NY Slimes links African overpopulation to Global Climate DisruptionTM

Posted On: Saturday - December 17th 2016 9:41AM MST
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Steve Sailer here on VDare and here on Ron Unz's website (the latter has/allows comments) eviscerates this ridiculous NY fish-wrapper-of-record story. As written about here just a couple of days ago, Sailer reads this crap to keep up with these Gov-media lackeys, so's we don't have to.

A couple of parts stand out here:

[Sailer quoting NYS]:" Sub-Saharan Africa is in the throes of a population boom, which means that people have to grow more food precisely at a time when climate change is making it all the more difficult. Fertility rates remain higher than in other parts of the world, and Niger has the highest in the entire world: Women bear more than seven children on average.
Once every three years, according to scientists from the Famine Early Warning Systems Network, or FEWS Net, Niger faces food insecurity, or a lack of adequate food to eat. Hunger here is among the worst in the world: About 45 percent of Niger’s children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition.
Meanwhile, in what is already one of the hottest places on Earth, it has gotten steadily hotter: by 0.7 degrees Celsius since 1975, Fews Net has found. …"

[Sailer]:"Meanwhile, the population of Niger has grown from 5.2 million in 1975 to 19.9 million in 2015. But don’t think about the 14.7 million more people, think about the 0.7 more degrees."


[Sailer quoting NYS]:"But many of these people fall through the cracks of international law. The United Nations 1951 refugee convention applies only to those fleeing war and persecution, and even that treaty’s obligation to offer protection is increasingly flouted by many countries wary of foreigners. …"

[PeakStupidity]:This takes the cake. This writer says that we need to let our country get invaded and overrun by foreigners because it's "THE! LAW!", not only "THE! LAW!", but "THE! INTERNATIONAL! LAW!". We've been completely FLOUTING this invasion shit for too long now and finding LOOPHOLES in "THE LAW". Firstly, US out of UN and UN out of the US (think how much rent someone could get out of that big-ass building downtown NYC).

Secondly, many of us who live in the United States stay here because we don't have anywhere else in mind in which we want to live. Africa is, in particular, one place almost all of us don't want to live. If we did, we'd pack it up and move there. We don't want the US to become Africa, because, again, we don't want to live there! Is this hard to understand for the writer, Mr. or Mrs. SOMINI SENGUPTA? I really doubt it. Some of these writers aren't actually as dumb as they sound. They just do not like the average American, and they DO! NOT! CARE! WHAT! HAPPENS! TO! YOU!

I have another great part of Steve Sailer's article I would like to point out, but this post is getting too long, and my blood pressure is up a tad.

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