Finally good news out of the White House, and Steve Sailer Snark

Posted On: Saturday - December 22nd 2018 11:34PM MST
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Things regarding the Trump Presidency looked pretty bleak when Peak Stupidity posted this about Ann Coulter's getting impatient and fed up with him 2 days back. Besides possible good news (that I'll believe when I see it) about the "wall", the President is confounding the Neocons, by planning a withdrawal of American troops from Syria, another in a long list of places they have no business being. He's hinting at extricating the military from other locations too. It is riling up the Neocons to no end.

One commenter under one of the unz posts to follow suggested that possibly this is a bargaining move by Trump to get funding for the wall. He could hold this chip (being the Commander-in-Chief with no judges able to interfere) for ransom. That means the plan would be, if he got his way on the wall funding, to hem and haw on the troop removal, giving the Neocons this back. To me, that might be the case, but it's a bad move, as the border funding, and more-importantly, building CAN be held up by just about anyone. In the meantime, get US the hell out of the middle east, and Korea, and Germany and etc, etc.

This is why, even though not much has been done, the President seems to be on our side. He is worrying and pissing off the usual right people again, Senator Grahamnesty from SC being an example. It seems Peak Stupidity was right that Miss Lindsey was not going to stay on our side for long - see The Coming Out of Lindsey Grahamnesty - Part 3 (Part 1 and Part 2).

Bring these troops home and deploy them at the southern border. Kill 2 birds with one stone that way. It all sounds good now, keeping this roller-coaster ride of hope going, but I'll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, Mr. Steve Sailer, in 3 snarky posts (so far!) pokes fun at those who are sorely dissapointed that these overseas wars won't go on forever:

1) Disappointed Soldier Was Looking Forward to Hanging Out In Syria for Another 20, 30 Years

2) NYT: Crazed Trump Doesn't Understand That Forever Wars Mean Forever

3) Trump Is Irresponsibly Worrying About American Border Rather Than Syria

It's been a busy time, but hopefully we'll move onto something new and different in the world of stupidity on Monday. Good evening, readers.

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