Can things get more stupid than this?

Posted On: Tuesday - January 10th 2017 6:36PM MST
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This site is named Peak Stupidity for a good reason. The following article points out that which clearly amounts to some kind of record Stupidity in quantities never before seen in the Western, or Eastern world. It is a flavor of Stupid, so toxic as to make this planet barely habitable by sentient human beings - homo sapiens some call us.

This link is yet another Steve Sailer blog post on This link is to the same post on where one can comment.

There's a fugitive murder suspect in the killing of a teacher in Berzerkely, California who does not want to be identified as a specific gender. It's not that he doesn't want you to know - hey not my bidness, what you do in your bedroom or jail cell ... The thing is, he doesn't want people to use normal English pronouns to describe him. He's OK, I believe, with the phrase "primary stabbing suspect", but not "him" or "her" - it's got to be "they" according to them ("them" meaning the one guy, a topic for another post to come).

See, how can this stupid shit go on for that much longer? These people, especially in academia, are in their own world with this stuff, but the rest of the world will eventually crash down on theirs when it is discovered that we really don't have any money, and there is especially no more money to support their world of delusion.

OK, it's not like crazy thoughts like this did not occur even as far back as the 1960's, but the difference was that people thinking them were on psychedelic plants and medications that would wear off in a matter of 6 - 8 hours (depending on ... well some friends said this.)

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