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Posted On: Friday - February 8th 2019 6:08PM MST
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Peak Stupidity's favorite literary pundit, Ann Coulter, unlike some we could name, cough, ex-president Øb☭ma, cough, cough, Miss Coulter is a real Constitutional scholar. Maybe she didn't major in it in law school, but she knows the document and lives that document in her writing. As a Libertarian myself, and a Conservative, there has been but one issue I've disagreed with the lady in a decade*. That's a damn good record. Would you marry a lady just for her political views? That's not usually a good reason**, I'd have to say, but were I not married... were I her type... maybe we'll meet in some magical Libertarian bug-out country after the SHTF ... on the beach ... just daydreaming, where were we?

In Ann Coulter To Donald Trump: Hey, Commander! Start Commanding!, she again lambasts the President on his lack of action on illegal immigration across the southern border. I hope her next column will do the same regarding his treasonous talk recently on LEGAL immigration. It would especially help if the guy really does read this stuff by Miss Coulter, as she is a pretty good overall representative of his base, I'd say. Does he really want to get re-elected in a couple of years? He'd better listen to this lady, if he cares about that, or more importantly (for us) what happens to this place.

Please read the whole thing. I'll just include on excerpt with nothing in particular to say about it:
A couple of years ago, an American sailor who had just helped build a school in Ban Nong Muang, Thailand, was proudly quoted in Seabee Magazine: "My recruiter told me to join the Seabees. He said they build schools in foreign countries for kids."

The U.S. military does these things in other countries but, we're told, can't build a wall in our own.

At this point, our only hope may be for the border states to secede from the Union and form their own nation, so that we can send troops to build them a wall. They could call their new country "YouMustGoBackistan."
The biggest point Miss Coulter made, using writings about, and the document itself, this one,

is that making OFFENSIVE war was meant to be very difficult, while making DEFENSIVE war was meant to be simple, with action to be taken immediately by the, you guessed it, Commander-in-Chief!

#SAD and #PISSED, Mr. President.

* She is a supporter of Affirmative Action for certain people. Peak Stupidity is dead against it.

** See bottom of this post for more on a Power-Pundit-Couple - nah, it didn't work out ...

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