Ship of Fools - book review - Part 3

Posted On: Saturday - February 16th 2019 2:35PM MST
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(continued from Part 2)

Grateful Dead - Ship of Fools

How about that!? I just read the last few pages of Tucker Carlson's book (the 2-page Epilogue and the Acknowledgements) and guess what? This guy's a Dead Head! A fellow Grateful Dead fan who Tucker works with is a Dead Head, hence the book's title (Peak Stupidity, way ahead of the game, had the song featured back in the initial "review of the reviews").

Now, about that Epilogue and a few more things: As Peak Stupidity's two favorite Pundits, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter could be compared here to illustrate our own views. As stated in Part 1 of this extra-special book review, we feel, with all the good writing seen in this book, that Mr. Carlson is just a slight bit too much of a Statist to really, really get it. (What's "it", exactly? By "it" we mean the explanation for the nation being in a state approaching peak stupidity.)

Though with a slightly different style*, and a couple of exceptions, Ann Coulter could have written about these same details and general summation of the stupidity described in the book. An exception would probably that Miss Coulter would not have written such a great disparagement of the neocons (with those 5 1/2 and 9 1/2 pages on Max Boot and Bill Kristol, respectively), having been something of a neocon back in the day herself. Miss Coulter would likely have a more sour attitude of the feminists from day one, judging by her non-support of the women's vote. In the "Shut Up", They Explained chapter on free speech, Miss Coulter appears directly in this book (p. 128), and I doubt I'd see any difference in their view on this subject.

The reason to compare a pundit who DIDN'T write the book to the guy who DID is this: Miss Coulter, being a Constitutional Libertarian, as opposed to Mr. Carlson, being a conservative with an understanding of the old left, is that Miss Coulter would likely have drawn the right conclusion. She seems to "get IT". The problems we have are not simply due to our elites' lack of noblesse oblige, said to be due to their being no old-fashioned political left to counterbalance the right. There is no old-fashioned "right" either. Of course the two sides have merged into The Party, as that's what Big Government naturally wants.

Miss Coulter would likely agree with Peak Stupidity that the problem is not what the new elites do with their power. It's the AMOUNT OF POWER that the new elites have! We've let the beast get out of its chains. The elites can use this beast to beat the population into submission, something the old elites could not do in the much freer American there once was.

The epilogue in Ship of Fools was absolutely disappointing. To Right the Ship, per Tucker Carlson, "there are two ways to end this cycle", to paraphrase a) Kill this democracy, causing violence and mayhem or b) Listen to the people and make changes. "Give them back some of their power." Ahahahaaa, yeah, LOL, you're killing me Sal Tucker!

I'm afraid you're going to have to listen to the Constitutionalists at some point if you want to know the only solution, Tucker ... to really GET IT. Perhaps you should also listen closely to Jerry:
"Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
I won't slave for beggars pay, likewise gold and jewels,
but I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools."
All that does not stop me from stating that this is a great book - I hope it sells 5 million copies, as that would be a great thing for America.

* I do like Miss Coulter's snarky humor that Mr. Carlson does not have so much of. I wonder if it's just the writer-helpers that she has, but then she's pretty good on-the-fly too. However, I like Tucker Carlson's writing style very much, and it possibly beats Ann Coulter's, though I've read only one of her books, Adios, America.

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