Litterbugs in China

Posted On: Tuesday - January 1st 2019 9:06PM MST
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Peak Stupidity's number one TV you-tube pundit, Mr. Tucker Carlson was said to have disparaged our immigrant-invaders from South of the Border a couple of weeks ago, when he said on his show that mass immigration “makes our country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided.” First of all he said right there "immigration" period, not certain immigrants, as true as it still is. After all the fallout from that remark, Steve Sailer wrote that It's Now Unspeakable To Mention That Illegal Aliens Litter A Lot. (Yes, I too don't see how we could not be at Peak Stupidity yet.)

With only 200 million people on this same 3 million square miles, as the 350-odd million now, America wasn't litter-free 50 years ago, about the time littering became "a thing", but it wasn't China either:

Yeah, the Chinese are hard-working, smart, and numerous, but they are not particularly orderly. The littering story here is from some time I spent deep into the heart of China.

In the house where we stayed, the Dad was on the porch (such as it was) and yelled something in Chinese (of course) to a kid who had just thrown a bottle down in the road. OK, it was a 5 ft. wide alley, but it was a road to them! I am no expert in Mandarin, but something tells me what he said was “pick up your garbage!” The kid, being a somewhat obedient sort, picked it up and put it on top of a big pile of trash about 50 ft away. It was a pile meant to be collected, but as un-orderly as China is, it was just a big damn mess itself. “What’s the difference?” I said, in English.

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