They still let you use Bottle Rockets and Roman Candles

Posted On: Monday - December 31st 2018 7:44PM MST
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Happy New Years from Peak Stupidity!

On Independence Day a few years back we were able to get a red ball from a Roman Candle to set a squirrel's nest on fire. It smoked them clean out of there while we got the hose ready just in case the whole tree canopy came under the influence of the conflagration. It was a blast, but really just a lucky shot. These things are not just toys, you know.

We can just be thankful, I suppose, that our governments have not yet prevented us from having fun with fireworks, for our own good, of course. The Chinese have a big love for fireworks having (legitimately) invented them, so I'll include something about that in an upcoming post with some short China stories.

Thank you readers, for keeping abreast here with the ramp-up toward Peak Stupidity. We hope to keep increasing the writing quality and the coverage, along with the number of readers. Happy New Year!

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