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More on the gov't/fake media's loss of control of the "narrative":

To expand on the last paragraph of the post below,

This culture war is really coming to a head. The media cannot suppress truthful facts and truthful opinions anymore, but the big guys did not get the internet locked-down in time. The big "plan" is falling apart.

Firstly, we don't really think there is a big "plan", just a lot of people that think the same way. There will be a post on this later.

Next, there is another major change that is in progress regarding the old Gov't/fake media vs. the new version of media. The old media were able to keep their stories straight, so long as a great majority of people's information was from the idiot boxTV and newspapers. Even if major errors and total contradictions were found, they could not make their way into the consciousness of the public, and the media's attitude of "that's our story and we're stickin to it" was hard to beat.

Now, not only are people getting the truth from different outlets, pissing off the gov't/globalist sac-hangersjournalists to no end, but there is another effect we can notice. The public, when still viewing old media, can now see the blatant lies that are put it their face everyday.

From the article referred to by the article referred to [yes, meant to write that] in the last post:

… The message in conservative media is clear: Reverse discrimination — particularly against white Trump voters — is a big problem that the liberals in the media refuse to acknowledge. Oh, and by the way, Chicago (the part inhabited mostly by black people, anyway) is a super-dangerous place, just like Trump said.

The guy's being sarcastic, but what he just said is the Truth! (with the exception of the stupid phrase "reverse discrimination".) People know this, Callum, and BTW, what kind of fucked-up name is Callum, anyway? The lies are so much in our face now. The loss of trust, and any respect for, old-time media outlets has gone down the toilet due to 2, not just the obvious 1st reason here:

1) We can find out the lies from other sources - this is not 1975 with Walter Cronkite on CBS news at 6:30 PM. OK, this has been written about millions of times now.

2) The lies are so blatant now. We see and read these people lying to us, and even THEY KNOW (well, the few bright ones, anyway and their owners) that WE KNOW that it's lies! Yet, they continue.

The problem they have is, again, they could feed this crap to us, and we would have to eat it, if they already had the apparatus set up to arrest, get fired, or otherwise punish people for "daring" to oppose "official truth". They should have set this up before the blogs got started, before Breitbart, Instapundit, VDare, Amren, Infowars, (especially!) Zerohedge, and all the others, even, last but not least, PeakStupidity.com. Too many people are becoming awake, and too damn early! Face it, globalists, you screwed the pooch on this one.

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