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Posted On: Thursday - January 31st 2019 7:23PM MST
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No, we are really not in any kind of pattern as far as featuring the good music goes, and there is not really a very wide-ranging genre of music called "bagpipe rock" either. Peak Stupidity intended to post a comparison of old and new church music tonight, but this AC/DC music seemed to take precedence.

This is just a warning, but if you are not in a position to turn this up loud, you should not be playing it at all. This is such high-energy uplifting music! The video is great too, as it shows an Australia (Melbourne in the mid 1970's) that I'd LUV LUV LUV to bug-out to. Got the bug-out bag, got the passport, got the cash, oh hell, now you need a time machine too.

This song/video features the original singer, Mr. Bon Scott, replaced after an early death by the limo driver, Brian Johnson. Per Wiki (yeah, see what I mean), "The song chronicles the hardships endured by a rock band on tour, such as being robbed, assaulted, stoned and cheated by a greedy agent.". Well, It's a Long Way to the Top, if you Wanna Rock and Roll! - from the album High Voltage:

Excellent guitar/bagpipe dueling leads there. I know only one guy who has bagpipes. He brought them over a few years back to show me around midnight, and I asked him play Scotland the Brave out on the front lawn. I don't think the neighbors would have appreciated it a whole lot more, even if he did know how to play it.

Says Richard Bain, 4 months ago (youtube comments):
My Neighbors Loved This Song So Much They Threw A Brick Through My Window So They Could Hear It Better.

AC/DC at the time:

Bon Scott – lead vocals, bagpipes
Angus Young – lead guitar
Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mark Evans – bass guitar
Phil Rudd – drums

Friday - February 1st 2019 8:20PM MST
PS: Yeah, BC, fiddle and banjo too, I guess. I need to put up more bluegrass music, now that you mention it, but bagpipe music is harder to come by (it seems like a really specific genre, if I may).

For Fiddlesticks, I would not have thought of the chainsaw song ever again, if you hadn'ta mentioned it. That was Jackyl with The Lumberjack Song. So much for Wiki having all the answers - it doesn't say what brand chainsaw the lead vocalist Jesse James Dupree, plays. Some say it was a Stihl.
Friday - February 1st 2019 7:23PM MST
PS As I've said a few times, this is the greatest bagpipe "solo" in rock music. Always draws a comment/reminder of course that it's the ONLY bagpipe solo in rock music. I do the same thing with that chainsaw song from the early 90's...
Friday - February 1st 2019 12:50PM MST
PS: I always thought the prevalence of the fiddle in country music came from the Scots-Irish ancestors (blessed be their memory) hearkening back to the bagpipe.
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