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Posted On: Friday - March 1st 2019 9:13PM MST
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How long has this "my" business been going on? It all started with Gate's Geeks in one of the middle 1990's versions of Windows. Was it Windows-95? What had been the File Manager became "My Computer", and then things just grew from there. You had "my documents" and "my pictures" first in the Windows operating system. Everyone in business must have thought that this was "my best fucking idea ever" and had to name their services, and now their "apps" "my something-or-other".

You've got "my healthcare", "my Wells Fargo", "my AARP" and "my stool sample records". I had thought that the 1970's were the "Me Decade". If that's the case, the people of the 1990's all the way through the present must be the "My Generation." Come to think of it, did The Who start this thing way, way before Bill Gates taped his glasses together and saw the future of my lame-ass-operating-system?

It's just so juvenile sounding. "Hey these are MY pictures, and MY documents, on MY Computer. Don't touch MY stuff, any of you homos, or I'm telling MY Mommy!" I was really hoping this would go away back 10 years ago, but it seems to be growing still.

I'll give Apple credit, at least for not being involved in this "my" thing, but that might be a copyright issue, or maybe even patent infringement. Can you now patent the stupid idea of putting "my" in front of nouns as a theme? Apple has their own theme, right? Everything is an app, instead of a program. I suppose that's clever, as programmers used to refer to "applications programming" versus "systems programming". The former were pieces of software meant to do something to help a user, while the latter were programs made to make the computer system run. Applications programs became known as just "applications", a really terrible term. It was what it was, so you've got "app" standing for both "application" (program) and Apple. That's kinda slick, but I'm sick of it too!

If you think this all is not stupid enough, then please download the My Stupidity App to consolidate all your stupidity in one place.

The Who sings My Generation off of their debut album way back in 1965. This was an aborted attempt to start a new genre of music called "stutter rock". It d-d-d-didn't r-r-really take.

The Who was:
Roger Daltrey – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, percussion.
Pete Townshend – lead and rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards .
John Entwistle – bass guitar, horns, backing and lead vocals.
Keith Moon – drums, backing and lead vocals.

Saturday - March 2nd 2019 8:59PM MST
PS: That sounds like a great party - Colonel Klink, I like it!

At least he was an honest guy. I've never met one of these TV anchors, but our local weatherman was pretty famous, and a guy took me to the TV station to introduce me to him, as the guy (well he was a local bum, really) thought I'd have to be so impressed. The weatherman was a pretty decent guy, anyway.
Saturday - March 2nd 2019 7:56AM MST
PS I used to be somewhat acquainted with the lead anchor at a network affiliate TV station in a reasonably large midwestern market. He would come to our parties, and as he was a locally famous, good-looking fellow, always had a bevy of sweet young things in attendance. At one of our Haloween parties, (at which, by the way I was dressed as Colonel Klink- hope pictures of that evening don’t surface ) I overheard the following:

Sweet Young Thing: “It must be interesting to be a journalist”.
Famous Local Anchor: “It must be. You should find one and ask him- I just read the news.”
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