Virginia Governor Northan as Branch Manager Michael Scott

Posted On: Tuesday - February 12th 2019 6:32PM MST
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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam explains:

"“There’s so much deep division in our society,
I tell ya what—it’s got me spooked.”

(Caption stolen from a Generic American commenter - big hat-tip!)

If you have been keeping up with this type of news, the constant digging up and airing of grievances (yeah, Seinfeld "Festivus" clip will have to appear elsewhere), you may be familiar with the Ralph Cramden, no Northam, case. The stupidity of this one is almost self-contained, as the Democrat-squad Governor of Virginia has been the most anti-white politcally-correct bastard to begin with, so Peak Stupidity has no problem seeing him squirm after accusations about a 1984 photo from medical school. Medical school, yeah. "No, I don't think I'm gonna ever let 'em cut on me."

He has insisted he will not resign the Governorship. Peak Stupidity doesn't care either way. The whole thing is pretty humorous (although the Stasi-ist digging up of silliness in people's backgrounds will be the point of an upcoming more serious post). Governor Northam's apology press conference was supposedly disjointed and provided a good view of the lack of "gravitas" (there's an oldy) with this guy, but, again, I didn't watch. His suggestion of his demonstrating the Michael Jackson* moonwalk to prove his bonafides and solidarity with the people of the urban persuasion sounded like the guy below, who has no TV wife to give him that surly "there will be no more sex if you don't stop right here" look. I'd have gone to youtube for the moonwalk.

This is perhaps the most hilarious The Office single scene that I can remember. To give the background, Michael Scott, the white guy there, is boss of the office. He got in trouble from corporate for doing a Chris Rock imitation, and so the black guy you see has been paid to run a sensitivity-session for the ~15 person office. (See, Michael Scott likes to always run the show, and hates that this guy gets to talk to his employees to begin with.)

You will not regret the 1 min 45 sec. of your time wasted.

(Look at Michael Scott at 0:45 to 0:48 - he takes the re-enacting thing very seriously - this is why it is my number 1 favorite funny show of all time.)

On that same Steve Sailer thread, commenter Mr. Anon adds:
The governor still contends that he is not in the photograph of one person in blackface and another in KKK robes but could not say how it wound up on his yearbook page, nor why he initially took responsibility for it, other than to say that he was “shocked” when he first saw it on an iPhone the afternoon of Feb. 1.
Governor Northam further stated that he would spend the rest of his term trying to find the real minstrels.
What? O.J. Simpson joke ... too soon?

* There's another guy that used to be in blackface ... way back in his ABC-123 days. After that he got better(?)

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