Inflation and Prepping

Posted On: Tuesday - January 3rd 2017 9:45AM MST
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These two topics were linked below by my mentioning of the survival blogs (aka prepper sites) wrt inflation. The commenters on these sites discuss inflation a lot for these reasons:

1) If you're going to stock up seriously on things, it's of course best to get a very good deal, meaning also before the next expected price increase (or size decrease, which is really the same thing).

2) If one were to break down prepping into various levels, or stages of "concern", say, from "just don't want to be panicking next time a hurricane is forecast" all the way up to SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Zombie Apocalypse level, I could think of a level even lower, call it prep-level 0. Why not just try to plan for the purchase of goods that will definitely go up in price and are very storeable? Sure, you can't store your next two vehicles easily, but how bout motor oil?

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