The Shutdown and the Flags

Posted On: Monday - January 7th 2019 11:58AM MST
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Is there nobody to raise the flags?

Or, is this just an essential government position?

Apparently, the US Gov't is still shutdown, as far as non-essential personnel goes. My life hasn't change a whole lot ... or any, come to think of it. I only know about this from the news coming through the internet tubes. What I have seen, though, at least up through < 1 week back, is flags still at half-mast. That's getting ridiculous.

I had a thought about it: For the US Feral Gov't "public" buildings at least, is it that the employees responsible for raising and lowering the flags are out on un-paid time-off? I don't think this job is too essential, really, as I just don't have much respect for that flag as I have in the past (even just going back 10 years). Leave them where they are. We'll get used to it. Enterprising thieves will climb up and get the top halves for us once the price of aluminum goes back up.

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