Peak Stupidity:

The amount of stupidity seen on a daily basis is currently at unprecedented levels, which have not been reached in recorded history. This stupidty has reached the highest levels in these United States, western Europe, and the western societies in general. There are many theories of the origin and modes of transmittal of this stupidity, though, as often is the case, it is speculated that epicenter was the southern and central coasts of California. Other theories point to New York City, Washington, FS, and/or Karl Marx's ass.

The purpose of this blog is to document daily commonplace examples of the extreme stupidiy being experienced by our society, to attempt to find root causes, and to explain the authors' speculation on the coming, not unwelcome, crash in stupidity values - as seen in the NACA (precursor to NASA) graph in the header bar. Though the commentary will appear in the blog area of this site on a hopefully daily basis, we hope to explain herein some of our concepts.

What is this "stupidity" of which you speak?:

Whether it's feminism, political correctness, zero tolerance, human diversity denial, bogus climate science, etc., there are loads of these concepts that have been pushed, or attempted to have been pushed, into the minds of the population for fifty or sixty odd years now. As to who is doing the pushing, and why, that will hopefully be covered in this blog. All of these various flavors, if you will, of stupid can be defined as such most readily by the contradictions to rigorous logic and common sense. Common sense, of course, must be learned from observation of, and experience in, this world and not based on information seen on a screen (wait, what? Ed.). It is postulated here that the 50 - 60 year explosion in the amount of stupidity absolutely cannot be unrelated to the great expansion of television and other modes of media that emit huge doses of high-energy stupid over durations measured in hours, on a daily basis. This huge quantity of emissions can be devasting to society in the long term.

Stupidity forecasting using mathematical modelling techniques:

Both the National Advisory Commission for Aeronautics graphs seen in the header of Peak Stupidity, and the writer(s) of this blog, predict a peak, and then a large decrease, of the total aggregate stupidity (spacially integrated over the western world). I, I mean we, at this blog have run multi-dimensional, finite-difference-method, multiply-constrained mathematical models on the StupidCanada Research labs' state-of-the-art quantum computers, all of them wired together with parallel-port cables.

Though many of the inputs to the model cannot be truly quantified at this time, and many of the processes have not been individually modelled as of publication date (kind of like the Global-Climate-DisruptionTM work), our research group has put it all together using 80 million lines of C-flat software code, developed by a guy named Josh in Bombay, India. The output of our models have lots of 3D grids colored green, yellow, and red, and we can make the colors move around like a video, so we know what the hell we're talking about here.

Why will stupidity peak soon? What is the timetable?:

None of our very precise (who knows how accurate, Ed.) models described predict an over-correcting curve of any particular form of stupid. However, putting the models aside for the moment (possibly forever, after we cash our research grant money order), this blog will cover some big-picture financial topics of the type seen on Let us digress for a moment.

We can see ahead that the financial state of this country, and most other parts of the civilized world make an economic crash inevitable, that is, not preventable at this late date. The timetable on these things is hard to predict, of course, as human psychology is involved. We don't see it possible that even 5 years can go by of the current status quo of increasing debt at all levels of society and trying to live as though we are earning our keep.

Any economic crash will be worse, in our opinion, that anything seen, at least in this country, before. The American people in general are not the self-sufficient and hardy crowd that existed during the 1st great depression, and major political changes will occur with it. These changes cannot be predicted by anyone (even those brilliant Climate-DisruptionTM scientists!).

What does all this have to do with the general stupidity level again? Well, when these economic and political changes take place, there will be very rough times for most of the populace, and unless we go to Communism, there will be no time, money, and tolerance to support the ridiculous forms of utter stupidity that we have seen in this century. Hopefully, the stupidity level will decline to a level not seen since the 1950's. We hope to go into the mechanisms of this decline of various fields of stupid in detail in this blog.