Can Male to Female Transexuals have Periods?

Posted On: Wednesday - January 2nd 2019 7:43PM MST
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♪♫♬ I'm just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania ♪♫♬

See, that stuff above was just a movie (with GREAT rock music, BTW) and all in fun. That time was still far removed from the Peak of Stupidity, hence people took it all in fun, and, you know, threw rice and bread around, squirted water guns, dressed up, and shouted stuff at the screen at the movies (yes, they did). People are taking this trans-sexual stuff ENTIRELY TOO SERIOUSLY these days. That's what the astute social scientist would expect when society is nearing Peak Stupidity, and this blog is nothing if not full of experts in Stupidity Theory. We feel nothing if not vindicated in our predictions made via our sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques.

Some commenter the other day brought up the question posed in this post's title. What exactly is done in this trans-gender surgery, at least that one can write about on a family blog... well, anywhere really, without invoking feelings of disgust and loss of website status as a FAVORITE or BOOKMARK?

Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab.

If you really want to do this thing, and become a woman the right way, would you not want to be able to have a period once in a while, at least, uhh, periodically, say, once a month? What kind of new equipment is involved? Bio-engineering has come a long way, baby. Though normally concerned with things that are more of an improvement, such as stents, non-rejectable skeletal parts, etc., that crowd ought to be able to hook up some extra plumbing for this increasingly-common scenario. How about a peristaltic pump to keep things clean, no wait, we don't even need that, just an old 50's Chevy fuel pump and a few feet of 1/4" ID rubber fuel line, a nozzle of some sort, and, what, solar power? You tap into the main artery down there, merge that with a tube from the ovaries, aaah crap, wait, ovaries too?

OK, it's gonna be some work, but the part that will take the most engineering effort will be the electrical system for monthly feedback to the nether parts of the ... brain. How exactly does one induce artificial bitchiness for a sustained length of time? Peak Stupidity has recently divulged our theory of the cause of this bitchiness, but can it be reproduced electronically? It sounds like a hellacious task, maybe something for the likes of Sexy Cyborg - Miss Naomi Wu (much more here!). I really hope that, in addition to having this state-of-the-art transformational surgery plug-in added to the list of required coverage by our wonderful State health plan, total reverse transgender surgery will also be added. Just brainstorming here, but I think a lot of former guys are gonna want it.

Yeah, listen, this video scene with music from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not my thing by any means! It's a good rock song though. Remember, it was all in fun back then, least far as I know.

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