"Boston Woman" back in the shadows

Posted On: Tuesday - February 26th 2019 6:47PM MST
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DATELINE 26FEB19, Falmouth, Mass:
Perp Rosiane Santos not enamored by the gentleman's Trump hat ...

... opts to come out of shadows ...
... will be headed back into shadows ...

Peak Stupidity has noted before that the stupidity in this country is so high as to put up with illegal alien entrants into the country not exactly "living in the shadows". This lady, which just as a first guess I'd say is Brazilian*, was living a "quiet life" in the town of Falmouth, at the mainland end of the famous ritzy Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. I guess you can't say that's living in the shadows. Is it "living in the bad acoustics", then?

I don't know, but she sure had no problem coming out into the sunlight, or at least in front of this restaurant patron's phone. Per the clunky ad-heavy Boston CBS site's story Miss Santos had already pushed Mr. Turner's face into his food in non-solidarity with his choice of head-wear. (Maybe it's just how you eat in Brazil - when in Brazil, do as the ... wait a minute, that's the problem. Falmouth ain't in Brazil!) It just takes a lot of damn gall, that's all I'm saying. She's an illegal alien, living that quiet life, not too worried about getting sent home, cause Open Borders and shit. She comes right out of those shadows to push a guy's face into his refried beans and have words with him... well, is it gall or stupidity? We can't have too many stupid people coming in either, as we're about all peaked out heah!

Check out Miss Newscaster Lisa Hughes at about 10 seconds into the video on the page linked-to above. She seems shocked that this lady is, YES, "living in the country illegally" (not an ILLEGAL ALIEN, per se, but just an alien resident who is here illegally, that's all.) She's shocked, as she somehow doesn't know there are 20 - 30,000,000 others here. Really, as ignorantly stupid as news people are today, I could believe she's truly shocked at this.

The good news is that Miss Santos got pulled into the legal system by ICE to be, YES, LET GO to come back for removal hearings. Of course, that's gonna happen ... yeah, the day pigs start flying ... into Logan Airport ... on the ILS. Though this will be another illegal alien not deported, Rosiane Santos will at least go back into the shadows, so, there's that

PS: BTW two questions:

1) Why can't people take video with their phone's long axis aligned horizontally, as that's the kind of graphics we want here at Peak Stupidity?

2) What is it with Latin American women and names with "Rose" in them? Why are there so many variants on Rose? It's starting to piss me off.

* That's not just a random guess from her looks. There are lots of Brazilians living in Massachusetts now, especially on the Cape, working on the politicians compounds that Americans just won't work on, apparently.

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