Anarcho-tyranny update from Stone Mountain, Georgia

Posted On: Monday - February 4th 2019 6:48PM MST
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A company of the ctrl-left Army:

Lookin' sharp guys - nobody's shootin' back yet, though.

My reading of VDare's James Kirkpatrick's article this morning, Antifa Violence Shows Anarcho-Tyranny Is Spreading. When Will Trump Stop It?, caused a serious rise in my blood pressure. This is not just the silly stuff - the latest bout of Anarcho-Tyranny over in Stone Mountain, Georgia* shows us who the opposition really is - a large contingent of violence-hungry Communists. Sure, as Peak Stupidity has often stated, they don't read Karl Marx, if they read books at all, and they don't talk about the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. They do want to destroy all society and remake it, though, and don't care how many people they have to hurt or kill.

I won't excerpt any of this factually-detailed and smartly opinioned article by Mr. Fitzpatrick. It would just bring my blood pressure back up into the quintuple digits (nah, not to worry too much, I use the real S.I. units of pressure - Pascals), but I do recommend a reading of the entire thing. There was supposed to be a fun post today that's related to the ctrl-left and their actions, but this one's got me pretty down on things.

To sum up this event, there was supposedly going to be a Klu Klux Klan rally near the monument, when in fact there was nothing but a "counter-protester" march of these Antifa types. If you were to watch as much of the youtube videos as you can stand, the thing that would stand out is just the lies from these people. Yeah, they came to fight this KKK that nobody's heard from in a few decades, at the least. President Trump is of the same mindset of the KKK, so if you like him, you are equivalent. The Trump supporters are fascists too, they say. KKK fascists, OK?

Lies upon Lies:

These lies are just so twisted and sick that it's really easy to understand how lying is one of the biggest evils. To argue with one of these people, one would have to first argue each premise that his current lie is based on. These Commies are acting violently against what they tell everyone is fascism, but their actions could be considered fascism. The KKK is a downright laughable excuse for their big reason to come out with guns. There probably hasn't been a KKK meeting that hasn't had a quorum consisting solely of members of the FBI since the 1960's! As for President Trump, we can only wish that he would act a little closer to what the ctrl-left is really worried about, which would still have absolutely nothing to do with fascism.

It is amazing to me how damn fast much of American society forget the evils of Communism to where these sick fools are not ashamed to use the term for their ideology.

Communism - it's time for history to come around to the same chorus again.

It's not just that a serious chunk of American has forgotten the evils of Communist radicals like these people. Lots of Americans still would love to kick these people out of town, or in their asses, or at least put up a fight of some sort. The 2nd problem is the Anarcho-Tyranny, as Mr. Kirkpatrick details very well in his article. Every institution of the establishment - the media, the city officials, the police, etc - are completely one-sided in favor of these antifa sickos.

Why? Aren't Georgians fairly conservative? Yeah, but the cops, and people in city government are cowards, just plain cowards. They'd rather let one-sided violence by Commies go on, rather than just possibly get called bad names by the Lyin' Press. You sad, sorry-ass cowards of the Stone Mountain police department DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY! I hope you all are the first people into the ditches, if these people end up having their way in the long run.

* Stone Mountain is the town, but also the big rock hill towering > 800 ft. above the surrounding terrain, with nothing like it around. That's especially due to its huge carving of 3 Confederates, President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, and General Stonewall Jackson on the North side. That ain't no 10 ft. tall statue on a pedestal. My feeling is that this monument to the Confederacy would have been eliminated already, if there was any possible way for the ctrl-left to do that!

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