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Posted On: Tuesday - January 8th 2019 7:02PM MST
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I am so, so, sorry, Mr. Shepface XL, for stealing your top-of-the-line youtube comment under the video below of Chief Warren's bender! That was just perfect for the title of this post, though, of course Peak Stupidity doesn't really care for the euphemism for the downtrodden Indians , uhh First Nations (no, that's a bank, right?) wait, that'd be members of the Spirits Community. Yes, Chief Warren askem support from white man and request white man share firewater.

I'm not sure I see the fakeness that most have noticed from this instagram stunt from the Demo-Presidential candidate. However, I'm off TV, so that may be the reason. Others may have seen a lot more of this lady in action or inaction, hence some inauthenticity in the scene below. It just seems kind of juvenile, as, no, Chief Warren, you are no 14-year-old young squaw who may use smoke signals and twitter for frivolities. Peak Stupidity has discussed Chief Warren before, but never really got our digs in on her regarding that DNA-testing fiasco... maybe later.

For the Democrat Party presidential candidate picks, 2020 will be pretty much like Custer's last stand in terms of the chances for the white man (this includes the squaws here too, of course). From what I've read of her recently, Elizabeth Warren could have been a great candidate in, say 1992, even up through 2004, I'd say. She is truly a thinker who has tried, most often erroneously, but still tried to come to grips with the social and financial problems in America over the last 2-3 decades. This is no endorsement by any means, but just a look at how intelligent (without the pure evil of a Hildabeast) she is compared to the juvenile, tribal, diversity crowd that will probably produce the D-selection.

When not off on a beer-fueled vision quest,
this lady can really accomplish something:

As reviewed back in 2003 by Steve Sailer, with more discussion today on unz with Elizabeth Warren on Why 1970s Feminism Was Best for the Bosses, the book shown above is downright conservative. From the admittedly short excerpts I read from Mr. Sailer and the editors' review on the amazon page for The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents Are (Still) Going Broke, this could have been written by Phyllis Schlafly! (She's died, unfortunately but the pro-family Eagle Forum lives on.) Here's the editors' review:
In this brilliantly argued book, Harvard Law School bankruptcy expert Elizabeth Warren and business consultant Amelia Tyagi show that today's middle-class parents are suffering from an unprecedented and totally unexpected economic meltdown. Astonishingly, sending mothers to work has made families more vulnerable than ever before. Today's two-income family earns 75% more money than its single-income counterpart of a generation ago, but actually has less discretionary income once their fixed monthly bills are paid.How did this happen? Warren and Tyagi provide convincing evidence that the culprit is not "overconsumption," as many critics have charged. Instead, they point to the ferocious bidding war for housing and education that has quietly engulfed America's suburbs. Stay-at-home mothers once provided a financial safety net if disaster struck; their move into the workforce has left today's families chillingly at risk. The authors show why the usual remedies--child-support enforcement, subsidized daycare, and higher salaries for women--won't solve the problem, and propose a set of innovative solutions, from rate caps on credit cards to open-access public schools, to restore security to the middle class.
And you want to be the 2020 Democrat candidate for US President?! I don't think so! After the Indian gaffe, you'd think this lady would have learned to fit in to the diversity, gender-stupidity, and other feminist bullshit that that basically IS the Democrat party of today, and keep her pie- buffalo-hole shut. Kudos on the book, Chief of the Warren Nations of the Upper Massachusetts but, hey, you really need to keep this book on the down-low. I know, I know, most of the players in the D-Party don't read, but there are always those outliers.

Now that I've thought about this conservative book, I'd like to write a post tomorrow on its subject that I'd meant to write a year ago.

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