First post on Feminism - starting off at a low stupidity level

Posted On: Wednesday - January 11th 2017 7:14PM MST
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When it comes to stupid stuff, there is no possible way for PeakStupidity to keep up with it all with current staffing levels "in the current year". Still, this blog attempts to keep the reader informed about some aspect of each of the various flavors of stupidity. We have been in arrears with any opinion about the highly toxic, especially noxious, form of stupidity called feminism.

Although there will be a more general overview post coming shortly about this area, this is a follow-up of one part of this post describing a murder subject who is supposedly just called "they", as he oops, they are is not a big fan of the normal English personal pronouns. Hey, we all've got our personal pet peeves, so you know, why not, right?

Nutcases from Berzerkely, California notwithstanding, the following English language stupidity has been around for a long time, and will not be followed here at this blog. The problem is with the use of "they" instead of "he" in reference to a single (as in 1) person of unknown sex. If you start thinking about this while listening to others and reading, you will find out the scope of this problem in short order. Example: "We are looking for one more pizza driver for the afternoon shift. They must have their own car ...." English grammar states very clearly that one must use "he" and "his" and "him" as the pronouns, if sex(gender) is not known.

The feminists back in the 1970's or so, back when they brainstormed the "Ms" thing, got the ball rolling on this. Nobody wanted to keep saying "he or she" all the time, as fortunately these people did not get their speech police system up and running yet. In writing, it is very cumbersome too. The "they/them/their" thing just came about slowly. I've found myself saying that and realized it only after I've spoken.

It's not just that it's wrong - we are all used to it, but it can definitely cause confusion simply because "they/them/theirs" refers to the plural. I've seen stories told on the web that were not understandable due to this. All the handbooks used in my work use this form, they even state that they will in the front, and it gets damn confusing, and this is often safety related stuff. PeakStupidity realizes that this is not the most egregious feminist nonsense going on right now, just that it's some of the earliest of the feminist stupidity on record. Homie over here ain't playin' that game, no matter what they're he's writing about!!!

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