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Posted On: Monday - March 18th 2019 8:58AM MST
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It's another "hey, read this" post, but VDare does have some great writing, oh, and I'll point to 2 articles, both from today.

Peak Stupidity has not posted on the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre for a number of reasons. Without a TV, it's not like I hear much about it besides what I WANT TO READ, but I'm guessing it's 24/7/2-month-long(?) infotainment at this point. Besides it being covered nonstop, to where you've heard all you want to hear about it, I couldn't do as good a job making a point as Mr. Peter Brimelow.

In Christchurch Massacre: Yes, It’s Terrorism, Yes, It’s Tragic—and Yes, Elites Could Halt It, By Halting Immigration. But They Won’t., Mr. Brimelow, who owns the jernt*, does such a polite, civil, and erudite job of saying what would have taken multiple cusswords and special characters for the Peak Stupidity blog, that it's just as great a read, as you'd get here. ;-}

What it boils down to is simply this: What did you people think was going to happen?! (By "you people", I mean the Globalist and ctrl-left massive-immigration pushers.) Not only do you act through your government puppets against the will of a majority of the people to replace them and their culture, but you do your best to suppress all dissent. It's not even that people can't vote their way out, but they can't even get together to try, without being accused of "hate crimes", de-"platformed" off of the social media and possibly fired or even arrested. Did you all think nobody will fight back? Hey, I'm not condoning a mass murder any more than most others, but this is what's gonna happen. I thought you all wanted a "conversation". If your conversations are going to be the usual lectures without any chance for any civil input from the alt-right, then that input will come in the form of lead.

Mr. Brimelow includes the John F. Kennedy quote that Peak Stupidity has mentioned before:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
The 2nd article today that I ask the reader here to read is by "Washington Watcher", who's October '18 article on "Tech Totalitarianism" was discussed just this past Wednesday" with a bit of dissension. In Christchurch Massacre Spurs Tech Totalitarians—But They Have Enemies Trump Could Work With, If He Would Focus, Mr. Watcher pretty much alleviates my concerns with his ideas on how these TT's COULD be dealt with (though, this "Trump Could Work With" part of the title is quite optimistic at this point!).

In that previous post here, I'd stated that getting the US Feral Gov't involved in determining what is censorship is a really bad idea and WW concurs here. (The background story is the D-Candidates proposals including an inadvertently good plan by Chief Warren):
That “nondiscriminatory dealing with users” part of her plan offers the possibility that Warren would crack down on censorship. Her proposal also empowers “federal regulators, State Attorneys General, or injured private parties” to sue tech giants that violate these rules. That potentially gives the victims of tech censorship the power to right their wrongs in court.

But of course this would be implemented by progressives. And anyone whose attended college know what that can mean.

Similarly, #MeToo’d Senator Al Franken (D.- MN) offered similar criticisms of tech power in 2017 op-ed and urged Congress to do something about it. But Franken also wanted Big Tech to do more to suppress “hate speech” and “misinformation.” State power was to be wielded to break up tech giants and make them more effective censors. [We must not let big tech threaten our security, freedoms and democracy, by Al Franken, The Guardian, November 8, 2017]
The author then points out that much of "Conservatism, Inc" uses the big-biz Libertarian idea of leave-them-be just based on their decent treatment by the Googles, etc, due to not going too far off the reservation by spouting off too much truth. He states that National Review, perhaps the flagship of Conservatism, Inc. gets donations from Google. I see how it goes ...

* Just some Archie Bunker- (of All in the Family) speak from years back, meaning "joint", which is also Olde Americanne (see that extra 2 letters adds cache**) for what, "platform"??

** See the last paragraph in that post linked-to for my beef on that stuff.

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