Minnegadishu and Mary Tyler Moore

Posted On: Wednesday - December 19th 2018 8:21PM MST
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♪♫♬ You can turn the world on with your smile ♬ ♩ ♩ ...

Mary Richards was the name of the 30 y/o lady character who worked in the WGM-TV newsroom in the 1970's TV show titled from her real(?) name, Mary Tyler Moore. The show was supposed to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, explaining the house in the previous post's picture of the beautiful Victorian style 3-story house. That was Mary Tyler Moore's TV house, and, no, that particular one probably will not get zoned into Somalia-land, or Minnegadishu. I'm sure it's a public landmark due to the TV show, and after all, it was already a triplex, with Mary Tyler Moore sandwiched between Phyllis below and Rhoda above. By "sandwiched" I don't mean what you may be thinking. This was, besides the left-wing feminist agenda, a family show.

Speaking of those thoughts, and looking at her legs below, I didn't really remember Mary Tyler Moore in this way, though I guess that's easily explained due to being too young to understand:

Long-legged Mary Richards in the nice tri-plex apartment house,
with landlady young Chloris Leachman and a young girl.
Nope, Mary was bound to never get married, per the show - too busy in the newsroom.

Anyway (she's dead now), as you can see in the top photo above from the intro. to the show, Mary was a happy gal living in the beautiful great-white-northern city of Minneapolis. She had "nothing days" that (this is per the theme song) she could "suddenly make all seem worthwhile", and many dates, but the newsroom career job precluded her getting married apparently - this was a sore spot with my Dad, who could see through the feminist agenda of the show soon enough.

Speaking of this TV newsroom, Ms, I think it was already, Richards worked with the anchorman Ted Baxter, writer Murray Slaughter (later to leave the fake-news business behind and become a cruise-ship Captain), and the boss Lou Grant. The anchorman is made out to be a vain conservative (unrealistic) clueless moron (fairly realistic), but then the rest of them are lefty types, with only Mary being the Minnesota-nice lady type, as the other 2 gave off a Jewish, NYC vibe, more lefty than Mary. Oh, there was one token black guy working at the station, if I recall correctly ... probably an FCC thing (seriously, for real life, even back in the 1970's that stuff had started.)

What I'm getting at here is that the characters on the show represented very well the kind of people that would be just really keen, dontcha' know, on bringing in some new residents from exotic foreign lands to their fine white city. The feminism and general left-wing agenda viewed in The Mary Tyler Moore show is exactly what has, in real life, caused the mess that Minnegadishu is in now. A male-dominated Conservative culture would probably draw the line somewhere, let's say at 1,000 African arrivals - to the WHOLE DAMN STATE.

I'm really not sure Mary Tyler Moore would feel safe in throwing her hat up into the air without worry about it getting stolen in modern Minnegadishu, much less go jogging in imaginary (least in my mind) skimpy bright red shorts around the many downtown ponds. I guess there are the Somalian ladies now who may want those jobs at the TV station (with help from AA... you know, the legacy of slavery and all...), and could easily live 6 to an apartment in Mary, Rhoda, and Phyllis' old house. Diversity is good, right? Just change out one set of people with another set. Besides the cuisine change, we're all exactly the same.

♪♫♬ You can turn the world on ... forget it, I can't do this.
It's not just the legs. I want my Mary Tyler Moore!

Note below in the theme song that they had nothing but white people, even though I doubt that was the shows' producer's intention. Minneapolis was 94% white at the time of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and is now in the low 60%'s.

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