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Posted On: Saturday - January 7th 2017 11:35AM MST
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From another Unz.com article by Steve Sailer.... who is, apparently, still reading the rest of the NY Slimes - like I keep saying, somebody's gotta do it.

For whatever reasons, this lady’s writing* does not make me as angry as some of the stuff we linked to yesterday. Yeah, she is PC, of course, but this is the part where people just wants to change wording to make everything sound nicer to avoid people feeling sad. It’s still lies, of course, which are called euphemisms (euphemism being a euphemism for lies). However, I think this stuff is not as viscous as the ones the real political types utter.

Examples here:
negro –> colored —> afro-american —> black —> whatever-the-hell
retarded —> slow —> short-bus-riding —> mentally challenged —> ??
bat-shit-crazy —> nutty —> very excitable —> differently logiced —-> NY mayoralty material
gimpy —> lame —> handicapped —> ??

and so on.

We all know why the words are changed every generation or even decade nowadays. Everyone is hip to what the new word means after a while, so the people in question will feel bad again.

Yes, Down’s syndrome is very sad, and the mental and physical handicaps are also, and are usually no fault of the individual. Yet, you can’t hide from sad things forever. If we keep these people who care about feelings more than truth in positions of authority for long, we will be back to living in caves un-electrified, earth-temperatured rock homes. It takes men to build a civilization, and feelings must come second, bitchez.

Back to the post again, I did want to add that I agree with it, especially this last paragraph from Sailer:

"As you know, it is a priori impossible for Victim-Americans to abuse American-Americans. So, the victim must have been a Victim-American."


This here – “there’s been a lot of progress in attitudes …” is where Miss Carlson lets us know that we must not use words that hurt peoples feelings ;-{ It’s more important to her than plainspoken truth.

* BTW, I don't know if the short excerpt on Unz site is the whole of the article by Margaret Carlson.

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