Cat burglars and entrepreneurship in China

Posted On: Thursday - March 21st 2019 8:59AM MST
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As we've stated before, Peak Stupidity's policy is to point out the stupidity everywhere, with no regard to offensiveness. It's the same for our writing on modern-day China, there's good and bad. In this post we've got the good and the bad together, regarding burglary. It's not the land of Chairman Mao anymore where there was amost no petty crime - yeah, just tens of millions of people killed directly by, or by the actions of the Communist government, but all that was, you know, within the law, and all. Back in the 1970's there was hardly any petty crime, because .... there was NOTHING TO STEAL!

Here’s some thoughts about those burglar bars that you see in bad nieghborhoods in America, that I noted in China too. See, burglars there are not your highly-impulsive semi-morons you’ve got here. In China they will get up to a window, and spray chemicals to knock you out, then grab stuff with certain ingenious mechanisms. NO, we are not sending our best burglars to the burbs to steal shit.

OK, I was pretty damn impressed with the work ethic and lack of anything resembling an OSHA, as Chinamen were welding these bars together right outside their shops on the wide sidewalk. I guess business was good, they were running out of room, and it’s probably a little bit better ventilation-wise. As a pedestrian, one had to step around the structures or even through them to get by.

Then, I thought about this. In the cities, 8 to 25 story high-rises are going up like Mao’s 1,000 flowers, in every city. Once the 1st-story residents (or it may be stores, but same idea) get their burglar bars, well, that just makes it way easier for the burglars to climb up to the next story via these bars. (Yes, I could do it, right now.) That means everyone on the 2nd story has to get them, or more like, whoever lives in an apartment above (or maybe above OR above AND one apt. left/right of) a place with these bars had better get his own set.

Bidness is brisk, baby! In fact, were I one of those conspiracy nuts, I’d be pretty sure that some of these burglar-bar manufacturers have their own burglars on contract – not only does it "encourage les others", but these burglars could probably steal more screwdrivers and maybe get lucky and steal some welding supplies. It’s a win/win!

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