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Posted On: Friday - March 8th 2019 9:27PM MST
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Just shoot him down like Yamamoto

(Friendly fire, unfriendly fire, we don't care.)

He's not just a 4-star general - he's chief of staff of the Air Force. A guy like David Goldfein might explain why the Navy Sailors and Marines call the operation the "Air Farce", but then again there are probably lots of General Goldfiens in their top ranks too.

Paul Kersey, writes on unz White United States Air Force Chief of Staff Argues Racial Diversity Is "Warfighting Imperative" Because a Black Airmen Taught Him Bandaids Were Racist. You've just gotta read this one yourself. It's one of those stories that generate the phrase "I can't even ..."

OK, I can, a little bit. This hard-core Political Correctness in the top ranks of the American armed forces is not new. One can go back to Army General George Casey after the Nidal Malik Hasan Fort Hood massacre, whose statement "Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse", displays some of this extreme stupidity from people who really can't be that stupid.

Mr. Kersey points out another guy, a Brigadier General that seriously worried Air Force Thunderbirds too male, too white, top general warns. It's difficult and dangerous enough to fly a fighter jet, period, even in peacetime, especially the landing on carriers and formation flying. Now, you want the men to fly in the premier aerobatic squadron (OK, tied with the Blue Angels), greatly dependent on these 5 others with their lives each and every show, but with people who aren't necessarily the best?! I guess this guy doesn't care about people in airshow crowds either. Maybe the cost of a new F-16 could be something to change his mind, but I guess 50 - 100 million dollars is chump change within the military budget.

Nah, but I should really correct myself on what I do know about scum like this: They are not stupid. They are evil. They became evil when they became cowards - cowards because they'd rather spout out, and lead based on, this diversity bullshit when they do know better. Their status and retirement money are more important to them than, not only plain truth, but having the US military in a condition to fight a REAL WAR. Here, their management in US Feral Government and in the high ranks, are involved in goading on Russia and China into fights, when they have in their minds the fighting that the American military has been doing all over the world against the little guy.

This PC stuff will not fly if our government ever gets us into a real war with an enemy with even close to the manpower and firepower we have. I would not hesitate to call Air Force Chief of Staff Goldfein a TRAITOR, as his actions will greatly reduce the confidence of the real airmen in the US Air Force to be able to just do their jobs without interference in who they fly with.

BTW, as just a blog note, Peak Stupidity has been getting quite a few of the ideas for our posts from writers on the unz site lately. We're trying not to just be a repeat of what the reader could read over there.

There's still greater than 50% of material consisting of expounding our own original stupidity concepts. does have some very interesting articles, but more importantly, especially under Steve Sailer's blog, lots of noticing of new and unusual sources of stupidity that we just don't have the resources for (a subscription to the NY Times is expensive, right?). We could easily go to Drudge for more ideas, but, as mentioned before, his politics have gone downhill, and the shitshow of a world that he presents with his headline/links (refreshed every 2 minutes!) is a distorted view of reality, even in this day and age.

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