Cats not allowed to drink milk - is it the end times?

Posted On: Friday - January 4th 2019 8:02PM MST
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Milk being cats' favorite food has been a little bit more than a meme, over the last, what, 5 or 20 centuries? It'd have been the case since people kept both cats and cows, I imagine. Imagine my surprise when some information from an animal shelter tells us pets (pets, period) shouldn't be fed milk. Is it the case that everything we know is wrong? Have the Commies, Socialists, SJW's, Globalists, Neocons, the ctrl-left, even the antifa, and the AntiChrist right all along? I mean, yeah, cat's like milk and that is no mere meow meme!

As an aside, let me tell you about an animal shelter as a place to adopt a pet. Good intentions aside, these people live in a bureaucratic nightmare, at least on our end. Just to compare to pre-stupidity America, or modern-day China ( with my pretty-good imagining on the latter), think of the situation then or there. "Oh, there's a cute kitty that needs a home." "Sure, you look like nice people. I'm glad you're here, as he would have to be put down by the end of the week otherwise. Here's a box, take him home. Thank you so much for giving him a good home!" Now, there were 10 pages of paperwork to be first messed with on the lady's computer. "Oh, sir, he's already licensed and neutered." "Whoa, wait a minute ..." It took us damn near 1/2 hour to get out of there. It was likely the last time, too.

At home, the boy looked over the paperwork for me, as I don't care - I know cats. Then, he surprised me with the milk warning, since we'd given him a small bowl already. How ridiculous it was to give a blanket statement that goes against the common sense of millions and millions of cat owners subjects over the centuries.

OK, sure, new things can be learned. I felt foolish looking up "feeding milk to cats", but found out a little about lactose intolerant cats and too many calories from "unbalanced sources". Fine, you don't feed him solely on milk, but a few ounces in the evening as a treat - that's gonna continue. You would think evolution would result in cat's eating and drinking what they need (dogs are another story!), so I don't expect him to get sick to his stomach. If so, we'll cut his milk treat.

This kind of abandonment of all common sense by those "in the know" makes me wonder if Dave Letterman's line about the End Times will come true. As just an example, the last sentence being his: "The Federal Reserve will be shut down next week for the purposes of sound money. Next thing you know, they'll be cats and dogs living together!"

Just because they probably comprise the single biggest category of videos on the net*, so there's no problem finding one, Peak Stupidity presents "CATS will make you LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF". No, the slow posting recently has absolutely NOT been due to the perusal of dozens of youtube cat videos. Why do you ask?

Oh, in answer to the question up top - nope, the Commies, Socialists, SJW's, Globalists, Neocons, the ctrl-left, even the antifa, and the AntiChrist have always been stupidly wrong, and will be right through the End Times?

* With the usual exception of porn, of course.

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