured Hasbara brigade in US media will remain firmly in place.
Peak Stupidity back now. That's one hell of a good comment by just a lowly commoner, errr, commenter, a man named Mark Green. The quality of his comment shows how hard it is to break the glass LCD ceiling into BIG PUNDIT. Anyway, I don't agree with just this one line: "Don’t connect Europe’s immigration crisis to Zio-Washington’s destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria."

I think, first of all, that the neocons don’t mind at all the current Euro-invasion being connected with the wars caused by America in the Middle East/N. Africa. I think the people who want this invasion, the evil Commie Merkel ( see also here, and here) and the Brussels EU Globalists, like to use that as an excuse. They would be happy to import people from non-invaded countries, and the refugees from the countries with the turmoil and destruction should be headed to places nearby. That’s how it’s supposed to work – near enough to go home eventually. (I know, that’s not those “refugees’” plan, of course.)

I need to write some post soon that will be an overriding connection of the Globalists, Commies, and Neocons, to sort all these bastards out. It will be some kind of Grand Unified Theory of Evil, maybe a bit easier than developing a similar theory in Physics, but hey, they told me when I started blogging that there would be no math, and I'm holding em to it.

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Movie Review - "Fight Club" still sucks

Posted On: Wednesday - January 10th 2018 11:07AM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  Movies

I don't remember if I saw this movie at the theater back when it came out, but I think it was later on DVD. I didn't get it at the time, and now, after seeing it again recently, it still sucks. Perhaps it would have been better to be in the theater with someone else to explain what the point of all that stupid shit was. I remember a Jerry Seinfeld monologue about this. For me, viewing this movie would be kinda like:

"Hey, why did Brad Pitt move into that house? Where did he come from? Wouldn't the owner kick him out?" "How is the narrator guy gonna get stitched up? They never went to the hospital." He seems all better ... " "Shhhhhh!" "Why would Brad Pitt go out with a skank like that? It's the narrator's skank .. why didn't he go pick up that girl? What? Tyler Durden is Brad Pitt?" "No, idiot, Tyler Durden is the narrator!" "Whaattt!? "SHHHHHH!". "How can he beat up on himself? What is the point of ..." "SHHHHH, assholes!" "Hey, screw you, I paid my $8, you come over here and shhhhh me, bitch!"

Actually, that would not be me - that was my alter-ego, Peak Stupidity Tyler, who is no longer welcome at any of the Royal Cinema venues, due to the fighting and bombs and shit ...

Oh, did I spoil it for you? Oops. First rule of fight club: YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! HOW! BAD! THE! MOVIE! SUCKS! (lucky for me, I'm not a member.)

Yeah, about the Rules of Fight Club again:

1) You do not talk about how bad the movie sucks.
2) You do not talk about how bad the movie sucks, even the 2nd time.
3) When someone runs out of popcorn, or has to pee, Fight Club is over.
4) You do not pay more than 25 cents for a cheap China-ripped DVD.
5) If this is your 1st night at the theater where Fight Club is playing, you go next door to see Cool Hand Luke or Smokey and the Bandit for a dollar fifty.
6) "Teens", please, no brawling in the theater.

PS I'll admit that the anti-consumerism and anti-Matriarchal-society theme in the movie does make good points and is supported by the Peak Stupidity blog. All the messed-up mental stuff should have been just left in the book. They change these movies all the time to where they don't resemble the book. Why not "Fight Club II - Return of the Sanity", in which Tyler Durden turns out to be real after all, blows up the Hollywood studios, hacks all of the Lyin' Press with Peak Stupidity posts, and puts all Fight Club members in the cabs of track-hoes, dozers, front-end-loaders, and concrete trucks to BUILD THE WALL?

Really, the part that really suspended my belief, as us "film people" say, was the part where Brad Pitt has a relationship with that skank. If I were Tyler Durden, I wouldn't touch her with the narrators' dick. It's not that she might be a veneral disease carrier... oh no, it's more like she would be a venereal disease ORIGINATOR. Besides, what would Mrs. Pitt, his Mom, have to say when he brought her home?

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