Lord, I was born a ramblin' man.

Posted On: Saturday - January 19th 2019 9:33PM MST
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From the miserable year-long 5,000 mile rambling of the Chinese Communists, we move to rambling in the 1970's American freest times every seen by man in recorded history. This blogger has considered himself a ramblin' man in the past.... though I have ridden the hound many times, I do have a birth certificate, if I can find it, that shows I wasn't born on it. I do remember the times, though, when the Greyhound driver slowed down in the middle of the night, looked toward the back, and yelled "put that joint out, or I'll drop you off right here!" No, that was not directed at your blogger here.

Compare the life of the lyrical "Ramblin' Man" in America in this song to a real-life Commie marcher of only 3 1/2 decades earlier

Here is the Allman Brothers from their album Brothers and Sisters.

This song has Dickey Betts singing, rather than the more bluesy Gregg Allman, two songs of whose were featured here right after he died about 1 1/2 years back. (Also, Peak Stupidity posted the song Dreams, also with Gregg Allman singing, a year ago on Robert E. Lee's birthday.) That's Dickey and a guy named Les Dudek on lead guitar. Duane Allman had already been killed in a motorcycle wreck, and the bass player Berry Oakley was killed the same way 3 blocks from the site of Duane's wreck, during the making of this album.

US Highway #41 goes down from Chicago, where it is Lake Shore Drive, down to SW, Florida and east across the Everglades, passing through the Allman's part of Georgia on the way.

If you're not in a good mood after hearing this, there's nothing that can help.

[UPDATED 01/29/19:]
Corrected info on Hwy 41 per commenter Ganderson.

Tuesday - January 29th 2019 4:56PM MST
PS: That was quite right, Ganderson, and not pedantic at all. I've had that part about Telegraph Rd. (which I've been on) being US-41 in my head for some time. Wrongo! US-24 is Telegraph Road through Detroit. US-41, along the route you stated, looks like it's Lake Shore Drive right through Chicago, coming up from Hammond, IN, just W. of Gary, right up by the ruins of Meigs Field, the pier, then straight through Lincoln Part and points north. Granted, when you live somewhere you don't worry about the highway numbers while in the city or town.

I will change my post to reflect your correction. As far as "Brothers and Sisters", Duane Allman had already died by the time of the recording of that album. I think he died during the time of "Eat a Peach".
Monday - January 28th 2019 6:57PM MST
PS Great tune, great band. Although just to be pedantic US 41 begins in the Upper Peninsula, and then goes down through Milwaukee and Chicago. In Florida part of it is the Tamiani Trail (I just learned this BTW) as made famous in Warren Zevon's Seminole Bingo

"I cashed in the last of my Triple B bonds
Bought a double-wide on the Tamiami Trail
I parked it right outside the reservation
Fifteen minutes from the Collier County Jail

And the SEC is far behind
Down in the swamp with the gators and flamingos
A long way from Liechtenstein
I'm a junk bond king playing Seminole Bingo

I was very sad when Duane died- I was a senior in high school. Did he play at ll on Brothers and Sisters, s far as you know
Sunday - January 20th 2019 7:09PM MST
PS: My time riding on the Greyhound often was well before they merged(?) with Trailways. You do get to see the country, but then I've gone across on the Amtrak train (better not be in any particular hurry). It's a whole lot more comfortable and fun than the bus, but I'm sure more $$.

I would hope the TSA hasn't gotten into the bus stations, but, again, I think last time I rode, there was no TSA yet.
Sunday - January 20th 2019 8:37AM MST
PS: If I had a bucket list, one of the things on it would be to ride a bus again. I have ridden a Trailways up Hwy 41 in Allman country a few times. Sure wasn't the express either--we'd stop at every town and village big enough to have a diner or a Ford dealership. The TSA isn't hounding the bus stations on a regular basis, is it?
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