Sailer is a one-man gov't-media evisceration machine

Posted On: Friday - January 6th 2017 9:03AM MST
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Steve Sailer (yeah, again) eviscerates yet another idiotic NY Slimes article, this time about a big well-funded, we're sure, study showing that gentrification of neighborhoods can be predicted by knowing where crime will decrease! Let me rephrase that: Unexpectedly, people don't like it when they get mugged and raped and have their cars and apartments broken into a lot. They will improve their houses and pay higher taxes to live in a place that has a decreasing amount of the people who do this sort of thing.

Here's the other one, about a Washington Post anti-trump and anti-trump supporter article, saying "Pro-Trump Narratives Converge in One Awful Attack Streamed on Facebook". The article is about the kidnapping/torture of that white guy by two blacks a few days back, and the problem is with the people that notice and don't like this sort of thing.

You gotta see this crap with our own eyes:

The pro-Trump Infowars website described the episode under a provocative headline: “White man kidnapped, gagged, beaten by racist black anti-Trump gang."

Yep, the truth is getting pretty provocative these days.

More by this imbecile Callum Borchers:

The result was consistent with the findings of researchers at Harvard and Tufts, whose 2011 study concluded that whites, overall, now view discrimination against white people as more prevalent than discrimination against black people.

“This perception is fascinating, as it stands in stark contrast to data on almost any outcome that has been assessed,” the researchers, Samuel Sommers and Michael Norton, wrote on the Post Everything blog in July. “From life expectancy to school discipline to mortgage rejection to police use of force, outcomes for white Americans tend to be — in the aggregate — better than outcomes for black Americans, often substantially so.”

Apparently, the truth is fascinationg to this guy!

This culture war is really coming to a head. The media cannot suppress truthful facts and truthful opinions anymore, but the big guys did not get the internet locked-down in time. The big "plan" is falling apart.

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