Trump talk too late?

Posted On: Friday - January 11th 2019 9:33AM MST
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(No, that wasn't another Indian-tongued take-off, just an article-less headline.)

(I'll have more to say about this important graph in another post later.)

After thinking about President Trump's latest drama on the immigration front, along with Ann Coulter's column discussed yesterday and a new Pat Buchanan column today, I just wonder this: Why in hell wasn't all this talk and writing going on 2 years ago?! Probably lots of unknown bloggers and pundits, regular Americans, and, I'm sure, thought of this possible solution.

What's happened over those 2 years, besides the back-and-forth Trump/Lyin'-Press infotainment and no serious action from our Feral Governent on this invasion? Oh, about 2- 4 million more unassimilable immigrants of all kinds, Hispanics from the south, Chinese and Indian visa overstayers through the airports, and the H1-B, family-reunification, and "refugee" legal ones came here. Don't llke my numbers? Give me some better ones, but I'm in the ballpark here. This is an EXISTENTIAL problem. It will not help to fix any of the other stupidity seen in this country today if the people are replaced with others who don't care about it all that much. This situation in the explosion of a population of non-Americans is (to use a 2nd word in the same post that used to be just for hippies and treehuggers) UNSUSTAINABLE!

I don’t have the optimism that anything serious will get done this time, not after 2 years of BS, WITH a GOP House and Senate. The problems are close to, maybe already, unfixable right now, but let 2 or 6 more years go by practicing politics, with another 3 – 10 million newcomers and more than that unassimilable offspring and it’s end of story.

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