The President unfollows Peak Stupidity pundit #1

Posted On: Saturday - January 12th 2019 11:45AM MST
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Seriously, is that the state of things?

Per information from the blogger known as "Audacious Epigone", in the comments to his post Ann Coulter's Exploratory Committee, I needed to post this update to Thursday's post regarding Ann Coulter and the President's ear.

Un-friended by the US President for tearing him a new one?

Per Mr. Epigone here, the President of the US has un-followed Peak Stupidity's favorite (at least, written) pundit. Now, the reason I've been the formal language referring to this high office, is simply that it sound so damn stupid - is this about a couple of 8th grade schoolgirls? NO! It's the head of the executive branch of this excuse for a government deciding to not follow the TWEETS of a well-known conservative/libertarian writer ... yes, probably because she figuratively tore him a new one, and rightfully so.

The more I think about this twitter-following by a President of the US, though, the more it seems just silly as all hell. I mean, does the guy get 5 or 10 blurbs onto his phone from those 45 people each time he’s in a meeting trying to get a handle on his treasonous staff, the continuous bomardment of Russia-porn by the Lyin’ Press, and his job as Commander-in-Chief?

Its seems so damn juvenile. How can you run a meeting, much less get any damn serious thinking in, when the phone is giving you little pieces of information every coupla’ minutes, some of which you feel a need to respond to?
"He said this like 10 minutes ago in a mean way." "OMG, this other guy disagrees and likes me." "I'm gonna reply to that 2nd guy and thank him." "Hey first guy, I never liked you anyway. You are not my friend anymore!"
To go back to the actual politics, Miss Coulter was Donald Trump's biggest booster, even as the other TV talking breasts heads laughed at her for predicting his victory in the primary election on national TV infotainment. She, as well as 100-200 million of the rest of us, are damn sick and tired of his screwing around, picking treasonous people for his employees, and getting distracted from the job we elected him to do! I'll give Miss Coulter lots of credit for that "constructive criticism"(?) the other week. She had his ear, as I wrote on Thursday, but now, I suppose she doesn't, as he does not LIKE and FOLLOW Ann Coulter anymore. What a juvenile thing, I'll say again.

How about get real, Mr. President? Kick out the government-sack-hanging Lyin Press reporters, like that Acosta guy, from the press conferences. Come out with some simple to-the-point speeches about how you, with the American people's help, will get the swamp drained and the existential immigration invasion fixed. Don't talk in circles. If you have to, write this shit down first. No, don't hire Peggy Noonan (Reagan's former speechwriter, but a clueless piece of work), but how about, oh, I got it, Ann Coulter, to write for you? Oh, wait, you're not friends anymore, so the hell with the country. Is that it?

Hearing about this administration and the Twitter crap from other Americans for that matter, really makes me wonder if I woke up last year as a 14 y/o schoolgirl? (Yes, I guess I got the transgender surgery while I was out cold.)

BTW, A.E.'s post that I linked to above, and the comments under it, are half-serious speculation about how Ann Coulter would do as a GOP candidate. I'd vote for her over Trump without a moment's hesitation.

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