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Posted On: Monday - March 11th 2019 9:39AM MST
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Leader of the Young Turds?:

After Peak Stupidity's quick introduction of the current crop of Blue-Squad candidates, the Old Pharts and the Young Turds to those blissfully uninformed, we will focus the quick post on one of the Young Turds, affectionately (only because she has a big rack) known as O'Ccasional Cortex.

Zerohedge has been pretty damn good in defending real Capitalism, as opposed to the current American economic system as of late, kind of a change, in my opinion. After the 29 y/o junior Senator spouted off some amazingly stupid ideas while in the ctrl-left's Texas headquarters of Austin, Mr. "Tyler Durden" posted AOC Slams Capitalism As "Irredeemable" System. Now, I could expect some silliness from a young millennial, and especially a halfway-decent-looking millennial chick with a nice rack, but how does someone like this become a US Senator?!

It's true the the Washington political scene has become filled with older and older people, as people have been just living healthier and longer (see Passing Peak Rich Old People). There were many young turks in the past though, as we can specifically look to the Kennedies. President John Kennedy was one of the youngest to take office (as was Bill Clinton in the early 1990's), though in his 40's. His brother Robert, US Attorney General (no, no nepotism there, but he was smart enough not to pull a Trump and hire the enemy) was in his mid-30's. Steven Miller, President Trump's only worthwhile appointee, IMO, is still 33 y/o, and he's very much aware of both political history and current politics. Going back to the Kennedies, though one may not have agreed with their left-wing policies, for the time, these people had knowledge of history and US citizenship that just makes Miss Cortex look like a complete retard.

Some of the Zerohedge commenters (as usual, fun reading) suggest that the reason this ditzy broad "came out of nowhere" is the same reason one Mr. Øb☭ma came out of nowhere. He was 1 1/2 decades older, but he also suddenly got put into a candidate spot for US Senator from Illinois, as the other D-candidate was quickly dispatched by some scandal. (Was that just luck for Mr. Øb☭ma?). After not even a full term of voting present, if he could make it in to do so, and spouting out some community organizing racial bullshit, all of a sudden he was a Presidential frontrunner. Both instances are indeed kind of odd, and there are plenty of Deep State operatives with the money and resources to make it all happen. Could this new young ditz even have the wherewithal to BE an operative of any sort though? Being an operative takes a little more brains than being a bartender, unless things are more advanced than I thought and they are operating her brains and mouth using an app from their underground bunker in Langley.

That theory doesn't hold water once you hear what comes out of this lady's mouth:
"Capitalism is an ideology of capital - the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit...so to me capitalism is irredeemable," she said.
... while wearing nice clothes and sitting in a plush studio, using modern electronics, all produced in factories that lots of nasty CAPITAL to build. The Communist idiocy out of this woman is just too soon to be part of some brilliant plan, as, if you can stand to watch this stuff*, I can't see how you wouldn't just be motivated to pull the level for Trump again (for reasons of "the lesser of two losers" this time),.

Lastly, the Zerohedge article shows a tweet of Miss Cortex, with her "Green New Deal" initiative, being meat-space-friended by Bill Nye, the Science guy. This is timely news to me, as I had borrowed some of this guys educational videos before. The boy was too young to watch them then, preferring to watch youtube videos of fire trucks rolling down the road over and over again, here and there and everywhere (actually, Bucks County, Pennsylvania - must be a big fire truck fan there)! Now, the boy's a few years older, so he can understand when I tell him that we won't be getting those videos, as the guy's a Communist.

*- Personally, I've never even heard this lady talk. I didn't watch the ZH embedded youtube video, as I've already enjoyed my breakfast the first time.

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