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Posted On: Tuesday - January 15th 2019 7:15PM MST
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  General Stupidity

... meaning tomorrow (Wednesday). Besides the loss of a computer device, one containing a buttload of posting ideas, only some of which will come back to me soon, internet problems earlier caused a lull here at Peak Stupidity. I'd also been distracted by commenting to some hard-to-reach folks at, which is easier for me than getting a full hour or 1 1/2 that it takes to make a solid post.

So, if you are wondering about the 3 days with nothing here, don't be too alarmed. Due to a comment by BernCar, there is now a goal here of getting to post 1,000 by end-o'-bidness, end-o'-March. This one counts. ;-}

Hopefully, there'll be a post up by mid-morning.

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