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Posted On: Saturday - March 9th 2019 10:27PM MST
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Just to explain the title, Peak Stupidity maintains that the US Gov't is full of people from just one party, The Party, with its red and blue squad. The differering squads allow folks to be infotained on TV, just as with the other circuses (half of "Bread & Circuses", as during the decline or Rome), such as the football games or NCAA March Madness. At this time, seeing the lack of effort by President Trump to fulfill his most important campaign promise, or ENTIRE REASON for his campaign, this seems more true than ever.

Since the deal for a long time is that US Presidents are to serve for 2 terms, unless something has really gone bad for them, the red squad won't provide us with the race-for-the-top infotainment this election "cycle". However, the Blue squad will. It's sickening to me just to hear about any of these people, but I'll just mention the field of real winners the Blue squad has got to entertain us, just in case you haven't heard of them. The 1st 3 are older white people. Do they "deserve" to have the job because it's their turn, as in the old political ways?

The Old Pharts:

Socialist, lawyer, Indian Chief, non-respectively disrespectfully.

Does the old VP that hangs aound Washington still automatically get the nomination slot? I don't think that'll happen due to the demographics of the blue squad. This ain't 1988. That will affect the chances for the Indian Chief and the Socialist as well. With their great love of dieversity, it's not like these 3 should have anything to complain about. They should welcome more diversity into the ranks of Democrat presidential candidates. Did they think 2 elections of the Øb☭ma were going to pacify the people of colors? Haha, there's no compromising among any of these people. That's kind of the fun in watching this stuff (or at least reading about it on Steve Sailer's blog, in my case).

No, there's a new crop of young, or at least younger, people of all kinds of colors and ethnicities that deserve to be given this top slot because of diversity. Hey, you guys came up with this stuff - OWN IT, BITCHES!

The Young Turds

Now, we may have thought that the Øb☭ma elections were a major change from the past, as this antichrist no, just hate-filled dork, was one of the first to actively disparage traditional Americans in his campaigns. Well, the young turds above are at another level. They, along with the Old Pharts are now bringing up hard-core left-wing stuff that would have sounded stupid even in the '16 election. The talk is all about forcing people who never owned slaves to pay lots of money to people who never were slaves. This reparations bit will turn off a lot of white voters who have been sticking with this blue squad for a long time. Then there is the Moslem congresscritter from the Great formerly-white north, the land of the snowflakes calling out Jewish influence, causing a big fracas among the "coalition of the fringes", a Steve Sailer term.

This may make the red-squad folks very happy. How could any of these people keep the various dis-united, I mean diversified, groups happy and voting for him? Trump will trounce any one of them, you say. That would be something to be very glad about if President Trump were doing anything serious to help us. Based on what he's accomplishing now for us, I'd say what difference does is make that he can beat any one of these people in the '20 election? A 2nd term will do no good if it's anything like his 1st so far.

OK, OK, I can be thankful that the Hildabeast is not this very moment berating the white men for something or other. I would rather have Trump win again than any of these Socialist, ctrl-left, anti-white assholes. I guess decent talk out of President Trump is better than nothing, but it's not stopping the slide of America into ruins.

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