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Posted On: Monday - March 4th 2019 8:57PM MST
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This has been bugging me for quite some time. I don't have any friends "on the spectrum" (as far as I know) or even any friends that use the phrase "on the spectrum". From reading commentary on-line, however, I'm really getting sick of that crap! It's bad enough new psychological or personality problems are being made up on the fly for unruly 8 year-olds, and people who like computers. Why not call them brats and geeks, respectfully respectively?

The term "sperge" and "spergy", as noun and adjective, respectively, seem to be used on-line to describe guys who are on the geeky side. It is short for an individual who has this "Asperger's" syndrome, no, defect, no, disease even? No, no it's not anything to do with after-effects of incidents involving accidental sitting on barbecue grills, if that was your first thought. This is supposedly a problem in which one does not care about people matters, and cares a whole lot more about technical matters or just things, over people.

Not being a "people person" is now "oh, he has Asberger's - so sorry to hear that". Damn, it's just a type of personality! There's nothing wrong with not liking other people too much (at least outside the immediate family), except to anyone of the opposite extreme, who can't understand it. I hate to tell you, but most non-people-people DON'T WANT to be people-people - it's not that they CAN'T be.

This "on the spectrum" bit refers to a range of strengths, I guess one could call it, of any psychological problem. The red must represent just a little weirdness, then your orange, yellow, green, and blue lead to the purpleness of bat-shit crazy. OK, I get that, but it should refer to real, serious psychological problems. Being nerdy is not one, yet that is what people seem to mean now when they say "on the spectrum". Well, if it's a problem, wouldn't it matter WHERE on the spectrum the guy is? If you really want to use this spectrum business, you should say "this guy's in the orange, but seems damn close to yellow some days.", like that. If you are on the spectrum yourself, maybe in the infrared, just a little too much into computers, say, you may want to describe these people with personalities you don't like in terms of RGB, Red - Green - Blue, the primary additive colors. "Hey this guy's a bit weird. I'd call him a FF8A00 in hex."

Let's just ditch this spectrum business completely, come to think of it. It confuses things. I've always thought of older people who don't eat enough veggies and milk as on the Spectrum, as I've seen them pick up those bottles at drug store. "My Dad's Doc told him that he's not getting enough Calcium and Iron. So, now he's like, on the Spectrum."

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