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Posted On: Friday - January 25th 2019 9:14PM MST
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"Rebel without a cause" - James Dean

I guess today it'd be a pretty big deal to even smoke a cigarette today, maybe, gasp!, within 50 of a building entrance. That's rebelious. OTOH, you can't be much of a rebel if you just drive a scooter as the kids tend to do today. Get a real bike - gas is cheap again.

James Dean* was an actor from long ago, the mid-1950's, who. before his untimely death in a car crash, played the rebel in the movie Rebel without a Cause. In that movie, which can't be all that memorable, as I know I've seen it, but that's about all, Mr. Dean could not fit into the conformist 1950's. Sure, it was a time of conformity, but the establishment that one would conform to was American conservatisim, in one of the best times, economically and socially, in American history. The disparaging of the '50's decade has been a continual ploy by the ctrl-left since at least th 1970's to help culturally destroy the country, and will be the subject of a future post (I can just tell).

The thing is, things were going pretty well in 1950's America, and that is probably why the screenwriters and film-makers couldn't find a cause for this guy to be a rebel about! Even so, though I'm sure his looks helped, the girls always like a real rebel, whether they understand the cause or not. This post (James Dean is mostly in it just for the song below) is here just to expound a bit more on the notion mentioned in the final post of the "Battle Lines ..." series in this paragraph:
Cmon, young people, people now, people now, I really wish I was one of y'all now. It can end up being a real blast, and you'd be doing this country a big favor. Here's the best part, that I am finally getting to: Chicks dig the rebels. They liked James Dean, even, rebel without any damn cause, right? You've got to get out of your heads the nonsense that the cntrl-left is fighting the "establishment", as if they were the hippies of 1965. THE! CNTRL-LEFT! IS! THE! ESTABLISHMENT! They have been for 20-30 years now. YOU1 PEOPLE! CAN! BE! THE! REBELS! (and WITH a cause). Do you know how much sex those young guys got in the 1960's? I am not sure, but, let's just say, like, A LOT.
I see that I did mention James Dean there (it's been 10 months). Back to the Covington 20 +/- 5, the young men from the Catholic school are not your modern rebels. They really just would have rather gone home and avoided the drumming-in-the-face Indian, and the other assorted whackos involved. In another future anti-white-hate incident, however, there will eventually turn up a guy just made for the part of rebel against the modern ctrl-left establishment. He doesn't need to start a fist fight then and there, but just stand up, take no grief, and be a leader. We will soon see some modern day rebels, and they will be alt-right or conservative.

See, there is this persistent idea of the baby-boom generation that the rebels are the lefties, the people pushing for civil rites, bigger government to help "the working man", saving the trees, and ending all wars and stuff. I hate to break it to them here, but this stuff is 50 years old now! (Going on 60) The welfare state part has been tried and is continuing to cause long-term misery and the bankrupting of the nation. The civil rites business has been screwing white males for the 50 years, we are all aware of the environment, and warmongering is apparently good now, or at least when the left is in power.

The 1st Earth Day was long, long ago, people. You are not this big rebel against the establishment when you push for bigger recycling bins, I've gotta break it to you. The girls ain't going for this anymore.

I don't guess that many boys of this age, or even young adults in their 20's, would have enough experience to know that the girls just love the rebels. You won't know until you become one. I write this as a plea to the young people that have been taking grief from the ctrl-left establishment, in schools, in the working environment, and even in the courts of law, to understand that you can be the rebels now. You've got a great cause, and it will come with bennies.

No, the rebel at the top didn't wreck on his motorcycle. As the song below goes, " ... along came a Spyder**, picked up a rider, took 'em down the road to eternity ..." That was back in 1955, and he's still a legend (for wrecking his car?)

Peak Stupidity has complained about the great 1970's band, The Eagles holding their stuff off of youtube. However, they did leave James Dean, which is the main reason he's even mentioned, as this is a great song off of the On the Border album from 1974. Apparently, James Dean was released as a single, but I didn't know that until 1 minute ago. The song was written mostly by Jackson Brown, but also with Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and J.D. Souther (the latter was involved in the writing of a number of their songs).

The core of the original Eagles played this one:

Glenn Frey – rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Don Henley – drums, background vocals
Bernie Leadon – lead guitar , background vocals
Randy Meisner – bass, background vocals

* There are loads of interesting tidbits in the IMDB biography link. My favorite: President Ronald Reagan referred to Dean as "America's Rebel".

** The sports car James Dean crashed on a winding road in Cholame, in central California, between Paso Robles and Fresno on CA HW 41 - not the same as US HW 41 from Ramblin' Man by the Allman Brothers - speaking of motorcycles, as I wrote, TWO of them died on motorcycles.

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