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Posted On: Wednesday - December 21st 2016 7:28AM MST
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According to the UK Daily Mail, the first suspected GERMAN MAN in the multiple murder and maiming in Berlin was the wrong guy. The actual GERMAN MAN (although, uncharacteristically, a bearded, rag-headed goatfucker (yes, but OUR bearded, rag-headed goatfucker - German Editor)) is on the loose, and "GASP", he's got an evil gun on him.

H√ľndin Merkel, Reich Chancellor, or whatever they call them now, is, I quote (well, wait, this keyboard's got quote marks on it, so) "shocked, shaken, and saddened ... " Yeah, she's a bit sad that she may not stay in office longer. I don't think she's been shaken and shocked yet. I would like to see her shocked in the near future, by 25,000 Volts for a few minutes (AC or DC I don't care - I'm pretty open minded) after a trial by a jury of her subjects. I think the "shaken" part would come as a by-product.

The blood's on your hands, stupid broad:

The article linked to has lots of pictures. I'm not a woman with the intuition to read a face, for example, and see what some of the thoughts inside are. Still, upon looking at some of the truly saddened German women in the pictures, I want to say "Hey, Miss Compassionate non-hateful person, just what in the hell did you think was gonna happen!? Maybe you shouldn't be voting at all and should listen to your men who may have more compassionate and less hate than you think, it's just compassion and love for their own people, not some illiterate dune coons!"

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