The Hildabeast rises out of the sulfer lake?

Posted On: Friday - January 6th 2017 5:07PM MST
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Zerohedge writes that the Hildabeast, AntiChrist runner-up is considering running for mayor of NY City. The city can't be saved anyway, but as the first commenter writes:

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DavidC Jan 6, 2017 3:04 PM

Please God, no. [/Michael Scott] <--- added by PeakStupidity*


Then, they've got a video of Lieutenant Mayo (of An Officer and a Gentleman) fame, crying "I've got no place left to go!"

Funny, funny people over there at Zerohedge, as we've been telling you all for years. Reading the comments will be a hoot, I tells ya.

* Here's what I'm talking about - Michael Scott is Peakstupidity and Toby is Hillary:

[UPDATE - 5 mins later:}
One more comment off of Zerohedge:

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BullyDog The Merovingian Jan 6, 2017 3:11 PM

She is like one of those floating turds, that refuses to get through the ubend. God help you all.

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