Exclusive: TV actor and 2 Nigerians do something STUPID!

Posted On: Thursday - February 28th 2019 9:41AM MST
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It's the right time, I suppose, for the Peak Stupidity blog to "journalize" on the Jussie Smollett caper. We deem it very important not to jump the gun on these hate-hoax stories, until all the evidence is in, and we can be really, really sure, that this is not just the most stupid thing we've ever heard of.

A friend mentioned some of the details of this story that I had tried very hard not to keep up with. (I almost had to turn off Steve Sailer for a little while, though I will repeat myself here that he IS the one, after all, who has been explaining and detailing the hate-hoax streak that America has been under the influence from, for 15 years.)

Oh, yeah, right, the friend told me about Mr. Smollett's paying his accomplices by check, because accomplices are not known to be the type to take cash or something, you know, wanting to be on the up-and-up with the IRS and all. The clear image of the 2 guys appearing very clearly on the Hate-Hoaxers-R-US security camera buying supplies is also pretty hilarious. We don't expect cat burglars anymore in America, or, say, the type guys that do those Oceans Eleven/Twelve/Six (the prequel) heists, or the kind of thinking that takes a guy like Monk to figure out. Nah, just one TV actor and a couple of Nigerians don't have the time and resources for that sort of planning ... and brains either. Still, could you not think even 1 step ahead of the lowliest Affirmative Action hire of the Chicago Police Department?

As for the Nigerians, the best joke I've heard so far about the Jessie Smollett caper involved them. One "Bill Jones" opines: "How dumb do you have to be to pick the only two Nigerians on the planet who are no good at hoaxes?"

It's a real shame that it took a case this stupid to go viral to bring the real problem of racial hate-hoaxes to the forefront. However, though I've never watched the TV show Mr. Smollett appears appeared on, this stuff beat the hell out of Gilligan's Island.

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