People don't trust Facebook, yet still use it

Posted On: Monday - December 31st 2018 6:56PM MST
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Zerohedge wrote a couple of weeks back that Facebook Has Officially Lost The Public's Trust. Yeah, there's no reason to think that an organization that makes money off of selling information about you (that you give them freely) will draw the line anywhere. Facebook is going to monetize whatever it can, and there are undoubtedly certain organizations of the US Feral Gov't that support this effort wholeheartedly.
As Statista's Sarah Feldman shows below [above, here], five times more people place Facebook as the least trustworthy company to handle their personal information when compared to Amazon and Twitter.
Here's the question I've got: Why do you people still use a "service" that is nothing but a user-voluntary spy program? Yeah, convenience, I get it. Your friends invite you to stuff on there, you share recipes, it's SO HARD (NOT!) to make your own website to show your vacation pictures on ... As discussed here in The F.A.G.S. space and new competition, there is power in being first and having large numbers of users in this "space" of the internet. However, I've seen neighborhood apps, photo-sharing sites, etc., and one can get and share information in so many ways other than this spy network.

How about you 40%-ers, that don't trust Mr. Zuckerberg and his vast information-grabbing network put your money, or lack thereof, where your mouths were during the poll? This graph shows 68% of American adults being users:

Keep in mind that some of those adults are at an age where they physically can't or mentally can't even use Facebook. I think that'd make the number of adults who choose to use it even higher. Even without that correction, there are 8 percentage points worth of lazy bullshitters here. "Yeah, I don't trust these people, and they have all the goods on me now, but, hey, how am I gonna know when my nephew hits his first home run?" You know those computers that you keep in your hands day and night, people? They have a PHONE function! Use it.

I guess this post is nothing new, but Peak Stupidity feels a need to comment more on the Orwellian stupidity embedded in today's world, or at least the stupidity of those who blindly follow. There'll be lots more to come on this.

As usual, Zerohedge has some hard-core commenters who tell it like is, and more:
Fireman: 1 week ago

Any idiot using Faecesbook, Twatter, Goggle and the rest of the USSAN diet of "smart" phone jabbing zombie electro filth deserves to have their pea brains fried with radiation as they peruse mindless garbage in the prurient interest.
I couldn't have said it better myself!

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