Black History Month will be followed by National Frozen Food Month ...

Posted On: Tuesday - January 29th 2019 2:28PM MST
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... so it's gonna be a busy Spring here at Peak Stupidity. We're hoping not to gain more than a few pounds during the festivities.

It's been A-OK, so far, as notably to some readers perhaps, but not likely, there was no celebration of the Commie race-hustler Reverend, Doctor, Martin Luther King, Junior this year. Last year, at least the blog made mention of General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate States of America, who fought valiantly that losing 2nd American Revolution.

This year, we all forgot. Yes, seriously, as I was away, the un-PC (a bit unaware too) wife brought our elementary school kid in, first thing last Monday morning. Yes, they did have to return home. Hey, I'd have done the same, as I only thought about this travesty of a holiday about that day. This kid is usually very up on these things like holidays, so we all dropped the ball.

Next, there will be one whole month of being indoctrinated with black history. That is, unless the groundhog sees his shadow or something, in which case we'd rather spend that time outside. I've learned from commenter Autochthon* here, under a Steve Sailer post on unz, that March is designated National Frozen Food Month. Excellent. I think we - all of us, of all colors and creeds - can all find something to look forward to all months of the year.

I just want to celebrate ...

... another day of livin' TV dinner!

If it weren't for that sufferin' succotash (the peas and carrots), I reckon I could eat one of those every night. Oh, except I'd tune in instead of CBS.

Come March I want to see National Frozen Food Month celebrated with the same fervor as we all (uhhh) put forth each February for the good Doctor-Reverend-Commie. In fact, I hope to see posters of famous frozen food in the hallway's of my kid's elementary school this March. My favorite is Swanson's TV Dinners, as pictured above. I'm guessing the teachers will have all the kids do reports on their Daddy's and Granddaddy's favorite TV dinners of the past.

Then, in Science time, they can take a few of them that some PTO pack-rat/prepper parent** has kept in the chest freezer for some decades, and see how they've held up over the years ... probably a whole damn lot better than that "judging a man by his character bit", I can tell you right now.

* No, I don't know how to pronounce that either.

** Ya gotta love that alliteration.

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