On the Daily Mail article about Berlin murders again

Posted On: Wednesday - December 21st 2016 8:01AM MST
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This post was getting long already, and the writer was getting steamed, but here is one more quote I wanted to add and comment on:

"Horst Seehofer, the minister-president of Bavaria and one of the harshest critics of her open-door asylum policy, caused a storm Tuesday night when he said on TV: 'We owe it to the victims, to those affected and to the whole population to rethink our immigration and security policy and to change it.' "

It's a pretty sad state of affairs in a country when the stupidity level, in this case, the political correctness, is so high, that this simple statement about a government policy "causes a storm". If Herr Seehofer's simple statement above "causes a storm", I wonder what the whole truth written in plain English, such as THIS would cause, a Class 5, 300 mph, 26.5 in-Hg center-pressure 2-mile wide tornado? Or maybe, just 10 years jail time is what it would cause, explaining why they Germans can't write or even say the whole truth. I am thankful our country has not gotten to this high stupidity level just yet (it is thanks to God, and thanks to a few hundred wise men who wrote-up the US Constitution.)

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