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Posted On: Thursday - January 10th 2019 7:42PM MST
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In Peak Stupidity's #1 written pundit's latest column, Miss Coulter compares the late President Ronald Reagan's dealing with the Lyin' Press to that of President Trump. Funny that, in the 5 posts on the Ronnie vs. Donnie topic (brought out by some boasting by President Trump), I never did get to the one on dealings with the media (as a separate post, that is). Peak Stupidity included an intro, then comparisons of personalities, foreign policy, domestic policy and a conclusion. I did mention in the "personalities" comparison that Reagan was lambasted and name-called by the media too.

Miss Coulter has far more on that, and I think her memory is sound (of course she's got a book about much of this to reference, which she wrote!). From just below what's written in the screenshot above:
The New York Times and Washington Post produced nonstop denunciations of his "dangerous" policies. There were propaganda movies like "The Day After," terrifying Americans about a Soviet strike on our country. Witless college students demanded cyanide pills be stocked in campus health care clinics, on the grounds that Reagan was going to get us all nuked.

Only after Reagan's policies succeeded did these same hysterics say, "Ho hum, no big deal. We always knew the Soviet Union was a paper tiger."
Right! I can remember a lot of this stuff. Miss Coulter did not mention the ctrl-left's dubbing of that President as "Ronnie Raygun", because, you know, he wanted war and all, supposedly. (That last thought brings up an interesting post to come, going even further back.) The basic point of Coulter's column is this comparison to Reagan's winning of the Cold War* to Trump's possible (we are hoping) action on the immigration war:
The Democrats, the media and most of the Republican Party are as fanatically opposed to Trump's ideas about illegal immigration as they were to Reagan's ideas about winning the Cold War.
The rest of this great column is about immigration and the "wall". I can't be cutting and pasting Ann Coulter writing in every week here, just for reasons of the law (theft comes to mind), though she's been on a roll for about 10 years now. (Would she really sue Peak Stupidity after all the praise we've given her? Not if she's in love back, right?) Anyway, read the rest of the column for Miss Coulter's new arguments against the immigration stupidity and Lyin' Press.

The question of whether this famous pundit really has been influencing the President is interesting and very important. He's gotten his mojo back a tad recently, in this fight. Was that due to the fact that Ann Coulter wrote a tweet that tore him a new one just before Christmas? I'd like to think so. It shouldn't have to be this way, but if he's going to listen to anyone outside of his coterie of treasonous hand-picked employees, I'd pick this pundit to be the one to whisper in his ear "glory is fleeting" , no, "don't listen to any of these worthless, neocon fucks." and "do you remember why we voted for you?!".

What a relief it'd be knowing that the President is listening to Ann Coulter over his wife, daughter and son-in-law too. It really makes me wonder if wife-swapping would be an option. Trump is a real playboy type, and they go in for that, don't they? Instead of for sex, well, OK, in addition to the sex, could he not be with Ann Coulter for her wit and wifely advice, while Ivanka could ... wait, Ann's not married, so how does that work? OK, just waive the polygamy laws for high-office holders - they do all that crazy shit on that island anyway.

To get back serious, if only for the conclusion here, Ann nails it here too:
Like Reagan, Trump has only the people on his side. Unlike Reagan, he doesn't seem as confident that he is right.
Yep, that's about what I wrote in the Ronnie vs. Donnie posts. This guy has many of the right ideas, but he trusts the Washington, FS insiders over his own good judgement. Ronnie did not have this problem.

* with lots of help by the Iron Lady Thatcher, the old, serious Pope, Pole Lec Walesa, German Konrad Adenauer, and millions of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and mechanical/electrical engineers.

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