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Posted On: Wednesday - January 9th 2019 6:22PM MST
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You're both pretty. Now, do you forgive the Political Incorrectness?

Peak Stupidity has been on the warpath lately with Chief Candidate Elizabeth Warren. It's not even clear to us whose side we are on. Perhaps we'd know better having walked a campaign in her moccasins, or maybe chugged a cold craft brewski with her sometime.

A comment regarding Mrs. Warren's daughter caught my eye, stating:
Elizabeth Warren may be a fake (feather) Indian, but her daughter married a real (dot) Indian, so presumably has a real (half dot) Indian grandchild. Problem solved! Run this woman for president and put that child on her lap.
OK, so she now has some real Indian cred, but it's a bit backwards in 2 ways:

1) You're supposed to have Indian ancestors, not descendants, to be considered an Indian.

2) We meant feather Indian, NOT dot-Indian. The dot-types have been doing all right, and not many people feel sari for them. (get it, sari?)

The political incorrectness on this blog IS a bit off the wall, but we have clarified our views on the PC already, and specifically on the "Indian" confusion in First Nations and the Spirits Communities. We not only don't care about being Politically Correct, but Political INCORRECTNESS is something we strive for here. It's whom we are.

Back to Chief Warren here, if she wanted the sympathy of Americans, it seems like she ended up with the wrong Indians. There are big differences, you know:

The Warrens expected venison jerky, smoked salmon, and buffalo (boiled buffalo, smoked buffalo, sauteed buffalo, shrimp-fried buffalo, buffalo gumbo …). Yet, they got curry dishes, blueberry squishies, and microwave burritos.

They expected incessant drumming, war chants, and moonlight dancing with wolves. Yet, they got 40 year-old disco, and Diwali Carols.

They expected story time, with the oral histories passed on from the ancient ones. Yet, they got two brother-in-laws holding 2-hour late-night arguments over the merits of Ubuntu versus Mint versions of Linux.

I want my feathers back!

Sunday - January 13th 2019 2:49PM MST
PS: I'm glad you like the post, FS. "But I think you knew that." Uhh, I should say that, but really I can't. I want to be honest about my grammar failings - that's whom I am.

Yes, you got my Native American Giver bit, dammit. It will be attributed to you at the appropriate time.

Thanks for the funny comment, sir.
Sunday - January 13th 2019 9:09AM MST
PS Great stuff. But should be "It's who we are" (subjective form and all). But I think you knew that.

Oh yes, I try to be politically correct in some of my everyday language. I tell people at work, if they've "taken something back", "Native American Giver!" And after "Black Friday" became a thing 10 or 15 years ago, I like to refer to it (esp around lefty types) as African-American Friday. I mean, shouldn't they have their own shopping day, even if not in February! So ya see, I try to gain a little clout with the lefties. Well, really just to be funny and reveal ridiculousness where it exists. Ahhh good times.
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